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JUNE 2011 | Vol.5 No. 1


QUALITY MATTERS! “What you don’t know public. The Council is urging situation which has confronted could hurt you” can members of the public to applicants is where on completion be found on one of the Council’s posters which promotes its recognition services to the general

ascertain tthe recognition of prospective institutions and erings before investing their offerin money, time and other resources. The reality is that from time to time, ap applicants have been informed by b the Council that programme their prospective prosp of study or institution will not be recognized by the Council recogni as it is n not recognized in its home cou country by the relevant competent authority(ies). competen Issuing such information can be disheartening not only to customers but also to the Council. The other

of studies, the qualification could not be recognized by the Council as it was not recognized by the competent authority in its home country. These competent authorities are generally counterpart national/state accreditation agencies, Ministries or other relevant agencies in the particular jurisdiction for the parent institution. With the establishment of the Barbados Accreditation Council, citizens and residents of Barbados should not have to receive such unfortunate news if they first seek to obtain the recognition/ Continued on page 3


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BAClight Newsletter, June 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1