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Bowen Ding


Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………….. 01 Architectural Works: Design 1: Highway Gateway (2012) …………………………………………..…..…..  02   Design 2: Car Park (2012) …………………………………………………………………..  06   Design 3: Cow Park (2013) …………………………………….…………………………..  10   Design 4: High-raise Building Partial Construction Detail (2013) ………..…..  20  

Personal Statement ……………………………………………………………………….. 24   Art/ Other Works ………………………………………..…………………………………..  26        

Introduction Name: Bowen Ding Occupation: Master of Architecture (course work, year 2), MSD, The University of Melbourne Interests: Sustainable Building, Eco-architecture, Construction, Science, Art, Photography, Drawing, Sketching, Music. Professional Skills: Rhino 4.0+, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, SketchUp 8, SAI, InDesign, Illustrator, SketchBook, Revit (learning) Personal Experience: 1990 ------ Born in China 2007 ------ Came to Australia, lived with local homestay in Camberwell, Melbourne Studied high school in Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School 2008 ------ Joined in CSIRO Student Research Program, Electrical Engineering research in LaTrob University 2009 ------ Studied The University of Melbourne, Extension Program of University Mathematics. 2010 ------ VCE score 94, Got in The University of Melbourne, Environments, major in Architecture 2013 till now ----- Master of Architecture (course work, year 2), MSD, The University of Melbourne


Highway Gateway

The University of Melbourne, Architecture Design Studio_AIR, 2012 sem1, Bowen Ding 349859

02 Gateway for The City of Wyndham



DESIGN CONCEPT The gateway design is located in the Princes Highway which is the major traffic connection between Geelong and the south west coast to the CBD.

Natural features (Werribee River, K Road Cliffs)

Gateway (Art)

Wildlife Sanctuaries (Point Cook Coastal Park, Heathdale Wetlands)

Encouraging ongoing interest in and reflect on the western interchange.

Historical Sites and Museums (RAAF Museum, Cobbledicks Ford) Heritage (Market gardens farming area) Community settlement & Industry

Western fringe contain numbers of wetland areas that attract thousands species of migration birds. City of Wyndham is a residential and rural municipality, which is significantly experiencing residential expansion and urban development these years. The continuous changing of urban environment and global travelling of migration birds carry out a strong sense of movement. The project is inspired by the analysis of bird’s wing physical structure , its bone and muscle structures and the motion of wings and feathers  while travelling in air. Wyndham city is committed to achieving long term environmental sustainability. The ‘Floating’ design is energy efficiency, aiming to upgrade the condition and aesthetics of its streetscapes. It represents the entire appearance of Wyndham City is ‘flying’ towards to a large development in different aspects in the near future. The design would become an iconic feature to remind people to achieve sustainable Wyndham city.

1) Two identical light-weight structure on both sides 2) Layers of feather, movement in air -- Layers of structure, movement 3) Bird bone, empty inside, hollow – Steel truss & Al frame 4) Water live bird wings cannot be wetted by water -Structure less rain water capture. 5) Fixed at one end free the other end, structure free fall. Reference: h1p://  

GENERAL ARRANGEMENT The structure of this design contains two lines of curling columns in different heights from 12 meters to 16 meters. Each line of columns extends 150 meters along freeway at 2 meters spacing, and 15meters long across the roads. It will take 5 – 6 s for a car to travel through the gateway at 100km/h speed.


SHADOW Summer: 76°sunlight Clear shadow of membrane’s pattern is created on road. Winter: 29°sunlight Clearer shadow of cables and columns than shadow of membrane. >50% transparent ETFE allow part of light through. Summer Sunlight Winter Sunlight

MOVEMENT The curling columns designed in different heights is in order to create ‘moving waves’. This “visual movements” is combined with the movements from the membranes. ETFE is soft enough to allow smooth movement for the membranes. Due to different heights of the curlin g columns, angles formed by the c ables on every column and   the horizontal line are different. Vie w from side, the spacing out cables  is like diverging from ground to columns. Achieving  an ordering view and spectacular  expression.



STRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION The pulley system is generated by a hydraulic system, which is to achieve smooth movements for the free-end membrane. In general, the crane-like curling column, pulley system construction method and steel trusses and cables construction materials used in the design, they can be seen as a symbol of Wyndham City’s substantial industry.

Bottom Fixing

Connection between Cables and Steel Trusses

Cable on Roller

Final Form

Aluminum Cover Steel Trusses Cables

Connection between AL Cover & Steel Trusses

Aluminum Frame

ETFE Membrane with pattern

Steel Screw Piles

Columns heights 12m to 16m each +1m Concrete footing

Hydraulic System

10 m

Movement Direction Electricity Moving Direction



Liquid Moving Direction

7.5 m

12 m

Curve 15 m

Individual Top View

2m Shortest columns







Car Park

The University of Melbourne, Architecture Design Studio_FIRE, 2012 sem2, Tutor: Toby Reed, Bowen Ding 349859 Elevations Car Park Building


Expressing sense of breaking through. Related to Barlow family’s history, and raise above from the broken past. Linear shape and sharp edges representing the feeling of rush, danger and adventure Combine powerful straight form with turning. Link back to cars’ movement, driving and racing experiments. Shifted floor slabs resulted in twisted appearance on façade for the whole building form. Colored long strips emphasizes projecting and sagging on façade, gradual changes of color makes visual effect. It also forms a similar pattern as the Barlow sign design. Analogue to diamond carving. Expressing idea of similar process of designing this twisted form and carving of a diamond; all about carefully shaping edges and surfaces into ideally angles. Transparency promotes on modernism and sense of expensive value.



There are two entrances in this building, both allow driving in and out; ramps are wide enough for two cars driving up and down. Apartment is on the north top corner where got the best view and avoiding disturbance from car-park. Offices and staff lunchroom, boardroom, showers, toilets and cafe are on the same floor as apartment so the building water and energy supply can concentrate on the top floor. Car services center on sub-ground floor on Latrobe street, next to Latrode St entrance, it is better to be on the street. Public toilet also on the sub-ground floor, as car services needs water and energy as well. Car show room have two parts: one on ground floor on Mackenzie Street so people and driver parking cars will see it from street, and it is a spot that everyone will go pass by; another one is on 13th floor, with bigger room for the show and sales, people would go there by elevator if they interested in the show on ground floor.

Latrobe Street Elevation

Mackenzie Street Elevation

Grant Lane Elevation

Round Ends




Site Plan


Building is divided into three main parts on the plan, northern southern and ramp part. Each part is twisted into directions; northern and southern parts twists in opposite way and are jointed together by ramp part in middle. Therefore this twisting results in various forms of the building from different point of views around, which makes it attractive while driving pass it. Horizontal façade strips are designed to increase the horizontal movement sense on building. The different forms resulted in shapes such as : - similar shape as my original "iceberg" design before - similar shape as my neon sign - shape which has round ends - shape like the tail of an old American style car - shape like a wing raising towards sky - and finally a shape like a high tower

Café and Golf Course Offices and Staff Rest Rooms


Car Show Room


The structure system is made of steel frames at spacing of less than 6 meters; slabs are designed to be build on steel trussdeks. Ramps are supported by steel trusses and the pre-cast concrete wall around stair case. Façade is made of acrylic and painted steel. Acrylic allow natural light to go through and steel can act directly as a safety boundary for car. Each horizontal strip is 0.2m height and 0.1m wide space in between each two. strips are close to each other at bottom, not only for car safety but also for peoples' especially for children the relative larger gap above strips can allow hot air raises and get through.

Car Show Room Services Centre

American Style Car Tail

Raising Wing


Floor Plans

Sub-Ground Floor

Ground Floor

12th Floor

13th Floor

14th Floor


View from McKenzie St


Cow Park

The University of Melbourne, Master Architecture Design Studio D, 2012 sem2, Tutor: Toby Reed, Bowen Ding 349859

Sustainability is not only about the energy cycle of urban environment, but also about giving benefits back to nature. Introduce birds into local ecosystem, using additional green coverage and artificial bird’s nesting structure to attract birds as a nice habitable site. Birds provide natural cleaning process for cows that removes bugs from their bodies without the necessary of laboring requirement. Birds’ sound has healing power to human beings that also brings joy to the people work on site.


