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The Compass Spring 2018

A Newsletter to all friends of the BC Mission Boat Society

est. 1999

THE ——————— PRAY • GIVE • GO ——————— EDITION


FROM THE DIRECTOR In the year since I became Executive Director, I have been amazed to see God at work through the BC Mission Boat Society! We have had new teams, new supporters, new staff, and new opportunities to share about the BC Mission Boat Society. I was able to travel into all of the communities this past year and I was encouraged to receive so many thank you’s for continuing to come and to hear how elders yearned to see the church come alive again in their community. This past January, I went to Cameroon, Africa on a mission trip that had two focuses: to put on a retreat for the Lutheran Bible Translators who serve in West Africa, and to build a library in a small village where the Kuhn family lives. It was the first time that I have gone on a mission trip outside of Canada and it definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone because I didn’t know what to expect. I realized that we at BCMBS are asking our volunteers and teams to step out of their comfort zones to travel into remote communities along the coast. It is amazing how God uses this time to strengthen us and to teach us to trust in Him as we serve others and encourage them in their faith! I have been travelling into communities along the coast for 15 years, and I still feel like I learn more from my brothers and sisters in Christ who live in these communities! There are so many amazing people with stories of trials and triumphs in the communities we work with, and God calls us to simply go and listen, and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in places where there is no pastor. We get to be just a small part of God’s bigger picture for the communities along the coast. We are invited to come and teach the children through Kid’s Club and then support the community through craft nights, Bible studies, potlucks, games nights, song nights, house visits, and sports.


“I pray to God for the next generation that they may know Jesus too. I want to see the church active again like it used to be.” These are the words spoken to me by one of the Elders in the community of Kingcome. The community loves their church building, a beautiful one room church, and have restored it despite the fact that there is no congregation in it. “I pray to G Make no mistake, there are many Christians in the next gene Kingcome, but not a congregation. The that they ma denominations that used to come and preach, Jesus to teach, and deliver God’s sacraments rarely come I want to se anymore, if at all.

church active t

I’m a Pastor, and it cut me to the heart to see like it used faithful believers in our Lord excited to see fellow Christians, including a Pastor, come and encourage them in their worship of Jesus. Knowing what Christians, and particularly clergy, had done to hurt these communities, it humbles me that I am invited to come to serve here. Our congregation sent a small team to Kingcome this past summer. I was excited when our congregation prayerfully decided to do this because I knew it would be a blessing to Kingcome and to us. It was, even more


Thank you for faithfully partnering with us in prayer! We are passionate about o with God’s provision and direction, in order to do our work. Please pray specific 

Continued financial provision—We need a successful campaign to find mo as well as a churches to consider providing financial support through their

It is such an honour to be in these communities to support and encourage people in their faith, and to reach out to those who are hurting and searching for hope and healing. There are more communities who are inviting us to come, but we cannot do this alone. We need people and churches to consider partnering with us financially so that we can continue doing this important work. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially as we continue to serve God along the BC Coast!

Wisdom and guidance—We need to prioritize hundreds of hours of work b people so we need God’s direction in what stays and what goes each wee

Mission teams—Please pray for the teams as they prepare, travel, and se some teams committed for 2018 but we want to send more. Pray that God them up.

The people who live in the communities we serve—These dear folk live w of a pastor in their community, so let’s uphold them in prayer throughout th

In His Service,

God’s direction in how you can become involved in this work—Is He askin pray, give, go?

Rhonda Kelman Executive Director 2 The Compass



than we had prayed for. As a Pastor, it gave me no small joy to see the brothers and sisters grow in their own understanding of the power of the gospel and the joy of service. This was true for the team members and the whole congregation. In fact, our church wants to go again this year. The congregation was surprised and thankful that they could support the work of God in our God for “own backyard!” eration

ay know oo.

ee the e again to be.”

It was transformational for me to go to Kingcome. Sharing the word of God in these places is a unique and rewarding experience. It’s challenging and humbling, but also inspiring, to see the Holy Spirit’s work in these remote communities. To be part of God’s work in these communities, even in a simple way, is something to be thankful for. It puts the ministry in my own congregation in new light.

Please pray with me that God will continue to send workers into the harvest, especially to the communities served by the BC Mission Boat! Pastor Scott Lyons Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, Victoria BC

our work here at the BC Mission Boat, but we do need your prayers, together cally for:

onthly donors r budget.

erve! We have d would raise

ng you to

Who: You! Any Christ-loving, mission-hearted individual, couple, or family who is interested in coming on a mission trip with the BC Mission Boat Society! What: A week-long mission trip into Klemtu to share God’s love and encourage people in their faith. Some of the activities include home visits, Kid’s Club, Men’s night, Women’s Craft and devotion night, games night, a song service and more! When: May 25- June 2 or November 9-17 Why: We have had people contact us saying that they were interested in coming on a mission trip but might not be able to pull a team together. So… we thought we would provide an opportunity! How much: Once you arrive in Parksville, the cost will be approximately $600/ person, depending on how many people will be travelling with us! This includes food, materials, transportation, curriculum, and accommodations.

BECOME A BCMBS AMBASSADOR We can clearly see the hand of God leading us and sustaining us and we desire to continue doing God’s work. But we need your help! Can you introduce us to your church or organization through a bulletin blurb, a newsletter article, a table display in the foyer, a short presentation during a mission service? Making us better known in your church or organization will help us to build relationships, which are what we need to continue sending mission teams into communities. If you have a heart for the BCMBS, please be our ambassador in your community. Use the enclosed reply card for more BCMBS ambassador information and materials.

LEGACY GIVING BC Mission Boat is pleased to offer the free services of Lutheran Foundation Canada to any of our donors considering a planned gift from their estate.

between 1.4 ek.

without benefit he year.


1. Parksville— BCMBS Office 2. Ehattesaht 3. Kyuquot 4. Kingcome 5. Klemtu

These types of gifts are an excellent way to provide a substantial gift to ministry, with little impact to your estate’s overall value, particularly for individuals with larger RRSPs or RRIF savings, as almost 45% of the gift will consist of money your estate would otherwise have paid in income tax. Many donors are also surprised to learn they can transfer publicly traded securities (with high capital gains) as a donation, without paying tax on the gain. If you have questions on how best to structure a gift from your estate for BC Mission Boat, call Allen Schellenberg at Lutheran Foundation Canada at 877-711-4438 or email allen.schellenberg@lutheranfoundation.ca. www.bcmissionboat.org


795 Island Hwy W, Parksville, BC V9P 1B9 • 250-248-5300 • info@bcmissionboat.org • www.bcmissionboat.org

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The Compass - Spring 2018  

Please enjoy photos and articles from the BC Mission Boat Society!

The Compass - Spring 2018  

Please enjoy photos and articles from the BC Mission Boat Society!