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Production processes

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- Materials, precision and final quality of BCS products

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- R&D&I: Research, Development and Innovation


- Mechanical manufacturing


- Sheet metal manufacturing


- Thermal treatments


- Painting process


- Assembly


- Quality control


- Warehouse of finished products and logistics


- Spares


Our products: BCS, FERRARI and PASQUALI products for the farming market and greens maintenance

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- Motor mowers


- Reaper-binders


- Tractor mowers


- Two-wheel tractors


- Conventional tractors and short-wheelbase tractors with unequal wheels


- Isodiametric tractors


- Professional lawn mowers


- Grass cutters and flail mowers


Products for the industrial range

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- Portable generators


- Soundproof generators


- Portable engine-driven welders


- Soundproof engine-driven welders


- Light towers


Quality, people, environment and trained professionals

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Engineer Fabrizio Castoldi President of the BCS Group


Always one step ahead. Because fulfilling the present is never enough. We have always worked to meet all the market needs. Every day we use the knowledge and experience gained during over 60 years of activity to built and improve our products. Thus we can provide our customers with the best possible solution to meet not only their current expectations but their future ones as well. This ability has made BCS grow around the world and has taken us to over 100 countries on the five continents. Thanks to our constant advances in research & development, technology and quality, we have been able to build a reliable and efficient organization and a dynamic international team based near the markets in which we operate. That was our dream. That is the project we are working on: to be where our customers are in order to help them successfully reach their goals.


Engineer Benso Marelli Consultant – General Manager of the BCS Group


We want to be wherever our products are needed. All the technical knowledge and experience gathered over the years has let us add the industrial and greens maintenance machineries to farm machinery, which was the beginning of our company. That is BCS today: a company with three distinct business lines, which are divided into different machine families, built to match the current and future demands of the sectors on which it operates. We have always promoted the internationalization of our company through the creation of subsidiaries, the reinforcement of our distribution network and the collaboration with important companies in order to consolidate the Group’s image around the world. That is the policy we have adopted, the system with which we can offer the right product for every customer, anytime and anywhere in the world.


COMPANY PROFILE BCS Group is a multinational company and one of the main leaders in the European industries of agricultural mechanization and greens maintenance, represented by BCS, FERRARI and PASQUALI trademarks, as well as in the manufacturing of machinery for autonomous power generation and mobile welding, embodied by MOSA trademark.


Company foundation year: 1943 Total area: 360.000 m2 Covered area: 120.000 m2 Employees: 800

Centred on the development and manufacturing of special tractors, two-wheel trac-

Production centres: · Abbiategrasso, Milan · Cusago, Milan · Luzzara, Reggio Emilia

tors, motor mowers, mowers and greens maintenance machinery, BCS operates in over


BCS is BCS Group’s pioneering trademark. It began its activity in 1942 and soon became a worldwide reference in farming mechanization and greens maintenance.

100 countries around the world, offering products and innovative solutions that satisfy the expectations of those who operate in the farming and grounds maintenance sectors, whether companies or individuals. In 1988 and 1999 the farming division of the Group was strengthened by the incorporations of FERRARI and PASQUALI, two trademarks of great international prestige.

INDUSTRIAL DIVISION MOSA, the trademark that represents the industrial division of the BCS Group, has been

Range of farming and greens maintenance products: Motor mowers, reaper-binders, twowheel tractors, grass cutters and flail mowers, mowers and mower-conditioners for tractors, conventional tractors and short-wheelbase tractors with unequal wheels, isodiametric tractors, utility vehicles, professional lawn mowers.

developing and building machinery for autonomous power generation and mobile welding since 1963. Focused on the design, manufacturing and marketing of power generators, portable engine-

Range of industrial products: Generators, engine-driven welders and light towers.

driven welders and light towers, it currently offers a wide range of machines that meet all the market needs for power generation and mobile welding.




