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North Texas Your Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy Kids


Cover artist: Caleb Stith, age 8

In this issue: Rainy Weather Gives Bugs a Boost Hot Spots to Beat the Heat 45 Ideas for Summer Fitness Fun


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North Texas Kids • • June 2008

June 2008 FREE

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Discover the Texas Virtual Academy@Southwest. Discover what your children have in them. | 866.360.0164

Discover the Texas Virtual Academy@Southwest. Discover what your children have in them. | 866.360.0164

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North Texas Kids â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ June 2008

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for up to 10 children $6.10 for each additional child

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Party Favors, a Host or Hostess and a Gift for the Birthday Child.

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All Parties are Private! Hnk9PXMQEXI.YRMSV'PEWWMG4EVX] Zg]hnk9PXMQEXI.YRMSV1MRM4EVX] [hmabg\en]^3 <Zd^%ibssZ%*))cnb\^[hq^l%[Zeehhgl% `hh]b^[Z`lZg]`b_m' 9PXMQEXI.YRMSV'PEWWMG4EVX]

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North Texas Kids â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ June 2008

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North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Come, stay, & play all day at the Wiggly Play Center! TODDLER PLAY AREA




7ETREATBABIESFOR Corner of Preston Rd & Lebanon Rd

WIGGLY BIRTHDAY PARTIES OVER 9,000 SQUARE FEET OF PLAY AREAS Kids admission only $6.50 Monday-Friday (reg. $8.45) for North Texas Kids Readers. Adults are FREE. *Must redeem ad for discount

469-633-0676 4944 Preston Road Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034

North Texas Kids â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ June 2008

Feeding & Swallowing Disorders (including the need for Vital Stim Therapy) #EREBRAL0ALSYs.EUROLOGICAL$ISORDERSs$OWN3YNDROME Sensory Processing Disorders and many others A comprehensive hearing screening is administered to all children admitted for speech therapy services. To obtain physical, occupational or speech therapy services for your child, call THERAPY 2000...

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June 2008


Volume 6 No. 5

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Rainy Weather Gives North Texas Kids a Boost .............6 Building a Legacy ............................................................7 A Toothbrush in Time ........................................................8 Studio Movie Grill: Committed to Community ............10 Staff Picks: Hot Spots to Beat the Heat .........................12

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North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Note from the Publisher

Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

Summer is here again...hooray? Summer arrives with mixed blessings for many of us parents. Schedules relax and it is wonderful to not have to rush out of bed in the morning and scramble to get homework done in the evenings or drive around like crazy people from one soccer field to the next. On the other hand, we are faced with three long months of entertaining our children without our regular routine of school, class, activities, mother’s day out, all the things that normally fill our day. Summer can be expensive, whether you are a working parent or a SAHM. Entertaining your children can put a strain on your budget, especially when you have several kids with diverse interests. Plus the usual round of summer movies, trips to the pool or water park, lunch at McDonald’s, etc. As a working mom, I have to find full day camps that are still fun and not just daycare for my kids. There is nothing wrong with daycare, but it’s nice for them to have a few opportunities for doing something different thrown into the mix. My husband and I sat down to do our summer planning and between travel plans and camps, our budget is going to be stretched to extremes. For once, we actually planned for it, saved miles for travel and have invited grandparents to stay for several weeks. I thought my school year was hectic but summer is shaping up to be just as much driving

around. It is important to me that my kids do have the chance to do things during the summer that they don’t get to do during the school year. For my son, this means Lego camp. This will be our 4th year to take classes at the SMU campus in Plano. This is Conner’s favorite activity every summer! I am mourning the loss of The Classics Art & Theatre programs for children. As some of you may have heard, The Classsics closed its doors this spring. I served on the Board for this wonderful organization and it was a heart-breaking decision to cease operations due to financial difficulties. My daughter loved her drama classes and art classes at The Classics and we will miss the wonderful teachers and staff who worked there. Maggie loves art and you will find her at Art-a-Rama in Plano for the 2nd year in a row, enjoying a huge variety of art projects and learning all kinds of great art history. Last year she came home with a portfolio full of beautiful projects from clay, to pastels to tie dye. The choices are unlimited and I often wish we had more time to try everything. Summer is a great chance to introduce our kids to new activities they haven’t tried before or to let them explore in depth those activities they are passionate about.

At the same time, I struggle with making sure my kids have plenty of down time during summer, too. They worked hard all year long. If you read my blog, you heard about Conner’s experience at LearningRx, 12 weeks of cognitive skills training, 4 nights a week! It was intense for all of us but it was worth it. Maggie just finished her first year of kindergarten, she is ready to relax and just play. As a working mom, it can be challenging to find that balance of creating down time for my family and getting enough work done. I love owning my own business, I set my hours and I have created a work environment for my staff and myself where kids are welcome and our schedules are flexible. At the same time, we have a lot of work to get done. It’s a matter of fine tuning and constantly adjusting to make sure everyone’s happy. In this column last month, I talked about how we moms forget to take care of ourselves. This might be even more challenging during summer because you are faced with kids in the house all day or in our case, hanging out in our office at least part of the day. Don’t forget to schedule play dates, girls’ night out or whatever you need to make sure you stay sane for the next three months. Don’t worry if you have not signed up for summer camps yet, there is still time and opportunity. We have some new, exciting camps

added in our camp guide this month, make sure to check it out. Our theme this issue is “Summer Fun and Safety”. Summer brings up all kinds of issues that we don’t always think about on a regular basis. With the lapse of a regular schedule, some things fall by the wayside. We will still have to make sure our kids are brushing their teeth when they get up, a bigger challenge than you might think for younger kids. Suddenly, sunscreen, hats and cold water are absolute necessities before you leave home. We have a great article on lawn mower safety. My kids love to go out and help daddy mow the lawn and he is very careful, but accidents happen. Find out what you need to watch out for. As always, we have some phenomenal articles on a variety of topics and a few fun things just for kids. Summer should be about having fun and although our ids don’t have the same freedom we did as children, we can create space and time to just let them be kids. I hope you and your family enjoy June before it gets too hot! We are looking forward to two weeks with grandparents in residence and a quiet month of fun and relaxation. A few days lazing by the pool sounds like paradise to me right now.

Cover Artist Meet Cover Artist Caleb Stith Caleb is 8 years old, but he painted this painting when he was 6. Caleb’s Nana describes him as sweet-spirited with a tender heart. He enjoys playing soccer and learning about dinosaurs. Caleb holds all living creatures close to his heart, especially frogs and snakes. Caleb’s artwork was submitted by the SS Noah located in Allen & Grapevine. North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Your child will receive $50 when we use his/her artwork on the cover of NTK. North Texas Kids loves kids’ art. Feel free to send us your child’s masterpiece. We are looking for covers that are unique, bright and colorful. Each child that appears on our cover recieves $50.00 along with their picture and story in the paper. Call 972-516-9070 for more information. Submissions may be digital or print. Email pictures to or mail them to Scissortail Publishing, LLC. 700 E. Park Blvd., Ste. 110, Plano, TX 75074. Page 5

Rainy Weather Gives North Texas Bugs a Boost


ith all the rain that has fallen in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, being outdoors means living with the great bug nation of the North Texas prairie. But which insect repellants work best? And what’s an itchy kid to do with a mosquito bite the size of the Lone Star state? Dr. Sue Hubbard, a pediatrician on the medical staff at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, says insect repellant with DEET up to 30 percent concentration is the best bet, even for kids. “Products with DEET are definitely the most effective for bug control,” said Dr. Hubbard. “But stay away from products that combine repellant with sunscreen. You should reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, but using insect repellant that frequently is unnecessary and unsafe.” She reminds parents of young babies who are not yet mobile that mosquito netting is preferable to any insect repellant. Be sure to read labels and know which products are appropriate for every age. But what if the bites are already bugging you? Bites and stings can be categorized into two types – itchy or stinging/painful. While there are many traditional cures and home remedies that Texas families use, here are some first aid treatments that Dr. Hubbard recommends:

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Itchy Insect Bites Fleas, chiggers, bed bugs, mosquitoes, gnats, cone-nose bugs, thrips • Apply firm, sharp, direct, steady pressure to the bite for 10 seconds. • Apply calamine lotion or a baking soda paste. • If the itch is severe, use a non-prescription one percent hydrocortisone cream. Apply four times a day until the itch is less severe, then switch to calamine lotion. • If the bite is still very itchy after local treatment, an oral antihistamine works for highly sensitive or allergic children. • A cool compress or a tepid bath also may relieve irritation. Stinging Painful Bites Fire ants, wasps, hornets, bees, scorpions, horseflies • Rub the bite for 15 to 20 minutes with a cotton ball soaked in a meat tenderizer solution to relieve pain. Don’t use this process near the eye. • If you don’t have meat tenderizer, use a baking soda solution on a cotton ball. • If neither is available, apply an ice cube for 20 minutes. • Give acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen for pain relief. It’s rare that a bug bite will cause serious problems, but seek immediate medical attention if your little one has difficulty breathing or swallowing or slurs his speech. This could be a life-threatening medical emergency called anaphylaxis. For more tips on how to enjoy summer and keep your child safe, visit

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Building a Legacy


our child’s doctor asked, and Children’s listened. Specialized pediatric healthcare is now closer to home, and it bears the Children’s name you’ve always trusted. Children’s Medical Center is continuing its journey north to provide access to the best in pediatric healthcare to families in the five-county area north of Dallas. Plans for 2008 include the official opening of its new outpatient center and a phased opening for its new hospital campus — Children’s Medical Center Legacy. In 2007, patients from the Legacy area accounted for approximately 30,000 visits to Children’s Dallas, most of which were outpatient in nature. A round trip from Children’s Legacy to Children’s Dallas is 44 miles, which means families in the Legacy area traveled more than 1.3 million miles and spent more than 30,000 hours on the road to see an ENT specialist, a physical therapist or an allergy doctor in one year. Since November 2005, Children’s has operated a small outpatient center at Preston and Hedgcoxe Roads in Plano. Beginning in April of this year,

those same services and many more are offered just across the street in the biggest outpatient center in the region. The Children’s Legacy Ambulatory Care Pavilion is located at 7609 Preston Road. The Legacy campus also features an outpatient laboratory and imaging services. With 58 pediatric specialists – the largest suburban grouping of pediatric specialists in the country – the Children’s Legacy Ambulatory Care Pavilion will become the one place parents could turn to for care if their pediatrician or family doctor refers them to a specialist. Pediatric specialties offered include: cardiology, gastroenterology (GI), endocrinology, urology, plastic surgery, plastic hand surgery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, laboratory services, radiology and nutrition. Services such as ear/nose/throat (ENT) and sports medicine will be added before the end of the year. The staff at Children’s is specially trained to work with children, and they see only children. This is important because pediatric medicine is different than adult care, and is best practiced by one

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

place that specializes solely in pediatrics. In addition to being entirely kid-focused, Children’s has the added value of being affiliated with a nationally ranked medical school. The vast base of talent and knowledge in the physicians from UT Southwestern who staff Children’s Medical Center means that decades of research and cutting-edge techniques are conducted by the same physicians who are treating children every day. This collective brain trust assures the best in medical care for the child in each and every exam room. “Many of us are parents ourselves – parents living right here in the area – and we all want the best for our kids,” said Chris Dougherty, vice president of ambulatory services with Children’s, and Plano resident. “Children deserve specialized care tailored to them and their needs. We hope this new facility will allow them to see a specialist quickly and get them treated with the best that medicine has to offer. Our goal is to get them back to their jobs of being happy, healthy kids as quickly as possible.” Parents can ask their child’s physician or call 972-730-KIDS for a referral to see any one of the 58 pediatric specialists at the Children’s Legacy Ambulatory Care Pavilion. The inpatient building at Children’s Medical Center Legacy will open this fall, allowing for hospital stays that are much closer to home. As part of an integrated healthcare system, Children’s Legacy has total connectivity to the Dallas campus and shares the Children’s mission — to make life better for children. Visit to sign up for Your Child’s Health, to see photos of the new campus and to learn more about how Children’s is building a Legacy in your backyard.

Healthy Texan Pediatrics Shelley Weiss, MD, FAAP Board Certified Pediatrician

1;E<<;H >?=>GK7B?JO >;7BJ>97H; <EH?D<7DJI  9>?B:H;D7D: 7:EB;I9;DJI ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Newborn care at 3 area hospitals Wellness checkups School, sport, and camp physicals Urgent care from colds to cuts Most insurance plans accepted Ear piercing And more…

EDL;D?;DJBOBE97J;:7J Medical City Dallas 7777 Forest Lane, C-550 Dallas, Texas 75230

972-566-4286 ★ 972-566-8634 (fax)

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Pediatric Homecare Services P Maxim Healthcare Services has nearly two decades of experience providing long-term, continuous care to chronically ill patients. Our staff is trained to work with the patient’s Physician and family to implement a plan of treatment and ensure continuity of care.

A Toothbrush in Time

Maxim provides Pediatric Private Duty Nurses that are screened, licensed and bonded for quality and have experience providing care for pediatric patients with a variety of illnesses. Maxim is accredited by ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Healthcare).

Some of our areas of expertise include: • Private Duty Nursing (specializing in pediatrics & ventilator care) • Wound Management • Visiting Nurse/RN Assessments • 24/7 Care • Case Management Services

On-Call Policy: Maxim personnel answer the phone LIVE 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and an RN is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to giving you the best in customer service!

Contact us today and experience the MAXIM difference!

Locations... Dallas 972-542-8003 Ft. Worth 817-877-0904 McKinney 972-542-7176

Don’t let summer steal your kids’ dental health. Embrace a preventive care routine to save minutes, money and pain.


ooth be told, preventive dental care is serious business – starting at a very young age. Sink your teeth into these statistics: • each year in America, school-age children lose an estimated 51 million school hours to dental-related illnesses • dental decay is the most common chronic disease in children – five times more common than asthma • the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has found that 40 percent of 5-year-olds have cavities in their primary teeth While it may be tempting for kids to slack off on their dental regime during summertime, those extra treats from the ice cream truck make brushing and flossing more important than ever. Plus, time off from school creates an ideal opportunity to schedule critical dental checkups.

Page 8

A summer regime of clean For kids, summer vacation is a time to relax. They cannot wait to stow away school uniforms, stretch out bedtime and spend hours with their favorite pursuits. But too often, important tasks fall by the wayside during the warmer months. Because they don’t have to follow their usual morning and evening routines, children may forget to brush and floss, leaving the door open for tooth decay. To make sure summer laziness doesn’t extend to dental health, parents can create a fun new routine. It all starts with a simple timer. Children can be rewarded using a sticker chart or other incentive if they brush their teeth for a certain number of minutes, both morning and evening. Another sticker can be awarded for proper flossing. For some added summer fun, purchase your child some animal-themed plastic flossers, which you can find at the grocery store or pharmacy. Once

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

your child completes the sticker chart for a certain number of weeks, reward them with a special summer outing to a water park or miniature golf. This will help kids understand how important dental health is to their parents – and their overall health. Another technique for encouraging great dental hygiene is creating a new image for the Tooth Fairy. Make sure your kids know that she cares about more than just a lost tooth. When a healthy tooth falls out, the Tooth Fairy can leave an especially rich reward, like $5. A tooth that has had decay or a filling would only be worth the standard quarter. Now there is an incentive for long-term focus on dental health! Summertime is the right time for the dentist Recently, a family came into our office for treatment. The three children each had significant tooth decay that required quite a bit of treatment. Why? Because like many families in North Texas, they have busy schedules jampacked with work, school and activities. When it comes to dental care, time can be our enemy. Moms and Dads find it difficult to get every family member in for a cleaning, as well as much-needed fillings and other treatments. Summertime is a great opportunity to take care of these issues. Fortunately, some dental offices now are bringing multiple services under a single roof. This enables busy families to schedule everyone’s dental appointments simultaneously – from parents to children and even grandparents. Don’t let a hectic life stop you from ensuring your family’s dental health. Look for a dental office that offers: • dental care for all ages • flexible hours that can accommodate all family members, whether early in the morning, late in

the afternoon or on the weekend • a wide range of services and specialists, including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and periodontics – all under one roof • an atmosphere where you are comfortable bringing children, including a restful waiting area and entertainment options A smile for life With the right preventive care, children never need to know the pain of a serious oral health issue. Depending upon their age, make a visit to the dentist a priority this summer to check the following: • The first visit to the dentist should be around the child’s first or second birthday to check for baby bottle decay and other early problems. After that, visits should take place twice a year.



$2 Off Any Project Min. Purchase Of $15

With this coupon. Not valid with other offers. Expires 5-31-08

8837 Lebanon Rd #600 Frisco, Texas 75034 (972) 731-5625

• At age 7, children should be screened for alignment of teeth, in case orthodontics can correct jaw growth early on. • During the teen years, wisdom teeth should be removed, if needed. By taking them out early, a great deal of suffering can be avoided. From childhood on, dentists can seal tiny cavities, pits and grooves on permanent teeth – before cavities appear. This prevents decay, pain and expense. Dr. John Bond, DDS, is founder and CEO of 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics. This full-service dental practice provides care for patients of all ages at its five Metroplex locations. For more information, visit www.6daydental. com.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Page 9

Owners of Studio Movie Grill: Committed to Community

by Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

© 2007 Feld Entertainment


SAVE $8 on Tickets! SPIRIT OF TEXAS NIGHTS* (Excludes Circus CelebritySM, Front Row and VIP seats. No double discounts.)

