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New Market Elementary Student and Parent Handbook 2011-2012 “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true

education..� Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Market Elementary 6096 US Highway 311 Sophia, North Carolina 27350 Phone: (336) 495-3340 Fax: (336) 495-3343 Shayla Wiggins Savage, Principal

Table of Contents Greetings


Support Staff


Mission Statement/School Fees


Important Dates


School-wide Title I Parental Engagement Policy


School Policies


August 25, 2011 Dear New Market Elementary Families, Welcome to a new year at New Market Elementary! We are so excited about the 2011-2012 school year! Our staff has had a busy summer preparing for the school year. We are looking forward to working with our students. We will do our very best to help your child be successful. We expect our students to do their Bobcat BEST. You, as parents, play a key role in your child’s success. Your support, words of encouragement, and your presence at school are all important. School and home must work together to ensure that your child receives the best education possible. If you are a new member of the New Market family or a returning family member we encourage you to become involved in the PTA. Your membership and active participation will enable the PTA to help support teachers and students with a variety of activities. In this handbook, you will find important information about school policies and procedures as well as a 2011-2012 school calendar. You will also find a list of important dates and events that have already been scheduled. Please read this handbook carefully, discuss the policies with your child and file it for future reference. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year! Sincerely,

Shayla Wiggins Savage Shayla Wiggins Savage Principal

Behave Responsibly

Bobcats Always do their Bobcat BEST... Expect to Learn Strive for Excellence Treat Others with Respect

New Market Elementary Support Staff Principal:

Mrs. Shayla Wiggins Savage

Assistant Principal:

Mr. Bryant Voncannon

Bus Coordinator:

Mr. Bryant Voncannon


Mrs. Dina Fletcher

Curriculum Support Instructor:

Mrs. Cheryl Rebert

Office Staff:

Mrs. Sharon Spencer Mrs. Laurie Prince

Cafeteria Manager:

Mrs. Teresa Hayes

School Nurse:

Ms. Diana Graves

School Social Worker:

Mrs. Kendra Cranford

Head Custodian:

Mrs. Bonnie Callahan

Randolph County Schools Mission Statement The mission of Randolph County Schools is to educate every child by creating a learning community with high expectations while maximizing educational opportunities and enabling all students to adapt in a diverse global society.

New Market Elementary Mission Statement Together we will develop life-long learners by preparing and inspiring students to be literate, responsible, productive members of a diverse society.

School Fees Randolph County Schools K-8 Supply Fee:


New Market Elementary Instructional Fee: (This fee will assist with purchasing copy paper, ink cartridges, scholastic news magazines, and materials for DARE graduation.)


Total Fees:


Cafeteria Prices Breakfast: Regular (Daily): (Weekly): Reduced (Daily): (Weekly): Adult:

$1.10 $5.50 $.30 $1.50 A La Carte

Lunch: Regular (Daily): (Weekly): Reduced (Daily): (Weekly): Adult:

$1.75 $8.75 $.40 $2.00 A La Carte

Important Dates September 5 Labor Day Holiday 13 Bojangles Night 15 Mad Science After School Club Begins 15 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends 20 Subway Night 23 Fall Festival 26 Interim Reports 27 School Pictures October 6 PTO & Title I Annual Meeting/Open House (6:30) 7 Ident-A-Kid Pictures 11 Bojangles Night 18 Subway Night 20 Mad Science After School Club Ends 27 Early Dismissal (12:30) 28 Teacher Workday November 3 Report Cards 7 Grades 3-5 Awards Program (1:30) 8 Picture Retakes 8 Bojangles Night 11 Veteran’s Day Holiday 15 Subway Night 23 Teacher Workday 24-25 Thanksgiving Holidays December 5 Interim Reports 5-9 Christmas Shoppe 8 PTO Meeting & Christmas Program 13 Bojangles Night 20 Subway Night 21 Early Dismissal (12:30) 22-30 Christmas Holidays

