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January 2009



Cover artist: Joshua age 8

In this issue: You Got a Puppy for Christmas... Now What? / Snack Attack... All the Way to the North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com Bank / Where Are You Going in 2009? Traveling Tips / January Calendar of Events 1

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North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

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Contents January 2009


Volume 7 No. 1





You Got a Puppy for Christmas... Now What?


Alexandria’s Book Review


Snowman Word Scramble


Where Are You Going in 2009? Traveling Tips


Emma's Kid-Friendly Restaurant Review


Kids in the Kitchen: Yummy Pizza


2008 Empowering Kids Essay Winners


Enrichment Directory: Classes & Activities


Snowman Jokes


Snack Attack... All the Way to the Bank


Family Resource Guide


Focus on our Advertisers


A Lesson Learned from Will Smith


January Calendar of Events


Sports & Fitness Programs


Index of Advertisers

Thank you to everyone who entered our snowman coloring contest, we had so many great entries that we wanted to share some more with you!

Anu, 4th

Carson, age

Amelia, age 6

7 Catherine

, age 7


North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com



e7 aylee, ag

age 8 Jordan, age 11


Note from the Publisher

Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

Looking Forward to 2009 Welcome to year 7 of North

Texas Kids. We have an exciting year planned in 2009. Along with the

magazine, we will be hosting two expos. One in May in Grapevine

and another on Halloween in Plano. We will also be launching a radio

show on 97.5 KLAK early this year.

Watch for the details to come! There are a lot of wonderful and exciting

changes coming our way but we are

want to change, to set some realistic

work through challenges. Remember

what you want to attract to your life.

do, not what we say. Ask them to

goals and create declarations around It is also a wonderful time to look

at your priorities and to reevaluate what is most important to you and

your family. How can you shift time, money and other resources to focus on what is most important to you and your children?

If you have been reading my

committed to growing North Texas

column the last few months, you

you with information and resources

before my brother's wedding in

Kids magazine and to providing that hopefully help simplify the

challenges of raising happy, healthy children.

Getting to 2009 was a journey

of growth, planning, strategy and decision making. This is nothing

unusual for the end of the year. Most of us spend time and energy at least thinking about what we want for

the new year. Especially when times are challenging for as many people

as they are right now and the media is bombarding us with how terrible

the economy is. It is difficult to stay

positive, to stay focused and to plan for the future.

I am not a huge fan of New

Year's resolutions. I think we often set ourselves up for failure by

creating unrealistic expectations

that we cannot possibly fulfill. On

the other hand, I think a New Year is a great time to look at what you

know I have set a goal to lose weight March. I gave myself permission to take December off and was careful to not gain weight. I am happy

with where I am but it is time to

get back on track. Time is going by quickly and I need to create some accountability for myself and set realistic goals about what I can

accomplish in the next 8 weeks. I

appreciate those of you who have shared ideas and support, keep it coming! Feel free to email me at minette@northtexaskids.com.

I think it is important to help

our children understand that a new

year is a time for renewal. It's a great time to ask them to set new goals around things that are important to them: school, helping around

the house, making and/or saving

that our children model what we support you. Teach them how to

set goals and to celebrate their own


Minette Riordan minette@northtexaskids.com

Web/Media Designer

Brad Dobson bdobson@northtexaskids.com


Cindy Watts cindyw@northtexaskids.com

success. Something as simple as a

Editor of Sports Scoop Mike Kravik

learning tool on setting goals and

Office/Sales Manager Heidi Schlabs heidi@northtexaskids.com

Science Fair project can be a great accomplishing them.

Tips for teaching children goal setting: 1. Have them write the goal down.

2. Make a list of what they need to do to accomplish the goal.

3. List any challenges or obstacles

Account Executives

time, transportation?

Tari Jacobs Cindy Johnson Nancy Luttinger Michelle Simms Cindy Watts

Creative Dir. /Designer Brittany Allen

2nd Story Design brittany@2ndstorydesign.com

Printed by

Midway Press, Dallas Tx

to achieving the goal. Maybe

they need equipment, money,


Mailing Address

Scissortail Publishing

700 E. Park Blvd. #110 Plano, Texas 75074



accountable. Have them set



to their main goal and help

North Texas Kids is a Division of Scissortail Publishing

4. Set a time frame for achieving the goal. Help your children

be successful by holding them mini-milestones along the road them celebrate their success!

LLC. North Texas Kids is published 12 times a year.

I hope your 2009 is off to

reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without

a wonderful start and that you

enjoyed some time off with your

family over the Holiday Season. I am looking forward to spending a new year with all of you.

Happy New Year,

Copyright 2009 by North Texas Kids©. All rights

written permission prohibited. North Texas Kids encourages your submission of articles, children’s artwork, photographs and ideas. We reserve the right to edit all submitted material. All submissions will be considered for publication. Recommended article length is 500 to 800 words. Viewpoints of the articles are not necessarily the viewpoints of North Texas Kids. Materials will not be returned. Advertising is accepted at the discretion of the Publisher. Advertisers assume all liability for the

money. Don't be afraid to share your

content of their printed advertisements and agree

goals with your children and allow

to indemnify North Texas Kids and its publisher for

them to see you celebrate success or

any and all claims and expenses arising therefrom.

Cover Artist...

Your child will receive $50 when we use his/her artwork Joshua Joshua, we loved your art so much we used it on our cover. Mom, please call our office, we would like to award Joshua with $50 for winning our Snowman Coloring Contest.

on the cover of NTK. North Texas Kids loves kids’ art. Feel free to send us your child’s Masterpiece. We are looking for covers that are unique, bright and colorful. Each child that appears on our cover receives $50.00 along with their picture and story in the paper. Submissions may be digital or print. Email pictures to info@northtexaskids.com or mail them to Scissortail Publishing, LLC. 700 E. Park Blvd., Ste. 110, Plano, TX 75074. North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com


Meet Max & Joey Buddy Detectives! Great new book for young readers who love a good mystery!

“So, You Got a Puppy for Christmas. Now What?” by Jody Hanulya

Written by local author Glo Jenkins Brown This is a fantasy mystery novel about Joey Taylor and his lovable rescue dog Max, who witnesses a hit-and-run accident.

Schedule an author visit today! glo@wordsrme.com

Buy it today on Amazon.com!

Research shows that puppies, kittens, fish and birds are the most

popular Christmas pet gifts. Further research shows that a great many of

these gifts are not thought out. When choosing to give an animal as a gift, it is imperative that one truly consider the recipient. The delight on the

child’s face on Christmas morning, as it is licked by the new puppy makes a wonderful photo. The look on Mommy’s face, as she

cleans up the mess the puppy made out of the trash bag in January, is somewhat less photogenic.

If this was a surprise from Santa, you’ll probably

need to pick a few things up. Collar, leash, bed, kennel (large enough for the full-grown dog), food and water

bowls, grooming implements, potty training spray (aka, Bottled Pee), dry puppy food, treats and lots and lots of

toys. Puppies are babies – they need to teethe. If you don’t

give them something to chew – they’ll find something on their own. Please

remember, this is a dog – he won’t know the difference between an old shoe you gave him to chew on and your new Ferragamos. Puppy toys only!

Next comes training. Please don’t say “He’s just a puppy, I’ll train him

later.” It is much simpler to train him the right

way from the beginning instead of after he’s had

six months to pick up all sorts of fun habits. Plus,

it’s a lot easier to handle a five-pound puppy than a 30-pound dog. He IS a puppy so you have to work with a short attention span and give him

plenty of time for naps. If you are kennel training,

keep him in there any time he is unsupervised. He will soon learn that this is his safe bed and you

can leave the door open or take it off. Periodically, take him out of the kennel and directly to the door you want him to use to go into the yard. Set him on

the floor and nudge him across the threshold. He’ll learn much faster than if

you carry him across. The three most important commands the puppy needs to learn are Sit, Stay and to Come When Called. Sit and

Stay help in everything from carrying food to the table to opening the door for company. Come When Called can

save the life of your dog or your child. If the dog should run into traffic, your child may chase after him without

thinking. These three can all be taught in the house and the back yard, with treats and lots of praise. When it comes to

treats, please remember: to a dog quality matters more than quantity. It is NOT necessary to give them the whole treat

each time they succeed. If they get two or three licks of the treat, they think they’ve gotten something great.

Having the right tools and toys, a good book on your breed or dogs in

general and a patient outlook, this puppy could grow into one of the best parts of someone’s childhood.

Jody Hanulya has been an Animal Reiki Master since October 2006 and a Certified Animal Communicator since May 2008. Pleasant Paws Animal Reiki & Communication www.reiki-animal.com : 832/573-5785 6

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

What’s Your Resolution?



Caring for those who need it most.


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snowman word Scramble

We provide a wide variety of services including skilled pediatric and neonatal care, ventilator and tracheostomy care, nasogastric feedings and education,







otp ath


respiratory care and information, phlebotomy services, wound management and medication administration, patient compliance programs, infusion therapy, respiratory services, and patient education and training. n





www.childrenshha.com Plano Office: p. 469-361-2188 n f. 469-361-6887 Van Alstyne Office: p. 903-482-9020 n f. 903-482-9019 (Serving Collin, Cooke, Denton, Fannin, Grayson and North Dallas Counties)

Hiring RNs and LVNs - please call or visit our website. answers: snow, carrot, coal, top hat,scarf, frosty, pipe, winter

Kids in the kitchen

Yummy Pizza

Ingredients: can of biscuits pizza sauce cheese toppings... pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, hamburger, pineapple chunks and any other things you would like to top with. Get ready... 1) Turn the oven on and set it for the temperature that is stated on the biscuit tube. 2) Take out a cookie sheet and place tinfoil over it or grease it.

