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April 2009

In this Issue: Welcome Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Garrett Love Did You Know...Q & A Student Spotlight – Mone’t Phillips – Tiffany Mills Giving Back to NCCU Invest in the Vision

Dear Alumni, My name is Hazell Reed and I am the vice chancellor for graduate education and research. Previously, I served for nearly 17 years at Delaware State University. Desiring to continue my contribution to higher education at an HBCU, I welcomed the call to serve North Carolina Central University with Chancellor Nelms. I am excited about the direction in which NCCU is moving. Please allow me to share with you some of the goals we are setting to continue with our tradition of excellence at the university. NCCU currently ranks third in the University of North Carolina’s System in the amount of sponsored research dollars awarded. Over the next few years, I would like to see those funds increase by expanding support for graduate education and increasing enrollment; expanding collaborations and support among research institutes and centers; and increasing the number of funded research proposals, research grants, and contracts. Accomplishing these goals will enhance the image of the university’s graduate education program. Education is a life-long process derived from many different experiences. Both a formal and informal education is necessary for the development of a well-rounded individual. I will strive to ensure that the education our students receive at the School of Graduate Studies here at NCCU is second to none in the nation. NCCU has two of the top biotechnology research institutes in the area: the Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE) and the Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute (BBRI). Both have been created to develop a highly qualified pool of students who can prosper in the growing biotechnology industry in Research Triangle Park. The donations the university receives are of vital importance to our ability to enhance services to students and offer more than the basic programs. But in these times, contributions are critical to maintaining even the degree offerings we would normally take for granted. I humbly encourage all of our alumni to continue to support and give to the Foundation so that we can consistently provide the level of excellence North Carolina Central University is well known for providing. Sincerely,

Hazell Reed, Ph.D Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Research

North Carolina Central University

What would you do with unlimited funds and resources? For some, this question would be cause for pause and some deep thought. Yet for Dr. Garrett Love, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences, merely a minute passed before he rattled off a few suggested activities using virtual environments.

unlimited number of scenarios can be generated to test the possible outcomes of such a deadly quake that could potentially save millions.

He proposes to use a virtual environment similar to Second Life to teach today’s student. Second Life (http:// is a virtual world where the content is created and maintained by the millions of users worldwide. You can run a business, buy land, and interact with other users across the globe. This unique and useful tool could be utilized to create specific teaching environments for his students.

Computational science and math are subjects that can become deep and overwhelming rather quickly, but according to Love, if you keep it simple enough to see the patterns, yet complicated enough to be interesting, a true learning experience can occur. “What if?” questions may be posed while running virtual labs and students are forced to think and act upon about the problem at hand.

Imagine a major catastrophe such as a large earthquake in California has just occured creating a large dust cloud that is radiating out from the epicenter. How would we track it? Preparation for the fall-out of such an event would normally require a great deal of time consuming research and planning. Using the latest technologies such as Second Life to create a virtual model, an

“You have to evolve the way in which you teach with the medium available to you to ensure you reach the students where they are today.”

Scientific experiments can become messy and so convoluted that it can turn a student off from the field altogether. Essentially, Love would like to create the 2009 version of “Choose Your Own Adventure” series where the experiments are still under the control of the instructor who can then eliminate the variables that inhibit learning, while the students simply enjoy solving the problem.

Invest in the Vision

April 2009

Expectations to go to college were laid upon Love at an early age. He always enjoyed learning and programming saying “Science is easy and fun. Spend a little time with it, and you can be excited.”

Did You Know...Q & A Endowment Shortfall

You are most likely aware of the economic challenges we are all facing. The subsequent decline in stock market values is having a dramatic impact on the value of our endowment. In fact, the market value of a large percentage of our endowed funds established within the last 4 years has dropped below the book value and laws prohibit us from spending from any funds that fall under this category. The income we receive from endowments is vital. In the past, endowment income has been used for scholarships, fellowships, professorships, programs and other academic enhancements. A majority of our students rely heavily on these funds to remain in school and ultimately successfully achieve their academic objectives. Moreover, to effectively compete for talented students, universities are even more pressed to provide scholarship support to these very deserving young people.

He developed a passion for civil engineering receiving a Bachelor of Science from MIT and both a master’s and Ph.D. from Duke University in the subject. After teaching high school for a few years at Central High School in Arkansas, Love moved on to become a staff scientist with the Shodor Education Foundation, a non-profit research and educational organization specializing in the use of virtual models and simulation technologies to teach science and math. It was his experiences at the Shodor Foundation that led Love to North Carolina Central University. He originally arrived at NCCU expecting to lead a new program in computational science, just the second of its kind in the nation, but things stalled after shortfalls in funding. Since then, he has been involved in the development and implementation of several grants. Generous donations by our alumni and corporate and foundation grants allow professors like Dr. Love to challenge NCCU students to become the best thinkers of their generation. With unlimited resources, the paths we can take to educate our students are endless, and with your help, we can begin to take steps in that direction.

As we begin to plan for the upcoming academic year, we are experiencing a significant shortfall in endowment income. Please consider making a gift to help us provide more scholarship support to these very talented students. Make checks payable to the, NCCU Foundation, PO Box 2511, Durham, NC 27703. (Please reference: “Bridge gift” on the memo line.) If you have any questions, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement @ 919-530-7785. Thank you in advance for your support!

Is my gift tax deductible?

Gifts to the NCCU Foundation are tax deductible under current IRS regulations. Our staff can discuss the potential impact of your gift on your overall tax picture. We do advise, however, that you consult your personal legal and financial advisors regarding specifics of your financial situation.

Can I designate my gift to a particular school, department or program?

