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Three days in June A parent’s guide to college By William Bole

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Go BC!

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Fall means the Eagles are back in action. Tickets are on sale now for football, basketball, hockey, and more. Check out the lineup and reserve your seats at

And, everybody’s favorite family tailgate parties, FanFests, are back with food, music, games, and special guests at every home and away football game. Visit for schedules and more.

Returning to campus to tailgate and catch a BC game at Alumni Stadium is always a highlight of the fall season.” —Leslie Walters ’00

As a studentathlete, I can't wait to get back to the camaraderie among all the Eagles in the Athletics Department.” —Alex Cook ’13

alumni events SEPTEMBER






Sesquicentennial Mass

20th Anniversary Pops on the Heights!

The University’s 150th anniversary celebration will officially begin with this 4 p.m. Mass at Fenway Park in Boston. For more, visit

BC tradition brings the worldfamous Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra to Conte Forum for an evening of melodies and memories. The unofficial kickoff to Parents’ Weekend is open to the public. Purchase tickets or a table at



Annual Memorial Mass All are welcome at this special Mass honoring our deceased alumni. Use the enclosed postcard to share names of those you want remembered, and register to attend at

To learn more or to register for these and other Alumni Association events, visit 1 alumni news

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▴ Pops on the Heights Scholarship Gala raised $1.7 million for financial aid ○ FanFests ignited Eagle spirit at home and on the road



○ Laetare Sunday lightened the Lenten season

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▴ Annual Veterans Day Mass

▴ BC GOLD Holiday Party reunited recent grads at a festive Fenway Park reception

○ Annual Alumni Memorial

○ Winter Wonderland wrapped the Heights in holiday magic

honored Boston College veterans who gave their lives in the line of duty Mass remembered deceased alumni and friends

▴ Distinguished Volunteer Tribute Dinner celebrated Eagles who give back to BC


in review


▴ Wall Street Council Tribute Dinner honored BC trustee Mario J. Gabelli while supporting scholarships


▴ Reunion Weekend brought Eagles home to the Heights in record numbers

○ BC National Day of Service inaugurated the BC Alumni Association Food Drive as alumni served others around the country


Reunion Weekend 2012 broke records for attendance and giving— can we do it again in 2013? There’s nothing like sharing a beautiful spring weekend in Chestnut Hill, reconnecting with old friends and rediscovering BC. Mark your calendars now, reunion classes! Your time to come home to the Heights is May 31–June 2, 2013.

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Boston College Alumni Association Cadigan Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Tom Robinson Jr. ’61 reports that his father, “T. Donald Robinson, MA’32, celebrated his 104th birthday in January of this year with his sons and daughters-in-law at the Harvard Club in Boston. He also enjoyed an evening at his home in Belmont for an additional celebration with his grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. He remains busy with his many hobbies and is looking forward to summer, which allows him to get around more freely. He also enjoys an occasional trip to Chatham to visit me and my family.”

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1933 reunion year

Correspondent: William M. Hogan Jr. Brookhaven, A-305 Lexington, MA 02421; 781-863-1998

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Boston College Alumni Association Cadigan Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Jim Breagy, MA’68, reports the passing of his uncle Clarence Dwyer on June 15. Clarence was born and raised on Mission Hill in Roxbury near the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; he studied for the Redemptorist Order at their seminary in North East, PA, but later returned to Boston

and graduated from BC High in 1930. He worked at Fenway Park in the 1920s, and Jim writes, “All of his 15 grandsons wore Red Sox hats at his funeral.” Clarence is survived by his wife, Grayce.

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Correspondent: John D. Donovan 12 Wessonville Way Westborough, MA 01581; 508-366-4782 Greetings once again. Lucky us! Today the good news is that our few ’39 survivors are still hanging in there. Of course, our memories may not be perfect, but the odds are good we can remember that some 75plus years ago the letters A, B, C, D, and F were important. They were the letters by which the BC faculty graded our academic performances. We know too that in scholarly language A meant awesome, B brilliant, C competitive, and D doubtful. The letter F we never got or had conveniently forgotten, or it was a faculty mistake. Today, in our mature years, we prefer to use these letters to form non-academic adjectives that more or less describe us—A for alert and amiable, B for bright and busy, C for capable and comfortable, and D for dutiful and maybe once in a while devilish. If you have free time and wish to change these adjectives please do so. Of course, the letter F may now be used to mean familial, faithful, forgetful, and funny. This said, the letter G is really the key letter in our use today. It starts the spelling of the word grateful, and that’s what we are. We are grateful to our families, to our friends, and to many others. Please don’t forget we are especially grateful to God, who has consistently brought joy to our youthful and now aging years. Deo gratias. Amen.

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Correspondent: Sherman Rogan 34 Oak Street Reading, MA 01867

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Correspondent: John M. Callahan 3 Preacher Road Milton, MA 02186; 617-698-2082 Greetings to my classmates of 1941. I wish you all well and good health. I thought you would enjoy reading the poem by our dear classmate and loyal friend, Bishop Emeritus Joe Maguire, H’76, about our beloved class. May God bless you. AMDG. The Class of ’41 In the fall of ’37 When our high school days were done We enrolled at Boston College As the Class of ’41. We were quintessential rookies Whose careers had just begun; We had yet to sense the spirit Of the Class of ’41. But we learned quickly that college Was much more than games and fun; It was time for education For the Class of ’41. So many memories we share Of ventures lost and won, But heads held high, we’ve carried on, The Class of ’41. And now that we stand hopefully Beneath the setting sun, We thank God for His love for us, The Class of ’41.

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Correspondent: John C. Fitzgerald 22 Joyce Road Hyde Park, MA 02136-3807; 617-364-2309

You loved your Boston College experience—and you loved those who made it meaningful. To make a gift that honors the memory of a special BC graduate or faculty member, go to 33 class class notes notes

Let’s open on a joyful note: we celebrated the 61st Laetare Sunday gathering of BC alumni on March 18. University President William P. Leahy, SJ, was the presider, accompanied by Jesuit faculty members as concelebrants, at the 9:30 Mass in Conte Forum. The BC choir sang many beautiful hymns accompanying the Mass, after which we moved to the lower level for a delicious brunch. John Feudo ’82, associate VP for alumni relations, welcomed us and presented Don MacMillan, SJ, ’66, MDiv’72, for the benediction. Following the brunch, Dineen Riviezzo ’89, president of the Alumni Association, presented Fr. Leahy, who gave us an outline of the current plans for the

University involving recruiting of faculty and students and plant expansion. Jack Butler, SJ, VP for University mission and ministry, the featured speaker, concluded the program. I cannot relate his message in a few words, but he said we should never feel defeated—God is always on our side. Charlie Ahern, John Fitzgerald, and Gerry Joyce represented the class. We missed Frank Mahoney, MEd’54, who has always been with us for this event. Sadly, we were informed by his sons Frank ’70 and Tom ’74, who were with us, that he was at Massachusetts General Hospital undergoing serious surgery. Since then, I have spoken on the phone with his wife, Rita, and learned that he is having a very difficult recovery. I did talk briefly on the phone with Frank at the Wingate Healthcare facility in Reading, and he is hopeful. • At this point in our lives, sadly, we accept that we will lose friends. Our classmate Vincent DeBenedictis passed away in April. He had a rewarding career in education and retired as head of the foreign language department at Worcester State. A message of sympathy has been sent to his wife, Mary, and his family. Also, Tom Flanagan has lost his wife, Jane. Our sympathy has been extended to Tom. May they rest in peace. • I had a pleasant surprise call from Charlie Ahern. He informed me that he gave up a few golf dates to travel to Seattle with a son and daughter-in-law for a week with family. That is a real test for a nonagenarian. He did comment that the travel time was much better than the three-day troop train ride to a POE on the West Coast. • I hope you were able to attend the memorial Mass on May 17. Until the next time, keep walking, if you are able.

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1943 reunion year

Correspondent: Ernest E. Santosuosso 73 Waldron Road Braintree, MA 02184; 781-848-3730

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Correspondent: Gerard L. Kirby PO Box 1493 Duxbury, MA 02331; 781-934-0229 Perhaps you remember that a couple of months ago I gave a shout-out to three classmates from whom I hadn’t heard in a very long time. They were Dennis Bowen, Warren Cox, and Bob Larkin. Well, I still don’t know about Dennis, and unfortunately, I learned that Warren is no longer with us. But all was not in vain; I was really pleased to have a call from Bob, who is living the good life in Salem, which is familiar ground for him. Bob has three sons and five grandchildren for all kinds of family diversions. What a pleasure it was to talk with Bob—like voices from the past, bringing each other up-to-date 68 years later. • So here’s another shout-out: Let’s see if we will hear from you, Dick Daly, Bill Kelley MBA’61, and Joe Tracey. • If you were born in 1922, and most of the class probably was, let me be among the first to wish you a happy 90th birthday. Fellow traveler from Belmont to Boston College Tom Hazlett had

his big celebration in May. And it really was a very big fiesta with nieces and nephews and grandchildren and cousins in great numbers. Tom is amazing. He has had many of the growing-old growing pains that many of us have had, but he still stands straight as an arrow. He can’t wait to get working on his beautiful and extensive gardens. Tom and Ginny feel very fortunate: Their daughter Sue, who is a small-animal worker, has moved back home. Not only that, but she has brought her beautiful golden retriever sidekick with her. It’s enough that she should just be there, but she plans to help Ginny and Tom get through whatever difficult times come their way, as time goes by. We should all be so lucky as to have an angel like that descend at just the right time. • And that’s the way it is. Peace.

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Correspondent: David Hern 40 Landseer Street West Roxbury, MA 02132-2915; 617-325-6827 Stairs! Stairs! Stairs! Who needs them? Certainly not our old pal Leo McGrath. As this is being written, he’s recovering from a bad fall down the stairs at his Attleboro condo in late March. It was a memorable experience he could have done without. Leo and Alice have since moved in with a daughter in Franklin. Same phone number. No stairs. “I don’t remember anything about the ride to Sturdy Hospital,” he reported, but he received excellent treatment before transferring to Rhode Island Hospital for special tests and more good care. Leo played golf for years with groups in his area, but he has not been able to make it on to the course for some time and isn’t sure he’ll ever get back in the swing. • Another avid golfer in the class has also been slowed down: Bill Hamrock has skipped traveling to Florida for the past two winters partly because too many friends down there have passed on. He and his wife, Mary, remained in Bedford, NH. Bill reports that they are doing pretty well. He has retained a golf club membership for social reasons, at least. He hasn’t swung a club for months but has high hopes of getting back on the course occasionally. • Another golfer in the class, Bill Cornyn, returned from Sun City, FL, to try some Massachusetts courses for the summer. He planned to stay at his Scituate home after a brief visit with a daughter in Rockland. Bill hit 90 on the Ides of March. He seems to be in good shape and mentioned jogging, whatever that is. He has stopped driving, so a daughter in Florida has his high-profile 1964 Galaxie convertible. It had been retired for a decade but was rehabbed and is now running great! “They all love it,” he said. • Final note: This space is constantly in need of material from or about classmates and their families, particularly from or about those who entered BC in 1942, and with accelerated programs quickly became valuable ’45 stalwarts. Please write or email me; my contact information is at the top of this column.

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Correspondent: Richard J. Fitzgerald PO Box 171 North Falmouth, MA 02556; 508-563-6168

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1948 reunion year

Correspondent: Timothy C. Buckley 41 Birchwood Lane Lincoln, MA 01773 In May, our class joined with the classes of the 1930s and ’40s for the third annual memorial Mass at the former Alumni House on the Newton Campus. A total of 36 members of these classes attended. The memorial Mass was concelebrated by Joseph Duffy, SJ, ’50, MA’51, STL’58; Paul McCarty, SJ, ’49, STL’61; and Rev. Robert Costello. Other members of our class who attended were Al DeVito, Mildred and Robert Foy, Jeanne Costello, and Timothy Buckley MBA’62. • We lost eight members of our class last year; among them was Joseph F. Donohue, who died on March 22. He was a graduate of the Carroll School of Management.

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Correspondent: John J. Carney 227 Savin Hill Avenue Dorchester, MA 02125; 617-825-8283 I am writing these class notes about a week after our class acted as the lead with the Alumni Association in setting up a spring memorial Mass for deceased members of the classes of the 1930s and ’40s at the former BC Alumni House on the Newton Campus, followed by lunch. Joe Duffy, SJ, ’50, MA’51, STL’58, former secretary of the University, was the celebrant, and our own Paul McCarty, SJ, STL’61, was the concelebrant. There were about 36 attending the Mass and luncheon on May 17, including Ernie Ciampa; Paula and Peter Rogerson; Carol and Donald McA’nulty; John Prince MEd’51 with his daughter Mary Costa ’79 (John’s dear wife, Mary, passed away in April); Anne Ashur (Arthur Ashur’s widow); Pat and John Turner; Claire and John McCarthy; my wife, Madelyn; and Fr. Joe Duffy’s sister Mary Griffin (my daughter Claire’s mother-in-law). I apologize if I omitted anyone. • Our deceased classmate, Tom O’Connor, MA’50, H’93, University historian, was eulogized in a Boston Globe editorial as a prolific writer who always lived up to his own ideal as a “teacher who wrote, not a writer who taught.” Tom died on May 20. • Peter Rogerson informed me of the passing of Alex Scholtes of Hingham on March 29. Alex was an officer in the Navy, serving in both World War II and the Korean conflict. Our hearts go out to his family. • Our dear friend Jim Whelton of Wayland passed away on May 12, and his funeral was the same

class notes day as our memorial Mass. We extended our deepest sympathy to his wife, Louise, MA’56. Jim was head of obstetrics and gynecology at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center for 25 years. He also had an outstanding record with the Navy, and he served for three years on the hospital ship USS Hope. • Bill McCool died on February 27, and we extend our deep sympathy to his family and his ever-loyal friend Eileen Gillis. • Jake Emmons called recently and sends his best wishes to all from Florida, where he golfs every week. Good luck to you, Jake! • Please send me news for this column or call me. AMDG.

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Correspondent: Ed Brady 27 Lane Drive, No. 31 Norwood, MA 02062; 781-762-2889 I am sad to report, I have just received word that our long-serving class president Bill Horrigan, MEd’54, passed away on June 13. Just two months ago, Bill had enjoyed the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park on April 12: With a lifetime pass in his pocket, he was among the special guests at Fenway for the party that brought back endless memories of the 68 years he was employed at the park in financial operations for concessionaire Harry M. Stevens/ ARAMARK. Bill wrote, “It certainly was a great thrill to see the outstanding players of our era—Pesky, Doerr, Yaz—and then Rice, Tiant, and so many more taking up their playing positions on the field again. What an amazing way to spend such a beautiful spring day!” Bill’s work at Fenway supplemented his career in education, which began as a mathematics teacher at BC High School for five years. This was followed by 36 years in the Woburn Public Schools, from which he retired as assistant superintendent in 1991. • As an interesting side note to that Fenway Park celebration, Bill Logue, who lives on Marco Island, FL, during the winter months, related to me memories and stories of his grandfather Charles Logue and the construction of Fenway Park in 1910. Bill writes, “John I. Taylor, owner of the Red Sox and the Boston Globe, selected the Charles Logue Building Co. to construct the new park. My father, Emmet, was an engineer on the job and told my seven brothers and sisters many stories regarding the progress and opening of Fenway in April 1912. The stories of some of the early great players, like Smoky Joe Wood and Tris Speaker; the successful first year at Fenway; and the subsequent winning of the 1912 World Series remain in my memory. During this period, my grandfather Charles Logue built the first buildings at Boston College—Gasson Hall and later St. Mary’s. My grandfather emigrated from Ireland in 1880 and formed his construction company in 1890. As written in Glenn Stout’s new book, Fenway 1912, ‘this all occurred just in time to take advantage of the Irish takeover of Boston’s political machine and the resulting flood of building contracts suddenly accessible to Irish firms.’ My grandparents had 16 children, including 2 Jesuit priests and 2 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Bill Logue, SJ, after whom I was named, headed the science department at

Holy Cross in the early 1930s and later became pastor of St. Ignatius at BC. Louis Logue, SJ, taught at Holy Cross and later at BC High School during the 1930s and ’40s. Charles Logue died suddenly in 1919 while inspecting a roof on St. Mary’s Church in Dedham.” • Last April we said fond farewells to two faithful members of our class, Thomas J. Goff and James M. McDonough, JD’53. Thomas was a lifelong resident of Savin Hill, where he fell in love with his wife, Virginia (Bonang), affectionately called “Miss Bo.” James took up where he left off with the Fulton Debating Society, becoming an attorney and joining the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

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NC 1950–53 reunion year

Correspondent: Ann Fulton Coté NC’53 11 Prospect Street Winchester, MA 01890; 781-729-8512 Some of you may not know that the Boston College Alumni Association office has moved from the Newton Campus to the Brighton Campus on the grounds of the cardinal’s former residence. Our alumnae book group (we’re still reading!) will meet at the new Cadigan Alumni Center starting in the fall. Some of you might find that location more convenient while others will travel farther to talk about books. • Condolences and prayers to Alice Reardon Porell NC’52 on the death of her sister, Elinor NC’55, on May 17, 2012. Many of us remember Elie playing the piano and bringing life to the Newtones singing group at school. Elie was the aunt of Boston College alumni Ann Porell McGoldrick ’85 and Thomas Porell ’87. • Be in touch!

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Correspondent: James Derba Brookhaven at Lexington 1010 Waltham Street Lexington, MA 02421; 781-538-6502 Fr. Tom Murphy, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Army, entered the Franciscan Order in 1952 and was ordained in 1958. Tom did a tour of duty in Vietnam. He is now assisting the secular Franciscan Order all over Florida and in Mobile Bay, AL. Frs. Joe Sullivan and Jack Supple (both now deceased) also joined the Franciscans. • Bill Broderick retired after 24 years as a math teacher at Pittsfield High School. He’s an avid golfer. He is blessed with seven children and seven grandchildren, and he, son Bill ’77, and granddaughter Kate ’11 represent three generations of BC alumni. • Tom and Bill responded to my request for information from our 500 survivors. Now we have to hear from only 498 others!

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Correspondent: Frank McGee 1952 Ocean Street Marshfield, MA 02050; 781-834-4690 5 class notes

Gasson Hall. Saturday. June 2, 2012. The 60th anniversary of our graduation at the Heights! The rain outside did not in any way affect the warm feeling of seeing old friends and classmates. Festivities opened with a terrific message from Class President Charlie Barrett, LLD’55 (retired Massachusetts Superior Court justice). Fr. Hugh O’Regan delivered the invocation. Barry Driscoll followed, reporting that, as of the day of the luncheon, our class gift amounted to $1,492,155, and gifts were received from 227 classmates or their survivors. They achieved a 53.5 percent participation rate, breaking the record for a 60th reunion class! Mary Elizabeth (Fallon) McCabe (widow of Fred McCabe) spoke eloquently of the sadness that she and her fellow nursing students felt dealing with the fact that, back in her graduation year, they were unrecognized as part of our class. I went back to Sub Turri, and sure enough, there was no mention of our classmates from the Nursing School. Progress comes slowly, however, and the nursing graduates of the Class of ’52 eventually were acknowledged as members of our college family. A belated “welcome home,” Mary! It was great to see Larry Sullivan, MBA’57, all the way from California. I sat beside Frank Vaughan and Jim Nichols, MBA’62, with their brides. Frank has 17 grandchildren and Jim has 13. No chance, however, to catch up with Charlie Hanafin. Frank Tarpey noted that his eight grandchildren keep him busy. Also at our table, in from California, were George and Mary (Hughes) Naeger. I had a chance to talk with old friend Bob Richards, JD’55. We discussed classmates who had achieved great honors, and one of the names mentioned was Bob Callahan. Most of us will remember Bob as an outstanding football player. However, I wonder how many at the Heights know that Bob went on to become chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. It’s never too late to recognize outstanding achievement. I chatted briefly with well-known criminal defense attorney and former Marine Joe Oteri, JD’57. Jack Hansberry, former Eagle hockey great, sends his best, as does George Cyr. Ed Gaudette, MA’53, and one of his daughters, an attorney, were in attendance. Mike Roarke could not attend; we send him our best wishes. Same to Lex Blood on the Cape. Tom McElroy reports that the Tom McElroy Jr. ’80 Memorial Scholarship Fund has now distributed in excess of $98,000 in assistance to BC students. Tom and his wife, Regina, have raised more than $1 million since the fund’s inception. Tom and his BC High classmate Jay Hughes talked about the old days, as did Jim Callahan. • Last but certainly not least is a resounding round of applause for Roger Connor for all he has done for our class over the years! • I wish I had much more space to report all the conversations I had at the luncheon. • You can send news to me at the above email address, and I will report same online. • Stay well and God bless.

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1953 reunion year

Correspondent: Jim Willwerth 19 Sheffield Way Westborough, MA 01581; 508-366-5400

As I write, our annual golf outing is scheduled for June 13 at the Wayland Country Club. As usual, there will be prizes for the experts and for those with just extraordinary luck: a long-drive hole, a closest-to-the-line contest, and two closest-to-the-pin contests. A box lunch at the turn and a dinner after golf will complement the day. The dinner will consist of a cheese-and-cracker tray, nachos and salsa, tossed green salad, rice pilaf, and a casserole of shrimp and scallops with marinated steak tips. Our golfers’ favorite dessert—chocolate-chip cookies—will be available after dinner. When we went to press, Art Delaney, Don Burgess DEd’82, Dick Horan, Walter Corcoran, Joe Desalvo, Ray Kenney JD’58, Paul Murray, Bob Sullivan, Bob Willis, Jim Willwerth, Gerry “Spike” Boyle, George Murphy, and Fred Good MBA’62 were expected to play, and Fr. Larry Drennan planned to join us at dinner. • Class President Bob Willis reports: “If you recall, when we celebrated our 50th reunion, we offered a class trip to Europe. We felt that we would like to do something for the 60th reunion. You will be getting a newsletter in the fall concerning our participation at the 60th reunion in June 2013. However, we thought the class might be interested in a local trip. Therefore, we are looking at the dates October 14–17, 2012 (Sunday through Wednesday), in Newport, RI. Newport offers some unique attractions such as the International Tennis Hall of Fame, mansions of the rich and famous, etc.” • Peg (Burke) Crawford reports that the Connell School of Nursing Class of ’53 had a date scheduled for late May, but the response was not as she expected. They will gather instead on the North Shore in June or July. Peg is always interested in hearing from her classmates and having them attend the socials. Give her a call at 781-769-3466 and join your classmates. • I was pleased to hear from Priscilla and Dennis Cronin, whose grandson Matthew O’Sullivan graduated from BC’s Carroll School of Management this year. Matthew, whose parents and brother also graduated from Boston College, will be working in New York City for Citigroup. • Dick Horan reports that he and Joan just got back from two great days in Newport. They were there to attend the graduation of their granddaughter from Salve Regina University. Dick also reports that he received a letter and a follow-up call from BC’s Office of University Advancement. He agreed to chair the Class Gift effort for our 60th anniversary and reminds us, “Participation will be a major factor.” I am sure that Dick or members of his committee will be calling on you for your support.