3) Open the pizza sauce and all the toppings (If you choose a topping like hamburger that needs to be cooked first, do that now, pineapple should be drained.) 4) Put cheese in a large bowl.

5) Arrange everything so that the child can get to them easy. Making the pizza...


1) Take 2 biscuits out of the can, do not separate them.

2) Flatten them with your hand. (DO NOT roll them into a ball, they don't like to flatten back out if you do.)

3) Once the biscuit has been flattened out use your spoon to put sauce on top of it. Try to bring the sauce as close to the edge of the biscuit as possible. 4) Place your cheese on top of that and then your topping.

5) Place all the little pizzas on the cookie sheet and into the oven.

6) Check on your pizzas after about 6 minutes. When the crust is a light golden brown and the cheese is melted, take them out. Let them cool and then serve. • For fun you could make faces or words out of the toppings onto the top of the little pizzas.

Pizza idea from www.essortment.com... please visit this site for other fun recipes! North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com


at the Music Together of Dallas

Winter Dance Party Sunday, January 18 from 3 to 5pm Pollman Hall at Temple Emanuel 8500 Hillcrest Rd. • Dallas, TX 75225

If you do one thing this winter – this should be it! Create great family memories and encourage your kids to get fit!

Hosted by BB Good formerly with Radio Disney

Let’s shake down, boogie, and learn some fun dance moves from local celebrities. • Party bag for each family, packed with coupons and products to take home • Tickets must be purchased in advance. • $10 per person. • Buy tickets online at www.musictogetherdallas.com


CALL FOR DETAILS: 972-267-4452 flags.indd 2

10/4/07 4:19:52 PM

Happy 2009!!

Dance the Afternoon Away...

Alexandria’s Book Review tied to Ruby by a dark secret.

Love Ruby Lavender

Readers will enjoy the letters

A Review by Alexandria Battle

Ruby and Miss Eula send back and

by Deborah Wiles 228 pages • Ages 9-12 • Sandpiper (March 2005)

forth from Hawaii to Halleluia, Mississippi and they will love

seeing how Ruby copes during her first summer without her grandmother.

The book I’m reviewing in

an Air Force family with a younger

previous summer.

reread recently; it is one of my all-

family of her own. She has written

Ruby and Miss Eula had been

such as Each Little Bird that Sings

raising their liberated chickens,

honor of the New Year is one I’ve

time favorites, and I frequently go back and refresh my memory on

the story. Love, Ruby Lavender is a classic book with a spirited main character and other wacky ones

that no one could easily outgrow. Deborah Wiles, the author of

this amazing book, was born in

Alabama, but, like Ruby, spent a

lot of time in the summers with her Mississippi family, on whom she

now bases very bright and unique characters. She was brought up in 8

sister and brother, but now has a

several other award-winning books, and The Aurora-County All Stars.

Ruby is a unique sort of nine

year-old; with topsy-turvy red

hair that’s as untamable as her personality; a fondness for her grandmother, Miss Eula, her

partner in chicken-thieving crime

and sole pen pal; and even her own shared Pink Palace, painted that very color (shell-shocked pink)

after her Grandpa Garnet died the

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

Until this coming summer,

thick-as-thieves when it came to working at crabby Miss Mattie’s

general store, and hanging out at the Pink Palace. But when Miss

Eula gets a letter inviting her to

visit Hawaii and a new grandbaby, Ruby is stuck in her suddenly-

shrinking small town with a new girl and fourth-grade teacher in town; three fussy, chick-laying

hens; and a curly-haired nightmare of a girl named Melba Jane who is

Emma’s Kid Friendly Restaurant Review

Into My Garden Tea Room Located inside Nooks and Krannies Gift Shop in Downtown Plano 1017 E 15th Street • Plano, TX 75074


Boys, you probably want to put this article down right now because this place is more for girls. I went here with my mom and grandma for a “ladies” lunch. The atmosphere is like an old-fashioned store. You enter through “Nooks and Krannies”, a gift shop with lots of different dolls, toys, and other gifts. You go further down, and you get to the restaurant where lace tablecloths and a china tea pot are on every table. If you order tea, they serve it in a china tea cup with a saucer. From the kids menu you can get either a whole or half sandwich with the choice of ham, turkey, egg salad, jelly or peanut butter and jelly on white or wheat bread. I had the ham on white bread with chips and fruit. It was really good. My grandma, who is visiting from Michigan, had the sandwich combo: ½ turkey sandwich, a cup of creamy potato soup, and fruit salad. Her soup was served in a dainty tea

by Emma Bonin cup. My mom had the quiche of the day, which was 3-cheese quiche, with a mixed green salad. Mom and Grandma both had hot tea, and I had pink lemonade. They have a lot of different flavors of tea to choose from. This was my second time to this tea room. My first time was at a birthday party for one of my friends. Tea parties are one of their specialties. You can find out more about these on their website at www.intomyteagarden.com. Here’s a shout out to my good friend Sophie for always reading my articles. I will definitely go back to Into My Garden and invite Sophie to go with me! Into My Garden Tea Room is located at 1017 East 15th Street in historic downtown Plano.

OPEN HOUSE February 2009 Check the next issue for details !

Emma Bonin is a fourth-grader at Hughston Elementary. She lives in Plano with her mom, dad, and brother, Jack. She is an avid soccer player and enjoys swimming, computer games, baking, and getting together with friends.

What do you call a snowman in the summer? What does Frosty the Snowman eat for breakfast? What do you call a Snowman in the Tropics? What is a Snowman’s favorite Drink? What do you say to a stressed snowman? What’s a snowman’s favorite Mexican food?



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North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com


A puddle, Frosty Flakes, Lost!, Ice Tea, Chill out, Brrrrrr-itos!

by Ellen Regenstreif If you are like many people, you have evaluated 2008 only by its end and may be glad it is over. A new year brings so much promise and hope: a fresh, new outlook, increased awareness, growing kids and burgeoning interests. For those of us with toddler and elementary school-aged children, we are already planning what trips we will take this year. We are making sure vacations line up with our interests and debating with ourselves about taking those extra days off from school before or after a vacation to eek just a little more precious time with family before we all return to routines and obligations. Vacations are all about time together as a family or with friends. It is precious time that allows us the luxury not only of time together, but also of the chance to “return to wonder,” to go to a place of sheer happiness and laughter that many of us as adults abandoned a long time ago. Children are masters of wonder, everything is so new and exciting, and so by bringing them on a vacation with us, we will discover that those feelings are contagious. So where are you going in 2009? What is feasible for families differs like the socks that come out of the dryer. But never fear! There are a few tips that will help you make the right decision for your family. Know your own family. Planning a successful vacation near home or farther away depends on your ability to manage feeding and sleeping schedules (your own as well as kids) within the context of the place you are visiting. Be mindful if you have young children that are still pushed in strollers or who tire of walking that you will need more breaks, and remember that playing is a necessary part of every day so find a park or a zoo and let your wild animals free. Be wary of taking children to very solemn places or where they need to stand very still or remain quiet for a long time unless they are used to it. Prepare your family. For pre-readers and readers, a traveling experience that they have prepared for is a lot like predicting what comes in a story: it allows them to imagine, to associate myth and fantasy with reality and it GETS THEM EXCITED TO GO! Even the most reticent traveler can’t help but be enthralled by the stories of King Arthur or seeing where Madeline falls into the Seine. Don’t overwork your family. Less is more. The greatest temptation of vacation is to do or see everything you have ever heard about that is in that place, whether it interests you or not, just to say you have done it. Different children have different attention spans and stamina levels (I guess the same can be said of parents, too). Choose activities on your vacation that are proportionate to your children's interests, energy levels and that are age appropriate. Families are so diverse and every family’s interests are different. Some families love history, and so they will seek out a trip having to do with Abraham Lincoln’s celebration this year. Other families have children (and parents, too) who are obsessed with sports. They will make a trip around their favorite team’s game schedule. And yet other families have budding storytellers, artists or musicians who would love to tie those interests into a trip to New York City or Paris, France. Some families are dedicated to water and sun, and would go to the Caribbean over anywhere else. Whatever your interest, travel savvy and mobility as a family, there is a destination and a way of handling the trip that is right for you. The key is to let yourself be guided by your own knowledge of your family dynamics and interests, and to seek the help of a professional when you need it.

PO60169 07/06


North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

Ellen Regenstreif got her Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and is an avid family traveler, daydreamer, researcher and family travel professional. She is the owner of ChildTours, a family travel planning company that customizes trips for families en route to anywhere. She gives all of her trips an educational bent through trip preparation in geography, language instruction, customized travel guides for children and recommended reading. She currently blogs on HYPERLINK "http://www.travelingmom.com" www.travelingmom.com as travelingwithtweensmom and can be reached through her website www.childtours.com.

