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Work Experience

4th March - 15th March, 2013 Class R 9 a Findorffschule

Alina My Work Experience as a Retail Saleswoman in a Garden Centre

I did my work experience at the garden centre „Weingärtner“. The work experience lasted from 4th March to the 15th March. I had to work from 9 am to 17 pm. The colleagues were very nice and friendly. In this center you can find everything you need for your garden or garden work. They sell all kinds of plant for inside and outside, balcony plants and even nursery trees. You can also find garden furniture and barbecue, home items and accessories. My main tasks were to water the flowers and decorate the shop. I could work on my own Most of the time because the work was not very difficult. On the first day I had to dip the flowers. The next days I worked individually every day because the colleagues said that I could work on my own, I would not need advice for my tasks. They only told me what I had to do. But in the second week I worked together with another trainee. Easter was coming soon, so we rearranged the decoration goods and we had to put the candles in another shelf. My work experience was very nice and I could imagine to do this job later.

My work experience I did my work experience at “Tagespflegehaus – Haus Eichengrund” as a carer for the elderly. There I helped seniors and need of care people.


The guests come Monday until Friday from 8 am until 4 am. I worked every day from 8 am until 1 am, except Wednesday then I worked until 4 pm. At first we had breakfast together and I helped to lay and clean the tables. After that we played games together, later there was a snack in-between, a yoghurt and drinks or other things. Again I helped to prepare and clean the tables. We continued the games, for example: Bingo, ball games and gymnastics. At 11 o’clock we read the newspaper to the guests. Then I picked up the lunch from the retirement home at 12 o’clock. After the lunch, the guests do a nap, watch TV or read magazines. I had a big break then, too. I also ate something and read the newspaper. Then we prepare the coffee and chatted with the guests. We did some small talk about the weather, the family or the news. When the weather was good we went for a little walk together and enjoyed the sun. At 16 o’clock the guests were taken home by staff members or by relatives. The staff was very friendly and the guests, too. I think my work experience was very interesting, but I don’t want to do this job, because at the moment the responsibility I would have to take over is too big for me. Aline

I did my work experience in the home for the aged, its name is „Rosengarten“, in Worpswede. Generally it was very nice. I will keep good memories from it. My first impression of the job was unclear, but over a period of time I had a better idea what a carer for the elderly has to do. Bit by bit I could help at easy tasks first and then they gave me more and more demanding duties. The staff are very nice and they showed me how to do the duties in the right way. The duties are not so difficult and I learned fast. I had to lay and clear the tables, drive the elderly people around in the wheelchair and take them into the dining room, clear the dinnerware trolley from the dining room, clean up any residents´ rooms, bring fruits, yogurts and drinks into the residents´ rooms, help bedridden residents at the breakfast or dinner, serve the residents at the table, help them to dress, show them the way to their rooms and more. They accepted me right from the first day and called me by my name, when they wanted to have anything or needed support, it was really great!



My Work Experience as a Bank Clerk My work experience was at Kreissparkasse Worpswede as a savings bank clerk. I started my work on Monday the 4th March, and the work placement ended on 15th March. My tasks:           

talk to the customers and help them when they needed information book incoming payment and payout sort and control assignments sort mail cash checks change standing orders listen to conversations with customers sort and put away statements of account book receipts of money on savings account count money show customers when they do not know how to handle the cash machine

Working hours: I worked every day from 8:15am to 12:30 pm and on one day from 2pm to 6pm. Training/education: With a secondary school certificate, the education takes 3 years. If you have passed your A-levels, it only takes two and a half years. Feedback: My work experience was great, because it was fun, the staff was very nice, I was able to do a lot. After this work experience I can imagine later to learn this job.

