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AGENDA ITEM # 6 Public Safety Efficient, Effective and Economical Government


May 14, 2014




Business Development & Procurement Services Police


Jeanne Chipperfield, 670-7804 Ryan S. Evans, 671-9837


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SUBJECT Authorize a five-year service contract for alcohol and controlled substance testing for Police – JumpR2, Inc. dba Arcpoint Labs of Plano, lowest responsible bidder of six - Not to exceed $115,023 - Financing: Current Funds (subject to annual appropriations) BACKGROUND This action does not encumber funds; the purpose of a service contract is to establish firm pricing for services, for a specific term, which are ordered on an as needed basis. This five-year service contract provides alcohol and controlled substance testing for uniformed Police employees and includes random and reasonable suspicion testing. This testing is to ensure that the members of the department who are in positions that impact public safety are not impaired either physically or mentally by substance abuse. The goal of the random selection drug testing program is to test approximately 800 uniformed employees per calendar year. This service contract will cover all costs for administering the program, including collection of samples and the analysis of the sample by a Medical Review Officer. As part of the solicitation process and in an effort to increase competition, Business Development and Procurement Services (BDPS) used its procurement system to send out 155 email bid notifications to vendors registered under respective commodities. To further increase competition, BDPS uses historical solicitation information, the internet, and vendor contact information obtained from user departments to contact additional vendors by phone.

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