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Correspondent: John Ford 45 Waterford Drive Worcester, MA 01602; 508-755-3615 On May 23, 46 classmates and guests gathered for lunch at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth. Attending were Lori and Lou Totino MBA’65, Mary Jean and Jim Coughlin, Gertrude and Gene Doherty, Mary and Murray Regan, Rose and Lenny Matthews, Frank Spellman, Alberta and Gerry Natoli,

Doug MacMillan and Fran DeLuca, Nancy and Tom Murphy, Carole and Lou Maloof, Caroline Donovan, Fr. Steve Koen MEd’60, Janet and Paul McKenna, Marge (Molloy) ’58 and Pete Vasaturo, Marilyn and Don MacLellan, June and Don Preskenis, Veronica and Dick McCarthy, Charley Pelczarski, Pat Quigley Kodzis MEd’58, Tom O’Connell, Dalia (Skudzinskaite) NC’55, MEd’67, and Ray Ivaska JD’59, Richard Maloney, Dianne Lynch, Barbara McGovern, Lillian Dunn, Charley Hurley, Tom Warren, Virginia and George McCarthy, and Jane and John Ford MSW’61. Lou Totino has arranged for our annual memorial Mass to be held on Sunday, October 21, 2012, on the BC Newton Campus. • After 44 years as dean of the Woods College of Advancing Studies at BC, our classmate Jim Woods, SJ, ’54, MAT’61, STB’62, is stepping down. An April 17 reception honoring Fr. Jim was held in Conte Forum, the only place other than the football field that could hold all his friends and admirers. Fr. Jim is recovering from an illness and awaiting his next assignment to keep advancing BC. We look forward to celebrating our memorial Mass in October with Fr. Jim, along with our classmate John Wallace, FMSI. • We have heard of the deaths of Jack Leonard, Alice Lordan Flaherty, Andre Perron, Bob LeSaffre, Dick McEachern, and Mary F. O’Neil. • Paul Lamanna, retired vice principal of Lynn English High, reports that his grandson Anthony Lamanna ’12 represents the third Lamanna generation to graduate from BC. Paul is looking forward to another generation to follow. • In March, Lou Maloof performed Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape as a benefit for the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association, and to benefit Beacon Hospice, he read a story of one of his visits to Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying in Calcutta. In June, Lou appeared in a production of 1776 at the Monomoy Theater in Chatham. • Tom O’Connell was selected for a Spotlight feature in Vitality magazine’s May issue. • Ed Evangelista is still working in risk management and insurance services for design professionals. • Please send me more news!

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NC 1954

Correspondent: Mary Helen FitzGerald Daly 700 Laurel Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091; 847-251-3837 Helen Badenhausen Danforth emailed that her granddaughter Liz McGarty graduated from college, and to celebrate, they flew to Venice and took a weeklong cruise with stops in Croatia and Greece. Also on the trip were Liz’s sister Annie and Helen’s daughter Louisa. After the cruise, Helen spent the rest of the summer at home in Ipswich, hosting visits from several relatives. • In June, Jim and Lucille Joy Becker attended the wedding of their granddaughter Bridget. The wedding was held in the Adirondacks, and they RVed all the way there with family members. • Mary Evans Bapst emailed from Switzerland that she was very busy in May with parish first- communion activities. She gave the dogmatic teaching on the Eucharist to the parents of the 52 first communicants. Mary received fascinating reports and photos from her son Michel and his family when they were touring Australia,

New Zealand, Hawaii, and U.S. national parks recently. • Have an enjoyable summer, and please send news to share with our classmates.

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Correspondent: Marie Kelleher 12 Tappan Street Melrose, MA 02176; 781-665-2669 Jean O’Neil, MS’63, reported that she had a delightful visit with Jim Nolan, MSW’61, at Laetare Sunday. She also met John O’Connell and his wife, Barbara (Cuneo) ’58. • In May, I had lunch with Jean O’Neil and Barbara Kraus May. Barbara shared the news that her daughter Sandra is teaching kindergarten to the children of dependents at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Sandra has been teaching pre-K and pre-K special education for the past 24 years.  She has taught in Massachusetts, and she has also spent many years teaching for the Department of Defense. She has had some notable postings, including in Panama during the overthrow of Noriega and at Ft. Campbell, KY. Part of her past has caught up with her: one of the children she taught at Ft. Campbell is now a cadet at West Point.  In her spare time, Sandra serves as a firefighter, and she was an EMT for 20 years. •  I must end this column with the sad news that John Vozzella’s brother Robert passed away in February, and four of our classmates have also begun their eternal lives. Dick Britton died in Florida on February 23. He had moved to Florida after joining ETC Visuals in 1991. Francis X. Callahan, MEd’57, died on May 16.  Frank spent his career in education, including many years as the principal of the Vining School in Billerica. He also followed the Jesuit mandate of service to others by being very active in his hometown of Arlington. Edward Casey passed away on March 22, and Tom Tully joined him in eternity on April 11. • As I was about to send in this column, I learned that Dick Dunleavy’s sister, Mary Dunleavy ’51, had died on May 26.  I felt so privileged to have met Mary a few times: she was a member of the Greatest Generation, having served as an Army nurse in World War II. • Please remember all those who died and their families in your prayers. In addition to my prayers, I send my sympathy.

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NC 1955

Correspondent: Jane Quigley Hone 207 Miro Place Port Washington, NY 11050; 516-627-0973

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Correspondent: Steve Barry 102 Brooksby Village Drive, Unit 304 Peabody, MA 01960; 978-587-3626 Marge Callahan writes that Lucille and Jack Kennedy’s daughter Ellen was serving as acting president of Berkshire Community College;

class notes in June she was appointed president. • John Duffy writes from Florida that he has retired from the Joint Commission International. He is a professor at the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine in Washington DC and at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. While in military service, he was appointed assistant surgeon general, with the rank of admiral. • Medfield resident John Harney, PhL’60, received the Medfield Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award for civic and community leadership at the foundation’s volunteer reception event in March. • We had 52 classmates at our Mass, brunch, and tour of the McMullen Museum exhibit Rural Ireland. Ray Helmick, SJ, (brother of my wife, Marie, MS’55) celebrated Mass in St. Mary’s Chapel, with Joe DiSalvo and John Harney doing the readings.  Dick Toland read the Prayers of the Faithful, Claire Hoban McCormack was Eucharistic minister, and I was the cantor. The tour was held right after Mass, and brunch was in Gasson 100 (the newly renovated Tower Building). Fr. Ray, Marie, and I sat with Carolyn Kenney Foley and two of her granddaughters, DeeDee and Erin Cummins ’11. • We had 23 at the Laetare Sunday Mass and brunch. Carolyn served as a Eucharistic minister during the Mass.  Marie and I sat with, among others, Bill Plansky, Pat MEd’69 and Frank Furey, Jack Burns and Dan McDevitt’s wife, Joyce ’62, who told us that Dan was at the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home. Sadly, we heard later that Dan had died on April 7. • Arthur Reilly and Bob Caffrey have been battling some health issues this year. • Norm Roy has been diagnosed with cancer. He is keeping a journal of his treatment and is making it available to classmates. • We have lost several classmates recently in addition to Dan McDevitt. Chuck Faber wrote that James E. Murphy died at the end of January. Other classmates we have lost in recent months include Francis J. Lies Jr. of Norman, OK, on December 5; Edward J. Leslie Jr. of Oceanside, CA, on January 20; and John K. Abely of Norwalk, CT, on April 16. Also, Dan Toner, son of our late classmate Joan Nobis Toner, died of liver disease on February 18.  Please keep them and their families in your prayers. • A reminder: you can log in to the alumni online community to read and post news of accomplishments, travel, etc.

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NC 1956

Correspondent: Patricia Leary Dowling 39 Woodside Drive Milton, MA 02186; 617-696-0163

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Correspondent: Francis E. Lynch 27 Arbutus Lane West Dennis, MA 02670 The highlight of our very special reunion was the 55th anniversary party on Saturday evening in the Murray Room, Yawkey Athletics Center, where more than 110

classmates convened for a grand celebration. It was an awesome and memorable gathering. • Another great event took place at the Sandy Burr Country Club in Wayland on May 23. Ed Brickley, who graciously provided me with details of the event, mentioned that it was a terrific day to be a member of the Class of 1957. It was a fine turnout and a wonderful time, thanks to the work of our co-chairs, Jim Devlin and Joe McMenimen. Ed also noted that our marvelous classmate Bill Cunningham was there to lend his encouragement and support, and his efforts in arranging for various prizes were much appreciated. Those playing were Joe Burke, Jim Connolly, Paul McAdams, Frank Keohane, Paul Daly, Jim Devlin, Dave McAvoy, Frank Higgins, Joe McMenimen, Bill Cunningham, Bill MacKenzie, Bill McQueeney, and Ed Brickley. • Our class dollar goal for the Light the World campaign was $620,000. Approximately $1,635,000 was raised, and with an additional $15 million from Pat Cadigan, the grand total came to $16,635,000. The participation goal of 50 percent was exceeded, with 52.2 percent of our class making a gift—a very successful campaign! • As adjunct to our reunion, there will be another clambake party at Paul Mahoney’s in East Falmouth on August 7. Once again, Paul and Doris have invited the class back to this very popular summer event on the Cape. • Don Fox was elected to the BC Varsity Club Hall of Fame for hockey and will be inducted sometime in the early fall—a great personal achievement and a milestone. Heartiest congratulations from your classmates of 1957! • Fr. John T. Dean, MEd’59, has returned as chaplain of Westfield State University after having earlier retired. The priest who originally took his place didn’t stay long, and that put the Diocese of Worcester in a real bind, so Fr. John has gone back to continue his ministry. I should note that the Father Dean Dining Hall at WSU was dedicated in his name for his many years of service. • Charles and Pat Sgrosso Genovese celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last July in Costa Rica with their family, including daughter Pamela Genovese Baltz ’88 and son-in-law Ray Baltz, MBA’95. • With great sadness I report the passing of Frank J. Dirksmeier on April 1 from retrograde amnesia. Frank was a Double Eagle and a person who was bigger than life. He will always be remembered by all for the many fine qualities he exuded. He will be missed. • James Maguire’s wife of 54 years, Mary, of Canton and Dennis, passed away on March 5. We also lost Paul Brown of Baton Rouge, LA, on January 23; Gardner Brooks of Lowell on February 16; and Robert Mahoney MSW’60 of Milton on March 8. • Just a reminder to remit your class dues of $25 for the new academic year 2013 to Bill Tobin, MBA ’70, 181 Central St., Holliston, MA 01746. • Best wishes for a very pleasant and happy summer and early fall.

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NC 1957

Correspondent: Connie Weldon LeMaitre Correspondent: Connie Hanley Smith 7 class notes

The big news is that our class had a marvelous representation at our reunion. We missed those who weren’t there. Thanks to everybody who sent good wishes: Ellie Pope Clem, Barbara Lowe Eckel MSW’59, Kate McCann Benson, Cathy Joyce Murphy, and Elaine Conly Banahan. Those who attended included Lucille Saccone Giovino, Cathy Connolly Beatty, Connie Weldon LeMaitre, Diane Russell McDonough, Joan David, Vinnie Murray Burns, Margy Craig Sheehy, Mary Leigh Madden, Liz Doyle Eckl, Barbara King Hennessey, and moi, Connie Hanley Smith. Thanks to the husbands for their presence and good cheer. • We were pleased and honored that Bob McLaughlin, husband of our dear, deceased Margie Lee McLaughlin, attended the beautiful Mass with us on Sunday and joined us for the delicious brunch. The festivities provided an excellent opportunity for us to catch up with each other and reminisce. All of you reading this will know what interesting and fun events were scheduled. A surprise last-minute treat was an enlightening  tour of the exhibition Rural Ireland at the McMullen Museum of Art at BC. How blessed we are to have been back together on the beautiful Newton Campus! We all savored the experience—at once joyful and yet poignant. • Barbara Lowe Eckel planned to go to Toronto in June to attend a conference spearheaded by her brother to learn more about their roots in the Hakka tradition. • Mary Winslow Poole missed our reunion only because she had just been to New England for her husband’s 60th reunion at Exeter. • The award for “dedication and perseverance” surely must go to Joan David as she completes her 50th year as professor of English literature at Salve Regina University. Congratulations, Joan! You do us proud. • Thanks for all the news. Keep those emails (or that old-fashioned mail) coming!

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1958 reunion year

Correspondent: David Rafferty 2296 Ashton Oaks Lane, No. 101 Stonebridge Country Club Naples, FL 34109; 239-596-0290

Our annual summer luncheon is planned for the first Thursday in August at the beautiful Wianno Club on the Cape. We always have a great turnout at this event. • Barbara (Cuneo) O’Connell, Pat (Brine) O’Riordan, and Dorothy Sollitto Hiltz are starting to plan class activities in preparation for our 55th reunion. • Peggy and Frank Meissner were seen at the Frozen Four final in Tampa, FL, cheering on the Eagles to win the hockey title “National Champions.” • I heard from Bob Johnson, who is living on Cape Cod and still working as a senior equity analyst for the Satuit Capital U.S. Emerging Companies Fund. • After many years of doing microbiology research at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Len Colarusso is now pursuing his avocation of music (piano, organ) by accepting the position of music minister and organist at his parish in Quincy. His hobbies include sailing, kayaking, and judging ice-skating competitions. • Camille (Colasante) St. Pierre,

our longtime class photographer, has retired to Naples, FL, after a seven-year teaching career, followed by 22 years as a realtor in Boxford. I see Camille and husband Al quite often at Sunday Mass. Camille keeps active as a Eucharistic minister and as a member of the choir at her parish. • Chester Dymsza, MBA’66, is living in Concord and enjoying retirement, playing golf, fishing, gardening, and attending grandchildren’s games and activities, along with traveling. He and Sandra Ann have three children and eight grandchildren. • Kathleen and George Bishop retired to the Pocono Mountains in 1993 and now reside in Pocono Pines, PA, escaping to St. Simons Island in Georgia in the winter. • After BC, Marilyn (Mueller) Johnson, earned an MA from George Washington University and a DEd from Ball State University, which led to a teaching position at Alfred University for five years. Marilyn and husband Jerry spend summers in the Finger Lakes region of New York and winters in Seven Lakes, NC. • Rita Nolan, MA’60, had quite a career for herself. After graduation, Rita went on to receive her MA in philosophy from BC and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. She was an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and the University of North Carolina; a visiting professor at the University of Warwick (UK), Barnard College, Columbia University, and SUNY Stony Brook; and a Santayana Fellow at Harvard. Quite a résumé, indeed! • Felix Puccio resides in North Adams. He earned his DDS from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and then spent two years as a captain in the U.S. Army Dental Corps. He is a life member of the American Dental Association; a corporator of MountainOne, a local financial institution; and a former president of the local Sons of Italy Lodge. • Condolences of the class go out to the family of Patrick Lydon, who passed away in January. • I desperately need news from classmates. Please contact me and let me know what’s going on in your lives!

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NC 1958 reunion year

Boston College Alumni Association Cadigan Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 The Newton College Class of ’58 is seeking a new correspondent. If you would like to write for Class Notes, please contact Betsy McLain, Class Notes editor, at the above address.

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2011. When he was a senior at BC High, Jimmy Cotter convinced him to go out for the football team. Starting as a fullback, Jack was coached by Fr. Charlie McCoy ’49, who saw his potential as an end. Fordham gave Jimmy and Jack, along with Jack Furey and the Bennett brothers (Stephen and the late Leon), scholarships. But Fordham dropped football, so all five of them enrolled at BC. Jack was coached by Mike Holovak ’43 and Bill Flynn ’39, MEd’40, who molded him into a star. The team was 18–10 over the three years. By graduation, he was fourth all-time in pass receptions. Jack now enjoys golf. His son Chris is a UVM grad and lives in San Diego, and daughter Donna is in the computer business and lives on the Cape. Congratulations, Jack, on a well-deserved honor. • Bob Sullivan writes that he lives in God’s country: Brooklyn. He taught at CUNY for 30 years and now has a second career as a real-estate broker. At BC, he roomed with Butch Wanat and Gerry Fitzgibbon in O’Connell Hall. Bob is married with two sons, who are both doing well. • Jim Delaney and his wife of 28 years, Helen, live in Needham. My guess is that Jim is the oldest member of the Class of 1959, and what a full life he has led: He enlisted in the Marines in December 1941, at the age of 15, staying until 1945. His dad—Cornelius J. “Joe” Delaney ’23—was a captain in the Marines on Wake Island, and they actually served together on Guadalcanal on August 7, 1942. Jim has five Purple Hearts: Tarawa Beach, Makin in the Gilbert Islands, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Korea. In 1948, he re-upped, with stints at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on the USS Kearsarge, and in France. Finally, in 1953 he saw action in Korea, where he was severely wounded after just 14 days and had to return to the States. In 1955, he became a member of our class. Jim’s life story could be a book! He is still active in political campaigns. • Jim Butler writes from Venice, FL, that his daughter Kerry has a major role in her first Broadway production, The Best Man, starring James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, Candice Bergen, and Eric McCormack. Jim also reports that Ted Shea winters in the same area in Florida. • Peter K. Murphy reports from Monaco, where he serves as ambassador of the Order of Malta to the Principality of Monaco. He also is president of Marco Research SAM, the Monacan branch of a

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NC 1959

Correspondents: Maryjane Mulvanity Casey and Patty O’Neill 75 Savoy Road Needham, MA 02492; 781-400-5405 Joanne O’Connor Hynek hosted a spring luncheon at her lovely new Cambridge home with its sweeping view of the Boston skyline. Among those enjoying the afternoon of delicious food and wonderful camaraderie were Janet Chute, Mary Kelley McNamara, Honey Good McLaughlin, Donna Cosgrove Morrissey, and Maryjane Mulvanity Casey. • Our inveterate traveler Patty O’Neill is currently on another bird-watching adventure, this time in China. She’ll certainly discover birds unique to that country! • Peter ’59 and Honey McLaughlin enjoyed a delightful spring cruise on the Danube River. They found Vienna and Budapest fascinating cities along their journey. • We are saddened to hear of the loss of Karen Mullin Winter’s husband, Norbert. Also we learned of the loss of Mary Alyce Gilmore Pardo’s husband, Stan. To each of them we send our heartfelt sympathy and prayers. • The Newton Class of ’59 has been praying for Janet Chartier O’Hanley’s daughter Marianna O’Hanley, who suffered a stroke this past winter. Marianna has made a remarkable recovery no doubt in part due to the prayers of Janet’s Newton classmates. Kudos to Helen Craig Lynch, who organized the prayer chain and kept all informed of Marianna’s progress. • Glenna LaSalle Keene writes that she has enjoyed recent emails shared with classmates, and she keeps in touch with Janet Chartier O’Hanley: “It must be our Rhode Island heritage,” she writes. Glenna continues: “My two sisters are still in Rhode Island. Norma LaSalle NC’63 is a retired history professor at the community college and lives in Exeter, and my younger


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Correspondent: George Holland 244 Hawthorne Street Malden, MA 02148; 781-321-4217


Co-correspondent: Robert Latkany 203-354-6200 Our own Jack Flanagan was inducted into the BC Varsity Club Hall of Fame in September

U.S. financial research firm. Peter invites any classmates traveling in the area to look him up. • Elaine Geissler of Pembroke, FL, passed away on April 12 following a long illness. • Our condolences to Catherine McGuinness McNiff on the loss of her husband, Kevin.



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class notes sister, Faith LaSalle (a Brown alumna), has her own law firm in Providence. She and her family live in my parents’ house in Warwick … My daughter Michelle Keene and her husband, Mark Tellini, JD’91, live in San Francisco with their four children. Their three sons are students at Stuart Hall for Boys, and their daughter, Margaux, will enter the Convent of the Sacred Heart in September. They are certainly enjoying the Sacred Heart tradition. What a small world.” Glenna’s son Mark is a lawyer in Boston and lives in Cohasset with wife Susan and sons Matthew and Sam, and Glenna visits them a few times each year. • If you would like to receive Newton ’59 news between issues of the alumni magazine, please send your email address to • Our thanks to everyone who helped fill our column. Please continue to send your updates!

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Correspondent: Joseph R. Carty 253 River Street Norwell, MA 02061 Correspondent: Peter Johnson

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NC 1960

Correspondent: Sally O’Connell Healy 4061 Cape Cole Boulevard Punta Gorda, FL 33955 Mary-Anne Hehir Helms is happy to be living back in Princeton, NJ, where she operated a shop called A Little Bit of What You Fancy from 1986 to 1995. She will be off to England just prior to the Olympics for the annual sale at the Emma Bridgewater Pottery factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Mary-Anne has become friends with the owners and with some other international collectors of the pottery. • John and Ferna Ronci Rourke spent April on the east coast of Florida. They live in Wakefield, RI. Ferna founded the Pasta Patch in Warwick 26 years ago. She specializes

in dinner entrées to go and has a loyal and enthusiastic clientele. Ferna and John will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this September. They have three sons and seven grandchildren • Mary Egan Boland, JD’65, is the grandmother of triplets—two girls and a boy—born to her daughter Kathleen Stevens. • Leo and Lita Capobianco Mainelli vacationed in Palm Springs, CA, this past winter. They have a granddaughter who will be a freshman at BC in the fall. • Lee O’Connor Lynch recently sold her home in Vero Beach, FL, and moved to nearby Regency Square. She is enjoying her new lifestyle, according to Brenda Koehler Laundry, who recently visited her with NCDS’56 alumna Agnes Sullivan O’Brien, MEd’62, CAES’88. Lee has two sons, a daughter, and eight grandchildren living in Arkansas, Connecticut, and Georgia. • Blanche Hunnewell has bought a new winter home, a condo in Naples, FL, and is happily settled. In April, Blanche, Brenda, Berenice Hackett Davis, Carole Ward McNamara, Jeanne Hanrihan Connolly, and I had lunch with Pat McCarthy Dorsey, who was visiting Naples. Later in the week, we—along with Eleanor Coppola Browne, who took a break from her busy accounting season—attended the first Newton College southwest Florida luncheon, sponsored by BC and hosted by Bonnie Walsh Stoloski NC’59. It was a lovely affair, and our classmates were almost half the number in attendance. • Have a great summer and please let us know about what you’re doing so we can share the stories with classmates.