Abbiategrasso, Milan. ITALY Central Services Production centres

Luzzara, Reggio Emilia. ITALY Production centres

Cusago, Milano. ITALY Production centres


ABBIATEGRASSO HEADQUARTER · Main Directorate, administrative and purchase Management. · Commercial Management of the farming and greens maintenance division. · R&D&I Management for: motor mowers, reaper-binders, two-wheel tractors, grass cutters and flail mowers, mowers and mower-conditioners for tractors, professional lawn mowers. · Mechanization plant and thermal treatments. · Painting and assembly plant for: motor mowers, reaper-binders, two-wheel tractors, grass cutters and flail mowers, mowers and mowerconditioners for tractors, professional lawn mowers. · General Spare Warehouse of all farming and greens maintenance products. · Technical Assistant Services for: motor mowers, reaper-binders, two-wheel tractors, grass cutters and flail mowers, mowers and mowerconditioners for tractors, professional lawn mowers.


LUZZARA HEADQUARTER · R&D&I Department for tractors. · Mechanization plant for tractor transmissions. · Painting and assembly plant for tractors. · Technical Assistant Services for tractors.

CUSAGO HEADQUARTER · Commercial Management of the industrial machinery division. · R&D&I Department for engine-driven welders, generators and light towers. · Electrical engineering and electronics laboratories. · Mechanization plant with robots specializing in sheet metal manufacturing. · Painting and assembly plant for enginedriven welders and generators. · Spare Warehouse for industrial machinery. · Technical Assistant Services for industrial machinery.


THE BEGINNINGS It was in a tiny workshop in Abbiategrasso, an active town in the Ticino Valley, where the first BCS machine was devised. In the early 40s, young engineer Luigi Castoldi, the founder of today’s BCS Group, observed the endless working days that the farmers of his homeland endured cultivating the rich fields of that valley with archaic methods. Taking that observation as a starting point, Engineer Luigi Castoldi began his business in a tiny workshop in Abbiategrasso. That workshop soon became a sound, well-run company, which was the proud and joy of the Italian society in the agricultural mechanization sector during the years following the Second World War. It was there where in 1942 he devised and built one of the first efficient selfpropelled motor mowers in the world, equipped with a low-power internal combustion engine attached to a unitised body that held all the transmission elements and the cutting system at the same time. That machine meant a real revolution in the farming scene due to its huge production capacity, which not only did it increase the companies’ revenues, but also helped to improve the standard of living of farmers and reduce the physical effort required for hand reaping.

Engineer Luigi Castoldi Founder of the BCS Group


The impact of the BCS motor mower was so great that Engineer Castoldi soon embarked on the production of a whole series of farm machines, aimed at reducing hand work by means of efficient mechanical solutions. After the motor mowers came the reaperbinders for reaping and harvesting cereals, and the two-wheel tractors, small multipurpose machines for tilling and maintaining plots of land. Those were the foundations on which BCS’s growth was based: strong pillars that would lead to the current success of our Group, which keeps designing and building quality machines that satisfy the expectations of millions of customers. The great success that BCS had achieved in farming machinery, the strength of the company, and Engineer Castoldi’s innate enterprising spirit made him take an interest in other market sectors and developed products which would satisfy the expectations of a market eager for novelties. In 1963 was founded MOSA, a company specializing in the production of machinery for the industrial sector. Out of the enthusiasm and creativity with which the motor mower had been designed and built, thus was born the first portable engine-driven welder with an internal combustion engine, a machine that could generate its own current to be used for welding. This first model of engine-driven welder was followed by other more professional ones. Soon the engine-driven welders were complemented with a whole range of power generators for professional and other uses, and a nice, sturdy series of lighting towers. All these features make MOSA one of the best reference companies in the sector of autonomous industrial machinery. Ox plough in the Ticino Valley. The first motor mower by BCS.





Engineer Luigi Castoldi founds and manages BCS S.p.A.

BCS IBÉRICA, the Group’s Spanish subsidiary, is founded to market farming and greens maintenance machinery in Spain. It begins marketing industrial machinery in 1994.

The first series of isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels) and 32 speeds are born (both articulated and rigid versions).

