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Dear readers Welcome to BDP 2014, the latest edition of our annual publication. This year we focus on the theme of diversity, chosen to celebrate

the variety and richness that exists within BDP. Thought pieces from our studios around the world give a flavour of what it is like to live and work in these very different locations and regions and

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they also highlight some of the exciting projects that we look forward to working on in the coming year. Diversity is evident throughout the range of our projects across the sectors and our different professions but, most importantly, through the variety of cultures of our people and the fascinating places in which we work. We hope you enjoy it.


twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity


























Chairman David is an architect and BDP’s chairman. Responsible for giving direction to the firm both as a business and in design, David is dedicated to developing the practice internationally.

Director, Architecture Gavin is chair of the Manchester studio and leader of the sports sector at BDP. He is an architect and has led the design of some of the north west’s most iconic new buildings.

Director, Architecture Based in the London studio Benedict heads the education sector and has worked on many award winning public sector projects in both education and healthcare.

Director, Architecture Scott is based in our busy Glasgow studio and he has led many of the region’s major projects, helping BDP become a dominant force in Scottish architecture today.




Akshay Khera





Director, Environmental Engineering An advocate of sustainable and low energy building design, David chairs the Dublin studio and leads our environmental engineering activities in Ireland.

Urbanism Director Urban designer Liesl is director of BDP’s Netherlands studio in Benthuizen. With great experience of complex urban projects she is currently helping the team in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Planning Director Steve is a planning director based in our Abu Dhabi studio, with particular strengths in understanding planning and development in the MENA region.

Studio Director Akshay leads the design team in our New Delhi studio. Experienced in a wide range of sectors, Akshay’s BDP career started a long way from India, in Bristol.

Architect Director Beginning his BDP career in Manchester, Tao is now an architect director in Shanghai and one of the many people essential for the practice’s expanding presence worldwide.

Architect Director Architect director Jeremy is studio leader and responsible for the day to day running of BDP’s Shanghai presence whilst delivering many major retail and mixed use schemes.

Southern Region Chairman A planner by profession, Peter has been BDP’s chief executive for nearly ten years. In 2014, he takes on the new role as chair of our UK southern region and London studio.

Chief Executive John is the first architect to become BDP’s chief executive. A graduate of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, he is based in Glasgow and has led many of our major projects.



Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue! 5

twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity





Appleton Academy, Bradford


esigning buildings is a privilege. Those of us who participate

As the practice grew so did its ability to develop leading edge

in the creative process as members of design teams are

expertise across an increasingly large range of sectors such as

fortunate indeed to work on projects which, when well

education, retail, healthcare, workplace, urbanism, transport and

executed, are deeply satisfying.

housing. This increased its versatility and offered the opportunity for

cross-fertilisation of ideas which are so valuable to mixed-use projects.

The job also carries a social responsibility as architecture is

invaluable in reflecting the culture which has produced it. Thus,

as society becomes more complex and diverse, a richer variety of

in places far away from the UK, the process of diversification has

characteristics will be expressed through the built environment.

progressed a step further again. Not only do we embrace many

Designers need to be interested in people in all their infinite variety and

different cultures and creeds through our people but we have learned

understand how they live their lives.

to design buildings in a variety of climatic conditions and to tailor our

projects to suit the customs and systems of societies which are often

This has come home to me, particularly as a result of chairing the

With international expansion, and the opening up of new studios

judging panel for the BDP George Grenfell Baines Award over the last

very different from our own. Working across sectors and boundaries

two years. The award is given to our best completed building or space

is exciting but it is also challenging and not to be underestimated.

within a particular year. It has been interesting because, not only

We have learned much from our experiences in different parts of the

has the quality of the projects submitted been impressive, but also

world and, no doubt, there are many more lessons yet to be absorbed!

the range of lifestyles embraced through the many different sectors

in which we work is both varied and fascinating. Even when several

confidence returning to the marketplace, especially in Europe. Over

ostensibly similar schemes within the same sector are submitted, as

the last few years, much energy within BDP has been devoted to

happened this year, it is pleasing to see how different the finished

ensuring that we not only remained strong through the downturn but

results are in many ways. Good buildings, like people, have interesting

also were well positioned for the recovery, when it came. As a result,


the practice has changed significantly especially with regard to its

increasing geographical spread. No doubt many more innovations

BDP is a people business. From its inception in 1961, as the

Looking forward, it is encouraging to see the first signs of renewed

UK’s first interdisciplinary design organisation, it has brought

lie ahead as we respond to the changing needs of the time; these

together many skilful but different types of people from a range of

changes will only increase our breadth. People, professions, sectors

professional backgrounds to work together as integrated teams. It

and places - one of BDP’s core strengths is its diversity.

is a tribute to the firm’s original philosophy (much of which remains relevant today), that two seminal projects from those early years have been listed during the last 12 months - Halifax Building Society Headquarters and Preston Bus Station.


twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity


NORTH OF england

thought piece one

gavin elliott director, architecture

regeNeration ‘All generalisations are false, including this one’


Mark Twain (1835-1910)

sheffield birmingham

& recognition


tereotypes abound in the media about the north and

and has been the birthplace of a series of inventions and innovations

northerners. From the ‘kitchen sink’ dramas of the 1960s to Kes,

which can genuinely claim to have changed the world. From the

Brassed Off, Coronation Street and (more recently) The Selfish

birthplace of the Industrial Revolution to the home

Giant, there is a persistent notion that the north is both homogenous

of Marx and Engels, the invention of the modern

and unremittingly grim, and so are its people. Of course it is neither of

computer and, more recently, the invention of

these things and nor are they.

Graphene there can be no doubt that the north

of England has historically been the powerhouse

The north of England is a rich tapestry of different places, people,

accents, attitudes and ideas which defy simple categorisation. Yes, it

of the national economy.....until recently.

does have a post-industrial (and post-Thatcher) legacy to address and yes, it has probably suffered more than other parts of the country as a result of the current government’s economic strategy. But it is also an area of outstanding natural beauty (home to five of the country’s 13 National Parks), it contains the largest university in the country, it has the best football teams, a world leading cultural and music scene

The transformed Emirates Old Trafford for Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester


twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 10

thought piece one

Dixons Allerton Academy, Bradford

Few would dispute that current government policy has disproportionately penalised the supposedly high spending labourcontrolled northern metropolitan authorities, and that the prosperity gap between the north and south has increased since the 2008 recession. It is also true that whilst economic indicators generally show a more positive outlook for the UK as a whole as the country’s economy finally returns to growth, this positive performance is largely concentrated in London and the south of England. This is the region where continued investment in major public and infrastructure