2008 Empowering Kids at the Holidays Winning Essays Plano Independent School District third graders participated in Empowering Kids at the Holidays. Students described in their essays how they believe they can help others feel good about themselves, the things they can do to help others, and what they think they will do in the future to help others. The program focuses on critical thinking, literacy, creativity and teaching children the importance of helping others. All students who wrote an essay earned the privilege to shop for their immediate families for free for the holidays. Judges selected the best 10 essays and authors of those essays will be awarded $100 savings bonds by Colonial Bank. In addition, Mayor Pat Evans proclaimed December 6, 2008 Empowering Kids Day for the third year in a row. The following were selected as the best two essays. Note: Essays are unedited and published as written. For more information about Empowering Kids at the Holidays, contact Janelle Twyford-Silvis, America’s Attik, jtwyford@americasattik.com.

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Rich Educational Consulting

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Our yogurt is healthy and natural. We use organic fruit toppings. IHY™ is a healthy alternative to other desserts. Great for kids! Now Swirling 10720 Preston Road, #1006, Dallas, Texas 75230 Coming Soon! The Shops at Highland Village, Highland Village, Texas 2811 Mckinney Ave, Dallas, Texas (Uptown) Snider Plaza/Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, Texas (SMU) Inwood Village, Dallas, Texas (Highland Park) Walnut Creek, Allen, Texas


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We empower every child to learn faster and easier. LearningRx can help your child, too! If tutoring is not working for your child, LearningRx may have the answer.

Snack Attack... All the Way to the Bank by Kyle White To make extra money, some kids have a lemonade stand, others a newspaper route. Siblings Grant, David and Sarah Buss of Plano, Texas run their own vending machine company. Their parents wanted them to

learn about money. They thought the best way to do this was for the children to have their own business. However, they had no idea what type of business would be best. Inspiration struck when the family found a small, used soda machine at a neighbor's garage sale. They bought it for $25 and their father, Brian, repaired it. Since his employer had relocated to a new building that had no vending machines the idea felt perfect. While their company doesn't have an official name, the trio did nickname their vending machines. They called the first soda machine, Papa Soda, because it was so old. Then, their mother, Susan, found some refurbished vending machines on the Internet. They purchased a second soda machine. Since it was larger, they dubbed it Super Soda. They named the snack machine Sunny Snacks.

LearningRx is NOT a tutoring program, it is 12-24 weeks of intensive one-on-one training that helps children with learning or reading difficulties attend to and process information. The majority of the children who complete our program improve from 3 to 5 grade levels.

Call today to schedule an assessment.

972.267.8900 Or visit us online at www.LearningRx.com

Conveniently located near George Bush & Tollway


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Grant, David and Sarah take their business very seriously. They watch for sales on sodas and snacks, keep track of inventory, and even conduct market research of their customers. "Once, we went desk-to-desk and told the employees 'Today, you get a free soda and a snack'," said

David. "We kept track of what each person liked." They discovered that healthy snacks weren't very popular. More people wanted candy bars, cookies or chips. Every two weeks, the whole family helps to restock. Mom and dad carry boxes. Grant and David open the machines. They remove the snacks that didn't sell well and replenish the ones that sold out. To do this, they must attach a special tag to the top of each bag. "You have to do it just right," Grant says. "If you don't, the snack won't fall when it's selected. That makes people really mad." Sarah handles the money. "Counting the money is the most fun," she says with a smile. She separates the change and dollar bills into piles. Then, she writes down the total for each pile on a piece of paper. Later, either Grant or David types this information into an Excel spreadsheet. They can even make

graphs that tell how many items they have sold over time. Their mom is proud of their computer skills. When they collect around $100, they go to the bank to make a deposit. The first place they stop is the change-counting machine. "It takes a while. There are lots of nickels, dimes, and quarters," says Sarah. They divide the total by three and each of them writes a deposit slip. "There's one teller who understands what we're trying to teach them," their mom laughs. "The others aren't as patient." Each of the children has his and her own savings account. They deposit their portion into the account and keep track of how much money they have. "They've never asked to spend

the money on candy or toys," says their mom. "They understand it's better to save it." The children agree. Their goal is to use the money for college. "I like saving money," says David. "This money is for college. We can use our allowance to buy gifts for Christmas or birthdays." The siblings feel other children could learn a lot by running their own business, even if it isn't a vending machine company. They say it's not just about earning the extra money, but also the fun kids can have.

"It feels good," Grant says. "It doesn't feel like work, and I really like it when we make a deposit." Their parents agree that having a business has taught Grant, David and Sarah to be more responsible. "There is a lot of value in working toward something and getting rewarded," says their mom. What does the future hold for these three enterprising children? According to their mother, they want to start a second business: A lemonade stand at a local golf course. She laughs at their enthusiasm.

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North Texas Kids is seeking new sales staff in the following areas: Garland, Dallas, and Southlake.

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Aqua - Fit Swim & Wellness Center Learn to Swim & Fitness Classes 214-257-7637 • Swimmers by Mimi •Warm Salt Water Pool •Swim Team Skill Training •Aquatic Fitness, Arthritis, Fibro, Diabetes, MS and Joint Wellness Classes •Adaptive & Special Need Classes •WaterAngels by Sylvia Baker, RMT •Fun 2 Be Fit (youth program) •Discount for Siblings


5 Commission only position with flexible hours. Sales experience requested. Serious inquiries only, please.


ch extra

Free SV

a 5 Pizz






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The Enrichment Directory: 9gVbV 9ZkZadeh @^Yh Whether destined for Broadway or the boardroom, Drama Kids builds conďŹ dence, speaking skills, and acting skills in young people and teenagers, ages 3–17. Our programs are fast paced and fun!

Ongoing Enrollment! Multiple Locations! N.E. Dallas/Rockwall 972.772.3233 www.dramakids.com/tx3 Collin County 214.592.4066 www.dramakids.com/tx5


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Gotta Dance would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of dance as it comes to life in our classes for children of all ages.


Home of the Plano Metropolitan Ballet

3131 Custer Rd. Suite #195 r Plano, Texas 75075

Call today to schedule your FREE trial class. 972-712-4644 Gymnastics is a combination of strength, balance and agility for all ages starting as young as 18 months. Activity and movement is not only good for your child physically but it also aids in the architect of your child’s brain development. 7164 Technology Dr. Frisco, TX


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Aaron’s Boats

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Birthday Parties for Boys & Girls Ladies Night every third Thursday WALK-INS WELCOME 308 Preston Royal Shopping Center Dallas, Texas 75230 Tel: (214) 363-2088

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Aqua - Fit Swim & Wellness Center


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A Lesson Learned from:

Will Smith by Mike Kravik

Ages 18 mos to 6 yrs • Child Physical Development Program • 9:1 Student to Instructor Ratio • All Registered Kids Engage in Our Games • Over 80 Fun Games & Activities • Structured Curriculum • Develops: Soccer Skills, Social Behavior & Motor Skills • 15 Indoor Facilities East of Dallas N. Tollway

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Ages 2 to 6 yrs 469-834-8450 Register online at www.lilsluggersdallas.com 16

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On most Monday mornings, Cory Williams has certain expectations for the week ahead. Mornings are spent at White Rock Elementary where she teaches physical education classes and afternoons are spent at Lake Highlands High School where she coaches the volleyball team. There are long days but after awhile a certain rhythm to the week sets in that soon becomes routine. This Monday was going to be different because the volleyball team that Williams coached was different. Over the previous weekend, the Lake Highlands Wildcat volleyball team (now 45-4) had won the right to play in the 5A State Volleyball Championships. The tournament would be decided next weekend in San Marcos. There were four teams left and the Lake Highlands Wildcats were one of them. As Williams rolled into the parking lot at White Rock Elementary it was the wheels in her head that were doing most of the spinning. She kept telling herself to make this week fun for the girls so they could enjoy each minute of it. Passengers don't want to see the pilot of their plane running up and down the aisles screaming "We're going down!!' and likewise athletes don't want to see a coach that is nervous, tight or scared. Williams kept reminding herself to project a cool image to her players at all times. That Monday morning the principal of Lake Highlands High School called Williams and told

her there was going to be a pep rally for both the volleyball team and the football team. She was also told there would be two special guests at the pep rally – movie star Will Smith and Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo - but to keep it a secret. Williams calmly swallowed. Stay cool, don't be the nervous pilot but Will Smith and Tony Romo? Wow!! That afternoon at practice, the Dallas Morning News wanted to interview some of her players for a story and Channel 11 was on hand to do a feature that evening. This week was definitely different. Rumors were flying about a special guest at the pep rally on Tuesday and the girls kept asking Williams if she knew but the coach wouldn't break. By Tuesday the girls had found out who the special guests were and the campus was sizzling with excitement and anticipation. Smith and Romo talked with both teams in a smaller room before the actual pep rally. After Smith was through speaking he asked if anybody had a question. There was an awkward, somebody-saysomething silence before 17 year old Caroline Snively broke the ice, "Can I have a hug"? Smith laughed, hugged her and several other girls. Smith and Romo were genuine and clearly enjoyed being in this element. Instead of being standoffish, they gravitated towards the kids. When Smith and Romo spoke at the pep rally, the students were awestruck and paid attention.

