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AGENDA ITEM # 5 Efficient, Effective and Economical Government


March 26, 2014




Business Development & Procurement Services Communication and Information Services


Jeanne Chipperfield, 670-7804 Jill A. Jordan, P.E., 670-5299


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SUBJECT Authorize (1) an acquisition contract for the purchase and implementation of a citywide data storage system in the amount of $1,017,559; (2) a five-year service contract for maintenance and support for the Citywide data system in the amount of $427,949; and (3) a five-year master agreement for the purchase of additional hardware and software in the amount of $969,834 - ViON Corporation, most advantageous proposer of five Total not to exceed $2,415,342 - Financing: Current Funds ($1,451,533) and Municipal Lease Agreement Funds ($963,809) (subject to annual appropriations) BACKGROUND This acquisition contract will allow for the procurement of a replacement citywide data storage system, including installation, software, maintenance and support. The citywide data storage requirements are expanding at the rate of 30% each year. The current storage system has exceeded its life span and useful capacity and cannot be expanded further to support new applications and storage needs. Features available with the new equipment will provide efficient storage and backup capacity for both server and mainframe-based systems; to include:      

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) for Police and Fire-Rescue Court Case Management System Citizen Request Management System (CRMS) 311 Advantage 3 Financial System Kronos timekeeping software Human Resources Information System (HRIS)/Lawson

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