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Center for Work & Family

Mission The Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF) is the country’s leading university-based center focused on helping organizations enhance the employee experience and improve the quality of employee lives. By bridging the worlds of academic research and corporate practice, the Center helps its corporate partners access relevant, evidence-based information to formulate the most effective workforce management practices. The Center’s academic and corporate work focuses on supporting global organizations in four major topic areas: ›› Engaging, developing, and managing organizational talent ›› Creating inclusive workplace cultures ›› Promoting and fostering employee well-being ›› Developing innovative work-life and flexibility practices The Center advances this work through research, membership, resources, and events.

Research BCCWF’s research focuses on how organizational leadership, culture, and human resource practices increase workforce engagement, productivity, and commitment. The Center conducts applied research contributing to areas such as career management, workplace flexibility, changing gender roles, millennials and global human resource practices.

Research Partnerships In addition to conducting original research, the Center partners with some of the world’s leading scholars to ensure our members have access to the latest research and findings on progressive workforce management strategies. Each year, one way we bring attention to highimpact academic research is through our partnership with Purdue University’s Center for Families. Our two Centers collaborate to review and recognize the best work-family research conducted across a variety of academic disciplines, and to honor those scholars with the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award.

“The opportunity to compare notes with other companies, learn new research insights, and discover global work-family trends is invaluable.” ­­—JENNIFER ALLYN, DIVERSITY STRATEGY LEADER, PWC

Influence and Impact The Center contributes to the larger conversation on workforce and work-life issues. We recognize that these challenges exist for all groups and are part of the universal human experience. ›› In the News: Our work has been cited by all of the major television networks, CNN, NPR as well as USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe. ›› Conferences: We share our research findings at national and international conferences focused on workforce issues. ›› Resources and Social Media: We engage colleagues, thought leaders, and the public through social media channels and resources available on our website.

Who We Are We live and work in rapidly changing times. Twentieth-century employment models have been unalterably changed. Today, employers are challenged to create effective workplaces that offer employees meaningful work and the opportunity to live fulfilling lives. That means engaging employees with work that enables them to make significant professional contributions while also providing time to attend to personal, family, and community needs. The Center was founded in 1990 with the support of 10 leading employers interested in addressing the growing challenges of workfamily and using world-class research to craft the best human resource responses. Over the years, our membership has grown and the range of issues we research has broadened significantly. The Center has worked with our outstanding corporate partners to help them provide a range of workplace solutions focused on work-life, well-being, development, and inclusion to better support their workforces and enhance their organizational cultures.

“Today, it is increasingly difficult for employees to balance the demands of their careers with their personal lives. Organizations are also challenged to meet the needs of their employees while responding to customer needs, improving products and services, and meeting their financial objectives. We strive to help employers address these issues while providing a superior employee experience for their people.� —Dr. BRAD HARRINGTON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Membership The Boston College Workforce Roundtable is the premier learning and networking community for progressive employers seeking to provide a superior employee experience. Based in the Carroll School of Management, the Roundtable combines the most valuable aspects of a member community with the resources of a leading research institution. The Roundtable offers highly interactive events, access to informational resources, and a collaborative group of professionals dedicated to sharing best practices. The Roundtable offers two levels of membership:

Core Membership provides corporate partners access to contemporary research and thought leadership to advance evidence-based, innovative talent management strategies. We provide this through semi-annual Roundtable meetings, webinars, research, publications, newsletters, and benchmarking. Premier Membership offers a deeper level of engagement with the Center for employers that are committed to implementing progressive human resources practices and supporting Center research. Premier members serve on the BCCWF Advisory Board, are given priority for all research studies, and are highlighted in Center publications and media opportunities. They are also entitled to on-site or virtual consultation with Center staff. In addition to the Roundtable membership levels, the Center directs a smaller group of employers known as the Boston College Work & Family Association. The Association provides a learning and networking community for Northeast-based organizations seeking to partner with the Center, distinguish themselves as employers of choice, and engage with a network of peers.

“The in-person meetings provide excellent learning and networking opportunities. The relationships I’ve formed through the Roundtable have served me very well in my position.” —BETSY KISS, SENIOR DIRECTOR OF WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT & GLOBAL DIVERSITY, MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL

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