Thursday night. As fast as that week had flown by, Friday seemed to drag its feet. Most of the team went to a late morning showing of "Twilight" while Williams spent the morning at a doctor's office taking care of one of her players. Kenzie Thompson had fallen ill at the worst possible time. As the day finally wore on, it was time to board the bus and go to the gym. Sick or not, Kenzie Thompson was going to play. She had the rest of the off-season to get better. Warm-ups for the Wildcats went well and the team looked sharp. The gym was packed with Wildcat fans that had followed the team. Williams was nervous but these were good nerves caused by the anticipation of the moment and wanting the best for her kids. The best of five games match started. The Wildcats jumped out early in the first game but coughed up the lead and the game. Westlake seized momentum to win the second game as well. The Wildcats dug deep and fought back to win the third game. Leading 21-17 lead in the fourth game, the Wildcats were looking to even the match. A couple of bad calls snowballed into a couple of bad breaks and the score was suddenly tied. Then in one awful moment, the Wildcats' season ended. Tears began to flow as Williams talked to her team in the dressing room. Emotion hung especially heavy in this room because Williams had told her team before the season that this was her last season of coaching. There were several girls on the team who had played on various teams for Williams since they were twelve years old. The reality that their season was over and that Williams would never coach them again suffocated the dressing room. Williams spoke of how proud she was of them not only for all that they had accomplished but for how hard they had worked and how well they had represented their school, their parents and their community. After more tears, hugs and consoling, Williams told the kids to walk out of that dressing room with their heads held forever high because they had made history. With the passage of time the sting of this loss will go away and the girls from Lake Highlands will comprehend how special this year was. As these young women become adults they will realize that there are very few happy endings in life and that appreciating the journey is often more fun than the destination.

Sports Scoop

Smith kept telling the kids to never be intimidated and to attack their goals in a fearless and relentless manner. It is simple advice, but it's easy to forget. Quite often pep rallies are mundane affairs and nothing more than a convenient excuse to get out of class early but this pep rally was like the rest of the week – different. This pep rally had star power and the buzz in the gym that day was something you could feel. This was not a typical here-we-go-again pep rally held in early September. This pep rally jazzed both teams and served as a mental slingshot into the weekend. It took a while for the girls to retain focus but overall the Tuesday and Wednesday practices were crisp. Williams began to plot strategy with her team on how to combat their opponent, Austin Westlake and some of their stronger players. Westlake was historically one of the better teams in the state and led by Sara Shaw (committed to USC) and Elly Barrett (committed to Cal-Berkley). Williams wanted her team to stay away from Shaw and Barrett as much as they could and have the other players try to make plays to beat them. Williams felt good about the way her team was playing and even better about their mind set. What worried Williams was something she couldn't control or change. Westlake had been to the State Tournament several times while this was the first appearance for Lake Highlands. Did that really matter? Who knows? Williams pacified herself with the message Smith and Romo had given the kids and took it to heart. Be fearless. The Lake Highlands students made a tunnel with their arms for the team as they boarded the bus to San Marcos. Everybody cheered the girls and patted them on the back. The four hour bus trip was mostly quiet and a time for reflection as the enormity of the moment began to settle into the minds of the girls. After making it to San Marcos the team quickly checked into the hotel and went for an early dinner. Williams wanted everybody to see where they would be playing ahead of time and Highland Park was playing that night in the 4A Semis. This was convenient because several girls on the team had friends who played for them. Highland Park won their match and Williams thought it was good for everybody to see a local team win. Sleep was a rumor for most on


Spring 2009 Open Registration Servicing the Greater Lewisville Area (Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village)

On Line Registration at www.glasasoccer.org Call 972-221-4623 or email office@myglasasoccer.org Registration for U5 - U14 ends December 31st Registration for U15 - U19 ends February 16th

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Sports & Fitness Programs @^Yd`^cZi^Xh


Martial Arts Karate Lessons for Ages 3 1/2 to Seniors

Register for Spring & Summer!! Sports Skills, Gymnastics, Strength, Agility & Tumbling Great for Birthday Parties!!

PowerKids Dallas • 972.818.KIDS www.powerkidsdallas.com

PowerKids Plano • 972.527.KIDS www.powerkidsplano.com

Ask us about our Little Ninja classes!


4701 West Park Blvd Suite#210 Plano, TX 75093

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We come to you!

(Your home, park or rented facility)

Reserve your party date at: Phone/Fax: 214-484-4734 KidokineticsDallas@kidokinetics.com www.Kidokinetics.com

T-Ball, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball and Basketball

Everyone Plays At SVAA SVAA Offers Recreational Sports No More Paying Huge Fees, Driving Long Distances To Games, And All For Your Child To Sit On The Bench And Not Play SVAA Is Sports The Way It Was Meant To Be Played. Inexpensive Fees, All Games Played Within Richardson ISD, Everyone Plays

Spring Leagues Now Forming SVAA.ORG Registration Deadline For All Spring Sports: March 1, 2009 Go to SVAA.ORG click on Register Online or call 972-238-9728 for details SVAA * 1968 - 2008 * Celebrating 40 Years Of Providing Recreational Sports Programs

Hey Batta Batta... Advertise your Sports & Fitness program here! “Parents want to know when your registration deadline is. Let us get the word out for you.” Call us for details! 972-516-9070 • www.NorthTexasKids.com


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NTK Family Resource Guide North Texas Kids is committed to bringing you the resources you need to simplify your life and raise happy, healthy kids!

Tomorrow can be a better day if you start by planting seeds...

MissionLife Project

• Be the parent you want to be • Help your child find happiness in each day • Create a peaceful environment at home

Jennifer Bradt, MS, LPC, NCC 6136 Frisco Square Blvd. #400 Frisco TX 75034 Main office 469- 287-5526 Direct line 469-287-5502 plantingseedscc.com

Weekly parent-child meetings & teen events focused on creating a healthy lifestyle for your family. Presented by

Visit us online for times and age groups: www.mmklife.com or call (214) 383-2219

Save the Date for the next:

Join us at Grapevine Mills Mall, Saturday, May 2, 2009 from 12pm to 5pm for a FREE Family Expo benefiting the programs of “Comminities In Schools”

If you are interested in being a sponsor or a vendor of this event, please contact us today at 972-516-9070 or info@northtexaskids.com for more information. Check our website for additional information about NTK events: www.northtexaskids.com

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• Board Certified Physicians Trained In Emergency Medicine. • Registered Emergency Nurses Certified in Emergency Care. • Radiology Department on Site Staffed by CT Technicians Certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians. • Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support for Children and Adults. • Emergency Trauma and Critical Care Units. • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing On-site Staffed by Medical Laboratory Technologists Certified by American Medical Technology and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. • Access to Physician Specialists as needed.

We are conveniently located just north of Spring Creek Parkway at 6501 Preston Rd in Plano, just south of the Legacy Heart Center. Most insurance plans are accepted and we will file claims on your behalf. We are contracted providers with Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield. To find out more information about us, please visit our website, www.ercentersofamerica.com or call 972.403.1300.

We offer social thinking classes for children who have problems focusing in the classroom, difficulty making and keeping friends, or need a boost with school readiness skills. Classes are small, and the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the child. We have a chat room DFW_nolimits @yahoo.com to offer support for parents. We offer teacher training as well as workshops for parents. Visit us on the web at www.richeducationalconsulting.com. We look forward to working with your family!

BounceU Introducing the newest location in our franchise family – BounceU


We have two private, indoor, climate-controlled stadiums that are packed

with cutting-edge inflatables, play structures and games that are appropriate for kids from 2 to 102. There’s no sharing your party space with crowds of

people you don’t know. Our facilities and programs are designed to provide a destination in which everyone can have a fun and unique experience.

Parents only worry about whether or not they've taken enough pictures!

We coordinate, set up, supervise, facilitate and clean up, so that the hosting parents can relax and enjoy their event. BounceU was specifically created to provide a fun, unique place to host a celebration, and at the same time provide the privacy, cleanliness, and security parents desire.

In 2009, we will offer two new programs for your children to enjoy:

Bounce and Learn (ages 2-5) is a structured play program that supports

healthy brain development, expands physical and social skills, and provides experience in self-discipline and teamwork. Many studies have shown that physical activity cultivates creativity. The new Create and Bounce Summer Camp (ages 4 to 11) gives children a daily balance of playtime and artistic expression. In addition to bouncing, laughing, and exploring their inner artists, kids will enjoy an array of games and activities. Please visit our

Rich Educational Consulting Wouldn’t it be perfect to start 2009 with the tools and resources to help your child succeed in school and with making friends? At Rich Educational Consulting we can help you do just that. We value children and their unique gifts and talents. Rich Educational Consulting offers individualized and comprehensive assessments and screenings in areas such as Autism, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Academic Readiness, and ADHD. Client service is our specialty. We build relationships with our families. We not only work hard to give you a picture of your child’s functioning, but our reports are user friendly. In many cases our clinicians and other licensed professionals work as interdisciplinary teams to make diagnoses and complete pivotal assessments. After the assessment we are there to completely review the report, answer your questions, offer you strategies and interventions that you and your child’s other caregivers can utilize to maximize your child’s potential. Not only that, we give you referrals for services and resources that you can trust to be reliable. We will assist you in advocating for your child. Having difficulty navigating the tricky language of school district IEPs and supplements? Not sure how to ask for a different program or service? Our clinicians have experience in the public school sector. We also perform third party independent evaluations for parents wanting an evaluation outside of the district assessment. 20

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

website to learn more about all the wonderful programs we have available. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone event or just gathering with

some friends, we want you to be worry-free knowing that your event is in a

safe and comfortable environment that's FUN, FUN, FUN! Parties available

beginning mid January. Don’t miss the opportunity to book a party before our Grand Opening, in February, for special discounts! To learn more, visit www. BounceU.com or call (972) 939-5000.