JULY 30* AUG. 10

AUG. 13* - 17

For full show schedules and to buy tickets, Retail Locations visit, including Fiesta and Macy’s, Arena Box Offices or call (214) 373-8000 Dallas or (972) 647-5700 Metro For general group and scout sales call (214) 665-4269; For church, daycare, summer camp, private school and senior group sales call 1-877-224-4867 toll free

Come one hour early to meet our animals and performers at the All Access Pre-show - FREE with your ticket! Page 10

had the pleasure recently to speak with the owners of Studio Movie Grill, Brian Schultz and Martin Massman. This is the first in a new series of interviews we are launching about local successful business owners who make it a part of their business practice and personal focus to give back to their community with their time, energy, passion and money. Brian Schultz is the founder/owner/ president of Studio Movie Grill, a visionary theater concept that combines first-run movies with made to order, served at your seat dining. Schultz created the movie grill concept when he took over Dallas’ historic Granada Theater in 1993. At the time, Hollywood would not distribute first-run movies to cinema-eateries because most were seen as “pizza and beer joints.” Still, even though it could show only subrun movies, the Granada built a loyal following as the pioneer of the movie grill concept in Dallas. Schultz’ attention to detail and persistence paid off when the local office of a Hollywood studio finally decided to deliver Studio Movie Grill a first-run print—“The Waterboy.” When Studio Movie Grill proved its viability with outstanding gross receipts, it was able to secure a full slate of first-run movies and has never looked back—all the while delivering on its tagline, “Film, Food & Fun.” Studio Movie Grill focuses intently on offering the very best in customer service believing that it’s growing, loyal customer base is key to continued growth and success.

Co-Owner, Martin Massman, resides in California and was recently named president of the prestigious Center Theater Group in Los Angeles. Currently, Studio Movie Grill has six locations in Texas—Addison, Arlington , Copperfield (Houston), Dallas/Royal, Lewisville and Plano. Studio Movie Grill is also preparing construction on another two new builds, free-standing locations in City Centre/Town & Country, Houston (2008) and Frisco. Schultz and his wife Betty have three children - Shelby, Sarah and Charlotte. Active in his local community, Schultz is chair elect of the Variety the Children’s Charity of North Texas, actively involved with the Dallas Theater Center and the Dallas Museum of Art, co-founded with his wife the Children’s Trust, whom he also supports in her efforts on the board of Dallas’ Children’s Medical Center and co- chairing the annual fundraising event for the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. Minette: Brian, will you please tell me about the concept for Studio Movie Grill and why you started this company? Brian Schulz: I always loved going to the movies but I noticed that there was no customer service at most movie theaters and the prices were high. I also noticed that people were time-starved, they were looking for places to spend time together. At Studio Movie Grill, customers come 30 minutes before the show to sit, order food and visit. It has become a gathering place. I wanted to create that opportunity for community interaction, before and after the meal. Adults can linger in the bar and talk about the movie after the

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

show, too, creating an added social space for relaxation and conversation. Minette: My family and I love going to Studio Movie Grill. What have you done that makes this concept so appealing to families? Martin Massman: From my perspective, it’s for two very specific reasons: customer service and attention to detail. From the very beginning, Brian and I focused on making SMG customer-oriented. Our managers and staff greet people coming and going. They make an effort to get to know people, greet people they recognize who are returning customers. This adds to the feeling of being a local community theater. We do not have a lot of staff turnover. The other area that we pay careful attention to may be less obvious but is very important to me and that is attention to detail. Cleanliness is at the top of our list. From the theaters to the restrooms that customers see to the kitchens that they don’t, we want our facilities to be spotless. Minette: I have noticed how clean your theaters are and as a mom, a clean bathroom has a huge impact on whether or not I will return to a place. It seems so simple yet not everyone pays attention to detail. What other details are important to you? Martin: Everything from the lighting to the parking lot is important. From the outside, you will notice that all of our parking is right out front within line of sight of the theater doors. The parking lots are well-lit. We want families to feel safe going to and from their cars. We make sure the lights are always working, both inside and outside. Our stairs inside the theater are well-lit so mom and child can easily navigate during a movie for that quick dash to the bathroom. Minette: Brian, from your perspective, why is Studio Movie Grill so appealing to families? Brian: I think it goes back to customer service and the opportunity we have created for families to spend time together. Parents love being able to sit down, feed the kids and themselves and relax without having to go to a restaurant first then rush to the theater. Kids love the swivel chairs. Being able to move around a little bit, they actually stay in their chair longer. We have created a familyfriendly menu, too, that appeals to kids and parents. Minette: I agree with that, I love the new Thai Chicken salad and of course, my kids love the pizza and burgers! Tell me a little more about how you intentionally reach out to families in the community.

Brian: We asked ourselves the question, how many children can we reach out to? We try to be active in the community in a variety of ways. We work with libraries and schools to encourage children to read. We all know that good reading skills are the basis of success. We have created a reward system where children get free passes for reading. We host a variety of fundraising and charitable events throughout the year that focus on children, like our private screenings of first run movies for families raising children with special needs. Through our work with Variety, The Children’s Charity, we are able to offer free tickets to the children for these screenings. Minette: Tell me about your Summer Children’s Series. As a parent, this is such a great chance for me to get out of the house with my kids without spending a fortune. Why do you do this every year? Brian: As a parent of three, I know how expensive summer can be for parents. We wanted to create the opportunity for parents and caregivers to be able to get out of the house. It is getting harder to make a living these days. All of our expenses are increasing, budgets are tight everywhere. This series is specifically designed for young children and their families. We have picked age-appropriate shows that kids of all ages will enjoy. Not to mention this program serves local summer camps and daycares and offers them an alternative entertainment and way to beat the Texas heat!


0 0





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Minette: Brian, as a business owner of 6 theaters, a busy dad of three and an active community volunteer, how do you create balance? How do you find the time to do it all? Brian: By surrounding myself with a great team and creating a great system that runs itself. I enjoy the SMG experience as much as everyone else. My kids love participating and often get up to introduce a new show at a premier event. I am a huge movie fan! Minette: What’s your favorite genre of film? Brian: Probably political intrigue, like the Bourne Identity or Spy Game. Minette: Is there anything else that you want families to know about SMG? Brian: Yes, we are now offering any movie before noon at $5.00 per person. Please visit our website to see all of our movie times and locations. We hope you will come by and visit us this summer. We have a new location in Dallas at I75 and Royal Ln. and we will be opening a new theater in the next year in Frisco so watch for details about that as well.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

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Staff Picks: Hot Spots to Beat the Heat These locations are in random order as shouted out at a weekly staff meeting. We have visited all of these places at some time or another in our combined years of raising kids, but not all of them recently! We hope you enjoy them as much as we have over the years! Please share with us your favorites so we can let other parents know!

Go to the movies! Watch for children’s rates, special series at local theatres. We recommend Studio Movie Grill with 4 locations and great prices!

Get Wet Somewhere!

Slip-n-slide or sprinklers in the yard

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark The Colony, Garland, Mansfield

Painting, Sculpture, Clay, Oh My! Your Child Will Experience the Wide World of Art at

The Artist Within! We specialize in instruction for children and special needs students. Birthday Parties for ages 5 to 14 The Artist Within is owned and operated by Dawn Petty, who has been working as an artist in the Dallas area for twenty years.

972-596-6077 Ryan, age 16, shows off his first oil painting. Visit our online gallery to see other samples of student work.


The Artist Within 2001 Coit Rd., Ste. 206, Plano N.W. Corner of Park & Coit

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NRH2O - North Richland Hills

Backyard Pool (our own or anyone who will invite us over for a play date)

Galatyn Park Fountain & Plaza - Richardson, TX (on the DART line) Fountains.htm A trip to the lake, any lake.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington

Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville in Little Elm

Denton Waterworks

Lake Ray Roberts - Isle du Bois State Park - great beach!

Wetzone Waterpark - Rowlett Celebration Park SpraygroundAllen Spray grounds - There are seven in Dallas alone. These are waterbased playgrounds and they rock! Check your local parks and recreation center for details. www. Tom Muhlenbeck Center Plano parksandrecreation/

Storytime - check out your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, Grapevine Mills Mall and especially your public library for times and special shows. Dallas Arboretum - play in the frog fountains or enjoy Thursday night concerts Bowling - lots of choices Strikz - Frisco Plano Superbowl - Plano

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Main Event - various

Planet Pizza

Jupiter Lanes - Dallas

McDonald’s - everywhere!

300 Dallas

Rainforest Cafe - Grapevine

Roller Skating or Ice Skating Thunderbird - Plano Interskate - Lewisville Galleria - North Dallas www.galleriaiceskatingcenter. com Stonebriar Centre - Frisco Dr. Pepper Starcenters Various locations Restaurant/Playtime Fun Gattitown

Dave & Busters - various Amazing Jakes - Plano Wiggly Play Center - Frisco A few of our favorite museums in Dallas Dallas World Aquarium - downtown Dallas Nasher Sculpture Center free admission first Saturday of every month targeted to families!

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Dallas Museum of Art downtown Dallas Museum of Nature & Science Fair Park Indoor Baseball Training Facilities Extra Innings - Plano Frozen Ropes - McKinney

Can your child be described by others as socially different?

Interaction Unlimited Social skills groups for kids Ages 4-10 • We empower children with problem solving and decisionmaking strategies to navigate today’s complex social world. • We provide opportunities to learn appropriate behaviors in a peer setting, encouraging self-satisfaction, social skills competence, and accomplishment.

Presented by Help, Hope, Solutions Contact Cristina Carter to see if Interaction Unlimited is right for your child.


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Brighten your look for summer! A new hair style and a facial can you make you look and feel like a new woman. Mention this ad

for $10 off.

Call 972.991.4431 to schedule your appointment today! Inside Salon Jo-Li 17390 Preston Rd., Ste. 245 Dallas, TX 75252

Growing Trend: Green Baby Registries

For hair: Ask for Susan Bringing 15 years experience to new cuts, color, perms, extensions & more. For face: Ask for Pam Licensced Esthetician Microdermabrasion, Facials, Permanent Make-up, Eyelash Extensions, Anti-aging, LED techonology with amazing results!

Get your medical supplies shipped to your door! Catheters • Colostomy • Equipment Wound Care • Diabetic Supply


Our company proudly provides funding support to non-profit organizations which provide free outdoor adventures for the physically challenged.

(817) 590-8166 •

Get Tested, Get Treated, No Drugs If you are a parent whose child is exhibiting the following symptoms or behaviors, call our office today! Can’t focus • Can’t sit still • Has a hard time making and keeping friends Academic & Learning Difficulties • Loud outbursts • Bed wetting Aspergers • Easily frustrated • Very emotional ADHD • Learning Disabilities • Behavior Problems • Depression Anxiety • Stress Management • Biofeedback • Relationship Issues Sports Performance Training • Woman/Family issues • Elder Care issues Individual • Group • Couples & Family Therapy

2 Convenient Locations: North Dallas Tollway @ Beltline Coming Soon to Frisco 214-615-6352 Dr. Derrick Blanton is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in Educational Testing and Bio/Neuro Feedback therapy, techniques that are clinically proven to be effective in dealing with a range of psychological issues.

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s more and more new moms make the choice to be environmentallyfriendly, Babies“R”Us, the nation’s premier baby products retailer, has identified a growing trend in baby registry influenced by today’s ecoconscious lifestyles. In addition to the basics, such as bottles, bibs and bouncers, more moms are choosing to register for “green” items that are good for baby and the environment, including bedding and apparel made with organic cotton and natural dyes, a mattress made with organic cotton fill, organic food and environmentallyfriendly cleaning supplies. As the authority on baby products, Babies“R”Us maintains an ongoing dialogue with new and expectant moms to identify and stay at the forefront of trends. These unique insights into the shopping preferences of millions of parents have revealed that the momentum behind natural lifestyle choices has inspired a growth in the creation of “green” baby registries or registries populated with organic items. More than half of all first-time moms register with Babies“R”Us or Toys“R”Us when creating their “wish list” of everything they want and need for their baby. “Setting up a baby registry is the first step new and expectant

parents take when establishing their baby’s environment. In the past, color and pattern were key determining factors, but now, parents are increasingly interested in ensuring that their baby’s world is healthy and clean,” said Tori Binau, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Babies“R”Us. Babies“R”Us has been at the forefront in bringing natural and organic items to the juvenile marketplace. The company’s eco-smart offerings for baby have dramatically increased over the past two years to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious parents. Initially introduced in response to parents’ requests for hypo-allergenic baby products, Babies“R”Us has expanded its “green” assortment to more than 300 items that today includes apparel, bedding, food, health and beauty aids, and cleaning products. These natural and organic items are offered in Babies“R”Us stores nationwide and online at www. Below are examples of some of the most popular natural and organic products chosen by moms when building a “green” baby registry: Organic-certified baby/ toddler food. Organic food offered at Babies“R”Us, including

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

puréed jar food, toddler snacks, milk and juice, from brands such as Gerber®, Earth’s Best®, Horizon Organic® and Healthy Handfuls®, is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Mothers who choose to breastfeed to provide their babies with the most natural source of nutrition can find breastfeeding accessories at Babies“R”Us, including breast pumps for purchase and hospitalgrade breast pumps by Medela® for rent from select stores. Organic cotton apparel. Parents can choose to dress their baby in layette, one piece underwear, bodysuits, shirt and pant sets, caps, socks and sleep sacks made with cottons that are naturally grown and certified organic. Featured brands include Koala Baby, which is exclusive to Babies“R”Us, Gerber® and Halo®. Natural bedding. Earthfriendly products provide a peaceful, gentle sleeping environment. Offerings in this category include the Serta® Perfect Balance Mattress made with organic cotton fill and bedding made from organic cotton, such as the Nature’s Purest™ “Hug Me” collection by Summer Infant® and the Bunny Meadow collection by Kids Line™. Environmentally-friendly cleaners for the nursery and home. Cleaning products that don’t contain toxins are gentle on the planet and safe for people, pets and the environment. Babies“R”Us carries cleaning products that can be used for dishes, laundry, surfaces and bathrooms from brands such as Seventh Generation®, Method® Home, Clorox® GreenWorks™, BabyGanics and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day®. Eco-smart gear. Whether eating in a high chair or relaxing in a swing, these products embrace baby in eco-smart gear. The Nature’s Purest™ “Hug Me” collection by Summer Infant®, which includes a playard,

bouncer and bassinet as well as a high chair and swing, features cotton produced without harmful pesticides, chemicals or dyes. Natural skin care. Pure and natural personal care products such as lotions, balms and ointments from brands like Avalon Organics®, Earth’s Best®, MethodBaby™, MethodKid™ and Weleda Baby keep baby’s skin soft and clean. Chlorine-free diapers and wipes. Parents can keep babies dry with hypo-allergenic diapers that are free of chlorine, fragrance and latex, as well as wipes moistened with natural aloe vera, vitamin E and water to cleanse gently and naturally, both from Seventh Generation®. Organic baby care items. Bath time, feeding time or bedtime, keep baby’s environment natural with hooded towels, washcloths, bibs, burp cloths, blankets, infant wraps and a slipcover for the Boppy® pillow, all made with organically-grown cotton. Babies“R”Us offers organic baby care items from Gerber®, Bumkins® and Kiddopotamus®.

Your child learns (or struggles to learn) for a reason. LearningRx can quickly identify that reason and improve your child’s core ability to learn and read. Cognitive training from LearningRx is so effective that gains can actually be guaranteed. Here’s what parents say about us: “Before LearningRx, Aaron’s ADHD made school and learning frustrating for him and his parents. He grasps things much faster now and is reading above grade level.”


ar res antee ult d s

“Jamie went from C’s & D’s to A’s & B’s on almost every single test. She reads more quickly and understands more of what she reads. Best of all, her confidence level has gone up.”

Whether creating a “green” baby registry or populating one with organic items, signage in Babies“R”Us stores and online at helps parents easily identify products that will create an eco-friendly environment for their baby. Additionally, knowledgeable employees are available to guide registrants through the product assortment. Babies“R”Us is the nation’s premier baby products retailer and specialty store chain and a leader in the juvenile industry. Since opening its first store in Westbury, NY in early 1996, the company has grown to 260 locations nationwide. Babies“R”Us features a wide selection of products for newborns and infants, including cribs and furniture, car seats, strollers, formula, diapers, health and beauty aids, bedding, clothing for preemies through size 48 months, toys, and plenty of gift ideas in store and online at

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

LearningRx is Now Enrolling for Summer Programs! Call today to find out how we can help your child learn. 972.267.8900

Conveniently located near George Bush & Tollway

Call today for $75 off a Cognitive Skills Assessment Page 15

Safety First: Taking Care with Yard Care

B. Stephens Richards, M.D.


CHILDREN’S HOME HEALTHCARE Caring for those who need it most.

We provide a wide variety of services including skilled pediatric and neonatal care, ventilator and tracheostomy care, nasogastric feedings and education, respiratory care and information, phlebotomy services, wound management and medication administration, patient compliance programs, infusion therapy, respiratory services, and patient education and training. n




n Plano Office: p. 469-361-2188 n f. 469-361-6887 Van Alstyne Office: p. 903-482-9020 n f. 903-482-9019 (Serving Collin, Cooke, Denton, Fannin, Grayson and North Dallas Counties)

Hiring RNs and LVNs - please call or visit our website.