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Correspondent: John Ahearn 872 Massachusetts Avenue #407 Cambridge, MA 02139 To begin, a bit of class trivia I thought you might find interesting: In reviewing a list of our classmates as I prepared to write this column, I was struck by the number of us who have earned multiple degrees from BC. By my count—and I may have missed a few—24 members of the Class of ’61 went on to earn degrees from the Carroll School of Management, 22 from the Graduate School of

On Eagles’ Wings An online prayer service for the Boston College family A program of the Boston College Alumni Association 9 class notes

Arts and Sciences, 7 from the Lynch School of Education, and 7 from the Law School. Now on to the news. • Chris Canavan is twice retired, first from PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2000 and then from his own consulting company, which helped establish “family offices” for high net worth individuals, in 2010. Currently he serves on the board of a Taiwan/China investment fund and as president of the New England Seniors Golfers’ Association. Chris and his wife, Mary, spend their summers in Centerville on the Cape. • Paul Scannell, MSW’63, was a social worker with Catholic Family Services in Hartford for many years and later with the Prime Clinic of the Institute of Living, where he served as director of managed care. Now retired for 11 years, he has found a lot of joy as a volunteer archaeologist and is active in the historical community in Connecticut. • I’m sorry to report that we lost three classmates earlier this year: William R. Healy died in January. He had taught biology since 1964 and served for 10 years as chair or acting chair of the biology department at Holy Cross, retiring as professor emeritus in 2001. Robert J. Farry of Monument Beach passed away on April 8. Bob was a former Ford representative and airline pilot. He leaves his wife, Jean, and two sisters; his brother Paul ’64 predeceased him in 2010. • On May 25, Robert Levesque died after being struck by a car while taking a walk near his home in Henderson, NV. Robert was a dentist with a specialty in oral and maxillofacial surgery. After serving two years as a lieutenant commander in the Navy, he opened an oral surgery practice in Bowie, MD. In 1980 he moved to Nashua, NH, where he continued his practice, retiring in 2002. Robert is survived by his wife, Sandra; two daughters; and two siblings.

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NC 1961

Correspondent: Missy Clancy Rudman 1428 Primrose Lane Franklin, TN 37064 A note from Juliana Fazakerly Gilheany let us know that Patsy Zelda Keating has been undergoing some serious health issues. Juliana and Kathy Hall Hunter have been taking her to doctors’ appointments. Please keep Patsy in your prayers and take a minute to drop her a line. • Judy Vollbrecht, RSCJ, reports that a Newton College alumna, Class of ’57, recently made a very generous donation to her Apron Pocket Fund. Sr. Judy is especially grateful as “a program to sponsor food every month for a group of 68 children costs in the hundreds per month.” The donor said she likes knowing that the funds are going “directly” to the cause. So gracious of her to do that. • In March, I received an email from Patsy Keating: “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the death of Gretchen Eben Triulzi. She suffered a cerebral incident (stroke).” Mookie Stehling Kamps suggested that we could (individually) make a donation to Sr. Judy in memory of Gretchen. • Duane and Ellen MacDonald Carbone drove to Memphis in May to see their son Matthew and his family. Matthew was home on leave from Okinawa. • Bob and I had an early celebration for our 50th anniversary in May. Our children and most

of the grands were here to help. Tom and Mary Nolan Calise were also able to join in the festivities here in Franklin. • Send news!

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Correspondents: Frank and Eileen (Trish) Faggiano 33 Gleason Road Reading, MA 01867; 781-944-0720 As 1962 graduates, we clearly enjoyed returning to our alma mater to celebrate our 50th reunion. Some of us had not been back to the campus in 50 years. Most were impressed with the addition of new buildings, especially Stokes Hall, the new humanities building that will open later this year. One of the early highlights of the three days was the Golden Eagle investiture and luncheon at McElroy, when Fr. Leahy welcomed the class into the Golden Eagle Society by presenting each person with a Golden Eagle pin and a certificate in recognition of the event. Everyone then hurried down to Robsham for a class picture. Later that afternoon, attendees had an opportunity to hear Fr. Donald Monan discuss his book, Echoes of a University Presidency, in which he commented on selected speeches made during his 24-year tenure as president of BC. • Impressive was the second annual alumni veterans program. The guest speaker was retired USMC Gen. Jack Sheehan, former NATO supreme allied commander in the Atlantic and two-time Purple Heart recipient. His wife, Margaret (Sullivan) ’69, was in attendance. Jack spoke eloquently about the Vietnam War and the impact on returning veterans. Twenty-nine BC grads lost their lives in Vietnam. Among the veterans attending were Dom Rossi, Jerry Greely, Paul McNealy, Bob Demers, Larry Sanford, Ron Reilly, and Frank Faggiano. At Mass on Saturday, we remembered those classmates who have died and prayed for those who are ill. Classmates concelebrating Mass with Fr. Leahy were Frs. Thomas Powers, Wallace Blackwood MSP’73, and Bert Oliveira. Serving as deacons were Bill Nagle, MEd’70, and Tim Dempsey. Joan Mullahy Riley hosted a brunch for the Connell School of Nursing graduates. • We received emails from Kath McPherson Hammond, Marie Walsh Michalman, Cynthia Hoare Eager, Kathleen Lorden Long MEd’67, Janice Smith Marchetti, Dorothy Falkner Tobon, and Ellen Rouse, sharing pictures and expressing their appreciation for the work done by Jack MacKinnon and the Reunion Committee and the hope that renewed friendships would continue. Jane Kilgallen Curran-Kime wrote: “I always loved Boston College, but walking through that beautiful campus and cherishing old memories gave me a renewed pride and love for our alma mater and the wonderful people in the Class of 1962.” • Congratulations to Bob King and his wife, Peg, on their 50th wedding anniversary. Family and friends gathered at the BC Club to celebrate. • We extend our condolences to Joyce Francis McDevitt on the loss of her husband, Patrick “Dan” McDevitt ’56, and also to the family of Helen B. Cook, who died in January. • Remember, send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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NC 1962

Correspondent: Mary Ann Brennan Keyes 26 Ridgewood Crossing Hingham, MA 02043 What a celebration it was! Our 50th was so well attended we were spilling out of the old library for our class dinner. We had a record number of classmates (well over two-thirds of the class) return for all or part of the reunion. The weekend began with a lovely luncheon and pin ceremony, where we received our gold Newton College pins from Fr. Leahy. One of the highlights was the Saturday morning panel conducted by Judy Pizzarello Bishop, Maureen Slattery, and Peggy Brennan Hassett. Their theme was past, present, future: where we were in ’62 and where we are today. Judy is a veteran TV producer; her career includes stints at ABC Eyewitness news; at CNBC, as a producer for political commentators and talk show hosts such as Tim Russert, Dick Cavett, and Chris Matthews; and at Court TV as executive producer. She focused on where we were in ’62 and what happened just a few years later with the women’s movement, Vietnam, etc. Maureen, who holds master’s and PhD degrees in history and has taught in the graduate school at the University of Ottawa for 25 years, talked about themes of growth in older women and how we, at 70, have multiple chapters left in our lives. Peggy has been studying for six months each year for the last eight years at the Gregorian University in Rome. Last year she wrote a book with Thomas Casey, SJ, titled From Fear to Serenity with Anthony De Mello. Her theme on the panel focused on how we go beyond our ego, our false self, and live without fear. • The discussion following the panel was lively and thoughtful. Sally McManamy Baker said: “The response to our wonderful classmate panelists and their thoughtful presentations elicited unexpected (to me) exciting conversations about our constant search for spirituality both within and without the Catholic Church. We were brought closer by our common life experiences, which gave such substance to our all-too-brief time together.” Bobbi Schroetter Speck commented: “SWC and smokers—intelligence and camaraderie. Just as I remembered it 50 years ago. Just off campus, the Marriott Newton lounge morphed into our smoker, the meeting place to which we drifted before, between, and after reunion events. The camaraderie was the same, the only difference being that cigarettes were banned and alcohol was allowed! The Saturday morning session was a highlight. The papers delivered reflected the high caliber of intellectual pursuits we experienced at Newton. They provided an SWC update, engaging us to examine the culture of our generation. Audience response was energetic and enthusiastic, and ongoing throughout the weekend. To see who we have become, and what we have gleaned from Newton, is a rich, shared experience. This weekend confirmed my recollection of my four intense and happy years at Newton.” • Now that we have all enjoyed a memorable reunion, let’s hope we can keep minireunions going and stay connected

through our website and our designated email account! Thanks to the many people who made this reunion such a success.

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1963 reunion year

Correspondent: Matthew J. McDonnell 121 Shore Avenue Quincy, MA 02169; 617-479-1714 We had a fine showing by our class at the Naples, FL, St. Patrick’s Day parade, marching with the BC contingent, and lunching together at McCabe’s (not Tom’s!) on Fifth Avenue on the parade route. Marchers included Ed O’Brien, Gene Durgin, John McGourthy, Bruce Ryan, Ed Lynch, Dave Kelley, Tom Hall, Guy Garon, Bill Fitzpatrick, Dom Antonellis, Jack Hayes, Mike Hanna, Tom McCabe, and yours truly. A number of us were also treated to a corn beef dinner at the most hospitable Naples home of Bill Fitzpatrick, a fine feast indeed! • It was great to see the Class of ’63’s No. 1 “fundraiser,” John “McGoo” McGourthy, who seemed in good spirits after experiencing recent health issues. Godspeed, McGoo! • Our Bermuda trip was thoroughly enjoyed by a few of our classmates, who experienced perfect weather on this beautiful island.  On board were Marge and Tom McCabe, John (Holy Cross ’62) and Louise Crowley Fox, Victoria and Roger Perreault with daughter Denise ’90, Lorraine and Paul Chabot, and the always entertaining Rod O’Connor and his wife, Jayne, along with my wife, Eileen ’64, and yours truly. • Our 50th reunion plans continue to progress nicely, with a most productive committee meeting on April 25.  Attending were  Ed Rae, Jim Norton, Tom Ryan, Joe Horan, Carol Donovan Levis NC’63, John Levis, Bill Garvey, Paul Daley, Bill Redgate from Connecticut, Jim McGahay, Doug MacQuarrie, Dave Kelley, Bruce Ryan, Paul Hardiman, Bob Reardon MS’66 via teleconference, and Matt McDonnell JD’66. Among the entertainers to be booked are the Bo Winiker Band, for our Saturday dinner dance, and Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginzburg, who will be the MC for Friday night, with an entertainment group yet to be determined. We will also have a group of tickets for the BC Pops on the Heights in September, and on October 27, there will be a reception for our class before the BC–Maryland game, honoring our football team, band members, and cheerleaders, who all will be recognized during the game as well. Stay tuned. • In February, Frank Catapano was featured in a Boston Herald article for his fine work as a pro basketball agent, as well as for his new passion for thoroughbred horses. When asked about the horses, Frank is quoted as saying:  “No horse has ever called me from Turkey or Israel at two in the morning.  And the horses don’t complain about the food or their location.” • Class condolences to the family of Joyce Dodge Russell of Bolton, who died on February 22. • Congratulations to Ed O’Brien, who was inducted into Archbishop Williams High School’s Academic Hall of Fame in Braintree in October!  A renowned radiologist, Ed was a longtime faculty member in the Department of Radiology at St. Louis University School of Medicine, serving in roles including full professor and

class notes neuroradiology section chief. Ed also served as a lieutenant commander in the Navy. • May I hear from you?

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NC 1963 reunion year

Correspondent: Colette Koechley McCarty 106 Woodhue Lane Cary, NC 27518; 919-233-0563 Evidently you-all (I live in North Carolina, remember) had a serenely quiet several months, or you’re having too much fun to take the time to send in news; I have not much to report. I hope this means that you’re saving up your energy for next year—our 50th anniversary year! • Carol Donovan Levis has been chatting with Mary Ann Brennan Keyes NC’62, who is chair of this year’s anniversary class—maybe Carol is gathering ideas. • Nancy Waeber Gleiman, MEd’79, helped me locate Ann McCabe Rives’s contact information for Leigh Mason Combes NC’54, who has wonderful memories of all the laughs she had with Ann and wanted to get in touch. • Marjorie Reiley Maguire sent me a link for those wishing to support the sisters in their current discussion with the Vatican; she contributes to the blog called “Nun Justice, rising” on the Women’s Ordination Conference website. • All news will be gratefully received!

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Correspondent: John Moynihan 27 Rockland Street Swampscott, MA 01907 Bill Maffie stated: “The news of my demise was greatly exaggerated,” regarding his obituary in the Winter issue of this magazine. • Bob Creedon’s (JD’67) wife, Geri, is retiring from her seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. This will be the first time a Creedon hasn’t represented Brockton in the legislature since Bob won election in 1967. • Marshall Hoffman’s PR firm, Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide, has been working on child survival issues with the governments of the United States, Norway, Great Britain, and Canada. • “A Dedicated Conviction to Our Faith,” an article in the Spring/Summer issue of Jesuits magazine, featured Gloria, MDiv’90, MS’96, and Chuck Clough. The article related the Cloughs’ “ongoing journey of faith and service”: Chuck becoming a deacon and Gloria pursuing a master’s in divinity at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology. The article noted that “the Cloughs co-chaired the 2011 New England Province Jesuit GALA, which raised funds to support the Jesuits in formation, our senior Jesuits, and the apostolic works of the Province. They continue their commitment to the GALA and serve as lay collaborators in mission with the New England Province.” • Michael St. Clair, MA’65, who recently retired after many years as a professor of psychology at Emmanuel College, has published So Much, So Fast, So Little Time: Coming to Terms with Rapid Change and Its

Consequences. It is about the changes we see all around us. • Gil Lavoie is a recognized international authority on the Shroud of Turin. For the last 22 years, he has pursued a medical and scriptural study of the shroud that some believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth. Gil has made many new discoveries about the shroud in the area of medicine and has brought new scholarly insights regarding Jewish burial customs connected with the burial of Jesus. His interest culminated in the creation of his 1998 book Unlocking the Secrets of the Shroud. • We have lost two classmates: Jim Flavin of Belmont died on March 27. Jim was the former CFO and senior VP of Filene’s and Filene’s Basement. Bill Shaughnessy of Andover died of a heart attack on February 20. Bill won two Lowell Golden Gloves championships while a student at BC. He went on to practice law and to serve a term on the Woburn City Council. He lost his wife, Carolyn, to cancer in 1985. • Next time you’re on campus check out the construction of Stokes Hall, which will open next year!

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NC 1964

Correspondent: Priscilla Weinlandt Lamb 125 Elizabeth Road New Rochelle, NY 10804; 914-636-0214 Well, it seems that I’m reduced to talking about myself. I’m disappointed that I haven’t heard from any of you, but, luckily, I do have some news of my own.  My daughter, Alexis, received her doctorate in clinical psychology in May, and we had a wonderful celebration. She’s now officially Dr. Lamb, has a bona fide job, and is more than a little delighted to finally be making a real salary. I always thought she’d make a great psychologist. I just hope that, as I get older, she doesn’t start analyzing “Mom.” Uh-oh. I had a wonderful trip to Machu Picchu and the Galápagos, places I’ve always wanted to visit.  However, I discovered that digital cameras make photography way too easy! I must have 20 photos of a flamingo that I took while waiting for it to straighten up from eating and start looking like a flamingo.  It did, finally.  It was much easier with the iguanas—they don’t move.  But I still took too many pictures. I’m now trying to winnow my photos to a manageable, album-friendly number. Remember film? You took two shots, carefully, hoping that one would be great.  It usually worked. • Now, please be advised that there are no major travel plans or impressive academic achievements scheduled for my family in the next three months. So it’s up to all of you.  Please don’t assume that someone else will come through. As you can see, that’s not a safe assumption.

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Correspondent: Patricia McNulty Harte 83 Church Street, No. 1 Winchester, MA 01890; 781-729-1187 Congratulations to Frank Previte, who was featured in the Summer 2011 issue of BC High Today magazine. Frank spoke about 11 class notes

his gratitude for the values he learned at BC High. He has had a very successful career in the field of environmental science and is the founder and CEO of an environmental services firm, EBI Consulting. • My husband, Neal Harte, and I saw many classmates at the Commencement Eve dinner at BC: David and Maddie Zollo Pope MA’81, Sarah Ann and Jim Mahoney, Mary Margaret and John Griffin, Neil “Bill” Sullivan, Ellen and Frank Previte, and Jack ’62 and Rosemary Thomas MacKinnon. • Evelyn Kelly Savage reports that she and Jim have retired and are living in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. Ellen retired in 2009 after 25 years as CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills in Basking Ridge, NJ. Currently she is working part-time as a client director for Vetted Solutions, a DC–based executive search firm. She and Jim have two wonderful children, Jim and Maura. Jim and wife Tara live in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is working in agricultural economic development. Maura and husband Gary have a son, Jack (8), and they live in Decatur, GA, where Maura is a social worker on the palliative care team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. • Doug LaBrecque emailed me to say that he is planning to reduce his work time in September by 50 percent. He and Judy hope to spend more time in Naples, FL. Doug is serving as chair of the World Gastroenterology Organisation’s World Digestive Health Day 2013, which will attempt to focus health agencies and countries on the problems of the world burden of liver disease. Doug and his family recently hosted the annual Alice D. and Frederick C. LaBrecque ’31 Lecture in Medical Ethics at BC. • It is with great sadness that I write of the death of Claire Polek Taylor in April. Claire fought a courageous three-year battle with multiple myeloma. So many of her classmates from the Connell School of Nursing have written of their sadness at the loss of a dear friend. We extend to her husband, Donald, and to all her family, our sincere condolences.

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NC 1965

Correspondent: Linda Mason Crimmins 3902 MacGregor Drive Columbia, SC 29206 Connie Lynch Godin attended Classical High School’s 50th reunion in Providence last fall. The reunion included a cocktail party, a dinner dance, and a Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game. Connie and husband Henry went on a cruise along the great rivers of Germany in late fall and then went to Venice, FL, for the winter months. They have two children: Danielle lives in West Springfield and is a physical therapist at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT. Brian is a master plumber and works and lives in Rhode Island. • Judy Aldrich Crowley and her husband are very excited to be grandparents for the first time. Their son Michael and his wife, Chayah, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Lila Maeve, into their family on April 26. • Paul and Libby Miller Fitzgerald have joined the “downsizing” group. They have put their home of 37 years on the market and are looking forward to living in a condo complex that is now being built on the James River in downtown Lynchburg,

VA. Their daughter Cara had her fourth baby in Larchmont, and son Paul has been filming episodes of Treme in New Orleans for airing on HBO this fall. Libby is still reporting for NPR out of Roanoke and Richmond. • Kelley Burg attended a Leon Russell concert while visiting an old friend in St. Louis.  From there it was on to Minneapolis to spend two weeks with her mom and to catch up with old friends, and then on to San Francisco before heading home to Hawaii. • Your writer spent two whirlwind weeks in Pennsylvania during which time I sold my house (finally got out of the landlord business); attended my 51st reunion (the very first reunion held) at Benedictine Academy in Elizabeth, NJ; caught up with many old friends; and spent a weekend in Boston attending a Red Sox game and touring the BC campus.  We took a nostalgic drive through the Newton Campus, including the beautiful soccer and lacrosse complexes down by the still-standing Quonset Hut, and after 47 years, I got to relive memories and stand on the basketball court there.  Relive your memories! Start planning for our 50th in 2015! 

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Boston College Alumni Association Cadigan Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Donald MacMillan, SJ, MDiv’72, recently received the Robert M. Holstein “Faith That Does Justice Award” from the Ignatian Solidarity Network, honoring him for his commitment to leadership for social justice grounded in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. His work to achieve social action extends from inner-city Boston to Cuernavaca, Mexico, and focuses on bringing attention to legislative issues surrounding human rights in Latin America. • The Class of ’66 is seeking a new correspondent. If you would like to write for Class Notes, please contact Betsy McLain, Class Notes editor, at the above address.

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NC 1966

Correspondent: Catherine Beyer Hurst 333 Atwells Avenue, #211 Providence, RI 02903 Margie O’Brien Vail was elected last year to her fourth two-year term as registrar of voters in Salisbury, CT. She reports that it is a “very part-time but fulfilling job. I really enjoy election time despite the long hours.” Margie’s husband, Charlie ’66, served as a probate judge from 2006 to 2011, and as a result, they spent less time traveling and more time involved in local politics. She also reports that the last five years have been full of summertime fun with their six grandchildren. “After Charlie’s retirement from probate court, we took an extended trip (two and a half months) through the Southeast. Fortunately, our health remains good, and we both try to focus on keeping it that way.” • Kathy Brady Quilter has an extensive


faithful at BC

Donald A. MacMillan, S.J., ’66, MDiv’72


riple Eagle Fr. Don MacMillan has spent a lifetime immersed in Jesuit education. After more than two decades as a teacher and administrator at Jesuit high schools, he joined BC’s Campus Ministry team in 1995. “I loved the classroom, but this work is just as important. We help students develop a faith life that is centered on helping others,” he says. Recently, MacMillan was honored by the Ignatian Solidarity Network with the Robert M. Holstein “Faith Doing Justice” Award, which referred to him as “a tremendous witness to the social teachings of Catholic faith through his solidarity with the economically poor and marginalized” and cited his lifelong commitment to education grounded in spirituality.

Fr. Don MacMillan was recently honored by the Ignatian Solidarity Network with the Robert M. Holstein “Faith Doing Justice” Award.

what is one thing everyone should do while at bc?

what is your favorite spot at the heights?

Talk to an adult—a faculty or staff member, even an upperclassman. Get to know someone who offers you a new and broader perspective.

