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Special Edition La Luz de Cristo para Perú Volume 5 Issue 3A Special March 2010

Perseverance | KUYAY TALPUY To bring you up to date… December 2006 - We first visited Peru as a “field visit” to determine whether we would fit with the team here and whether we truly felt that Peru was the mission field God wanted us to work in. During that trip, we felt a strong calling to the underprivileged children (street children, impoverished, etc.) of Peru. June 2008 - After months of preparation, training, language school and raising funding, we were finally in Peru! We began to learn culture, deeper language issues, and seek to figure out how God wanted us to fit and work in Peru. June 2009 - A year into our service here, we were convinced that indeed, God did want us to work with underprivileged children. As a result of much prayer and relationship building, we found ourselves working in the pueblo of San Juan de Iscos to begin a center for children. A center that would help families who could not afford an education and could not adequately feed their children. With the blessing of the mayor and the city council, we were given access a classroom and began to enroll children. August 2009 - On the opening day of our center, the classroom (being repaired by the city) was still not ready for use. We opened classes in a local bar (donated by a local family for use during the day) and we began to work with children and their families. Sept.—December 2009 - LOTS OF PERSECUTION!!! Many times during this few months, we have wanted to quit. Our teachers admit that they didn’t think they could stand the persecution anymore. The teachers in the local school system taunted our teachers and threatened our students and their families. They successfully managed to close down the Kid’s Club that was serving the community by threatening any student and local family with lowered grades and school punishment if their children were seen attending the Club. Rumors were spread that we were drugging the lunch food of our students, that we were going to steal the children and sell them in foreign countries, and that our students were going to be banned from ever attending public schools. We even heard

reports that local witches were plotting against us. But the parents of our students held firm! They fought against the persecution and they stuck with us. When the municipality tried to force us out of the building, they fought back. Although the mayor was able to find a loophole in our contract and move us from our large classroom to a tiny office, he was NOT able to kick us out of town because the parents wouldn’t allow it. The parents formed their own Parent Organization and began to fight for their rights and the rights of their children. At the end of December, we graduated 17 children into the Peruvian school system. Our promise was to get them ready for school, feed them, help their families and disciple them, and make certain that they were fully ready to enter school with school supplies and uniforms. Upon fulfilling our promises, parents came crying to us, saying, “You actually did everything that you said you would do. No one has ever done that for us. No one completes their promises. You really did love our children. For that, we will forever be grateful and you will forever be in our prayers.” Lots of tears have been shed in the past couple of months, saying goodbye to our 17 babies and getting them into school. And we have finally had to give up the fight with the municipal building and find a new classroom… Julia, our cook, has graciously given up a room of her home for our new classroom. And the perseverance has paid off!!! Last week, we began the new school year with a new batch of children… 30, to be exact! With a waiting list! And all of our 17 graduates are coming in the afternoons for tutoring and continued help to be successful, plus more children from the community have signed up for the afternoon sessions of tutoring. Several parents have come to us and told us how much they have heard about the program and how they have waited for the new year to begin so their child could be a part of it.

Continued from Page 1… Last night (March 9, 2010) - We received an official letter from the town of Patarcocha, a town high in the mountains above Iscos, saying that they wanted their own Kuyay Talpuy center… they have a classroom ready for us and they sent an enrollment sheet with 16 more students’ names and information! AMAZING! God is so faithful and just! We are so excited to see God opening so many doors! Just Monday, we were walking through the town square of Iscos and we noticed that for the first time ever, town people were greeting us first… we weren’t the first ones to speak. People were coming over to us for the cultural greeting of a hug and kiss on the cheek. And their greetings were very warm and friendly, not cool and obligatory. At the opening ceremony of school, the room was full of smiling parents, chatting away and including us in their conversations with friendship and trust. It was a wonderful experience! One mother stood up and spoke during the ceremony, thanking us for the opportunity to educate their children and telling us how much this meant to their town and to each family. And one father of one of our graduates stood up and assured the new parents that we were good and trustworthy and that God had sent us to their town and to their children, and that we really do everything that we promise to do. To God be the glory for this project!!! We have been sure to let everyone know that it wasn’t us that made this happen, it was God, and they should be thankful to Him. We are just the messengers, following His call to love His people and care for His children. So, today we find ourselves with a completely new set of challenges (but we know that God will take care of it). We were prepared to teach and feed our 30 new students in Iscos, but we now find ourselves with 16 more mouths! And we need to quickly hire a teacher and outfit a classroom with furniture and supplies. It costs us $360 per year per student to pay for their education, food, supplies, and uniform. That’s $30 per month per student. The cost of a teacher for the classroom for one year is $2400. We need to QUICKLY raise a minimum of $8160 to get this classroom in Patarcocha up and running. If you can help in ANY way, please respond to this newsletter by emailing us with your desires, or by sending in your support money with the form below, or by giving via internet at . Please designate your support as Special Project—Kuyay Talpuy. Praise God for this new set of challenges! Please pray for the children of Iscos and Patarcocha. Pray for their families. And pray for continued trust and confidence as we work to share Christ’s love with the people of Peru. Good things are happening!!! DEAR BILLY AND LAURIE, † I will pray for you. Please send me your newsletter by e-mail: ____________________________________ † As God provides, I plan to partner with you by giving $ _________ Per month / quarter / year for _____ years. † I would like to donate a one-time gift of $ _________ † I would like to sponsor a child’s education for $30/mo. ($360/ year). (Please write Special Project—Kuyay Talpuy on your check) † I would like to sponsor a teacher for $2400. (write Special Project—Kuyay Talpuy) Name (PLEASE PRINT) ______________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City____________________ State__________ Zip _______________ Phone _____________________ Home Church __________________ Email Address: _________________________________________ TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS MAY BE SENT TO: The Mission Society PO Box 922637 Norcross, GA 30010-2637 USA DESIGNATE GIFTS: “DRUM SUPPORT 5/321”

Kuyay Talpuy April 2010  
Kuyay Talpuy April 2010  

Opening of the school in Patarcocha.