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Fall 2016

The Compass

A Newsletter to all friends of the BC Mission Boat Society

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FROM THE FORMER DIRECTOR... Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Change is hard! But as a Greek philosopher wrote, ‘Change is the only constant,’ yet I’m not overly fond of or even drawn to change. However, when we talk about faith and sharing God’s love, don’t we seek change? Our ministry is one that seeks and strives for lives to be changed by God’s love and He promises to do just that! We seek this transformation in those that do not know Christ and in our own lives too. It is in this light that I will be embarking on a huge change as I make the move to a new ministry in Houghton, Michigan. I started with the BC Mission Boat Society in 2005 as an intern and soon came back in 2008 to serve as the Executive Director for what became one of the greatest journeys I have ever been part of so far! This new call wasn't a change that I was necessarily seeking, but I am following God and trusting in His promises. I am excited for what He will write in this next chapter as I serve as the Director of Youth and Campus Ministry at Saints Peter and Paul Lutheran Church. To my friends and family in Klemtu, Kyuquot, Ehatis, Kingcome, and other coastal BC communities, you have taught me more than I can communicate. You have welcomed me as family, increased my faith, stretched my views for the better, and shared your culture, food and lives with me in ways I will never forget. You are truly family and friends to me and I am truly sorry that I wasn't able to make a trip back to say goodbyes and have one last visit. I really don't see this as a 'goodbye' but a 'see you later' as I hope to return in the future. To friends and supporters of the BCMBS, this really has been one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make and if I'm honest, it still feels like a dream. This has been and is my home, a place where I have been able to grow and learn beyond measure. The ministry and relationships that I have had the privilege to form are irreplaceable. Through this experience, I have found peace in many areas and namely in knowing and trusting that God is blessing both of these ministries through this change and transition. I am excited for the growth and change that the BC Mission Boat Society has made over these last 8 years of ministry and I am excited for the direction that God is going to lead and guide this ministry into the future as well. This ministry is making a difference for God's Kingdom as God is changing lives! May we seek to embrace the changes God is making in our lives and in the lives of other people, too! In Christ’s Love,

Marcus Huff Former Executive Director

COVER PHOTO: The mission team from Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tacoma, WA and friends from Klemtu, BC going out for a paddle in one of the traditional canoes during their final afternoon in the community. They had a great week sharing God’s love with this new team and hope to return in 2017! Read about the ministry that took place during their trip on page 4.




don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so excited about telling people about Jesus, that it can turn into a task, rather than a relationship. I get impatient and forget that these things happen in God’s timing. During our recent visit to Kyuquot this past summer, our team connected with a little boy who reminded us of this and that when you can slow down, take a seat, and focus on the relationship, it can make all the difference! It all started when we decided to host our second day of Kid’s Club over at the basketball court. It was in a different area of the community where some of the younger families live. After some games, we noticed a little boy who had come outside and sat over on the steps at a nice distance away from our group. Our team noticed him there and a few of them tried to go over there to talk with him, and get him involved quickly, but he was very shy and wouldn’t say a word. But when Brooke, our summer worker went over there and took a seat next to him, things slowly began to change. “When I went to talk to him, he wouldn’t talk to me either, though he would answer my questions by nodding the answers. He later ended up coming to hang out with us during Kid’s Club and other activities as well!”

SUPPORT US IN PRAYER Every prayer makes a difference for our ministry and we invite you to support our ministry through prayer for the following:  For our Board of Directors and Staff as they respond to change, plan for the future of our ministry, and continue to carry out ministry.

As the week continued, we each spent some one-on-one time with this little boy sharing Bible stories with him, colouring, sharing pictures, painting, including him in the Bible story skits, and so much more! By the end of the week, he was talking, laughing, and even playing jokes on us too. Seeing his growth, joy, and watching how our team interacted with and loved him was a clear picture of God at work!

 For those who support our ministry through giving of their time, talents and finances.

Sometimes we just need to slow down, take a seat, and focus on building a relationship that can make a huge difference, and open up opportunities for us to share about God’s love.

