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Building innovative social solutions anchored on CSR 3.0 (Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility)

Vision We envision a better society in Asia (starting with ASEAN) that is built by citizens who contribute to social development and live a lifestyle of personal social responsibility (CSR 3.0 / Personal Social Responsibility).

Mission Building innovative social solutions for the development of the citizenry, anchored on CSR 3.0 (Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility).

History The Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation was originally established in 1993 as the Catalino D. Yap Foundation, in honor of the late sportsman, educator and civic leader. It was renamed to also honor Dr. Benita S. Yap, an educator and author, who has also been active in socio-civic works. Starting with scholarships and various socio-civic programs which assisted those affected by Pinatubo, the Foundation quickly got involved with Sports, Education and Institution-Building projects till about the mid 2000s where the Foundation started embarking on CSR Research Initiatives .

BCYF Today As we approach our Silver Anniversary in 2018, BCYF’s work is now focused on Social Development Areas, especially on creating ecosystems in the regions for individuals to practice CSR, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship; and the Awards and Recognition Programs that aim to highlight exemplars in social development.

Highlight Programs

The Philippine Social Enterprise Week (every 4th week of May) aims to promote and discuss social entrepreneurship as a tool forsocial development. It is composed of the Gamechanger Conference for students, lectures and meetings with the University Social Enterprise Council, and the key event, the Developmental Social Enterprise Awards, in partnership with PwC Philippines.

The Philippine Innovation Week (every third week of February) aims to highlight the role of innovation in social development. The key event is the BCYF Innovation Awards which recognizes individuals and/or teams who have led initiatives that have proven to transform the status quo in SME’s, Government, Education, etc. * Presidential Proclamation no. 172 series of 2017

Philippine Social Responsiveness Week (every fourth week of August) is all about promoting CSR 3.0 (Personal Social Responsibility). One of the major events in this week is the CSR Youth Awards in partnership with Deloitte Philippines and who Make CSR a Lifestyle. Philippine Conferences on Research in CSR which encourages research-based approaches to CSR and social development.

Awards & Recognition Programs BCYF runs Awards and Recognition Programs in order to highlight role models and exemplars of individuals and organizations who contribute to social development through innovative, sustainable and socially responsible ways.

The CSR Youth Awards recognizes young people between the ages of 18-39 years who have led impactful initiatives in Citizenship, Sustainability or Social Responsiveness, and those who are exemplify what it means to "Make CSR A Lifestyle".

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The Developmental Social Enterprise Awards  Co-presented by: recognize developing, impactful and viable organizations that are committed to social objectives, and can be multipliers of social progress through their enterprises. 

The BCYF Innovation Awards recognize individuals and/or teams who led and implemented innovations that significantly impacted society especially in the areas of government service, agribusiness, SME's and education. 

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The Search for Hometown Heroes celebrates and recognizes exemplar citizens who are everyday heroes in each town and city. They created impact in the community through volunteerism, innovation and sustainability of his or her efforts.

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Innovators Society For Asia (IS4A) Or IS4A was organized by BCYF to bring together exemplars for society, with the initial batch coming from the finalists and awardees of all the awards programs above. IS4A members get opportunities to share best practices in innovation, social enterprise, CSR, volunteerism, etc. (Right: Induction of Founding IS4A Members last May 22, 2017 at Enderun College)

Social Development Areas and BCYF Regions

The Philippines is divided into 18 geopolitical regions. But for the purpose of its initiatives, BCYF has combined them in 5 Social Development Areas which aims to create innovative social development solutions, appropriate to the needs and culture of each region.

CSR & Social Enterprise Ecosystems

BCYF believes in helping schools create "ecosystems" for CSR and Social Enterprise in order to form more individuals who can be multipliers of social progress, and imbibe a lifestyle of Citizenship, Sustainability and Social Responsiveness.

To do this, two educator councils were created where schools, colleges and universities are invited to be members of -- the National CSR Educators Council and the University Social Enterprise Council (USEC).  Members of NCEC and USEC gain access to events, programs, training, resources on CSR and Social Enterprise. Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation

BCYF Brochure 2017  
BCYF Brochure 2017