NTK Calendar of Events

Looking for Something to Do in Your Own Backyard or Around the Metroplex? You Will Find it Here! Find these events and more online at www.northtexaskids.com.


1 Thursday Dallas

The Trains at NorthPark - Thu Jan 1 Benefiting Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. The Trains at NorthPark is the most elaborate toy train exhibit in Texas, with vintage locomotives whizzing by on a journey across America. www.northparkcenter.com Grapevine

Gaylord Texan’s Lone Star Christmas and ICE! - Thu Jan 1 The display is part of the Gaylord Texan’s Lone Star Christmas celebration. “ICE!” is an extraordinary and magical display of elaborate, life-sized ice sculptures, ice slides and ice monuments with dramatic lighting effect – all created from nearly 2 million pounds of ice! www.GrapevineTexasUSA.com

Flower Mound & Highland Village

Excite! Friday & Saturday Nights Out - Fri Jan 2 6:00 PM: Open gym play, inflatables, trampoline, foam pit, games, and pizza dinner. Ages 3 - 11.Fridays at Excite! Flower Mound 972.874.9663 for reservations. Saturdays at Excite! Highland VIllage 972.874.8500 for reservations. $18 Excite! members / $20 non-member. www.excitegymandcheer.com

3 Saturday Plano


Prenatal Yoga - Sat Jan 3 9:00 AM: Prenatal Yoga Saturdays at 9 a.m.Cost: $60 for 6 weeks Postnatal Yoga Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.Cost: $60 for 6 weeks Peppermint Baby Boutique is located at 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson, 75081. Registration information can be found at www.peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080.


Barnes & Noble story-time - Sat Jan 3 11:00 AM: Saturdays at 11am. Please join us for story-time each week with a new featured story. Call 972-315-7966 or visit the 2325 South Stemmons Frwy Lewisville 75067 location for weekly titles. Bring your family and friends each week.

Barnes & Noble story-time - Thu Jan 1 10:00 AM: Thursdays at 10 am. Please join us for story-time each week with a new featured story. Call 972-315-7966 or visit the 2325 South Stemmons Frwy Lewisville 75067 location for weekly titles. Bring your family and friends each week. Moms & More Monthly Meeting - Thu Jan 1 10:00 AM: Moms & More offers support and activities for parents and kids in Wylie and the surrounding communities. Please call for more info: 469-361-6468. URL: www.wyliemomsandmore.org Irving

JumpstART - Stories & ART - Thu Jan 1 10:00 AM: 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062, FREE, Box Office: (972)252. ARTS. FREE family story time with a handson art activity to follow. Contact Jennifer to pre-register at (972) 252-7558 x1226. Dallas

Leonardo’s Workshop - Thu Jan 1 2:00 PM: Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2-4 pm a museum educator will be on hand to assist you in the Children’s Museum galleries. You can explore your creativeness or build science readiness through fun innovative activities. www.natureandscience.org Plano

Infant Potty Training Workshop - Thu Jan 1 5:30 PM: 5:30 p.m. and every first Thursday of the month.Elimination Communication is a natural approach to responding to your baby’s elimination needs. Peppermint Baby Boutique is located at 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson, 75081. Registration information can be found at www.peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080.

2 Friday

Southlake First Friday Women’s Event - Fri Jan 2 11:00 AM: First Friday of Every Month. Harkins Theatre, Southlake Town Center. Admission is free. Arrive early to ensure seating. Childcare is provided through Harkins Theatre for a fee by reservation only. Contact the Play Center at 817-310-0245 two days prior to the event to reserve your child’s place. firstfridaywomen.com


Stonebriar, Frisco

Centennial Medical hosts First Saturday Q&A - Sat Jan 3 12:00 PM: The first Saturday of every month, professionals from Centennial Medical Center will present a free question and answer session at Stonebriar Centre. Held on the lower level in the Dillard’s wing, near the Healthy Hometown Play Area. www.centennialmedicalcenter.com Dallas

SPCA Grief Counseling Group - Sat Jan 3 1:00 PM: The SPCA of Texas’ Pet Grief recovery program is designed to help those who are grieving the loss of a beloved companion animal. Free and open to the public. SPCA of Texas, 2400 Lone Star Drive, Dallas, conference room. www.spca.org (214) 742-SPCA Dallas

Dallas Public Library Children’s Activity Series - Sat Jan 3 2:00 PM: This fun, handson activity program for elementary school age children takes place in NorthCourt between Nordstrom and Macy’s at 2:00 pm. www.northparkcenter.com

6 Tuesday Plano

Babywearing Class - Tue Jan 6 10:00 AM: Instruction in how to use several different baby carriers. Focuses on comfort for the mom & proper support for the baby. You will have the opportunity to try on various baby slings. FREE. Peppermint Baby Boutique is located at 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson, 75081. Registration information can be found at www.peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080. Lewisville

Barnes & Noble weekly event for Spanish speaking toddlers and preschoolers - Tue Jan 6 4:00 PM: Tuesdays at 4 pm. Please join us for a new weekly event, especially for Spanish speaking toddlers and preschoolers. We’ll read a book, have a snack and

make a simple craft all in Spanish. Located at 2325 South Stemmons Frwy Lewisville 75067 (North West corner area at Central & Round Grove Rd) 972-315-7966 Southlake

Kids Night at Chick-fil-A Southlake. - Tue Jan 6 5:30 PM: Kids Night at Chick-fil-A Southlake. Every Tuesday evening, Chick-fil-A Southlake offers free kids activities & loads of fun! 5:30-7:30pm at Chick-fil-A Southlake, 2301 E. Southlake Blvd., 817-481-7152 www.cfarestaurant.com/southlake/home Dallas

Organic in the City - Tue Jan 6 6:00 PM: Organic in the City is an urban environmental education and entertainment series at Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. To register, call (214) 428-7476 ext. 23 or visit www.texasdiscoverygardens.org.First Tuesday of the month. Cost: $10 per person; $8 for members

7 Wednesday Dallas

Hand-in-Hand - Wed Jan 7 10:00 AM: Wednesdays. Hand-in-Hand is a literacy based drop-in program for adults and their preschoolers to imagine, explore, and discover together. Each week hear a story, get your wiggles out to music, create themerelated crafts and enjoy fun activities! 10 - 10:30 - Gathering time, 10:30 Prompt Opening music/motion, Finger play and story time, 10:45 - 11:30 - Crafts and activities. www.natureandscience.org Dallas

Dallas Public Library Children’s Activity Series - Wed Jan 7 10:30 AM: This fun, hands-on activity program for pre-schoolers takes place in NorthCourt between Nordstrom and Macy’s at 10:30 am. www.northparkcenter.com Plano

Babywearing Class - Wed Jan 7 3:00 PM: Instruction in how to use several different baby carriers. Focuses on comfort for the mom & proper support for the baby. Registration information can be found at www. peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080. Grapevine

Rainforest Cafe Family Nights - Wed Jan 7 5:00 PM: Rainforest Cafe is hosting Family Nights every Wednesday night. Enjoy a WILD night of family fun in the jungle! Family Night includes activities like face painting and balloon animals. Receive discounts on Kid’s meals and hand out with our very own red-eyes tree frog. It’s an adventure for the whole family! www.rainforestcafe.com. 972-539-5001

9 Friday Carrollton

10 Saturday Allen

Online Open House - Sat Jan 10 Start saving for college by using report card grades. At www.earnyourfuture.com, family and friends make a pledge toward a students report card grades. All contributions can be put toward a 529 college savings plan. Stop by and register for FREE! Plano

Cloth Diapering Workshop - Sat Jan 10 10:00 AM: Every 2nd Saturday of the month. FREE. Peppermint Baby Boutique is located at 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson, 75081. Registration information can be found at www. peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080. Flower Mound

Otaku Kyokai No Flower Mound (Teen Anime Club) - Sat Jan 10 1:00 PM: (Monthly at 1pm on the second Saturday). Flower Mound Public Library McKinney

Second Saturdays - Sat Jan 10 7:00 PM: “Second Saturdays” is a celebration of the arts and the community with live entertainment, spirits, and food where featured artists debut their latest creations. \For further information call 972.547.2660 or visit www.downtownmckinney.com

12 Monday The Colony

The Colony Early Childhood PTA - Mon Jan 12 9:15 AM: For Parents of Children ages 0-5yrs. Meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 915am, September-May at the LDS Church at 6800 Anderson Dr The Colony Tx. Outings, playgroups and more! Childcare provided for a nominal fee $5 for 1 child and $8 for 2 or more of the same family. E-mail membership@tcecpta.org www.tcecpta.org Coppell / Valley Ranch

Coppell / Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA - General Meeting - Mon Jan 12 9:30 AM: 9:30am @ Coppell Family YMCA-This month our guest speaker is Colleen O’Donnell, co-author of the book Generous Kids. Remember that childcare is provided at no charge during the general meetings, just register online at www.cvrecpta.org

13 Tuesday Plano

Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano - Tue Jan 13 9:30 AM: Join us at one of our regular program meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Please join us at SMU-inLegacy, 5228 Tennyson Parkway, Plano. Look for our signs! (West of Preston Road on the SE Corner of Tennyson & Democracy) www.newcomerfriends.org

14 Wednesday

Carrollton Early Childhood PTA - Fri Jan 9 9:30 AM: Carrollton Early Childhood PTA Join us as guest speakers Lyn Baker and Colleen O’Donnell discuss “Generous Kids - The Habit of Helping Young Children Experience the Joy of Giving.” Holy Covenant Church, 1901 E. Peters Colony in Carrollton. See www.cecpta.org for details.


