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Portfolio 2017 of Boy d’Hont Architecture, Design Tools and a bit of Code | +43 676 687 8818 |

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Resume Workflow Architecture Projects

Bauhaus Museum | Cellular Automata, 3D Printing, Function Follows Form

Urban Analysis Tool | Design Workflow Automation, Urban Analysis, Google API

Openmarx | Interim Use, Refugee Integration, Crowdfunding

Social Sustainable housing | Social Sustainability, Housing, Multifunctional Design

Other Projects

Pandora’s Key, Prometheus Promise | Fluid Simulation, Album Artwork

Decidious | Trans-Arts, Exhibition

Holi Fusion Festival Torino 2014 | Logo Design, Merchandise

Blasts from the Past


General information



Additional Activities

Software Skills

Boy d’Hont

October 2014 – September 2017

April 2013 – August 2014

February 2017 – Now

2D | Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Forsthausgasse 2/2117

TU Wien | Vienna (AT) | Eindhoven (NL)


3D | Rhino 3D, Blender, Sketchup

1200, Wien, Austria

MSc Architektur

Freelance Graphic Designer

Mixed Media Artist

Engineering | AutoCAD, Revit

Master thesis defense at September 18th

Specialised at corporate branding


Designing and executing art installations

Office | Excel, Powerpoint, Word

and exhibitions with a team of six students

Code | Java, Pythonscript, HTML, CSS

September 2010 – August 2014

March 2014 – June 2014

from different creative fields, from sculpting

TU Eindhoven | Eindhoven (NL)

2Architecten/Studio Vuur | Eindhoven (NL)

to architecture

B. June 10th 1992

BSc Architecture, Building and Planning

Internship Architecture


Diploma obtained

Guiding the transition from CAD to BIM.

Language Skills

Beside responsible for conceptual design,

Dutch | Native Speaker

permit requests and contractor selection

English | C1-C2

Graphic Design, Music, Street Art,

German | B2-C1 January 2014 – March 2014 AAArchitects | Rotterdam (NL) Internship Architecture Conceptual design for embassies and villas

Additional Interests

Branding, Robotics, 3D Printing

Workflow “The computer is just a servant, my pencil calls the shots�

Though the complexity of several of the projects in this portfolio might suggest that I design everything from behind the screen, I rather develop the initial concepts with sketches on pen and paper. Digital tools are only useful to save time on repetitive tasks and add a new level of accuracy to the initial concept. Therefore. computer code is only used to test my ideas, generate alternatives and gain insight in complex environments. It is up to the architect to pick the fitting direction of the project and manually shape the results to his own will. Digital tools should only take over the mundane tasks to grant me more time for concept development.

Architecture Projects Design and computer code go hand in hand

Bauhaus Museum

The project aims to find the extended

2015, Dessau (DE)

design possibilities of the current digital

possibility to discover new pieces of the

era by reversing the traditional design

collection in a spontaneous way.

In collaboration with Lidia Atanasova Keywords Cellular Automata, 3D Printing, Function Follows Form

Structures”, that grant regular visitors the

process: function follows form. The natural advantages of high-complex geometry will

The building volume absorbs the city park

be the embodiment of the new Bauhaus

in a fluid motion, therefore granting public

Museum in Dessau. Several simulation

cultural spaces to the city of Dessau at

tools have been developed on the basis of

ground floor. The interlocking exhibition

the Reaction-Diffusion model “Gray Scott”

spaces can be found underneath the

to search for the architectural qualities of

museum square, constructing an intense

the geometry.

exploration through the heritage of Bauhaus.

The Cellular Automata produces a conceptual scheme for a high-complex arrangement of spaces: “Labyrinth Structures”, where new visitors can experience the most important pieces of the museum, merged with “Maze

0. Floor +1 3. 2.

Ground Floor



Floor +1

Floor -1

0. Offices


Labyrinth Exhibition Hall A | Fixed Exhibition


Labyrinth Exhibition Hall B | Fixed Exhibition


Maze Exhibition Hall A | Temporary Exhibition

Ground Floor 1. Logistics

6. 5.


