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and then tipped (and spilled, which is apparently good luck!), I was struck by just how organic an experience it is. And how, out of seeming chaos in my cup, Sarah was able to discern so much about who I am, the people that surround me, ideas of my dreams for the future and the issues I felt were most pertinent to me now. Sarah has a naturally calm and welcoming demeanor and exudes a wonderfully loving energy. It was very clear to me that she was naturally drawn to this type of reading. Although Sarah didn’t necessarily understand or relate to everything that she was being shown, she still let me know so that we could draw upon both of our basis of knowledge for interpretation.

gratification isn’t something that I generally expect in the realm of psychic energy though, as I understand that sometimes it can take years for things to happen or events to come to pass or play out fully. I’m surprised at just how accurate and current Sarah’s reading was but also know that there is still more to come to fruition in the future. So, armed with a recording of our session, I’m grateful for the opportunity to reflect on all the things that Sarah brought to my attention at my leisure over the course of the next few months. —Rachel Greene

Greene here

Can ya dig it? Ever since I was little and I had to “just watch” as my mum and sisters had their first-ever tea leaf reading, I’ve been fascinated by the idea that wet leaves in a cup can tell so many stories, produce symbols and imagery and provide predictions for future events. Many years after that first experience, I found myself sitting in the beautiful space at Yoga Tree Studio selecting which type of tea I would drink, and therefore which leaves would be read. Having made my selection, calmly sipped

Would I try it again? Without a shadow of a doubt. Much of what Sarah told me made sense immediately, including information about an upcoming visit from my dad who is travelling to Canada for the first time from Australia later this month. Instant

Got a holistic product or mind/ body/spirit system for Rachel to try? Drop us a note and she’ll give it a Greene go in a future column.

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