Sitting on a bench along Linden Lane outside Bapst Library on a summer evening. It’s lovely.

what is something your friends don’t know about you? They know everything—I’m on Facebook!

for more of our interview with fr. don macmillan, visit

array of volunteer commitments: She serves as a tutor with the Detroit Reading Corps, a Meals On Wheels deliverer, a trustee of the Grosse Pointe Farms Foundation, and a board member of Sigma Gamma (an organization working to help the Detroit Institute for Children). Tom still practices law in Detroit. The Quilters’ son, Tip, is a business/life coach in Detroit, and daughter Susan Prather partners with her husband in an investment advising business in Grosse Pointe and is the mother of Kathy’s three grandsons, ages 9, 7, and 3. “Grandchildren are life’s greatest blessings!” says Kathy. The Quilters traveled to France and Africa in 2009 and 2010. Kathy reports that she has “developed an interest in investing, bridge, exercise—anything to fight dementia/Alzheimer’s, from which my mother suffered, and now my brother (three years older than I) is afflicted.” • Nicole Hatoun works part-time as a real estate agent for the Corcoran Group in Manhattan. She’s reduced her hours to spend more time with her family and to travel. Her grandsons, ages 10 and 7, keep her busy and active, and her travels in recent years have brought her to Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Ireland, and eastern Europe. • Sheila McIntire Barry is an adjunct professor of psychology at

Washington College. Jim ’66 is retired, and she reports that she is getting very close! The Barrys spent a month in Mexico this year, and they are really enjoying their five grandsons. “Life is very busy!” • Check out the Newton College digital yearbook collection at http:// for a look at the way we were!

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Correspondents: Charles and Mary-Anne Benedict 84 Rockland Place Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464 Thank you, thank you, thank you to those classmates who came to our 45th reunion; to those who served on the various committees; to those who supported the Class Gift ($12.5 million!) and to the 37 percent who participated in that effort; to those who sent in their class dues; and to all who helped make our 45th reunion such a success! It was wonderful to talk with many classmates, either on the phone or face-to-face, and

class notes to communicate via email or other social media. Talk centered around retirement, grandchildren, and the growing trend of spending winters in warmer locations. There was the joy of breaking bread together at our class dinner party and the sadness of remembering (at the alumni Mass and at our special tribute) the 170 classmates who have passed away since our Commencement Day, so long ago. There were stories to tell and to listen to and pictures to be shared. It was like opening a time capsule. Special thanks to the Reunion Committee: to its co-chairs, Charles Benedict, MBA’70, and Dick (F.) Powers, and to Al and Cindy (Rae) Butters, MaryAnne (Woodward) Benedict, Fred Faherty, Bob Galibois, Dennis Griffin, Jack Keating, John Keenan, Don MacDonald, Leo McHugh, Marty Paul, Bill Risio, Fr. Nick Sannella, John St. George, Norm “Butch” Welch, and Paul White. The Reunion Committee first met in April 2011 and concluded with an after-action report meeting, in early June 2012. It was good to see many veterans return to campus for recognition and a reception. • Next year will be the sesquicentennial (150th year) since the founding of Boston College, with many events planned, including a Mass at Fenway Park on September 15, 2012. For many of us, it will also be our 50th anniversary of graduation from high school! Another great reunion to look forward to. We will be having some Class of ’67 events throughout the next few years as we work toward our 50th reunion, which will be here before we realize it! • Because these notes are due at the time of Reunion Weekend, we will use future issues of the magazine to tell the wonderful stories we heard at our 45th reunion. Enjoy!

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NC 1967

Correspondent: M. Adrienne Tarr Free 3627 Great Laurel Lane Fairfax, VA 22033-1212; 703-709-0896 Words of wisdom from Sandy McGrath Huke: “’67 we were, 67 we are. The sun and moon have aligned for our 45th!” It was a fantastic first weekend in June celebrating what the past 45 years have wrought in our

lives! Over three days, 55 of us—give or take at the different events—talked, laughed, found former friends, and made new ones. • Beginning at the beautiful home of Michele Mastrolia Talbot with a delightful buffet on Friday evening, memories of life at Newton kept everyone smiling—including many of the husbands, who had their own stories to tell about their dating days at Newton in the mid-1960s. Apparently, Mary Feldbauer Jansen proved to have been a successful “matchmaker” for several and was there from California to see evidence of her efforts. “Do you remember...?” was the most asked question. Classmates came in from Europe, California, Florida, the Midwest, and around the Middle Atlantic and New England states. For some, including Jill Shipway Roy and Elyse Demers, it was their first, and hopefully not last, reunion; some stalwarts have been coming since 1972. Others couldn’t attend but sent greetings: Faith Brouillard Hughes was in Brooklyn tending her family after the early arrival of Finnegan Atwood Prober Hughes the week before. (Granddaughter Nora wanted a baby, but Finn isn’t the same as her baby dolls.) Pat Curtis Beirne was traveling in Scotland, while Kathy Flanigan Asmuth was in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Susan Nunlist Smyth was moving a friend from Ohio to California. Nancy Sheiderbauer Mahoney was visiting her ill sister. Kate Mahony Adams was probably at a meeting in Thailand. Ginny Saviano Ayling (in Oklahoma) and Maria Metzler Johnson (in Texas) were preparing for family trips this summer. Donna Shelton from Virginia was recharging between trips with her husband, having been in the Netherlands with family and in eastern Europe on a Road Scholar trip that included two weeks as a volunteer at a Romanian orphanage. She then headed to a 100th birthday party in New York City. Sue Egan Giannelli and Mary Onie Jackson Holland were at their spouses’ college reunions. • After reconnecting during the reunion, continuing these contacts is our new goal. A list of email addresses was created for sharing, but we want to include everyone. Please email me for the particulars if you want to join in. (Since this is personal information, your agreement is needed if you wish to be included.) • Such is Part One of the reunion story. With limited column space it

The William B. Neenan, S.J., Society Named in honor of BC’s beloved administrator, the William B. Neenan, S.J., Society celebrates and recognizes Boston College’s most loyal donors—those alumni, parents, and friends who have made a gift, at any level, for any purpose, to the University in two or more consecutive years. To find out more about securing your role in the Neenan Society, the benefits of being a member, and more, please visit today.

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will take several issues to tell; more will come in three months. Meanwhile, send your news and prayer requests. Enjoy fall!

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1968 reunion year

Correspondent: Judith Anderson Day The Brentwood 323 11500 San Vicente Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90049 Joy and sadness share this column. First the joy: Last year, Ken Hackett, H’06, retired as president of Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services. What a legacy our classmate established after nearly 40 years with CRS! In a recent issue of the Catholic Review, Bishop Gerald Kicanas, chairman of the board of CRS, described Ken as “the face of CRS, which is a tremendous emissary of the church’s outreach,” and as an example of the emerging lay leadership of the church. Ken guided his model organization of 7,000 employees in more than 90 countries based on the social and moral teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. Since joining CRS, he has commiserated with popes and Mother Teresa and also lived and toiled in the remote fields and war-torn villages of the world’s most destitute. Ken and his wife, Joan, a former CRS employee, live in Rodgers Forge, outside Baltimore. Quite a remarkable journey for one of our several classmates who helped establish lacrosse as a club team at BC. Over the decades, I have cited so many of our classmates as “saints who walk amongst us.” We salute you, Ken, and Joan, too! • And now the sorrowful news, as it creeps more frequently into our lives. Barbara Spera informed us sadly of the loss of her beloved sister and best friend, Charlotte A. Spera, CAES’82, on February 18. Charlotte was an educator in the Revere Public Schools for 39 years. This year we have also lost classmates Bob Geisel of Greenfield, NH; Cheryl Murphy Mitchell of Braintree; and Trudy Maroney Schoenmann of New York City. God bless each and all.

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NC 1968 reunion year

Correspondent: Jane Sullivan Burke Susie Derry Hughes continues her professional career working with the elderly, while husband Jim ’67 remains engaged as a financial planner. They are the proud grandparents of two granddaughters, with an expected September arrival of a third granddaughter. Speaking of threes, Susie and Jim’s triplets—Michael, John, and Sarah— and third son Matthew have all launched their individual careers. Michael lives in the Boston area and works for a start-up company. John is a Presidential Management Fellow working at the State Department in DC, and Sarah is a nurse practitioner in Boston and the mother of one of the granddaughters. Susie loves her weekly opportunity to babysit Sarah’s daughter. Matthew is a foreign service officer currently stationed in Kathmandu, Nepal. Susie and Jim shared a two-week visit with Matthew and his family this past February in Thailand and were looking forward to

an entire clan reunion on the Cape this summer. • Congratulations to classmate Catharine Murray Ryan, who, in April, was awarded the Elizabeth Seton Medal from Seton Hill University. Seven of her eight sisters were in attendance at the dinner celebration. Married to John and the parent of two daughters and a son—Mary Catharine, Maureen, and John—Catharine earned a master’s in pastoral ministry from Duquesne University in the early 1990s and launched an extensive and inspiring volunteer career. Some of her activities include serving on the boards of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for 13 years and of its foundation for 7, including 3 as chair. Catharine was instrumental in the building of the Newman Center, a campus ministry for students at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham University, and she co-founded the National Institute for Newman Studies, which has hosted more than 40 Newman scholars from around the world. Additionally, Catharine has worked as a chaplain at two hospitals and currently chairs the advisory council of the School of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America. Catharine spends summers on the Cape, gardening, sailing, biking, and reading but most especially enjoying her family, especially her four grandsons.

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Correspondent: James R. Littleton 39 Dale Street Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Jim Driscoll taught math in Norwood for two years before joining the fire department in his hometown of Dedham, where he advanced through the ranks to become the fire chief. He retired in August 2009 after 37 years with the department. Jim and wife Carol have three sons and two grandsons. • Bob Martell is still working in the IT field. He and wife Dede Dalton, a Regis graduate, enjoy watching BC football and hockey games. • Pat Byrne has been on the faculty of BC’s philosophy department since 1978 and served two terms as chairman. After 31 years in Roslindale, Pat, wife Joan (DeNapoli) ’72, and mother-in-law Martha DeNapoli moved to a new home in Dedham. Pat and Joan have five children, all but one now out of college; four have attended BC. • Diane Findlen Garrow has worked in the nursing profession for 42 years and is now nurse manager at the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston. She and her husband have three children: Michelle is a licensed physical therapist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston; she and husband Jeff have two children, Jack (9) and Mark (7). Son David is a musician and carpenter in Austin, TX, and Michael is an executive at Delta Airlines in Atlanta. • Elaine Haddad, MS’72, had an initial career as department chair of registered nursing at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, retiring in 2003. She has since worked part-time as a school nurse in North Andover. Elaine and Bill, her husband of 40 years, have two daughters and two grandchildren. • Dennis Esposito spent 35 years as an environmental lawyer— the last 21 as chair of the environmental practice group at Adler, Pollock & Sheehan in

Providence. Two years ago, Dennis began a second career as a legal educator, writer, and speaker. He is an adjunct professor at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, RI, and coached the Law School’s National Environmental Moot Court team. And he has a third career: Dennis, who was awarded his third-degree black belt in the Korean style of Tang Soo Do in 2010, teaches adult martial arts classes and courses in women’s self-defense on the North Shore. Dennis and wife Susan live in Marblehead and have three children: Matt, Lauren ’10, and Adam, Class of ’14. • Kip ’68 and Maureen O’Keefe Doran returned in 2011 from their two-year Peace Corps service in Botswana, Africa. Maureen was stationed at Kagiso Senior Secondary School. She and Kip co-wrote the book Power Parents: Children and Sex, published in Setswana and in English. They also taught the mental health module to first-year medical students at the University of Botswana Medical School. In 2011, Maureen and Kip received the McKenney Award, BC’s highest alumni honor. They were the first couple in the history of BC to jointly receive the award. The Dorans have two daughters, Alison Doran Marshall ’00 and Meghan Doran Macaluso ’03, and a granddaughter, Avie.

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NC 1969

Correspondent: Mary Gabel Costello 4088 Meadowcreek Lane Copley, OH 44321 Was I lucky this month! From out of the blue I heard from Candy Sullivan Olson and Winifred Loving! Candy writes that she’s been living in Tampa, FL, for the last 35 years. However, during the expected excitement and confusion of the National Republican Convention in August, the cool mountains of western North Carolina will most likely beckon her that week. She says Floridians who retreat to that area are called “Floridiots.” She doesn’t mind. Candy has served on the Hillsborough County School Board for 18 years. She says the teachers in her district continue to amaze her as they meet the daily challenges of the poor, those with special needs, and the children who speak little English. Candy’s older daughter, Elizabeth, lives in Washington State and has two sons; as a mother of two daughters, Candy says it’s quite fun and interesting to be a grandmother to boys. Her younger daughter, Katherine, was married in October 2011 and attends law school in Washington DC. Candy enjoys visiting her there. Winifred is the current president of the St. Croix Friends of Denmark, a group that travels from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Copenhagen every four years for an exchange of living arrangements for two weeks. Next year, she plans to again participate in the life of the Danish countryside and enjoy the amusements of Tivoli. Winifred and her husband enjoyed an anniversary trip to the acclaimed play Hurt Village in New York. The play was directed by their good friend Patricia McGregor. Recently Winifred’s entire family, including the youngest grandchild, traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a three-generational dream-come-true family vacation. Don’t forget to check out

Winifred’s publications on • On May 5, Susan Power Gallagher helped welcome her newest grandchild into the world: Joseph Walter Gallagher was born in Chicago. The proud dad is her son, Tim ’00. You may remember that I wrote about his heart transplant. He and his wife, Lauren (Pandolfe) ’99, are doing great! • Pam DeLeo Delaney has some exciting news: She and her brother and a friend have opened Walker’s Landing, a four-bedroom, three-bath B&B in Bristol, RI. She expects many guests, especially those who are in town for weddings or those who are visiting students at Roger Williams University. The B&B is located at 20 Hope St. Visit and check out the views of Narragansett Bay! • Somehow I got myself LinkedIn and got linked up with Deborah Donovan. We had a few chats back and forth about Jane Austen. • It was great to hear from you, ladies. Now I would love to hear from you, too!

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Correspondent: Dennis “Razz” Berry Hi, gang! • Few of us will ever be called “legendary” in any publication, let alone the pages of the Boston Globe. But that well-earned accolade was given to Bernie Fitzgerald on the occasion of his recent retirement as the chief probation officer of the Dorchester District Court. Bernie, who has served in the Dorchester probation office for 41 years, has been a nationally recognized leader of innovative programs that have turned around the lives of many who came through the doors of his office. His break from the unending work of the courts will allow him to have more time to spend with his wife and three daughters. • Another happy retirement to report is that of Nancy Wilson, who retired last year from the Lexington Public Schools and is now able to spend more time at her Cape home in Dennis. Kudos to Nancy for her dedication to the teaching profession. • Far from retiring, Frank Ciano, who has practiced law in Cambridge since the late 1970s, is on the campaign trail, running for register of deeds for southern Middlesex County. Frank served as president of the Cambridge/Arlington/Belmont Bar Association and has served on many community organizations.  With the great slogan, “No Good Deed Goes Unregistered,” he is sure to capture a widespread vote. • Seen on Facebook is a Connecticut BC-70 license plate. If you see it on the highway you might just be puttering behind Norm Cavallaro. • Mike Estwanik is organizer extraordinaire of JAUNTs, a New York–based travel-tour company. His itinerary this year calls for trips to Slovenia, Paris, Cape Town, Thailand, and Laos. • I had the pleasure of sitting with Dave ’71 and Jane (Albano) Castiglioni, MA’04, at a BC function.  Discussion centered on many members of the Class of ’70 turning 65 next year. (Medicare, here we come!)  The idea of having a 65th birthday celebration for all of us came up.  If there is sufficient interest, we’ll put a committee together for a bash for next year.  Your input is vital. Please email me at to let me know if you might be interested.

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NC 1971

Correspondent: Fran Dubrowski

Correspondent: Melissa Robbins

December brought sad news. Christine Degener (Spicher) York passed away after a lifetime in social work, including serving as Keene, NH’s human services director and as president of the New Hampshire Local Welfare Administrators Association. She helped create the In from the Cold homeless shelter and Keene’s SHARE New England low-cost food/volunteer service exchange program. In 2005, Gov. John Lynch cited her for outstanding service to flood victims. Please remember Christine in your prayers. • Maureen Soucy of Portland, OR, passed away in December 2010. Originally from Hartford, CT, she worked for the Social Security Administration after graduation and later became a licensed massage therapist. I extend our deepest sympathies to her twin and our classmate, Charleen Soucy; please remember both in your prayers. • On a happier note, Barbara Warner Zapp retired in January 2010 from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service National Program staff. She and Brian ’70 relocated to Lake Keowee, SC: “We are loving retirement—traveling, golf, and trips to nearby mountains.” • Lynne McCarthy couldn’t wait for retirement—and didn’t. She moved her retirement up in time to pack and head to the Sunshine State this fall. Expect news of beach conditions soon! She reports that Anne McDermott and Nancy Riley Kriz enjoyed a visit to Japan. • Lanie Odlum, new American Association for Justice HR director, takes seriously the maxim “It’s never too late” to try something new, but adds her own twist: do it on a grand scale. Her latest adventure (besides her new job): performing as an extra in Washington National Opera’s production of Nabucco. She “played an Austrian arts patron in an extremely uncomfortable dress—thank God for modern times!” • In a previous column, I commended classmates’ public service careers. Email indicates another “honor list” name: Joanne Wortman, who served as special education teacher at public Classical High School in Lynn. • I now chair Strategic Communications for the Smithsonian Women’s Committee, which has the initials SWC—a wry twist of fate. SWC has raised $9 million for innovative Smithsonian education and research projects—projects we select from highly competitive grant applications. The grants extend Smithsonian learning to many who, lacking proximity, mobility, or resources, cannot visit DC museums; the grants help build a “seriously amazing” world of knowledge on-site and online. I hope you visit our upcoming Craft2Wear show (October 26–28) and Craft Show (April 24–28), which fund these grants and keep those magic initials working!

As I write, summer approaches, and the Newton Class of ’71 is on the move! At 4:30 this morning, I drove my husband, Mike Lombardo, to the airport for his four-month fishing trip to Idaho. I’ll join him for the months of July and August. In the meantime, conversations with various classmates have yielded some interesting news. • Marie Robey Wood was spotted at the Potomac Hunt Races with injured service members from the Walter Reed Hospital. • Mary-Jo Dolliver Taddie sent an update from Florida. She is currently doing some volunteer work helping an elderly (that means much older than we are!) woman care for her dog. Mary-Jo visits her twice a day to walk the dog and help out in any way she can. This autumn, Mary-Jo will return to Maine for a month’s visit and will possibly pick me up in Connecticut for a jaunt back to Niagara Falls, where she’ll attend her 45th high school reunion. MaryJo shared news that Jane Maguire enjoyed a cultural and educational trip to Cuba in the spring. • Kate Foley has been staying close to home in 2012, but she and her husband, David Wright, will be taking a bit of time this summer to visit New Hampshire, where David has relatives. • Mary Ryan Dean is looking forward to seeing some of us in Rehoboth Beach, DE, in September. • Now, I know more classmates are reading this than are providing information about their lives. Please email me so I can include you in the next column!

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Correspondent: James R. Macho

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Correspondent: Lawrence Edgar I wasn’t able to attend the reunion, but I understand that there was a turnout of 80 members of the class. The one who traveled the farthest was Patrick Stoute, who is a social worker in Oakland, CA—and my fellow Gold Key Society officer. Among others who came in from other states were Dave and Barbara Ann Smith Costigan from St. Louis, where he is a gastroenterologist, and she works for a Lutheran service organization; Judy Trombino Marten, from Lisle, IL, who has raised five children (one of them a BC graduate), along with husband John ’71; Mary Cincotta Reed, from Richmond, VA, (wife of Austin ’73), several of whose children are graduates of Harvard; my double classmate Connie Voldstad, CEO of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association in New Jersey; and Pete and Pat Sherbondy Accinno and Gene McLaughlin, all from Connecticut. Pete is the CFO of the Environmental Defense Fund, and Pat is a nurse. Gene continues to work as the assistant town attorney of Greenwich. • There are at least two other class members who planned to attend from out of state, but had to cancel at the last minute. John Doherty, who works as a consultant in the Chicago office of 15 15 class class notes notes

PricewaterhouseCoopers, was sent to Saudi Arabia on an assignment just before the event, and Pat McGovern, still a surgeon in Bayonne, NJ, had to help his son Chris, who is an investment banker in New York, move into his new home there. • Congratulations to Tony Taccone, who received the 2012 Alumni Award at BC’s annual Arts Festival in April for his work as artistic director of the Berkeley (CA) Repertory Theatre. • I exchanged birthday phone calls with Orange County money manager John Coll, MBA’74, and learned that he had two visitors from our class last summer: John Sacco, who is retired and living in France, and Jon Sidoli, who is in charge of the theatre arts department at Independence (KS) Community College. • This is another quarter in which there are no obituaries of class members to report, thank God. But I wish condolences to the family of Howard Bernstein ’73. Howie was an attorney in Frederick, MD. He was a regular at the McElroy dining table that was headquarters for the most intense sports fans at the Heights (including numerous members of our class) throughout the early 1970s.

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NC 1972

Correspondent: Nancy Brouillard McKenzie Our 40th Reunion Weekend renewed our Sacred Heart spirit with all Newton alumnae, especially those celebrating their reunions on or off campus. We were abuzz with recurring themes of reaching milestones in our lives. Shelly Noone Connolly and Lisa Griessing’s husband, Ed, noted that we are a remarkable group of women, taught by the remarkable RSCJs. The kickoff dinner at Mary-Catherine Deibel’s UpStairs on the Square began with hugs and kisses, lots of conversation, and heavenly food.  Maureen Kelly, Penny Price Nachtman, and Connie McConville Peirce arrived from California for the reunion. Kelly, newly retired from the corporate world, teased me that Maureen Harrington will be joining the annual January Newton Beach tea.  After stints with Time magazine in Denver and People magazine in Los Angeles, Maureen opened Harrington Media Inc. She spends a good deal of time on the road with clients.  Maureen helps both nonprofit and for-profit businesses strategize new and traditional media and produce websites and other Internet tools, and she also consults on marketing and PR campaigns. Penny teaches and coaches aspiring teachers and principals at the Graduate School of Education at Touro University.  While her daughter was in China working as an autism specialist, Penny visited her and enjoyed the trip of a lifetime, with the Terracotta Warriors at the top of her highlight list.  Penny’s son Daniel is a firefighter in a neighboring community. Although they had very tight schedules, Jane Hartley and Margot Dinneen Wilson attended the dinner.  Congratulations to Jane, CEO of the Observatory Group, who was confirmed by the Senate to be a member of the board of directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Margot, a member of our Reunion Committee, continues her successful realty career with Washington Fine Properties in DC. • Shelly and Michael

Connolly are building a log cabin home in Franklin Pierce Lake, NH. While awaiting its completion, Shelly has been very busy playing with Ryland, her grandson. • This past spring, Laurie Loughlin originated the felony of aggravated cruelty to livestock bill and, as an independent citizen, successfully moved it through the Tennessee General Assembly. Effective with this law, sadistic cruelty toward livestock animals, including horses, will become a felony offense in Tennessee. • Yes, I have reached our column’s word limit, and I still have more news from the dinner and our other reunion events!  Take care and please send me more news to share.