1983 MOSA starts producing the first generators.

MOSA Cusago receives the first Quality Certificate for all the company activities: design, production, sales and after-sales service.



MOSA starts producing the first medium-power generators with air-cooled engines.

Over 500,000 BCS industrial and farming machines sold since the foundation of the company.


BCS S.p.A. buys FERRARI, a competitor and a manufacturing company of special tractors and two-wheel tractors.

MOSA GMBH DEUTSCHLAND, the Group’s German subsidiary, is founded to market industrial machinery in all German-speaking countries.

The engine-driven welders TS, which can weld and generate auxiliary current at the same time, are born. The product is a worldwide innovation.

Along with FERRARI is acquired FERMECCANICA, a manufacturing company of gears and transmissions.


FERRARI FRANCE, FERRARI’s subsidiary in France, is incorporated into the Group with its original name.

1953 Over 3,000 BCS machines sold since the foundation of the company.


1963 Over 100,000 BCS machines sold since the foundation of the company. MOSA S.p.A. is founded and produces the first engine-driven welders MS-200.

The first two-wheel tractors and central-rod motor mowers are born. The first tractor mowers (404 and 405 series) are born.

1990 BCS PORTUGAL, the Group’s Portuguese subsidiary, is founded to market farming and greens maintenance machinery in Portugal. It soon begins marketing industrial machinery, too.

1998 MOSA starts producing the firsts series of medium-power generators with water-cooled engines. BCS S.p.A. is born as a single entity. MOSA and FERRARI become its divisions. The first series of isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels) and 12 speeds are born (both articulated and rigid versions). The first series of isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels) and 24 speeds are born (both articulated and rigid versions).

1999 BCS buys PASQUALI Italia, a competitor and a manufacturing company of farming machinery, and incorporates it into the Group as the PASQUALI branch.


1940 - 1970

1980 - 1990

1990 - 2000



Engineer Fabrizio Castoldi, son of the founder, assumes his father’s position on the Group’s Management Board and becomes the new president of the Company.

The first series of conventional tractors with unequal wheels, 32 speeds and up to 92 hp are born (both articulated and DUALSTEER versions).

BCS Abbiategrasso receives the first Quality Certificate for all the company activities: design, production, sales and after-sales service.


The first series of conventional tractors with unequal wheels and 24 speeds are born.

Over 1,000,000 industrial and farming machines sold since the foundation of the company.

2003 MOSA’s technical team develops the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), a digital electronic welding control considered a worldwide innovation. The DSP is integrated in all MOSA engine-driven welders.

As a worldwide innovation BCS develops EasyDrive®, a hydro-mechanical system to control the forward and reverse drives, and adapts it to its motor mowers.



MOSA develops the first high-power generators, with water-cooled engines and up to 500 kVA.

BCS INDIA PVT LTD, the Group’s Indian subsidiary, is founded to produce and market farming machinery in India.

The Group’s Headquarter in Cusago is extended to increase its production capacity and to house the new robots.

The Joint Venture agreement with XI’AN MOSA ELECTRIC COMPANY Ltd to produce and market generators and engine-driven welders in China comes to fruition.


MOSA develops a permanent magnet alternator that, together with a digital electronic welding control, makes possible the creation of the first autonomous welding inverter in the market. Thus is born a new concept of engine-driven welders, with higher performance and lower weight and dimensions.


FERRARI Luzzara receives the first Quality Certificate for all the company activities: design, production, sales and after-sales service. BCS develops a new steering system for its tractors, which becomes a remarkable world innovation, and patents it under the name DUALSTEER®. The system allows a steering angle of up to 70º.

2000 - 2005

As a worldwide innovation BCS develops a new hydraulic clutch for its twowheel tractors and patents it under the name POWERSAFE®.

As a worldwide innovation MOSA starts to produce a portable engine-driven welder equipped with a “terre rare” permanent magnet alternator. Thus you can obtain the highest performance out of extremely compact machines. NEVA – New EVolution hArvester, the super professional range of reaping machines, is born.

