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Autograph Relaunch 2005

Autograph Relaunch 2005

This pack will give you the necessary tools to successfully launch Autograph in your store. It is broken down into several sections


The launch of new Autograph in only a few weeks time is undoubtedly the most important event in Menswear's history since we launched Blue Harbour in Jan 2002.

Introduction Pg 3 Product Pg 4 & 5 Designers Pg 6 & 7 Why Buys Pg 8 & 9

As Stuart highlighted at the recent results presentation, it completes a massive piece of work in rationalising our sub-brands which has seen us remove View From, Classic, MW, Old Autograph, Sp. I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in completing this work which has enabled us to minimise the confusion to our customers and impact on sales whilst not taking heavy markdowns. So, we've done all the cleaning up , now lets make the most of what were best at - getting on the front foot and launching fantastic new product in a stunning store environment. If we want to be serious about taking on NEXT and Designers at Debenhams, we have to have a modern, stylish range of smart casual to formal clothes and accessories that attracts the 35-45 year old man (and his partner!). Sp was a good attempt but we must recognise it was pitched too young, too 'ladsy' and did not establish the authority and credibility we were looking for.

Tim Everest Day Out

Catalogue Details Pg 23 - 25 Store Estimates Pg 26 Installation Dates Pg 27

However, it reached sales of £75m and combined with old Autograph, we know we already have a £90m annual business that new Autograph will blast to over £100m!

Marketing Pg 10 & 11 Layout & Policy Pg 12 -20 Launch Pg 22

Back in January, we asked you for your choice of what we should call this brand and you were unanimous - Autograph! I now invite you to make this launch the BEST EVER and get menswear sales back on plan.

You could be the lucky person to spend a day out with Timothy Everest at his design studio in London where you will receive a bespoke outfit designed and tailored specifically for you!

Luton Summary Pg 28


Ratios Pg 29

Fine Tailoring

Competition Pg 30

To enter this competition answer the following question and send your answer together with your name via email to

Andrew Skinner

Who are the two designers featured in this issue of the Autograph Relaunch document?

Director Menswear

Competition closes on 31 August and Winners will be announced on the 10 September 05

Autograph will officially launch on the 1st of September with installation of the fitfit commencing from the 21st of August. 2

Autograph 2005 Relaunch


Autograph 2005 Relaunch 29

introduction... It’s time to smarten up and sharpen up. This autumn sees the launch of Autograph the exciting and brand new menswear collection that will make dressing with style simpler then ever.

tone easy-to-wear more accessible than Autograph more grown-up than current Sp. bit more fashionable than Collezione younger than Collezione.

aspires to • Paul Smith • Nigel Hall • Ted Baker • Boss • Reiss • Banana Republic • DKNY • Calvin Klein

relaunch 2005 Being stylish is easy this season with the new Autograph menswear collection. First, you have to be smart, and always being smart is one of the key philosophies of the range, along with being stylishly modern, affordably special, totally wearable and trend aware. Then you need to add some luxury, whether it’s a cashmere sweater or a fabulous pair of leather shoes. Next, look for hidden extra’s, it’s these details that really count if you want to look truly slick. Then co-ordinate, think of your wardrobe as being full of flexible separates, suits included, that can be mixed and matched to work for different occasions, day and night. 1 Autograph 2005 Relaunch


Layering is key too, wear stripe shirts under plain sweaters with a wool coat or cord jacket and contrasting trousers. And don’t forget your grooming, a great shave and good scent will go a long way in creating that polished finish. Lastly, be adventurous, a man’s wardrobe needn’t be boring, dress to suit your personality. Try to continuously update your look with new colours, the latest shapes and most importantly with new accessories and shoes. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll look, all decked out in Autograph, like a completely new and thoroughly modern man. What more could you want?

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 3

Product Ranges NEW DESIGNS Slick, modern, and contemporary, the newly designed range is bigger and better than ever.

Slick, modern

There’s still the designer collections by Timothy Everest and Nigel Hall, at the top end, but now the rest of the range, which is much more widely available, has this designer influence too. The collection is designed to work as a complete wardrobe with the focus on beautifully made strong shapes and attention to every last detail. Luxury fabrics, rich textures and statement colours combine to create exclusive but affordable pieces.


