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BDR OUR SERVICES “We tirelessly pursue excellence to the benefit of our customers, our staff and our suppliers”.

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OUR STORY BDR was founded in 1991 and we’re proud to say we are still owned by our founding members. Family is at the heart of what we do which means we like to work closely with our customers to ensure their business solutions are suited to their specific requirements. Offering simplified business transformation solutions for SME, Enterprises, and public sector across the UK, Europe and The Americas.

Our Story

As a vision I wanted to create a company with a level playing field for all staff, regardless of gender, race or religion to carry out their work and achieve the best job satisfaction in the process. I knew from the start that the key element of implementing my vision would be to train my management to avoid being over bearing or over managing and instead to create a calm clean healthy environment to bring out the best of our staff; only then we can give our customers the best service they deserve. I spend every working day trying to get as close to the perfect version of my vision.

This is the reason why I have always tried to live by the tag line I constructed for BDR from the outset; To tirelessly pursue excellence to the benefit of customers, staff and suppliers







ADSL Fibre Broadband Leased Lines Managed Broadband EFM SOGEA

Network Security Domain Hosting Managed Wi-Fi Office 365 & Email Cloud Backup Server Rental IT Support



Hosted Phone System Mobile Integration - SIP2TEAMS Cloud Portal Call Management Call Recording Unified Communications

Business Phone Systems Call Management Call Recording Music On Hold Computer Integration (CTI) Mobile VOIP App Maintenance





Business Mobiles Tariff Analysis Handset Repair Handset Insurance International Roaming Coverage Check

Green Energy Simple Switching Contract Negotiation

CCTV Access Control Gates and Barriers Intruder Alarms Control Systems Door Entry Systems

Structured Copper Cabling CAT-5 & Cat-5e CAT-6 CAT-7 CAT-8 Fibre Optics Network Switches Ethernet Switches Data Cabinets WiFi

Our Values: You can trust us to deliver excellence






Passion 4

BRINGING TEAMS AND CUSTOMERS TOGETHER It is essential for businesses to stay online, and BDR Connectivity is designed to make sure that you’re always available. Our specialists are on hand to help. We’ve dealt with businesses of many different sizes and in many industries, so we know how to find a robust yet cost-effective service for you.

What we offer • ADSL Broadband - basic business broadband for your internet requirements • Superfast Fibre Broadband - superfast broadband for quicker download and upload speeds • FTTP - the most common setup for broadband in the UK, we run the fibre all the way to your door • FTTC - uses all fibre optic, making it the fastest type of fibre on the market • SIP Trunking - designed to replace traditional phone lines, it’s cheaper and more efficient • Leased Line - a dedicated pipe to the internet delivering ultra secure connectivity • EFM - a copper leased line that delivers dedicated speeds to your premises • MPLS - data forwarding technology that increases the speed and controls the flow of network traffic • LAN - a collection of devices connected together in one physical location, such as a building, office, or home


Over 80% of UK businesses are now fibre enabled


It’s simple to switch to BDR connectivity. You’ll be assigned a dedicated IT engineer to set up your broadband line and routers, keeping you updated every step of the way. Simply ask your current provider for a MAC code and we’ll do the rest. 6

MAKING LIFE EASIER Outdated IT systems can cost you thousands in lost productivity and outages. Our experts will help design a new system with the latest and most reliable technology available. Upgrade your systems and transform workflows with BDR on your side. We supply all aspects of IT services from maintenance and computer hardware, to email, data and network security. Our range of services allow your employees to work anywhere - anytime, using any device, ensuring their business critical applications never leave their fingertips.

Our Services • IT Support and Remote Monitoring • Network Security (Anti-Spam, AV and Firewalls) • Domain and Website Hosting • Managed WIFI • Hosted Email and Office 365 • Cloud Backup • Dedicated Servers • Hardware Supply and Installation • Fax to Email • CAT 5/6 and Fibre Optic Cabling


• Disaster Recovery Planning


47% of lost business-critical data is caused by end-user error. Office 365 Backup is the leading data backup and recovery platform for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. 8

REVOLUTIONISE YOUR WORK Create a productive and efficient workplace with Unified Communications. Our cloud-based systems can be used from anywhere in the world, promoting a close and collaborative environment, even when you’re out of the office.