My internship I spent my internship at the Werkst端bchen in Grasberg as a trained retail saleswoman. In this store you can find gifts, tea, books, textiles, decorating goods and more. What I had to do: I ordered books, cleaned the display, wrapped gifts, sorted and characterized books and sorted merchandise. I mixed tea, cleaned the jewelry and I also have chosen jewelry and cloths with my colleagues. When I had to order books, firstly, I had to note the track number of this book and after this, I had to search the number and the book in an online catalogue, then I had to check if it was the right book. Then I had to type the surname and ordered it. The book came, when I had ordered it before 3pm the next day, but when I had ordered it after 15:00, then it arrived within the next two days. My colleagues were very nice and we had much fun. The customers were very nice and friendly, too. The environment was comfortable and was brave to pleasent. My internship were good, I liked it. I could imagine to do this job later. But I imagine more to work in the textile sector. In the future, maybe I will work at New Yorker, Mister Lady or Camp David or another young fashion shop.


My Work Experience as a Landscape Gardener My work experience started on 4th March at the firm Karl Hannig GmbH . Every day I got up at 6.30 am and worked up to 4 pm. I always had a break of thirty minutes. Then I took out eat my lunch packet and had something to eat. The first day I went to the company at 7 o´clock. We loaded sand, stones, machines, tools and other material. Then we drove to the Rautendorfer Strasse, sawed the branches of four trees and put them on a trailer. The next day we drove to Bremen and repaired a fence. After that we drove to a piece of land and cleaned the ground there. Unfortunately during the work placement there were three days off because of snowfall, we could not work outside. My activities: ♦ carry branches and put rotten plants into a container for garden rubbish. ♦ pick up and collect rubbish and pöut the rubbish in a trash bag. ♦ be of support to my coaches in some complicated situations. ♦ plant some little trees. ♦ carry tools and hand them over to my coaches Result: This job is so varied but the hard work is nothing for me. If I had to work in this job for 40 years my body would be broken. But as a work experience it was OK and made fun.



My Work Experience in Systems Engineering I am very happy that I had to work at a Place where I could have an internship at a place where I could follow my main interests and use my best talent. I did my work experience at Jung- Analog- und Systemtechnik GmbH. My assignments were to make a brief instruction for a website and graphs of internal networks. I know that you might think my work experience was not very exciting because you are not that much interested in computers, but I think It was very much fun because my work was a mixture of my future dream jobs creative design and my second favourite job in the field of communication technology. This was the reason why my work placement was interesting for me, even if the work was not only great. The working atmosphere was very nice, friendly and quiet and I liked it. In these two weeks I had to get up at 9am every morning. My parents drove me to the work by car. I started to work at 9.30am. Every morning I followed the same routine. I arrived, said good morning, sat me at my workplace, started my computer and began to work. In the first week had to make a graphic of a network and the brief instruction for a website. The graphics needed and took a lot of time. The data information was okay, but the visual nature of the graphics was the difficult and important point. I had to work extremely accurately and carefully, because the visualization should be very elaborate. After 4 hours I had finished it and my boss was very happy about it. In the two weeks of my work placement I had to make three network graphics and one brief instruction. The instructions needed the most time of my work experience because I had to deliver correct work results. I am very critical of my work. I can say that my work experience was really great and the job is a good way to learn and use computer knowledge.

My work experience I did my work experience in the building of the Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft (ministry of education and science) in Bremen. It was great and I have met a lot of people. I wanted to find out about the work of a skilled administration clerk. I was there in different departments, for example in the mailroom, the planning room, the administrative office and I visited schools with the administrators of the real estate office who had to see if any repairs had to be made, e.g. All the people I met were very nice to me and it was fun to work with them. There were many different duties and I had to cope with various tasks, so here are only some examples:  to deal with employees´ applications for working part-time  to make files “ready for the basement” (which means that they can be taken to the archive)  to draw up documents,  to prepare and negotiate contract agreements with teachers or lawyers  to inspect schools  to take part in consultations or conferences with officials, lawyers, social workers, social pedagogues and kindergarten teachers I was one of those who work on my mother´s floor, which means my mother is head of department and supervises some offices. In the beginning it was a little bit strange, when I worked with my mother during the morning hours which I usually spend at school, but already on the second day it was great, because my mom and I have the same sense of humor, and her colleague in the room is a good friend and also funny! The other associates are nice, too.

