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celebrating 10 years!

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Every milestone and birthday with our multiples is extra special and such a big deal. It’s no different for our club, especially for our 10th year as club.

Happy Anniversary Butte County

Mothers of Multiples! Thank you for ten years of service and community building in Butte County! December 2016


Board Members Executive Board: President Firoza Calderon Vice President Treasa Larrabee Secretary Melissa Cheatham Treasurer Rose McDaniel Wilson Parliamentarian Dena Bruggman Hayes Standing Committee Chairs: Facebook/Yahoo Groups Jackie McDougle Helping Hands Christy Astorga Historian Lillian Shirley Hospitality/Sunshine Meghann West Librarian Rose McDaniel Wilson Membership Rachele Thompson National Representative Nicole Pang Newsletter Editor Melissa Cheatham Philanthropic Catherine Abrams Madsack Playgroups Dena Bruggman Hayes Publicity Melissa Cheatham & Sydney Petyo State Representative Treasa Larrabee Website Melissa Cheatham

[EVENTS] CANCELED December 2nd: Annual Family Holiday Party Unfortunately, we have canceled our holiday party, due to low response. Please be on the lookout for other family fun events in the future.

DATE CHANGE December 14th: Holiday Ornament Exchange 6:30 pm Rose Wilson’s house Moms only! Bring an appetizer. Evite coming!

January 18th: Next Board Meeting & Social (No board meeting in December) All members are welcome. Please no children, but babies 6 months and under are welcome. Board Meetings & Social Hour is held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. When: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 Board Meeting 6:30-7pm Social Hour 7-8pm Where: Enloe Conference Center/Esplanade Building 1528 Esplanade Chico, CA 95926

December 2016


BCMOMs is collecting donations for a Chico mother of twins who lost everything in a recent home fire. Tragically she lost one of her twin girls in the fire. We are requesting gift cards, cash, and/or clothing. We are so sadden by this tragedy and the her loss of one of her twins. Let’s do what we can to help this family!

Happy birthday to you!

Clothing Sizes needed: Mom size medium, pant size 10 Daughter size 5T, shoe 8 kids

Please reach out to Treasa Larrabee (club founder and Vice President) at 530-518-3274, if you would like to make a donation.

Thank you for supporting Butte County Mothers of Multiples through our eScrip program. If you have previously signed up please take a minute to follow the below procedures as the program has changed and we were un-enrolled and re-enrolled. If you have not before signed up, I wanted to let you know that we can earn up to 3% of your purchases when you shop at Save Mart, Lucky or Food Maxx stores in the Shares powered by eScrip program. To do so, you must first "opt-in" to earn from these stores. Opting in is easy, simply follow this link (or visit shares) and enter your phone number or Save Mart/Lucky rewards card number (Food Maxx does not have a rewards card so you will have to use your phone number there). Then, when you check out, provide the number you registered and the contributions are automatic! Choosing to shop at eScrip merchants is the easiest way you can help us continue to fund the programs we all cherish. If you have any questions about eScrip, please let me know. Thank you for your commitment to Butte County Mothers of Multiples. Sincerely, Rachele Thompson, Membership Chair

December BIRTHDAYS Multiples Madeline, Morgan, & Zachary Rodgers Turn 6 on 12/19 Declan & Bayla Cheatham Turn 2 on 12/30 Singletons Archer Rowe Turns 5 on 12/7 Shirley Malek Turns 9 on 12/12 Sydney Porter Turns 13 on 12/22 Moms & Dads David Rowe 12/2 Treasa Larrabee 12/4 Lillian Daugherty 12/7 Anthony Jeffrey 12/8 Meghann West 12/15 Saundra Wright 12/28 December 2016