Hosted Voice - Cloud Phone Base Systems that work wherever you are A cloud telephony solution can be connected to any internet access point or WiFi, giving your teams reliable telephone access wherever they are working from. If you have remote or flexible workers, our Cloud solutions offer uninterrupted communications. Delivered via the internet, our Cloud solutions eliminate the need for bulky, on-premise hardware, dedicated phone lines and specialist engineers. By placing calls over the internet, you can reduce call charges, save on line rental and enjoy free site-to-site calls – ideal for boosting both productivity and profitability.



Who is Voice aimed at?

No upfront cost

Ideal for multi sites

Minimal hardware required

Need high resilience (Disaster Recovery)

Complete flexibility for remote working

Dynamic businesses wanting flexibility

Pick up calls across multiple devices

Business who want no upfront costs

Web portal access for self-administration

Need to be available regardless of location

24/7 monitoring of your system

Fully resilient solution hosted in the cloud

Free internal calls and lower phone bills

Scalable: Add users instantaneously

Call recording

Integrate fixed and mobile voice capabilities

Auto attendant

Business continuity built in as standard

Professional voicemail

Choice of any number regardless of location

Music on hold

Line rental reduction

Call reporting

HD voice quality

Included as Standard




Microsoft’s Unified Communications powerhouse, Teams is taking the business world by storm. Integrate it

Our call recording software NT Re-Call, enables you to automatically capture each and every phone

with your systems to access video, chat, email, file and screen sharing capabilities. We can connect Teams

conversation that takes place within your organisation, allowing you to instantly replay them at the touch of

to the PSTN network through SIP to access the functionality of a traditional phone system through Teams’

a button. Call recording provides the ultimate staff training tool for delivering staff evaluation, training and




Monitor quality and improve performance

• Cloud Communications - with no heavy and expensive equipment required, Teams provides your business with an unparalleled level of flexibility and versatility, your team can make effective calls anywhere they need to be. • Seamless migration - you can make the switch quickly, whether you already use Teams or not. Teams can either integrate into your existing communication platform or replace it entirely. Your staff will be able to get to grips with this service easily. • Built-in fraud detection - we provide timely responses to fraud detection notices. We’ll notify you to any security risks that we notice across your entire communication platform, so you can maintain a flexible yet secure service.





Resolve disputes & protect your business and staff with recorded evidence

Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction

Detect or deter security breaches and inappropriate calls

Coach your employees with examples of high and low quality calls

COMPLIANCE Compliant with FSA or PCI standards

• Support - our team is here to guide you through the whole process, from migration, to set up to maintaining your services in the future, we can offer guidance and advice every step of the way.

CALL MANAGEMENT Understand what’s happening in your business Utilising the intelligence built-in to your chosen telephone solution, your business can be assured that the addition of call management reporting will allow you to manage both your staff and your business far more effectively. Which staff or departments are taking too long to

Benefits •

Verify call costs

Combat telecommunications fraud

Design staff shift patterns

Identify caller tolerance

Performance reports

Identify missed and unreturned calls

Integration with call recording

Spot cost reduction opportunities

answer the phone? How many people called your business yesterday and hung up or got a busy tone? Might they have then called your competitor? What is the cost of missing a potential order? 11




Stand out with our custom on hold messages with music and professionally recorded voice prompts.

Our call recording software enables you to automatically capture each and every phone conversation that

In a perfect business world, we would never put callers on-hold. But reality sometimes forces us to do

takes place within your organisation, allowing you to instantly replay them at the touch of a button. Call

so. And it is during this critical time that you need to stay connected with your customer or potential new

recording provides the ultimate staff training tool for delivering staff evaluation, training and development.

customer. That’s where we come in to help. Replicate your phone system on your mobile

Benefits Making and receiving calls over WiFi rather than as a traditional mobile call can result in huge cost savings •

Increase sales by nurturing customer engagement

and efficiencies. Plus, calls made to and from your office from mobile users that never leave the IP network

Focus customer attention on your brand, products, and services

will be completely free of charge.

Bring awareness to your social media campaigns

Inform callers about special promotions and volume discounts

Keep callers from hanging up during peak times

Communicate interesting facts and statistics about your company

Improve your business image and establish you as the industry leader





of callers who hang up will not call back

of callers have made a purchase based on an ‘on hold’ message

of callers put on hold with no messages or music will hang up

of business callers are put on hold

VoiceResponse Inc


Electronic Distribution Today

Evolved Sound

Benefits • Crystal clear call quality over any WIFI network

Callers with SILENCE ON HOLD will abandon their calls in less than 60 seconds, and 90% hang-up within 40 seconds.