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1973 reunion year

Correspondent: Patricia DiPillo Andrea D’Errico lives in Fall River and has been a postal employee for 24 years. Andrea writes: “In early March, Denise (Wilkening) Cantin turned 60. To celebrate this milestone, a surprise birthday party was held for her at the Ironside Grill in Charlestown, and I was thrilled to be among the 50-plus guests in attendance. Doubling the surprise was the appearance of Rene Rancourt of Boston Bruins fame, complete with his Stanley Cup championship ring. In his inimitable style, Rene offered several vocal selections, including ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’ … and ‘Happy Birthday’! Denise, who resides in Saugus, is the proprietor of the Ironside Grill (formerly the Sweet Potato Lounge), her family’s business for over 60 years. A few other BC ’73ers were also present at the celebration. Deborah Saitta-Ringger and husband Dan came from Quincy. Debbie is a professor of English at Quincy College. And Frances Polverini, who recently moved to Amesbury, was there with her good friend Ed. Frannie retired from FedEx after 20 years and is currently employed by Especially for Pets. We had a blast recalling funny stories and fond memories of our BC days and the 39 years that have passed since graduation, and we are eagerly looking forward to catching up with other classmates at our 40th reunion in 2013.” • Sadly, we have lost another classmate: Edward Mannix, JD’76, left the BC community this past April. • As for me, I am teaching at Fitchburg State University this summer in the Graduate and Continuing Ed Leadership program for principals seeking licensure. • Next year is a reunion year for us, so let’s begin by connecting here: Please send your news to me at the email address above.

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NC 1973 reunion year

Correspondent: Katherine Novak Vick With many thanks to Joan Brouillard, who served your class so well during the past few years, we now welcome a new correspondent for Newton College ’73, Katherine (Novak) Vick. Please help Kate get off to a running start in her new role by emailing news to her at She will be pleased to hear from you!

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humanitarian at BC

Mary Louise Ryder Larkin ’74 and Thomas P. Larkin ’73


ary Lou Larkin has always known her destiny lay in humanitarian work. “Every job I’ve ever had has been serving poor and underserved populations,” says the pediatric nurse practitioner. She and her husband, Tom, while pursuing their careers and raising four children, ran spiritual retreats for teens, ministered to prisoners, and dreamed of becoming lay missionaries. In 1999, the couple made their first trip to the remote fishing village of Jacquesyl, Haiti. Today, Mary Lou is medical director and Tom is president of the nonprofit organization Haiti Marycare, which runs medical clinics in both Jacquesyl and Cite Soleil, one of the poorest areas of Port-au-Prince. what’s been the most satisfying moment of your professional life? ml: I’ll never forget the day I saw our first clinic building. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would happen.

and in your personal life? ml: Seeing that it’s possible to have a profes-

Mary Lou and Tom Larkin work with Haiti Marycare to improve lives through health programs, education, and community development. sional career here, do ministry in Haiti, raise your children, and have it all work out.

what’s your favorite bc memory? tl: Oh, a romantic escapade! We wandered down Beacon Street all the way into Boston in the pouring rain. We had a lot to talk about.

for more of our interview with mary lou and tom larkin, visit

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Correspondent: Patricia McNabb Evans I am writing this column on the 38th anniversary of our graduation—wow, where has the time gone?! Our 40th will be here before we know it—crazy. • Best wishes to classmate Julianne Malveaux, MA’76, who stepped down as president of Bennett College in Greensboro, NC, in May. She has been given the title of president emerita and is credited with leading a $21 million capital improvements program that renovated and expanded the college facilities, increased enrollment to an all-time high, expanded alumnae involvement, and enhanced the curriculum with a focus on women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, excellence in communications, and global awareness. • Fr. Richard Sullivan and the other “silver jubilarians” of the Boston Archdiocese were honored at a celebration in April; there were several pictures of him on Cardinal Seán O’Malley’s blog. Fr. Richard was ordained

on the Newton Campus on December 12, 1987. • Ed Kaplan is the proud father of Adam, who graduated from Northern Illinois University Law School in May. Ed resides in Buffalo Grove, IL. • Our friend Chris Mehne, JD’77, has been elected to a second term as Shrewsbury town moderator. • I was sad to read about the April 5 death of our very accomplished classmate Brendan Murphy. Brendan was the director of the Voice of America’s broadcast service to Zimbabwe. A graduate of BU’s School of Journalism, he was a reporter for the Cape Cod Times and the Rome and Paris bureaus of UPI; he also taught in Paris and Tunisia. In addition, he created a nonprofit foundation that distributed used computers to African newspapers. Brendan is the author of two books, The Butcher of Lyon and Turncoat, and the coauthor of The Scouting Party about the history of the Boy Scouts. Please remember his large family and many close friends in your prayers; he certainly did a lot in a short time. • This is a big year for our family: We are looking forward to two more graduations, two more weddings, and the birth of our first grandchild (yay!). • Please send me your news!

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NC 1974

Correspondent: Beth Docktor Nolan

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Correspondent: Hellas M. Assad Hi, all! Many thanks to Dolly DiPesa for contributing to this issue. Dolly recently enjoyed having dinner and exchanging stories with Donna O’Reilly Matteodo. Donna, her husband, David, and their daughter live in Needham. Dolly often sees Candy Kelley McLaughlin, MEd’82. Both have sons who graduated from St. Sebastian’s in Needham with the Class of 2012: Candy’s son, Patrick McLaughlin, is playing football at Williams College, and Dolly’s son, Anthony Arcanti, is spending his first semester in London as part of the Northeastern University program. Dolly’s second son, John, attends Providence College. • And there are further BC/St. Sebastian’s connections: Mike Balboni, MBA’87, has a son who graduated from St. Sebastian’s and is now entering his freshman year at BC. Dolly also sees St. Sebastian’s grad and incoming president of the BC Alumni Association Vincent Quealy. They both enjoy family time at their summer homes near one another in Scituate. Vinny eloquently addressed those attending the Woods College of Advancing Studies annual reunion reception in May.  He says he is looking forward to serving in his new role in the Alumni Association and to being a part of the 150th celebration of Boston College that kicks off on September 15 with an openair Mass at Fenway Park followed by other festivities. Vinny welcomes your insights and comments; email him at He and wife Joan are very proud of their three sons, all BC grads: Timothy ’06, Kerry ’07, and Michael ’10. • Dolly also enjoyed gatherings with Mary Pat McCue Kilcullen and Doreen Flynn Trahon. Mary Pat resides  in Hingham with husband Dan ’74. They have three sons who also graduated from St. Sebastian’s. Doreen lives in Cohasset and teaches in the Weymouth public school system. • Jayne Saperstein Mehne enjoyed another great summer on Cape Cod with family and friends. Her parents, Ciel and Stanley Saperstein ’52, celebrated their 60th  wedding anniversary. The family planned a summer trip to Quebec. This was also a reunion year for Jayne’s husband, Chris ’74, JD’77, who graduated from BC Law School 35 years ago. • After graduating from BC, Marc Pinckney received a master’s in psychology from the University of Minnesota and worked in drug treatment counseling. In 1980, he moved to San Diego and was involved in government and legislative work. Since 1998, he has become an accomplished personal trainer and has worked  with top junior tennis athletes at the University City Racquet Club in San Diego. In addition to training WTA professional tour players, Marc provides fitness training for a number of elite

triathletes and college athletes. Marc can be reached at • Take care and please send in your latest news!

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NC 1975

Correspondent: Mary Stevens McDermott

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Correspondent: Gerald B. Shea This year marks Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary as well as that of Sub Turri, the BC yearbook! I (Gerry Shea) attended its commemorative dinner at the Heights in April, and it was fun to mix with young and not-so-young Sub Turri editors, writers, and photographers spanning many, many years. Old friends on hand included Paul Aloi ’74, JD’77, in from the Rochester, NY, area, and Eileen Ruggiero Macdonald ’77, in from Long Beach, NY. Our ’76 yearbook is still something to behold, after all these years, and the memories it provides and revives are countless. A memorable time was had by all at the dinner, so here’s to another 100 years “Under the Tower.” • Susan Martinelli Shea, a former BC trustee and special education teacher, is now the founder and president of Dancing with the Students, a competitive 10-week program that teaches ballroom dancing, etiquette, and selfempowerment to Philadelphia’s inner-city students. Congratulations! • Teresa “Tess” (Posch) O’Neill  was  named a Fulbright scholar and taught in the University of Jordan’s PhD nursing program from 2011 to 2012. She had a wonderful experience and says she will miss Jordan very much. Tess was stateside last May to proudly witness her daughter, Gwyneth ’07, getting married. She sends a shout-out to Chris Joyce, embedded in Chi-Town nowadays, who was her grammar school classmate at St. Patrick’s in Glen Cove, NY, many moons ago! • The construction of Stokes Hall in the former Dustbowl is really something to see! BC continues to impress (not just in men’s and women’s hockey), and plans are afoot to remove the concrete plaza at O’Neill Library in favor of grass and bucolic features. • Well, here’s wishing all a happy and healthy summer with hopes that all will keep in touch. God bless!

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Correspondent: Nicholas Kydes The day of celebration finally came: our 35th year reunion! Although it seems like yesterday when we graduated from BC, in truth it was another lifetime, overflowing with youthful energy and hopes and dreams of changing the world. Now, 35 years later, I believe we still have that youthful energy, and our hopes and dreams are instilled in our children. • On a warm, sunny Friday afternoon, Gus Kalivas, 17 class notes

my roommate at BC and at the reunion, and I drove from Connecticut to BC. After registering at St. Thomas More dorm, where we discovered that the Class of ’77 had taken over most of the sixth-floor rooms, we headed to the sixth-floor lobby for refreshments. Kathleen (Engel) ’78 and Tom “Sully” Sullivan, Joanne and Leo Vercollone, and Frank Fontana organized a classic BC reception: lots of drinks and munchies. Thanks to Jennifer Lynch, who controlled the reunion purse strings, for allowing Tom to buy cigars. What else could you ask for!? Classmates began to pour in; lacking a signin sheet, I passed around a reunion yearbook made out of a paper plate! Attendees included Shawn Zehnder-Larsen MEd’80; Betty Klein Gillen; John “Jack” Hughes; Ted and Dianne (Wender) Quinn; Diane Faherty Garofalo and her husband; Christine Khan Barrett with daughter Nora, who is starting her third year at Dixie State College of Utah; Lynne Catalina Prairie; Tom McDevitt MEd’79; Frank Cortesa; Mike Durkin and Ann Bersani; Don Aubuchon; Deb (Ciervo) Wenger; Dori and Kevin Weber; Joe Gaffney; Anne Elliott Goldfisher; Ann Bouchard; Tom Norton; Beth Furman; and Jim McIntyre. In the evening, we all headed to Shea Field for the lobster bake and then to the welcome reception at Corcoran Commons. Although the evening turned dark and cloudy, our spirits were bright and festive as we headed back to the sixth-floor lobby to continue the celebrations. • Saturday morning was a washout, but for us, the clouds had silver linings. Some of our classmates ran in the Alumni 5K Fun Run, others toured Alumni Stadium or Stokes Hall, and most of the sixth-floor gang went to the alumni reunion barbecue. • Saturday evening started with a leadership appreciation reception hosted by University President William P. Leahy, SJ, at Corcoran Commons. From there, we headed to the former cardinal’s residence on the Brighton Campus for our 35th anniversary party. The DJ played songs of the 1960s and ’70s as we danced and sang throughout the night under a party tent. • We were honored to have in attendance the governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, JD’80, and his wife, Catherine (Lambert), and also our class president, Ron Iacobucci. And it was also great to reminisce with Terence Moriarty, who will be moving back to Stamford, CT; Paul Vier, who lives in Ridgefield, CT; Scott Maddern; Melanie (Zriny) Hollingsworth; Joan Robbins; Maryalice Rooke Ryan; Nancy Matthews Perry; Patricia Boisi Sheehy; Julie Coyle; Patricia Smith Jay; Sandra Chevrette; Tim and Bernadette Broccolo; Roland J. Regan Jr.; and Grace Ferriter (Grace, God bless Bobby—may he rest in peace). I also bumped into Bruce Nicholas a couple of times. After the anniversary party, we all headed back, with the DJ, to the sixth-floor lobby to continue our celebrations. • Please email me to follow up on our reunion. I know I left out many names; we had a great turnout, with more than 200 attendees! • May all good things find the path to your door.

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1978 reunion year

Correspondent: Julie Butler Evans

In March, Robert Rogan was named direct marketing manager of Canal Works Advertising, the in-house agency of Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems. • Debra Salvucci has been elected to the board of Stars, a nonprofit organization that provides early education and youth development programs across the South Shore. Debra is also an associate professor and the chairperson of the business administration department at Stonehill College.

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Correspondent: Peter J. Bagley Drew Cunningham, who has been living in San Diego since 1984, never had reason to write before now but is thrilled to say that the youngest of his three daughters, Jennifer, will be a freshman at BC in the fall. • Kathy Lemay Blackwell majored in elementary education at BC and has been living and teaching on Cape Cod for the past 30 years. She has been teaching in Aberdeen, Scotland, since August 2011 as a participant in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program. Kathy was excited to be returning home to the States in June! • A recent ’79 commuter carpool reunion included my twin brother, Douglas Bagley; Joe Travaglini; Joe Chicarello; Mike Grieco; Larry Giangregorio; and Mike Lang. • Brian Kickham, who hit the speed-limit 55 like many of us, is the CEO of Northeast Security Inc. • Mary Beth Moser Grimm is VP of Prudential Town & Country—and still looks 25! • Jane (Hauber) ’80 and Ed Fay, JD’82, live in Concord and are Eucharistic ministers at our parish, Holy Family. • Peter Martino’s daughter Jessica ’12 played defense on BC’s women’s hockey team. Cheers for No. 26! Peter is an attorney practicing in Boston and living in Winthrop.  • For my part, I have taken an executive position at Babson College in the Entrepreneurship Center, working with new business ventures teams and developing entrepreneurship programs for high school students. • On a very sad note,  Karen Lynch passed away on May 24 after a long battle with ALS. Karen leaves her husband, Dana Downes, and twin boys. Her life was celebrated at a funeral Mass at BC on May 31.

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Correspondent: Michele Nadeem

Lawyers. According to the ACTL, invitation to fellowship is extended to experienced trial lawyers who have “excelled at the art of advocacy and whose professional careers have been marked by the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility, and collegiality,” and ACTL membership cannot exceed 1 percent of the total lawyer population of any given state. Jane is a partner at McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter in Newark. She is married to our classmate Cliff Rigby, who is a dentist. He plans to compete in his 13th Ironman, the Ironman U.S. Championship, in New York in August. Their oldest daughter, Erin, graduated in 2010 from Fairfield University, where she was captain of the women’s lacrosse team. She is currently coaching and playing lacrosse in England.  Daughter  Colleen is a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia, where she is a Jefferson scholar, and their youngest daughter, Carolyn, is a freshman at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN. Jane stays in touch with Karen Hrebenak Sweeney, Marge Otto Moir, and Elise Formichella, all of whom, Jane reports, are doing very well.  • Brian Snow’s  book  Santa Claus and Little Sister was a finalist in Amazon’s 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Brian writes: “The book is now in over 200 countries, which was just a dream a few months ago. I hope this book makes a small difference in teenage suicide prevention.” I’ve read the novel and highly recommend it to all of you—a great story with larger-than-life characters! • Earlier this year, Army Lt. Col. Dan Arkins was awarded a second Bronze Star medal for meritorious service and valor while serving with American military forces in Afghanistan. Dan spent 26 years in the Massachusetts Army National Guard before transferring into the Army Reserve three years ago to serve in the intelligence community. Dan also served in Iraq, where he was awarded his first Bronze Star. He has returned to his civilian job as regional sales director for MetLife Insurance in Boston. Dan has been selected for promotion to full colonel and will take over an Army Reserve command in October. • Kevin Curtin, MA’87, JD’88, senior appellate counsel in the Office of the Middlesex District Attorney, received the Ruth Abrams Outstanding Attorney Award at the annual Middlesex District Attorney’s awards


Correspondent: Mary O’Brien Congratulations to Grace Cotter Regan, MA’08, who is the new head of school at St. Mary’s in Lynn. St. Mary’s serves students in grades 6 through 12. Grace began her new role in July after seven years as executive director of advancement for the New England Province of Jesuits.  • Diane (Sarno) Howard has been a software engineer with MITRE Corp. for almost 30 years. She lives in Windham, NH, with her husband and two children. Her daughter just graduated in May from UNH, and her son attends Tufts University. • Karen and Michael Sonier reside in Center Valley, PA, with their two children. Michael received his MBA from Bentley College in Waltham.  • Maureen and Kevin Conery live in Rumson, NJ, with their two sons, Joseph and Ryan—who are now taller than their dad!  Kevin has been working on Wall Street since 1985: He was with Lehman Brothers until 2002, then spent six years at Merrill Lynch, and in 2010, joined Piper Jaffray, where he has helped to set up its preferred stock sales and trading business. • Tina Campbell Joly is the proud mom of Karmen Michaela (14). They reside in Montgomery, AL.  Tina first worked at Boston’s WHDHTV as a production assistant and then as a producer—the start of a long career in television. She then moved to Miami, where she worked as a producer at WSVN-TV, and went on to serve as executive producer at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City and at KSHBTV in Kansas City, MO; as assistant news director for WBAL-TV in Baltimore; and as news director for WSFA-TV in Montgomery. She is now a media relations specialist for Alabama State University. • After graduating from BC, Mary Ellen Amsler Jay worked for several years at Bain in Boston. She then went to Harvard Business School and spent a few years involved with entrepreneurial companies in the health and wellness field.

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Jane Annick Rigby was recently inducted as a fellow of the American College of Trial

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Correspondent: Alison Mitchell McKee

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Class of 1980, we have some good news: Michele Nadeem is back as your class correspondent. She’s looking forward to hearing from you at her new email address, noted above.

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ceremony in December. Congratulations to our classmates on all these extraordinary accomplishments!

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class notes For the last 20 years, Mary Ellen has devoted herself to raising her two children and remaining active in volunteer opportunities, including the Council for Women of Boston College. Both of her children are at BC: Carolyn, Class of 2014, and Jeffrey, Class of 2015. Congratulations to Jeffrey, who walked onto the BC football team!

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1983 reunion year

Correspondent: Cynthia J. Bocko Albert Cauz is the new head of school at Staten Island Academy in Dongan Hills. He was previously head of school at the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico. During his career, he has served as head of school at The Webb School in Tennessee and taught at Phillips Academy in Andover; Cate School in Carpinteria, CA; and Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut. • In February, Ronald Hovsepian was appointed to the board of ANSYS, which develops and markets engineering simulation software and technologies used by engineers, designers, researchers, and students across a wide range of industries and in academia. Ron is president, CEO, and a director of IntraLinks. • After a 25-year career as a software engineer, Margaret Mary O’Connell, MA’85, chose to quit her job at IBM and enroll at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become a teacher. She is now a math teacher for the Lynn Public Schools. • On a sad note, Sharon (Smallshaw) Appelman, MEd’84, died on March 29 after a courageous three-year battle with ALS. Sharon received her master’s in severe special education from the Lynch School of Education and then went to Lesley University, where she completed her master’s in education administration just days before giving birth to twins. She went on to work as a teacher and as a program director at Massachusetts Hospital School, New England Pediatric Care, and Greater Lawrence Education Collaborative before transitioning careers to dedicate herself to raising her three boys. She was also an active volunteer in Lexington and in the other communities in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Maryland,

where she and her family had lived. Sharon is survived by her husband, Wade; their three sons; and many other family members and friends. In tribute to Sharon,  Michelle Fortier-Oosterman writes:  “Sharon was one of my roommates for three years. Among the many attendees at her memorial service on April 7 were Maura (Jones) Marczewski, Katie (Ohlheiser) Murray, Tracy (Williamson) Rowe, Liz (Pomfret) Pomposelli, and I, all Class of 1983 and all roommates along the way.  We were glad that most of us were able to share in her 50th birthday celebration at her beautiful home in Lexington last November.  Sharon lived a full life, but she will be greatly missed.” • We extend condolences also to the family of Bruce Canna of Mansfield, formerly of Dedham, who died on April 25.

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Correspondent: Carol A. McConnell Greetings! • Brian McCann, who is the principal of his alma mater, Joseph Case High School, in Swansea, was selected as Massachusetts 2012 High School Principal of the Year. He has also served as president of the board of the Massachusetts High School Interscholastic Athletic Association. Last fall, Brian returned to BC to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Robsham Theater, which opened our sophomore year. He was part of its first production, Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot. Brian shared the stage with Mark Murphy, Jerry Larkin, Mickey Corso MA’90, Michael Sellers MEd’90, Lori Iadarola, Dianne Sales, Paul Reader, Bob Eick, and Joe Corcoran. Brian remembers Fr. Monan, H’96, banging a staff three times to open the theater while the actors were situated in a pit under the stage to begin the show. • Joe Baldiga, JD’87, a partner in the law firm Mirick O’Connell’s creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, and reorganization group, was appointed in March to the Massachusetts Clients’ Security Board of the Supreme Judicial Court. The seven board members are appointed by the SJC to serve as public trustees of the Clients’ Security Fund. Joe

resides in Hopkinton with his wife, Mary, and two children. • Don Halloran, president of the Southern Folder Detention Equipment Co. in San Antonio, TX, was appointed by the city manager to serve on San Antonio’s Firefighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission, consisting of three members, serving staggered three-year terms. • Tom Egger is a practicing physician in his 20th year in emergency medicine at Emergency Physicians, PA, in Minnetonka, MN. Tom has three boys: Thomas Jr. has just finished his plebe year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and is on the Navy crew team. This summer, he plans to spend time on a nuclear submarine, introduce prospective high school candidates to the academy, and also study. Tom’s 16-year-old son is a junior at Benilde-St. Margaret Catholic High School and helped his team win the Minnesota State High School Soccer championship last fall. Tom’s 11-year-old son is a sixth-grader in the Edina public school system. He is an avid hockey player and a Boy Scout. Tom and his sons enjoy cross-country ski racing, sailing on Lake Minnetonka, fishing, and hunting. They have two golden retrievers, Rudy and Charlie.