Cow Park


Cow Park

Office building has free plans the supported by columns. Vegetation coverage and birds nesting area on building create a harmony environmental friendly place for officers that will improve the health quality and productivity of people, maybe for cows too.


Cow Park

Above the path into site, is the birds’ nesting area, with flower-like nests provided for them. Hollows in the curved steel roof allows light go through that creates interesting patterns on structures. Cows’ walk path are located amount this area, which allow interaction between birds’ and cows’ activities. The tree-like structures and patterns on ceiling are used as services pipes for energy transfer systems, such as electricity supply and ground source heat pump system.


Cow Park

Cow barn is a continuous curves ramp for cows to walk freely along it. It is a relatively enclosed building than other ones because the required air0conditioning system that used to set certain temperature for cows’ milking benefits. The green house is set on top of cow barn that is easier for moving animal waste into it , getting maximum sunlight and transfer O2 down into cow barn. Rubbish burner is located next to cow barn that convenient for animal waste to transfer from barn to burner, and for CO2 to be transferred from barn into glass house.


Cow Park

Tri-gen building is designed as exposed structure with steel truss supported path ways surrounding a central court yard, Large percentage of vertical green coverage is located in his place that act as additional acoustic insulation and shading devices for tri-gen machines, and also as birds’ “play grounds�.


 Cow Park

The whole site is designed to mimicry a forest with building structure immerged into it. Different functions of buildings are linked together with path ways, animal traffic and energy transfers. It is the transition between urban and natural environments.


Cow Park (previous version + exploration presentation panel)


Cow Park (final presentation panel)



High-raise Building Partial Construction Detail The University of Melbourne, Master Architecture, Applied Construction, 2012 sem2, Bowen Ding 349859





Personal Statement I grew up in a family with principles and enthusiasms, both of my parents have been to college. My father is very good at science. He was a doctor and now is a public functionary officer. My mother has persistent passion for art and music, and specializes in philosophy. She is a chiefeditor of a local newspaper. Therefore, I have received education of both science and arts from my parents since the very beginning of my life, which moulded me into a person who loves arts and has always been interested in science. Nowadays, photography, drawing and writing are my biggest hobbies. I always share the joy of my art works with friends, and some times it turns into little incomes of mine. I have always known as an imaginative creator, who also owns strong logical thinking. I am good at art, writing, math and science, and always stay in the top class of my peers in my prior study. One of my most impressive experiences was being a paid part-time journalist and writer for a national student newspaper. I was once invited in a trip to Shanghai for a city tour. That was the first time I have felt the impulsion of seeking into architecture field, I was so attracted to all the ancient and modern buildings, that caused my report was all about architectures in Shanghai. Another important experience came from my spare time. My father was once sent on a mission as a supervisor of their department’s new building construction. This had given the opportunity for me to witness a fifteen-storey building being built up during days and nights. I remember me stood at the edge of the huge hole for foundation construction, holding my father’s hand so I can lean forward to see the bottom of it. I remember the first time I stepped on the temporary construction elevator to go up to the top, grabbing the steel frames as tight as I can to look down through the frames and concretes. I remember reading the blueprints with an architect and running around with a safety helmet that was too big and almost fall off. These were the most precious happy memories of my childhood that early linked me to architecture. In my daily life, I have always been a self-encouraged volunteer of environmental friendly actions. I believe actions and good influence can be achieved no matter when and where, the most important is your true intention. I helped community manager with planting and protecting vegetations in our home surrounding area; helped and saved lost and wild small animals; as one of the leaders that made posters to disseminate the spirit of environmental friendly at school. When I came to Australia, I studied high school in Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, and lived with a lovely local home-stay family in Camberwell. I learnt a lot of Australian culture, and the idea of being environmental friendly was implanted deeper into my mind. At high school I was an out-standing physics and math student. Once I have joint a CSIRO student research program of electrical engineering at La Trobe University; and once I got an award in an Australian math competition. Although I was much into science at that time, I still cannot give up my enthusiasm to art while considering future career. After a long period of cautious thinking, I have decided to take architecture major, which our school career coordinator agreed to be the best suitable major for me. In Environments first year, we have enough time to experience all the study fields to decide which major would be the best for us; the choice of breadth subjects provide opportunity for me to expand my study area, which I have chosen to study construction major subjects as electives to help me have more understanding of building and the industry systems. These subjects has given up more opportunity and challenges to let us find and go into the real-life construction sites on our own, to experience and observe various types of buildings’ different phases of construction process. Architecture is a combination of art and science, perceptual and rational; design is to unite them into one piece that brings out the most credit. I have found myself also is a combination of these elements. Three years of bachelor studying have generally shown how I am suitable to study architecture and affected enormously on my future career planning.


