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AGENDA ITEM # 6 Public Safety Efficient, Effective and Economical Government


April 9, 2014




Business Development & Procurement Services Street Services


Jeanne Chipperfield, 670-7804 Forest E. Turner, 670-3390


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SUBJECT Authorize a two-year master agreement for traffic signal poles, mast arms, bases and foundations – Union Metal Corporation in the amount of $503,465 and Component Products, Inc. in the amount of $141,250, lowest responsible bidders of four - Total not to exceed $644,715 - Financing: Current Funds BACKGROUND This action does not encumber funds; the purpose of a master agreement is to establish firm pricing for goods, for a specific term, which are ordered on an as needed basis. This master agreement will provide traffic signal poles, mast arms, bases and foundations to be utilized by the Street Services' traffic signal division for street traffic control throughout the City. The items will be used in the construction of new traffic intersections and to upgrade or repair existing intersections. Currently, there are approximately 1,500 signalized traffic intersections in the City. These items are used at street intersections as the structure that displays traffic lights, signs, and signals to ensure motorist and pedestrians alike are able to navigate safely through City intersections. All traffic signal structure components used in the City’s traffic control system must meet or exceed Texas Department of Transportation standards for traffic signal structures. This solicitation was structured in a manner which required bidders to submit a response using unit pricing. This bid resulted in a 25.4% increase on comparable unit prices for the bid awarded in 2010.

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