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The Compass Fall 2017

A Newsletter to all friends of the BC Mission Boat Society

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S CORNER Wow! We have had an amazing season of ministry! I had the privilege of accompanying five teams into the communities over the summer to share God’s love. As I’ve been reflecting on my first community visits years ago, I am amazed to see how we are already reaching a second generation through the BC Mission Boat Society. Many of the children who were in Kid’s Club over fourteen years ago are now parents! On my trip to Klemtu, I had many conversations with parents about how they loved going to Kid’s Club and now are excited to bring their children so that they too can have a foundation built on Christ. Without the partnership of our donors, churches, and mission teams, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you! Another blessing that came out of a busy summer of travel was having the opportunity to re-connect with many old friends, and build relationships with new ones. As I had the opportunity to speak with various community members, many expressed thankfulness for our faithful consistency to minister in their communities. One person commented on how great it was that we offer activities and encouragement to people of all ages, not just the kids! It has been a summer full of sharing the joy, hope, and peace that comes from knowing Christ.

This fall, we will be doing a few mission trips as well as planning for the upcoming year. It’s been a season of transitions, and we are currently facing another one. Amy left the team at the end of summer, as she is moving to the USA to marry her fiancé. We’ve been blessed with the gifts and skills she brought to the team, and we pray for God’s blessing in this new chapter of her life. Though we are sad to say goodbye, we are pleased to welcome Cathi on board as our new Ministry Coordinator! We are excited about the gifts and experience that she will bring to our organization. In His Service,

Rhonda Kelman Executive Director



Summer Klemtu


BLAST FROM THE PAST AN ALUMNI STORY Last month, we received an unexpected piece of mail. A BC Mission Boat Alumni, Aida Poppe, took the time to write us a letter and send photos of her trip in July ‘00. What a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness over the years. Not only are we continuing to see the fruits of this in the communities, but in those that volunteered with the BC Mission Boat Society as well! Thank you Aida!

r Snapshots Ehattesaht



We had a great turn-out to our Kid’s Clubs and evening activities in each of the communities.

We were blessed with open doors in each of the communities— literally! We were able to use the church, community center or school in each place for ministry, programs, or just hanging out with people we met.

In spite of last minute changes of plans, God was faithful to provide housing and ministry opportunities, even if they were different from our plans.

There have been many deaths in some of the communities this year. We were able to visit and encourage some Elders who were feeling the weight of these losses.

We were able to work alongside and support Christian families who are doing long-term ministry in the communities.

Parents shared with us how their children wanted to pray before they went to bed. They were going to try to make that a routine.

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LOOKING AHEAD BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE MINISTRY FOR THE FUTURE This fall we are planning to take teams into the communities of Klemtu and Kyuquot. We are also starting to plan mission trips for next year! As a team, we have been reflecting on the “full circle” nature of this ministry. Because we operate by consistently sending small, short-term teams into the communities, the impact is not only seen in these communities but in the hearts and lives of mission trip participants. As we continue to grow, we are re-vamping our planning processes to better assist teams as they prepare for their mission trips. We are also creating orientation modules that can be completed by teams before they join us here. Our hope is to better equip individuals not only for ministry in the communities, but for their return to their home communities and churches, and the ministry opportunities that await them in everyday life. Along with the four communities we regularly serve, additional communities are inviting us to come! We are hoping that through God’s provision of more mission teams, we can be a blessing to more communities. We plan to utilize volunteers to build relationships with new supporting churches, and to continue building our donor base and support network. We are grateful for the open doors and multiplication of ministry opportunities! Please continue to pray for the BC Mission Boat Society as God continues to grow our ministry to reach more people with the love and hope that comes from knowing God!


CONNECT WITH US! One of our goals for the coming year is to deepen the roots of our support network by offering updates on what’s happening in the communities, prayer opportunities, scripture reflections, and ways you can get involved. We want to ensure that our missions “Alumni” have the tools and resources they need to share their faith when they return to their home churches and communities. Sign up for our email list on our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

It’s been a wonderful whirlwind, but sadly my time at the BC Mission Boat is coming to an end. After much prayer for open (and closed) doors, I am preparing to move to the USA to marry my fiancé. I truly believe God led me to the Ministry Coordinator job for this transitional season in the ministry. The absolute highlight of this job was a week-long mission trip to Kyuquot. Experiencing coastal First Nations ministry first hand was an eyeopening and life changing experience, one I will take with me as I go. I’m grateful for the people I have met and for the opportunity to contribute to this ministry. My prayers will stay with the BCMBS as they continue to move forward with the work God is calling them to!

WELCOME TO THE TEAM! MEET CATHI, OUR NEW MINISTRY COORDINATOR I am so excited to be part of the BC Mission Boat team! I bring four years of Office Management experience to this role, and I am looking forward to helping our teams function smoothly and effectively. I recently moved to the Island with my husband and three of our children and we love living in this community! I look forward to meeting the people involved in this ministry in the near future.


The Compass - Fall 2017  

In our "The Second Generation Edition", we share some highlights from summer mission trips into all four communities. A blast from the past,...

The Compass - Fall 2017  

In our "The Second Generation Edition", we share some highlights from summer mission trips into all four communities. A blast from the past,...