January 2-3 Christmas Holidays 10 Bojangles Night 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday 17 Subway Night 20 Teacher Workday 30 Report Cards February 6 Grades 3-5 Awards Program (1:30) 14 Bojangles Night 20 Teacher Workday 21 Subway Night 23 PTO Meeting & P.E. Allstars (6:30) 27 Interim Reports March 13 Bojangles Night 15 Mad Science Afterschool Club Begins 20 Subway Night 26 Teacher Workday April 3 10 6-13 17 19 26

Report Cards Bojangles Night Easter Holidays Subway Night PTO Meeting & Talent Show Mad Science Afterschool Club Ends

May 7 8 15 TBA 28

Interim Reports Bojangles Night Subway Night Grades 3-5 End of Grade Tests Memorial Holiday

June 4 4 5 7

K-2 Awards Assembly (8:15 am) 3-4 Awards Assembly (10:00) Grade 5 Recognition Assembly (10:00) Last Day of School/Early Dismissal (12:30)

School-wide Title I Parental Engagement Policy New Market Elementary is a school-wide Title I school. Title I is a federal program that provides funding to schools based on the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. The funding from Title I is spent in ways to support the achievement of all students at our school. The following information explains steps that New Market Elementary will take in order to promote parental engagement.  New Market Elementary will conduct a Title I annual public meeting to which all parents will be invited.  Parental Engagement meetings will include family nights which will provide parents with specific instructional activities that may be utilized at home in reading and math.  Notification of the meetings will be provided in a language that is easily understood.  Parents will receive correspondence from the teacher weekly via work folders and/or student agendas.  Parents will be included on the School Advisory Council, the School Improvement Planning Team and the Parental Engagement Planning Committee.  The school will correspond with the home on a monthly basis through the Parents Make a Difference Newsletter and the New Market Monthly Newsletter.  Students’ progress will be reported to parents through report cards, interim reports, graded work sent home and spoken/written communication from the teacher.  Parents concerns will be addressed through the use of parent surveys.  Parents are invited to visit the school and volunteer for school and PTO/Advisory Council activities.  A School Parent Compact will be provided for parents so that all stakeholders know their unique responsibilities in supporting student achievement.

RCS Title I Department 2011-2012

Behave Responsibly

Bobcats Always do their Bobcat BEST... Expect to Learn Strive for Excellence Treat Others with Respect

The ABC’s of School Policies and Guidelines at New Market Elementary Academic Problems: When a student has trouble understanding what is being taught, or the parent realizes that their child is having difficulty with the grade level work, the first place to go for help is the classroom teacher. Please encourage your child to ask questions in class when they do not understand what is being taught. Teachers are able to conference with parents after school. Please send a note with your child for the teacher if you are in need of a conference. The teacher will respond with a scheduled time for you to come in for a conference. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher over the phone, please call the school any time after 2:45 pm. On many days our teachers do have meetings after school so if they are not available when you call please leave your name and number with one of our secretaries. Our office staff will get the message to the appropriate teacher. Your child’s teacher should be in touch with you within 24 hours. The faculty at New Market Elementary wants every child to be successful. Attendance: Attendance in school and participation in class are an integral part of academic achievement and the teaching-learning process. Regular attendance and being on time develops patterns of behavior essential to professional and personal success in life. To be counted present for the entire school day a student must remain in school until 11:15 am. A student must be in school a minimum of 3 hours and 20 minutes to be given credit for attendance at school. When a student must miss school, a written excuse must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian stating why the student was absent. The student should bring that note to school on the day he/she returns from being absent. Parents have two days after their child returns to school to send in a note to their child’s teacher. Please do not call the school and tell us that your child is absent. Excused absences include personal illness, dental or doctor’s appointments, death in the immediate family, a court or administrative proceeding if the student is a party to