2005 - today




The Group’s five subsidiaries and its Joint Venture in China are organized in tune with the business philosophy that has always distinguished its Headquarters. The ‘mission’ of the subsidiaries is to pass on to their respective markets all the values which make BCS a leading Group. Each subsidiary has its own organisational structure, which includes the following services: · Warehouse with finished product, arranged according to the specific needs of its operating market. · Technical Assistance Service. · Spares Service, arranged with an excellence service and a large stock of spares. · Marketing Department. · Administrative and Financial Consulting Department.






(Saint-Martin-Bellevue - FRANCE)

(Denkendorf - GERMANY)






PRODUCTION PROCESSES MATERIALS, PRECISION AND FINAL QUALITY OF BCS PRODUCTS The main components of the machines designed and produced by BCS Group, such as the base structures and the gearboxes where the transmission is located, are made with alloy materials in order to provide the perfect mechanical properties for its use. For motor mowers and two-wheel tractors, the material used is an aluminium alloy. For large structure machines, such as tractors and machinery for professional greens maintenance, the material is cast spheroidal steel. Apart from their structural sturdiness, both materials have a high impact absorption capacity, which is a feature of fundamental importance due to the use that these machines will have to endure. Most internal components, such as gears and power axles, are made of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel and thermically treated to increase its endurance and life cycle. The production processes in the three production centres of BCS Group work with 0.01 mm precision. Thus we can obtain higher quality pieces that, once assembled, allow the machines to work intensively without problems and with little maintenance. Those are some of the factors that support the excellent quality of BCS Group products.


R&D&I: RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION Our production centres in Abbiategrasso, Cusago and Luzzara are equipped with R&D&I departments and highly qualified workers. In the production centre in Cusago, the R&D department researches mechanics, electricity and electronics. The centre also has a homologated facility to carry out noise tests on all the machines manufactured by the Group. The production centre in Luzzara is equipped with a tractor test track that perfectly simulates the different kinds of ground and the crop peculiarities on which the Group’s tractors will be used. This allows the technicians to carefully study the performance of the machines under rigorous testing. In all our centres the projects are done with 3D computer programmes. Apart from the field tests, we design all our products, build prototypes, and perform tests on their structure, dynamics, power, sound levels, and even on their electrical and hydraulic systems. This testing paves the way for the homologation of our products.


MECHANICAL MANUFACTURING The quality of BCS Group products is largely based on its efficient mechanical manufacturing unit, a very important part of our company, in which all the components for our machines are made daily. The continuous-cycle use of state-of-the-art CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control) offers a high level of mechanical manufacturing and guarantees top quality standards for our production. All the main manufactured mechanical products with BCS Group components are built in the company. Gearboxes, axles, gears, transmission axles and myriads of components are made daily on the Group’s premises. This guarantees maximum production flexibility, so that the company is able to adapt quickly and effectively to the market demands.


SHEET METAL MANUFACTURING The best machines for sheet metal manufacturing can be found in our production centre in Cusago. The production centres of BCS Group, however, have been the ďŹ rst to use CNC robot systems to cut, fold, contour, punch and stock up sheet metal. Apart from guaranteeing the highest precision in manufacturing, these systems allow us to obtain a high constancy in quality. Related to sheet metal manufacturing, the welding lines have been entrusted to advanced programmable robots.


THERMAL TREATMENTS The production centre in Abbiategrasso includes a department for thermally treating materials under a controlled atmosphere. This confirms that the production centres of BCS Group carry out internally all the production cycles involved in most of the components in its machines. The thermal treatment of materials is an essential process to ensure the quality of mechanical components. Having an internal department to control and manage those processes shows the high quality standard on which BCS Group’s production philosophy is based. This department also has a laboratory for controlling materials, equipped with sophisticated analysis instruments and a highly qualified staff. Furthermore, through lab analysis, BCS Group verifies that the raw materials supplied by external suppliers respect the quality standards established for its projects.


