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Our Promise The Griffin Hill System will provide rapid, substantial and sustainable revenue results:

How Griffin Hill Helps You Achieve More Business Coaching Griffin Hill’s business coaching takes average employees and turns them into top performers. Whether you’re looking to improve sales, operations, human resources or the warehouse, our proven methods are shown to increase productivity, proficiency and per-

• Increased Productivity

formance. One of our clients, IntegraCore, experienced an increase in sales of over 300%

• Increased Success

in the first five months using the Griffin Hill system. Griffin Hill’s coaching technology gives

Percentage • Increased Close Rates

companies and organizations the ability to obtain substantial and sustainable results.

Strategic Planning

• Increased Margins

Griffin Hill has innovated a complete system for strategic planning called Positional Strat-

• Shortened Sales

egy. Using our proprietary set of research tools, Griffin Hill helps its clients to secure and


grow top line revenue. Deborah Newman, a Vice President at Xerox Connect says, “Griffin Hill helped us reach our goal of being number 1 in revenue and profitability. The Griffin Hill system helped us exploit our strengths and gave us the competitive edge we needed.”

“We . . . experienced a 408% increase in sales over the previous year’s quarter. The amazing part was that we increased sales 392%, then 600%, and finished our last quarter with a 1000% increase over the previous year. We have just completed our fifth year with Griffin Hill and had a 123% increase in new sales again.” Daryl Sisk, Sales Manager A Plus Benefits, Lindon, Utah

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Corporate Tools Griffin Hill has developed a variety of corporate tools to assist companies in achieving a more dynamic workforce and successful organization. •

360° Review - T.E.A.M.

Cognitive Preference - C.P.I.

Hiring tool - H.I.R.E.

Strategic Planning Survey - S.A.V.I.

Priority Alignment Tool - P.A.T.

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“I wanted more control of the sales process; Griffin Hill gave me a vehicle, a system to help me get that control and thus the predictable results I was looking for. . . . In five months, IntegraCore increased their new sales 301% using the Griffin Hill sales system.” Ted Broman, VP Sales IntegraCore, Salt Lake City, Utah

“The most dynamic, comprehensive sales system I've seen.” Dr. Sterling Bone BYU Marriott School of Management Provo, Utah

“Griffin Hill helps you make more money. Using baseball and the financial industry as an example, most financial advisers close an average of .333 (1/3rd) of prospective clients regardless of training. Griffin Hill has helped me close in the .400 .600 range. As in baseball, professionals with a higher batting average (closing ratio) coupled with other skills learned from Griffin Hill are able to make much more than their peers.                  Ryan Day CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Knox Capital Group Draper, Utah

“The result . . . will be a framework for continued growth. We have met the challenge, and the future of our organization shall be the benefit. The guidance provided by Scott Baird is invaluable; there is no way we could have accomplished so much in so little time without his research and ideas.” Jeff Lovett, Sullivan Computer Sales Williston, Vermont

“By adhering to the Griffin Hill System we have broken the up and down trend typical in sales and seen a steady increase week over week. We saw a 83% increase in enrollments with only two months of engaging the Griffin Hill System.” Elmer Patterson, Head of Admissions Utah Career College, Orem, Utah

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The Four Vital Components of Griffin Hill’s Coaching Technology: Process, Plays, Metrics, and Coaching Shorten Sales Cycle | Process The Integrity Sales System begins with the 6-Step Sales process. This Process defines the milestones along the sales path so that sales people can clearly see where they are and what steps to take next. The implementation of the Process delivers a number of distinct and profitable benefits: • Sales Cycles are shortened as pseudoprospects are automatically purged from the pipeline when progress isn’t being made. • Business volume increases as sales cycles are naturally shortened. • Salespeople gain a new level of confidence and professionalism that is recognized by their clients and rewarded with higher close rates and greater financial success. • Company image and prestige improves as a new sales culture takes root and professionalism is recognized by the marketplace. Competing in a Competitive Situation | Plays With the Griffin Hill 6-Step Integrity Sales System, salespeople always have a Playbook of what to do next in any given situation, putting the odds of success in their favor in a competitive marketplace. Griffin Hill’s Plays guide salespeople to close a higher percentage of their opportunities, thus helping our clients to experience rapid, substantial, and sustainable increases in new sales revenue. Plays provide a flexible framework where salespeople can apply their natural strengths, skills and personality without compromising the integrity of the Process. Plays are not scripts; we don’t make you conform to any specific memorized wording. Instead, Plays provide clear direction about intent and action as you move through the Process. Plays are principle based. With the help of an experienced coach, individuals craft their own language to maximize the power of each play.

Managing a Mobile Sales Team | (ScoreCard) Metrics Traditional approaches to corporate coaching focus on the individual, looking at his or her strengths and weaknesses, assessing goals, motivations, and personality traits. Most corporate coaches respond to these variables, establishing a method of accountability that shapes the individual’s goals to align with the goals of the organization. Actions are then determined and assigned from that basis. Griffin Hill’s approach is different. Rather than taking a pop-psychology approach to human motivations, Griffin Hill begins with the purpose of the organization, in this case, businesses that are focused on improving sales and parses the problem into its component parts to create a system that anyone can follow to put the odds of success in their favor. Training Your Sales Staff | Coaching At Griffin Hill we know from statistical research that most training participants typically experience an immediate improvement in productivity. However, without regular reinforcement of the principles taught, productivity wanes over time, and within 90 days attendees have typically reverted back to whatever levels of performance they were experiencing prior to the training. In order to meaningfully influence a corporation’s culture, Process and Plays must become habit. Griffin Hill’s Coaching rotation solves this problem. Griffin Hill has developed a coaching methodology that rotates topics through different aspects of competence: analytical (Numbers Day), theoretical (Theory Day), practical (Case Study Day), and developmental (Skill Day).

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