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A selection of comments from the Visitors Book

I found myself very moved – a beautifully realised work placed in a fantastic setting – spiritual and profound. Really beautiful and thought provoking Mesmorisiing What a beautiful concept – more please! Could sit and watch this all day.

Stretching, and bending, coiling and extending; the static and the energetic vocabulary of human movement as expression is a song in itself.

Exciting multisensory experience – including the smell of lanolin and machinery oil. Wonderful tapestry and dance. Came back for a second viewing – stunning!... Really outstanding fusion and interplay between dance, sound, weaving, context.

Wonderful setting for such a broad ranging feast for mind and spirit.

A wonderful 4 channel soundtrack. Its adds such a lot to the experience – changes as you walk around the room. Thanks

Amazing – inspiring and stimulating in so many ways. Thank you. Wonderful piece – rich soundtrack – well done.

Beautiful work, so exact in execution, precise in feel. Fantastic.

Tremendous work – new textures – new ways of seeing and being.

Comments from the visitors book  
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