Enterprise South Liverpool Academy, Liverpool

projects, allied to the recovery of the financial services sector

The Northern Hub rail project, Manchester

(supported by quantative easing) and London’s current property boom, have all contributed to a significant feelgood factor which is significantly lacking elsewhere in the UK, especially in the north. political powers are already making a difference to the prospects of

Linked to this is a drive to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the

for the current conservative administration amongst the leaders of

the major cities in the north of England as city leaders embrace this

otherwise inevitable affects of catastrophic climate change, a desire

the great northern cities, there is at least one element of government

new level of empowerment. Furthermore, the influence of thinkers

to improve the quality of life in the northern post-industrial cities and

policy that has found significant support and is beginning to make a

such as Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institute suggests that this

the aspiration to rebalance the UK economy to generate a greater

tangible difference to the economy of the region.

reform agenda needs to be continued and accelerated as we come to

proportion of GDP through exports. This all creates an interesting

realise that cities are the real engines of growth within the economy

context for the economy of the north as we finally begin to emerge

political autonomy for the eight core cities who were signatories

and therefore should be given an even greater degree of autonomy

from the recession.

to the initial agreement – including Liverpool, Greater Manchester,

to develop and implement regional policies and reforms which work

Sheffield, Leeds and Birmingham. The delegated financial and

for them.

However, whilst it is hard to find too many enthusiastic advocates

The City Deal has provided the promise of more financial and

11 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 12

thought piece one

Projects in the region include the Local Asset Backed Vehicle funded

Further afield we are exporting northern regeneration skills and

St John Bosco School in Liverpool, initiated by the new mayor of

knowledge to locations as geographically diverse as Suzhou in China,

Liverpool, the Victoria Station and Northern Hub rail project in

Raipur in India, and Qatar and there is a strong sense that just maybe

Manchester, the Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester

we are finally through the worst of the recession and that there is a

Science Park masterplanning projects and the new Manchester

new sense of empowerment and optimism beginning to surface.

Business School Project which is co-ordinated under the aegis of the

This is an optimism borne out of sense of pride in the region’s achievements

Manchester Corridor Partnership (established to elevate the profile and capability of Manchester as a world leading research centre for science and innovation). Also in Liverpool is the John Moores University masterplanning project which is centred on the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter. A whole series of town hall

and a belief that, not because of but in spite of national government

regeneration projects has been undertaken in

policy, the spirit, energy, attitude, creativity and, yes, sheer bloody-

Oldham, Manchester, Rochdale and Bolton.

mindedness of the north means that given half a chance the region will soon begin to prosper again - if we could only be left alone to get on with it…!

Manchester Business School, Manchester

gavin elliott Q&A

which city would you most like to live in?

favourite place you have visited this year

I have to say Manchester don’t

I loved Shanghai, but the place

Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam,

that completely blew me away

Shanghai... probably OK at a

was the Lion Grove Garden


in Suzhou. It is genuinely

most ingenious design


Tricky one this - I’m a big fan

I? But New York, Paris, London,

of Achiille Castiglioni, collecting his lights. I particularly like the ‘ready-made’ series from the It is interesting to see how many of the projects we

1960s - Lampadina table light,

have been involved with over the last 12 months

Toio uplighter and Parentesi

reflect this new agenda of empowered cities, perhaps

suspension light. Clever, so

to a greater extent than had been envisaged.

simple and so cool. preferred creative tool

Harnessing the collective power of national and city

Brainpower, all the way!

regional government and the private sector, they are driving

What building or place do you wish you had designed?

prosperity through investment in infrastructure, research, health, education and a low-carbon economy, as well as creating the potential to export those skills to other parts of the world with

Central Rome.

Concept sketch of Bolton Town Hall, Bolton

a hope for 2014

significant investment, hopefully, coming back the other way.

To continue my progress on the path to enlightenment.

13 twentyfourteen | diversity

University Church of England Academy, Ellesmere Port

twentyfourteen | diversity 14


south of england

thought piece two

benedict zucchi director, architecture

Visioning illustration for the Royal Albert Hall’s new masterplan



Billy Wilder, the great Hollywood director, is reported to have said that if he hadn’t gone into the movies he would have become an architect. This was because he saw parallels between film-making and architecture as collaborative arts whose success rests ultimately on successful teamworking. In this they are very distinct from the other arts and require an ability not only to create new things but the skills, stamina and advocacy to articulate the creative vision in a way that garners support and capitalises on the creative inputs of others such as collaborators, clients, end users and contractors without sacrificing the integrity and momentum behind the original idea.

As BDP’s largest interdisciplinary studio, the London team

is familiar with this challenge from a project’s inception right through to its detailed development and implementation. As with films the success of the creative journey is dependent on a clear and captivating vision. This is evident in our recent success as an interdisciplinary team in winning the design competition for the new headquarters of Northamptonshire Council. Our design captured the imagination of the client because it fused a sensitive approach to the city centre context with a strong sense of identity whilst demonstrating that it could still respond flexibly to the changing requirements of users with a vision not an artistic straightjacket.

15 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 16

thought piece two

New headquarters for Northamptonshire County Council, Northampton

Benedict Zucchi Q&A

which city would you most like to live in?

Successful integrated working also requires technical know-how

we have collaborated closely with the local community to harness

and strong organisation. With the advent of Building Information

their contribution and embed the designs in their physical and social

favourite place you have visited this year

San Francisco. I love the idea of

Modelling and the increasing use of ‘walk-throughs’ and other

context. This sometimes requires a degree of improvisation but, if the

catching a boat to work across

virtual reality techniques some of this know-how is converging

chemistry is right and the process is well orchestrated, the emerging

Urbino, the most perfect

the bay. And the proximity of

on film-making techniques in a more literal way. This is not just

design will be all the stronger for it and more likely to stand the test

symbiosis of buildings and

real wilderness.

about explaining our work more effectively to our clients and

of time. As we do an increasing proportion of our work internationally

landscape where the manmade

most ingenious design

other stakeholders but, more fundamentally, about improving the

(in places as far afield as Acapulco in Mexico and the Republic of

and the natural are magically

Bicycle, the epitome of

integration and coordination of all the professional contributions. This

the Congo in central Africa), this ability to engage with local people


form following function, a

is important on all projects but never more so than on large complex

remains crucial if we are to avoid the placeless monotony of so much

schemes with high levels of user participation, like hospitals and

of today’s international architecture.

Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair, London

combination of utility and elegance that has transformed my daily commute to Clerkenwell. preferred creative tool

Pen and paper, though I’d like to be able to say Revit – maybe next year. What building or place do you wish you had designed?

research buildings. At Gwent the recent go-ahead for the Specialist Critical Care Centre will now allow our Bristol team to develop and refine what promises to become an exemplar of integrated thinking right through to the sophisticated prefabrication strategy of our construction partner Laing O’Rourke. In a similar vein, the same high level design thinking pervades our new cancer treatment centre for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where the procurement of the design and site selection has maximised the opportunity to

Delft Library by Mecanoo, an

provide an uplifting and inspiring environment.

inspiration for our design at

Alder Hey where landscape and

hallmark of our current high-level research and laboratory projects,

building have fused.

like the University of Cambridge’s new Maxwell Centre (extending

a hope for 2014

our recently completed and highly acclaimed Physics for Medicine

Lots more opportunities for

Building) or our work for University College London and the University

drawing and cycling, not

of East Anglia.

necessarily at the same time.

Sophisticated architectural and engineering integration is also the

In the end the mark of a good director is of course his or her

Model of InterIKEA’s Wuxi Shopping Centre, Jiangsu, China

lightness of touch and it is the actors who must be centre stage. In buildings and cities our projects only really come to life when they are inhabited, used and adapted over time. Our urbanism team in London continues to do a series of inventive public realm projects for parks, Cardiff and Vale Community Campus, Cardiff

17 twentyfourteen | diversity

high streets and other urban spaces; an evolving body of work where

twentyfourteen | diversity 18

thought piece TWO

Structural view of the Garrick Club, London

Creative Arts Building, City College Norwich

In other words the design journey is as important as the destination.

They are for us the indispensable tools and guiding lights of our

Celebrating the richness and diversity of this creative experience

collaborative art. Substitute ‘design’ for ‘making movies’ and Billy

is the aim of our first Winter Exhibition which has been on show in

Wilder’s words are as apt as ever:

the London studio from December 2013. Over 100 entries from all

“Making movies is a little like walking into a dark room. Some people stumble across furniture, others break their legs but some of us see better in the dark than others. The ultimate trick is to convince, persuade.”

sectors and professions across the studio, and in a variety of media, were shortlisted for display. Like the out-takes of the cinematographic process, these detailed drawings, concept sketches, working models and diagrams provide a fascinating insight into all the intermediate stages of projects (normally unpublished) which translate the haziest of initial architectural and engineering concepts into the complex three-dimensional environments of our completed work.

19 twentyfourteen | diversity

Cancer Treatment Centre, Hampshire

twentyfourteen | diversity 20



thought piece three

SCOTT macKENZIE director, architecture



Atria Edinburgh


s Scotland looks towards the forthcoming Independence Referendum, it is important for those of us who reside north of the Tweed to consider what it is to be Scottish. It is testament

to our publicists, from Blind Harry onwards, that we now freely accept one nation Scottishness. However, the romanticised version of Scottish history, where an entire nation united behind William Wallace and Robert Bruce to send “proud Edward’s army home to think again” is an invention. Look beyond the spin and we find a much more complex and contradictory story.

We must look first to the land. Scotland’s landscape is both

exceptionally varied and truly beautiful but it is a hard, wild and majestic beauty. There is a hard beauty amongst our people too - a toughness and resilience that grows from the daily struggle to survive in an unforgiving landscape. A hardness also born of conflict – of many different tribes fighting over limited resources in a small and challenging environment. The fertile lands of the north were ruled by the war-like Norsemen. The Celtic west, governed by the Lord of the Isles, was populated by piratical, maritime people. In the glens, neighbouring Highland clans fought one another constantly over half-starved cattle and meagre grazing pasture. For their part, the Lowland Scots considered the Highlanders to be a barbarous subspecies and were content to watch the Clearance sheep farmers finish what the Redcoats had begun in the slaughter at Culloden Moor. Here it is worth recalling that more Scots than English fought against the Jacobites at Culloden.

To these diverse groupings, the notion of a single Scottish identity

would have seemed entirely alien. Perhaps it is Scotland’s greatest achievement that despite our many cultural differences we now see ourselves as kindred spirits; that nowadays we all consider ourselves as Scots.

21 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 22

thought piece three

We must look first to the land. Scotland’s landscape is both exceptionally varied and truly beautiful but it is a hard, wild and majestic beauty.

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Edinburgh’s new water treatment facilities discreetly concealed in the Pentland Hills

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Maybe our national consciousness was galvanised as a reaction

found confidence. BDP has been, and continues to be, a key part of

against us simply becoming northern Britons following the Union of

this renaissance and our diverse portfolio of work captures the variety

the Parliaments in 1707. Poverty drove Scotland to Union but the

and complexity that is part of being Scottish.

economic stability that followed and the limitless opportunities of

Empire led directly to the Golden Age of the Scottish Enlightenment

Inverness College bring to mind the organic forms of the cairns and

when the sciences and arts held condominium in a partnership the

brochs that emerge from this harsh and stunning landscape. They do

like of which has not been seen elsewhere, before or since. A Scottish

so, not through pastiche, but in a confident and progressive manner

identity emerged and our architects played a vital role in this process.

that heralds a better future for a region long blighted by poverty and

Craig and Playfair designed a new Athens in Edinburgh. ‘Greek’


Thomson’s Glasgow was the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution.

Riverside East Building emerges as a landmark above the trees and

Our trading links and the influence of our people reached across

In the Highlands, in the shadow of Culloden, our designs for

At Robert Gordon University, the Learning Tower of our new

the globe but as our industries waned in the wake of the Second

reminds us of the nearby Castles of Mar. The building’s sinuous form

World War our decline appeared terminal. We have only recently

echoes that of the River Dee as it flows down from the wildness of the

emerged from behind our tartan curtains to re-establish ourselves on

Cairngorms to the sea.

the world stage. Architecturally we have seen a rebirth and a new-

23 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 24

thought piece three The University of Strathclyde’s Technology and

And our new Medical University in Nanjing, China proves that Scottish

Innovation Centre, Glasgow

talent is still an exportable and valued commodity and that we favourite place you have visited this year

remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

scott mackenzie Q&A

These projects capture the essence of BDP. We are inclusive,

Nowhere quite compares to

adaptable and diverse. We value our environment. We have our opinions and encourage others to have theirs. These are virtues that we in BDP hold dear; virtues that we share with the Scottish people. This year, as Scotland contemplates its future in the world we would do well not to forget them. Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu, China

going back home to Caithness… endless empty beaches and Wick Academy Football Club. which city would you most like to live in?

Not a city…or even a town, but there would be worse places to live than the waterfront at Inveraray. most ingenious design

The carpenter’s hatchet. An essential tool that has evolved over centuries – functional and practical for so many tasks, tactile, elegant… and a bit scary!! preferred creative tool

A drawing board. Never needs a software update, doesn’t require a power supply and helps you to indulge in the simple and timeless joy of drawing. What building or place do you wish you had designed?