Floor -1

Floor -2



Labyrinth Exhibition Hall C | Fixed Exhibition


Maze Exhibition Hall B | Temporary Exhibition

Main Entrance & Shop

4. Restaurant

Floor -3

9. 8.

Floor -2

10. 11.

Floor -3

2. Events


Labyrinth Exhibition Hall D | Fixed Exhibition


Maze Exhibition Hall C | Temporary Exhibition

Urban Analysis Tool

The urban analysis tool is a software tool

tool can easily be expanded with analysis

2017, Theoretical Research

that automates the process of urban

functions for the geometric qualities of the

Master Thesis Project

analysis for architectural projects. The tool

urban tissue. The retrieved can be used

complements an urban 3D model with

for both the traditional architectural design


data from the Google Maps database,

process, as well as source material for

Design Workflow Automation, Urban

generating an “urban information model in

parametric architectural design.

Analysis, Google API

the process�. The prototype as presented in this master thesis has been developed

A case study in Vienna and London show

as a stand-alone Java application and

that the tool can give the architect a quick

is compatible with most 3D and CAD

and good overview in the cultural aspects


of the urban area, making it a handy timesaver tool for architectural competitions.

The topics of analysis focus at the cultural aspects of the build environment: types of companies that are located in each building, their opening hours, density of public services in the area, location of public transportation stations and more. The

Building function distribution for the area around the Charterhouse Square, London (UK)


OPENmarx is collection of temporary

sketch until realization, as well as the

2016, Vienna (AT)

functions at the former central cattle

crowd-funding team that consisted of three

As part of Design Build Studio

market site in the 3rd district of Vienna. The

people. The activities will be initiated by the

project aims to stimulate integration and

academic institute FUTURE LAB, as well


connection between refugees and locals

by several ngo’s, like YOUNG CARITAS

Interim Use, Refugee Integration,

by initiating activities that fulfill the needs of

and PROZA.


both target groups. Crowdfunding has started at April 15th The 40.000 sq.m site is activated with a

2016, the project has been fully realized in

public workshop, a community kitchen, two

summer 2016.

seminar rooms and several sport modules.

The team consists of fifteen master students in Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, who are responsible for the design, planning, financing and the construction of the individual functions. I was part of that design team, from first

Social Sustainable Housing

The start of the housing market crisis

Fifty-four house plans alternatives, fit for

2013, Rotterdam (NL)

in the Netherlands has evoked a need

one to six persons, have been developed

Bachelor Thesis Project

for an alternative form real estate that

to show the possibility of this system. There

can adapt to big changes in the national

is also to opportunity to transform the


and local economic climate. The social

units into office spaces. In combination

Social Sustainability, Housing,

sustainable residential building grants the

with market research and verification with

Multifunctional Design

building manager the possibility to keep his

GIS-analysis, it will be possible to realize

residential complex suitable to the housing

municipal social urban development on

market in the long run.

shorter terms.

Every floor contains “Basic Units”, which enclose connection points for the wet rooms and can function autonomously, and “Additional Units”, which make the basic unit suitable for larger households. Every basic unit contains an installation shaft, which makes it easier to change the layout of the wet rooms in the residence.

Other Projects Productivity outside the academic field

Pandora’s Key, Prometheus Promise 2017, Breda (NL)

Keywords Fluid Simulation, Album Artwork

Decidious 2017, Vienna (AT) As part of SUPRA//STRUKTUR

Keywords Trans-Arts, Exhibition

Holi Fusion Festival Torino 2014 2014, Turin (IT)

Keywords Logo Design, Merchandise

Blasts from the Past Highlights from a previous era | +43 676 687 8818 | Hire me

Boy d'Hont - Architecture Portfolio 2017  
Boy d'Hont - Architecture Portfolio 2017