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 For our friends in the mission communities, that they would be filled with the faith, joy, hope and strength found in Christ.




t the beginning of July we had the privilege of sharing God’s love with our new friends from Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington. Right from the moment they landed in the bay of Klemtu, they were thrust into lots of faith discussions and opportunities to be examples of God's love, and what an impactful week it was! Here are some of the reflections from their week of ministry... “Quality time and listening were two huge ways [that] we were able to share God’s love. We spent time with people of all ages, hearing about their lives, the joys, and the struggles. Praying for people on home visits was powerful and intimate.” - Michael DeDominick, Team Member “[I connected with God’s love by] being able to visit community members in their homes and talk about faith and pray with them. [I was able to share God’s love] by exemplifying God’s love to the kids… when we shared Bible stories.” - Shawn McDougall, Team Member “Through a lively worship night and the story of faith shared by one of our team members, we heard of the joys and struggles that God has loved and has proven His strength through one man’s life. We got to dress up and share of God's protection, love, and relationship with a great group of kids every afternoon at Kid’s Club too. - Marcus Huff, Former Executive Director "My children are shy kids, but once you get to know them they open right up to you. From 8-9 am the kids woke up [asking], is it time to go to kids club Mommy? From then on to 2 pm every hour on the hour [they would say] can we go now Mom? And it's a no wonder, their little faces say it all! They had a BLAST!" (in above picture) - Tanya Robinson, Community Member Throughout the week, the team was so blessed to share and receive God’s love through the relationships God has fostered in this community. This mission team is excited to continue grow these relationships and build upon the ministry that has already taken place, and we look forward to partnering with them again in 2017!

UPCOMING... NOVEMBER // EHATTESAHT Both of our staff and a few volunteers are excited to return to Ehattesaht to reconnect with this community and build upon the ministry that took place in June. They look forward to sharing the Christmas story through activities, devotions, and a special Advent Craft Night for families.

DECEMBER // KLEMTU Rhonda and volunteers will be returning to Klemtu the week before Christmas to build upon ministry that took place this summer and share the message of the Christmas story too!

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October 25, 2016

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Eighteen years ago, a little boy asked a trawler ship captain, “What are we fishing for?” and this started a conversation that soon birthed the BCMBS to share God's love with people in isolated communities on the BC Coast. This past August, at our annual board planning retreat, that captain shared this story encouraging us to continue to seek those that do not know Christ. This encouragement helped us make some clear decisions as we considered a number of changes. Prior to our retreat, we learned of one big change that we know many will be sad to hear. Marcus Huff, our Executive Director, has accepted a call to serve as Director of Youth and Campus Ministry in Houghton, Michigan, starting mid October. Marcus isn't changing what he is fishing for, just where as he returns to his home state. All on the Board are very happy for Marcus, as the call is a great fit with his gifts and experiences. If you would like to express your appreciation to Marcus, please email him at During this change and transition, you will be glad to hear that Rhonda Kelman has been hired to take on the role of Interim Director. Rhonda has formerly served the BCMBS as our Outreach Worker, and has served on our Board and in our office too. Rhonda is now hard at work alongside Jessica Pixner, to ensure that we continue to meet needs placed before us. If you would like to express a word of encouragement to Rhonda, please email her at If you would like to express a word of encouragement to Jessica, please email All of this fits well with another change we have been considering. We have been looking at the increasing requests from communities for Christian people to come, and wondering if we needed to find a different way to respond. At our recent retreat we decided to respond to this opportunity by putting more emphasis on volunteer led teams, and take some of the leadership tasks off our Director. These volunteers will have had experience in these communities as well as training like our staff have in order to lead teams. In the coming months we will be defining a new role to replace the Executive Director. We are presently calling this a Program Director. You will be hearing more about this in the future, including the opportunity to apply for it! What are we fishing for? That hasn't changed one bit. We aren't fishing to make money, or keep our job. We are fishing for people to know GOD's amazing love. That people who go into the communities may know it by seeing it in the people of the communities we are privileged to serve. That people in the communities may know it, by people coming back, again and again, to say “as much as we love coming to see you, GOD loves you more!” And we are fishing for you to be part of this ministry. Pray for GOD to guide all of these changes. Write or speak to us with your questions, or words of encouragement. And consider making a donation, in response to what GOD has been doing, and we believe is going to continue to do, through the BCMBS. The summer months are often not good months for donations. Before we can go ahead with these plans, we will need to see the kind of generous donations this fall that we have seen when we have asked in the past. Thank you for your consideration, and all the support you have been to the BCMBS. GOD bless you! Sincerely, BC Mission Boat Society Board of Directors

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The Compass - Fall 2016  

In our Change & Transition Edition, we're excited to share a special update from our Board of Directors (at the end), a message from our for...

The Compass - Fall 2016  

In our Change & Transition Edition, we're excited to share a special update from our Board of Directors (at the end), a message from our for...