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Children Celebrate Summer @ Swift Summer Camp! Children naturally love outdoors – running, jumping, playing or anything else that is in the open. Summer spells vacations and what could be a better time to let them enjoy outdoors to their heart’s content. After the year long school sessions that keep youngsters mostly within closed doors of classrooms, its time to let them celebrate the true spirit of summer at an outdoor summer camp!

This is where Minnesota summer camp – Swift Summer Camp comes in. Here, it’s all about outdoor experiences like horse riding, swimming, sailing, fishing, water skiing, archery, softball, volleyball, basketball, hiking, archery and so much more. The thrilling adventure of traditional camping, canoeing and backpack trips is poles apart from the mundane student life. An active nature center and pet zoo serve as captivating attractions!

Staying away from home in this new and exciting environment is not just fun but turns into an experiential learning experience that gradually prepares them from the real world. At this outdoor Min summer camp, children learn to take educated risks and make sound decisions by first seeking out the information to guide their choices. They build the courage to face their inner fears and emerge resilient from the range of new experiences.

Living, playing and enjoying together in teams inculcates sensitivity and understanding alongwith the ability to resolve differences and accept each other. The growing camaraderie between campers in the close-knit environment brings social skills like cooperation, teamwork and shared accomplishment to the fore as they learn to become productive members of the team. The MN summer camp challenges young children to become responsible for their actions, behavior and even belongings. This budding sense of responsibility also raises confidence and initiative in turn.

The lack of competition in everyday activities reduces the customary stress associated with almost all student activities. Be it archery or swimming or horse riding, the distinct lack of any goal of winning gives children a chance to accomplish things for nothing but pure personal satisfaction! The camp atmosphere resounds with unbridled laughter, fun and enjoyment amidst the series of games, sports, drama, singing, campfires and so much more.

The staff counselors at this Minnesota summer camp deserve a special mention. They become good role models to the young campers with their unconditional love, care, support, acceptance and encouragement. So, it’s time to put away the mobiles, iPods, video games and cartoons and head for this Min summer camp where nature is pure fun! Kids will remember this experience for life!

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Children Celebrate Summer @ Swift Summer Camp!