PAINTING PROCESS The Group’s three production centres have painting facilities able to sandblast, wash, pre-treat and paint all the parts that require these processes. Even though the use of certified ecological powder paints eliminates the health risks for operators, the facilities are equipped with robots which prevent people from being involved in the most dangerous processes. The painting process finishes by ‘firing’ the parts at high temperatures in a tunnel oven, giving the finished product a longer life with optimum brightness, scratch resistance, and no colour changes. All the parts of the machines are individually painted before being assembled. Despite being more laborious and expensive, this process prevents the early deterioration of some components. BCS Group has six painting facilities, which have been built in accordance with the strictest regulations for this kind of installations.


ASSEMBLY Governed by the certified quality standards, the processes of assembly and preparation of the finished product in the Group’s three production centres comprise 6 assembly lines and 110 production isles. Performed with extreme care, all the assembly processes for the finished product are done by qualified personnel, who have been previously trained by long-experienced technicians. All our products are verified before being launched into the market. The care of packing is the last step that BCS Group takes with its products. This is the last stage of the assembly process before moving the finished product to the stock and shipment warehouse.


QUALITY CONTROL The production centres of BCS Group are certified in accordance with 9001 and they are periodically subject to rigorous controls by the certifying entity. The certified processes cover the staff, the environment and the product quality. The quality control of materials, production processes and finished products is one of the aspects of utmost importance for BCS Group. Besides, the product reliability tests take special care of some of the internal processes. With the aim of improving the reliability of our products and mainly preventing its defects, we periodically carry out tests that simulate the working conditions under stress of the machines.


WAREHOUSE OF FINISHED PRODUCTS AND LOGISTICS Our production centres, subsidiaries, direct importers and distributors have large warehouses with finished products. The policy that BCS Group has always held to is to have a dynamic stock of products to meet customer’s most immediate demands. This, added to our great production flexibility, allows us to quickly satisfy the requirements that international markets are daily subject to.


SPARES The Group has two spares warehouses that daily meet the demands of a significant number of operating machines. All the activities related to BCS, FERRARI and PASQUALI trademarks are concentrated in the spares warehouse in Abbiategrasso. The activity of MOSA trademark is concentrated in the spares warehouse in Cusago. The management of the after-sales services has always been a distinguishing feature of the Group. With regards to spares, apart from the warehouses in two of our production centres and those in the subsidiaries, there are also the warehouses of our wide and efficient network of dealers, where any customer anywhere in the world can always find the spare he needs. The spares logistics has been entrusted to the most prestigious international transport companies to be able to satisfy any demand anywhere in the world in just 24 hours.





Motor mowers

Isodiametrics tractors (with 4 equal wheels)


Professional Iawn mowers

Conventional tractors

Two-wheel tractors

Tractor mowers

Grass cutters and ail mowers




Conventional tractors

Isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels)

Motor mowers

Grass cutters and ail mowers

Two-wheel tractors


Conventional tractors

Isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels)

Motor mowers

Grass cutters and ail mowers

Two-wheel tractors


MOTOR MOWERS The motor-mower has been the machine which characterized BCS, a society’s symbol. BCS however, is to date and all over the world synonym of motor-mower because it was the first society which produced efficient machines on industrial-scale. Two versions of the machines are currently produced: the first with a deck-structure, side control and a bar, which relates to the first prototype of 1942, and the second, lighter and more dynamic with a compact and linear structure and central control of the bar.. Since 2007 we have provided some of our models with the EasyDrive® drive system. We are talking about a hydro-mechanical inverter that makes using it easier and more intuitive, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort to the operator and increasing the reliability of our machines. BCS is the only Group in the market that makes use of this kind of drive system. Furthermore, some models of our motor mowers are also equipped with the PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch. Either petrol or diesel, it is possible to choose among a wide variety of machines, with engines up to 12 hp. According to the model, the working width of the cutter bars ranges from 0.8 m to 1.55 m, and their working speed can be up to 5 Km/h.