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exas is famous for its hot summers, tall tales, constantly changing weather, and large open spaces. Whether your patch of land in the great Lone Star State can be categorized as large or small, the necessity for maintaining it in a safe fashion is always appropriate. Teaching our kids or grandkids proper lawn and garden safety can be some of the best Texas tips we’ll ever share, potentially life saving. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that on average 48,700 injuries related to walk-behind power mower mishaps were treated in hospital emergency rooms annually from 2003–2005, and on average 37,000 consumer injuries associated with ride-on mower incidents annually were treated in the ER for the same period. Accidents and unintentional injuries in general are the leading cause of death among children 5 to 15 years of age. As assistant chief of staff at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (, I’ve witnessed the results of lawn mower accidents. Amputations and avulsions (accidental limb detachments) account for 7 percent of pediatric mower-related injuries.

A Ride Turned Tragic One example is a 5-year-old Texas boy enjoying a day out with his grandfather. What was intended as an act of affection turned tragic, resulting in a lost leg for this child. A passenger with his grandfather on the family’s rideon mower, young Justin (name changed for privacy) slipped and fell under the powerful machine’s sharp spinning blade. Ride-on mowers account for 21 percent of pediatric mowerrelated injuries (15 years old and younger), with approximately 12 percent of these children requiring hospitalization. Seven percent of deaths related to ride-on mowers occur when a person, usually a child, is run over or backed over. Lawn mowers pose a serious risk to children, particularly under age 15. The mower blade is sharp and revolves at speeds approaching 200 mph. Each year, thousands of kids require trauma care due to power mower injuries. The majority of deaths related to rideon mowers tend to be passengers or bystanders whose average ages are 6 and 4 years, respectively. Safety First It’s important to better understand where and when kids are most vulnerable and then, how we can protect them. As adults, we may find weekly yard work to be somewhat of a chore, but to children it may look like an adventure. Kids can be fascinated by the sights and sounds of the yard equipment. They may also enjoy the role of being the little helper and innocently get in the path of motorized yard tools. Young children must not be allowed to play in or be adjacent to areas where lawn mowers are being used. Children under 6 years of age should be kept indoors during mowing.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Young children cutting grass can endanger their lives and that of others. Some kids are asked to help with the yard as part of the family chores or choose to mow lawns as a source of income during summer months. While the desire to contribute should be commended, safety should come first. A person should be a minimum of 12 years of age to operate a walk-behind power mower. The lawn area should be checked for debris, such as toys, wire, and rocks, prior to the cutting of grass to prevent items from catching in the mower blade. To keep our large Texas spaces beautiful, many residents rely on ride-on mowers and lawn tractors. These are not recreational vehicles. According to CPSC, common fatal incidents include the machine tips over, the victim falls under or is run over by the machine (incidents involving young children are in this category), or the victim falls off or is thrown from the machine. An adolescent should be at least 16 years old to operate a rideon mower. Never carry passengers on a ride-on mower or leave a running machine unattended. Education is the key to making a difference. Parents and caregivers can encourage children to practice safety first and always. Now back to Justin. I’m pleased to share that after Justin received trauma care at Children’s Medical Center, he began treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a premier pediatric orthopedic hospital, where he received limb reconstruction. Today he is a healthy teenager living an ordinary life. However, not all injured kids turn out so fortunate. By learning lawn and garden safety at a young age, our kids and grandkids will have a better chance of enjoying Texas’ great open spaces.

California, San Diego, and his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Utah. He completed the Harrington Fellowship of Pediatric Orthopaedics and Scoliosis at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in 1987. Dr. Richards is a professor in the department of orthopaedic surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He is president of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA). He is also a member of the American Orthopaedic Association; the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons; the Scoliosis Research Society; the American Medical Association; the Dallas County Medical Society; and the Texas Medical Association. Dr. Richards is on the editorial board of the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics and is a consultant reviewer for Spine. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is a premier pediatric orthopedic hospital

and admission is open to Texas children birth to 18 years of age. There is no charge to patient families for treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. For more information, to volunteer or to make a donation, please call (214) 559-5000 or (800) 421-1121 or visit

Dr. Steve Richards is assistant chief of staff and director of inpatient services at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Utah and earned his medical degree at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Richards completed his surgical internship at the University of North Texas Kids • • June 2008

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Horses & Ponies

Simple Concepts Within Outings and Adventures By Lynda Morley


orses and ponies are one of the most intriguing four-legged creatures for many young children. Watching them gallop across a field or graze quietly, tails swishing behind them make a happy experience. June is a good month to visit horses as many of the spring-born foal are steady on their legs and are beginning to move gracefully like their mothers. There are a variety of places to see horses; the towns of Southlake and Flower Mound are peppered with private and public riding stables as well as northern parts of Collin County and you can stop by the Farmstead where we will be exploring our horse Piper in a special pre-school program this month called “Neigh, Neigh”. Remember, the purpose of these activities is to encourage the development of critical thinking skills, allow for exploration of the world close by, and facilitate a strong bond between adult and child. Visit your local library and read a few books on this theme before and after your adventure. Bring with you a backpack filled with educational tools; color pencils, clip board, plain paper, ruler, scissors, first-aid kit, wad of string (– hey, you never know…) and anything else you think you might need. Theme: The simple concept of horses; their types, shapes and markings, purpose, and appreciating their beauty.

Save $25 off a new membership!

Plano • 972-964-7529 3263 Independence Pkwy. SW Corner @ Parker

Where: Explore ranches, riding schools, equestrian therapeutic centers, and private stables. For the 2 year-old: • Visit up-close with a small pony or large horse to experience these beautiful animals. • Talk about his body parts; head, tail, and legs, etc. • Read a simple story about a pony or horse. For the 3 year-old: • After watching a movie or real horses in action, pretend to be a horse and

Page 18

imitate its movements. • Look at some photos of horses and talk about how they appear different and the same. • Count the horses or ponies grazing in a field. Count legs, ears, tails, etc. For the 4 year-old: • Watch these magnificent animals and talk about their size, colors and markings. • Try a riding lesson or visit with a professional horse trainer that can allow touching or grooming. • Learn the parts of a horse including muzzle, crest, withers, hock, and hoof. • Attend a live rodeo or competitive horse show. Ask: What is the name of the special seat people use to ride a horse? For the 5 year-old: • Discuss the uses for horses; pulling wagons, riding, as work animals, therapeutic activities, etc. • Horses are measured in “hands”. Measure different objects in “hands” and make a simple graph of these measurements. • Learn about grooming procedures for horses and practice on a stuffed horse. Ask: In addition to horses, what other animals are part of this equine family? Lynda Morley, Director of Education at the Heritage Farmstead Museum, in Plano and author of the 5th edition of Outings and Adventures Everywhere! (2006, ISBN 0-96628886-6) has experienced hundreds of fieldtrips and adventures throughout the metroplex. For more information about this theme or other Heritage Farmstead Museum activities, please contact Morley at 972-816-3930 or

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Summer Fun & Safety Q&A featuring Nurses’ Christie and Michelle from Dear Healthy Kidcast,

Dear Healthy Kidcast,

I have a 5-month-old daughter that is very fair skinned. I am concerned that she will burn easily if outside for any amount of time. What can I do to prevent sunburn? Is sunscreen safe at her age?

My 4-year-old boy always seems to get insect bites after going outside in the summer. He even got an infection after getting bit last summer. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? - Connie

-Patrice Dear Patrice, Great question! Baby skin must be protected and the best way to do this is through avoiding direct sunlight. Be sure your baby has shade under a tree, an umbrella or a stroller canopy. Dress your baby in long pants and shirts but a lightweight fabric that allows ventilation. If the baby still has exposed skin, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sunscreen of at least 15 SPF and one that is made specifically for children. Be sure and utilize a lotion that is “broad spectrum” that will minimize the both types of harmful rays: ultraviolet A and B. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure and be sure to cover the ears, nose and shoulders! A severe sunburn is considered an emergency so seek care immediately if this occurs. Enjoy the sun safely, Nurses’ Christie and Michelle


Dear Connie, Fortunately there are several things you can do to prevent not only an infection but the insect bites as well! First, you can have your child wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and a hat when exposure to bugs is likely. You may use insect repellent with DEET but only up to 30% as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Only use DEET on the outside of the child’s clothing and in exposed areas. Avoid breathing in the repellent and wash off with soap once the child is inside. Repellents are only effective against biting bugs, not stinging insects such as bees and wasps so try to stay clear of those! Normally, an insect bite may be mildly red, itchy or painful. However, if redness grows, becomes hard, warm to touch or has streaking or drainage, see your health care provider. Clean a bite 2-3 times per day with anti-bacterial soap and keep hands and nails clean. Avoid scratching to prevent infection. Any sign of anaphylaxis must be seen immediately. This most

commonly occurs with bee stings, fire ant bites, yellow jackets and wasps. Symptoms would include shortness of breath, wheezing and sudden onset coughing that typically occurs within 20 minutes of the sting. Most insect bites can be treated with over the counter hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion or oral antihistamine as recommended by your health care provider. Good luck! Nurses’ Christie and Michelle For more information on these topics, please visit! Healthy KidCast would like to thank

The Biggest & Best INDOOR Kids Amusement Park. Come for the PIZZA, stay for the FUN!

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Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm; Sunday 12pm - 7pm



North Texas Kids for the opportunity to share two of our Parent Q&A’s that we have recently addressed regarding “summer fun and safety”.


KidCast is an internet radio show, geared toward parents, that is informative, fun and free for everyone by visiting www.

Nurse Christie

and Nurse Michelle are two experienced, pediatric registered nurses that provide evidenced-based information regarding a variety of parenting topics. Join us each week for a new parenting topic! Recent topics included: Poop and Constipation! Allergies and Eczema! Breastfeeding: Still Number One! Every Show Includes the Following Segments: Top News Tidbits, What-DoYou-Know Quiz, Parents FAQ’s, Healthy Kid Spotlight

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308 Preston Royal Shopping Center Dallas, Texas 75230 Tel: (214) 363-2088 North Texas Kids • • June 2008

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Focus on our Advertisers Here at North Texas Kids, we take our advertisers very seriously. We want to make sure that the companies we work with and the companies you are using provide quality, reliable services. As moms and dads ourselves, we have visited most of the facilities mentioned in our publication and used a lot of these businesses for our own children. It is a parent’s job to be as well-informed as possible about the decisions they make for their children. We hope that our newspaper helps make that job a little easier by providing you with quality information! Want to share with other moms about an experience you had with one of our advertisers? Please email the publisher and we will be happy to share your opinions with our readers. Want a personal referral to one of the places mentioned our paper? Email us and we will share that, too! Our email address is

Strikz Family Entertainment Center Collin County’s leading entertainment destination for kids of all ages! Our 43,000 square foot building features 32 cosmic bowling lanes, huge arcade, laser tag, billiard tables and great menu choices. Strikz is also the ideal place to host a party, event or corporate meeting complete with in-house catering, meeting rooms and free wi-fi. Our birthday party packages include everything for

the perfect memory- no muss, no fuss! Be sure to check out the awesome menu featuring pizza, BBQ, Tex-Mex and more. Also enjoy a frosty beverage while watching the big game in Cactus Jackz Sports Bar and Grill. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or a night of fun, Strikz has it all! Thank you for choosing Strikz!

Collin County’s Premier Family Entertainment Center 8789 Lebanon Rd. Frisco, TX 75034

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SS Noah Playcare Centers Schedules and stress. Two words that are always on any parent’s mind. Too much on the former leads to lots of the latter. Moms know this better than anyone, whether you have one child or a dozen they have the uncanny ability to dominate your life and own your schedule. Get them dressed, take them here drop them there, school, doctors appointments, sports, friends, feed them, counsel them, comfort them, cheer them, help them, play with them, clean up after them, bathe them and get ready to do it all again. Somewhere in there you have to work, clean house, and take care of countless other things that no one else knows you do. Whew!! Now you need time for yourself, time to spend with another adult, your husband, a friend, a manicurist! But it always seems like no one’s schedule syncs with yours and there is no place for the kids to go while you recapture your sanity. We know how you feel! We have an alternative. The S.S. Noah playcare centers! There are 2 of them in the area. One in Allen and one in Grapevine. The centers are a parent’s best friend. Open from 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday and open until MIDNIGHT on Friday and Saturday they specialize in hourly childcare. That’s right, HOURLY. If you only need an hour of alone time to run some errands, leave the kids in a fun play environment while you do it. Date nights,

nights out with only the sound of grown-ups? Go Ahead! The S.S. Noah will entertain the kids. Your kids will have more fun than you and surely you’ll be having a lot of it yourself. The S.S. Noah is a veritable wonderland for the kids with toys galore, video games, big screens to watch movies, multilevel play structures with tunnels, ball pits, art, organized games and crafts and on and on the list goes! The S.S. Noah also offers a staff that makes your experience easy on your nerves because the staff is top notch. Owned and operated by 2 former teachers and staffed with moms and highenergy professionals these are THE premier hourly childcare facilities in the metroplex. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, schedule your next outing now, the S.S. Noah is waiting for your kids right now! Still not convinced? Maybe you have a babysitter on speeddial that is at your beck and call. Maybe what you need is full time child care for your precious ones while you work. Maybe you even work late hours and conventional daycare just can’t fit your needs. Once again, it’s the S.S. Noah to the rescue with flat-rate plans for almost any schedule. Two-day, three-day and five-day plans are available to fit a variety of your needs with curriculum to keep them active and involved. Your biggest problem now may be getting them to want to come home!

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

What Do Music Education and Vitamins Have in Common? Both music and vitamins add years to your life. Of course a healthy diet, low stress levels and a daily intake of essential vitamins will help your immune system be the best it can be. What many Americans may not know is that exposure to music on all levels (participating, hearing, observing) will also help your immune system be the best it can be. Contrary to the old, simplistic notion that art and music are processed in the right hemisphere of our brains, with language and mathematics on the left, recent findings show that music distributed throughout the brain. Music listening, performance and composition engage nearly every area of the brain that we have so far identified, and involve nearly every neural subsystem. You don’t have to know anything about music or vitamins for them to work for you. What vitamins and minerals are in broccoli? Do you need to know what they are for you to eat broccoli for health benefits? If you do know what vitamins and minerals are found in broccoli and you know the optimum way to eat it – Do you recite the benefits every tip you pop a floret in your mouth? Similarly with music, there are volumes researched and written on the benefits of this subject but simply enjoying it and sharing it with others around you ensure that most neurological benefits are realized by osmosis! Music and Vitamins have been around since time immemorial and look like they are here to stay! Most chemical vitamins have only come about in recent history, but since time immemorial homeopathic and organic sources of vitamins have been used to boost ones immune system. Some of the oldest physical artifacts found in human and protohuman excavation sites are musical instruments: bone flutes

and animal skins stretched over three stumps to make drums. Whenever humans get together for any occasion, music is there: weddings, funerals, graduations, men marching off to war, stadium sporting events, a night out on the town, a romantic dinner, and mothers rocking babies to sleep. Music and Vitamins are recommended for you even before you were born. When I was pregnant one of the first thing my doctor did was make sure I was taking my prenatal vitamins to ensure that both my baby and I would have the best odds. Some moms – myself included – expose our babies to music in utero. Well one of the projects I was involved with for the majority of my pregnancy was directing the Andrew Lloyd musical “Joseph and his amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. One day, when my daughter was about a week old, she was having (another) screaming attack and I started singing “there’s one more angel in heaven” from the show and she immediately soothed herself. I thought it was coincidence but in fact it wasn’t – it worked every time. Music is helpful to anyone, any age, any where: a special needs child, a coma patient and YOU! Parents should expose their children to music and vitamins. I was told not to give my daughter vitamins till she was a few months old, so I took matters into my own hands, and figured that I would eat healthy, supplement with vitamins and she would get them through me. PMD (primary music development) is the most critical period in your child’s musical growth because crucial structures for audiation – the process of musical thought – are developing at a very rapid rate during this time. These structures create a lifetime of music experience that is similar in function and importance to the foundation of a home. Young children learn best in a stimulating, playful environment – playing is the learning.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Where can I get music and vitamins? Good question! Vitamins: any health store will help you. Music: ask me! I have been exposing families, in the Metroplex, to the grass roots Music Together® program for over 7 years now. We provide a very developmentally appropriate, research based music program that helps everyday people, like you and I enjoy music in a non-performance oriented, relaxed environment. We have 4 semesters a year, in 4 locations and thrive on imparting our love of music to you. Parents and caregivers come join us and learn how you can be your child’s musical role model, what is pitch, timbre, basic music competence, how to accept and include and many more musical facts. Aside from the parent and me class, we are also part of the curriculum at Children’s Garden Montessori school (http://cgmacademy. com) in north Plano. Visit us at or www.

Call us to schedule a FREE demo class. Sign up early for summer classes to reserve your spot. For ages 0 - 6 years. Watch this space for info about upcoming baby dance parties!