In the end I have enjoyed the work experience a lot and I can imagine working in this job later. It was interesting and fun and it was different from school, a nice change from a pupil´s everyday life!


Work experience as a Zoo Keeper My work experience was from 4th March until 15th March in the Zoo in Osnabrück. I work there with my coach in the Underground Zoo. In this zoo department live animals like naked mole rats or sand puppies, big greys mulls, hamsters, rats, and other animals that mainly live under the earth.    

Size of the underground zoo: 500 square feet Length of course: 120 meters Residents: Over 10 different species of animals and more than 60 animals 30 different shades to form the different soil layers.

In other houses or parts of the zoo you can find other animals like monkeys, turtles, and birds, e.g. flamingos and cranes, too. My main tasks were to      

sometimes clean cages make the food for the animals take the food to the animals patch up and repair some cages design some cages help with animal care and tape injuries

Every morning I had to prepare the food for the animals in the monkey house, but at first I cleaned the cages there. Later I made the food for the animals in the underground zoo and cleaned other cages. The most time of the day you must clean, clean, clean and again clean, yet the work is funny all time. It is not a good work for everyone, because when you cannot work with rats you have zero chance to do this kind of job, but for all people who have no problem making themselves dirty and who are not scared of all kinds of animals, these people could work as a Zoo keeper. My work experience was very good for me, because I could work independently there. I am only sad because I was ill in the second week, but I am sure that I will work as a zookeeper in the future. The funniest job for me was to clean the flamingo house. It was funny to be inside the house and do the cleaning while the visitors of the zoo watched me. I liked it, too, that all people respected me.

The Underground Zoo department


My work experience I did my work experience at H.G. Gefken & Sohn,Landwirtschaftliches Lohnunternehmen. This is a big farm where people are needed who work there. The name of the job is Agricultural Services Specialist. I worked in a hall where I repaired a seeder. I helped to remove the knives of a maize shredder. And I sharpened the knives of a “Ladewagen” - loading wagon. This is a kind of wagon by which cut and collect grass. All this work was much fun for me and I really enjoyed my work experience. But the best thing I did was driving a tractor. I was allowed to drive a tractor with 240 horse powers. That was very cool, because I had never driven such a big tractor before. Because I have no driving license, I only drove on a field behind the private property. I would like to do this job in the future, because I like it to work and drive with agricultural machines. The work experience was much fun for me and I learned something new and much more about this job. My work experience showed me that one of the most important things was that I need the driver´s license ‘‘T‘‘. It means that at the age of 16 you are allowed to drive agricultural machines with trailers at the maximum speed of 40 Km/h. but when you are 18 years the maximum speed is 60 Km/h. In the future I would like to buy my own tractor, but the problem is the money! All agricultural machines are very expensive. Fendt 924 Vario with 240 hp


My Work Experience as an Administrative Specialist I did my work experience at the municipal administration of Lilienthal as an administrative clerk. In the first week I was in the visitors´ office. There I had to do a lot of work, e.g. write an article about bicycle tours in Lilienthal, answer requests about holiday flats, I had to make a list of the flyers and brochures and I had to make photocopies or send faxes. In the second week I was in regulatory authority. There I had to sort and file registrations, transfers and deregistration of a trade or a business in a folder, I had to write the lost property in a list, calculate firefighter assignments and I also participated in the external work. We drove to the homeless persons and had a look if everything was OK. The staff members and my coaches were all very nice and helpful and the work experience was much fun. I could imagine doing this job later.


