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The advantages of As-Built measurement services, and Area Calculations. If you are looking for a reliable and dependable architectural service which can really offer you the an accurate sizes of all types of buildings and ensure complete accuracy then trust the impeccable expertise and excellence of Precision Plus Floor Plans Inc. which has been successfully catering to its clients from a long time and has really evolved in a big way in the recent years. We at Precision Plus Floor Plans Inc. specialises in measuring the of existing buildings condition such as (commercial, industrial, residential, insistutional, historical) using state of the art laser technology. By utilising Asbuilt drawings services, we ensure that they have the right measurements, accurate CAD file so that at no point they face any difficulty in ordering material or conduct remodelling, lease or redesign their lease space or buildings. As built drawings could be used for BOMA lease purpose, renovation, remodelling, redesign of exciting condition, addition and getting permit, martial estimate. We make sure that we live up with the reputation of our brand by providing accurate measured floor plans and fast turn around to our clients. With our Advanced Laser measuring technology, and long experience in the field of as built services and buildings measurement, we ensure our clients completely satisfied. The laser technology offered by our professionals is very accurate in its measurements, light, small and sleek, and with years of experience our professionals also leave slim margin of error. Architects and constructions companies alike are always in need for accurate as built elevation plans, for remodelling, renovation, cladding martial and cost estimate and redesign the building. Precision Plus is in constant search for even more advanced Laser as built technology were could deliver even faster and more accurate floor plans with least site visits or disruption to your tenant. We also offer 3D rendering and VIZ services, we could generate 3d floor pans from your sketches or by measuring it and re generate the cad file. Covert hard

copy of old architectural floor plans to a new digital CAD file it became cheaper alternative and faster turnaround. For more info. About our firm and services please visit our site or contact us at 1-888-806-5475, 905486-2081

The advantages of As-Built measurement services, and Area Calculations.