Protection for your family, peace of mind for you. Wills Living Wills

Trusts • Guardianships • Powers of Attorney • Probate

“If You Don’t Have a Will, the State of Texas Has One for You!” - Lorie Burch

Lorie L. Burch

Attorney & Counselor At Law 7920 Belt Line Road, Suite 750 • Dallas, TX 75254 972.385.0558 • • Page 21


Arthur’s Chicken Pox: An Arthur Adventure A Review by Alexandria Battle


By Marc Brown 30 pages Ages 4-8) Little, Brown Young Readers (1996)

Phonics & Reading cla sses available to the public

A Private Preschool offering half-day academic classes • 2,3, & 5 day AM or PM classes available • Ages 2 thru 5 years • Student/teacher ratio — 8 to 1 or less • 7797 Stonebrook Pkwy. Frisco


802 S. Alma Dr. Allen/Plano



arc Brown is a celebrated author that you might have heard of. In total, he has written over one hundred picture books for younger kids but which are suitable for all ages. The Arthur series, for which he is most widely known, was born when he told a story about an aardvark who hated his nose to his sons, Tolon and Tucker, and it no doubt continued with his daughter Eliza. Arthur’s Nose, the first book, was based off of that very creative story. Now, there are more than twenty books,

Frisco Sports Authority Fall Registration Basketball Grades K-12 Volleyball Grades 1-8 Dance Team Grades 2-5 Martial Arts All Ages Check our website for Registration Dates and Information

Frisco Sports Authority 8200 Stonebrook Pkwy Suite 200 Frisco, Tx 75034 469.362.6405

Page 22

including a branch about Arthur’s sister, D.W.—and a television show that aires on PBS. Arthur is a great series for people of all ages, but younger ones will especially enjoy flipping the pages. When I was younger, Arthur was one of the favorites I could not stop reading at the library or watching on PBS. Some of Brown’s many Arthur adventures include Arthur Meets the President (Arthur’s winning essay entitles him to see the President and read the essay to him), Arthur

Writes A Story (Arthur gets all kinds of input from his friends on what type of story he should write for an assignment), Arthur’s Puppy (Arthur must deal with the responsibility of taking care of his new puppy, Pal), and Arthur’s Birthday (Arthur’s friends have to decide which party to go to—his or another school friend’s). My latest book review covers Arthur’s experiences with chicken pox. In this adventure, it is the week before the circus and the whole family is ready and waiting to go – until Arthur gets sick. Then, the next day, it turns into chicken pox! He then must go through the desire to scratch, his sister’s constant teasing and – worse – the idea of missing the clowns for another year… This is a fun book to read, whether you’re a big Arthur fan or not – the best part is the ending, where you will discover if Arthur goes to the circus! Alexandria Battle is currently in 8th grade in the CarrolltonFarmers Branch ISD. Her goal is to become a chemical or mechanical engineer. In her spare time she is an avid reader, creative writer, loves to play video games and hang out with family and friends.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Kids in the Kitchen

Root Beer Cake! Just in time for Father’s Day Frosting: ¼ cup butter, softened 1/8 tsp. salt 4 cups powdered sugar 2 Tbsp. milk 1/3 cup root beer, chilled Read It! Read your recipe all the way through before you begin! Place It! Get everything out and ready to cook!

For Frosting: Beat together butter, salt, 2 cups of powdered sugar, and milk. Blend in 3 Tbsp. of root beer and the remaining 2 cups of powdered sugar. Beat in the remaining root beer, as needed, until you have achieved the desired consistency.

Equipment: Measuring cups and spoons Mixing bowl Electric mixer 12 x 8 pan*

Spread onto a cooled cake.

Ingredients Cake: 1 cup sugar ½ cup butter, softened ½ tsp. vanilla extract 2 eggs 2 cups flour 1 Tbsp. baking powder 1 tsp. salt 2/3 cup root beer

Create It! Time to Cook 1. Preheat oven 375 degrees. Grease and flour a 12 x 8 pan. 2. Combine cake ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Blend at low speed; then beat for 3 minutes on medium speed. Pour into pan and set the timer for 30 minutes.

*To make cupcakes: Bake for 17 minutes. Makes 24 cupcakes. Recipe courtesy of Young Chefs Academy. Visit them online for the location nearest you.

Our party pros make sure your child has the best birthday ever!

Summer Camp

Slides, obstacle courses, basketball, boxing and the only Spider Climb in town! We even have a massage chair for Mom.



2532 Summit Ave. Plano, TX




George Bush (190)

Join us for Open Bounce this summer. Call for dates and times. North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Page 23

Sports Scoop


hroughout North Texas there are thousands of boys and girls who are playing baseball and softball this summer at a seemingly infinite number of different levels. Some high school athletes have thrown their last pitch and taken their last at

Registering for Fall Sports at Plano Sports Authority, Inc Registration Opening June 15

Registration Opening July 15

Fall Basketball Football Cheerleading Soccer Fall Lacrosse Lil’ Trax Sports Classes Lil’ Dragon Martial Arts Martial Arts

Fall Volleyball Fall Baseball Fall Softball Golf Opening Registration August 25 Ice Skate School

Plano Sports Authority Inc. 6500 Preston Meadow Plano, Tx 75024 972-208-KIDS (5437) 972-208-3801

Page 24

bat while the freshmen and sophomores behind them are excited to finally get their chance. Middle school kids are readying themselves for national tournaments across the country in such venues as Cooperstown, Orlando, Hilton Head, Memphis and Kansas City. Third graders are making the painful transition to what is called modified kid-pitch while even younger kids are making the transition from t-ball to coach pitch. Parents who cannot wait until their children are old enough to play t-ball now have a viable option with a concept that is called Lil Sluggers. Since 2004, Gary Crandall has operated a very successful business known as Soccer Tots which was based on the principles of giving young kids (ages 2-6) the chance to have fun, expel energy and develop their motor skills all while developing their soccer skills. Taking this concept to baseball made a lot of sense to Crandall. “Soccer Tots is more dynamic and kind of like a party for the kids but I had a feeling we could do this with baseball as well. The kids who come to Lil Sluggers enjoy it just as much as they enjoy Soccer Tots.” Lil Sluggers classes can run for either 8 weeks or 12 weeks depending on the time of the year. The classes are held in different indoor soccer locations throughout the Metroplex so weather is never an issue. Kids are broken into age groups and the curriculum varies accordingly. There are no more than six kids in each class and

everybody has the option to take one class on a trial basis without committing to every session. Lil Sluggers isn’t for everybody but Crandall says “97.8 % of the parents who let their kids try our class end up committing to every week.” I watched a class of six four year old boys and Crandall said it was very typical session. The objectives for four year old boys enrolled in Lil Sluggers are an encompassing yet fundamental introduction to the game. The kids learn to run the bases and how to slide. They learn to hit but the focus centers around having the correct stance and a level swing off a tee with a proper follow through. The kids also learn how to properly throw and catch a ball with two hands. Every kid who attended that afternoon was brimming with unbridled energy. A young man named Coach Roberto thought it might be a good idea before the class began to take the edge off with a few laps around the field. Coach Roberto then had everybody go sit in a soccer goal that he called a dugout and told everybody what they were going to be doing this day. Soon the kids were stretching and doing an assortment of warmup drills just like everybody else does when they are getting ready to play baseball. The boys did jumping jacks, ran forwards and backwards and then shuffled their feet left to right. Coach Roberto then dumped a bag full of whiffle balls and started rolling them towards the boys so they could they could practice fielding while also improving their hand/eye coordination. “Teaching the kids to catch the ball properly

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

don’t you try that again?”) to boys who struggled. Whether or not the

kids conquered the sliding drill, it was unquestionably fun and after each attempt, every single boy looked to their parents for some kind of approval. Towards the end of this class,

the boys worked on their hitting. “It’s the favorite part of every class for the kids and the easiest thing for them to pick up,” says Crandall. After making contact with the ball the boys ran the bases. Some kids knew where first base was while others need to be reminded. Some of the boys emulated major leaguers and stood at home plate to admire their hits but Coach Roberto subtly reminded them to get moving towards first base. As the class ends the boys gathered in the dugout and Coach Roberto reviewed everything they did that day. He didn’t talk down to the kids but instead went to their level and sought input. When it was all over the boys put their hand in a circle and in unison shouted out “Lil Sluggers!!”

Sports Scoop

is one of the more difficult things for the kids to master,” says Crandall. The problems happen when the boys stab at the ball instead of properly receiving the ball. Soon the boys began to work on their overhand throwing motions. The drill progressed to the point where the boys were throwing the ball with accuracy and first base was the target. After a quick water break, Coach Roberto then pulled out his sliding rug which is the equivalent to a baseball slip n’ slide. One of the boys chimed up “I wanna do THAT!” Some of the kids slid surprisingly well while others looked like Bambi on ice. Coach Roberto issued strong praise for the boys who did well but remained encouraging (“Why

Check out the new game in Plano. 2300 Coit Road, Suite 400 (far northeast corner)


Mike Kravik is editor of the NTK Sports Scoop. If you have a story you would like him to tell about your child or a local sports-related business, email him at

Ages 18 mos to 6 yrs • Child Physical Development Program • 9:1 Student to Instructor Ratio • All Registered Kids Engage in Our Games • Over 80 Fun Games & Activities • Structured Curriculum • Develops: Soccer Skills, Social Behavior & Motor Skills • 15 Indoor Facilities East of Dallas N. Tollway


West of Dallas N. Tollway


Register online at


Ages 2 to 6 yrs 469-834-8450 Source: © 1996 John R. Potter North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Register online at Page 25

Sports Scoop

A Dad’s Thoughts on His Son and Baseball One of the best things about being the parent of a child who plays sports is having the opportunity to ride shotgun with him on his journey through all the inevitable ups and downs. Yep, I’m one of those dads who subscribes to the theory that I’m not living vicariously through my son but that I am living vicariously with my son. My son plays for a select baseball team in North Texas. I’ve been there when he hit his first home run over the fence as a 10 year old and I was also there at a national tournament semi-final game when he struck out with two outs in the last inning of an 8-7 game with the bases loaded. I am eternally grateful to have been with him at both events. Watching my son circle the bases was an indescribable feeling that left me speechless. He felt great about the home run but selfish or not, I viewed it as a gift to me for all the batting practice pitches I had thrown to him when he was younger. Being there to give him a hug after he struck out and reassure him that the sun would rise the next day was my gift to him. A parent can choose to either be apathetic or passionate about following their kids in sports. There is not anything wrong with being passionate as long as there is some kind of governor in place. I want my son to be passionate and do more than just play the game, I want him to learn all the life lessons the game teaches and absorb the mind vitamins that can only help him get through and understand the path his own life will eventually travel. Playing select baseball is all about handling failure and never quitting. One of the most valuable things a young man can learn to prepare him for life is that getting knocked down is not a big deal but staying down is. Baseball also teaches kids that are two kinds of people who play the game. Those who are humble and those who are about to be. When you fail in one at bat, you better have a short memory and the ability to turn the page or your baseball career will end shortly. Have these lessons sunk Page 26

in with him? I don’t know but he can never say he wasn’t told. The relationship you have with your child as you watch them compete in sports can be delicate waters to navigate. At all times you need to be a cheerleader but sometimes you are a psychiatrist while other times you have to carry a whip and a chair. Some kids need a verbal kick in the tail while others need to be constantly reassured. The lucky kids are matched with the parents who recognize what their child needs. Parents want their children to get the most out of their own ability no matter what gift they have been blessed with but parents also carry the baggage of experience. It is human nature to ask yourself what you would have done differently if given a second chance. Being there with your kid doesn’t necessarily give you a second chance but it does allow you the possibility to use your own experiences wisely. My father supported me when I was playing sports but he took a Jeffersonian laissez-faire approach and pretty much left me alone. Maybe he knew a little scaling back wouldn’t have hurt because as a kid I would routinely put my baseball uniform on 6-7 hours before a game and practice sliding on our shag carpet in the sunken living room. Still, I wish he would have pushed me harder so I wouldn’t have to go through life wondering what could have been. My athletic ceiling was limited but I never came close to reaching it because I wasn’t pushed. I wasn’t even nudged. How do I know if I’m pushing too hard? I really don’t but I am cognizant that life is way too short not to have fun and that doing all the things other 13 year old boys do is every bit as important for his own development as playing baseball. My challenge is to nudge him just enough so that when he is 45 years old he will be grateful that his dad helped him touch his athletic ceiling. As long as he wants to play the Great Game, I’m there for him. North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Family Resource Guide Simply Pretend Providing individualized speech and language therapy. For more information, please contact Julie at 214-336-9342

Trend your tot...

Themed Party Dress Up Trunk Rentals


with a Custom Nap Mat!

See our Photo Gallery Online!


Princess, Tea Party, Glitzy Glamour, Spa, Pink Poodle in Paris, Luau, Chef, Knight, Pirate, Cowboy, Superhero. Costumes & accessories, games, music, activities and much more! Only $95 for 11 children! Co-ed costumes available.


CALL 972.978.2397

“Pretending” since 2002!

White Dove Montessori


Plano/Frisco Area


Music Lessons for


K-12 & adults

Near Independence & Hedgcoxe


For Ages 2 - 6 years White Dove Montessori program combines the self- paced, developmentally appropriate learning environment of the Montessori method in the surroundings of a natural home setting. Our goal is to nurture in your child a lifelong joy for learning. Director is AMI certified with 15 years of Montessori experience.

Give your child the gift of music Harp • Cello • Piano Ear Training & Music Theory Combined 25 years of Professional instruction Call now for a Free lesson, space is limited.

ee 972.898.6272


Free Consultations


Child & Adolescent Counseling Center

Advertise Your Business Here for $83 a month.* Call us at 972-516-9070 to reserve your space today! *Price valid for full year contract only. Ad design fee $25.00

Beth Farrell M.Ed., LPC, RPT, NCC Is your child experiencing.... Depression? Anxiety? Grief? Behavior Problems? Professional counseling and play therapy Treating children ages 3 to 18 7424 Greenville Ave Ste. 104, Dallas 75231 940-206-4084 |

North Texas Kids is committed to bringing you the resources you need to simplify your life and raise happy, healthy kids! Page 27

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Groundbreaking for New Ronald McDonald House of Dallas Held April 22 New House Will Double Current Capacity


he Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD) broke ground on its new 60,000 square foot house Tuesday, April 22 to a standing-room only crowd.

The new house will be located at 4707 Bengal Street, within ½-mile of Children’s Medical Center Dallas and 1½ miles of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. As a signature design element, the house will include a beacon so that children staying in one of the nearby hospitals can see the light at night and know that their family is close at hand. RMHD Executive Director Barbara McDermott served as the emcee and welcomed guests. “Thank you for sharing your time, treasure and talent to make this dream possible.” RMHD Board Chairman Bob Penn added his thanks to campaign

Dance the Afternoon Away... at the Music Together of Dallas

Summer Dance Party Sunday, July 13 from 3 to 5pm Jewish Community Center 7900 Northhaven Rd. • Dallas, TX 75230 If you do one thing this summer – this should be it! Create great family memories and encourage your kids to get fit!

Hosted by BB Good of Radio Disney Let’s shake down, boogie, and learn some fun dance moves from local celebrities. • Party bag for each family, packed with coupons and products to take home • Tickets must be purchased in advance. • $10 per person. • Buy tickets online at


co-chairs Alan Engstrom and Mersina Stubbs. “We have raised more than $19 million, which is 85 percent of our goal, and I thank all of you today for helping us to build our future.” Crystal Charity Ball’s Vicki Chapman talked about how its organization helped to found the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas in 1980 and how the group overwhelmingly wanted to support the House again in 2007 with a lead gift of $1.5 million to kick off the capital campaign. UT Southwestern’s Dr. John D. McConnell, Executive Vice President for Health System Affairs, added his congratulations and said, “The Ronald McDonald House provides the emotional and physical support that families need when they are here getting treatment for their children.” Also speaking from the podium was Lisa Stokell and her son Ryan whose family has been served by RMHD. “After spending 75 days at the house, I would think that Ryan would want to stay somewhere else, but he likes coming here. And I can’t wait to come visit the new house as a healthy family.” The T.G. Terry Choir, which is made up of DISD 1st through 5th graders, sang before and during the groundbreaking to enthusiastic applause. Finally, community, business and RMHD leaders participated in a shovel dig. The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas is a temporary home-awayfrom-home that serves and sustains families of seriously ill children receiving treatment in a Dallas hospital. Barbara McDermott, RMHD Executive Director added, “We feel so fortunate to have acquired 4.5 acres in the heart of the prestigious Southwestern Medical District. The close proximity to the premier care provided by Children’s Medical Center and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is extremely important to families of seriously ill children. The new DART rail line near us will also allow families easy

access to Baylor Hospital.” The house will be able to serve 60 families each night, double the current capacity, and still maintain the treasured “home-like” feel. The new house will have 60 bedrooms, including six transplant suites. Amenities include a library, chapel, outdoor play space, meditation garden and common living areas. Upon completion, the new house will offer the same amenities that the current house offers to families staying there including three meals daily, transportation to and from area hospitals, recreational activities, holiday and birthday celebrations and professionally facilitated support groups. The house will also have technological resources to assist children with school and parents with work. The cost per night spent at the house, which has not changed since 1981, will remain $10. No family has ever been turned away because of an inability to pay. Launched in late 2007, the public campaign to raise funds for the new house is entitled “Beacon of Hope” and its goal is $21.5 million. Honorary Chairmen and campaign leaders are Annette and Harold Simmons. Alan Engstrom and Mersina Stubbs are the campaign co-chairs. Those interested in contributing to the campaign may contact Courtney McLain, director of development, at 214.631.7354. In its 27-year history, the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas has served as a home-away-from-home for more than 24,000 families of seriously ill children who have traveled to Dallas seeking medical treatment in area hospitals. By providing a caring, supportive, home-like environment, the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas keeps the family intact and helps allow a family to establish a normal routine in the midst of crisis. It also provides families with the opportunity to share their concerns with other families in similar circumstances. For more information, please contact the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas at 214.631.7354, or visit

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

2008 Summer Camp Guide

ÓÎääÊ œˆÌÊ,`°]Ê-Ìi°Ê{ääÊUÊ*>˜œ]Ê/8ÊÇxäÇxÊUÊ{ș‡Ó{£‡£{ÎÓÊÊ

10 Different Baseball & Softball Clinics Clinics for ages 3 and up - from beginners to advanced. Find all the details at Register online today! 2 for 2 Clinic Special: Bring in this ad and register for 2 clinics for only $250 (regular price $300) Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 11AM - 10PM; Sat 9AM - 9PM; Sun 10AM - 7PM

Girls In Motion 10-12 year old girls paired with college women mentors for fitness games, crafts and conversation about nutrition, exercise, positive body image and healthy snack making!