In a reflection of the Scottish character itself, our school at Eastwood has a hard and quite unforgiving exterior, faced in weathered steel

Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu, China

Crown Hall at Illinois Institute

and native stone. Yet inside it is wonderfully warm, welcoming and

of Technology. Completed in


1956 this is a ground breaking,

supremely refined, eminently

Our Technology Innovation Centre for the University of

Strathclyde, brings academia and industry together in a quest for

flexible and beautiful ‘shed’

knowledge that recaptures the spirit of Enlightenment. It is a bold

that still performs its intended

and unapologetic piece of urban architecture, befitting the great city.

purpose after more than half a

century. The Parthenon of the

In Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre,

our mix of restraint and exuberance is a perfect foil for a historic

20th century.

Georgian city that, each year, transforms itself into the venue for the

a hope for 2014

biggest party in the world.


Edinburgh International Conference Centre Extension, Edinburgh

25 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 26

thought piece three 185 – 221 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Queen Street Station, Glasgow

27 twentyfourteen | diversity

Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow

twentyfourteen | diversity 28



thought piece four

Dave brennan director, environmental engineering




fter many turbulent years that have seen Ireland’s economic pendulum swing from boom to bust, there is now a definite sense that we are finally entering a state of equilibrium, if not

very gentle growth.

The Celtic Tiger that roared increasingly loudly for over ten years

was silenced in 2008 and replaced by the largest economic crash in the state’s history.

However, it is no surprise that the Irish came out fighting, demonstrating resilience and a determination to get things back on track.

During the five years of deep recession that followed the crash

BDP’s Dublin studio, like all other Irish businesses, knuckled down to a hard battle. During this time, the government and the people have acted responsibly and taken their medicine. Having received billions of euros of bailout funds from the International Monetary Fund, we have now just paid the very last of it back.

Although the recession brought the inevitable need to restructure,

BDP’s resilience came from a strong core team whose workload was given a solid foundation through a succession of public sector projects, particularly in the education and healthcare sectors. Delivering a quality service and a passion for sustainable design proved to be fundamental to success and survival.

The Dublin studio has promoted the environmental agenda strongly

for 20 years, helping to develop some of Ireland’s most sustainable buildings in the process. Much of this work has related to school Confucius Centre, University College Dublin

buildings where it has been possible to take full advantage of our moderate climate to produce passively designed buildings that benefit from excellent levels of daylight and natural ventilation, requiring very little mechanical or electrical intervention to achieve comfortable internal environments. Our most recent completion, Colaiste Choilm in Tullamore, has set new standards in sustainable school design.

29 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 30

thought piece four Our reputation for campus and educational planning is enhanced

times and bad. An example of this is the conversion of a cigarette

through securing the 2025 masterplan for University of Ireland

factory into a high-quality low-energy third level education facility

Maynooth which follows on from the Campus 2030 plan for Limerick

for Dundalk Institute of Technology. Although the building was very

Institute of Technology.

deep plan, had an extremely leaky envelope and a listed façade,

nevertheless a way was found to make it an exemplar of energy

secure high profile projects in Ireland and brings the added benefit

efficiency with uniquely innovative features including ice banks which

of collaboration with our colleagues in the UK. Being part of a

harness night time electrical power from the on-site wind turbine to

major international design practice has undoubtedly helped us to

generate daytime cooling.

weather the recent Irish storm. It also offers our clients the special

combination of a personalised local design service, backed up when

Remaining fleet of foot and adaptable enables us to work on

Entering architectural design competitions is a good way to

a diverse range of projects. This includes the design of a Hilton

required, by vast practice-wide experience and resources. This unique

Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, an experience which has led to other hotel

combination is proving invaluable as we now see fresh green shoots

commissions overseas.

of growth and major opportunities appearing in all sectors.

As we approach the upturn, we emerge with a strong, well motivated team, ready to take on the many new opportunities that we sense could be coming our way.

Carroll’s Facility Building, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Confucius Centre, University College Dublin,

It is always important to embrace exciting challenges, in both good

dave brennan Q&A

‘The Long Hall’

preferred creative tool

My ductulator – let me explain – favourite place you have visited this year

you rotate the dial and it rapidly

We had a family ‘staycation’ in

everyone should have one!

Goleen on the very southwest tip of Ireland, which coincided with

What building or place do you wish you had designed?

a heatwave – absolute heaven.

We are now retrofitting air

which city would you most like to live in?

conditioning to the historic

Probably somewhere like Galway

Ireland – if I were the original

– it’s got a buzzing city centre,

designer in the 1850s, I would

lots of quaint bars / restaurants

have allowed lots of space for

and a nice stroll to the seafront.

future ductwork.

most ingenious design

Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick

gives you ventilation duct sizes –

wings of the National Gallery of

a hope for 2014

Using night time wind power to

After five difficult years, to

provide daytime building cooling

settle into a period of stability

via icebanks (our award winning

and growth and win some great

Dundalk IT Carroll’s project.)


Sleep Hotel, Heathrow London

31 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 32

P U B L IC S PA C E S as a catalyst for development

the netherlands

thought piece five

liesl vivier urbanism director

benthuizen Dronten Public Realm, Netherlands


he public realm, the collective areas between buildings, has always played a powerful role in the placemaking of Dutch cities. I believe that this originates from both the historic

struggle of the Dutch against water and the aspiration to create more land from the sea for this densely populated country. The Dutch communal causes, of protection from water and creation of more land, cannot be won by individuals alone but can only be achieved by a collective effort.

The idea of pulling together to create a safe environment has

seeped through into the design thinking about cities and the role of the public realm in The Netherlands. Here, the public realm is very strongly seen to belong to everyone. It is the glue that holds cities together and both the designers and inhabitants of the cities understand that the public realm greatly determines a city’s character.

Where the public realm in other countries is quite often designed

last it is common in The Netherlands to design the public realm in conjunction with, or even before, the buildings have taken shape. Instead of the public realm having to shape itself around buildings, the buildings are shaped around the public realm, resulting in more coherent cities and better places for people.

One of our recent public realm projects, where the public space

has been designed before the buildings take shape, is the design for the new station forecourt in Dronten, The Netherlands. Dronten is a middle-sized town in the province of Flevoland, built at approximately 5m below sea level and on land reclaimed from the sea. The town was designed during the late 1950s and the 1960s, during the heyday of car travel. Although land was reserved for a railway connection between Lelystad and Zwolle when Dronten was being built the railway line, with a new station at Dronten, was only completed in 2012. The new train station is situated approximately 600m from the town centre in a light industrial area.

33 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 34

thought piece five Avon Loop, Christchurch

Antigua Street / Oxford Terrace, Christchurch

Although the industrial context will gradually be transformed into a

liesl vivier Q&A

new working and living quarter of the city, the immediate challenge of the station forecourt is to create a sense of arrival in the current, rather dismal environment. In the absence of surrounding buildings, placemaking is achieved by designing a forecourt with strongly patterned brick paving, evergreen trees that add green to the station area in the bleak winter months and eye-catching bus shelters and street lighting. The expectation is that the newly realised station forecourt will act as a catalyst for new development, attracting private investment and sparking a wave of high quality building development

favourite place you have visited this year

Lookout Point, Bluff, New Zealand where there are superb, views across Foveaux Strait to Rakiura. which city would you most like to live in?

