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Imitate Life With Mold Making And Lifecasting! What can be more precious or cherished than a beautiful copy of yourself or your loved one? And a body reproduction cannot get more realistic or perfectly detailed than a lifecast! The three dimensional replicas have an amazing amount of detail right down to the hair, skin texture and even pores. In fact, it has everything except life!

The incredible level of realism requires oodles of experience coupled with careful mold making and casting with high-quality materials and equipment. And where does the world turn to for quality, healthy and safe mold making and casting supplies? EnvironMolds, LLC opens the doors to endless mold making and casting possibilities with an astounding range of materials and equipment to make casts of any living body or thing under the sun. Based in Summit, New Jersey it provides unique and specialized mold making and casting supplies around the world. Artists can purchase from the website to avail low prices that are not found anywhere else or even buy directly from local dealers in various locations to benefit from sale offers and avoid shipping costs.

Both professionals and amateurs can use the website to gain access to everything from mold making and casting supplies to all-in-one assembled kits to educational books and videos to instructional workshops. Any casting project starts with mold making of the living or inanimate object. You can browse the website to find popular materials like alginate or opt for wax, plaster, gelatin or silicone molds. If you wish to first learn how to make molds or casts or even do finishing work, take advantage of the vast learning resource center to build your knowledge. Or enroll for the convenient weekend workshops to gain instructions in real-time.

Artmolds truly incorporates everything a lifecasting artist, sculptor or novice enthusiast may need. Apart from regular mold making and casting materials, there is a wide variety of art supplies like eyes and body parts, paints, dyes and makeup supplied to help add artistic finishing touches to the casts. Tools, equipment and consumables like gloves, masks, mixers, knives, pumps and scales are also available to assist you in perfecting your molds and castings to museum quality results.

If you are still intimidated by the cumbersome lifecasting process, exploit the extensive collection of mold making and casting kits that are replete with all required materials plus easy-to-understand directions of use. That’s not all - there are fun project ideas like silicone molds making and full head mask making with step-by-step instructions to easily reproduce anything you may fancy! Environ Molds has been manufacturing and distributing superior quality art supplies throughout the world.

Imitate life with mold making and lifecasting!  

Artmolds truly incorporates everything a lifecasting artist, sculptor or novice enthusiast may need. Apart from regular mold making and cast...

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