Yes. The university offers an enormous variety of academic programs, co-curricular experiences, athletic programs, research endeavors and community-oriented projects to which friends and alumni can make gifts. Donors may also provide unrestricted gifts for the university to allocate to areas with the greatest need.


Randal Childs, Director of Major Gifts – (919) 530-5264 Doug Yopp, Director of Annual Giving – (919) 530-7313

North Carolina Central University

Student Spotlight

Mone’t Phillips Graduating Senior | History

I am the youngest of two daughters raised by my single mother in New Jersey. I am black of Jamaican descent. All my life, my mother struggled and sacrificed for us, especially when we moved to Paterson. We lived on the impoverished side of the city where drugs, murders, and gangs were the harsh realities we had to endure. Without my father in my life, I had to deal with that emotional pain through the help of my sister and my mother from my childhood through to adulthood. I wanted to attend a historically black college or university (HBCU) and a lady at my church gave me a booklet listing all of the HBCUs in the country. I chose North Carolina Central University because I had a strong family base of support as well as family members who were alumni. They were the biggest encouragers along with my friends who helped me gain a higher level of consciousness of the world around me and recognize the rich historical legacy of my ancestors. The Helen Gray Edmonds Scholarship was crucial to

my remaining enrolled at NCCU. I was rejected every year for parent loans which would have reduced my amount of aid. Without the support of the scholarship I received, I would have had to sit out a semester to accumulate enough funds to continue my education. Being able to stay as a full-time student has opened doors for me. I have been able to take part in various internship opportunities, participate as a research scholar at a Title I University, and receive many academic honors and awards. I have also been able to demonstrate leadership as I have held executive positions in various organizations on campus. My goal is to ultimately obtain a Ph.D. in history. Afterwards, I plan to teach and conduct historical research related to the field of African Diaspora. Words can not adequately express the amount of sincere gratitude I have. This financial support for my education will enable me to give to the students who will follow. God bless you!

Invest in the Vision

April 2009

I am from the illustrious “Bull City” where I was born and raised. I come from a small immediate family. Family and God are the foundations of my existence. Growing up, my family instilled good morals, ethics, church attendance, obedience, and charity into my life. These very characteristics are why I am proud of my heritage, culture, and community. My mother is a special needs teacher and my father is a custodian. My parents have always taught me that hard work and dedication truly pay off.

Tiffany Mills Sophomore | History

North Carolina Central University relies on the annual support of its alumni, faculty/staff and friends to carry out the mission of ‘Truth and Service.’ Without your support, we cannot give our students the education they deserve. Giving back helps move the university forward. Be a Real Eagle and make a gift to NCCU today! Web: | Ph: (919) 530-7313

North Carolina Central University

Being born and raised in Durham, I initially wanted to venture away and explore. I applied to schools that were in Virginia and Georgia, and I was accepted into all of them. However, there is something uniquely special about NCCU that separates this institution from all of the other schools. NCCU gives to the community. I remember when I was younger that NCCU always had volunteers in my public school, summer camp, and student leadership opportunities for teenagers to experience college life. I remember what NCCU did for me before I became a student, and I wanted to be a part of the movement by impacting the lives of others. My experiences here have been phenomenal. I have cultivated friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. The scholarships that I have received from the alumni, university, and the foundation have truly been a blessing. They have ensured my attendance and the resources necessary to excel. This aid has helped to offset the cost of tuition which allows me more time to focus on my studies. I am truly grateful and thankful for the Helen Gray Edmonds Scholarship that I have received. My desire is to become a U.S. senator and represent my community with dignity, integrity, truth, and service. I plan to obtain my Ph.D. in history and teach at the graduate level the fundamentals of historiography. I believe that the knowledge and skills that I have cultivated at NCCU provide the optimal preparation for my future goals and aspirations. The scholarships that I received are the driving force that will allow the manifestation of my aspirations. I am eternally grateful; just know that your investment in me is just a down payment for the future. I plan to do my part and give back just as it was given to me. Thank you!

Giving Back...


Greg Marrow, chief information officer (left), marked 100 percent participation by Information Technology Services in the Faculty/Staff Campaign by presenting a gift to Johnnie Southerland (right), associate vice chancellor of Institutional Advancement.


Chancellor Nelms announces alumnus LeVelle Moton as the 17th menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball head coach at a press conference on March 25.

Newsletter Staff

Coach Moton meets with students from Durham Natvity School

... speaking with players

Invest in the Vision

... speaking to Press

Brian Culbreath Marketing and Communications, Editor

April 2009

Invest in the Vision We Invite You To

Generous donors of years past have helped make North Carolina Central University the outstanding educational institution it is today. The research, teaching and mentoring that takes place here is second to none, and the education we can offer is coveted by many. Now we must take steps forward to ensure this educational opportunity is available to all who seek it. A society is only as great as its weakest members, and education is the key to strengthening and lifting the weakest. As we do, we know they will rise to the challenge and, in turn, become contributing members of our community and nation. We invite you to Invest in the Vision at NCCU so that North Carolinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s student scholars will continue to reap the many benefits that so many of us have worked hard to obtain and maintain. Merit and Need-Based Scholarships $15 million

Global Opportunities $10 million

Attracting Quality Faculty $15 million College Readiness and Outreach $10 million Campus Beautification $5 million

North Carolina Central University Invest in the Vision

March 2009


Giving Back to NCCU A monthly Newsletter from the Office of Institutional Advancement Did You Know...Q &amp; A Invest in the Vision Faculty...


Giving Back to NCCU A monthly Newsletter from the Office of Institutional Advancement Did You Know...Q &amp; A Invest in the Vision Faculty...