I am a thoughtful person, anything can inspire my thinking. I always use studied knowledge into my design, and always find inspiration from daily life. In year3 of my bachelor studying, I applied a pulling system and a hydraulic system into my design to achieve motion of the structure, and combining with my previous observation of wetland birds, I was able to achieve a concept that link to local industry and sustainability idea. I am a creator with powerful imagination ability. In 2012, I designed a building form that achieves different shapes from different angles of view, which brings multiple visual effects that fully link back to design intent. I am able to think and do strictly and comprehensively. I am good at planning and finding solving problems. I always consider every system carefully in my design, including plan and vertical circulation, services supply system, ventilation shading system, and load bearing structure system. I am a team worker with good taking pressure ability. I am able to lead the team, caring and helping team members; work well and orderly under pressure. In one of our studios, although because of an accident that badly affected my emotion my design idea was blocked, I was still able to calm myself and completed the design in time. During that period, I also helped my team members to relax, created and kept a joyful working environment. In construction subjects, my team and I had over came lots of difficulties independently while completing reports of construction sites in rural areas. I am glad that I have made strong friendship with peers from engineering and construction major backgrounds because of these assignments. I am always curious and enthusiastic about the world, always seeking knowledge from every where. I studied not only core subjects of architectural history but also art and nature histories. I found it fascinating reading about how human senses on art and natural science have changed through long period of time. I think it is necessary to learn from the past in order to make future better. Especially the study has brought me more thinking about relationship between human and nature, which I believe will be one of the biggest issues in my future career. I believe that “designing for nature” instead of “designing with nature” will simultaneously create more benefits for both natural and artificial environments. The eco-friendly architecture is the one and only solution for the sustainable cities and a better future for human beings. I spent lots of time with people in my grandparents’ generation when I grew up, they had taught me a lot and that caused me used to look at the world with their perspectives, which I find are more peaceful and gentle. My grandfather was one of the most influencing persons of my life and my career. When other kids were playing video games and watching televisions, I was doing gardening with grandpa, listening to him reading gardening instruction books, harvesting flower seeds or watering trees. That was where I learnt to keep a good relationship with nature at the first place. I have fall in love with nature ever since, this love kept growing after I went to school, studying biology, physics and even now it is still in my heart while I am in architecture major. I always believe that human should live within nature and nature is where we belong. It is in our nature to love natural features, because human was born within nature. We attempt to feel peace and calm when we are getting in touch with nature. On the other hand, when people are living in the modern concrete jungles, the heat, noise, smell of the man-made cities, the artificially processed food and the flashing of bright screens are all generally damaging both of our physical and mental health. With designing artificial ecosystems, we bring the joy of nature into the deadly cities, to cure this chronic citizen disease. In conclusion of these years study, I have realized my aim is to be a certified practical architect. The designs that my partners and I work together would represent both modern art and technology, also would be appreciated by people and sustainable to environments. One little person cannot change the world, but one person can change the world a little. My aim is to become a good architect and make as much beautiful contribution as possible to my world, to help people and help the nature. To be a good architect has always been my dream, the goal of my life. I wish you could please help me complete my dream, leading me to be a better self and to have a wonderful future.


Art/ Other Works




Docklands, Melbourne

Jinan, China



Bowen Ding 2014.1.1

Bowen ding portfolio  
Bowen ding portfolio