Books to Movies-Wed Jan 14 3:30 PM: Books to Movies (grades 3-5)Plano Public Library System, Haggard Library, 3:30-5pm Watch the movie and read the book, or read the book and watch the movie! Movies (all PG), popcorn, books and crafts each month. Watch The Spiderwick Chronicles and make a dangle pencil. www.planolibrary.org

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com


17 Saturday Frisco

TAAF Winter Games of Texas - Sat Jan 17 Texas amateur athletes compete in 14 different sports over a two-day period.Visit taaf. com to find out how you can participate in an event, become a sponsor or volunteer. You may also call 1-877-GoFrisco (463-7472) for more information. Grapevine

Morning Star Expo Pet Show - Sat Jan 17 At the Grapevine Convention Center. * Birds * Puppies * Cages * Toys * Reptiles * Supplies * And Much More *Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 9am - 5pm Admission $4 Children 6 and under FREE For More Information: www.birdsandpets.com.Fairs@birdsandpets.com. 337.725.6365214.244.0350 Carrollton

Martin Luther King Day Parade - Sat Jan 17 9:00 AM: Parade route: Parade will start on Jamestown Street (behind Carrollton City Hall) and proceed west to Josey Lane; south on Josey to Keller Springs; east on Keller Springs to Kelly Boulevard; south on Kelly Boulevard to Ted Polk Middle School at 2001 Kelly Boulevard. Sponsored by Christ Community Connection 972-242-0933. Plano

Dallas Area Train Show - Sat Jan 17 10:00 AM: Model train shows with operating layouts, dealer displays, “How-to” clinics and videos running both days. Grand Prize Drawing; Your Very Own Train Set!! Admission $7 per person - Children 12 and under are free. For more information contact Dave or Chris at 817-721-5064 or visit www. dfwtrainshows.com Plano Centre, 2000 E. Spring Creek Parkway.


MLK Parade & March - Sat Jan 17 10:00 AM: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Garland branch will host its 20th annual Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade and march on Saturday, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The Parade starts on Dairy Road @ Garden Drive and ends with a commemorative program at the Plaza Theatre immediately following the parade. The event is open to the public. Admission is free.

18 Sunday Richardson

Stellaluna - Sun Jan 18 2:30 PM: EISEMANN CENTER PRESENTS ”Stellaluna”. Family Theatre Series. Hill Performance Hall Tickets: $10-$20; season subscriptions $48-$96; call 972.744.4650 for more information. Eisemann Center Ticket Office 972-744-4650 www.kidsentertainment.net Plano

PSOs FAMILY SYMPHONY SUNDAYS - Sun Jan 18 3:00 PM: Meet each of the individual sections of the Orchestra at the Courtyard Theatre for the continuation of the Family Symphony Sundays Series. Come early before each concert and enjoy the Plano Symphony Instrument Petting zoo - an interactive musical learning experience, and more! Kids ages 3 - 12 and their families will have a great time learning and being exposed to great music all for one low price, less than the cost of a movie. To order tickets, call the Plano Symphony Orchestra Ticket Office at 972-473-7262 Dallas

Music Together Dallas Winter Family Disco - Sun Jan 18 3:00 PM: Come dance the afternoon away with the entire family (ages

0-100+)! Temple Emanu-El Pollman Hall Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at www.musictogetherdallas.com. Garland

MLK Youth Extravaganza - Sun Jan 18 4:00 PM: Youth groups from area churches will showcase their spiritual talents in praise dance, step routines and military style drills on Sunday afternoon at the Plaza Theatre beginning at 4:00 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information on these events, please contact the NAACP Garland branch at 972-381-5044, voice box #5, or visit our Web site at www.garlandtxnaacp.org

20 Tuesday

Coppell/Valley Ranch

Coppell/Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA - Kid’s Outing - Tue Jan 20 10:00 AM: 10am @ Going Bonkers in Lewisville on MacArthur (next to Vista Ridge Mall). Come play on the largest indoor playground in climate controlled comfort. For more info visit our website www.cvrecpta.org

22 Thursday Plano

Plano ISD Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Program - Thu Jan 22 7:00 PM: Students from various schools will be spotlighted in the program “I Am America.” Admission is free. The event is suitable for all ages and is open to the public. Contact Plano ISD Communications Department at 469.752.8150 for more information. Plano Centre, 2000 E. Spring Creek Parkway.

23 Friday Dallas

Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type - Fri Jan 23 Farmer Brown’s animals are cold, bored

and lonely. When Hen finds a typewriter in her nest, a revolution begins! And then Farmer Brown has a problem - his animals go on strike! It’s a barnyard musical of mutiny, but on this “Animal Farm” anarchy and rebellion lead to an exquisitely happy ending. Ages 3+. 1/23-2/22; Fri 7:30pm, Sat 1:30pm, Sun 1:30 & 4:30pm in Dallas at Baker Theater. $14-$24. For more info: 214-740-0051, www.dct.org.

24 Saturday Carrollton

American Heritage Academy 5K Run for the Children - Sat Jan 24 8:00 AM: AHA, 2660 E. Trinity Mills, Carrollton, TX 214-684-1296 www.aha5k.com. Richardson

The Sound of Music from Salzburg - Sat Jan 24 8:15 PM: Hector Guzman and your Plano Symphony Orchestra join forces with Mozart and the grandchildren of the von Trapps in a magical evening from Salzburg not to be missed. www.planosymphony.org The Charles Eisemann Center for Performing Arts is located at 2351 Performance Dr., Richardson.

25 Sunday Plano

25th Annual Very Special Arts Festival - Sun Jan 25 2:00 PM: Plano’s 25th Annual Very Special Arts Festival is a gift to the children from over two dozen community organizations who staff a array of “make it and take it” craft booths. All children, including those with special needs, are invited to attend this colorful, creative event! Admission is Free, even refreshments! For more information 972-941-7272. Plano Centre, 2000 E. Spring Creek Parkway.


Mention this ad for a 1st time discount on any of our services.

Look on our website for more great coupons for residential and commercial services. www.alljanitorial.net

Let us give you the GIFT of time. Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Construction Cleanup * Insured & Bonded * Private Residences * Apartments & Condos * Office Cleaning - Large or Small * Nursing Homes

* Restaurants * Schools * Malls * Churches

* Any Type of Construction Cleanup * Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Carpet Cleaning * Day Porter Services * Construction Laborers


972-516-9550 900 Ave. K, Ste. 150, Plano, TX 75074

References Provided Upon Request 22

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

Member: BBB, Plano Frisco & Dallas Chambers of Commerce

Minority/Women Owned Business


Arts & Letters Live at the Dallas Museum of Art - Sun Jan 25 3:00 PM: BooksmART lecture series. David Macaulay is the author and illustrator of the landmark book The Way Things Work, in which he clearly explains the hows and whys of almost anything that functions. Visit dallasmuseumofart.org for more information.

26 Monday

Coppell/Valley Ranch

Coppell/Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA - Kid’s Outing - Mon Jan 26 10:00 AM: 10am @ Dallas world Aquarium. The Dallas World Aquarium is an Aquarium and a Zoo located in the Wes End Historic District in downtown Dallas. We will see a jaguar, monkeys, reef fish and other marine life from around the world. For more info visit our website www.cvrecpta.org

27 Tuesday Dallas

Junie B. Jones - Tue Jan 27 Hurray, Hurray! Junie B. Jones is finally graduating from kindergarten and is ready for first grade, at last! A new musical based on the books by Barbara Park. Ages 5+. 1/27 at 10am & 12pm in Dallas at the Majestic Theatre. $10. For more info: www.liveatthemajestic.com

31 Saturday Carrollton

Daddy’s Little Angel Dance - Sat Jan 31 6:30 PM: Creekview High School, 3201 Old Denton Road. Come dance the night away with your little angel! Sorry, no moms allowed and dinner will not be served. Cost: $10 per person ($15 per person at the door) Register at cityofcarrollton.com/signupnowor at Rosemeade Recreation Center, 1330 E. Rosemeade Parkway

Ongoing Fun Classes & Activities


AW Perry Homestead Museum 1509 N. Perry Rd 972-466-6380. Free Admission and Tours, MonSat 10-12 & 1-5. www.cityofcarrollton.com Dallas

Every Friday 6 - 10 Parents’ Night Out hosted by The Gymnastics Place. Kids will enjoy pizza, drinks, entertainment, and special kid fun. Check schedule for exact dates and times. www.thegymnasticsplace.com 972-248-2805 Dallas. Lakeshore has FREE crafts for kids on Saturdays. Located just north of the Galleria on Dallas Pkwy (13846 Dallas Pkwy ) 972-934-8866 for more information. Dallas

Dallas Arboretum. Mommy & Me Mondays - 10am - 2pm. 10am - 2pm: Tiny Tots Tuesdays presented by Children’s Medical Center. www.dallasarboretum.org Dallas

Outstanding family entertainment is abundant at Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse. On the third level of the Galleria Dallas next to Nordstrom’s and Children’s Play Place. www.slappysplayhouse.com Flower Mound

