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3819 N Miami Ave, Muncie, IN 47303 _ (765) 760-3730 _ Education Experience: Master of Architecture _ Ball State University _ May 2011 Zero Net Energy National Competition Merit Citation for Facade Exploration Bachelor of Science in Architecture _ Ball State University _ May 2009 Competition Finalist: ICMA _ Gresham Smith _ Cripe Work Experience: US Architects _ Yorktown, IN _ August 2008 - Present Efficiently create architectural, plumbing and electrical construction documents for small scale office, retail, medical, residential, and manufacturing projects. Increase the level of professional quality in the rendering and marketing processes by mixing a fresh perspective and growing skills in SketchUp and Photoshop. Perform site visits to analyze and measure existing building conditions. Manage small scale projects, coordinating sheet sets and verifying accuracy of details and drawings. Spectrum Visual Concepts _ St. John, IN _ Summer 2005, 2007 Drafted architectural and basic electrical documents for single family residences. Related Experience: Graphic Design Design of print based materials including wedding and baby announcements, business cards, newsletters, original logos and branding, presentation booklets, and illustrated graphic prints. Create graphics for online applications including blogs, Twitter accounts and personal web pages. Relevant Skills: AutoCAD SketchUp _ Podium _ Kerkythea _ VRAY

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School Projects

A Substantially Small Step Located within the South Central neighborhood of Muncie, Indiana, this project sought answers to the pervasive problem of urban decay. Even though this type of project is very common these days, I hoped to understand and explore an option where I, as the architect, would lessen myself so that the community would realize their potential and be able to take full ownership at each stage along the way. The full project comprised of abandoned site renewal first based off of a successful Urban Garden already in the neighborhood. It then added a wood shop in an existing furniture store going out of business. Finally, a Community Incubator was added adjacent to the wood shop to provide additional education space and office space for small businesses to get their feet on the ground and have constant access to other professionals.





Leading Edge | Zero Net Energy Over a very short ten weeks, my two partners and I feverishly put together a building that reacted to the environment around it. With a stroke of innovation and generative design, we developed an external skin that performed multiple functions based on the building condition immediately behind it. It serves as sun shading, solar collecting, passive external cooling, and as intake air cooling. Along with fully designing the building, we were also required to fully calculate the energy requirements and how we would reduce or generate more energy to bring the building to zero net energy. Our group was awarded a Merit Citation for Facade Exploration.




Green Technology Center Being an educational facility for sustainability, the design naturally focused on being sustainable itself, but instead of defaulting to solar panels and wind turbines, I set about attempting to innovate with passive systems. The overarching theme was a connection with nature at all times and it was accomplished with extensive landscaping on green roofs and on ground level, easy and frequent access to said landscaping, an atrium complete with living machine, and fully integrated operable windows. The layout was also arranged to allow cross and stack ventilation throughout the whole building.



Futbol Park During the summer of 2008, I traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil to participate in a neighborhood redevelopment project in one of the city’s favelas. Along with the other students, we took on various projects at different sites around the neighborhood. I decided to redesign the neighborhood soccer field and park because there was so much potential hidden under the stagnant waste water, diseased and dangerous animals, and overwhelming trash. Obviously, the area was in pretty bad shape, but any solution would have to be practical and easily implemented. I figured the soccer field fence could stay fairly untouched (perhaps just a bit of mending), but the majority of the work would come in digging out paths to be made that would prevent horses from being tied in too close of proximity to the field and for a better drainage path. A more formal playground area was also proposed immediately adjacent to the field.



Professional Samples

Two Story Office RFP A company came to our firm looking for a preliminary design for a two story office addition for a manufacturing warehouse they were considering purchasing. The project was given to me with some basic thoughts and the general idea that it should be contemporary and sleek to match the product (which featured a bold green component). Within the week, I had finished the exterior perspective. It piqued their interest enough for them to request an interior concept rendering as well. Though the project is still in deliberation, I was proud to be able to provide a high quality design and presentation in a short amount of time.



Medical Office Renovations Recently I have been given greater responsibility in coordinating projects. These are a few selections from various medical office renovations done where it was my responsibility to create the necessary construction documents, detail them as I saw fit, and verify the accuracy of each drawing by itself and in relation to the rest of the sheets.



YMCA Entry Addition When a solution couldn’t be found previously, I was asked to try to design a connection between two awkward corners of this existing YMCA building and an addition. Although this was to become the new main entrance, it was located off on the side of the building so it needed to be eye catching. Eventually, a version of this design has been accepted and the architectural drawings are being compiled.


Tire & Auto Shop After providing renderings for an existing preliminary design, I was told to come up with another exterior possibility. They were looking for something more interesting and unique but would still be feasible and easily constructed. Though the design was not used, it stood as a testament to my ability to conceptualize new ideas on existing plans and my ability to provide designs based in reality for clients other than college professors.


Exam Room Renovation For an early rendering project, I was tasked with creating an axonometric floor plan to show spatial connections and material choices. This was one of the first projects where I extensively used SketchUp and was possibly the first time I ever used Podium, so it was a great learning experience.


Personal Samples

NOSOA Competition The Northern Ontario School of Architecture held a competition to design a new architecture school that could fit downtown in a mid-size city. A coworker and I decided to join this competition during the summer months to keep our minds sharp for when school started again. We put most of our focus on the interior layouts and spatial experiences because we always wanted more from the experience of being inside our architecture building on campus.



Graphic Design Graphic design has had a huge impact on my architectural processes and has helped me see the world differently in general. The next few pages contain a sampling of the various projects I have undertaken in the past couple years. Having an eye for design and experience to back it up can help make even the best architectural projects better.





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