My Job Placement at the Sparkasse Grasberg During my job placement I was supposed to work in every department, but actually there weren´t many, only office and filing. I got an own workplace in the middle of the room, an own nameplate and I worked every day in noble clothes, because of the dress code in a bank. On the first day the department manager showed me the whole business and informed me about bank secrecy. I did not have much to do in the beginning, because my coaches, the head of department and an apprentice, were both ill. In the next days both were healthy so there wasn’t any work left over for me :) Most of the time I had conversations with the head of department, I learned very much from him, for example about investment funds, about bank giro accounts, the future prospects as a bank clerk, and much more. Furthermore I checked the remittances every day and did different things with a coach, for example how to create a giro account. I also had to do many things about filing - the boring things. I did not have much contact with customers but once in a while I talked to them and sometimes I could really help them. I worked from 8.30-13.00 am, similar like the school times so it wasn’t difficult to get up in the morning. On the last day I said goodbye to everybody and get a very good certificate from the branch and 30 euros, so i was very happy. Also the department manager said that he was very pleased with me and thought that we could be colleagues in the future.

The placement was very good and a confirmation that I want to be a bank clerk in the future, I’m confident that I can achieve this. I think I will later be a university student, too.


My work experience My work experience: I made my work experience in a primary school as a teacher for pupils with special needs. There were very nice people. The work: the work as a teacher for pupils with special needs is very multifaceted. Often you take care of people with disabilities. You teach and listen to them. And you assist children and adults. Sometimes you design the daily ground for them. A remedial careworker or SEN teacher should make the life a little bit better. My working hours: I worked every day from 8:00 to 15:00. At the weekend I did not have to work. My feedback: My work placement was great. The job is very exertive. I think that it is challenging, but very important and you could meet very nice people, but it is very difficult to get a job in this field. Requirements: You should be social and helpful, it is very important for this job that you are really very patient. You need a General Certificate of Secondary Education and very much work experience in this area. Special things I did: On Mondays the children and I went to their horse Sunny. The children see Sunny every Monday. There they learn the right contact with animals. The Monday was a great day for the kids. They love Sunny and sometimes they ride on the horse.




Work experience as an insurance salesman

My work experience was at the Concordia agency in Grasberg. Concordia is an insurance company. I started my work on Monday the 4th March and the work experience ended on 15th March. The work:        

I had to do a variety of tasks. I spoke with customers and advised them in all things about money. I registered incoming payment. The work was often very difficult but the work was very much fun. I checked and assorted assignment. I created new account. I prepared abstracts of assorted accounts. I read incoming mail and notes.

My work experience was for me very good, because I could work independently and I could do a lot of different tasks of work there. My two weeks were very exciting, except the first day. I was told how the program works which they use in this company. OK, of course first all things must be explained to you. But in general my time at the Concordia was very cool and interesting. And I want to do an apprenticeship or training at the Concordia after I will have finished my secondary education.


My Work experience as an Insurance Clerk I did my work experience in the VGH. The work experience lasted from the 4th March until 15th March 2013. I had to work from 9am to 12am, then I had a break. In the afternoon I had to work from 15.30pm to 18pm. My boss and my colleagues were very nice and friendly. My tasks were to file and to compile records, file away records, to open an insurance file, to edit and to sort contract files, for example. Sometimes my boss took me to visit customers. All costumers were nice and friendly to me, they always smiled. The work I liked best was to file records, because I could do it every day and it was very interesting to see who is insured with the VGH. A good work, too, was to edit insurances, because it was interesting to see what an insurance clerk can assure by an insurance contract. Sometimes my boss gave me notes and I had to search some information of insured people in the computer files, for example the date of expiration of the insurance. To visit the customers with my boss was very interesting, too. I really liked it, because you have more contact to the customers as when they phone to you. It’s better to visit the customers because I think the customers feel better when they can talk to you personally and not over the phone. But even if I liked my work experience, I do not want to work in this job later, because I found out that it is not the right one for me. ď Š

My work experience as a bank clerk

In my work experience I had to work at the Sparkasse Bremen. I was there for two weeks and it was nice. Every day I had to get up at 6 o´clock and my bus left at 7.23 am. I had to work for five hours a day, which means that I worked until 1pm and then I had to catch the bus at 1.07 pm.

