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AGENDA ITEM # 6 Efficient, Effective and Economical Government


March 26, 2014




Business Development & Procurement Services Trinity Watershed Management Water Utilities


Jeanne Chipperfield, 670-7804 Jill A. Jordan, P.E., 670-5299 Forest E. Turner, 670-3390


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SUBJECT Authorize a three-year master agreement for the purchase of bagged ice - Emergency Ice, Inc., lowest responsible bidder of two - Not to exceed $343,473 - Financing: Current Funds ($106,928), Water Utilities Current Funds ($224,231) and Stormwater Drainage Management Current Funds ($12,314) BACKGROUND This action does not encumber funds; the purpose of a master agreement is to establish firm pricing for goods, for a specific term, which are ordered on an as needed basis. This master agreement will provide bagged ice and includes 35 ice storage containers. Ice is an important product for field operation staff as they perform activities and deliver services in an outdoor environment where temperatures can become extreme. City field staff carry water and/or beverages in their vehicles to sustain hydration and keep beverages available in the event remote working locations do not have accessible water. Furthermore, the ice storage containers will be strategically located at facilities that use ice on a consistent basis. These facilities house staff whose core responsibility includes outdoor general field operations, maintenance and construction. This solicitation was structured in a manner which required bidders to submit a response using unit pricing; this bid resulted in a 23.08% decrease on comparable unit prices for the bid awarded in 2013.

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Finalagenda 03262014 parti