the action or under subpoena, religious observances, educational opportunities approved by the principal in advance, and other emergencies which occur with approval of the principal. If a student becomes chronically absent the principal may require documentation from a physician. Students who are absent from school more than 20 days for any reason will generally be retained in the same grade for the succeeding year. According to Randolph County Board Policy, tardies are to be handled in the following manner. “All elementary schools and the middle schools shall allow three tardies and/or early sign-outs each semester before denying a Perfect Attendance Award. After three tardies and/or early sign-outs each semester, any additional three tardies and/or early sign-outs will result in one absence being added to a student’s absence total.” Being at school everyday is very important for your child’s academic progress. Please make sure that your child arrives at school on time and attends school daily. If your child’s attendance becomes a problem which does not improve through intervention, your child will be referred to our school social worker. Before and After School Care: New Market Elementary runs a Before and After School Care Program. The before school program runs from 6:30-7:30 am and the after school program runs from 2:30-5:30pm. Our daycare is in operation on regular school days, early dismissal days and most teacher workdays. Our daycare is not open on holidays. In case of inclement weather, our daycare will close early. Children can get help with their homework; play outside or in the gym and make crafts. Parents interested in this program should contact the After School Care Director for weekly cost and enrollment information. Financial responsibility includes making regularly scheduled payments for the proper amount to the Before and After School Care Program. Students enrolled are expected to follow rules set up in the After School Care Program. Parents will be notified if the rules are not followed. Failure to follow the rules and/or delinquent payments will result in suspension from the program.

Birthday Celebrations/Balloons/Flowers: It is thoughtful of parents to give balloons, flowers, or stuffed animals to their child for their birthday or a holiday. However, these items cannot be carried on the school bus at the end of the school day. They also cause distractions which could lead to accidents. When these items are taken to the classroom, they may also hinder the learning process. It is often difficult for students to concentrate on their work when they are thinking about the gift that they or another child received. For these reasons, no balloons, flowers, or other similar celebratory items will be accepted in the school office. Please make plans for these items to be delivered to your home. If you would like for your child’s birthday to be recognized at school, please contact your child’s teacher for information on how this is handled in the classroom. In order not to interfere with classroom instruction, celebrations are held at lunch or snack time. Please remember that all refreshments served for students must be store bought. Birthday party invitations, or other party invitations, should not be sent to school to be distributed to students. There are often hurt feelings when all students are not included. Books and Book Bags: All students have the responsibility of seeing that his/her books are not lost or damaged. This includes textbooks, supplementary books and library books. If a student loses or damages a book, replacement or damage fees will be collected. Each student should have a book bag that he/she can bring to and from school to protect their books and assignments. No rolling book bags are allowed. The wheels are damaging to our floors. Buses: Responsibilities of Students: Be ready and on time for the school bus each morning. Stand away from the road, in an orderly manner, while waiting for the bus. Wait for the bus to stop and watch for the traffic before crossing the road.

Always cross the road in front of the bus when loading or unloading. Never stop to pick up anything you drop in front of the bus. Tell the driver first. Sit quietly in your assigned seat at all times until the bus reaches the stop where you exit. Do not behave in any way that might distract the driver’s attention, such as shouting, fighting, throwing objects, or moving up and down the aisle while the bus is moving. Obey all safety rules, and do your part to help the driver provide safe transportation. Use the back door only in an emergency. Do not damage the bus in any way. Parents will be responsible for any damage their child does on the bus. Show the bus driver the same respect that should be shown to any teacher or adult. Food and/or drinks are not allowed on the bus at any time. Responsibilities of Parents: Become familiar with rules and regulations of safe bus operation. From time to time talk with your child about the importance of bus safety. Encourage your child to respect and obey the school bus driver. If your child experiences problems on the bus, report this immediately to the bus driver, assistant principal or principal. If you observe a school bus from any school in the county operating in an unsafe manner, record the bus number and immediately phone the nearest school principal or the Randolph County Transportation Department. School Bus Discipline and Control: If a student fails to follow the rules and regulations for riding the school bus the following actions will be taken: First Offense: The principal/assistant principal or their designee will talk with the student about his/her behavior and encourage full compliance with the rules and regulations. A written report of the violation will be made and