Infinite Bounds

Extra Innings Extra Innings offers indoor comprehensive clinics in June, July and August for players ages 3-17. These clinics emphasize fundamental improvement for young players and advance training for older players. All clinics are designed to enhance their skills and to gain a competitive advantage. Participation is limited to assure quality instruction.



It Up a

This summer will be full of traditional “Olympic” games & some...not so traditional games. Campers will experience bubble popping, sand castle building archery, shooting (water gun style), obstacle course/rope climbing, castle building, basketball, fencing, triathlon, volleyball, hockey and our very own water balloon toss...Movie room, popcorn and snacks & GOLD Medals...we fill fast!!

nd Kid

presen t the


Kids Sum

mer Camp

Call now or Register online!


Creative Kids programs are available at the following locations... Frisco: 7164 Technology Dr. #200 • Coppell: 1405 S. Beltline Dr. #400 West Plano/North Dallas: 3632 Frankford Rd. #180

Weekly Sessions begin:

June 10th! Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30am-2:30pm

Creative Kids Summer Camp Hey Kids, drop your Mom off at the mall and come experience THE BEST summer camp ever! Children ages 4-10 years old will enjoy painting, ceramics, clay, crafts, music & instruments, jumping & games, special visitors and so much more! Sign up online today at or call 972-821-8643 for more information.

Page 29

Bobby Moffat’s Techniques Soccer Camps Since 1970. Boys And Girls, 4-16. Day Camps (Full, Half, & Evening). For Goalkeepers, Field-players, Select, Foundation (4 & 5yrs). Throughout Texas. Camps for Teams, at your Location or Our Camp Location. Fall & Spring Academy - Spring, & Winter Break Camps - Rent-A-Coach Year Round. Look for Camp applications & signup on web site. (972) 699-3653

North Texas Kids • • June 2008 Page 29

2008 Summer Camp Guide r Summer! Now Enrolling fo

Your child will create and perform in their own original musical production! Art-A-Rama, Plano This camp is so much fun your kids won’t even know they’re learning. Camps for ages 6 and up run 5 days per week from 9 - 3pm. For younger artists (3-6) we have 1.5 hour sessions that meet 3 times per week. Each week older artists will create six to nine projects. Every camp includes a potter’s clay project that is fired and glazed as well as some fun with Tie-Dying. Call now to reserve your spot. 972-423-4554

Center Stage Drama Your child’s self confidence will soar while enjoying script writing, dance classes, drama games and more. Camp culminates with an original recital. Professional drama, art and dance instructors, only 12 spots per camp.Camps are for ages 3 – 18. Check the website for more details:

What are your kids doing for summer break? A) falling behind

B) getting ahead

Enroll in POWERMath’s summer camp and give your child an academic advantage this summer. POWERMath is offering two camps this summer:

Math Camp - Grades: 1-10 / Duration: 5 weeks, twice a week, 2 hour sessions each

Program: Grade level Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 / See description below

Day Camp - Grades: 1-5 / Duration: 9 am - 12 pm, Monday through Friday See description below

*Register before 4/30 and we will waive your registration fee!

For registration: Plano location (972) 312-0037 or Frisco location (972) 335-2800 n

Made of Sugar & Spice Girls just want to have fun! Join us in June, July and August for makeovers, crafts, games, dancing, karaoke, adult supervision, snacks, and desserts. Recommended ages 4 - 10

Page30 30 Page


Gotta Dance

Math Camp: This camp is a structured and focused program for students to review and reassess their current math level. Math camp will also prepare your child for the next grade that he or she will be enrolling in the fall term. Day Camp: For younger children we have day camps where your child will engage in fun activities such as mental math, math shortcuts, math games, puzzles, quizzes, etc. All day camp activities are built around numbers to enhance their math skills while they have fun.

Gotta Dance would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of dance as it comes to life in our classes for children of all ages.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

2008 Summer Camp Guide Introduce your preschooler to the imaginative world of books. Using great stories, we’ll take them on a magical tour of children’s literature this summer, and help them develop a life-long love of reading. They’ll move, dance, sing, make a craft, and experience the story with theme-based activities designed for greater enjoyment and understanding. • Unique summer workshops • PreK – College • Reading/Writing/Vocabulary with award-winning books

PLANO 972 985 3276

Eagle Gymnatics

For children 3-14 yrs of age. With the aid of our qualified staff, your child will learn quality gymnastics as well as play games in our air conditioned facility. From 12:303:00pm Monday through Thursday and bring a friend. Call 972-712-4644 to book your camp today. For more information please visit at


ALLEN 972 359 0222

June 11-3, 18-20, 25-27 July 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, 30-Aug 1 August 6-8, 13-15, 20-22


Tutoring 101 offers a unique selection of summer workshops. A large staff of creative teachers have developed curriculum designed to both enrich and develop a student’s skills. Engaging lessons integrate knowledge, reading, and writing thus allowing high achievers to excel and all students to expand their understanding of specific subjects. The secret to our success is simple: great tutors! Our tutors are all degreed teachers or professors.


-1, 5, 10, 20 Day Pass -9am-4pm -Extended Day Options Available -Lunch and Snack Included -All Day Multi Sports Activities

• Ages 7-13 • Beginners through advanced • 20 minutes from Plano • Specializing in English style riding • Horse show at the end of every session • Swimming • Arts & crafts • 6 Day Summer Camp Sessions Complete year-round riding programs for children & adults

Tutoring 101

SummerFest SportsCamps 6500 Preston Meadow Plano, Tx 75024

Trot Your Youngsters Off to “Summer Day Camp in the Country” at Prospering Farm

Skill Building Camps


Prospering Farm Campers learn to ride or improve their riding skills in a safe and positive atmosphere. Activities include: horseback lessons, care of the horse and the equipment, swimming, arts & crafts and a camp horse show.

“Please pass the manners.”

Basketball Volleyball Indoor Soccer Golf Martial Arts Indoor Lacrosse Scuba Dance Class

For class schedules and enrollment visit our website.


-All Day Fun!

*We do birthday parties

D.A.’s Spring Creek Golf

Kevin Johnson is our Director of Junior Instruction. Kevin’s excellence and commitment to serving young golfers earned him a position among the Top 50 Junior Instructors in America. Page 31

SportsCamps at PSA!

Skill Building Camps with experienced instructors. The FlexiPass allows campers to sample different sports and fun activities including basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, ice skating, PE games, movies and arts and crafts. Call for more information 972-208-5437 or visit our website

Etiquette School of Frisco

Kids love our camps! Impressive social and dining skills for ages 4-18 in a fun environment. Visit the website for schedules and early enrollment specials!

North Texas Kids • • June 2008 Page 31

2008 Summer Camp Guide 2008 Summer Drama Camps A Dragon in the Mix

Mixed up Fairy Tale Fun - June 23-27 The Magical Land of Oz

Musical Theatre Camp - July 7-11

The Paper Bag Bandit Rides Again, Or... Behind the Cheap Mask Merry Melodrama Mayhem - July 14-18

Presented by

Ages 5 to 18


Christie Elementary 10300 Huntington Rd, Frisco Now Registering Ages 5 yrs - 12 yrs All Camps 9am - 1pm, Monday - Friday Camp performance each Friday night

McKinney, TX

Frozen Ropes Frozen Ropes offers baseball and softball camps every week in the summer for ages 5-18. We also continue our professional private instruction. Answers to all of your questions at or call 972-548-8940.

PowerKids Camps and Classes

Get fit while developing sports, motor and socialization skills in a fun, nurturing, selfesteem building environment. Campers will participate in exciting cardiovascular games and activities such as relays, trampolines, powerball, agility and obstacle courses, just to name a few. Campers will need to bring their own lunch. Sometimes there will be a craft or fine motor activity after lunch.

Word of Mouth Productions Drama is a great way to expand your child’s imagination and creativity and build confidence and self-discipline. Call 214-734-7326 for more information.

Camp Canyons Indoor Rock Climbing Two fun and educational Summer Camps for ages 5-14. Weekly camps from June 9 thru August 22

Beginner: Climbers will focus on basic climbing techniques. Advanced: Climbers must attend 1 week of Beginner camp first or be tested to enter the Advanced camp. Siblings receive a 15% discount Canyons Indoor Rock Climbing 7164 Technology Drive #202 Frisco, TX 75034 214-387-0906

Paint Yer Pottery Camp Art Attack is a fun way to spend the hot days of summer in the COOL! Campers complete 10-12 projects in ceramics, mosaics, tye-dye, candle-making, polymer clay & glass fusing. Ages 5-15, weekly sessions June 9 to August 15. Page Page 32 32

Canyons Climbing Gym

Elevate Your Game Charles H. Williams is a 15-year veteran professional basketball player and coach whose career has taken him around the world. His teaching philosophy is that “everyone can be a success because success directly relates to the effort put into discovering and attaining your personal potential.”

Your kids will have a blast and get a great workout at our week-long summer camps. Camps are from 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm depending on dates and availability. All campers will enjoy a pizza party on Friday. Call 214-387-0906 to reserve your space today!

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

2008 Summer Camp Guide LETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BUILD SOME FUN! St. Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School of Texas 2008 Summer Camps Because you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be in two places at once! Pre-arranged, Door to Door Child Shuttle Service for Busy Families Serving Richardson/Addison/N. Dallas




Kid-Express Shuttle Service Daily/Weekly/Monthly rates available. Multiple Child and Referral Discounts! Reserve now for Summer and School Year Visit for more information.

Miss Dawnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dance Some of our themes are: Fun in the Sun, Arts n Crafts/ Sewing Camp, Dancinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Butterflies, Rockinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Divas, I Want to be a Star - theatre camp and Nature/ bug camp. Visit our website for details: www. Page 33

is on The Ice at Stonebriar Center

Call 972-731-9600

at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco for camp information!


St. Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School of Texas Summer Camps Educational, recreational and safe, and our instructors are top professionals in their fields! Our 2008 brochure is now available. Please visit our website at or call 214.346.8090 to request your Summer Camps Brochure today!

Tuzer Dancenter We are a Professional Dance School formed by International Professionals with a vision to introduce Ballet to children at an early age allowing them to experience the development of physical and mental coordination through art. The Classes are developed with the purpose of a summer full of art and fun!

Stonebriar Ice Campers will learn to skate and have a blast on the ice! Ages 4-12, grouped by ability and age. Skates provided. June 9-13, 23-27 and July 7-11, 2125. Call for more information or visit

Eisenbergs Learn to skate or bike if you are a beginner, and improve your skills if you are more advanced. You can choose a day camp or week long overnight camp. The instructors are who makes camp fun for all ages. Call today for a daily schedule of events.

North Texas Kids â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ June 2008 Page 33

2008 Summer Camp Guide Soar into the new year with new skills Ask any 5-year-old, “Can you sing? Play the guitar? Fly?” No doubt, you get a toothy, “Yes!” Yet somewhere between counting and calculus, Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare, the magic fades. Use this summer to recapture the magic!

“LearningRx gave Jacob the tools to be more successful in his classes as seen by his progress reports. His confidence grew and he was more engaged in class because his ability to understand verbal instruction improved. His attitude toward striving for higher achievement also improved.” - Karen A., Frisco, TX, (mother of a 12 year old boy)


Little Harts Summer Camps We offer a variety of summer camps for children ages 3-12. Located in Lucas, we also provide a Preschool & Pony Parties.

Studio 3 Dance

LearningRx Summer Learning Learning difficulties may be a fact of life. Failure need not be! We believe that any child can learn faster and easier. Call and talk to LearningRx. Together we can make the connections that will unleash the superhero you know is inside your child. Call today to find out how we can help transform your child’s life from ordinary to extraordinary! Programs available for ages 4 through adult. 972.267.8900

Summer programs begin June 9 - Classes, Camps & Workshops! Great opportunity for ages 3 & up to try something new, improve skills or sign up for a fun-filled week of dance, drama and crafts. Register early for discount! Fall classes begin Aug 18.

Educational with a Fun Twist! Camps for 3 - 6 yr olds Science & Technology (Imagine Tomorrow, Robotics & Weird Science Fun) Camps for 7 & Up TechnoKids TechnoHTML & Web Design Clay Animation g Video Game Design

Frisco Greenhill School - Summer on the Hill Join us for a summer of learning, fun and friendship. Students, ages 3-18, select from a wide range of summer programs presented in a creative and supportive learning environment. Download a complete catalogue and registration form from our website: June 2 - August 15, 2008.

Page34 34 Page


Einstein Kidz

Are you looking for something fun, but educational? Einstein Kidz offers camps to kids ages 3 – 6 and 7 – 13 that involve science and technology. We offer one or two week camps. Programs consist of preschool computer skills, weird science, robotics, video game design, clay animation and web design.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

2008 Summer Camp Guide CAN YOUR CHILD AFFORD THREE MONTHS OFF? One-On-One, In-Home Tutoring Certified Teachers & Degreed Professionals Certified Teachers & Degreed Professionals Subjects, - Adult AllAll Subjects, PreKPreK - Adult Summer The Best To Improve Summer, is The Time ToTime Improve Reading, Reading, Writing &Writing Math Skills In One of Our Proven Summer Programs! & Math Skills In One of Our Proven Summer Programs! Call Today!

Call Today!

Reserve Your Tutor Today!

Plano...................972-424-6321 Redbud




Southlake & Grapevine..817-741-4475

WalMart Sam’s Club

University Dr.


Club Z!

Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy Zenith Summer Day Camps in McKinney offers physical FITNESS and FUN, FUN, FUN! Camp with option gymnastics or tumbling. USAG Safety Certified and CPR staff. Spacious facility with state of the art equipment. From 2 to 5 day camps, 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm, with optional extended care hours. Camps run June 8 through August 23, except the week of July 4. We also offer regular classes all year round, Mom & Tots, Birthday Parties, open gym and more. Zenith is located at 2140 N. Redbud Blvd, #F, McKinney, TX 75069. Call us to enroll NOW at 214 592 0662.

2008 Sportsplex Summer Camps s!LL3PORTS#AMPS s"ASKETBALL#AMPS s&OOTBALL#AMPS s6OLLEYBALL#AMPS sIN3PORTS#AMPS Check our website for detailed information! The Sportsplex at Valley View 5702 Alpha Rd Dallas, TX 75240 (972) 385-5416

The Sportsplex at Valley View The Sportsplex at Valley View is a new 61,000-plus square foot, fully air-conditioned training facility located on the north side of Valley View center in north Dallas. Come join the fun and stay fit! Page 35

Keep your head cool through summer enrichment with Club Z! Club Z! offers a “Catch Up and Get Ahead” Program for students of all ages. We also offer SAT/ACT/TAKS Prep and foreign languages. One of our most requested programs is our writing course as well as our Study Skills program for both Middle and High School students. Writing course offered through Southlake / Grapevine area only.

Summer Fun Word Scramble These words all relate to the camps offered in our summer camp guide. Can you figure them out?










eic taginks




esrohckab diirng

Win Free Tickets to See McKinney’s Newest Team and Meet Thunder Dog! Register online at The Blue Thunder will have lots of fun, familyoriented activites. What a great way to introduce your kids to professional baseball. Visit them online to meet the players and see their schedule for the 2008 season. North Texas Kids • • June 2008 Page 35

What do I do now, CITY House? In the upcoming months, I find myself questioning how I will juggle my children being out of school with my own obligations. When I was young, I played outside with my friends until mom called me for dinner, but today’s times require a lot of supervision. In addition, both my teenager and my pre-teen seem to spend much less time in our home and an increasingly growing amount of time with their friends… some of whom I regret to say I barely know by name. I am concerned about my children’s security, relationships, and overall well-being. I doubt if I’m the only worried parent who feels this way, and I believe we should all have some practical tools that we



can use to ensure the safety of my children. Please help! -“Paranoid” Parent in Plano Dear “Paranoid” Parent: You are not paranoid, and you are not alone, as I’ve heard many parents express the same concern regarding the ability to keep their loved ones safe. Like our children, today’s parents are busier than ever. They are frequently absent from home and from their children. When parents are not available to monitor their older elementary or middle school children trying new activities, children in the pre-teen stages often face difficult decisions that they are not developmentally mature enough to make on their own, which is causing a shrinking


HjbbZg6iHBJ# Youth Programs

L^i]XaVhhZh\ZVgZYidbV`ZaZVgc^c\[jc!a^`ZA:<Dœ8VgGVaan! 6bjhZbZciEVg`E]nh^Xh!8dbejiZg6c^bVi^dc!A:<Dœ9^\^iVa8dchigjXi^dc! :meadg^c\=^hidgnl^i]6bZg^XVc<^gaœ9daah!?djgcZnh^c<VbZ9Zh^\c! 6XVYZb^X:c]VcXZbZci!VcYGdX`¼cGdaaZg8dVhiZgh!HBJ¼hHjbbZgNdji] Egd\gVb]Zaeh`^YhXgZViZ!hdakZ!YZh^\c!VcYi]^c`i]Z^glVn ^cidcZlZmeZg^ZcXZh#6[iZgVaa!^hc¼ii]Vil]ViaZVgc^c\^hVaaVWdji4 =ZaYViHBJ¼hEaVcd8Vbejh#8Vaa'&)#,+-#*)((dgk^h^illl#hbj#ZYj$ndji]#

Southern Methodist University will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or veteran status.

