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City Guide 2009 • Spawned from disillusioned Langford residents tired of getting half the story from the their local newspaper—and none from their local politicians—the diligent writers at attend every meeting on the calendar and chronicle the events. • For a slightly less objective view of life on the WestSHore, visit WTF Langford at and link from their to the web presence of the region’s ecoactivist crowd. • Putting into words the long-simmering thoughts of many CRD residents, amalgamategreatervictoria.blogspot. com spells out the many reasons to ditch a few excess municipalities. • Although the blog is updated infrequently, the discussion forum on is the place to be for people concerned about South Island affairs. • Other blogs of note include the musings of local thinkers Rob Wipond and Yule Hiebel on their respective sites, try for thoughts on the local real estate scene and find out what really lurks behind Oak Bay’s tweed curtain at Politics and Public Policy • Daily scuttlebutt from the bowels of the provincial parliament can be found at Secrets revealed and untruths uncovered—all by the least popular man in the legislature. • Journalists from around the province post to the Tyee’s always informative, always evolving thread at Blogs/TheHook. A Taste of the City Given that we’re such a foodie destination, no surprise we’ve got a second helping of foodie blogs.


• The Victoria Burger Blog at vicburgers.blogspot. com continues the hunt for the perfect local burger.

Cheese & Antipasti Plates $10 Wines just above cost

• If food by the kilo is more your style, check out the Victoria Buffet Blog at


• As charming to read as its name, Melody Wey’s Audrey Needs More Wooden Spoons at paigeout. is always fun and informative.

Muddled Mint Drinks $4 Momos $5.50

• And, of course, veteran vegan Sarah Kramer is a must-follow blogger for anyone on the alt end of the food spectrum. She’s got a great pair at sarahstourdiary. and

TUESDAY Pints of Phillips Beer $4 Naan Pizzas $5.50

All Things Arts • Check the city’s fashion scene at thevicchic.blogspot. com.

WEDNESDAY Martinis $5 Prawns $7.50

• Stay up on what’s going down in jazz with music writer Rick Gibbs’ jazz blog at • Just what’s going on with Victoria’s public art scene? Find out at • And, of course, for the last word on the quirky history of our region, check out former Monday editor and man of a thousand tales Ross Crockford’s Unknown City at, where he answers all your questions about this wacky waterfront. (You can also read his column of the same name in Monday each month.)

—Monday staff

THURSDAY Pints of Phillips Beer $4 Thunder Spaghetti $7 Open Everyday 5:30 pm - 2:00 am 1414 Douglas Street, Victoria BC

250-386-6468 (MINT)


City Guide '09  

Monday Magazine City Guide '09

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