Preschool Story-times at the Library 3 - 6 years, Monday & Tuesday, 10:00 am & 2:00 p.m. every week. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Registration not required. Flower Mound

Toddler Time at the Library 18 - 36 months, Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00 am & 11:00

am every week. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Registration not required. Flower Mound

Mother Goose Time at the Library Babies under 18 months, Monday & Tuesday, 11:15 am every week. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Registration not required. Flower Mound

Rockin’ Readers Returns at the Library Second Wednesday of every month from 4 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.. Attendance is limited to children kindergarten through Grade 5. Call 972-874-6167 for more information. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Flower Mound

Anime Daze! Middle school anime and manga fans! Check out Anime Daze at the library the first Wednesday of each month from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.. For more information, call 972-874-6167. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Flower Mound/Highland Village

Friday - Flower Mound 6 - 10 pm Saturday Highland Village 6 - 10 pm Excite! holds parents night out so that your children can enjoy their evening with friends and activities. Visit www.excitegymandcheer.com or call 972-874-9663 Flower Mound 972-874-8500 Highland Village for more information and reservations (Ages 3 - 11). Frisco

Moms Eat Free & Jersey Night. GattiTown. Mondays are Moms Eat Free (with the purchase of a kid’s buffet). Tuesday Nights are Jersey Nights (3pm-close). Kids, wear your practice or game jersey and receive a FREE $5.00 game card and a $5.00 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods (with the purchase of a buffet). www.gattitownfrisco.com Frisco

Preschool programs available at First Choice Emergency Room. Attention Mom’s groups and Preschools....First Choice Emergency Room at 4851 Legacy Dr. #301 Frisco. Call 214-618-6800 to schedule your tour of the ER. It is a fun and educational experience. Tours available at 10am any weekday. Frisco

Wiggly Play Center weekdays - Daily Activities are at 11:00 am. Mondays - Arts & Crafts, Tuesday - Hop with Henry, Wednesday - Story time, Thursday - Dancing with Dorothy, Friday - Wiggle with Wags. 4944 Preston Road, Suite 100 Frisco (469) 633-0676 www.wigglyplaycenter.com Grapevine

1st Wednesday of each month 4:30 p.m. Rainforest Cafe is hosting the Grapevine Mills Mall Kids Club storytime. Bring your family and friends to enjoy some great stories and eat dinner at Rainforest Cafe for Family Night. Contact 972-539-5001 for more information. No reservation required. www.rainforestcafe.com Highland Village

Acting Classes for Kids. Studio B is offering a wide range of acting classes for ages 3 and up. 1 Nelson Parkway at 2400 FM 407 in Highland Village. 972-966-2787 www.studiobtheater.info Irving

JumpSTART Stories and Art. The Irving Arts Center and Irving Public Library now offer

FREE family storytimes at the Arts Center on the first Thursday of every month (through December) at 10 a.m. Stories are followed by a fun craft. ‘Seafaring Tales’ is the July theme. Call (972) 252-7558 x221 for more info. Little Elm

Wednesdays 10:15 - 10:45 & 11 - 11:30 am Toddler time (ages 1 - 3) & Storytime (ages 4 - 6) Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm.com to verify changes. Little Elm

2nd & 4th Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm Chess Club for ages 7 to adult Do you enjoy playing chess and want to learn to play with a variety of people. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm. com to verify changes. Little Elm

Saturdays 10:30-11 am Family Story Time for all ages. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm.com to verify changes. Little Elm

Saturdays 11-12 Chidren’s Film Festival. Call the library for film titles each week. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm.com to verify changes. Little Elm

Saturdays 1 - 3 pm Saturday Movie Matinee Call the library for Movie titles each week. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm.com to verify changes. McKinney

Second Saturdays Downtown McKinney. ‘Second Saturdays’ is a celebration of the arts and the community with live entertainment, spirits, and food. 972-548-7830 7 PM - 10 PM www.artinstituteofmckinney.com


Kids Night at Chick-fil-A Southlake. Every Tuesday evening, Chick-fil-A Southlake offers free kids activities & loads of fun! 5:30-7:30pm at Chick-fil-A Southlake, 2301 E. Southlake Blvd., 817-481-7152 www.cfarestaurant.com/southlake/home Various

Drama Kids International is designed to develop students speaking skills, presentation abilities, acting skills and confidence. Visit our website www.dramakids.com or call 214.592.4066. Various

Dallas/Fort Worth Cocker Spaniel Rescue Hosts special Meet & Greets scheduled in the area. Over 90 rescued Cocker Spaniels are available for good homes. Visit www.dfwcares.org for more information. Various

REGISTER TODAY for Kids First Ice Hockey Program. A totally FREE, get-acquainted program that offers boys and girls, ages 4-8, the opportunity to ‘try’ the game of hockey at NO CHARGE. The first week each player is given a full set of hockey equipment to use during the program. Kids will skate (4) 45 minute on ice sessions designed to introduce kids to the excitement of the sport. (214) GO SKATE www.drpepperstarcenter.com Various

Meetup Group for the Entire FAMILY. This is a fun and exciting meetup group for couples and families to fulfill all of their socialneeds! groups.yahoo.com/group/familiesonthego Various

Baylor Medical Centers provide ongoing classes in Irving, Frisco, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Classes include Baby Care Basics/ Infant Safety and CPR, Prepared Childbirth Class, Infant/Child CPR, Car Seat Safety and SIDS Class, Breastfeeding Class, Sibling Class, Baby Care Basics, Cesarean Birth Class. 1-800-4-BAYLOR. www.baylorhealth.edu/

Support Groups


McKinney Farmers’ Market, Every Saturday 8AM - 1PM. Downtown McKinney at the southeast corner of Church Street & Louisiana Street. Plano

Story Times Plano Public Library System - Schedules are available at any PPLS library or on our website www.planolibrary.org. Haggard Library, 2501 Coit Road. www.planolibrary.org Princeton

Groove Kids, Every Sun & Wed. Absolutely free to kids newborn thru 6th grade - Groove Kids is the place to be to have fun, hang out with Christian friends, enjoy Bible stories, cool music, and more! Every Sunday 10:45-12:00 and Wednesday 7-8 at Family Worship Center in Princeton, TX on Highway 380 @ Tickety Drive. (Call for directions 469.450.7437) www.groovekids.com Richardson

Peppermint Baby Boutique holds regular classes. Babywearing Class: Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m. Elimination Communication/Infant Potty Training Workshop: Every first Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Baby Sign Language 2-Hour Workshop: Every third Saturday of the month. 3 5 p.m. Cloth Diapering Workshop: Every 2nd Saturday of the month. 10 a.m. Prenatal Yoga Saturdays at 9 a.m. Postnatal Yoga Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Peppermint Baby Boutique 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson. Registration information can be found at www. peppermint.com or by calling 214-623-5080. www.peppermint.com


MOMS CLUB OF SE ALLEN - Are you a SAHM? Need some support, come join this welcoming group and get acquainted with great MOMS! We offer Playgroups, MNO’s, Monthly meetings and load of activities for you and your child. www.allenmoms.com Allen

MOMS club of Allen - West. Fun group of stay at home moms offering support to each other and fun activities with our children. Weekly playgroups and events. Contact Michelle Suastegui at 214-383-3517 or email momsclub_allenwest@yahoo.com. Allen

Allen Early Childhood PTA. Meet the second Friday of every month from 9:30am to 11am during the school year at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 821 S. Greenville Ave. information@aecpta.com www.aecpta.com Allen

We are the MOMS Offering Moms Support - Northeast Allen MOMS Club - Christy Youens at 469-675-6652 email momscluballenne@yahoo.com Arlington

MOMS Club of North Central Arlington Open House - Are you a SAHM living in Arlington between I-30 and Pioneer Pkwy? We offer activities for moms, kids, and families. E-mail: support.mom@hotmail.com or call Emily at (817)276-2589 www.momsclub.org Carrollton

The Carrollton Early Childhood PTA is an organization dedicated to providing activi-

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com


ties, support, friendships and education for parents of children age newborn through preschool. www.cecpta.org. Collin County

The Autism society of Collin County is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to those families affected by Autism. Group E-mail list: groups.yahoo.com/ group/ascc2/join Visit www.autism-ascc.org or call 214-925-2722 for more. Collin County

The Collin County Moms Meetup group is a fun, down-to-earth group of moms dedicated to friendship and support. moms.meetup.com/994/ Coppell/Valley Ranch

The Coppell/Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA (C/VR ECPTA) is a non-profit support organization for parents of infants and children age 5 and under. www.cvrecpta.org. Contact Info: Deby 214-234-8290 www.cvrecpta.org. Dallas

Dallas Dyslexia Information Group (DDIG) provides information on Dyslexia, Learning Differences, and related topics. This group meets at The Winston School, 5707 Royal Lane in Dallas, 75229 from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month except for December. For information regarding the monthly speaker, call Bob 214-351-1985 or visit. Dallas

Moms Club of Dallas: North Central Chapter boundaries are I-30 to the south, I-635 to the north (exception: Addison), Marsh Lane to the east, and Garland Road to the west. info@momsclubofdallas.org. Dallas/Plano/Frisco

Far North Dallas Early Childhood PTA (FNDECPTA) is dedicated to facilitating an educational and supportive network of parents of infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children. www.fndecpta.txpta.org Denton

The Denton Area Mothers of Multiples (DAMOM) is a support group located in North Texas for anyone who has, or is, expecting twins, triplets, quads or more! damoms. clubspaces.com/Default_css.aspx. Farmers Branch

My Place - Tuesdays & Fridays. It’s an early intervention play & communication group. North Texas Therapy & Associates (972) 385-0006. 14580 E. Beltwood Parkway; Farmers Branch 75244. Farmers Branch

My Place - We have early intervention play & communication group classes on Mondays Thursdays (please contact us for times). North Texas Therapy & Associates (972) 385-0006. 14580 E. Beltwood Parkway; Farmers Branch 75244 www.northdallasspeech.com. Frisco

Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic is a low-cost health clinic for uninsured children, 18 and younger, living in or attending school in Frisco, Celina or Prosper. www.friscocares.org Frisco

Frisco Early Childhood PTA. Meet at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 8000 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, 2nd friday of the month@10am. membership@friscoecpta.org. www.friscoecpta.org Frisco

The Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath Systems Inc. at 2611 Internet Pkwy, suite 107, Frisco. Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a statewide program for families with children, birth to 3, with disabilities and developmental delays. Call 972-377-7289.