Page 36

childhood phenomenon. “Parents sometimes mistakenly feel that there is nothing they can do to change these social trends, while unknowingly they may be contributing to the problem” (Practical Parent Education, 2007). The place to start is at the beginning, when children are forming relationships, comfort zones are being realized, and boundaries are set. It is important to keep in mind that while our children’s relationships are much different today than they were in previous generations (rumors never spread so fast as they do on text messaging or MySpace), one thing is still very much the same—every pre-teen wants to become part of a group and yet be an individual. Teenagers want to experience a wide variety of situations without the pressure of conforming to an expected role and, as strange as it may seem, our children may not necessarily want the assurance of a parent’s presence or even the security that parents offer because they want to make decisions on their own and ultimately choose for themselves the path that they lead. While gaining a healthy selfconcept, learning independence, and meeting new peers are all healthy activities, there are specific steps that you and your children can take to ensure that their new freedom—as well as their safety— are both top priorities. For your pre-teens, allow them to participate in monitored interactions with their friends by helping them plan fun activities such as going to the movies, having a picnic, shopping at the mall, or taking a walk. Ask the parents to rotate so that an

adult can accompany the group on one outing per week throughout the summer. Have your teenager get to know friends by talking on the phone before they go somewhere together, and make sure you are introduced to them beforehand, as well. If rules have been followed, allow your teen to spend time together with a group of friends at a public place. Be clear with your son or daughter about what you feel comfortable with them doing and when you expect them to be home. Have your teenager tell you and at least one friend where they are going, who they will be with, and how you can reach them. And, as much as they may resist, limit the amount of time your children spend with friends each week, and increase the amount of time you spend doing fun activities with your children. They may not thank you now, but you being a part of their lives will make a difference in their current decisions and the type of adults they become. During your time with your children, teach them their rights but don’t forget to be a model, also: always be treated with respect; own their body, thoughts, opinions, and property; choose their friends; change their mind at any time; do not tolerate physical, emotional or sexual abuse; leave a negative relationship; say no when unsure or uncomfortable; be treated as an equal. It is their right to live without fear and confusion. It is also important to address some of the more uncomfortable and even painful topics with your children. Ask them if they have a friend or are in a relationship with a person who embarrasses them, puts them down, makes them feel

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

inadequate, pressures them, uses intimidation or threats, contacts them excessively or unexpectedly, uses drugs or alcohol, or prevents your child from doing things they want, like spending time with friends or family ( Remember, pre-teens and teenagers are different than younger children, but they are not yet adults, and this time is just as confusing for them as it is for you as their parent. However, with positive communication and involvement, you can work together with your adolescent to find answers and solutions for healthy relationships. A child who needs good relationships with family and friends, this is critical for healthy development and teaches them to choose positive partners as an adult (Olson & Olson, 2000). Sarah Feuerbacher, Ph.D., LCSW earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Social Work and a Doctorate degree

in Educational Psychology from Baylor University. She is currently employed as the Clinical Director at Collin Intervention to Youth-CITY House in Plano, TX and provides supervision to the clinical and residential programs for a Family Counseling Center, Transitional Resources Intake and Placement Services Program, Teen Shelter, and My Friend’s House Children’s Shelter. In addition, she serves on the faculty of Psychology in Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is a Practical Parent Education Certified Parent Educator and has also taught in multiple positions of academia, including university, community college, secondary, and elementary educational levels. Her previous social service experience has allowed her to work as a domestic violence battering program intake specialist and counselor; family preservation program therapist; school case manager; and, residential care facility case

worker. Dr. Feuerbacher has participated in many program development and evaluation opportunities, has been awarded multiple grant designations, and is a member of a variety of professional associations. She has completed extensive quantitative and qualitative research studies, presentations, and publications in the area of holistic approaches to working with at-risk, multicultural youth and their intrapersonal and environmental systems; her current research and public outreach focuses on multifaceted themes of family abuse.

Escape the heat, hit the ice! Learn to skate this summer at Stonebriar Ice. Birthday Parties • Carousel Parties Broomball • Learn to Skate Group Rates

Sarah Feuerbacher, Ph.D., LCSW Clinical Director, CITY House 1947 Ave. K, Bldg. A, Ste. 400

Call 972-731-9600

at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco

Plano, TX 75074 (972) 424-4626 ext. 320

$5.00 off 1 Learn to Skate Session or a Birthday Party exp. 08/30/08

Academy For Coaching Parents International Take on the Role of a Lifetime! Two Phenomenal Seminars - One Transformational Weekend for Parents, Parent Coaches, and Educators! Part I

Part II

Coaching Intuitive Parents and Children Sept. 24-26, 2008

Coaching Adolescents - Sept. 26-28, 2008

This unique seminar will show you how to honor your intuitive nature, and teach you about the vital role it plays in parenting.

Learn skills that will help you gain confidence in your parenting/coaching abilities,as well as give you the specific tools necessary to empower teens. Learn five innovative tools which empower teens to dive deep and fly high to success.

Join the Academy for Coaching Parents International in Paradise, TX (one hour from DFW airport) for Two to Four Powerful Days of Heart-Centered, Intention-Focused, Parenting Paradigms and Skills

Register online at or call Dr. Caron Goode at 817-847-8758 for more information. Enroll today and your partner/spouse may attend for free! Page 37

North Texas Kids • • June 2008


ideas for summer Fun


ere are some great ideas Saigling Elementary Staff and PTA Health & Wellness Committee to motivate your kids to stay fit and healthy this summer. Get a calendar and encourage them to put a sticker on the calendar every time they do one of these activities. Mark the number of the activity you do and place it on the date on the calendar. If several siblings are participating put their 1st initial on the sticker too. Come up with a fun prize or treat each month to celebrate their success. Maybe a pool toy or a trip to the movies. 1. Take a walk down your street and count how many different trees there are. 2. Try a new vegetable 3. Play jump rope or hula hoop for 20 minutes 4. Walk to the park to play on the equipment 5. Have a scavenger hunt at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve 6. Go swimming for an hour 7. Take a walk through the zoo 8. Find a new healthy breakfast recipe and give it a try 9. Learn correct breathing and 3 yoga stretches to do with Mom or Dad 10. Research healthy food from another country and try one 11. Play in the sprinklers 12. Drink 8 glasses of water 13. Help check food labels in your house and donate some of your left over foods 14. Try a new fish recipe 15. Wash your parents car 16. Eat something green 17. Play catch with someone 18. Learn a new sport 19. Go to either a batting cage or driving green or even hit some tennis balls around 20. Eat something red 21. Start a family daily 20 minute exercise routine 22. Pick different areas in your house to clean out over the summer then have a fall garage sell 23. Eat something yellow 24. Keep a food diary for 3 days then review it to see where you could make better choices 25. Try to find a healthy dessert recipe 26. Make fruit smoothies 27. Make up a dance to your favorite song 28. Build and play on an obstacle course 29. Go Bowling 30. Help with yard work 31. Help with house cleaning 32. Find a way to add fiber to your day 33. Play hopscotch 34. Bear walk or crab crawl across the yard 5 times 35. Set up and ride a bike obstacle course 36. Plan a healthy picnic followed by a walk 37. Play Frisbee 38. Give up your one favorite junk food for the summer 39. Look up games children in other countries play and try one out 40. Start a vegetable or herb garden 41. Try rice milk – a great source of Calcium & other nutrients 42. Eat something blue 43. Make your own fresh fruit in plain or vanilla yogurt 44. Eat a watermelon and have a seed spitting contest 45. Now think of some of your own ideas to get moving and eat healthier Page 38

Emma’s Kid-Friendly Restaurant Review

Saltgrass Steakhouse 3000 Dallas Parkway Off of North Dallas Parkway, between Park and Parker 972/781-2202 13 locations across the metroplex!

Saltgrass Steakhouse has a fun atmosphere. Hanging on the wall are hunting trophies like deer, buffalo, and antelope. There are also street signs such as “30 Mile per hour” and “Bike Path”. So you can tell that it is a relaxed friendly place. My Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from Wyoming, so they felt right at home in the rustic environment. We got our drinks very quickly after being seated. We needed a little time to decide what to order, and service was a little slow taking our dinner orders. My brother and I both had the hamburger and French fries. I liked mine except for the sesame seed bun. My brother loved his and ate every bite. Other items on the kids’ menu included cheese pizza, corn dog, chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and baby back ribs. My mom and dad both ordered the steak and shrimp special, which they both really enjoyed. Grandma and Grandpa split a steak that first arrived undercooked. A different waitress quickly returned it to the

kitchen and a manager came by to apologize. Once the steak was returned, well done, they really enjoyed it and said they ate too much. For dessert, my brother and I each had the Cowboy Sundae. It came with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top. It was delicious! Other than a little slow service and an undercooked steak, we had a good visit to Saltgrass Steakhouse located at the Dallas North Tollway and Parker Road in Plano. Emma Bonin is a third-grader at Hughston Elementary. She lives in Plano with her mom, dad, and brother, Jack.

She is

excited about the opportunity to review area restaurants and share her thoughts with the readers of North Texas Kids. Emma is an avid soccer player and enjoys swimming, computer games, baking, and getting together with friends.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

NTK Calendar of Events Looking for Something to Do in Your Own Backyard or Around the Metroplex? You Will Find it Here! Find these events and more online at

June Sunday June 1 Dallas T G I F r i d a y ’s P r e s e n t s “ C o n c e r t i n CenterPark” - Sun Jun 1 2:00 PM: Enjoy a day of fun for all ages in CenterPark featuring live music by 2-time Emmy-winning Josh Goode Band, great TGI Friday’s food, face painting, balloon animals, sno-cones and much much more. Proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, North Texas Chapter. CenterPark is NorthPark’s beautifully landscaped outdoor garden.

Monday June 2 Allen Summer Sounds Concert Series - Mon Jun 2 7:00 PM: Cost: FREE. Age: All ages welcome. Location: Joe Farmer Recreation Center Amphitheater (1201 E. Bethany). A concert series held on Monday nights for six-consecutive weeks beginning in May. The music starts at 7 p.m. and a variety of concession items are available for purchase. Bring the family out for a night and experience music from some of the best local talent around. For more information, call 214-5094811

Tuesday June 3 Dallas Leonardo’s Workshop - Tue Jun 3 2:00 PM: Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2-4 pm a museum educator will be on hand to assist you in the Children’s Museum galleries. You can explore your creativeness or build science readiness through fun innovative activities. Richardson Prepared Childbirth Class - Tue Jun 3 6:30 PM: Prepared Childbirth (12 hours). Topics include: late pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn characteristics. Common hospital routines, medications, and labor management are discussed in depth. Cost: $85. Peppermint Baby Boutique is located at 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson, 75081. Registration information can be found at or by calling 214623-5080. Dallas National Tap Dance Celebration 2008 - Tue Jun 3 7:00 PM: The Drowsy Chaperone opens June 3 at The Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas. The free pre-show tribute to tap will be performed at 7 p.m. on June 3 and again at 1 p.m. before the matinees Sat., June 7, Sun., June 8, Sat., June 14 and Sun., June 15. The tap spectacular will feature talented tap dancers from all over the Metroplex. For more information contact Ralph Blackburn at Dance Council at 214-219-2290 director@

Wednesday June 4

ALL CONCERTS ARE FREE! For more details call 972-941-7250.

Dallas Hand in Hand - Wed Jun 4 10:00 AM: Hand in HandA children’s program that takes place each Wednesday morning from 10-11:30 am during the school year. Preschoolers and their adult companions can explore, imagine and discover together - hear a story, get your wiggles out to music, create theme-related crafts and enjoy fun activities.

Friday June 6

Dallas Dallas Public Library Children’s Activity Series - Wed Jun 4 10:30 AM: This fun, hands-on activity program for pre-schoolers takes place in NorthCourt between Nordstrom and Macy’s at 10:30 am. www. Grapevine Rainforest Cafe Family Nights - Wed Jun 4 5:00 PM: Rainforest Cafe is hosting Family Nights every Wednesday night. Enjoy a WILD night of family fun in the jungle! Family Night includes activities like face painting and balloon animals. Receive discounts on Kid’s meals and hand out with Cha! Cha!, our very own red-eyes tree frog. It’s an adventure for the whole family! www. 972-539-5001

Thursday June 5 Wylie Moms & More Monthly Meeting - Thu Jun 5 10:00 AM: Moms & More offers support and activities for parents and kids in Wylie and the surrounding communities. Please call for more info: 469-361-6468. URL: Irving JumpstART - Stories & ART - Thu Jun 5 10:00 AM: 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062, FREE, Box Office: (972)252.ARTS. FREE family story time with a hands-on art activity to follow. Explore new themes, books and fun projects each month. JumpstART family story time takes place at 10 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month through April at the Irving Arts Center. JumpstART will break for the summer and start again in August. Open to children of all ages. Groups of 15 or more must pre-register - contact Jennifer to preregister at (972) 252-7558 x1226.Thursday, February 7: Chinese New Year Dallas Dallas Arboretum Cool Thursdays - Thu Jun 5 7:00 PM: Perfect for family, friends, or a date. We encourage picnics and coolers so guests can enjoy the show on White Rock Lake. Plano Picnic in the Park Concert - Thu Jun 5 7:00 PM: This is the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors, family and GREAT MUSIC at the Plano Parks and Recreation Department annual Picnic in the Park...On the Road Concert Series. The Series lineup will be announced later. Hoblitzelle Park.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Dallas Texas Discovery Gardens’ Annual June Butterfly Plant Sale - Fri Jun 6 10:00 AM: It’s almost here... Your once-a-year opportunity to purchase a beautiful, low-maintenance native and adapted plants grown in the greenhouses at Texas Discovery Gardens. Mention you are coming to the Plant Sale for free parking. Texas Discovery Gardens Greenhouse at Fair Park, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Dallas. Call 214-428-7476 or visit the website at Flower Mound & Highland Village Excite! Friday & Saturday Nights Out Fri Jun 6 6:00 PM: Open gym play, inflatables, trampoline, foam pit, games, and pizza dinner. Ages 3 - 11.Fridays at Excite! Flower Mound 972.874.9663 for reservations. Saturdays at Excite! Highland VIllage 972.874.8500 for reservations. $18 Excite! members / $20 non-member. Plano JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT - Fri Jun 6 7:15 PM: Plano Community Theatre presents Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the musical, June 6-15. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 2:15 p.m. Tickets are $7 in advance and $9 at the door. The performances will be at the Courtyard Theatre, 1509 Avenue H, in downtown Plano. For tickets, please call (972) 422-2575. Plano Community Theatre. 1301 Custer Road, Suite 832, Plano, Texas 75075, (972) 422-2575 Frisco American Bank of Texas Frisco Grooves - Fri Jun 6 7:30 PM: Bare feet, dancing as well as kids rolling around in the grass are encouraged FRISCO GROOVES produced by American Bank of Texas brings top Texas talent to North Texas June 6- Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines and friends – June 13 - South Austin Jug Band – June 20 Sisters Morales – June 27 - Derailers – 972-335-1900 Frisco FRISCO GROOVES - Fri Jun 6 7:30 PM: Each Friday night in June at 7:30 p.m., a leading Texas artist will provide a live concert. Each concert takes place at Warren Sports Complex on Eldorado between Preston and Dallas North Tollay in Frisco. Open to the public. Wagons and picnics welcome. Bare feet, dancing as well as kids rolling around in the grass are encouraged. and www.ABTexas. com or call 972-335-1900. Friday, June 6, Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines and friends Friday, June 13, South

Austin Jug Band - www.southaustinjugband. com Friday, June 20, Sisters Morales - www. Friday, June 27, Derailers -

Saturday June 7 McKinney Art & Jazz Festival - Sat Jun 7 All day event: Art & Jazz Festival June 7 at 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. June 8 at 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. Historic Downtown McKinney Local and regional artist come out to play in Historic Downtown McKinney on a beautiful spring weekend in June. Visit artist representing every mix and medium of art while enjoying the sounds of jazz. Plan to spend a weekend and experience the magic of history coupled with fine dining, arts and crafts, street dancing, live entertainment, wine tastings and activities for all ages. 972.547.2660 Dallas 4th Annual Frost Bank Sporting Clay Shoot Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children - Sat Jun 7 All day event: $75 Junior Shooter (age 16 or younger). $150 Individual Shooter. 7 a.m. Registration begins and light breakfast provided. 8 a.m. Rotation begins. 11:30 a.m. Complimentary lunch for participants ($10 for non-participants). 12:30 p.m. Live auction begins. 1 p.m. Awards presentation begins. Elm Fork Shotgun Sports, Dallas, 10751 Luna Road. Special Events department at (214) 559-7656. www.tsrhc. org/clayshoots Plano Komen North Texas Race for the Cure - Sat Jun 7 7:00 AM: 5K/1M, EDS, Legacy at Parkwood Dr, Plano, TX 972-378-4808 Frisco Centennial Medical hosts First Saturday Q&A - Sat Jun 7 12:00 PM: The first Saturday of every month, professionals from Centennial Medical Center will present a free question and answer session at Stonebriar Centre. A Centennial doctor will be at the shopping center each month to answer questions about hospital- and health-related issues specific to his/her field of expertise. Sessions are held from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month. All Q&As are at no charge and will be held on the lower level in the Dillard’s wing, near the Healthy Hometown Play Area, which is sponsored in the shopping center by Centennial Medical Center. Dallas SPCA Grief Counseling Group - Sat Jun 7 1:00 PM: The SPCA of Texas’ Pet Grief recovery program is designed to help those who are grieving the loss of a beloved companion animal. Free and open to the public. SPCA of Texas, 2400 Lone Star Drive, Dallas, conference room. (214) 742-SPCA Richardson Natural Cleaning Solutions Class - Sat Jun 7 1:00 PM: Learn how to make your own cleaning supplies using pure essential oils