Great Designer Clothing that are now accessible to the customer on the high street at half/quarter of what you would normally pay

Great Looks, fantastic quality and attention to detailing at affordable prices BOLD COLOURS


The catwalk trend for colour is reflected in the fantastic range of knitwear and shirts. Bright plains and bold stripes are key looks this season, especially when layered. Particularly strong colours this season are pinks and shades of blue and green. All of these pieces are designed to be worn with coordinating plain and striped scarves.

Brand new to Autograph is the grooming range ensuring you’ll smell as good as you look. Top to toe products that include a hair and body wash, a moisturizing aftershave balm, deodorizing body spray and a fragrance.


NEW CUTS KEY DETAILS It’s the finer details that usually set designer clothes apart from the rest. These details are what make the new Autograph range so special. You’ll find suit linings with pocket trims and piping made up in shirting fabrics that match with the formal shirt you might wear with the suit. The Timothy Everest designer suits have his signature dogtooth lining which matches the embossed design on the sole of the designer shoes too. In casual shirts there’s sateen tape sewn on the inside of the cuff and underneath the collar, which are boned too, ensuring a sharper look. The inside yoke of the plain sweaters have coordinating striped linings and conversely the striped sweaters have coordinating plain yokes. Footwear has hidden internal stitching detailing on the linings as well as embossed designs on the leather soles.

4 Autograph 2005 Relaunch

BEST ACCESSORIES Finishing touches are crucial and there’s plenty of slick and modern items to coordinate with every outfit. From smart watches and great cufflinks, to leather belts, wallets, work and weekend bags and a fantastic collection of beautifully crafted leather shoes.

The new designs have a contemporary cut that make them more wearable than ever before. This more generous fit will however still give you a slim and modern silhouette but without being super tight in all the wrong places.

The Finer Details

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 5

The Designers

s rengiseD ehT

The neat stitching in the Autumn 04 collection and the subtle flower print to follow in Spring 05 makes Nigel’s designs unique, stylish and commercial. His range is easy to wear, functional and stylish.

Timothy Everest is a Saville Row designer who is renowned for his sharp, sophisticated tailoring. Tom Cruise, Jarvis Cocker and David Beckham are all followers of Timothy’s exclusive, stylish suits.

The top end of the range is designed by Timothy Everest, who not only make suits for the likes of Tom Cruise and Mick Jagger, but also the Autograph tailoring range, and Nigel Hall, who’s designs are worn by similar A-list celebrities and who’s the man behind Autograph casualwear.

He uses luxury fabrics and lining and combines this with immaculate attention to detail. His exclusivity lies in merging simple customized designs with subtle, flattering slim line shaping. Timothy Everest’s designs for Autograph have followed this exclusivity and developed suits which are uncomplicated, luxurious and comprehensive. They provide quality and value. The Core customers are young professionals or gentlemen with modern taste

Nigel Hall


Nigel Hall has built up a strong and commercial range since he began as a men’s wear designer 15 years ago. He is the second biggest earner in the menswear department of Selfridges, providing the customer with simple designs complimented by a fresh subtle palate based around light pinks, blues and beiges. Nigel uses soft fabrics and delicate details to customize his work.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration? A: From art, travel, film and people with a great sense of individuality. Q: What and who, in your view, epitomises style? A: Who:- Cary Grant in North by North West, Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, Michael Caine in Alfie, David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth, Sting in Quadrophenia, Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs to Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley.

Tom Cruise

Q&A Q: Where do you get your inspiration? A: Every day you see things that inspire you, it can be travel, people watching, markets, old books, vintage clothing and fabrics. Q: What and who, in your view, epitomises style? A: Sometimes you consciously put things on to achieve a look that pleases you, other times it can be a complete accident and you may not even think about it, but others will and they may consider you stylish. The important thing apart from feeling confident and comfortable is to try and learn what looks good on you, shape and colour wise and not to be afraid to try something new, be it something modern or classic. For me when I see someone in the street who has put their outfit together in a certain way that looks good on them even if it’s a bit quirky this for me is the epitome of style. Q: What is your own signature style? A: My style is simple design, small detailing, and as much use of natural materials as possible.

6 Autograph 2005 Relaunch

Q: What 5 staple items should every man have in their wardrobe? A: A good selection of plain cotton t shirts A v-neck knit in fine gauge cotton, merino wool or cashmere A zip-up knitwear piece A cotton nylon hooded outerwear piece A jean or cotton trouser

What:- All above have a great individual style. Q: What 5 staple items should every man have in their wardrobe? A: Five suits as you can never have enough!