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Correspondent: Barbara Ward Wilson I do hope that everyone has had a great summer! • Anne “Mam” Lenihan Hennelly couldn’t be happier that her son, James, Class of ’14, and daughter Mary Kate, Class of ’15, have chosen to attend our alma mater— with five years and counting to work on her daughter Maggie!  Mam would like to give a shout-out to all her friends and roommates who made her experience at BC such a positive one; she misses you and she misses being called Mam. • Richard Pena of Atlanta, GA, died on April 16. Richard is survived by his daughter, Chelsea, of Aberdeen, MD, and his sons, Nicholas and Logan, both of Atlanta, GA. • Please do send me your updates; your classmates love to read the class notes!

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JOIN OUR TEAM! The Flynn Fund at Boston College invites you to show our 750 student-athletes what teamwork is all about. Visit to give today. By having generous friends like you, they’ve already won. 19 class notes

Correspondent: Leenie Kelley First, I would like to start by thanking Karen “Kitty” (Broughton) Boyarsky for two decades of fabulous class notes—you did an awesome job. Good luck in nursing school and with your new nursing career—I can’t wait to get news from you and hear where you decide to work. Thanks again for the unbelievable dedication and tireless hours you spent keeping our classmates updated and connected to one another. • Well, there’s not much to report yet, so I will update you on my group of BC friends. I met up with my old BC roommates, Jeannie O’Toole McManus, Beth Hoffman Driscoll MEd’87, Sheila Hanrahan Dearing MEd’87, Maryellen Lee McCarthy MS’94, and Kristin Yankee Mark, in Florida this year for an annual “girls’ weekend.” We had a blast. • Bob Duran hosted the Second Annual Moonlight Paddle Tournament in Fairfield,

CT, and he and Chris Massaro were partners and tournament champions. Fun was had by all—and congratulations to the champs! • In closing, I would like to wish everyone a fantastic summer, and I look forward to an exciting football season with a great home schedule on tap. Keep the letters coming, and thanks in advance to everyone who writes so my friends can stay out of the column. Go BC!

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Correspondent: Catherine Stanton Schiff Hi, everyone! We just had our 25th reunion weekend, and it was a blast! It was so wonderful to go back to campus and see old friends, even in the pouring rain! I saw so many people at the clambake, BBQ, jazz brunch, and our fantastic class party— everyone looked amazing. First, I would like to thank our class officers Molly Martin Alvarado, Maureen O’Brien Morse, Paul Calitri, and Kim Wyson for all they do for the class, as well as our Reunion Committee, who planned a great party. Among those I ran into over the weekend were Molly Martin Alvarado, Julie Stamos Murphy, Michael and Karen (McKenzie) Gorman, Karen Mendalka Hoerrner JD’90, Janet Woodka, Rob Sabella JD’90, Rob Driscoll MBA’95, Bill White, Lou Imbriano, John Mulligan, Katy (Stephens) Dobens, Sue Shey Dvonch, Maureen O’Brien Morse, Steve Rapp, Tom Porell, Ive Iguina, Bill Ebben, and many others. There were also a few parties in Boston on Friday night that were well attended and a lot of fun. • Sue Shey Dvonch emailed about her fun reunion weekend: She stayed with Katy Dobens and her family in Duxbury and said her roommates, Ingrid (Van Zon) Borwick, Jamie (Smida) Wood, and Ro (LaFleur) Bach, made their own weekend around reunion activities. Ann Gallo hosted a barbecue for freshmanyear Upper-Campus friends at her home in Wayland, and Sue capped off the weekend by having brunch on Sunday with other friends, including Justin McCarthy and Katy Stephens Dobens. She also loved seeing Jim Hassel, Susie McAleavey Sarlund, John Mulligan, Steve Ferrucci JD’90, and Dean Iandoli over the weekend. Thanks, Sue! It was a great reunion for my family, as well: My dad is Class of ’57, my husband is Class of ’77, and my youngest brother is Class of ’92, so we all got to celebrate this year. Would love to hear who you saw at Reunion—email me at • Lastly, Brad ’77 and I just joined the Boston College Club of Cape Cod—a great chapter that is looking for new members, so if you have a place on the Cape (or just love Cape Cod), please consider joining. You can find their info on the BC website. Thanks!

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1988 reunion year

Correspondent: Rob Murray Michael McCarthy emailed that he got together for an “every three years reunion” in New Orleans. In attendance were Ethan Scott

Cooper, Kevin Haggerty, Darren Spangler, Tim Pierce, and Chris Constas. Rather than partying it up, “we found ourselves spending hours catching up in jazz clubs, walk-in humidors, and great soul food restaurants!” Their next reunion will be in Key West, FL. Not in attendance were Matt Schemmel, JD’91, and Rob Cerny, JD’92—but they were “dialed in.” The guys celebrated two major events: the birth of Scott’s daughter and the fact that Chris is really fit and thin and has the ability to grow his hair past his shoulders! Congratulations? Furthermore, another reunion took place recently, this time in Boston. Mike had a wonderful dinner with Tim Philbin, Tom Pioro, and Albert “Bubby” Rocheteau. He hadn’t seen these men in more than 20 years—“not since we were schlepping beers, working at Great Scott!” • Social media has really opened doors for reconnection. There are two groups: the Boston College Class of 1988—where Jonathan Magsino is a driving force behind the current 404 members.  And if you are a music fan, there is the group called “Name that ’80s Tune to Keep Our Old Brains Virile,” with about 30 BC ’88ers. It is tough to keep up with the expertise of Elizabeth Collumb, Lisa Munroe Korte, Bridget Leahy, and Tim Philbin. I’m sure Tiffany and Debbie Gibson are pleased. • Tim Curran, MS’93, also caught up with me for the first time since leaving San Francisco for New York and London.  He and wife Paula (O’Brien) ’89 are now back in the United States, where Tim works for Citigroup in New York while the family lives in Massachusetts!  And I thought I was the only “super commuter”! Tim sends his best wishes to the BC sailing team, which keeps winning awards. That’s a far cry from the good old days when BC had to use MIT’s facilities!

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Correspondent: Andrea McGrath It’s a super brief update this quarter! I’d love to keep getting more! Please continue to email me your updates at my address above or post them directly to the BC online community (recently revised): community.html. • First, I hope you caught the powerful article “Marian’s Children” in the Spring 2012 Boston College Magazine, written by classmate Steve Pemberton. You can find it on the magazine’s website: http:// marians-children.html. • And one update: Dianne Bourque ( has been elevated to member of the health law section of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo in Boston. Her practice includes advising health-care clients on issues such as licensure, regulatory, contractual, and risk management matters, as well as patient care.

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Correspondent: Missy Campbell Reid Anthony Fernandes is a political military officer at the U.S. embassy in Ankara, Turkey. He

was previously a deputy economic counselor with the U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. • In February, Magnolia Contreras was recognized by El Planeta newspaper as one of the “100 most influential people” in the Massachusetts Hispanic community. For the last five years, Magnolia has run the community benefits office at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, working to reduce the disparities that exist in cancer prevention, treatment, and care. She is a board member of the Economic Development & Industrial Corp. of Lynn, the Lynn Community Health Center, and the Lynn Shore and Atlantic Rest Homes, and she previously served on the boards of LynnArts, Lynn Economic Opportunity, My Brother’s Table, and Catholic Charities North. • Many thanks to Kara Corso Nelson for her dedication to our class. I (Missy Campbell Reid) am both thrilled and honored to step in as class correspondent. I have “big shoes” to fill but am looking forward to the experience. Currently, I am working full-time in Haverhill as a seventh-grade English and language arts teacher. The real fun begins after three o’clock, when I serve as “mom’s taxi” for our three children, ages 12, 10, and 7. I finally was able to get them to a BC football game last September, where they were treated to an Eagles win as well as a tour of the Heights. I was a little surprised that they seemed more interested in heading to White Mountain Creamery than in walking through the Mods! • That’s all for now. Please send news! Email me at

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Correspondent: Peggy Morin Bruno Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Janice Goggin, who passed away on May 2, 2011. • Lost and found: A gentleman in San Diego bought a car about a year ago. In the car, he found a class ring from the BC Class of ’91! If you have lost your ring, please contact me for details.  • Joe Zuccola, MBA’97, is currently director of customer development at Johnson & Johnson. While a graduate student at the Carroll School of Management, Joe was working full-time for the Gillette Co.  He has been employed with three Fortune 500 companies since earning his graduate degree: he began with Gillette in sales and marketing, then worked for Procter & Gamble as a sales executive, and has now been at Johnson & Johnson for the past five years. He is married with two children and resides in Wilmington.  Joe would like to someday return to the BC community to give students the knowledge, education, and inspiration that he acquired during his undergraduate and graduate studies. • Ed Fanning is serving a one-year term as president of the New Jersey Defense Association. Ed is a partner in the Newark office of McCarter & English and serves as chair of the firm’s products liability group. • Derek Petrey would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement after his accident so many years ago. After four knee surgeries and a shoulder surgery and spending eight years in Hawaii healing, Derek was able to compose his thoughts and experiences in a book, available for free at • Robin

class notes (Heffron) Rome was recently distinguished as a 2012 Super Lawyer by New Jersey Super Lawyers magazine. Robin is a partner at the managementside employment law firm Nukk-Freeman & Cerra. • Greg Sarian was named on Barron’s list of “the top 1,000 financial advisors in America.” Inclusion on this inaugural list is an industry honor and recognizes his accomplishments. Greg is a Merrill Lynch financial advisor based in Wayne, PA.

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Correspondent: Paul L. Cantello Please note: My email address has changed to • Thank you to everyone who attended Reunion Weekend and made the event such a success! • Sixto Ferro married Valeria Arias in Miami earlier this year. Also at the wedding from our class were Mike Shoule, from Long Island; Marc Wall, from San Francisco; Patrick Poljan, from Austin, TX; and Lisa Noller, from Chicago. Sixto is a vice president at Conchita Foods. • Anthony Karamas is a senior VP at Fidelity Investments in Boston, where he has worked for the last 11 years. • Jason Beans is CEO of Rising Medical Solutions in the Chicago area, where he has worked for the past 14 years. • Kristen Denty-Keefe, MA’96, is a child-adolescent psychotherapist and behavioral consultant in the Mendon-Upton Regional School District in Massachusetts. • Josephine Tabet Sarvis, MEd’93, is an assistant professor of education at Dominican University in the Chicago area.  She was previously a visiting professor at Loyola University.

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1993 reunion year

Correspondent: Laura Beck We welcome to these pages Laura Beck, who has kindly volunteered to serve as the new correspondent for the Class of 1993. Please email her at the above address with a few words about your summer activities, career, family, or other news you’d like to share.

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Correspondent: Nancy E. Drane This year many of us will celebrate our “milestone” 40th birthdays! I trust that everyone is doing it up in style. I spent a blissful five days in Sonoma, CA, tasting wine, eating good food, and reflecting with four of my dear BC friends, Beth (Coyle) Alford, Deb (Nugent) Lussier JD’99, Lori MacDonald, and Sheri (Pesez) Rhoades MEd’01. What a treat it was! • Eduardo Arriola was appointed by President Obama to serve on the board of the Inter-American Foundation, which oversees grant making to organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Eddy serves as chairman of the board of Apollo Bank in

Miami. • Jennifer Reussé has been elected shareholder of the law firm Moss & Barnett in Minneapolis. Jennifer is a member of the firm’s real estate practice area. • My neighbor (in Alexandria, VA), filmmaker Alex Houston, has been working the last three winters on a documentary about a group of American adaptive snowboarders (amputee, paraplegic, and visually impaired) that has long been trying to get snowboarding into the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. After receiving the bad news last August that once again snowboarding would not be in the Paralympics, the athletes came to Alex and asked if he would make a video for a social media petition campaign they were launching to try to change the officials’ minds. Of course Alex did. The video, Dear Sochi, was launched on YouTube in late October 2011 and within two weeks became the most widely viewed video ever on adaptive snowboarding. In May 2012, in a surprise reversal, the International Paralympic Committee announced that snowboarding is now a Paralympic Medal sport, with men’s and women’s standing events. Alex humbly cited the efforts of others as being responsible for this success, but I know we are all proud of our classmate’s contributions to this important effort!  Alex reports that he plans on following the athletes to Russia and documenting their participation. Dear Sochi is no longer accessible on YouTube, but it is available at • Jim Lamanna is pleased to report that his son Anthony graduated from BC this year. Anthony is a third-generation Eagle, after his father and grandfather, Paul Lamanna ’54.  Jim is a city attorney in Lynn. • In early 2012,  Jennifer Wesely, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of North Florida, published her second book, Being Female: The Continuum of Sexualization.  Jen recently married Kevin Ingwersen, with classmate Jennifer Ferreira in attendance. • Gregory Boron has returned home to New Jersey after spending a year in Colorado, where he worked as kennel manager and facility caretaker at northern Colorado’s largest no-kill shelter and at a dog daycare center.  Greg is now working for Best Friends Pet Care as an assistant manager and head dog trainer for 3 of its 42 locations.  He has also written a series of children’s books about animals in need. Greg is looking for the right publishing company, so if any classmates have any ideas, let him know. He’d like to eventually establish a foundation to enable shelters and rescues to hire dog trainers and to open his own dog sanctuary and rehab center for abused and neglected dogs.  • Please keep the messages coming along! 

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Correspondent: Kevin McKeon For the past nine years, David Rentz has been living in Charlotte, NC, where he is working as an ER physician at Presbyterian Hospital. David met his wife, Lisa, also an ER physician, during his residency at LSU. Late last year, David and Lisa welcomed their 21 class notes

first child, William, who was born on New Year’s Eve 2011. • In May, Paul Altidor began his service as Haiti’s new ambassador to the United States. Paul was formerly VP of programs and investments for the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which was formed to help with the reconstruction of Haiti after the 2012 earthquake, and he has already been instrumental in establishing a new $7 million science wing for the State University of Haiti, partly with aid from that fund. Paul earlier worked at the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group. • Also in May, Julia Rafferty was appointed to the board of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. Julia is an attorney at Stradley Ronon, where she is a member of the litigation and life sciences practice groups, focusing her practice on general litigation, primarily in the areas of products liability and mass tort.

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Correspondent: Mike Hofman Ingrid Ramos and Stephen Nakamura were married on September 30, 2011, at Battery Gardens at the southern tip of Manhattan, not far from where they live. Steve is a partner at Merle, Brown & Nakamura, and Ingrid runs her own marketing consulting business, Triangle Below Canal. Many BCers were in attendance: The wedding party included maid of honor Lotus Donovan; bridesmaid Alexandra Porter-Marques; reader Rakhi (Gupta) Williams, in from London; Kristen (McClanaghan) Kardos; and groomsmen Reagan Alexander and Christian Gutkowski. Additional BC friends attending included Chris Kardos; Bob Erickson and wife Meredith (also a bridesmaid); Sean McGrath; Greg Poehler and wife Charlotte, in from Stockholm; Ron Minutello and wife Joanne; Damien ’97 and Wanda (Dubon) Vena ’95; Creighton Mershon and wife Jessi; Art Hsu; Sue Reeves; Chris Liscio and wife Ruowen; and Scott Wynne and wife Kara. Given that list of folks, needless to say, a good time was had by all. Steve estimates that approximately 1 percent of our graduating class was at the wedding. • Jason Insalaco married Angie Rupert on August 21, 2011. Jason’s personal journey to find and restore a long-lost TV pilot by famed B-movie director Ed Wood was profiled in the New York Times in January. Jason debuted the film at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, UT, in December. • Michelle, MEd’05, and Billy Kelley welcomed their third child, Andrew Charles Kelley, during the San Diego blackout on September 8, 2011. Andrew joins siblings Julia (2) and Jack (8). The Kelleys live in Temecula, CA, where Billy works for Fidelity Investments, and Michelle works for Delcan Corp. • Finally, Melissa St. Hilaire recently published a memoir, In the Now. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy.

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Correspondent: Sabrina Bracco McCarthy

Phil and Bridget (Lesutis) Hintze are pleased to announce the birth of their twin boys, William Xavier and John Thomas, on April 5. The twins join  big brother Jude (2).  The family resides in New York City. • Andrew and Linda (Song)  Wendel  are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Lee, on February 10. Emma joins big brother Ryan (3). The family recently moved back to the  San Francisco  Bay Area after five years in  London,  England. Andrew is working as an executive director in fixed income sales for Morgan Stanley, and Linda continues her work as a corporate philanthropy consultant. They currently reside in Piedmont.  • Rob Izar  married Teresa Londenberg on April 21 in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. The wedding ceremony took place at Hotel Villa Caletas. In attendance were groomsman John Cajulis, as well as  Jennifer Caldwell MA’03,  John Caruso,  Patrick Chu ’98,  Jay Delaney,  Peter Farah JD’01,  Johanna Fuentes,  Frank Gallucci,  Russell Monasterio, and Vin Tabora. The newlyweds currently reside in Dallas, where Rob is a copywriter, and Teresa is a veterinarian. • In 2010, Shana Carroll  moved to Chicago for a new role as chief of staff at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.  The move proved fruitful in many dimensions when she met her husband three weeks after her arrival! Shana married Herbert Mejia in March 2012 in Old San Juan, PR.  An amazing group of BC classmates made the trip, including Christina Cacioppo Bertsch ’96, MA’00; Kara Dion; Brian Johnston MS’04; Katie Curran Kelley; Christine Liotta; Kerry Sachs McFeetors; Marshall McFeetors; Liz Taranto Millett; John Minardo; Lexi Haruf Owens; Rob Owens; Karen Chen Portnoy; and Tricia Wall. • In 2007, Matthew D’Amico retired after seven years of practicing law and obtained a master’s degree in teaching from Manhattanville College. He has since spent four years teaching AP U.S. history, government and economics, and American law, and this past spring, he was awarded tenure at Eastchester (NY) High School. He and his wife Jennifer, son Luke (6), and daughter Sophia (2) just moved to a new house in Hartsdale, NY.

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1998 reunion year

Correspondent: Mistie P. Lucht Amanda (Abresch) Harbert and her husband, Jeff (Duke ’98), welcomed their first child, Cassandra Grae Harbert, on March 11. Everyone is doing well, and they are enjoying their new addition.  Amanda is a nurse practitioner in a neurology practice in Wellesley, and the family currently resides in Framingham.  • In January, Jeff Geoppinger was elected partner at Ulmer & Berne, where he practices pharmaceutical product liability defense.  In March, Jeff helped to secure a defense verdict for his clients after a multiweek trial in Los Angeles County. Jeff and his wife, Kim, continue to reside in Cincinnati with their three children: Henry (5), Vivian (4), and Lucy (2). • My husband, Nate, and I welcomed our third daughter, Adeline Mae, on May 4. She joins big sisters Lillian (5) and Eleanor (3).  As Lillian and Eleanor look

like their dad, I think finally third time’s a charm, and Adeline is looking like me!

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Correspondent: Matt Colleran Correspondent: Emily Wildfire Hello, Class of ’99. We hope you are having a fantastic summer. To kick off the notes, I (Matt Colleran, MBA’06) have an update to share. My wife, Laura Thompson ’97, MBA’04, and I welcomed the arrival of our son, Jack William, on April 26. The little guy joins his big sister, Riley (2). We still live in Brookline and hope to see many of you on campus this fall. • Chad and Kristen (Proude) Feetham welcomed a new baby girl, Mallory Marlene, on August 11, 2011. She was welcomed at home by big brother Maddox Paul (2).  • Brad and Leanne (DeMarco) Flannery are the parents of a new baby girl, Kamryn Nancy, on February 22, who was welcomed at home by big sister Kylie Reese (18 months).  • Jeff and Julie (Mitchelson) Brown welcomed a baby boy, Thomas, in May 2011. Thomas joins big brothers Ryan (4) and Griffin (2).  • Phil  and  Susan (Maloney) Murray are excited to announce the birth of their baby boys, Philip Robert Jr. “PJ” and Samuel David “Sam” on May 19, 2011. The boys join their big sister, Maggie (2). • Damien and Sue (O’Brien) O’Connor welcomed their second daughter, Teagan Olivia, on November 13, 2011, while big sister Sophia Madeleine smiled down from heaven.  The family lives in County Clare, Ireland. • Jaime Snarski received the Physician International Hero in Medicine award from the Palm Beach County Medical Society for her medical mission work in Haiti, Grenada, and Guatemala. Jaime is an emergency medicine physician at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. • Andrew and Jennifer (Alden) Gregory, MEd’02, announce the birth of their fourth child, Abigail Anne, born on March 17, 2012, her brother Eric’s eighth birthday. Abigail also joins Ellie (7) and James (4) at home in Norwood. • Thanks for sharing all the updates and please keep them coming. Enjoy the fall season!

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Correspondent: Kate Pescatore I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather. • On April 18, the Eagle EMS of Boston College held its third annual awards banquet. The event also marked the 15th anniversary of the student-run emergency response organization, which was founded by Mark Ritchie, who attended and was acknowledged at the banquet. Through Mark’s dedicated efforts, the organization was formed in 1997, in response to the tragic death of Kevin Eidt at the Plex, with the mission of providing quality emergency medical care to the campus in an effort to prevent any such tragedy from occurring

again. The organization currently has 105 active members, including 71 EMTs. At the banquet, Kevin Wickersham, Class of ’13, was presented with the Kevin M. Eidt Excellence Award for his dedication to Eagle EMS. He becomes one of 119 individuals who have received awards in Kevin’s memory. For those awards that carry a monetary stipend, these scholarships have exceeded $1,250,000. Additional information on Eagle EMS can be found at eagleEMS/about.html and the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund at www. • Yolanda Coentro was recently named VP for programs at the YWCA Boston, where she will oversee the implementation of the Y’s expanded program mix and strategic plan. • In February, Nataliya Gekht Rymer joined the Philadelphia office of immigration law firm Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer as an associate. Nataliya’s practice is focused primarily on employment immigration and immigration-related agency and federal court litigation. • Courtney (DiSchino) ’01 and Sean McCarthy, MBA’11, are proud to announce the birth of their second son, Ryan, on November 24, 2010. Ryan joins his excited older brother Danny. • John, MBA’09, and Patricia Burke McKenna are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Conor Patrick, on October 3, 2011. • In October 2008, Kristen Grabowski married Michael Hoey.  The couple welcomed twins, Patrick and Mary Catherine, on October 6, 2011. The family lives in Hoboken, NJ. • Matthew, MEd’03, and Marissa (Marzilli) Daly, MSW’02, welcomed their fourth baby girl, Molly Alexandra. She joins big sisters Mia (6), Madelynn (5), and Mackenzie (2). • Liz and Jim Pietras are thrilled to announce the birth of their twins, Teddy and Molly, on April 8. • Dan, MBA’06, and Emily (Long) Garry welcomed their third child, Patrick Daniel, on March 2. Patrick joins big brother Thomas and big sister Claire in their Franklin, TN, home. • Thanks for sharing the news, as always.

