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Country Report History This month we will focus on the history of your state. Remember: You should be researching AT HOME!! While you are reading and learning, please make note cards on each of the following items: • •

Important Dates Timeline, beginning to present, in paragraph form Famous, Important People

Your first chapter on History will have the two subsections above. You will receive a grade based on the completeness of information as well as for flow and mechanics of writing.

Be sure to make a note card for each source you find information in. Refer to the “How to Cite Sources” handout to be sure you are citing correctly for the bibliography. Notes should be taken on the 3x5 cards and placed in the appropriate envelope. Be sure to make different cards for each subject even if they are from the same source. For example, if you find a great book that has great History and Economy information you will take notes on one card for history and another for economy, be sure to write the source and put them each in the designated envelope. Happy hunting!

Country Report - History outline  
Country Report - History outline  

Outline for History chapter of country report