kept on file in the principal’s office. A copy of the report will be sent home with the student to be signed by the parent and returned. Second Offense: The student’s parents may be phoned to discuss the problem and may be asked to come to the school for a conference with the principal/assistant principal. Parents will be asked to help solve the problem so that the student will abide by the rules and regulations. A written report will be made and kept on file in the principal’s office. A copy of the report will be sent home with the student to be signed by the parent and returned. Third Offense and Additional Offenses: Parents will be phoned to discuss the problem and may be asked to come to the school for a conference with the principal or designee. Parents will again be asked to help solve the problem. The principal or designee may suspend the student from riding the bus for a period of days or weeks. A written report will be made and kept on file in the principal’s office. A copy of the report will be sent home with the student to be signed by the parent and returned. If a student is guilty of an act that is dangerous to the safety of other students riding the bus, the principal or designee has the authority to immediately suspend him/her from riding the bus. A written report will be made and kept on file in the principal’s office. When suspensions are made, students will be granted an informal hearing with the principal or assistant principal. Written reports of all proceedings will be made and kept on file by school officials. Cafeteria: It is required for all students to exhibit respectful and appropriate behavior in the cafeteria. We welcome parents to come and have lunch with their child. Our cafeteria staff prepares delicious and healthy lunches each day so please take advantage of this and enjoy a school lunch when you visit rather than bringing in fast food. Students who are required to pay for meals are expected to provide payment in a timely manner. Students can prepay for meals on a weekly or monthly basis. They may also choose to pay on a daily basis. On occasion a student may have forgotten lunch money; therefore a

student is allowed to charge two meals. When a student incurs two uncollected meal charges, an invoice for the charges and a free/reduced meal application will be sent home. Parents/guardians are responsible for all charges. Change of Address: Please notify the school immediately if you have a change of address or phone number. Randolph County Board of Education policy requires that parents notify the school principal immediately upon the change of residence if they move outside the school attendance area. Permission must be secured from: Sherri Trotter Randolph County Schools 2222-C South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, N.C. 27203 Phone: (336) 318-6177 for the student(s) to remain in the Randolph County Schools contingent upon space availability, student conduct, attendance record, and payment of tuition as required. If a parent/guardian has failed to notify the school of a change of residence or give an erroneous residential address the student may be denied continued enrollment. Clubs: Safety Patrol and Student Council are the student organizations that provide services to the entire student body. Membership for these two organizations is determined by teacher input and classroom voting. Other clubs that are provided are Earth Kids, New Market Ambassadors, Mile Club and Technocats. Discipline: Bobcats Always do their Bobcat BEST… Behave Responsibly, Expect to Learn, Strive for Excellence, and Treat Others with Respect. The Bobcat Pledge exemplifies New Market Elementary School’s and Randolph County’s expectation for daily student behavior. We expect that our students will be respectful, show good manners, get along with his/her classmates, and complete all assigned work. When a child does not live up to these expectations, teachers will conference with the student, call a parent and assign classroom consequences.

If a student continues to not make good choices he or she will be assigned to a setting called “Redirect and Rethink.” The goal of R&R is to redirect the child’s actions and assist them with rethinking their choice of behaviors. This means that your child will be placed in another teacher’s classroom or in the office for a certain amount of time. This could be for one hour or even for the entire day. The administrators or guidance counselors will make the assignment to this setting. Parents will be notified when a child is going to be placed in another setting. If a student continues to make bad choices he or she will be sent to the intervention center. The intervention center is housed at Randleman Middle School. Students spend the entire day at the center working on assignments. This is a classroom setting where students work on assignments in an isolated manner under the supervision of a teacher. Elementary students should not have to be suspended. However, should a child’s behavior be such that he/she has to be suspended, parents are immediately informed by telephone whenever possible. A letter is written to his/her parents explaining why the action was taken and indicating when the student may return to school. Students who are suspended may not attend any school activities during the time they are suspended. Dress Code: New Market faculty and staff strongly recommend that students wear sneakers or other types of shoes which are appropriate for outdoor play. No flip flops, please. Sneakers must be worn on PE day. No shoes with skates are allowed. Parents will be called if a child’s attire/shoes are deemed inappropriate. Students are expected to dress in a manner which is not disruptive or distracting to others. If it causes a disruption, it is inappropriate. The following rules of dress will apply: Blouses, shirts and other types of tops should extend to the top of the pants or skirt. Spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter tops, fishnet or other mesh clothing, or other tops with openings that reveal inappropriate body parts or underclothing should not be worn.