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Correspondent: Sandi Birkeland Kanne Editor’s note: Class of 2001, we are delighted to introduce your new class correspondent, Sandi Birkeland Kanne. Please welcome her by sending a note to the above address—and include news you’d like her to include in this column! Sandi is already working to keep you informed and connected. She writes: Yvonne PerezZarraga, JD’05, and her husband, Korbin Heiss, are excited to announce the birth of their son Sebastian Daniel Heiss on April 6. • Mark Tower and his wife, Melissa, welcomed their first child, Declan James Tower, on September 12, 2011. They live in Hoboken, NJ. • Chris Casano and wife Jen welcomed a daughter, Ruby Mae, on May 6. She joins big brother James. • A big “welcome home!” to Army Capt. Alan Wehbé, who completed 11 months in Afghanistan as the legal advisor for a special operations task force. • I maintain my CPA license and enjoy being “temporarily retired” while home with my two little ones. I am thrilled to take over

class notes the reins and serve as class correspondent. Please note my new email address above, and send me any news you would like to share with the Class of 2001. If you have submitted notes in the past and have not seen them published, feel free to email them again, as I do not have access to the previous account. I look forward to hearing from you! • Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

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Correspondent: Suzanne Harte It was wonderful seeing so many of you at our 10th reunion! I hope everyone had a great time catching up with classmates. • On October 6, 2011, James and Sonya (Roncevich) Murphy welcomed their first child, Aedan James. Sonya works as corporate in-house counsel at PerkinElmer in Waltham, and James is a trust administrator at Choate Hall & Stewart in Boston. The Murphys reside in Winthrop.  • Peter and Nicollette Reilly Disch welcomed their second baby girl, Reilly Jane, on April 25. Big sister Lucy is very excited! • Congratulations to Dan and Melissa Irgens Peikin, who welcomed daughter Emma Lillian on July 28, 2011. The family resides in Reading.  • Jeff and Beth (Peterson) Delaney, received their MBAs from BC in August 2011, and on September 14, they welcomed a daughter, Clare Susan. Double congratulations! •  James Mann and Diann Williford, a graduate of Arizona State University, were married in San Diego on July 30, 2011. James’s sister Carissa Mann ’04 was a bridesmaid. Also in attendance were BC alumni Richard Holahan, Michael McKenzie, Ryan Stanton, and Julie Codair ’00. The couple reside in San Diego. • Congratulations to John and Julie (Shapiro) Dulay, who welcomed twins, Russell and Harrison, on May 21. The family lives in Oakland, CA, with their cat, Superman.  • George “Chip” and Kristin Beckman Crafton welcomed their first child, George Beckman Crafton, into the world on August 29, 2011. • Jamie Grenon married Jessica Tempest on January 15, 2011, in Mapleville, RI.  The couple welcomed their first child, Kayla Marguerite, on February 6, 2012.  Jamie, who received his MBA from Bryant University last year, is now director of graduate and continuing studies admission at Roger Williams University.  He also earned his private pilot license. The Grenons live in Johnston, RI. • John Kennedy ’03 and Laura Sullivan were married on August 21, 2010, in South Yarmouth. Laura was given away by her father, Lawrence Sullivan ’72, MEd’73, and the Mass was celebrated by Don MacMillan, SJ, ’66, MDiv’72.  BC grads in attendance included the mother of the groom, Kathleen Quinn Kennedy, MEd’72, and the wedding party included Christina Hondromihalis McSherry; Daniel Flynn MA’04; F. Hadley Wright ’03; Timothy Monahan ’03, JD’08; and John Broderick ’03. Other Eagles in attendance were classmates Angela Brosnan Walsh, Christopher Walsh MBA’07, and Kevin McSherry; Kate Ram Curtis, Britt Burner, Abby DeCristofaro DeMong, Adam DeMong, Jamie Soriano, Jeff Moran,

Walter Alarkon, Francis Sweeney, all Class of ’03; and Margaret Kennedy ’07; Kate Kennedy MS’05; and Sara Connolly Flynn MA’04.

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2003 reunion year

Correspondent: ToniAnn Kruse I received an overwhelming response from all of you—thank you! We haven’t space enough for all the news this time, so I’ll include more of your updates in the next issue. • Rob and Carolyn (Gordon) Kenney welcomed twins, Luke Andrew and Thomas Patrick, on January 10. • Corey Podell guest starred on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls on April 9. An alumna of the Groundlings Sunday Company in LA, Corey is currently writing for a yet-to-be titled NBC pilot. • Michael ’02, MS’03, MBA’07, and Victoria (Scott) Losh welcomed their first child, Penelope Hazel, on February 20. • Stephanie and Peter K. Bratney welcomed Birdie Cosette on April 6. • Tate, MS’04, and Andrea Berardino Bevis welcomed their first baby, Rhett Hamilton, on March 16. • Jon Giftos graduated in May from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and will be a resident in social internal medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. • Russell Dyer and Leigh Botica welcomed baby Rose into the world on February 29.  • Pat Kenney, wife Jennifer, and daughter Amelia welcomed Liam Joseph on January 31. Pat recently received his master’s in real estate science from NYU and joined Avison Young as an analyst in its New York commercial real estate consulting group. • Jennifer (Sczerbinski) ’04 and Brian Lerman, JD’06, welcomed their first child, Sophia Hadley, on March 30. • Jeffrey and Kristine (Carpi) Kuntz, MEd’05, welcomed Miles Joseph on April 22. • Keri Hannagan married Jarred Alexandrov on May 26. Kathleen Cahill (maid of honor), Timberly Humbert, Elizabeth Reitz, and Tom Hardej were in attendance. • Katie Ruigh was promoted to VP of product management at American Well, a telehealth software platform that connects patients and providers for live conversations through video, chat, and phone. • John and  Amy (Fierman) Moore welcomed their first baby, Jack, on March 28. • Joe and Maggie Guiney Tursi welcomed their first child, Emma Catherine, on April 11. • Corinne Badach wed Chris Capano ’04 on May 19  at Auberge du Soleil in California.  Although strangers at the Heights,  a mutual friend insisted  they were a perfect match, and four years later, she was proven right  as they exchanged vows before fellow Eagles Keri Badach, Katie Dellaporta, Margaux Pena Hufnagel, Stephanie Rust Johnson, Bethany Rossi Klaassen, Emily Byrne Reif, Torry Katsiroubas Stamm, and Natalie Van Kleef.  • Melissa Ouellette is now working in the corporate and foundation advancement office at Northeastern University, where she is also pursuing a master’s degree. • Danny and Nicole Morris Saavedra celebrated son Declan Nicholas’s first birthday on May 26. • Todd and Tegan Willard’s third boy, Ezra James Willard, was born on March 1. • Kara Keating Bench graduated from UMass Medical School in June and is off to a residency in family 23 class notes

medicine at the Lawrence Family Medicine Residency. Kara, husband Bobby Bench ’04, and baby Jane Irene now reside in their new home in Cambridge. • Molly Brown and husband Andy Hiller welcomed their first child, Kiva, on February 2. • Michael and  Brennan (Greef) Blair welcomed their third child, Henry David, on April 6. • Rev. Darrell Goodwin and Marshan Moultry were legally married in New York on January 5. They will be married with family and friends in  Seattle in June. On the same day, Darrell will celebrate the five-year anniversary of the church he founded, Liberation Ministries, where he is pastor. • Katie Dalton, MA’07, and husband Brian Walsh ’01 welcomed their first child, Liam Joseph, on April 22. • Lynda and Daniel Vaillant welcomed Dylan Patrick on April 7. • Michael and Amanda Gibbons Minerva, MEd’04, welcomed Bridget Leah on April 19. • Kate Schrinsky received her MBA from the University of Michigan in April and began a Human Resources Global Rotation Program at American Express in New York City in July. • Hillary (Mauro), MEd’10, and Matthew Sullivan welcomed their first child, Dennis Fletcher, on April 19. • Brian and Sara (McGovern) Albano, MS’04, welcomed Jack Francis, on May 24. • Andrew Del Boccio and wife Kathryn welcomed their first child, Eleanor Frazier Grace, on January 21. The family resides in London, where Andrew works in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Capital Markets Group.

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Correspondent: Alexandra “Allie” Weiskopf I begin with news of my own: I married Russ Pool ’95 on July 7 at the Fort Myer Chapel in Washington DC. Russ and I met at the wedding of my friend Katie Wells to Russ’s classmate Dan Levasseur ’95. Russ is a Marine helicopter pilot stationed at Quantico, VA, and I’m still an Army public affairs officer stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. We celebrated our wedding with classmates Laura (Sanchez) Cross, Kevin Duffy ’95, Brianne Moskovitz, Jetta Sandin, Katie Stainken, Erik Tratnyek ’95, Courtney Valentine, and the matchmaker, Dan Levasseur. We continue to wait to see what God has in store for us next! • Laurence Braun realized his longtime dream of making a feature film: Thanks for Dying is an improv-driven “mockumentary” that follows the antics of three misfit production companies as they prepare trailers for their overly ridiculous film ideas. Now he’s looking to get it into film festivals. • Brandon Song has published a book, A Remnant in Rwanda, which chronicles the three months he spent in Rwanda on a mission trip. The book is both serious and humorous, with stories of genocide survivors as well as his own experiences with culture shock and personal reflection. • Michael and Kelly (Thorne) Chornoma are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Grace Elizabeth, on March 15. • Tim Wientzen and Kendra Sena both reached educational milestones this year. Tim completed his PhD in English from Duke University, and Kendra finished her JD from Harvard Law School. In the fall, Kendra will begin a fellowship at the Lawyers’

Committee for Civil Rights & Economic Justice and the Greater Boston Legal Services, while Tim will begin teaching in the History and Literature Program at Harvard. They live in Cambridge.

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Correspondent: Joe Bowden Correspondent: Justin Barrasso In May, Bill Driscoll was elected to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster board of directors. National VOAD is a coalition of nonprofit organizations that respond to disasters as part of its overall mission. Since graduating, Bill has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and effort to restoring people’s lives and communities following natural disasters. • Amanda and Gavin McGrath are excited to announce the birth of their daughter, Caroline Rose, on January 19. They have also just purchased a home in Melrose. In June, Gavin and Lain Anderson completed their MBAs at the Tuck School at Dartmouth, and both are headed back to work at L.E.K. Consulting in Boston. • Jennifer Conley, MEd’10, the assistant director of community relations for the New York Giants, won her second Super Bowl victory in February. Jen, who has worked with the Giants for the past seven years, also worked with the BC football team during her time as an undergraduate. • Mathias Kiwanuka, who patrolled the gridiron at the Heights for four years as a defensive end, has enjoyed a six-year career with the Giants and also just celebrated his second Super Bowl victory. He just concluded his best season statistically, recording 85 tackles. • Beth Rutolo is a student in the MGH Institute of Health Professions, and in April, she ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon to benefit the institute’s pro bono Physical Therapy Center for Clinical Education and Health Promotion. • USMC Capt. Mike Petit recently completed a seven-month deployment to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he led a civil affairs unit, served on the District Stabilization Team, and coordinated development/reconstruction activities within the district of Now Zad. Mike is now back in the United States and will be commencing MBA studies at NYU’s Stern School of Business this fall.

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Borromeo in Skillman, NJ. Katie is a pastoral assistant for social justice at St. Charles Borromeo, where she oversees volunteer efforts by parishioners who help at soup kitchens and other service organizations. Craig is a special assistant to Jacob J. Lew, President Obama’s chief of staff. Bridesmaids included Jessica Fazekas, Pauline Khamo, and Kaytlin Lapsa. Other BC alumni in attendance included John Sauter, Tony Coppola, Patrick Forcelli, Matthew Putorti, Michael Shannon MBA’12, Joe Shannon ’04, Maeghan (Silverberg) Welford ’04, and Cathy Souto ’82. • Dave Krueger has accepted a position with the Philadelphia Eagles and will be focused on managing corporate partners and bringing in new sponsorship revenue for the team.  Earlier, Dave held similar roles with the New England Patriots and the Houston Rockets.  He is looking forward to reconnecting with classmates in the Philadelphia area and can be reached at • Andrew and Lindsay (Ewick) Kern, MEd’09, are happy to announce their marriage on August 13, 2011, in Boston. Helping to ring in the happy occasion were bridesmaids Annie Connors and Melissa Donovan; best man Todd Carver; groomsmen Jacob Stahl, Michael Hollis, and John O’Kane, as well as Marie St. Jeane; Nora Ganey; Katie Swiderski; Kelly Madigan; Jay Beekman; Michael Gardner MEd’08, MA’11; and Amanda Roche MSW’10! The Kerns reside in Brookline.

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Correspondent: Lauren Faherty Bagnell I hope everyone had a great time at Reunion Weekend 2012. Despite the weather, everyone in attendance seemed happy to see one another again back on campus. • Jason Ruiz and Katy O’Leary were married on October 22, 2011, at Corpus Christi Parish in Chatham, NJ. The wedding party included Kathleen Ahearn, Joe Barrett, Adrienne Chitayat, and Mark Henderson. Other alumni in attendance included Sarah

Braunschweiger, Cindy Campobasso, Mike Dean, Eric Gehrke ’08, Bill Henderson ’10, Phil Keffer, Dan Lasher, Evan Padilla, JP Patrizia, Ken Sanocki, Diana Villagomez, and Courtney Williams. They celebrated with a reception at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. The couple honeymooned in Aruba and now reside in Jersey City. Jason is an analyst at Praesidian Capital in Manhattan, and Katy is a merchandise planner for Lord & Taylor in Manhattan. The bride and groom are very grateful that so many BC friends were able to join them for the special day! • On August 13, 2011, Kate Souza married Dave Manahan in Dartmouth. Eagles in attendance were bridesmaids Lia Krautmanis and Jannelle Cafferky and maid of honor Stephanie Sylvia. The couple currently reside in Norwalk, CT. • Stephanie St. Martin, MA’10, was recently published in What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover. Her chapter, “Machiavelli at the Bar,” is a short story discussing the game of love. As young people, do we participate in this game? Should our end goal be something more than a one-night stand? And can authentic, real love be found at a bar? This is Stephanie’s third published piece. • On March 12, Alison Pochebit was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia—and on March 12, Ali decided that she was going to kick this cancer as hard as she could. Currently a law student in Los Angeles, Ali immediately began an aggressive chemotherapy regimen. On July 13, Ali underwent a bone marrow transplant, and her road to recovery continues. Ali’s treatment would not have been possible without the selfless help of a donor. You too can help people like Ali—simply visit to register as a potential donor. And please see our column on the BC alumni online community for more about Ali.

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2008 reunion year

Correspondent: Maura Tierney John Williams from Shelton, CT, recently received his MD degree from Tufts University

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Correspondent: Cristina Conciatori Lindsey Schiller, MEd’07, married Gregg Sandler on July 22, 2011, on Long Island. Abigail Scott was a bridesmaid. Other BC graduates in attendance were Hannah Brown, Megan Bushey MEd’07, Megan Hatch, and Megan Summers MSW’08. The happy couple live on Long Island, where Lindsey teaches fifth grade, and Gregg works for the NYPD. • On May 12, 2012, Craig Dorsett and Katie Onka, MA’07, were married at St. Charles

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class notes School of Medicine. • Angelique Hrycko received her master’s of public health, with a concentration in health policy, from Drexel University. As her master’s project, Angelique created an online assessment tool for the Maternal, Child and Family Health Division of the Philadelphia Department of Health. She defended her thesis before members of the division and the Health Federation of Philadelphia.

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Correspondent: Timothy Bates Christina Harostock is now attending Cornell University’s Master of Management in Hospitality program, which began in May. • Please send news!

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Correspondent: Bridget K. Sweeney Brielle Chabot won the women’s division of the Holyoke (MA) St. Patrick’s Road Race. She was praised in the Sunday Republican newspaper for winning the 10K with a time of 34:44. This was the biggest race of Brielle’s career to date.

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Correspondent: Brittany Lynch Elizabeth Rodriguez is currently working as an admissions evaluator at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. • Some sad news: Kelly Dalla Tezza of Baltimore was killed in a car accident in Morocco on March 16. Kelly was studying abroad on a Fulbright grant and had hoped to later pursue a master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies or a law degree. During her undergraduate years at Boston College, she earned her BA cum laude in Islamic civilization and societies, political science, and Hispanic studies. Kelly is survived by her parents, Marguerite and Chester Dalla Tezza.

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Correspondent: Riley Sullivan Class of 2012, congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the Boston College Alumni Association! • Also, we welcome to these pages Riley Sullivan, who has kindly volunteered to serve as correspondent for the Class of 2012. Please email him at the above address to share news of your summer activities, career beginnings, or other adventures.

carroll school Fulton Hall Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 In May, Richard Meelia, MBA’73, joined the board of directors of Apollo Endosurgery Inc., a company that develops devices that advance therapeutic endoscopy. Richard recently retired as CEO and chairman of Covidien, a global health-care products company; earlier he served as president of Tyco Healthcare. • In February, John Adler, MBA’90, joined Brooks, Houghton & Co. as a senior advisor. He is based in the Atlanta office of the New York–headquartered merchant bank. John earned his bachelor of commerce degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. • In April, Kimberly Train, MS’99, was promoted from consultant to VP in the Financial Accounting and Valuation practice at Charles River Associates, a global provider of management, economic, and financial consulting services. Kimberly, who was previously a senior manager at Ernst & Young, is a member of The Boston Club and has served on the Finance Committee of the YWCA Boston. • Rafnar Lárusson, MS’02, is now CFO of Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s national power company. Previously he was VP, treasury, at Actavis Group, a global generic pharmaceutical company. Rafnar is married and the father of three boys. • In May, Megan Kelly, MS’10, and Jessica Roy, MS’10, were profiled by the Tennessee Registrar for their efforts to provide school uniforms to underprivileged children in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. In May 2011, Megan and Jessica formed Tailored for Education, a nonprofit that has established partnerships with other agencies that are committed to improving the lives of people in developing countries. By fall, the venture will have provided funding for 5,400 uniforms.

connell school Cushing Hall, Room 201 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 In May, Denise Charron-Prochownik, MS’82, was appointed chair of the Department of Health Promotion and Development at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. Denise, who holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, is also a pediatric nurse practitioner and has for many years worked, both as a nurse and as a member of a number of committees and boards of directors, to serve patients with diabetes.

gsas McGuinn Hall, Room 221-A Chestnut Hill, MA 02467; 617-552-3265 Lynne Spigelmire Viti, PhD’78, JD’84, continues to teach law-related courses in the Writing Program at Wellesley College. During the fall 2011 semester, she was a 25 25 class class notes notes

visiting faculty member at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, where she taught a first-year seminar in constitutional law. • In May, Teresa Amott, PhD’80, was installed as the 19th president of Knox College in Galesburg, IL. She is the first woman to lead the 175-year-old institution. Teresa previously served as provost and a dean at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY, and as vice provost at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA. • In July, Douglas Dias, MS’91, DEd’07, became the new principal of Medway High School. Douglas was an engineering officer and nuclear test engineer before beginning his career in education. He taught physics, engineering, and math at Lincoln Sudbury and Framingham High Schools and served as an assistant principal both at Westborough High and at Holliston High before assuming his most recent position as principal of Canton High School. Douglas has three sons and lives in Milford.

gssw McGuinn Hall, Room 123 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Andrea Perry, MSW’99, was honored at the White House for her efforts to stop violence in her role as executive director of YouthConnect, a program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Andrea’s staff of social workers connects at-risk youths and families in high-crime areas with programs and services. “Change takes time, and we’re able to stay with a young person or family for as long as it takes,’’ she told the Boston Globe. “And when you hear them say things like ‘I knew YouthConnect was going to find me. I knew you would be there to help’— those are the little successes.’’ • Joel Q. Peterson, MSW’87, has been working in the Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center program since graduation. He is now team leader of the Boston Vet Center and acting team leader of the Lowell Vet Center. Joel has supervised numerous interns from BC’s Graduate School of Social Work as well as from other master’s-level programs in the metropolitan Boston area. • Billie Jean Miller, MSW’02, was accepted into the doctoral program in clinical psychology (PsyD) at Immaculata University in Pennsylvania. • Margaret Sherrer, PhD’11, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to spend the spring 2013 semester in Kerala, a state at the southwestern tip of the Indian subcontinent. She will be teaching and conducting research on the development of mental health services for people with serious psychiatric disorders. Margaret is an associate professor of psychology and human services at Lyndon State College in Vermont. • Henrietta Davis, MSP’72, is now mayor of Cambridge, MA. She previously served on the Cambridge City Council and as vice mayor. As mayor, she will chair the Cambridge School Committee. In 1990, Henrietta founded the Healthy Children Task Force, a community group that has led public health initiatives for children.


law school Vicki Sanders 885 Centre Street Newton, MA 02459 Class Notes for Law School alumni are published in the BC Law Magazine. Please forward all submissions to Vicki Sanders at the above address.

lynch school Class Notes editor Campion Hall, Room 106 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 After working for the past two years as a campus minister at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, James Scholl, MA’10, will be entering the Society of Jesus as a novice in late August, continuing his discernment and beginning studies for the priesthood. Jim will be entering the New England Province at the Jesuit Novitiate of St. Andrew Hall in Syracuse, NY. • In July, Paul McLoughlin, PhD’11, began his tenure as dean of students at Lafayette College. Previously, he was an associate dean and senior advisor to the dean of Harvard College. Paul was also an adjunct faculty member in the Lynch School during the past academic year, teaching courses in higher education administration.

stm School of Theology and Ministry 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3800 In July, James Martin, SJ, MDiv’98, ThM’99, presented the Evelyn Underhill Lecture in Christian Spirituality, “Laughing with the Saints: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life,” in Robsham Theater. Prior to the lecture, Fr. Martin met with STM, IREPM, and WJST alumni at a breakfast held in Corcoran Commons. • John Switzer, PhD’06, has been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure at Spring Hill College, a Jesuit college in Mobile, AL. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, John serves as director of graduate programs in theology and ministry and as director of Trialogue, a program that brings together Muslims, Jews, and Christians for interreligious understanding. • Robert R. LaRochelle, MEd’76 (Institute of Religious Education), recently had a new book published: Crossing the Street. The book is intended to contribute to ecumenical conversation between Catholics and Protestants.

wcas Correspondent: Jane T. Crimlisk ’74 37 Leominster Road Dedham, MA 02026; 781-326-0290 DeWayn Marzagalli ’02, MA’03, is currently teaching courses at the Osher LifelongLearning

idealistic at BC

Jennifer Close ’08


oston College taught Jennifer Close that there is a tangible way to realize the loftiest ideals. “I loved that I could actually work toward a minor in ‘Faith, Peace, and Justice,’” recalls the College of Arts and Sciences alumna. “At BC, I saw that my deepest values could be the foundation of my life’s work.” Now, Close works with the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Washington, D.C., with the ambitious goal of revitalizing the federal government. “We are trying to transform the way government works, in part by encouraging talented young people to go into public service,” she says. “I’m putting idealism into practice every day.”

what do you look forward to each day? I truly have the opportunity to make a difference; that’s a great feeling.

what is one thing everyone should do at bc? Find a mentor. BC has such talented

Jennifer Close works with the Partnership for Public Service in the hopes of inspiring young people to go into public service. faculty and staff, and the right person can really shape your college experience.

what was your favorite meal in the dining hall? The Hillside New England Classic panini and chips, no question—and maybe one of their great cookies!

