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Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

Anne of Green Gables

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Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Setting The Stage Credits Original Book written by Lucy Montgomery Script Adapted by Julian Wiles Directed by Josh Harris Set Design by Ken Barnett Costume Design by Barbara Young Lighting Design by Paul Hartmann Theatre Etiquette

Discuss proper audience behavior with your students. While applause, laughter, and reaction, when appropriate, are appreciated and anticipated, unnecessary noise or movement can distract the actors and audience members, while also affecting the quality of the performance. It is very important that students understand how their behavior can affect a live performance. You, the teacher, and other adult chaperones for your group are responsible for your student’s behavior. We ask that the chaperones sit among the students rather than together in a group behind the students. Our ushers will react to disruptions and attempt to quell them. We reserve the right to remove any student causing a distraction from the theatre. When entering the theatre venue please make sure all of your students have name tags with their name and your school’s name.

Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Anne Shirley - An imaginative, talkative, red-headed orphan who comes to live with unmarried siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. Marilla Cuthbert - Matthew's sister, she is an austere woman who tries to subdue Anne's imaginative, unusual ways. Though she is conservative in her rules, she does love Anne and has the glimmerings of a sense of humour and a hidden soft side. Matthew Cuthbert - Marilla's brother, a shy, awkward man who takes a liking to Anne from the start. The two become fast friends. He is a good listener. Because Marilla has primary responsibility for rearing the girl, he feels no qualms about "spoiling" her and indulging her in pretty clothes and other frivolities. Diana Barry - Anne's bosom friend and kindred spirit. Anne and Diana become best friends from the moment they meet. She is the only girl of Anne's age who lives close to Green Gables. Anne admires Diana for being pretty and for her amiable disposition. Diana lacks Anne's powerful imagination but is a loyal friend. Gilbert Blythe - A handsome classmate who tried to get Anne's attention by pulling her hair and calling her "Carrots" (unaware of her sensitivity about her red hair). Anne reacted by refusing to have anything to do with him for the next few years. Although Gilbert repeatedly apologized, Anne rebuffed him for years. However, Gilbert never abandoned his quest for her friendship (and eventually, love). Anne finally forgave him at the end of the book, when he gave up his job as teacher at the Avonlea school for her, to enable her to live at Green Gables with Marilla. Mrs. Rachel Lynde - A neighbour of Matthew and Marilla, and the nosiest person in town. She soon warms to the freckle-faced orphan. She is industrious and helpful, and does work for the church. She is married and has raised ten children, but her husband, Thomas Lynde, is mentioned briefly and never speaks. Miss Muriel Stacy - Anne's energetic new teacher. Her warm and sympathetic nature appeals to her students, but Avonlea's conservative parents disapprove of her liberal teaching methods. She forms a special relationship with Anne, who views her as a mentor. Miss Stacy encourages Anne to develop her character and intellect, and helps prepare her for the entrance exam at Queen's College, where she comes joint first with Gilbert Blythe. Josie Pye - A classmate generally disliked by the other girls (as are her siblings). Josie is vain, dishonest and jealous of Anne's popularity.

Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Minnie May Barry - Diana's baby sister, whose life is saved by Anne when she comes down with croup. Mrs. Barry - Mrs. Barry has a severe personality, expecting her children to follow strict rules. After Anne accidentally gets Diana drunk, Mrs. Barry rejects the girl until she saves Minnie May. Mr. Phillips - Anne's first teacher at Avonlea, whom she despises. She refuses to attend school for a long time, after Mr. Phillips punished only her among 12 pupils who arrived late. He is described as lacking discipline and courts one of his pupils

Synopsis of Anne of Green Gables Spoiler alert, you may not want to read this before seeing the play.

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, siblings in their fifties and sixties, had decided to adopt a boy from the orphanage to help Matthew run their farm. They live at Green Gables, their Avonlea farmhouse on Prince Edward Island. Through a misunderstanding, the orphanage sends a young girl named Anne Shirley. As a child of imagination, Anne takes much joy in life, and adapts quickly, thriving in the close-knit farming village. Her talkativeness initially drives the prim, duty-driven Marilla to distraction, although shy Matthew falls for her immediately. This play recounts Anne's adventures in making a home: the country school, where she quickly excels in her studies; her friendship with Diana Barry; her budding literary ambitions; and her rivalry with classmate Gilbert Blythe, who teases her about her red hair. For that he earned her instant hatred, although he apologizes many times. We also follow Anne's adventures in quiet, old-fashioned Avonlea. Scenes include her play time with friends (Diana, Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis), her run-ins with the unpleasant Pye sisters (Gertie and Josie), and domestic mishaps such as dyeing her hair green (while intending to dye it black), or accidentally getting Diana drunk (by giving her what she thinks is raspberry cordial but is currant wine). Near the end of the show, Matthew dies of a heart attack after learning that all of his and Marilla's money has been lost in a bank failure. Out of devotion to Marilla and Green Gables, Anne gives up the Avery Scholarship to stay at home and help Marilla, whose eyesight is diminishing. She plans to teach at the Carmody school, the nearest school available, and return to Green Gables on weekends. In an act of friendship, Gilbert Blythe gives up his teaching position at the Avonlea School to work at White Sands School instead. Anne can teach in Avonlea and stay at Green Gables all through the week. After this kind act, Anne and Gilbert's friendship is cemented, and Anne looks forward to the next "bend in the road."

Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Curriculum Connections

About the BOOK! Anne of Green Gables (1908) is a bestselling novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Written as fiction for readers of all ages, since the mid-twentieth century, the literary classic has been considered a children's novel. It recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley; a young orphan girl sent to a middle-aged brother and sister who have a farm on Prince Edward Island, and who had intended to adopt a boy to help them. The novel recounts how Anne makes her way with the Cuthberts, in school and the town. Since publication, Anne of Green Gables has sold more than 50 million copies and been translated into 20 languages. Numerous sequels were written by Montgomery, and since her death, another sequel has been published, as well as an authorized prequel. The original book is taught to students around the world.

The Life and Times of the Play Setting: Date and Place In writing the novel, Montgomery was inspired by notes she had made as a young girl, about a couple who were mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of the boy they had requested, yet decided to keep her. She drew upon her own childhood experiences in rural Prince Edward Island. Montgomery used a photograph of Evelyn Nesbit, which she had clipped from New York始s Metropolitan Magazine and put on the wall of her bedroom, as the model for the face of Anne Shirley, the book's main character. Montgomery also was inspired by the "formula Ann" orphan stories, which were popular at the time and distinguished her character by her insistence on spelling her name as "Anne". She based other characters such as Gilbert Blythe, in part on people she knew. She said she wrote the novel in the twilight of the day, while sitting at her window and overlooking the fields of Cavendish.

Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Quiz on the show

1. What relation did the two Cuthberts have to each other? A. Husband and wife_ B. Brother and sister C. Mother and son_ D. Cousins

2. Why was Marilla upset when she saw Anne for the first time? A. She had wanted a boy_ B. She had wanted an older child_ C. She had wanted a younger child D. Anne was to skinny to help around the house

3. Who quickly became Anne's "bosom friend"? A. Prissy Andrews B. Gilbert Blythe_ C. Diana Barry D. Josie Pye

4. What was Anne's favorite feature on a dress? A. Embroidered collars B. Lace corsets C._Poofy petticoats_ D. Puffed sleeves

5. What did Anne wish her name was? A. Cordelia_ B. Priscilla C. _Anastasia D. _Margrita

Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide


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Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

Discussion before the Performance All Language Arts completes the following standards: o Developing and using oral communication o Understanding and reading literary texts o Understanding and using informational texts o Building Better vocabulary o Developing written communication o Developing and using research strategies All Social Studies meets the following standards: o Understanding of different life around them and across the world o Understanding of different regions and human systems All Theatre Activities meet the following standards: – Connecting ideas and action – Understanding characters

Activities After the Performance DISCUSSION PROMPTS 1. Where is Nova Scotia and green gables ACTIVITIES

1. Coloring Pages 2. Quiz

Key Facts

full title · Anne of Green Gables author · Lucy Maud Montgomery type of work · Novel genre · Coming-of-age novel; juvenile literature language · English

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Charleston Stage: Anne of Green Gables Curriculum Guide

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time and place written · 1908; Canada date of first publication · 1908 publisher · L. C. Page narrator · The narrator relates the events of the novel in the third person and has access to every character’s thoughts and emotions. Biased and partial, the narrator often mocks, condemns, or shows affection for the characters. point of view · The novel is written mainly from Anne’s point of view, but it frequently switches to Marilla’s and sometimes to Matthew’s points of view. tone · The narrator is affectionate toward Anne, satirical when describing smalltown life, and sentimental and gushing when describing nature. tense · Past setting (time) · The turn of the twentieth century setting (place) · Prince Edward Island, Canada protagonist · Anne Shirley major conflict · Anne struggles to reconcile her imagination and romantic notions with the rigid expectations of traditional Avonlea society. rising action · Anne’s continuous mistakes in her domestic duties and social interactions climax · Matthew’s death and Anne’s success at college falling action · Anne’s decision to stay at Green Gables and teach in Avonlea themes · The conflict between imagination and expectation; sentimentality versus emotion motifs · Fashion; images of nature symbols · Anne’s red hair; the light from Diana’s window foreshadowing · Anne’s dream about having a best friend hints at the close relationship she develops with Diana Barry; Matthew’s heart trouble foreshadows his death at the end of the novel, just as Marilla’s headaches foreshadow her health problems.

Anne of Green Gables Study Guide  

Anne of Green Gables Study Guide