Pants that are baggy or drag the floor (pants/shorts must be worn around the waist) are not appropriate. Head apparel hats, headbands, scarves, bandanas, picks, combs, etc.) or sunglasses may not be worn inside the building unless the headgear is worn based on a sincerely-held religious belief. Colored hair (pink, purple, etc.) is not appropriate and is not allowed. Sleepwear or bedroom slippers are not allowed. Bare feet and/or flip flops are not allowed for safety reasons. Students are not permitted to wear clothing that contains advertisements for tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Clothing with pictures or words depicting racism or violence are not appropriate. These include items which show skulls, knives, guns, blood, offensive messages, or any violent theme. Items that are potentially dangerous such as fish hooks, chains, or spiked objects are also not allowed. If a student’s dress, appearance or lack of cleanliness is detrimental to the health or safety of him/herself or others, substantially disrupts the school or work environment, or otherwise violates this policy, the principal may require the student to adjust his/her appearance or clothing. Failure to comply with this policy or the school dress code will result in the student being removed from the classroom and/or school until his/her appearance or clothing meets the school district policy or rules. The student’s parent/guardian will be notified prior to any removal from school. Field Trips: Field trips can be an important part of a school experience. Students going on a field trip are expected to: Have a signed permission slip from parent/guardian Pay the student’s share of expense Be on their best behavior at all times Follow school rules and regulations (Siblings are not permitted to go on field trips due to safety requirements and student supervision needs. Parents are not allowed to ride on the activity bus.)

Grading System: Report cards and the grading systems differ for kindergarten through second grade. K-2 teachers do not give letter grades. Grades for 3-5 will follow the grading scale listed below: 93-100 A 85-92 B 77-84 C 70-76 D 69 and below F Homework: Homework is a very important part of each student’s education. Homework gives students practice on skills learned that day. The Randolph County Schools Board of Education has established board policy governing homework. The policy expresses an understanding of the importance of homework and states that student homework shall be equivalent to ten minutes times the student’s grade level. For instance, a fifth grader can expect to have 50 minutes of homework nightly. This time does not include nightly reading. Honor Roll/Special Recognition: Students in Grades 3-5 are recognized each nine weeks for making all A’s or A’s and B’s. Students in all grade levels will be recognized for perfect attendance each nine weeks. Inclement Weather: In case of bad weather, and when there is a chance that school might be delayed or canceled, please listen to the radio and/or watch your local television station. Unless you have heard something by 6:00 am, you should plan to attend school. If snow or other bad weather begins after school is in session, school may be dismissed early. Listen for announcements from local television and radio. Please do not call the school. Insurance: Students are NOT automatically covered by insurance when an accident occurs at school. Therefore, insurance for dental and/or student accidents is available to you. Information on insurance coverage

will be sent home with your child. Payment should be made directly to the company. The school is not responsible for student accidents which occur in the school unless negligence is proven on the part of the school. Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of this until it is too late. Lice: A student determined to have lice will be isolated from the school population. The parent or guardian will be contacted to pick the student up from school. The parent will be instructed on how to complete the treatment process. A child may return to school after treatment. Before returning to the classroom, the child’s head will be checked by a designated staff member. Lost and Found: Clothing and other items that are found at the school or on the bus are put in the Lost and Found, which is located in the office and/or outside the cafeteria. Many of these items are never claimed by the students. To help us return these items to your child, please write your child’s name, using a permanent marker, in all the clothing that they take off while at school – coats, jackets, sweaters, etc. and items such as lunchboxes and book bags. Make Up Work: In the event of an excused absence, a student shall be entitled to make up work. Make up work shall be assigned at the convenience of the teacher. Medication: If under exceptional circumstances a student is required to take medication during school hours, the parent must: Pick up a Medication Permission Form from the office. Have the form completed by a physician. Bring medication to school, DO NOT SEND THE MEDICATION ON THE BUS. Have all medication containers labeled by a pharmacist including the child’s name, the pharmacy’s name and address, the serial number and date filled, the name and strength of the drug, directions for use and prescriber’s name.