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Institute (OLLI) at the University of Southern Maine. DeWayn and his wife, Jean, live in Gorham, ME, and spend their winters in Florida. • Diane Cronin ’86 and her sister Jeanne Cronin ’95 have both retired—Diane in 2011 from State Street Corp. after 24 years and Jeanne in 2012 from the federal government after 37 years. Diane and Jeanne, I hope that you are enjoying retirement! • Debra Cebulski ’06 is pursuing an AS in office and information management at Bunker Hill Community College. Good luck with your studies, Debra. • Abby Jarvis, MS’10, is working in alumni relations at Labouré College in Dorchester. Abby is a new member of the WCAS Alumni Association Board of Directors. • In an email, Karen Garden ’90 reports  that she returned to school in 2005 to reinvent herself as a nurse practitioner in UMass Worcester’s Graduate School of  Nursing GEP (Graduate Entry Pathway) program.  She graduated from UMass in 2008 with an MS and certification as an adult acute care nurse practitioner. Recently, she started a new job as an orthopedic trauma nurse practitioner,

functioning in both in- and outpatient roles, in the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland Medical Center, in Baltimore. Karen recently became a grandmother; her sons are now 28 and 25. She writes: “My new career has breathed new meaning to my life. Fr. Woods ’54, MAT’61, STB’62, played a huge role in recommending me for the GEP program. He is a truly remarkable human being.” • Reunion 2012 was a great success. We were blessed to have guest speakers Fr. Walter “Skipp” Conlan, MDiv ’76, alumni chaplain, and Vincent Quealy ’75, the new president of our Alumni Association. • We would love to have  more of our alumni join with our newest board member, Abby Jarvis.  Our meetings are held  on the second Thursday of each month from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the new Cadigan Alumni Center on the Brighton Campus on Commonwealth Avenue.

obituaries boston college alumni deaths


Clarence J. Dwyer ’35 of Madison, NJ, on June 15, 2012. James T. Shaughnessy ’37 of Whitman, formerly of Hingham, on June 14, 2012. Louise Holland Dooley, MEd’38, of West Roxbury on April 16, 2012.


Vincent R. DeBenedictis ’42 of Worcester on April 12, 2012. James J. O’Brien ’42 of Medford on December 3, 2011. Robert J. Donelan ’43, JD’46, of Alford on September 8, 2011. Joseph P. Gentile ’43 of Newton on April 17, 2012. Sidney Weinberg, Esq., JD’43, of Chevy Chase, MD, formerly of Brookline, on April 12, 2012. William H. Roche ’44 of Boston, formerly of Woburn, on May 28, 2012. Joseph R. Buttner, Esq., ’45, JD’50, of Hanson, formerly of Scituate and Quincy, on May 23, 2012. William P. Clancy ’45 of Yarmouth on June 10, 2012. Edmond J. Power ’45 of Bowie, MD, on April 9, 2012. Neil F. Restani ’45 of Lynnfield on June 8, 2012. Augustine P. Turnbull, Esq., ’45, JD’49, of Mansfield on May 17, 2012. Charles J. Alexander, Esq., ’47, JD’50, of Bethesda, MD, on March 22, 2012.

Alexander J. Scholtes ’49 of Hingham on March 29, 2012. James A. Whelton ’49 of Wayland on May 12, 2012.


Francis L. Barrett ’50 of Falmouth and Naples, FL, on June 15, 2012. Edmund F. Brennan ’50 of Canton, CT, on July 30, 2011. Mary Mehlman Burns, MA’50, of Framingham on June 5, 2012. John A. Cahill ’50 of Reading, formerly of Woburn, on June 23, 2011. Edward R. Cranley ’50 of Crestview Hills, KY, on October 19, 2010. John E. Doane ’50 of Summerfield, FL, on February 22, 2012. Thomas J. Goff ’50 of Quincy on April 1, 2012. George C. Griffin Jr. ’50, MSSW’52, of Johnston, RI, formerly of Wethersfield, CT, on May 15, 2012. William J. Horrigan ’50, MEd’54, of Woburn, formerly of Roxbury, on June 13, 2012. James M. McDonough, Esq., ’50, JD’53, of South Easton on April 23, 2012. Anthony C. Rose Jr. ’50, MBA’61, of Wakefield, formerly of Reading and Cambridge, on May 8, 2012.

Ann O’Connell Cutress ’49 of Still River on May 20, 2012. Thomas H. O’Connor ’49, MA’50, H’93, of Milton on May 20, 2012.

Arthur F. Powell ’52 of Worcester, formerly of Holden, on April 13, 2012. Charles R. Stutzman ’52 of Sandwich on March 25, 2012. Thomas J. Condon, MA’53, of St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada, formerly of New Haven, CT, on April 22, 2012. Clement A. Ferris Sr., JD’53, of Pittsfield on April 16, 2012. William J. Greene Jr., MA’53, of Glen Rock, NJ, on June 10, 2012. Helen J. Kenney, MEd’53, of Centerville on June 11, 2012. Lawrence R. McManus ’53 of Lynn on April 22, 2012. John I. Biergel, MEd’54, of Feeding Hills on April 17, 2012. Thomas M. Dooling Jr. ’54 of Marstons Mills, formerly of Fitchburg, on April 21, 2012. Everett B. Horn, Esq., JD’54, of Hyannis on June 7, 2012. Warren R. Kemp ’54 of Whitinsville on April 20, 2012.

Charles B. Davis ’57 of Manchester, NH, formerly of Londonderry, NH, and Watertown, on May 21, 2012. Francis J. Dirksmeier ’57 of Shrewsbury on April 1, 2012. Ronald J. Giard, MSW’57, of Leicester on April 23, 2012. Beverly Herbst Hemmert ’57 of Nokomis, FL, formerly of Nashua, NH, on March 24, 2012. Muriel M. Jodice ’57 of Arlington, formerly of Medford, on June 21, 2012. Richard C. Lombard ’57 of Arlington, formerly of Medford, on May 29, 2012. Paul J. Shiel ’57 of Brookline on June 22, 2012. Joseph A. Baron ’58 of Stuart, FL, on May 2, 2012. Benito G. Barsanti, Esq., JD’58, of Wakefield on May 17, 2012. Edward Canning, STL’58, of Southport, CT, on May 28, 2012.

Mary S. Mottola ’54, MS’61, of North Andover on April 26, 2012.

Wayne G. Lesco ’58 of Somers, CT, on March 20, 2012.

Howard J. Camuso, JD’51, of Groveland on March 26, 2012.

Andre L. Perron ’54 of Bradenton, FL, on April 22, 2012.

Edward C. McGowan ’58 of Lake Forest, IL, formerly of Northbrook, on April 15, 2012.

Anthony R. Carbone, MA’51, PhD’76, of Reading on May 26, 2012.

Francis X. Callahan ’55, MEd’57, of Arlington on May 16, 2012.

Lawrence D. Porter ’58 of Zephyrhills, FL, on March 25, 2012.

Edward F. Casey ’55 of Lynnfield on March 22, 2012.

Richard C. Rodwell ’58 of Topsfield on June 26, 2012.

George F. Lovett ’55, MBA’71, of Narragansett, RI, formerly of Saugus, on September 2, 2011.

Charles N. Bent, PhL’59, BA’59, MA’60, of Mashpee on October 28, 2011.

Mary McCue McQuilkin WCAS’55 of Concord on October 26, 2011.

Elaine M. Geissler ’59 of Pembroke Pines, FL, on April 12, 2012.

Thomas L. Tully, Esq., ’55 of Onset on April 11, 2012.

Edward F. O’Donnell ’59 of South Dennis on May 7, 2012.

John K. Abely ’56 of Norwalk, CT, on April 16, 2012.

Charles T. O’Shea ’59 of Peabody on April 21, 2012.

Patrick E. Roche ’51, H’01, of Marshfield on May 26, 2012.

Paul E. Benjamin ’56 of Burlington, formerly of Medford, on June 21, 2012.

James E. Plouffe ’59 of Wilmington, DE, on April 4, 2012.

Frank A. Sikora ’51 of West Roxbury on May 8, 2012.

Leo P. Coyne ’56 of Milton on June 24, 2012.

Doris F. Pontbriand, SSA, ’59 of Marlborough on June 9, 2012.

Alexis W. Blood ’52 of Falmouth and Milton on June 9, 2012.

Francis X. Masterson WCAS’56 of Milton on May 10, 2012.


Francis G. English ’52 of Lawrence on June 15, 2012.

Patrick D. McDevitt ’56 of Boston on April 7, 2012.

James E. Ward ’60, MAT’67, of Riverside, CA, on April 23, 2012.

Charles L. Devoe ’51 of Lexington on June 14, 2012.

Mary A. Dunleavy ’51 of Westborough on May 26, 2012.

Joseph L. Burke ’49 of Chevy Chase, MD, on July 21, 2010.

Paul W. Weyand ’56 of Cumberland, ME, formerly of Quincy and Duxbury, on May 22, 2012.

David L. Vigneau ’50 of West Warwick, RI, on April 24, 2012.

Austin F. O’Malley ’47 of Centerville and Naples, FL, on May 30, 2012.

John F. Sullivan ’48 of West Palm Beach, FL, on March 19, 2012.

Thomas F. Murray ’52 of Mashpee on May 26, 2012.

John T. Heffernan, MEd’58, of Bow, NH, formerly of Worcester, on May 5, 2012.

Paul R. Donovan Jr. ’51 of Warren, NJ, on June 13, 2012.

Joseph F. Donohue ’48 of Hingham on March 22, 2012.

John W. McDonald ’56 of Duxbury, formerly of Dedham, on April 12, 2012.

Richard G. McEachern ’54 of Burlington on April 17, 2012.

Richard D. Medley Jr. ’47 of Vero Beach, FL, on March 17, 2012.

Roger P. Vancour, MS’47, of Northborough on April 11, 2012.

Joseph E. McCall ’52 of South Boston, formerly of Winthrop and Jamaica Plain, on June 21, 2012.

Joseph A. Pavo WCAS’51, WCAS’56, of Palm Bay, FL, formerly of East Cambridge, on April 29, 2012. Edward M. Quigley WCAS’51 of Canton on May 6, 2012.

27 27 obituaries obituaries

John N. Amabile ’61 of Spring Lake Heights, NJ, on April 22, 2012. Philomene Serpico Center, MA’61, of Biddeford, ME, on June 7, 2012. Philip G. Clark ’61 of Ogunquit, ME, formerly of Arlington, on May 27, 2012. Francis J. Concannon ’61 of Randolph on June 9, 2012. Robert J. Farry ’61 of Monument Beach on April 8, 2012. Richard E. Levesque ’61 of Hopedale, formerly of Salem, NH, and Brighton, on April 4, 2012. Robert P. Levesque ’61 of Henderson, NV, on May 25, 2012. Francis J. McClory, WCAS’61, of Mesa, AZ, on March 27, 2012. Michael J. Mullahy ’62 of Watertown on May 12, 2012. Philip J. Robillard ’62 of Mashpee on November 10, 2011. John G. Venditto, MA’62, of Warwick, RI, on June 13, 2012. Sally St. John Barlow ’63 of Saint Louis, MO, on July 30, 2011. Thomas F. Conry ’63 of Pittsfield on May 28, 2012. Laurence E. Kerig, MA’63, of Salt Lake City, UT, formerly of Hamilton, on May 7, 2012. Judith Huff McCabe NC’63 of Winter Haven, FL, on June 14, 2012. William J. Kushlis ’64 of Albuquerque, NM, on April 6, 2012. Mary Ellen Machtemes, OSB, ’64 of Saint Joseph, MN, on May 28, 2012. John J. Battos ’65 of Simsbury, CT, on May 16, 2012.

Bradley B. Billings ’67 of Reston, VA, on January 24, 2010. Joseph F. Bradley, MBA’67, of St. Louis, MO, on April 15, 2012. Gerald R. Ruest, MSW’67, of Riverside, RI, on April 25, 2012. Janet L. Koziol NC’68 of Amston, CT, on June 1, 2011. Charlotte A. Spera ’68, CAES’82, of Medford and South Yarmouth on February 18, 2012. Mark S. Cram WCAS’69 of Lecanto, FL, on June 17, 2012. Michael Lavin ’69 of Sterling on May 21, 2012. Natalie G. Murphy, MSW’69, of North Billerica, formerly of Brighton, on April 29, 2012. John C. Wade WCAS’69 of Overland Park, KS, on April 28, 2012.

1970s Charles J. Barry ’70 of Brighton on April 11, 2012. Mary Lou McGrath ’70 of Saugus, formerly of South Dennis, on April 8, 2012. James M. Shea, MA’70, of Northampton, formerly of Andover, on April 23, 2012. Ann Marie Deneen Barry, MEd’71, of Belmont, formerly of Watertown, on June 2, 2011. Gerald N. Kriedberg, DEd’72, of Sterling, formerly of Acton, on May 1, 2012. Roland E. Morneau, Esq., JD’72, of Londonderry, NH, on June 16, 2012. Edward P. Mannix, Esq., ’73, JD’76, of Walpole on April 20, 2012.

Marie Martha Houlihan, MEd’77, of Gilbert, AZ, on May 20, 2012. George Joseph Paglia ’77 of Suffern, NY, on September 20, 2011. Gerard Leo Donohue ’78 of Morganton, NC, on October 19, 2011. Karen A. Lynch ’79 of Bedford, NH, formerly of Framingham, on May 24, 2012.

1980s Francisco E. Alvarez, Esq., JD’80, of Modesto, CA, on May 13, 2012. Michael D. Kukulka ’80 of Vernon, CT, on April 10, 2012. Gail M. MacMillan ’80 of Stowe, VT, on May 21, 2012. Mary Ann Scofield, RSM, MA’80, of Burlingame, CA, on June 3, 2012. Ann J. Grady Adorn ’83 of Walpole on September 15, 2011. Sharon S. Appelman ’83, MEd’84, of Lexington on March 29, 2012. Bruce S. Canna ’83 of Mansfield, formerly of Dedham, on April 25, 2012. Jane D. Weinstock ’84 of Brookline, formerly of Newton, on May 27, 2012. David J. Klooster, PhD’85, of Holland, MI, on June 2, 2012. Richard Pena ’85 of Atlanta, GA, on April 16, 2012. Maureen Wall Bentley ’86 of Baltimore, MD, on July 9, 2011. David Beresford Kenna ’89 of Arlington on March 30, 2012.

James F. O’Brien, Esq., JD’73, of New York, NY, on April 19, 2012.


Nancy Arone Bassett ’74 of Southborough on June 20, 2012.

Lisa Hartman WCAS’92 of Natick on April 15, 2012.

William P. Corbett ’65 of Manchester on May 18, 2012.

Brendan J. Murphy ’74 of Washington DC on April 5, 2012.

Corinne Albert Geist WCAS’93 of Newton on April 10, 2012.

Helen Miriam Cullen, SND, MA’65, MEd’70, of Worcester on April 1, 2012.

William M. Pactovis, MA’74, of Stoughton on April 2, 2012.

Susan Dow, MSW’94, of Winthrop, ME, on June 11, 2012.

John Quincy Jr. ’74 of Harwich Port, formerly of Milton, on April 25, 2012.

John F. Loftus WCAS’94 of Three Rivers, MI, on May 11, 2012.

Philip E. Bonvouloir, AA, MEd’65, of Sturbridge on April 29, 2012.

Hugh J. McLaughlin, Esq. ’65, LLB’69, of Medway, formerly of Chelsea, on June 16, 2012. Claire Polek Taylor ’65 of Canton on April 4, 2012. Carlton F. Bates ’66 of Winchester on April 3, 2012. Anne McNichol Cooper WCAS’66 of Wakefield, formerly of Somerville and Stoneham, on May 12, 2012. David E. O’Brien WCAS’66 of South Yarmouth on March 3, 2012.

Richard F. Yasi, MA’74, of Dennis, formerly of Wakefield, on December 21, 2011. Elizabeth F. Kenney, MSW’75, of Peabody, formerly of Middleton, on May 9, 2012. Thomas P. O’Neill ’76 of Berkeley Heights, NJ, on June 7, 2012. Frank K. Connelly ’77 of Mashpee on April 21, 2012.

Carmela Natale McGreehan, MSW’96, of Sterling on April 30, 2012. Michael C. Mullarkey ’96 of Brookline on March 29, 2012.

2000s Nancy R. Sargeant, MA’01, of Lexington on June 25, 2012. Michael Brandt, MA’09, of West Bridgewater, formerly of Center Barnstead, on April 19, 2012.

2010s Kevin Bellot, MDiv’12, of Roseau, Dominica, on June 10, 2012.

boston college community deaths Thomas H. O’Connor, of Milton, University historian and professor of history since 1950, on May 20, 2012, at age 89. He is survived by his wife Mary, daughter Jeanne O’Connor-Green, and son Michael. Judith Kissane, of Newton, assistant to the executive vice president from 1976 to 2009, on July 6, 2012. She is survived by her brothers James, Robert, and Donald, and sister Elizabeth Costello. Anthony Azul, of Taunton, housekeeping employee from 1986 to 2009, on June 25, 2012, at age 66. He is survived by his wife Linda and daughter Kathy. Kelsey Rennebohm, of Seattle, Washington, graduate student in the Lynch School of Education, on June 1, 2012, at age 28. Michael Gannon, of Lake Forest, Illinois, sophomore in the Carroll School of Management, on April 28, 2012, at age 20. He is survived by his parents Jeff and Chrystal, and sister Michelle ’12.

The “Obituaries” section is compiled from national listings as well as from notifications submitted by friends and family of alumni. It consists of names of those whose deaths have been reported to us since the previous issue of Boston College Magazine. Please send information on deceased alumni to Advancement Information Systems, Cadigan Alumni Center, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 or to

Good Sports BC Student-Athletes Make Their Mark in the Community


thletic competition sharpens both the body and the mind, but Boston College hopes to shape the hearts of its student-athletes as well. The University takes seriously its mission to educate “men and women for others” and, thanks to Light the World campaign support, has expanded service initiatives for studentathletes through the Devlin S-AFE Program for Leadership Development. More than half of BC’s 750 student-athletes now volunteer and serve as the face of the University in Boston and throughout the country. “Our student-athletes should use their unique platform to contribute to greater society,” says Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo. “We feel they can make an impact in the lives of others, while growing as thoughtful, caring individuals.” In the past year, BC student-athletes have regularly visited patients

“There is a great feeling of excitement that emanates from all of us. It comes from the knowledge that our work is truly helping people.” Support BC student-athletes on and off the field at

A record number of BC student-athletes now serve communities in Greater Boston and nationwide.

in the Franciscan Hospital for Children, shared the importance of education with Boston schoolchildren, and delivered food to needy families, among other initiatives. More than 20 Eagles also participated in an annual service immersion trip during winter break. For the past three years, they have helped rebuild New Orleans homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The weeklong initiative is a centerpiece of the Athletic Department’s commitment to service and is coupled with

a visit to the local Boys & Girls Club, where BC student-athletes read to and play sports with area children. “When you volunteer, you can see progress being made,” says participant Jack Linehan ’13, a member of the track and field team.

Since 2010, Eagles have helped rebuild Hurricane Katrina-damaged homes in New Orleans.

29 advancement


Be an Impact Player: Make a Flynn Fund Gift


he Light the World campaign seeks to raise $1.5 billion for priorities vital to the University’s growth and success, including investments in BC Athletics that support scholarships, improve facilities, and fund operational expenses.

news briefs

Chest protector

Goalie mask







uHockey Nets Record Gift—

Men’s ice hockey capped the 2011–2012 season with its third national title in five years, but one more honor was still to come. Boston College received a $5-million gift from an anonymous donor to endow the team’s head coaching position, held by Jerry York ’67. The campaign commitment is the largest-ever to a BC Athletics team. “This gift signals that BC hockey will continue to be competitive for years to come,” says York. “It is certainly our hope that others will follow this lead and help BC hockey to become fully endowed.” uNew Look at Alumni

Stadium—Football fans can view BC’s new home-field advantage on Sept. 1. A stateof-the-art AstroTurf surface is being installed over the summer and will be ready for the home opener against Miami. The customized turf offers increased durability and will actually help lower playing-field temperatures. Superfans will also notice new brick paneling surrounding the gridiron. Designed to match the stadium facade, the upgrade will play well with BC’s spirited game-day atmosphere.



Parker Milner ’13, recipient of the E. Paul Robsham, Jr. Goalie Scholarship




by the numbers

750 BC student-



Join the team at



97 Graduation

Success Rate score (second highest nationally)


NFL first-round draft picks since 2006

4,579 Flynn


—Annie Haeger ’12, four-time All-American sailor, female Eagle of the Year 2012, and ICSA National Champion 30 advancement


Scholarships supporting current Eagles


I’m incredibly grateful for my BC education and feel blessed to be a part of such a successful athletics program. It’s BC’s faithful donors who give us the financial support and confidence we need to perform to our greatest potential.”

athletes competing in 31 varsity sports (most in the ACC)

Fund donors supporting BC Athletics last year

w w w . b c . e d u / l t w

we are bc Learn more about Boston College ’ s commitment to our student-athletes in this issue ’ s Light the World campaign section.

Every team seeks inspiration—a spark that ignites lasting achievement. Just as your cheers echo off the rafters, your gifts to Boston College Athletics reverberate in the lives of our student-athletes. Show your support and help today’s Eagles soar to success—in competition, in the classroom, and in life.

Above: The Boston College men’s hockey team and head coach Jerry York (center) celebrate their third national championship in five years, on the ice in Tampa, Florida. Photograph: AP Photo/Mike Carlson

Boston College Magazine, Summer 2012  
Boston College Magazine, Summer 2012  

Boston College Magazine, Summer 2012