It was so much fun to work there because I had very nice and sympathetic colleagues. My tasks were to give money to customers and much more. Maurice

The main building of the Sparkasse Bremen, founded in 1825

My Placement as Automotive Mechatronics Technician I completed my two-week work placement as Automotive Mechatronics Technician at BMW Brinkmann in Grasberg. A friend who works there helped me to find this internship. The first week was funny because I was able to do many things. Most of the activities that I could do were to make inspections of automobiles. My favorite task was to make a wheel change. The activities of an inspection are: oil change, replacing air filter and oil filter, changing and replacing tyres, vacuumcleaning of the interior of cars, replacing cooler liquid and brake fluid. I had to start at 8 o´clock and was allowed to go back home at 3pm. The breakfast was from 10:30 until 11 o´clock and the lunch break from 12:15 until 1 o´ clock. The most demanding task where I could help was a gear change. What I found very boring was the exchange of fluids, for example oil change. The staff members were very friendly to me and answered all my questions about the job very detailed. Actually I think that the placement as Automotive Mechatronics Technician was very interesting but I had often to stand for a quite a long time. During the internship I realized that I would later like to work with cars or other vehicles of every description.


My Work Experience as a Retail Salesman My work experience started on 4th March at Haar toyshop in Lilienthal. My work experience lasted two weeks. Already on my first day I had to do a lot of things. I worked from 9am to 4pm and I had a break of half an hour. At first, I watched my colleagues, but then, they gave me many tasks.I sorted all kinds of goods, e.g. beach, water and sandbox toys, puzzles or books, and I had to clear the parking , the footpath and the entrance from snow, because it was slippery and dangerous. My tasks:        

unpack deliveries sort various toys, also model railways clear the storage room decorate the shop window put toys on shelves put prices on goods prepare gift wraps and packages vacuum the salesroom

I enjoyed my work experience. My work was very interesting but very exhausting, too, because I had to stand a lot of time. I learned more about this job as a trained retail salesman and I think I could do this job later.


Niklas Bm

Work Experience as a Kindergarten Teacher I did my work experience in the kindergarten from the 4th March to 15th March. I had to work from 8 am to 13 am. My colleagues were very nice and friendly. I played with the kindergarten children inside the kindergarten and outside in the playground. The children are 3 to 6 years old and we enjoyed the time together. They wanted that I sat next to them at the table in the breakfast break. During the break it was often very loud. The children asked me to paint something for them and so I draw some pictures for them. They were happy about the pictures. As our work experience was not so long before Easter, we made some Easter decoration. So we painted eggs and after that the children were very, very happy. I thought these kids were the happiest kids in the world. I like to work with children because most of them enjoy their lives and they have fun all day long and I had fun, too. I loved to play with them and it was wonderful, when I got pictures from the children. It was cool to meet my own former kindergarten teachers there and I think that I could do this job in future.


My work experience! My work experience at the primary school Rautendorf was very funny and good. I wanted to find out about the job as a teacher and I got a good insight in a primary school teacher´s job. The school staff was very friendly to me. Lessons began at 8:10 and ended at 13:00.In the breaks I had to watch children. I also played football and basketball with the 6 – 10-year-olds from classes 1 to 4. I accompanied with the kids to the sports hall and we played „Völkerball“. Before we played Völkerball the kids were allowed to play free games, some kids drove with the skateboard, some played football, and I watched the children. Most of the time during my work experience it was snowing, so I had to take care and see that the children didn’t throw snow balls during the breaks, because of the safety regulations at schools. I also had to read with one pupil, because this child doesn’t read so well. Another day I prepared the “Rautendorfer Talentshow”. I prepared seat rows and a topic on the smart board. Result: This work experience was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. This work experience was better for me than my work experience at BMW Brinkmann, because later I want to be a teacher.

Niklas Bs

Saskia R9a My Work Experience I started my work experience on Monday, 4th of March in the Findorff-Pharmacy in Grasberg.