REAPER – BINDERS Reaper-binders are machines capable of cutting, binding and making sheaves of cereals, ornamental vegetation and medicinal herbs, such as giant reed, coriander, wheat, lavender, rice, rye and sesame. The drive unit of the reaper-binders is the same one used in the motor mowers with a deck structure, and the binding appliance is mounted on the cutter bar. Available with single cylinder diesel engines, they have a cutting width from 127 to 140 cm and a maximum working speed of up to 5 Km/h.


TRACTOR MOWERS BCS’s range of tractor mowers comprises DUPLEX bar mowers and ROTEX multidisc mowers and mower-conditioners. DUPLEX are mowing bars with double reciprocating action for tractors. Their properties, which include their reduced weight and low power absorption, make them suitable for low power tractors. DUPLEX have cutting widths from 1.68 to 2.12 m. The ROTEX range includes professional disc mowers and mowerconditioners. Their reduced size and weight, oil-bathed transmissions, impact protection system and the superior quality of the materials used during the manufacturing process confer excellent functionality and a long life to the product, guaranteeing maximum long-term performance with optimum production efďŹ ciency. The current range comprises machines that can be front or rearmounted on the tractor. ROTEX have cutting widths from 1.70 to 2.85 m. The NEVA (New EVolution hArvester) range comprises super professional disc mowers and mower-conditioners designed for big companies or third party workers. These machines have been devised and built to achieve the maximum features and assure great reliability. Some of their features are unrivalled by other competitors in the market. The range comprises front-mounted, rear-mounted and both front and rear-mounted machines. Their cutting width ranges from 245 to 325 cm. When both front and rear-mounted, the maximum cutting width is 900 cm.


TWO-WHEEL TRACTORS Two-wheel tractors are multifunctional machines conceived for small holders or gardeners. Although they are mainly use for tilling and preparing the ground before seeding, their great versatility allows them to be used with plenty of implements, such as ploughs, ridgers, cutter bars, lawn mowers, chipper-shredders, sweepers and snow ploughs. Either petrol or diesel, they are available with different engines powers, up to 12 hp. Since 2010 all our two-wheel tractors are equipped with the PowerSafe速 hydraulic clutch, which makes driving more comfortable and increases the features, the reliability and specially the security of the machine. BCS is the only Group in the market that makes use of this kind of clutch on two-wheel tractors. Furthermore, as in our motor mowers, some of the most advanced models of twowheel tractors are also supplied with the EasyDrive system


CONVENTIONAL TRACTORS AND SHORT-WHEELBASE TRACTORS WITH UNEQUAL WHEELS BCS Group conventional tractors are compact and well suited to both farming and local needs. Fruit of thorough market research, their size makes them ideal to use on vegetable crops whether in the greenhouse or in the open field. Thanks to their structure characteristics, these tractors are also particularly suitable for all the maintenance work required in the cities. BCS Group conventional tractors are available with powers of 25 and 35 hp. SDT short-wheelbase tractors with unequal wheels are more powerful and have engines of up to 91 hp. Conceived to be used in vineyards and orchards, these professional machines are available in rigid and DUALSTEER® versions. With the steering system patented by BCS, which allows tractors to turn with a steering angle of up to 70º, the DUALSTEER® range is ideal for row crops.


ISODIAMETRIC TRACTORS Isodiametric tractors (with 4 equal wheels) cover the segment of special machines designed to be used in market niches unsuitable for conventional tractors. Their size, manoeuvrability and reversibility are the main features of these tractors. Such qualities make them essential tools for crops in vineyards, orchards and greenhouses. Thanks to their structure characteristics, they are ideal for cutting grass in rough areas or mountains. The versatility of these machines also makes them a valuable tool for public services staff, which uses them to carry out the greens maintenance, street and park cleaning and snow removal. Equipped with water-cooled engines of up to 91 hp, there are several versions available: AR (central articulation), RS (rigid), MT (haymaking) and DUALSTEER速.