Berlin most ingenious design

around the station.

Tesla Model S

preferred creative tool

Another project where our Dutch approach is being followed is

in Christchurch, New Zealand. There the comprehensive redesign of

Butter paper and pencil or pen.

the public realm will shape the rebuilding of the city. Catastrophic earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011 left the city

What building or place do you wish you had designed?

devastated, especially the centre and the eastern quarters. A series of

Kolumba Museum in Cologne, by

A combination of measures is being implemented to clean and

new development and defines the edges of a number of development

anchor projects will lead its regeneration and the first of these is the

Peter Zumthor.

enhance the ecology of the river. Its margins are also being

parcels. New buildings will create frontages for the park but also profit

Avon River Precinct, North and East Frames.

a hope for 2014

redesigned to create more attractive public spaces and reinforce the

from the newly created green environment. Besides providing play areas,

The Avon River winds through the city centre for 3.2 km and

Good weather for urban farmers.

meaning of the river for the city. A continuous promenade running

quiet gardens for reflection and possibilities for urban agriculture, the

the earthquakes caused huge damage to the buildings along the

the length of the precinct will improve pedestrian movement and

park will also be used to collect and treat storm water through a number

river corridor and also left the river silted and polluted. Before the

create spaces for outdoor eating and drinking. New terraces will

of attractively designed rain gardens.

earthquake, the Avon River Precinct lacked a coherent vision and built

provide access to the water’s edge and a riverside walkway with a

development along its margins failed to respond fully to the unique

more informal character will bring nature into the heart of the city.

in a distressed state, we are confident that the comprehensive

context. Four design principles have been adopted to help bring about

regeneration of the river corridor and the creation of a new linear

change. These focus on the creation of a healthy place with a healthy

the earthquakes but, apart from a handful of buildings that survived

park will encourage people to move into the city, boost developer

river, a distinctive place where Maori and European cultures are

the tremors, is now empty. In our vision a new, centrally positioned

confidence and make the city centre of Christchurch a better and

closely interwoven, an accessible place which is safe and easy to move

linear park will attract people back into the city again and encourage

more liveable place.

around, and a prosperous place with more activity for more people.

investment in the surrounding streets. The park creates a context for

35 twentyfourteen | diversity

The East Frame is an area of the city that was highly built up before

Although the Avon River Precinct and East Frame are currently

twentyfourteen | diversity 36

middle east north africa

thought piece six

steve potter planning director doha

abu dhabi


n the three years since BDP established its studio in the Middle East, we have sought to gain a deeper appreciation of the


new communities

cultural, social, environmental and economic drivers which

underpin the region’s cities and to understand how best we can help shape their future development.

Despite being home to some of the oldest civilisations in the world,

a striking feature of the Middle East is actually how recently many of its urban areas have been developed. In the space of only a couple of generations cities with two or three million residents have risen from the sand.

Today one of the biggest challenges faced by the region is to

transform what were effectively first generation oil towns, into sustainable world cities which are driven by dynamic, mixed and resilient economies. Cities which are able to compete in a global marketplace, and which will have a rationale and appeal which extend beyond their petrochemical origins.

Leaders from across the region have clearly grasped this ambition.

New economic growth is being shaped around sectors such as finance, tourism, high-tech manufacturing, aerospace and logistics crowned by flagship events such as the Doha World Cup, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Dubai Expo.

There is also a strong physical dimension to this transformation.

In order to attract, grow and retain new enterprise and a highly skilled workforce, there is a focus on promoting mixed use, investing in high quality public transport, creating a high quality pedestrian orientated public realm and improving sustainability.

Our work in Kuwait, in particular, is at the forefront of this economic

and spatial agenda. Here we have been appointed to prepare new state-wide policies for workplace, retail and leisure development to meet the economic needs of a rapidly growing population.

Jumeirah College, Dubai: The traditional Arabic souk provides the inspiration for a vibrant and diverse learning environment.

37 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 38

thought piece six

...the creation of enduring, humanscale community infrastructure is one of the strongest and most worthwhile contributions...

Al Khor Academy, Qatar: Responding to Qatar’s rich cultural heritage, the academy creates a refined, expressive and distinct identity.

Playing to our strengths, the focus of BDP’s architectural work in the Middle East has been on the design of community infrastructure.

This has included the new schools and academies in Dubai and

Doha, the cultural centre at Sabah Al Ahmed in Kuwait, and new

The ambition to modernise and transform is clearly manifested in the skylines of many of the Middle East’s major cities.

healthcare and commercial projects at Cleveland Clinic and Central Market projects in Abu Dhabi.

infrastructure is one of the strongest and most worthwhile contributions we can make to the region’s development, along with thoughtful, well considered city planning to create a platform for Al Wakra Academy, Qatar: Shading canopies provide

future communities to thrive in the fast-growing MENA region.

a sense of being under a blanket of Sidra blossom – looking at the sky though the branches of the tree.

In Jeddah work has recently begun on the construction of Kingdom

steve potter Q&A

Tower which will (perhaps briefly) replace the Burj Khalifa in Dubai as

most ingenious design

The IPod. Being able to take my

the world’s tallest building.

entire music collection wherever

It has also given rise to some very unusual and entertaining

favourite place you have visited this year

design. My personal award for ‘bling architecture’ must go to a

Erbil in the Kurdistan region


masterplan which was recently exhibited at the CityScape conference.

of Iraq. An amazing city, built

preferred creative tool

Here the designer had managed to incorporate the Leaning Tower

around an ancient citadel.

Flip chart.

of Pisa, the Acropolis, Coliseum, Pyramids and Eiffel Tower in a single

which city would you most like to live in?

What building or place do you wish you had designed?

Bridport, Dorset. I know it isn’t a

My own home ... one day maybe!

city, but it is the perfect market

a hope for 2014


Winning the World Cup would

To my mind, the creation of enduring, human-scale community

neighbourhood. Only after a few minutes of gazing in wonder at the vast model, did it become apparent that these architectural wonders had been woven together into a plan form which from a passing aeroplane (or on Google Earth) would resemble a vast bird of prey.

I go always makes travel a

be nice.

The combined impact of the recent economic downturn and the political legacy of Arab Spring appear to have brought about a more considered approach to design across the region, placing greater weight on the economic and social value of development. Al Wakra Academy, Qatar: The bridge walkways within

39 twentyfourteen | diversity

the triple height entrance provide physical and visual connectivity.

twentyfourteen | diversity 40


thought piece seven

Akshay Khera STUDIO director delhi

On the road to

Where to begin? Planes, trains or semi-sleeper bus? BDP has been in Delhi for over three years and we have covered a fair bit of the country from the Himalayas to Mallapuram in Kerala, 1,250 miles south of Delhi - comparable to London to Lisbon although it takes rather longer!