The time that the student takes the medication must be stated on the bottle. It may state a specific time or say “take before lunch” or “after lunch.” It cannot say “take two times a day” or “three times a day”, etc. Be sure the doctor states on the medication form the times and amounts to be taken. The medication permission form and bottle must match. We cannot give over the counter medications of any kind to students. This includes such things as aspirin, Tylenol, calamine lotion, cough drops, and Neosporin. All over the counter medications can only be given when we have a completed medication form has been signed by the parent and physician. Newsletter: We will publish on a monthly basis, a school newsletter to keep you informed of school activities. We hope that you will take the time to read these. Parent Teacher Organization: The New Market Parent Teacher Organization exists to promote the welfare of our children. They sponsor many opportunities for our students, staff and community. Parents are encouraged to participate in the activities of our P.T.O. We have four scheduled meetings per year and notification is sent home before each meeting. We look forward to your attendance. PTO Officers Sandra Leonard, President Amy Farlow, Vice President Nicole Hall, Secretary Angie Nelson, Treasurer Lisa Frazier, Teacher Representative Karen Larue, Teacher Representative Cindy Beasley, Teacher Assistant Representative Advisory Council Linda Sink Michelle Jessup Ryan Snipes Kelli Harrell Jennifer Baldwin

Cell Phones/Radios/Tape Players/Cards/Toys/Etc: Students are not permitted to bring cell phones, IPods, radios, tape players, trading cards, toys, comics, etc. If any of these items are brought to school they will be taken and returned only to the parents. School Day: Schools hours are 7:30 am until 2:30 pm. Students arriving after 7:50 am must be signed in at the office by the parent/ guardian and will be counted tardy. Students may get out of their cars and enter the building at 7:30 am. Prior to 7:30 am the school is not open and teachers are not on duty to supervise students. In the afternoon students must be picked up by 2:30 pm. Many teachers have meetings and conferences to attend in the afternoon. We appreciate parents/guardians making every effort to be here on time in the afternoons. Selling/Trading/Borrowing/Lending/Buying: When students bring personal items to school, problems usually occur. These practices tend to cause misunderstandings among students. Students are often “cheated� or have items stolen from them. Selling and trading are not permitted at school or on the school buses. Student Check Out Procedures: All students must be checked out through the office. Office staff will check identification as needed. Parent permission must be provided to the school for a student to be checked out by anyone other than the parent or guardian. If the parents are divorced or separated, their child may be released to either parent unless the school has been provided with a copy of a court order or a separation agreement that specifies one parent as primary custodian of the student or which specifically prohibits the non-custodial parent access to the child. Students will not be called to the office for checkout until the person picking up the student has been appropriately identified.

A student checkout log will be kept in the office, which includes the signature of the person checking out the student, the student’s name, purpose of checkout, time and date. Tobacco: The Randolph County School Board has adopted a 100% tobacco free school policy. This policy prohibits all tobacco use by everyone, everywhere on campus, at all times including school events even after regular school hours. This policy also prohibits students from bringing tobacco products on campus. Transportation Changes: It is very important to the New Market faculty and staff to be sure all children get home safely each afternoon. All transportation changes different from your child’s regular way home should be sent by the parent or guardian to your child’s teacher in writing. Only for absolute emergency reasons should calls be made to the school for a transportation change. This policy is for the safety of your child. Visitors: We are excited to see you when you come to visit! We know the students enjoy seeing their families come to school whether to eat lunch, share a snack or activity with the class, or to volunteer. Upon your arrival, please report to the school office. For the safety of our students, all visitors are required to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. Please note that no unauthorized person is allowed to go to the classroom without permission or a visitor’s badge from the office. Anyone who does not have a badge will be sent back to the office by the teacher or other school personnel. Website: The Randolph County School System provides an excellent website that can provide many links of interest for parents. To access this website you can type in: By logging on to this site, you can follow the school link directly to New Market’s Website.

Weekly Folder: Each Monday your child will bring a weekly folder home containing work samples, graded papers, important information, etc. Please look carefully over these items. This weekly folder is one of the ways that the school and home can communicate.

Bobcats Always do their Bobcat BEST‌ Behave Responsibly Expect to Learn Strive for Excellence Treat Others with Respect

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Student Handbook  

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