Founder Family Spotlight Meet Treasa Larrabee — BCMOMs Founder Our Story I met my husband, Eric, in 1990 and we were married three years later. When we first got married, little did we know that we end up on a long journey to become parents. We found ourselves searching for options and many unexplained reasons about why I was unable to get pregnant. For years we went to specialists, traveling from the north state to southern area of Los Angeles. Each trip I had gone through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a procedure that involves hormone injections for the purpose of stimulating the ovaries to mature eggs. After the eggs develop, they are retrieved through an aspiration process. Fertilization is done in the laboratory, and the resulting embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus. Those years were an emotional roller-coaster, being hopeful, and filled with love and excitement to become pregnant, only to feel the overwhelming sadness of failed procedures. We spent close to nine years enduring fertility treatment before looking into adoption. We had taken a tropical warm weather trip to Hawaii and returned home to go to a cold climate mini vacation to Lake Tahoe in 2002. I remember the night when we came home to our ranch—it was stormy and downpour of rain. I was weeping and still saddened that I was not a mom yet. I looked up to the sky and asked my sweet grandmother and my dear mother-in-law who had passed away that if they had any way or could hear me to please put in a good word and bless us with a child. (Family Spotlight Continues on Page 5) December 2016


Founder Family Spotlight The following month my period was late and I had a blood test done to confirm I was pregnant. Can you imagine our happiness and surprised delight? Eric and I went together for the ultrasound and the joyous news that would change our lives forever. I remember looking over at the screen and the ultrasound technician had a puzzled look on her face. I began to tear up thinking it was not a viable pregnancy. She immediately put my fears to rest and said, “Your baby has a heartbeat. In fact, BOTH babies have a heartbeat. You are pregnant with twins!” No procedures, just our little miracles! At least to us they were and are miracle babies. In September 2002, I gave birth to two beautiful premature girls, Abigail and Jillian.

Fast forward to today. They are 14 years old and freshman in high school. There isn’t a day go by that I’m not thankful to be their mom! I don’t know if it’s because of the journey or if we are just crazy, but we do live a very busy life. The girls ride horses at horse shows, are high school cheerleaders, just finished up varsity swim team, and are on the ski team in Lake Tahoe. Skiing is a winter sport that keeps us busy as a family cheering them on during races. This year the girls and their troop completed the Girl Scout Silver award by making an anti-bullying video and providing funding for their school for an anti-bullying program. It seems we’re always selling something for a fundraiser or carpooling to a sport event. Eric is a local farmer who grows rice, walnuts, and pecans. We are both very involved in our community and raising our twin daughters. We are blessed and grateful for our family! —Treasa Larrabee, BCMOMs Club Founder December 2016


Holiday Humor In the spirit of our ten year anniversary, here’s 10 reasons we love being a mother of multiples! 1. We got the best two for one deal in life ever. 2. Our kids always have a built-in best friend. 3. As twin moms, we are basically superheroes. After having twins, we can accomplish anything. 4. The more the merrier. Multiples just make life wild and fun!! We are never bored. 5. Extra daddy bonding time. Daddy and other loved ones get extra time with our littles since we are juggling a lot. 6. We only had to endure one pregnancy! ;) 7. But if you’ve had a singleton after multiples, it is a piece of cake (or so I hear). 8. Double the milestones. It’s so fun seeing our twins grow up and learn to together. 9. Our “hands may be full,” but our hearts are fuller! 10. Double the love. With multiples our love is literally multiplied. We are bursting with love!

Why do you love being a mom to twins or triplets? Send me your reasons to to be featured in our next newsletter! December 2016


Know any mamas pregnant with multiples? Don’t forget to tell them about our club, Butte County Mothers of Multiples. Let them know about the benefits and events our club offers. Send them to our website at to learn more! BCMOM Membership Benefits: Meals for New Parents Monthly Social Event Informative Speakers Monthly Newsletter Playgroups & Field Trips Family Outings

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November’s all-club play date at the fire station was a big success! We can hope you can join us at our next gathering!


Please send your newsletter items to the editor at The deadline is the 21st of each month.

Membership: BCMOMs is a member Multiples of America, also known as National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Inc., (NOMOTC) and Northern California Association of Mothers of Twins Club (NCA). NOMOTC Representative: Nicole Pang Check out their website at NCAMOTC Representative: Treasa Larrabee Check out their website at Purpose: Provide a means of sharing information and experiences on care and raising twins and higher order multiples. Social Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month (except July and December). Please no children— babies under 6 months old are welcome! Board meeting at 6:30pm with a social to follow at 7pm. Board Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month and begin at 6:30pm. All members are welcome. Board members are expected to attend.

December 2016



BCMOM Newsletter December 2016  
BCMOM Newsletter December 2016  

BCMOM Newsletter December 2016