BDP’s journey through India, as designers, is intrinsically linked

with the journeys associated with the projects. Our design response is a reflection of the widely varying context, climate and culture of this vast country and in many ways the best introduction to this is the journey to the site.

The first major project won through an international design

competition was the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Mandi, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The project involved masterplanning 500 acres of pristine countryside and the detailed

The trip to Mandi is one of the most exciting. The journey begins at the Delhi Interstate Bus Terminal during evening rush hour, in itself an ‘experience’. For 900 rupees (£9) you get a night in a semi-reclining coach seat (maybe one that works), a blanket, a bottle of water, and a glass of Bordeaux -oops - started dreaming by the end there. Sleep is impossible but to take your mind off this (as well as the oncoming traffic and vertiginous drops) there is a Hindi movie played loud enough for the passengers in the bus behind to be able to join in. 41 twentyfourteen | diversity

design of academic, welfare and accommodation blocks with a built up area of 125,000 sq m in the first phase alone. The campus has been designed to flow with the contours, which dictate the placement and design of all the buildings. The landscape is of prime importance along with the open spaces created between the buildings and the views framed by the fenestrations.

The trip to Mandi is one of the most exciting. The journey begins

at the Delhi Interstate Bus Terminal during evening rush hour, in itself an experience. For 900 rupees (£9) you get a night in a semi-reclining coach seat (maybe one that works) a blanket, a bottle of water, and a glass of Bordeaux -oops - started dreaming by the end there! Sleep is impossible but to take your mind off this (as well as the oncoming traffic and vertiginous drops) there is a Hindi movie played loud enough for the passengers in the bus behind to be able to join in. Around 5.00 am the bus stops at a dhaba for a cuppa with enough Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi

sugar to provide your daily calorie allowance. As one approaches the site the body seems refreshed thanks to the fresh clean mountain air, the mist and, finally, the views of our site at the base of the mountains with the River Uhl flowing by.

twentyfourteen | diversity 42

thought piece seven akshay khera Q&A

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi

favourite place you have visited this year

New York: The energy of the city is palpable with so much to offer. Visited the Highline project- converting a disused railway track into an Urban Parkbrilliant. which city would you most like to live in?

Reykjavik- no preconceived reasons- just curiosity. most ingenious design

Traditional ‘kath khuni’ wall construction in Himachal Pradesh, India - a method of laying stone and timber in buildings so as to withstand earthquakes. Perfect blend of sustainability, technical detail and aesthetics. preferred creative tool

A Cretacolor Ergonomic pencil

Mallapuram in Kerala is a modest eight hour journey, comprising a Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur

four hour flight and a three or four hour taxi ride through coconut groves, to the site of our masterplan for the Edu-Health city that we

with a 5mm thick graphite lead. What building or place do you wish you had designed?

are completing for INKEL. This 243 acre project includes a cancer

Modern Art Museum,

wellness centre with agro-farming and research facilities. Spread

Fort Worth, Texas by

across a highly-contoured site, the project integrates pedestrian

Tadao Ando. Sublime

routes shaded by existing coconut plantations to create a sustainable

is the word that sums

township. The trip involves staying overnight so it is reasonably

it up.

comfortable and whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the backwaters

a hope for 2014

one has the feeling (almost) of being on holiday.

Getting more opportunities

to use the ‘preferred

we are doing three residential and retail projects. One of these, close to

creative tool.’

the airport, is a 10 acre residential complex comprising villas and high-

hospital, a speciality hospital, a Special Economic Zone, and a

The most hectic trips are undoubtedly the ones to Bangalore where

end residential towers facing a lake. Given the cool climate, the design evolves around providing outdoor decks with a pool on the top terrace of each villa. Rides to the airport in Bangalore are white-knuckle affairs as there is inevitably a traffic jam. Printed boarding passes via web check-in is probably the top innovation in air travel without which a lot of us would be spending nights in obscure airport hotels.

As for the trains – regrettably perhaps business travel is almost

entirely the preserve of the burgeoning air network but we are seeing more opportunities for TOD (Transit Oriented Development) around rail stations and with the recent setting up of the High Speed Rail Corporation in India we can hope for business trips by rail in the future. Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi

To sum it up, the travel experience is a great way of getting an

insight into the country. Before moving to India from the UK three Bangalore Villas concept

years ago many people said that there is a buzz about the place and I cannot agree more - Bordeaux or not.

43 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 44

Designing fast BUILDING WELL

Tao Wang architect director


thought piece eight

jeremy farrington architect director



There is a Chinese proverb which says:

“The young and bold favour speed, while the old and the experienced move slowly” Never has a statement been truer than when referring to the breathless speed of a modernising China that BDP’s Shanghai studio finds itself working in. From rapid sweeping changes being made at a high political level to the millions of Chinese entrepreneurs and developers that are burgeoning across the country, in a young and ‘bullish’ culture, we have had to learn fast to keep up. But with speed there are inevitably difficulties.

“He who hurries, cannot walk with dignity” It is one thing to design quickly, but another to deliver well in a country where building lifecycles are often measured in months rather than years. This constraint frequently conflicts with our BDP core values of high design quality but from a profound respect of the context in which we work. Even here we can create outstanding buildings and spaces. However, in order to achieve this we have had to adapt. Suzhou Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Suzhou

45 twentyfourteen | diversity


twentyfourteen | diversity 46

thought piece eight

tao wang Q&A

Wuhan WHICC Complex Project, Wuhan 武汉环球贸易中心WHICC综合体项目

favourite place you have visited this year

Tian Shan (Sky mountain) in Xinjiang – totally different culture within China, splendid scenery. which city would you most like to live in?

Suzhou – the heaven on the earth apart from air pollution in winter. most ingenious design

Google Glass – A great tool for architects/designers. preferred creative tool

Rhino+ Grasshopper – the tools of parametric design which still have a long way to go. Recently the Shanghai team use the software on more and more Chinese projects. What building or place do you wish you had designed? Lishui Science Park, Lishui

Shanghai Centre – I visited


Shanghai Centre this year which is under construction. It is a very important project in challenging Wuhan WHICC Complex Project, Wuhan 武汉环球贸易中心WHICC综合体项目

Chinese regulations that may kill many good design ideas. a hope for 2014

The Shanghai team will be keeping busy in 2014. Hope we win more projects and projects go smoothly.