Garland Area Early Childhood PTA. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, September through May, from 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at NorthLake Baptist Church, 1501 N. Country Club, Garland. 972-412-8540. www.earlychildhoodpta.com Lewisville

Greater Lewisville Mothers & More is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers through support, education, and advocacy. 1-888-535-7118. www.mothersnmore.com Lewisville

The Greater Lewisville Special Education PTSA is an organization for parents, loved ones, and educators of children of all ages with special needs in the Greater Lewisville Area. Call (469) 293-6343 for more information. www.lisdseptsa.txpta.org Little Elm

The Little Elm Epilepsy Support Group meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 7:00-8:00pm at the Little Elm Public Library. 1-888-548-9716. Little Elm

Writer’s Support Group 3rd Thursday of each month 6 - 8 pm Join us at the Little Elm Library and bring your friends. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm.com to verify changes www.littleelm.com McKinney

DivorceCare and DivorceCare 4 Kids are programs offered regularly at McKinney Fellowship Bible Church. Learn more about the programs at www.divorcecare.org, but call 972-547-7000 to register. McKinney

MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of McKinney Central. Come join us for fun daytime activities where you’ll find the support you need, and build long lasting friendships for you and your children! Visit us at www.geocities.com/mckinneymoms.com or contact us at mckinneymoms@yahoo.com McKinney

La Leche League of McKinney. Meetings are held 3rd Thursdays at 5871 W Virginia Pkwy, 10:15am to 12pm. Dee Dee 972-838-9135, Holly 214-385-0063 or Ricki 214-684-3966. www.lllusa.org/web/McKinneyTX.html McKinney

MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of McKinney East. Meet other moms who share your interests and concerns and join in enriching activities for you and your children. www.momsclub.org. momsmckinneyeast@yahoo.com McKinney

Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday every month from 7-8 pm at Academics Plus, 1831 W. Louisiana, McKinney, Tx. Contact us at 972-548-8788 for more information. www.academicsplus.com Murphy/Sachse

MOMS Club of Murphy/Sachse if a nonprofit support group for at home mothers living in the cities of Murphy/Sachse Texas. murphy_sachse_moms@yahoo.com North Coppell

MOMs Club of Coppell - NORTH (boundaries are north of Sandy Lake to 121). Join us at Going Bonkers in Lewisville for our monthly meetings. www.momsclubofcoppell.org North Dallas

Mocha Moms of North Dallas meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Douglass Community Center on Ave. H in Plano. www.mochamomsnorthdallas.com

North Texas Kids  •  January 2009  •  www.NorthTexasKids.com

North Richland Hills

Asperger’s Support Meeting. 1st Wednesday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Located FEAT-NT Resource Center and Library, 4239 Road to the Mall, North Richland Hills 76180 www.featnt.org 817-849-1122 www.featnt.org North Richland Hills

Autism Support Meeting. 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Located FEAT-NT Resource Center and Library, 4239 Road to the Mall, North Richland Hills 76180 www.featnt.org 817-849-1122 www.featnt.org Plano

The Scoliosis Center of Excellence at Medical Center of Plano is offering free diagnostic scoliosis screenings the first Wednesday of each month by appointment for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. www.medicalcenterofplano.com or 1-877-24-SCOLI. www.medicalcenterofplano.com Plano

S.A.F.E.(Support and Activities for Food allergy Education) classes provide children an opportunity to learn more about food allergies, build self-esteem and confidence, and have fun with new friends who share a common bond. Classes are 15 dollars per child. For more information, please contact us at www.safewithfoodallergies. com. Classes will be held at The Medical Center of Plano. Medical Office Building III, 4001 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075. www.safewithfoodallergies.com. Plano

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Parent Support Group. Meets every first Monday at Schimelpfenig Library 504 Custer Rd. in Plano. Meeting time: 6:30-7:30. No children allowed at the meeting. parent_connections@verizon.net. www.spdnetwork.org/ parentconnection/us.html Plano

Mothers and Others. Meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 in the room 230 of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church Activity Building. Call Trish Scogin 214-504-0640. Plano

The Plano/Collin County branch of the AAUW. Monthly meetings at the Davis Library, 7501 Independence Parkway, Plano the 2nd Monday of each month. Contact Carol at 972 862 3460 for more info. www.aauwplanocc.org Plano

CHILD & FAMILY Guidance Center. Contact our Plano Office at 4030 West Plano Parkway, Suite 211. 972.612.5989 www.childrenandfamilies.org Plano

Collin County Early Childhood PTA. Monthly meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month, 9:45 a.m., at Parkway Hills Baptist Church, located at 2700 Dallas Parkway, in Plano. Call Karen Maddox at 972-491-0260

theran Church on Legacy just west of Coit. For more information contact 214-473-4144 momsclubnc@yahoo.com Plano

MOMS Club of Plano-North. Monthly Social Meeting is the first Wednesday of every month, at 10:00am, at the Baha’i Faith Plano Center at 4200 Hedgcoxe (just West of Coit Rd). For more information contact membership@momsclubplanonorth or 972-464-1958 www.momslubplanonorth.com Plano

MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of Plano Central Are you a stay at home mom living south of Spring Creek? Please join us for weekly playdates and monthly Mom’s night out! We are small but growing and would love to have you. momsclubplano_central@yahoo.com Plano

Own my own mentoring program is a mentoring program for children with incarcerated parents sponsored by Dedicated Women of Christ. Contact Latahra Smith, 972-3778254 Plano

Collin County Homeschool Playgroup. geocities.com/collincountyhomeschoolplaygroup/ Richardson

La Leche League Of Richardson meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm. Call Jayne 972-758-7236, Tiffany 972-234-5853 or Mary 972-907-9079, www.lllusa.org/web/RichardsonTX.html Richardson

Post Partum Depression Support Group. Non-profit group Dallas Association for Parent Education will hold a free, monthly Post Partum Depression Support Group at their office in Richardson. To sign up or for more info call the DAPE office at 972-699-0420, Mon. - Fri., 9am - 3pm. dallasparents@hotmail.com www.dallasparents.org Various

RISE was organized “To help persons with physical challenges gain independence through a learning experience in adaptive outdoor adventures and sporting programs.” RISE membership and programs are FREE for qualified participants. Visit www.riseadventures.org or contact Joel Hendrix at jhendrix@riseadventures.org 469-762-5075. www.riseadventures.org. Wylie

Moms & More: Be you a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or Nanny, we welcome all caregivers from Wylie and the surrounding communities. Contact our Membership Chair, Grady at 972-941-8597 or visit our website. www.wyliemomsandmore.org.

Hey Moms...


Plano Kiwanis Club meets each Wednesday for breakfast at 7:00 AM (always over by 8:00 AM) at La Madeleine Cafe, 5000 West Park Blvd at Preston Road. www.kiwanis.org/club/plano Plano

La Leche League of Plano meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:30 to 11:45 am at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 3601 West 15th Street, Room 105. Call Beth 972-747-1297, Cleo 972-208-0158, or Emilie 469-366-7205, www.lllusa.org/web/PlanoTX.html Plano

MOMS Club of Plano North Central chapter. Meeting the first Thursday of every month, at 9:30 AM, at the Atonement Lu-

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North Texas Kids May Expo


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The Reading Ranch


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Planet Pizza


The Wiggly Play Center


Frisco Sports Authority (PSA)


Planting Seeds Christian Counseling 19

Therapy 2000


Greater Lewisville Area Soccer Assoc. 17

Plano Sports Authority


Union for Reform Judaism


Gotta Dance


PowerKids Sports & Fitness


US Toy Company


Gray School of Music


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ER Centers of America

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Collin County’s

Premier Family Entertainment Center 8789 Lebanon Rd. Frisco, TX 75034

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FWhjo _dYbkZ[i0 Happy Meal , Cake, Ice Cream, Decorations, ÂŽ

Party Favors, a Host or Hostess and a Gift for the Birthday Child.

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Feeding & Swallowing Disorders (including the need for Vital Stim Therapy) #EREBRAL 0ALSY s .EUROLOGICAL $ISORDERS s $OWN 3YNDROME Sensory Processing Disorders and many others A comprehensive hearing screening is administered to all children admitted for speech therapy services. To obtain physical, occupational or speech therapy services for your child, call THERAPY 2000...

OR s www.T2000.com


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