Q: What's your best advice to men who find it hard to coordinate outfits? A: When you shop try and remember what you have at home, will it compliment what you already have in your wardrobe, if its not to old. For trousers and outerwear stick to solid colours using natural and darker tones. Knits are best also in solid colours and texture but here don’t be afraid to use colour. Shirts don’t have to be plain try checks or stripes that could also compliment your knitwear.

T i m o t hy E ve r e s t

Q: What's your best advice to men who find it hard to coordinate outfits? A:. I would suggest that they take the time to explore the different stores. Not just for the product and price points, but also the staff as the correct advice can make all the difference.

Jude Law

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 7

Nigel Hall Pink Stripe Merino £39.50


Nigel Hall Shirt £29.50


Ideas for Why Buys

Fantastic Merino Knitwear

Fantastic Autograph Accessories

ok lo

Acrylic Knitwear £15

afford able

fa nt as tic

Great Designer Clothing that are now accessible to the customer on the high street at half/quarter of what you would normally pay

Great Looks, fantastic quality and attention to detailing at affordable prices Earn 400 &MORE points for every £39 spent on men's footwear = £ 4 reward vouchers

8 Autograph 2005 Relaunch

Sweeny Dark Brown Shoe £49.50

Footwear £49.50

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 9



The Autograph Relaunch is the main marketing communication for the Autumn season with the soft launch (with graphic décor) in July and the hard launch at the beginning of September.

There are 3 key elements to the communication requirements for the relaunch 1. Reposition the new Autograph range in the eyes of the customers as: • More accessible than old Autograph • More grown up than Sp • More fashionable than Collezione • A smart, stylish and affordable range 2. Engage the existing Sp and Autograph customers as well as appealing to new customers 3. Raise the profile of the Autograph range through external and internal communication PR The PR for the re launch will start with a press launch party on the 7th September in a top London venue inviting all the key mens fashion press. This will be backed up by a press pack to all press which will communicate the key elements of the new Autograph range. Nearer the time we will also look at placing exclusive features in selected titles including our advertising celebrities. The Plan So now let us have a look at the specifics of the Marketing Communication Plan. The plan is all based around the advertising strategy which we can only tell you bits about at the moment because it has never been done before so we are trying to keep it under wraps until its launch in September. Advertising What we can tell you is that the Autograph re launch is being supported by advertising that will go into national daily newspapers and also weekend supplements and will start from 8th September (date still TBC). The photography is being shot by a famous photographer and our models are well known as well… watch this space… What we can tell you is that the photographer will definitely bring fashion and style credentials to the shoot and the celebrities are known for their own individual style. They will also have strong resonance with both our male and female customers and will epitomise the new Autograph brand values 10

Autograph 2005 Relaunch

Website The website is an under utilised communication tool for us so as well as having all the products shot for the selling part of the site and a pre order service, we intend to have a strong piece of brand photography on the home page that will lead customers to a brand feature with a “get the look” section which will give customers ideas of how to put outfits together. We will also run an e-mail campaign to current Sp and Autograph customers

décor décor décor décor décor M&S Magazine The magazine is in stores from the beginning of September so is great timing for the hard launch of the new Autograph brand. We are having a 5 page feature on the whole range and a 1 page advertorial on the toiletries and fragrance in the range Loyalty The &More card is another area where we are building the strength of our communication plans. This is also an area were we can target customers directly. We will therefore use a 2 pronged plan on the &More card. 1. points offers on Autograph in the quarterly Autumn mailing 2. An Autograph mailing to current Sp and Autograph customers in Sept/Oct This is a full and comprehensive external campaign that is backed by approximately £1m marketing investment In store execution is as important as the external part of the campaign.

Windows There will be an Autograph Priority 2 window from the first week in September for 4 weeks. This window will have the advertising images as the main photography (still TBC) so the windows reflect the external communication of the launch. Retail have developed the new equipment for the top 50 stores so the marketing messages had to be synergistic to the new kit and the work we are doing on equipment down the chain. Currently the plan for launch in store at the beginning of September is as follows: • In store décor • High level, eye level and buy level décor both graphic and photographic • Top 50 – 300 x 300, 78 x 78, Z wall, SOTF perimeter wall • SP kit stores – 300 x 300, 78 x 78, 900 x 900, 900 x 220 portrait • Rest of chain – 78 x 78, spine banners • Out posting with 40 x 20s This plan is to ensure we get the correct graphic and photographic look in store to compliment the hard branding on the equipment And finally we are ensuring we capture as many in store communication opportunities as possible with tanoy messages, till receipt messages and door stickers. I hope that you agree there is a comprehensive marketing plan in place. We will let you know about our celebrities as soon as we can.