• Huge mobile minutes savings • Benefit from free WIFI calls or local rate calls over mobile • Ability to use work phone numbers on your mobile • Full-featured business phone functionality



A COMPLETE CUTTING EDGE PHONE SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS Business phone systems play an important part in modern-day business and should provide far more than just calling ability. BDR has extensive experience delivering phone systems to a wide range of businesses including those in healthcare, recruitment, estate agents, financial services, automobile, construction, legal services, manufacturing and many others. BDR’s consultants spend quality time with your business to really understand which system will deliver the greatest results.


Range of Features

Traditional 'On Premise' and Cloud Based 'Off Premise' Options

• Conference Calling • Call Transfer • Speakerphone • Voicemail to Email • Auto Attendant • Do Not Disturb • Calling Line ID

Traditional PBX or On Premise Phone Systems

Cloud, VoIP, Internet or Off Premise Phone Systems

• Range of the latest handsets • Call Recording and Reporting

Why Invest in a new Telephone System? Gain Better Control

Find Easier Ways to Work

Boost your Brand

Save Money


ENABLE A NEW WAY FOR YOUR TEAM TO WORK Businesses need flexibility now more than ever, which is why BDR Mobile, our skilled industry specialists, are on hand to help. We supply your team with a great range of network options, and always work to ensure you are getting the best value from your contract. Our business mobile packages combine the strengths of our partner networks, Vodafone, O2 and EE, with the trust, stability and support of BDR.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services • BYOD - create a culture that allows your team to work flexibly. Your team can work on a smart device that suits them, this massively assists in morale and productivity and helps your staff to feel valued. • MDM - management tools that keep everyone productive, these flexible services can be tailored to the industry that you are working in, limit access to certain apps and keep everyone on the same page. • Remote Recovery - make sure your data never falls into the wrong hands. Remote Recovery tools mean that your device’s files can be either returned safely to your central network or otherwise removed, if one of your team’s business mobiles is lost or stolen.


• Sim only contracts - a cost-effective way to stay online, SIM only contracts give you a simple way to access the business mobile contracts you need without the added price.

We check the coverage in your areas to recommend the best network 18

ACCESS SAVINGS AND A GREENER FUTURE We are always striving to secure a better purchase model for business. Our solutions allow us to monitor the market in your area and find the right service. Green tariffs allow teams to make a positive difference. Save money on your energy bill whilst helping to save the planet with our green electricity tariffs. Power your business at cheaper rates with 100% renewable sources.


Why Choose Us?

Just send us a bill

Choose a tariff

Leave the rest to us

Using our Smart Technology, we will search the market on your behalf to find a tariff that best suits your business.

We will send over a selection of the best available rates and help you choose the right tariff and contract length.

Our energy experts will take care of everything, from supplier negotiations to managing your energy contracts.

Renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, generated over a third of the UK’s electricity in 2019 20

BUSINESS CCTV IN THE RIGHT LOCATION Every office, warehouse and business premises have unique security requirements. With strict rules about which locations that cameras can be placed in and sensitivities about public space and privacy, it can be somewhat of a minefield to install a camera system. But we are here to guide you through the process. Our CCTV business camera systems cover analogue, HD analogue and IP cameras providing businesses with the best quality images that can be monitored on a remote PC, mobile phone or tablet – choices that are both easy to use and inexpensive.

Why should my business install a CCTV system? • Constant Protection – 24/7 coverage of your


premises • Reduce Risk – less chance of break-ins and vandalism • Protect Staff – lone workers have the extra protection needed when on site alone • Health and Safety – CCTV cameras can provide evidence of incidents on-site, including cause • Time Management – security cameras can be used alongside other methods to verify staff timekeeping 22



From simple electronic controls to ultra-secure biometric readers, our access control systems maximise

Looking for additional measures to securing your work site or property? In addition to intruder alerts, CCTV

convenience without sacrificing protection.

and access systems, BDR offers a full design and installation service for security gates and barriers.

Installing door access control systems will ensure your business is secure and that only the right people can

Car park barriers are a simple, cost-effective way of controlling access into restricted areas. We have a range

access your buildings.

of products for customers to choose from, all including safety sensors as standard.

A newer way to provide security

BDR are able to supply and install automated gates, including motors, safety equipment, grounds works, electricals and, of course, the gates all fitted to the highest standard.

Key based solutions can deliver security, but you have all the hassle of getting the right keys to the right people, and what if someone loses a key?

And it’s not just new gates or barriers. BDR can modify existing gates and barrier systems too, with security turnstiles, roller shutters, and bollards among our other products.

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of a lost key.