Page 39

and other natural ingredients. You will learn how to fight germs, pests and dirt naturally while making your home smell like flowers, peppermint or oranges rather than ammonia or chlorine. Bring your own spray bottle to receive the ingredients for a cleansing room spray using lemon, white thyme and patchouli oils. Please call 214-623-5080 or email to register. FREE. Dallas Dallas Public Library Children’s Activity Series - Sat Jun 7 2:00 PM: This fun, handson activity program for elementary school age children takes place in NorthCourt between Nordstrom and Macy’s at 2:00 pm. Southlake Masterworks Music Series - Sat Jun 7 7:30 PM: Saturday evenings during the summer. Bring your own blankets and lawn chairs for a relaxing evening with your family. FREE. Rustin Pavillion at Southlake Town Square. Plano Rock ‘N’ Roll in the Bowl - Sat Jun 7 7:30 PM: Plano Stages presents “Rock ‘N’ Roll in the Bowl” as part of the Concerts in the Park Series. The featured performers are Voodoo Blue (a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band) and Carolyn Wonderland. Admission: $12/adults, $6/seniors (60+) and kids 12 and under. Music-lovers are welcome to bring coolers and picnic baskets to enjoy an exciting night of great blues music. Amphitheater at Oak Point Park, 2801 East Spring Creek Parkway. For tickets or more information, call 972941-5600, or visit

Sunday June 8 Garland The Miss Liberty Pageant - Sun Jun 8 2:00 PM: Plaza Theatre Enjoy an afternoon of fun at the Miss Liberty Pageant for girls age 1 to 19. This is a natural pageant with no make up on little girls. Natural modeling is also preferred. The event is open to the public and the admission is $10 at the door for age 10 and up, including parents. Contact Sherry Macauley at 469- 762-0063 or email

Monday June 9 Richardson Pre-Ballet Summer Workshop - Mon Jun 9 All day event: The Summer Workshop classes are developed in an artistic and creative atmosphere with the purpose of a summer full of art and fun!!! Workshop is designed for children ages 3 - 6. They include daily dance classes with music, dance history, creative expression, mime, and much more. The Pre-Ballet Summer Workshop will finish with a performance that will show their learning during the summer workshop. Registration at Dallas Dallas Dyslexia Information Group presents Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR, The Handwriting Clinic. Eliminate Dysgraphia! Does your child have terrible handwriting? Is it really dysgraphia? Do we accept bad handwriting or is there something we can do? When do children need assistive technology and keyboarding skills? Jan will explore these topics plus answer questions. Feel free to bring your child’s handwriting samples. 7 - 9 pm located at The Winston School 5707

Royal Lane Dallas, 75229 214-691-6950 for more information. Two CEU’s are given to Academic Language Therapy Association members, LD professionals, Educators, and other Professions. These presentations are free and open to the public. Allen Step Up to Health - Mon Jun 9 7:00 PM: Cost: FREE. Ages: Open to all ages Location: Joe Farmer Recreation Gymnasium and Amphitheater Scrumpy the Fire Dog and FC Dallas are urging the community to focus on wellness and healthy living programs offered by the Allen Parks and Recreation through Step Up to Health, an initiative launched by the National Recreation and Parks Association. 214-509-4750.

Tuesday June 10 Plano Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano - Tue Jun 10 9:30 AM: Join us at one of our regular program meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. There’s always an interesting speaker, and you’ll meet a lot of fun women! Please join us at SMU-in-Legacy, 5228 Tennyson Parkway, Plano. Look for our signs! (West of Preston Road on the SE Corner of Tennyson & Democracy) www. Carrollton Cool Tuesday Movies - Tue Jun 10 1:00 PM: Beat the Heat with Cool Tuesday Movies Popular and fun children’s films will be shown Tuesday afternoons in June and July. Please arrive on time. Carrollton Public Library at Josey Ranch Lake,


Friday June 13 Allen Ronald Macdonald Visit - Fri Jun 13 6:00 PM: June 13thMcDonald’s #06392104 Central Expwy. @ McDermott Allen 6-7pm Southlake Movies in the Park - Fri Jun 13 8:30 PM: Fridays during the summer. Bring the entire family to Bob Jones Park for Movies in the Park! Participants are welcome to bring chairs and blankets. Bob Jones Park. www.

Saturday June 14 Flag Day Plano Plano Interurban Centennial Celebration Sat Jun 14 10:00 AM: Step back in time and enjoy and old-fashioned celebration! Event includes Interurban Railway Museum tours, storytelling, trackless train rides, face painting and plenty of fun and games for the whole family. Admission is free. Haggard Park, 901 E. 15th Street. Flower Mound Otaku Kyokai No Flower Mound (Teen Anime Club) - Sat Jun 14 1:00 PM: (Monthly at 1pm on the second Saturday). Flower Mound Public Library Plano Downtown @ Sundown - Sat Jun 14 5:30 PM: All of North Texas is invited to come see what downtown Plano is all about during this exciting evening of food, entertainment and shopping! The Downtown @ Sundown Series is a fun-filled mixture of live music, an Art Walk, a vendor marketplace, and many shops and restaurants...which will all be open late to accommodate shoppers and din-


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972-516-9550 900 Ave. K, Ste. 150, Plano, TX 75074 Member: BBB, Plano Frisco & Dallas Chambers of Commerce

References Provided Upon Request Page 40

Minority/Women Owned Business North Texas Kids • • June 2008

ers. Historic Downtown Plano, 15th Street, between K Avenue and J Place. For more information call 972-941-5260 or check out McKinney Second Saturdays - Sat Jun 14 7:00 PM: “Second Saturdays” is a celebration of the arts and the community with live entertainment, spirits, and food where featured artists debut their latest creations. Once you experience the energy of these evenings, we are certain “Second Saturdays” will become a regular event on your social calendar. From Hwy 75, exit 40A, head east on Louisiana Street for 1.5 miles. For further information call 972.547.2660 or visit Dallas Father’s Day Overnight at the Aquarium Sat Jun 14 7:00 PM: Father’s Day Overnight at the Aquarium! Your opportunity to truly ‘sleep with the fishes!’ Dallas Aquarium. Contact Brian Potvin 214-670-8443

Sunday June 15 Father’s Day

Monday June 16 McKinney Summer VBS - Mon Jun 16 6:00 PM: Your family is invited to a VBS “Friendship Trek” to discover Jesus our Forever Friend this June 16-20 from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Our Savior Lutheran Church at 2708 W. Virginia Pkwy in McKinney TX. Visit www.oslmckinney. org or call 972-562-9944 ext 127 for detail

Thursday June 19 Irving Beauty & the Beast - Thu Jun 19 All day event: Carranza Puppets return to Irving with the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast. The show mixes elaborate marionettes, original music, beautiful sets, costumes and an array of lighting and special effects. Join Beast, Beauty, her father and sisters, and Beauty’s canine BFF, Sparky for an experience the whole family will enjoy. Two showtimes at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Carpenter Performance Hall 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving. FREE

Friday June 20 Flower Mound Summer Concert in the Park - Fri Jun 20 7:30 PM: Summer Concert in the Park - featuring Flower Mound Community Orchestra and Voices of Flower Mound. Parker Square.

Saturday June 21 Plano Juneteenth Celebration - Sat Jun 21 All day event: The City of Plano Douglass Community Center will host the Juneteenth Celebration. Join in the observance and enjoy a day of community service, family fun and games, live music, celebrity sporting event, a carnival atmosphere and food vendors. For more information contact the Center at 972941-7174. Irving 2008 Dadfest - Sat Jun 21 8:00 AM: 5K/ Kids 50 yds/ diaper dash. Dallas Cowboy Texas Stadium, Irving TX 972-235-2513.

See event website for registration details: Dallas Kids Train Festival - Sat Jun 21 11:00 AM: Enjoy a weekend of family fun at the Museum of the American Railroad. Activities include live steam whistle demonstrations, music from our vintage 1914 steam-powered calliope, drawings for prizes, balloons and much more! This event is a treat for “Jr. Engineers” of all ages! Questions, call (214) 428-0101 or visit our website at All Aboard!

The 2008 Komen North Texas Race for the Cure®

Saturday, June 7th at EDS Global Headquarters in Plano For more information call 972-378-4808 or go to

Monday June 23 McKinney Creative Arts Camp - Mon Jun 23 9:00 AM: Children can choose two of three options – Drama, Art or Cooking – at the Creative Arts Camp for children 1st – 5th grade (just completed) offered June 23-27th for just $45 (early registration before May 30) or $60 for regular registration. Family discounts available. Call 972-548-1300 to register. More information at www.steppingstoneschurch. org

Tuesday June 24 Irving Animalia - Tue Jun 24 All day event: The Foamies are coming! Animalia brings the animal kingdom to life in a stunning puppet ballet of whales, dolphins, birds, butterflies, wolves, and a menagerie of other mammals including humans. Foamies are incredibly realistic carved, painted and embellished foam works of art created by Hobey Ford. Winner of puppetry’s highest honor, the UNIMA Citation of Excellence, and recipient of three Jim Henson Foundation grants, Ford is recognized for his excellence in puppetry performance and for inventing Foamies. Two showtimes at 9:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m. Carpenter Performance Hall 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving. $6.00

Saturday June 28 Irving Robinson Crusoe - Missoula Children’s Theatre - Sat Jun 28 All day event: A musical rendition of the popular story, Robinson Crusoe. This production is acted by Missoula Children’s Theatre summer camp participants. This project supported by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts. Dupree Theater 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving. $6.00 Allen Allen USA Celebration - Sat Jun 28 12:00 PM: Cost: FREE admission Location: Celebration Park (701 Angel Parkway). Allen USA, one of the largest pre-Fourth of July celebrations in North Texas, kicks off on Saturday, June 28 at Celebration Park at noon. Attractions include a Kid Zone with more than 20 inflatables, a children’s Activity Zone complete with two shows from Nickelodeon Live, concessionaires from all over the region and a live performance from Three Dog Night. 214-509-4811 Grapevine SIMON KIDGITS SUPER DUPER MINI CHEFS Event - Sat Jun 28 1:00 PM: Justfor-Kids Cooking Fun, Giveaways and More. Many cooks in the kitchen makes for a recipe for culinary fun during the Simon Kidgits Super Duper Mini Chefs extravaganza at

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

18th Annual


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Elizabeth Jekot M.D. Breast Imaging Center First Choice Emergency Room Inside Collin County Business K. Hovnanian Homes Northside at Legacy Post Apartment Homes ViaViente Hope Blue Bell Creameries Denton Record Chronicle emerald city Fisher Controls Frisco STYLE Frito-Lay Intel Corporation JCPenney Main Street Bakery Microsoft Corporation New Balance DFW Nordstrom North Texas Kids Plano Florist Plano Jazzercize Sanden International The Rudman Partnership The Sports Page Weekly TLC Child Development Centers

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Grapevine Mills. Come join the fun at this free, interactive event sure to offer up a smorgasbord of activities designed to provide wholesome food fun for the entire family. Contact: Johnathon Adkins, Guest Services Manager at 972-724-4910

Ongoing Fun Classes and Activities Carrollton. AW Perry Homestead Museum 1509 N. Perry Rd 972-466-6380. Free Admission and Tours, Mon - Sat 10 - 12 & 1 - 5 http://www. Dallas. Lakeshore has FREE crafts for kids on Saturdays. Located just north of the Galleria on Dallas Pkwy (13846 Dallas Pkwy ) 972934-8866 for more information. Dallas. Dallas Arboretum. Mommy & Me Mondays - 10am - 2pm. 10am - 2pm: Tiny Tots Tuesdays presented by Children’s Medical Center. Dallas. Outstanding family entertainment is abundant at Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse. New Vaudevillians, Slappy & Monday, reach wider audiences in their newly improved and expanded Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse on the third level of the Galleria Dallas next to Nordstrom’s and Children’s Play Place. Continuing their mission of high-quality, parent-friendly programs, the theatre offers a vibrant array of European-style puppet shows as well as a unique variety show brimming with the talents of world-class clowns and other circus artists, musicians and magicians. Flower Mound/Highland Village. Friday - Flower Mound 6 - 10 pm Saturday - Highland Village 6 - 10 pm Excite! holds parents night out so that your children can enjoy their evening with friends and activities. It’s the best deal for a sitter in town! Open Gym, foam pit, games, music and Pizza dinner. Visit or call 972-874-9663 Flower Mound 972-8748500 Highland Village for more information and reservations (Ages 3 - 11) http://www. Frisco. Moms Eat Free & Jersey Night. GattiTown. Mondays are Moms Eat Free (with the purchase of a kid’s buffet). Tuesday Nights are Jersey Nights (3pm-close). Kids, wear your practice or game jersey and receive a FREE $5.00 game card and a $5.00 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods (with the purchase of a buffet). Frisco. Preschool programs available at First Choice Emergency Room. Attention Mom’s groups and Preschools....First Choice Emergency Room at 4851 Legacy Dr. #301 Frisco. Call 214-618-6800 to schedule your tour of the ER. It is a fun and educational experience. Tours available at 10am any weekday. If your

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group or class cannot come to the ER, First Choice will bring the Teddy Bear visits the ER program to your school or group. Frisco. Wiggly Play Center weekdays 3:00pm 5:00pm. Arts & Crafts Mondays, Storybook Tuesdays, Monster Mash Wednesdays, Dancing with Dorothy Thursdays, Wiggle with Wags Fridays. 4944 Preston Road, Suite 100 Frisco (469) 633-0676 Highland Village. Acting Classes for Kids. Studio B is offering a wide range of acting classes for ages 3 and up. 1 Nelson Parkway at 2400 FM 407 in Highland Village. 972-966-2787 http://www. Irving. JumpSTART Stories and Art. The Irving Arts Center and Irving Public Library now offer FREE family storytimes at the Arts Center on the first Thursday of every month (through December) at 10 a.m. Stories are followed by a fun craft. ‘Seafaring Tales’ is the July theme. Call (972) 252-7558 x221 for more info. Little Elm. Wednesdays 10:15 - 10:45 & 11 - 11:30 am Toddler time (ages 1 - 3) & Storytime (ages 4 - 6) Bring your family for a special reading time in the Little Elm Library. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit to verify changes. http:// Little Elm. 2nd & 4th Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm Chess Club for ages 7 to adult Do you enjoy playing chess and want to learn to play with a variety of people. Join us at the Little Elm Library and bring your friends. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit to verify changes. http:// Little Elm. Saturdays 10:30-11 am Family Story Time for all ages Bring your family for a special reading time in the Little Elm Library. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-9750430 or visit to verify changes. Little Elm. Saturdays 11-12 Children’s Film Festival Bring your family for a special time together at the Little Elm Library. Call the library for film titles each week. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www. to verify changes. http://www. Little Elm. Saturdays 1 - 3 pm Saturday Movie Matinee Bring your family for a special time together at the Little Elm Library. Call the library for Movie titles each week. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www. to verify changes. http://www. McKinney. Second Saturdays Downtown McKinney. ‘Second Saturdays’ is a celebration of the arts and the community with live entertainment, spirits, and food. From Hwy 75, exit 40A, head east on Louisiana Street for 1.5 miles.