PROFESSIONAL LAWN MOWERS The hydrostatic professional lawn mowers in the MA.TRA range have been conceived for the maintenance of green areas. The characteristics of their structure, the comfort and the quality of the components used in their manufacturing make them hard working tools, which are essential for private companies and public services responsible for the maintenance of green areas. Parks and gardens, pitches, road and highway sides, or the cleaning around golf courses and neglected urban areas which need to be cleared are some of the places where these multipurpose machines can be used. The MA.TRA range comprises models with or without collection bins. The machines with collection bins use mowing decks of 122 cm and three-cylinder diesel engines of 27 hp. The machines without collection bins use three-cylinder diesel engines of 30 hp and implements with cutting widths up to 180 cm, among which stands out the mowing deck with a cutting width of 140 cm and the two-rotor MUSTERŽ system, patented by BCS. Apart from the mowing decks, all the maintenance machines in the MA.TRA series can be equipped with other implements, such as brushes, snow blades or ail-mowers.


GRASS CUTTERS AND FLAIL MOWERS BCS Group BLADERUNNER flail mowers have been built with the aim of mowing and clearing without having to pick up the grass and shoot cuttings. The series is made up of single rotor grass cutters with moving blades which, because of their features, can be used on either residential lawns with fine grass or areas overgrown with wild grass. BCS Group BLADERUNNER flail mowers are available with petrol and diesel engines, and with cutting widths of 60 and 75 cm. with a mechanical forward-drive system or EasyDrive.





Portable generators


Portable engine-driven welders

Soundproof generators

Soundproof engine-driven welders

Light towers


PORTABLE GENERATORS MOSA portable power generators range from 1,500 to 10,000 W. Intended for customers who need mobile power sources, they are available with petrol and diesel engines. Thanks to their large range of accessories that make them extremely functional, our generators are equipped according to their future use: hobby or professional. Our wide range of models comprises tubular frame machines and enclosed generators, which can be either soundproof or super-soundproof.


SOUNDPROOF GENERATORS MOSA soundproof generators are designed to be used as replacements or complements to the main power source in those places where the power supply is poor or non-existent. Due to their professional qualities, they are ideal for the hardest working conditions, such as equipment rental. Available with air or water-cooled diesel engines, they are offered with different equipment, soundproof and super-soundproof, and a power range from 10 to 2.000 kwA. This range of machines can be supplied with a system to not only automatically start up the generator when a failure in the mains supply is detected, but also to immediately shut it down when the power supply returns.


PORTABLE ENGINE-DRIVEN WELDERS MOSA portable engine-driven welders are able to weld with electrodes from 2 to 5 mm in diameter. Conceived for mobile welding works, they can be easily carried, due to their small size and weight. Fed by engines, they can work without connection to the power supply. MOSA portable engine-driven welders are equipped with asynchronous alternators specially designed for welding (MOSA technology). Thanks to these alternators, the machines can be used as both welders and generators at the same time. Available with petrol or diesel engines, they are offered with different equipment levels, and either soundproof or super-soundproof, according to the customer’s request.


SOUNDPROOF ENGINE-DRIVEN WELDERS MOSA portable engine-driven welders have been conceived to endure professional industrial uses, especially those which are severe and continuous. Their main areas of applications are construction companies, hospitals, hotel complexes, public shipyards, and oil, gas and all kinds of pipelines, amongst others. There are models in which the welding current and voltage are electronically or digitally (DSP) regulated. The different models can be broken out into those for welding with electrodes from 2 to 8 mm in diameter and those for wire welding. MOSA soundproof engine-driven welders are equipped with asynchronous alternators specially designed for welding (MOSA technology). Thanks to these alternators, the machines can be used as both welders and generators at the same time. Available with petrol or diesel engines, they are offered with different equipment levels, and either soundproof or super-soundproof, according to the customer’s request.


LIGHT TOWERS Available with 4 or 6 halogen lights of 500, 1,000 or 1,500 W, our light towers can light construction works during the night in areas from 750 to 3,000 m2. Mounted on either off-road or on-road trailers, they are supplied with the MOSA generator. That generator can have the power required for the light tower or for more demanding uses.