Autograph 2005 Relaunch


Layout & Policy



Autograph will be the main feature of formalwear for launch on the 1st of September.

In order to measure the success of Autograph we have set weekly estimates for the first 5 weeks of launch. These estimates are based on the sales of product from the Autograph shop only, sales for your store can be tracked daily on dashboard. Sales against estimate will be crucial for the first week of launch and the competition will be judged on the highest store up lift for the first week!!

Autograph will be sold in two ways across menswear. The first is the product led shop which will contain the following Autograph product • Casual Shirts • Knitwear • Casual Trousers • Outerwear • Formal Jackets & Trousers Outfitting will be demonstrated via 3 promotional SILIBI plinths that will change on a monthly basis. Autograph suits, shirts ties, footwear and essentials will be sold as the front feature within their parent department but sign posited with branded marketing.


Blue Harbour



12 Autograph 2005 Relaunch

Jackets/ Tr o u s e r s

Shir ts




Autograph 2005 Relaunch 13

Layout & Policy VM & Key Garments… need to shoot these properly + garment detail To continually promote an element of newness with autograph outfits will rotate on a monthly basis. Details of the outfits will be posited on the home page a week before each change needs to be made

Promotional garments are to be displayed on the Autograph branded catwalk and these out fits refected in the mannequin dressings.

Phase 1

Phase 2 3 1

Outfit 1 Stroke 3601A 8210A 1903A 1530

(70 Stores) Description Nigel Hall Pink Multi Stripe Shirt Nigel Hall Pink Merino V Neck Stripe Brown Chino Sweeney D/Brown Apron Lace

Stores 80 80 80 80

Price £35 £39.50 £32 £49.50

Outfit 2 Stroke 3386A 1909 1543

(130 Stores) Description Floral Print Black Shirt Denim Tint Jean 2 Stripe Trainer Tan

Stores 130 130 130

Price £29.50 £32 £39.50

Outfit 3 Stroke 3604A 8212A 4001A

(200 Stores) Description Nigel Hall Satin Plain Blue Shirt Nigel Hall Stripe Merino Poly Viscose Black Trouser

Stores 80 40 130

Price £29.50 £39.50 £29.50


• scarves used to complete look • collars left open and casual folds

• movement of jumper follows mannequin shape

• soft ruching on waist and arms

• collars tucked in and aligned • natural folds on waist

• natural movement on bent elbow • styling on cuff shows design detail • bag is shown following natural curves of mannequins hands

14 Autograph 2005 Relaunch




Outfit 1 Stroke 3309A 4903A 3004A 1530

(70 Stores) Description Corded Stripe Brown Shirt Frogmouth Cord Brown Trouser Signature Wool Long Coat Black Sweeney Dk Brown Apron Lace

Stores 270 70 56 80

Price £29.50 £39.50 £149 £49.50

Outfit 2 Stroke 3385A 1900 0801A 1536

(130 Stores) Description Electric Stripe Blue Shirt Denim Black Jacket Stripe Navy Suit Jacket Tab Moccassin Black

Stores 130 130 130 130

Price £29.50 £32 £70 £45

Outfit 3 Stroke 3383A 2101A 7602A 1543 8208A

(200 Stores) Description LS Brown Stripe Green Shirt Melange Bedford Brown Trouser Supersoft Moss V Neck 2 Stripe Trainer Tan Multi Stripe Scarf Green

Stores 200 200 200 200 65

Price £29.50 £25 £15 £39.50 £14

• soft ruching on sleeves

• soft ruching on sleeves

• clean collar line

• clean collar line

• natural folds on waist

• natural folds on waist

• shoes reflect style of outfit • length allows movement over shoe • attention to detail with laces and folds

• jacket alignment on buttons

• cuff and jacket detail

• vertical alignment of shirt to jeans

• use of mannequin hand position

• natural movement of jacket

• natural handling of accessories

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 15


Key features of the kit

Key features of the kit

Majority hard branding to reduce reliance on cardboard

80% front facing

New product centric freestanding racks

New mannequins and VM props

Accessory and belt unit to complete outfitting offer

Lit back wall feature

16 Autograph 2005 Relaunch

Autograph 2005 Relaunch 17


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