Galleria d’Arte is on the corner of Kentucky and Louisiana at 100 E Louisiana St. Art Institute of McKinney is at 113 S Kentucky Street. 972-548-7830 7 PM - 10 PM http:// McKinney. McKinney Farmers’ Market, Every Saturday 8AM - 1PM. Downtown McKinney at the southeast corner of Church Street & Louisiana Street. Locally grown produce, flowers, herbs, local honey, farm fresh eggs, chicken, turkey, beef and pork from grass-fed animals, a natural soap and lotion-maker and chair massages. For information on becoming a vendor call 214-850-0886 Plano. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Bounce U is hosting playdates for Preschoolers from 9:30 am - 11:30 am And Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:00. These are opportunities for kids and adults to socialize and play with others in their peer group. Ages 7 and under only please. Space is limited, so reservations are recommended. Bounce U 972422-3344 2532 Summit Ave., Suite #501, Plano Princeton. Groove Kids, Every Sun & Wed. Absolutely free to kids newborn thru 6th grade - Groove Kids is the place to be to have fun, hang out with Christian friends, enjoy Bible stories, cool music, and more! Every Sunday 10:45-12:00 and Wednesday 7-8 at Family Worship Center in Princeton, TX on Highway 380 @ Tickety Drive. (Call for directions 469.450.7437) Richardson Peppermint Baby Boutique holds regular classes. Babywearing Class: Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m. Elimination Communication/Infant Potty Training Workshop: Every first Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Baby Sign Language 2-Hour Workshop: Every third Saturday of the month. 3 - 5 p.m. Cloth Diapering Workshop: Every 2nd Saturday of the month. 10 a.m. Prenatal Yoga Saturdays at 9 a.m. Postnatal Yoga Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Peppermint Baby Boutique 1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson. Registration information can be found at or by calling 214-623-5080. http:// Various. REGISTER TODAY for Kids First Ice Hockey Program. A totally FREE, get-acquainted program that offers boys and girls, ages 4-8, the opportunity to ‘try’ the game of hockey at NO CHARGE. The first week each player is given a full set of hockey equipment to use during the program. Kids will skate (4) 45 minute on ice sessions designed to introduce kids to the excitement of the sport. (214) GO SKATE Various. Meetup Group for the Entire FAMILY. This is a fun and exciting meetup group for couples and families to fullfill all of their social needs! We have family nights, couple only nights, playdates for kids of all ages, mom’s night/day out, and of course daddy days! If your looking for the perfect meetup group to make new friends for yourself or for your family this is the place to be! http://groups. Various.

Baylor Medical Centers provide ongoing classes in Irving, Frisco, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Classes include Baby Care Basics/ Infant Safety and CPR, Prepared Childbirth Class, Infant/Child CPR, Car Seat Safety and SIDS Class, Breastfeeding Class, Sibling Class, Baby Care Basics, Cesarean Birth Class. 1-800-4-BAYLOR

Support Groups Allen. MOMS CLUB OF SE ALLEN - Are you a SAHM? Need some support, come join this welcoming group and get acquainted with great MOMS! We offer Playgroups, MNO’s, Monthly meetings and load of activities for you and your child. http://www.allenmoms. com Allen. MOMS Club of Allen-West. Monthly meeting at 10 am on the last Friday of the month. Call 972-396-7406 or email mailto:momsclub_ Allen. Allen Early Childhood PTA. Meet the second Friday of every month from 9:30am to 11am during the school year at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 821 S. Greenville Ave. http://www.aecpta. com Allen. La Leche League of Allen. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Allen Public Library, 300 N. Allen Drive. Contact Deena at 972-727-4213 or Jennifer at http:// Allen. We are the MOMS Offering Moms Support - Northeast Allen MOMS Club Christy Youens at 469-675-6652 email Carrollton. The Carrollton Early Childhood PTA is an organization dedicated to providing activities, support, friendships and education for parents of children age newborn through preschool. Possibly the biggest reason for becoming involved is to meet, socialize and network with other parents in the Carrollton area. For more information about the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA please visit our website Collin County. The Collin County Moms Meetup group is a fun, down-to-earth group of moms dedicated to friendship and support. As the most active moms group in North Texas, we offer daily playdates, field trips, supper get-togethers, Mom’s Nights Out and family events too! Whether you work outside the home or stay at home with your kids, there’s something for you. Collin County The Autism society of Collin County is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to those families affected by Autism. Parent Support Group Meeting for Parents of Younger Children held the 2nd Tuesday of Each Month from 8:45 am - 9:45

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

am at Cafe’ de France (75 Central Expwy & Park in Plano) Sign up for ASCC’s Group E-mail list: ascc2/join Visit or call 214-925-2722 for more information and meeting locations. Collin County. The Autism society of Collin County is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to those families affected by Autism. Monthly Parent Group and Support Meetings for Parents of Children of All Ages 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at Cafe’ de France (75 Central Expwy & Park in Plano) Sign up for ASCC’s Group E-mail list: http://groups. Visit www. or call 214-925-2722 for more information and meeting locations. Dallas. Dallas Dyslexia Information Group (DDIG) provides information on Dyslexia, Learning Differences, and related topics. This group meets at The Winston School, 5707 Royal Lane in Dallas, 75229 from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month except for December. For information regarding the monthly speaker, call Bob 214351-1985. Collin County. Caring and Sharing is a Breast Cancer Support Group for anyone affected by breast cancer. Sponsored by the ACS and the Medical Center of Plano. Meetings are held on the Third Monday of every month from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. Located at Medical Center of Plano - Building 2, 1620 Coit Road Surgery Waiting Room - First Floor. For additional information, please contact Cathy McLaughlin RN, 214-473-7777 Collin County Man to Man is a Prostate Cancer Support Group for anyone affected by prostate cancer. Sponsored by the ACS and the Medical Center of Plano. Meetings are held on the Third Tuesday of every month from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. Located at Medical Center of Plano - Building 2, 1620 Coit Road Surgery Waiting Room - First Floor. For additional information, please contact Cathy McLaughlin RN, 214-473-7777 Dallas. Moms Club of Dallas: North Central Chapter boundaries are I-30 to the south, I-635 to the north (exception: Addison), Marsh Lane to the east, and Garland Road to the west. Dallas/Plano/Frisco. Far North Dallas Early Childhood PTA (FNDECPTA) is dedicated to facilitating an educational and supportive network of parents of infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children. We are the only early childhood PTA (for families with children under age 6) in Plano ISD. The organization is open to new members year-round and sponsors organized playgroups, mom’s night out, children’s activities, Bunko, holiday parties, special guest speakers and more. We meet in Room 133 at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, 1401 Mira Vista Blvd. at Plano Parkway, and offer free childcare. http://www.fndecpta. Farmers Branch My Place - Tuesdays & Fridays. It’s an early intervention play & communication group.

North Texas Therapy & Associates (972) 385-0006. 14580 E. Beltwood Parkway; Farmers Branch 75244 no website given Frisco. Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic is a low-cost health clinic for uninsured children, 18 and younger, living in or attending school in Frisco, Celina or Prosper. The primary focus of Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic is to provide acute health care for uninsured children. The Clinic is held at Primera Bautista Iglesia each Wednesday (September - April) located at 8581 5th Street, in Frisco (corner of 5th and Ash). Appointment cards available at 5 PM. The doctor sees patients beginning at 6 PM. Cost per child is $5 to see the doctor. Medications are available at no cost. Proof of residency (utility bill) or proof of school enrollment (report card) is required. http:// Frisco. Frisco Early Childhood PTA. Meet at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 8000 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, 2nd friday of the month @ 10am. membership@friscoecpta. org Frisco. The Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath Systems Inc. at 2611 Internet Pkwy, suite 107, Frisco. Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a statewide program for families with children, birth to 3, with disabilities and developmental delays. Call 972-377-7289. Garland. Garland Area Early Childhood PTA. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, September through May, from 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at NorthLake Baptist Church, 1501 N. Country Club, Garland. 972-412-8540.

McKinney. MOMS Club of McKinney East. Contact Becky Garrett, 972-548-8236

at 9:30 AM, at the Atonement Lutheran Church on Legacy just west of Coit. For more information contact 214-473-4144

McKinney. Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday every month from 7-8 pm at Academics Plus, 1831 W. Louisiana, McKinney, Tx. Contact us at 972-548-8788 for more information.

Plano. MOMS Club of Plano-North. Monthly Social Meeting is the first Wednesday of every month, at 10:00am, at the Baha’i Faith Plano Center at 4200 Hedgcoxe (just West of Coit Rd). For more information contact membership@momsclubplanonorth or 972-464-1958

North Dallas. Mocha Moms of North Dallas meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Douglass Community Center on Ave. H in Plano. http://www.mochamomsnorthdallas. com Plano The Scoliosis Center of Excellence at Medical Center of Plano is offering free diagnostic scoliosis screenings the first Wednesday of each month by appointment for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. or 1-877-24-SCOLI. Plano. Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Parent Support Group. Meets every first Monday at Schimelpfenig Library 504 Custer Rd. in Plano. Meeting time: 6:30-7:30. No children allowed at the meeting. There will not be a September meeting due to the holiday. For more contact Alinda Ford at: http://www.spdnetwork. org/parentconnection/us.html Plano. Mothers and Others. Meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 in the room 230 of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church Activity Building. Call Katy Brandeland 214-9268696.

Lewisville Greater Lewisville Mothers & More is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers through support, education, and advocacy. We’re basically a fun group of moms wanting to connect and form lasting friendships. Our chapter welcomes ALL Stay-At-Home & Working MOMS living in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Corinth, & many of the DFW surrounding areas. *Prospective members are able to attend a 1-2 playgroups/meetings before joining our group* Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:008:30pm at a restaurant in Flower Mound. For meeting locations, membership info or a current schedule of events please visit www. or call 1-888-535-7118.

Plano. The Plano/Collin County branch of the AAUW. Monthly meetings at the Davis Library, 7501 Independence Parkway, Plano the 2nd Monday of each month. Contact Carol at 972 862 3460 for more info. http://

Little Elm. Writer’s Support Group 3rd Thursday of each month 6 - 8 pm Join us at the Little Elm Library and bring your friends. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit to verify changes http://

Plano. Plano Kiwanis Club meets each Wednesday for breakfast at 7:00 AM (always over by 8:00 AM) at La Madeleine Cafe, 5000 West Park Blvd at Preston Road. http://www.

McKinney. La Leche League of McKinney. Meetings are held 3rd Thursdays at 5871 W Virginia Pkwy, 10:15am to 12pm. Dee Dee 972-838-9135, Holly 214-385-0063 or Ricki 214-684-3966. html

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Plano. CHILD & FAMILY Guidance Center. Contact our Plano Office at 4030 West Plano Parkway, Suite 211. 972.612.5989 http:// Plano. Collin County Early Childhood PTA. Monthly meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month, 9:45 a.m., at Parkway Hills Baptist Church, located at 2700 Dallas Parkway, in Plano. Call Karen Maddox at 972-491-0260

Plano. La Leche League of Plano meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:30 to 11:45 am at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 3601 West 15th Street, Room 105. Call Beth 972747-1297, Cleo 972-208-0158, or Emilie 469-366-7205, PlanoTX.html Plano. MOMS Club of Plano North Central chapter. Meeting the first Thursday of every month,

Plano. MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of Plano Central Are you a stay at home mom living south of Spring Creek? Please join us for weekly playdates and monthly Mom’s night out! We are small but growing and would love to have you. Contact Amy at 972 491-6893 Plano. Practical Parent Education is a non-profit organization based in Plano, Texas dedicated to helping parents do their job better. Please come by our Family Resource Center in the Dr. Allan Bird Education Center at 1300 19th Street, Plano Plano. Own my own mentoring program is a mentoring program for children with incarcerated parents sponsored by Dedicated Women of Christ. Contact Latahra Smith, 972-3778254 Plano. Collin County Homeschool Playgroup. http:// Richardson. La Leche League Of Richardson meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm. Call Jayne 972-758-7236, Tiffany 972-2345853 or Mary 972-907-9079, http://www. Richardson. Post Partum Depression Support Group. Non-profit group Dallas Association for Parent Education will hold a free, monthly Post Partum Depression Support Group at their office in Richardson. This also offers network support for moms and families. To sign up or for more info call the DAPE office at 972-699-0420, Mon. - Fri., 9am - 3pm. Wylie. Moms & More: Be you a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or Nanny, we welcome all caregivers from Wylie and the surrounding communities. Our Monthly Convergence is held on the first Thursday of each month. Children are always welcome to all our activities. Drinks and snacks will be provided. For more information and directions, please contact our Membership Chair, Grady at 972941-8597 or visit our website http://www. Submitting Events We welcome your submissions of family-oriented events. Events/support groups should be submitted online at www.northtexaskids. com. Click on the submissions button. Please keep listings brief and in a similar format to what you see in our calendar. No more than two listings per organization will be accepted. Thank you for your participation in our community calendar.

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Save the Date for the 1st Annual

Pack a Picnic in style We just love to pack our lunch, goodies and toys and go play at the park! Our favorite is going to the duck park so we can feed them, too. We take our lunch, watermelon, bubbles and food for the ducks and have a great time with our kids! For those picture lovers (like me), there are many opportunities for some great shots.

Saturday, November 15 2008 at the Plano Centre Benefitting the programs of CITY House Sponsors and vendors wanted! Call for more details: 972-516-9070


Here is a fun and cute way to pack your lunch by using a gable box. Supplies needed: • gable box (gift wrapping aisle at craft store) • printed papers or fabric • ribbons • double-sided craft tape (the stronger, the better) Instructions: 1. Cut a pocket from paper or fabric and adhere to front of box along edges, leaving the top open. 2. Tie ribbon around utensils. 3. Tuck in a napkin and utensils into pocket. 4. Pack your favorite foods inside. Happy picnic-ing and have a great summer!

We don’t know about you, but we are so excited that Bello is Back! The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to Dallas and Ft. Worth this summer. Find all the details on pg. 10. We would love to give you and your family a chance to go!

Register online at to win 4 tickets Deadline for registration is July 15. Page 44

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

Index of Advertisers Academy for Coaching Parents 36

Gymboree – Plano

Adventure Kids Playcare

Healthy Texas Pediatrics


Salon Jo-Li



Simply Pretend



AppleCreek Private Preschool


Help, Hope, Solutions


Smashing Times


Aria Music Productions


Infinite Bounds


SMU Summer Youth Programs


Jump Town




Art A Rama


Bank of America


K12 – Texas Virtual Academy

Beth Farrell, LPC, RPT, NCC


Kids-Express Shuttle Service



Knowledge Points

2 33 6


Speech Texas




SS Noah


St. James Episcopal Preschool

46 33

Bobby Moffett”s Soccer Camps


Lakewood Orthodontics

Bounce U


Learning RX

C & R Medical Supplies


Little Harts


St. Marks Summer Camps

Center Stage Drama


Lorie Burch


Stonebriar Ice

Children’s Home Healthcare


Maid Brigade




Club Z Tutoring Circus


Maxim Healthcare Services


Stroller Fit Dallas


Color Me Mine




Studio 3 Dance


Crunchy Bunch


Mosaic Art Factory


Studio Movie Grill


DA’s Spring Creek Golf


Ms. Dawn’s Dance


Summer Dance Party


Dr Pepper StarCenter


Music Together


Sweet and Sassy


The Artist Within


The Canyons of Frisco


Eagle Gymnastics

11, 31

Neuro Health Center

Einstein Kidz

18, 34



Spectacular Cakes





Eisenbergs Skate


Noah’s Ark


The Etiquette School of Frisco


Elevate Your Game


Paint Yer Pottery


Therapy 2000


ER Centers of America, Inc


PeeWee Picasso


Trend Your Tot


Evelyn’s Janitorial




Tutoring 101



Planet Pizza


Extra Innings

Tuzer Dancenter


US Toys Co



White dove Montessori




Wiggly Play Center


Prospering Farm


Word of Mouth Productions


Fun Times Party Rental


Pump It Up /Kids n Art


Work at Home United


Girls In Motion


Pump It Up Jr.


Young Chefs Academy


Race for the Cure


Zenith Gymnastics


Farmers Insurance


Plano Sports Authority

Frank Buck Zoo



Frisco Sports Authority


Frozen Ropes

Girly Girl

27, 30

Gotta Dance


Rainforest Cafe

GreenHill School


Ringling Bros. Circus

24, 31


9 10

Please tell our advertisers you saw them in North Texas Kids! Find links to all of these businesses on our website at North Texas Kids • • June 2008

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Don’t Miss Stephanie’s Day! A Free Event For Special Need’s Children and Their Families St. James Episcopal School offers a strong academic Montessori-based curriculum designed to deliver an excellent preparatory education to children ages 18 months through 4th grade.

We offer...

Core curriculum including reading and writing, mathematical concepts, science and care for the environment, art and spanish. Celebrating 40 years of montessori education.

214-348-1349 9845 McCree Rd. • Dallas, TX 75238

Accredited by S.A.E.S. and N.A.I.S. A.M.S. Affiliated

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Saturday, June 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at NorthPark Center Dallas/Fort Worth - CBS 11 and TXA 21 will host a free event for special needs children and their families on Saturday, June 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at NorthPark Center (on the first floor, near Macy’s) in Dallas. “Stephanie’s Day” is presented by the Gene and Jerry Jones Family Dallas Cowboys Charities in partnership with the Autism Treatment Center. The event will feature interactive fun for the children and their siblings, along with resources for their parents. A variety of entertainment, such as clowns, face painting and more will be available for children. Scheduled appearances include representatives from the CBS 11 and TXA 21 on-air team, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, the Mavs Maniaacs, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Goodwill Ambassador Clowns, and the Dallas Zoo. Special prizes will be provided by NorthPark Center merchants, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, the Texas Rangers, and more. In addition, representatives from more than 25 non-profit organizations, including advocacy groups, education and therapy providers, and many other agencies, will be on hand to educate parents on local resources for families with special needs children. “Stephanie’s Day provides parents the opportunity to learn about the various options available to them for their special needs children,” said CBS 11 and TXA 21 President and General Manager Steve Mauldin. “It is also a safe, fun event for the entire family, where parents and kids alike can connect with others who face similar challenges.” The event is named in honor of Mauldin’s 18-year-old daughter, Stephanie, who has autism. More information is available at Additional sponsors for Stephanie’s Day include Time Warner Cable, DallasChild magazine, NorthPark Center, 98.7 KLUV, 103.7 lite fm, 100.3 JACK fm, Movin’ 107.5 and KRLD NewsRadio 1080.

North Texas Kids • • June 2008

NTK June 2008  

June 2008 issue of North Texas Kids

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