BCS S.p.A. is a company certified in accordance with ISO-9001-

BCS Group designs, manufactures and distributes its products from

2000 Quality Standard.

the user’s perspective, with the aim of building machines that

The Institute for Industrial Certification of Mechanics (ICIM), member of the European IQNET Association, has granted its recognition to

improve the customers’ lives and offering them efficiency, security and comfort.

the three production centres of BCS Group, located in Abbiate-

Considering the assistance to our customers as the main

grasso (Milan), Cusago (Milan) and Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) for their

commitment to be fulfilled, in our projects we always pay a special

Project Management, Production, Sales and Technical Assistance

attention to comfort and security, two essential elements for health.







machines’: That is the reasoning that has always guided BCS Group designers when they think about a new product. We always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and study the driving place, so that controls are at hand’s reach and the driver can keep absolutely everything under control and get the most out of the machine. Furthermore, we offer the necessary comfort, so that the customer feels at home with our products. We devote part of our efforts to look for new solutions that reduce noise emissions, vibrations, and polluting gas emissions. Active and passive security: For BCS Group, customers are the most valuable asset and thinking about their security is one of the goals of the company. The customer support is the principal element of every project, and that’s the reason why we study sensible solutions with regard to active (accident prevention) and passive security (protection of the user in case of accident). For instance, our tractors are equipped with protection structures, such as roll-bars or cabs, which undergo preventive tests simulating the worst conditions in case of accident. Most of our tractors also have a system of multidisc brakes in oil bath with hydrostatic control acting on the four wheels to ensure, in any circumstances, the immediate stopping of the tractor without the driver losing control. This is just one of the many examples and covers all the machines and implements produced by BCS Group.


MAXIMUM ATTENTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT One of the fundamentals on which BCS’s corporate strategy is based is investing most of its resources in business development. This policy allows the companies of the Group to always keep up to date with the most sophisticated systems, whether directly or indirectly, to manufacture machinery. Thus we respect the environ-


ment not only in all the production processes, but also in the management methods and in the logistics of product stocks. We are all concerned with the use of state-of-the-art machinery with vv low

Each and every person in the staff of the BCS Group contributes

power consumption, toxin-free products in the painting processes

with his work to the success of products distributed with the

and freight transport in compliance with the latest regulations on

trademarks of the company. As for the role played in the company,

emissions. Since the corporation lives from selling machinery to

everyone takes an active part in its growth and is proud of being

people who make profit from earth products, taking care of the

involved in this great reality that produces goods and technology

environment has always been in the company’s DNA.

to meet the needs of millions of clients, who see in BCS Group products the most suitable tools to reach their own goals.

BCS Group is concerned with other aspects, such as: Most of the personnel are trained in-house by skilled consultants, t The use of purification plants in our three production centres to

we periodically organize professional refresher courses in those

return the water used in the different processes to the environ-

key areas that keep the company moving forward. Thanks to this

ment with health guarantees.

action, BCS Group has created a motivated team who works crea-

t The use of filtering systems in our three production centres

tively and tirelessly to reach business success. We are moving

to contain the fume and gas emissions responsible for the

forward towards the future and can assure that the proverb ‘The

greenhouse effect, which would worsen the quality of the air

one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the

we all breathe.

crowd’ still holds true, as is shown by the fact that many projects have acted, as a springboard for the development of new products.

t The usage of low environmental impact solvents and advanced products in the painting processes.

This business maxim extends to the subsidiaries and the wide network of dealers. New training programmes on topics such as

t The management of special wastes from some processes, such

marketing, or sales and assistance, are organized for the subsi-

as oils and chemical components, so that they can be properly

diaries’ staff and the employees of the company’s dealers. BCS

decomposed and, if it is possible, recycled.

Group promotes a positive relationship between the company and

t The use of robots instead of people in those processes with potentially harmful effects on the employees’ health, such as welding and paint application.

its Partners, this allows the them to grow professionally on sound foundations, keeping in touch with the different areas that make up a great company like BCS Group.

t The use of solar panels to generate electricity for its own facilities.


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