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” It is often the Chinese view that, even when lacking in execution, design with a solid idea will be infinitely more memorable than a bland design that’s polished to perfection. So the unwritten realities of a client’s aspirations in China are often difficult to gauge and define. In addition, Chinese clients have been spoilt by some Local Design Institutes (LDIs). Like the telesales of the design world, rewarded on commission, some LDIs sell quickly and cheaply and work to a formulaic script. This reference point creates expectations of project timescales that are unprecedented in their brevity.

But, from experience, the road to success in China is about articulating that first idea with vision and conviction. Having diverse second, third and fourth visions is also helpful!

This ethos of fleetness and diversity of mind is our day to day

mantra in the Shanghai studio. This spirit of diversity is reflected in our people and matched in our projects.

In Wuhan, working with the Tahan Group on the Wuhan

International Commercial Centre mixed use development our design was originally conceived at competition as an iconic single high rise tower and curvilinear retail podium. In a matter of days rather than months, morphed into a twin tower scheme with sunken retail plaza in a crystalline form. It will form an iconic addition to the Wuhan Central Business District skyline.

47 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 48

thought piece eight

Equally in Suzhou, in a short time, our team has delivered an eclectic

And while the broad spectrum of projects in the country grows, earlier

mix of schemes from large urban design projects to smaller scale

Suzhou High New District Planning and Exhibition Hall

BDP labours in China are paying off with the InterIKEA malls rapidly

stand alone cultural buildings. Included in this, the Suzhou Xi’an


evolving towards completion and the first scheduled for opening in

Jiaotong Liverpool University project continues to develop at pace.

the early part of next year.

Having designed the project from masterplan stage to complete

architectural design and interiors, the Shanghai studio has been

USD billionaires in under ten years and where time waits for no man, a

commissioned for further new projects within the campus. Similarly,

Chinese client is still a very pragmatic one. As long as our design value

the new Suzhou Planning Exhibition Centre, won at competition

is understood, even within the Chinese insatiable pace of development,

and designed, delivered, constructed and opened to the public in 15

our clients more and more appreciate the importance of time and

months continues to bring plaudits to BDP.

process to achieve the vision. Don’t expect an easy ride to get to that

point, but if it can be achieved, in a culture of networking and referrals,

Closer to home in Shanghai itself, our team was challenged

As a final thought, in a land where people can go from nothing to

to develop proposals for a mixed use, new build and heritage

the opportunity is great. And as the Chinese say:

refurbishments of an historic building along the landmark site of Suhe

“First you make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come”

Creek. Multiple design options, within the constraints of stringent government imposed construction commencement dates, have still resulted in a high quality place for people in Shanghai.

Suhe Creek, Shanghai 上海苏河湾42街坊项目

jeremy farrington Q&A favourite place you have visited this year

Tokyo, Japan. Only a short geographical hop from Shanghai but a huge leap away in terms of culture, history and architecture. A very inspirational city (if a little crazy!) which city would you most like to live in?

Hong Kong. Arguably the heart of Asia – a harmonious marriage of eastern and western life. The pollution level is also better than Shanghai! most ingenious design

Leica M Cameras. Originally,

InterIKEA’s Wuxi Shopping Centre, Jiangsu, China in construction 英特宜家无锡购物中心,江苏省,中国,施工中

designed over 60 years ago and What building or place do you wish you had designed?

a hope for 2014

Sydney Opera House. There

folio of current work and new

are few buildings around the

opportunities, 2014 will bring

world that define and are the

many demands to the Shanghai

symbol of the country in which

team. In keeping with the coming

preferred creative tool

they sit – this is one. A pure

‘year of the horse’ ethos - it is

Sketchup - dated now, but the

concept delivered through

the hope the studio can carry

immediacy and intuitive nature of

ground breaking architecture

the load and make unremitting

the software are still hard to beat.

and engineering principles that

efforts to continue to improve.

still the pinnacle of photographic equipment, its timeless simplicity, styling and quality has still not been equalled. Its influence is still inspiring designers of modern products today.

With a full studio and a full

still looks as innovative and contemporary now as it did when designed in 1957.

49 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 50

chief executive

peter drummond southern region chairman

john mcmanus chief executive

Cheese M

uch has been written about the pros and cons of diversity,

to name but a few. And most importantly we learned how to transfer

difference and variety. Alluding to the downside, Charles

technology, knowledge and best practice across teams that are

de Gaulle famously asked how it was possible to govern

thousands of miles apart and still create design solutions that fit the

a country that had 246 varieties of cheese. Whilst the poet William

place and locality.

Cowper wrote that

“variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour”. For BDP, diversity is part of who we are. The firm’s foundation was


t is very apt that Peter focuses on diversity as he himself has been

I am passionate about BDP and I am optimistic that one of

central to the diversification of BDP’s market from a predominant

the great strengths of this practice is our culture of collective

UK base only four years ago to a truly international organisation

responsibility. It is this culture that has successfully taken us through

carrying out fantastic work across five continents. It is testament to

recent difficult economic circumstances and it is this culture that

Peter’s leadership skills that he has successfully taken the practice to

will move us towards a bright and successful future; a dynamic

partners that it isn’t about where you sit, it is how you think that

new and wonderful project opportunities across the globe against an

organisation more able to respond to the needs of our clients and

is the key to teamworking and this remains at the heart of how we

economic context as trying as any in BDP’s history. We would all take

markets, with opportunities for growth, expansion and excellence

strive to make BDP, and our service to our clients, better and better in

this opportunity to thank Peter for his dedication, direction and skill in

across all of our locations and sectors. As a practice we have always

our increasingly diverse world. And so we willingly embrace Cowper’s

guiding the practice over the past nine years and look forward to the

sought to bring value to our clients and that will remain our central

flavour-chasing philosophy of variety - a mind and skill set that

enormous benefit his experience will bring to our UK southern region

ambition regardless of who leads the practice. It is in this context of

enables even one of our smallest studios, in Abu Dhabi, to work on

studios in London and Bristol.

anticipation and rebirth that I am enthused and energised by the

based on bringing together the diverse skills that go into designing a

projects that range from the commercial land use strategy of Kuwait

prospect of assuming the role of Chief Executive.

building or a place, and our design philosophy of people and places

to the interior fit out of a company chairman’s office.

of Chief Executive by the Board of BDP. The context for professional

is one that ensures a huge variety in the look, feel and scale of our

practice has changed since the economic crash and will continue to


edging out of recession, and others find ways of both sustaining

change and evolve. Our ethos and culture, founded on a dynamic

Our founder, Sir George Grenfell Baines, once told aspiring BDP

As some economies in which we work gradually find ways of

I am both delighted and honoured to have been elected to the role

In recent times the growth of our firm, as an international

levels of growth and focussing on essential investment in the built

integration of design professionals, means we are already well placed

practice, takes our diversity to a new and exciting level. Our 2013

environment and social infrastructure, we at BDP look forward to

to take advantage of the opportunities that will be made available

turnover of £65m has involved over 500 projects at various stages,

the future with optimism and enthusiasm. I would like to say a huge

to us as the economic recovery strengthens. The obstacles faced by

in 36 countries. Our 800 talented people, 500 of whom are under 40

thank you to all of our clients, collaborators and teams for enabling us

design professionals remain formidable and powerful strategies will

years old, come from 12 different disciplines, between them speak 44

to celebrate such diversity, wherever you may be.

