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Economic Vibrancy


March 26, 2014


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Water Utilities Trinity Watershed Management


Forest E. Turner, 670-3390 Jill A. Jordan, P.E., 670-5299


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SUBJECT Authorize a professional services contract with Halff Associates, Inc. to provide (1) architectural and engineering services for the design of roof and HVAC systems; and (2) a space utilization study for the Trinity Watershed Management Department - Not to exceed $2,653,129 - Financing: Stormwater Drainage Management Capital Construction Funds ($70,000) and Water Utilities Capital Improvement Funds ($2,583,129) BACKGROUND Roofs and HVAC systems at Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) facilities are generally exposed to aggressive and corrosive environment due to the chemicals used and gas byproducts associated with the water and wastewater treatment processes. With this exposure, materials break down at a higher rate when compared to typical office building facilities. In 2012 and 2013, a condition assessment was performed on all of the roof and HVAC systems at DWU facilities. This included 232 building facilities, 449 roof sections and 2,605 HVAC units. The comprehensive assessment provided a prioritized list of needs that are being addressed under this contract. Approval of this item will provide the means to design the Priority II roof replacements and the Priority I and II HVAC component repair and replacement at DWU buildings. This includes replacement of 69 roof sections and replacement or repair of 414 HVAC components at multiple DWU facilities. Authorizing this design contract will continue DWU's maintenance program for roof and HVAC systems that protects the various types of production equipment and process controls. Protection of this equipment ensures the continued reliable water and wastewater services that DWU provides to approximately 2.3 million customers in Dallas and its surrounding cities.

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Finalagenda 03262014 parti