I must sort the medicaments after the alphabet into their cupboards, must weigh different tea substances and I can help with the production of creams or salves. Before the production of a cream or salve, I must go into the laboratory and weigh the appropriate active components and after that, I mix the composition and stir it in a white mortar with a little wire whisk. Then I write labels for the tin where the cream or salve is put into. I must punch important documents and file them away in their folders. I must also fill the cough candies display and put the cough candies in the right place, and sometimes I must scan the cough candies, so that I know how much they cost and how many we still have got. On one day, I may analyze and fusion an important substance for an exam. This job is interesting and fun and also I make many experiences, but this is not my favourite job for my future. I have another dream job as a public administration clerk. But of course I am happy that I have the chance to spend my second work experience in this pharmacy, because my boss and the staff are friendly and helpful.

My Work Experience as a Joiner/Retail Salesman

I did my work experience at Holz-Land Meyer. On my first day I came to the shop and my boss say I should go with one other assistant and watch what he did and help him. He gave me a broom and a shovel and told me I should clean up the storage racks. On my second day I was on a building lot in Grasdorf. There we knocked down an old summer house and then we built a new summer house. I had to transport old wood into the trailer and then I should shovel the sand off the trailer. On the next day I had to clean and wash the fence behind. After I had washed the fences, they were white again, before I washed them they had been grey and black. On the next Friday I should shovel snow because there was a lot and it was slippery. After one hour I had finished and then I went back into the shop and there it was so nice warm again. I had to cut a big stack of paper with prices and this work took me whole day, I finished only in the afternoon. On Monday I had to laminate the prices and price lists. That was a really funny work and on another other day I had to prepare folders with advertising and special offers to have them ready for garden shops and other shops. There is not so much to say about my other tasks, I had to do a lot cleaning and washing. There is nothing to add, because when I often had to do a lot of cleaning. Overall it was a nice work experience. Siemen


My work experience as an agricultural machinery mechanic In my work experience I was at Tiemann Landtechnik in Bremervörde, a John Deere representative, as an agricultural machinery mechanic. I started my work experience on Monday the 4th March at 8 o´clock. As Bremervörde is about 40 kilometres away from my hometown, I had to stay in a hotel room. The firm is one kilometre away from the hotel. I needed 10 minutes by bike to go there. At first I could only watch what the others did. But after a short time I could do many things myself. My colleagues were very nice to me, they showed me what they did and how they did it and they explained a lot of their work to me so that then I could help the colleagues. They gave me work, for example to make an oil change or to retighten a wheel nut. The work was very hard but it was a lot of fun for me because I should not do any work which was boring. On the third day I should clean up the stock. My favourite kind of work was to make an inspection. Most of this work I could do myself. But I could not do all kinds of work, because the agricultural machines are very expensive. A tractor as shown in the picture costs 150,000€. But customers can also buy used agricultural machines or farmers can share the costs and use a big machine together. The work experience was very interesting and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the time, because this is my dream job and I want to do an apprenticeship in this job after school.


My internship as a bank clerk I completed my internship with a bank in Ottersberg. Every day I started work there at 9pm. The staff members were very nice to me, I like them. I did all what a bank clerk has to do. I did recordings of entries, looked at the cash points to see if all was okay, I stood at the service point with staff and watched what they did, e.g. filling in assignments, cheques and recording entries, helping the customers in the bank, changing the loose cash machine, labelling assignments and more. On the first day and the last day I got gifts. Description of a task: How to fill in an assignment First when you have to pay a bill and do an assignment you either take a form or use an assignment machine. No matter whether you use the form or the machine: you must fill in the fields: name and first name, account number and the bank code of the person who gets the money. If you want you can write a comment for the assignment. Of course you must fill in your customer´s details, the number of the bill, e.g. Then you must fill in your name, first name and account number. At the end you must control, if all fields are filled in correctly, you must also not forget the date and your signature and then it is finished. Either you put the form into a letter box or you hand it over to the bank clerk. Then the assignment must be assented and after that, the assignment will be transmitted. My opinion is: I like the job, it was good and I enjoyed it. I can imagine applying for an apprenticeship and doing an education there later. My opinion is positive.

Work Experience  

German Grade 9 pupils of a secondary modern school went on a two weeks´ job placement to get an insight into the world of work and to find...