need to be put in place to rise to the challenges in front of us but I

languages, and work in 12 studios across the world. Plus we have a

firmly believe that we stand on the threshold of what could become

team in New Zealand who are camped in a car showroom designing

eventful years, I decided that a change in leadership would help the

the most successful chapter in the practice’s history.

the first stage of rebuilding earthquake damaged Christchurch.

firm to embrace the positive mood of change. I am delighted to hand

over the role to John McManus, who you will be hearing much more

General de Gaulle was right in assessing that managing such

And finally, having been BDP’s Chief Executive for the past nine

diversity has its challenges. Given that we embarked on our

from in the future. In the meantime, I look forward to leading BDP’s

international strategy less than four years ago, we have had to

studios in London and Bristol to ever greater success.

John McManus Chief Executive

learn much in a short time – cultural aspirations, tax regulations, employment law, language, building codes, construction capability,

51 twentyfourteen | diversity

Peter Drummond Chief Executive (2004 – 13)

twentyfourteen | diversity 52






GGB Entries

best designed place award shortlist

The Grenfell Baines Best Building Award is presented to the best built

1. The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute

3. Suzhou High New District Planning and Exhibition Hall

project produced over the previous 12 months by any one of BDP’s

“Providing a well integrated working environment, the engineering-

“Its unusual form is both eye-catching and instantly recognisable.

studios. It is named in honour of the firm’s founder and the man whose

led approach to this building has resulted in a highly sustainable

Creation of a striking design was a key client requirement.”

vision we have become, Professor Sir George Grenfell Baines.

solution.” 4. University of Chester Church of England Academy



2. Appleton Academy

“First impressions are that this is a school with a serious mission.

“This building provides a protective and nurturing environment which

As soon as you enter you can see the impressive central space –

encourages seamless connections between the different activities.”

the social heart of the building.”












5. Edinburgh International Conference Centre


“Technically challenging and world class, this is a very flexible 1 Abraham Darby Sport and Learning Community; 2 Enterprise School Liverpool Academy;

conference and exhibition centre of which not just Edinburgh

3 Appleton Academy; 4 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School; 5 Edinburgh International Conference

but the whole of Scotland can be proud.”

Centre; 6 The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute; 7 University Church of England Academy; 8 Suzhou Tourist Distribution Centre; 9 Keir Hardie Health Park; 10 Suzhou Exhibition Hall; 11 Emirates Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Club

53 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 54 5


the winner




55 twentyfourteen | diversity

Enterprise South Liverpool Academy “ESLA undoubtedly has a ‘wow’ factor which challenges negative local preconceptions about education and makes the Academy as appealing as possible to students and the local community.”

twentyfourteen | diversity 56

around the world

international practice | bdp projects

20,000 2,500 748



people in the practice worldwide

studios around the world of which were international bdp projects completed to date since established

of which are currently ‘live’ (proposed or under construction as of October 2013)

‘Live’ current projects in countries

36 United Arab Emirates





New Zealand










Republic of Congo


Republic of Ireland



Hong Kong

Saudi Arabia














United Kingdom

57 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 58

around the world

international practice | bdp projects




people employed worldwide who are ‘non british’

languages spoken worldwide

staff worldwide who are under age 40



David Barbour

David Cash

Andy Borzyskowski

Vanessa Brown

Sanna Fisher-Payne

Helen Moorhouse

Kilian O’Sullivan

Richard Dragun

Marco Jacobs Daniel Hopkinson


Ros Kavanagh

Lynda Athey Watson

David Millington

PRINTED BY Brown Knight & Truscott




male staff

female staff

clients based outside of the uk in the last five years

59 twentyfourteen | diversity

twentyfourteen | diversity 60


thought piece one

gavin elliott architect director


regeneration * interesting facts

Remporum quidistis eatas ditataq uaturessequi sam quam il ipsae num ariat am rem ducienienia qui asitatios pre coribus quaectatur,

places visited

quam quo verit volor mod quodi rest offic tenistrum, ut quis que

Ovid que nihil il magnimu

nonsequaecto estorepuda num quatectur? Ihitiam, ut de lacculpa

sciur, ipis utem ressincitiam siti

sent resto eos eatist, quos aut liqui acepuda cuptate officiamet

dest veni ate pra eossunt et

quibusdae ne cum eatur? Unt ra duntiuri re nobisqui comnimusae

quide cum velibusci berit, sin

nitaquae. Et am qui omni dus repelignis et fuga. Pidelestem. Assin

coresequide doluptatio ilis

consequo inum harum cusa con reiur si omnimus, non eseque qui derferiat quo odis nonsece stinis impore rectur as sit aut exerfer

favourite city

Ovid que nihil il magnimu hope for 2014

Ovid que nihil il magnimu sciur, ipis utem ressincitiam siti dest veni ate pra eossunt et most inspiring building

Ovid que nihil il magnimu sciur, ipis utem ressincitiam siti dest veni ate pra eossunt et

atquatur? Experenimos adicient. Ovid que nihil il magnimu sciur, ipis utem ressincitiam siti dest veni ate pra eossunt et quide cum velibusci berit, sin coresequide doluptatio ilis volorepe dipsapicabo. Nam dolores simoluptur? Ed eles unt que vel magnam, ut everumque eaquas modipsae porrupicil ipsam reprate mpore, ab intem re, optas dem vellam autem adi omnissit amenim iunt, quam quatecu lluptus sunt est rem velecepera non re laut moluptas con endicium rectus eosseri ommolecus volesequibus et, acipsan derumenim aliquid ent quo is esequat iaturiberi de coriassit aspeditium sitatem harum quiam, sum eat odi cum vellabo repudam ustemporum adioresto cullant am faci dus sit liae. Nem aut im int hil il moluptas eos et, conem ad et veriore

Favourite piece of furniture

peditatum rest, ommolup tatesecus, ut planto eat enihillabo. Beribus

Ovid que nihil il magnimu sciur,

Optatem sitam, quosam is re quiam, odi occusa consed maios

ipis utem ressincitiam siti dest

eat exero enis as doluptae sundia esequam sedit faces expero

dis expere vollaboribus qui ut quis quiatureium idunt.

voloremque sunt liquas del incto core consed utatusam estios dolum corectur? 257

61 twentyfourteen | diversity