How access control works

Systems and networking experts

• You issue a code, card, fob or facial recognition to

Add in our expertise in networking, fire and security. We’re

every member of staff

able to ensure your gates and barriers ‘talk’ and connect with all your other safety systems. BDR offer the complete

access only to the required designation • Access can be limited to selected times of the day and night

• Each one can be uniquely programmed to provide

package. It’s all part of the service.

The project was completed on time, within budget and

• Reports can be created showing the time a user entered the building

has been a complete success. Our new security service is bespoke to our needs and allows us to focus on what matters to the council, BDR’s engineers were so helpful,

• If lost, simply block that card, fob or code and issue another 23

this has really helped us move forward Swale Borough Council 24



Thanks to our network experience, your system can be integrated so that your intruder alarm can be

Delivering peace of mind with unrivalled expertise. We approach

controlled and monitored remotely by key holders or staff using an app on their phone.

every fire control and alert installation with a clean sheet of paper, so get the ball rolling with a free site survey and quote from our

Protect what matters to you

expert engineers.

BDR are able to provide advice on getting the right system for you that will not only protect your business or

Fire Systems are at the heart of safety of every building and a key

property, but also help to reduce your premiums too with intruder alarms that conform to the latest British

consideration for all businesses to protect not only their business

Standards (BS58243) requirements.

and property but most importantly of all, their people.

As well as offering alarms that link directly to the police and other emergency services, BDR can provide

Fire detection and alarm systems are a crucial part of your overall

additional networking support, as well as the latest technology from manually operated panic buttons to

fire evacuation and fire safety plans.

infra-red detectors.

Our Fire Safety Solutions •

Fire detection

Fire doors

Fire protection

Risk assessments

Emergency lighting

With a working smoke alarm you are 4 times more likely to survive

Our teams are all experts in their field and will help you Our teams are all experts in their field and will help to find a solution that works for your premise. When it you find a solution that works for your premise. When comes to installations we’ll make sure everything is quick it comes to installations we’ll make sure everything is and non-disruptive. quick and non-disruptive.


Security without the stress Security without the stress

As well as our communications, we were thrilled that BDR could help us handle our security needs. Thanks to our new solutions, we are now fully compliant with all of the

health and safety requirements our industry specifies, from CCTV to access control , our security infrastructure is fully fit for purpose P&O Ferries


CABLING YOU CAN RELY ON STRUCTURED CABLING Structured copper cabling remains the mainstay of internal connectivity for most businesses today. With structured cabling, your network is future-proofed and designed to ensure the latest technology connects and works seamlessly with all of your existing IT equipment. Starting in the early 1990s with CAT-3 cabling our team have seen cabling evolve over time from CAT-5 and CAT-5e to CAT-6 and CAT-7 producing ever faster data speeds. Thinking Fibre Optics? No problem, we do that too. The next upgrade for structured copper cabling – CAT-8 – is in development and we’ll be ready when it hits the market as accredited partners for numerous leading manufacturers, including Panduit, BrandRex, NexAns and Excel.

Why choose structured cabling?


Saves you time and money

Less downtime

Reduces power and maintenance costs

Provides an enhanced level of flexibility

Helps to improve performance and drive business growth

Affordable hassle-free installation with minimum disruption with ‘Out of hours’ service 28

WHY BDR FOR YOUR STRUCTURED CABLING? Testing to deliver peace of mind - All our installations are fully tested using the latest Fluke testers and technology with full manufacturer warranties available for any size installation to deliver guaranteed peace of mind. Trust in the experts - Each year we lay millions of miles of cabling, but behind the distance travelled are jobs and projects of all shapes and sizes that shape our world. From adding an additional data point for a new PC to our largest contracts, exceeding £1million – BDR are at your service.

ELECTRICAL SERVICES - A TAILOR-MADE APPROACH Network switches are the core of a Local Area Network (LAN) firing the data transmissions that power our working days (and the 21st century economy). Providing the Latest Equipment BDR supply all the latest high-speed power ethernet switches, data cabinets, patch leads, transceivers, UPS’s and data switches. The end result? Ensuring your emails, PCs, VOIP and other data services ping with zip. We are vendor neutral and can supply equipment that is project specific. With BDR, it’s not just a case of plugging the cable in. That’s just laying the foundations, all the extras ensure we deliver the finishing touch, the complete solution.

“We tirelessly pursue excellence to the benefit of our customers, our staff and our suppliers”.

Cabling you can rely on Market leading cabling and customer service On all our projects we combine market-leading structured cabling systems with incomparable service from our industry trained, experienced and professional teams.


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