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the haute holidays Jodie Sweetin and Cody Herpin with their delectable* baby, Zoie

*based on charm, plus chubby cheeks Display until Mar 5, 2009 HOLIDAY 2008-2009

$4.95US $5.50CAN

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Special Occasion Dressing


Shopping ideas for the family 11/21/08 11:06:32 PM

n Diesel Kid tel. U.S.A. 1.877.433.4373


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bc report Plush blankies that keep the babies warm, new strollers, and other gadgets that will get us through long winter nights


nay’s baby Accomplished designer, Nay Khoubnazar, tells us about what makes her children’s clothing lines unique, and ahead of the curve


holiday gift guide 2008 We did the testing and picking, now all you gotta do is hit the shops!


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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meet the bellamys



An inside look at the family life of one of Hollywood’s most loved comedians 56

the (naughty and) nice list Here are some tips for Santa, straight from the mouths of babes


the sweet life The former “Full House” star makes a comeback with 2 movies in 2009, and an exclusive fashion shoot with her family for BC


street art Wall graffiti and awesome children’s fashion make for an unforgettable feast for the eyes


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:06:27 AM

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EDItor’S notE


Crouching down with Bailey and the Bellamys—Baron was already taking his mid-day nap by this time, so we weren’t able to get him in some of the photos; It’s an even fuller house for the Herpins, with Sabina and I. “The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends...To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core.”—Anton Ego

Although I am not immensely fond of the actual dish, Ratatouille is one of my most favorite films of all time. It is heartfelt, inspired, and it features the U.S. as it is today. With the election of President Barack Obama, there is a sense of renewed hope that has resonated worldwide. As we undergo an internal revolution, I cannot help but be moved to tears as the healing begins, and I am grateful to be alive in this day wherein the “new” are given a chance to show the world what they’ve got. I am prayerful, buoyant, and determined as ever to make this a better planet for my kids. I hope we can set our personal political issues aside and work together, because as parents, we have it in our hands to instill values in our children that will make them strong, hardworking individuals, as they will become our next leaders. But enough about politics for now. We are happy to have exclusives on two of the sweetest families with their own covers, wearing fierce get-ups that both broods look like they just stepped out of a magazine (in this case, they did), but we are trying to prove that parenting doesn’t have to cramp your style factor. Not only do the Herpins and Bellamys look beautiful collectively, they exemplify the spirit of happy togetherness that we wanted to capture. I also loved helping make, “Street Art” and, “The Naughty and Nice List,” because it shows that although children’s fashion has become edgier, its cuteness factor remains. Since dressing

during the holidays is always a tradition, we pulled out all the stops and picked out what’s best out there, together with gift guide ideas which just keep getting more desirable every year. We narrowed it down so that you don’t have to hit the stores with that vacuous, “I-don’tknow-where-to-begin” feeling that happens when shopping for presents. By the way, if you have a special occasion for your baby or child coming up, please message me at www.ibabycouture.com, and let me know what’s happening (birthday, graduation, Christmas gathering, seeing the grandparents, going to a casting call, etc.), and I will send you an outfit styled by me. We’ll even post a photo of your baby in BC wearing that outfit. Kindly be specific when sending the occasion, age, gender, sizes of your kids. I can’t wait to style for you! I wanted to end this on a personal note, because I recently lost my dearest grandmother, and one of my best friends is fighting for his life—so I wanted to remind you all to spend more time with your loved ones because life is too short. During these coming festivities, I wish that all of us can eat hearty, have a roof on our heads, be generous with showing affection and professing love (and accepting it), relax, forgive, forget, and receive (and have the capacity to give) gifts that we want. Your extended family here at BC wishes you the happiest of the holidays. And for us who await the dawning of a new legislative era, may we all be so lucky to “experience something new and extraordinary from a singularly unexpected source.” God bless.


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babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009


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Kariz Favis EDItor-In-chIEf & fAShIon DIrEctor MarTiN Favis crEAtIvE DIrEctor MarilyN BarToN CorazoN MEDiNa lyNDEE PriCE SEnIor EDItorS EriCa riEllE fAShIon EDItor TiNa Barry contrIBUtInG EDItor GiaNNa CorBo NEil GarGuilo aMy HiGHFill sTEPHEN sEiDEl aNNa lEaH sElTzEr EDItorIAL ASSIStAntS contrIBUtorS HEiDi allETzHausEr, oFEr BraMi, MoNDo CasTro, soNNy D. CrEEr, aNNE MariE FoX, KlEXius KolBy, sHErBET MaNalili, saMuEl Paul, MEENo PEluCE, raMoN rEyEs aDriaN lEDEsMa PUBLIShEr MarTiN Favis ASSocIAtE PUBLIShEr aNDrEw BalTazar, rEGGiE rEGala ADvErtISInG MAnAGErS DiETHEr oCaMPo MArkEtInG DIrEctor Carlo Favis onLInE DIrEctor

Baby Couture is published by Medina Favis Publishing LLC, 370 Lexington Ave., Suite 1205, New York NY 10017. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. For advertising, subscriptions, back orders or other inquiries, please call 212.561.5796 or 917.338.6575, or e-mail info@ibabycouture.com. Visit us at www.ibabycouture.com or www.babycouturemag.com. Opinions expressed in this publication are that of the writers’ and are not necessarily endorsed by Medina Favis Publishing. Baby Couture is not responsible for unsolicited samples, products, work and materials, and submissions are non-returnable. If you wish to submit written work, photographs, artwork, products, samples, other services, etc., please accompany with a self-addressed envelope, postage paid or a return label. PRINTED IN THE USA

Photos by Anne Marie fox styling by kariz favis Make-up by klexius kolby for karleeartist.com Hair by ofer Brami for karleeartist.com

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Photos by Meeno Peluce styling by kariz favis Make-up by Samuel Paul Hair by Sonny creer

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bc report

bundles of joy Keeping your tiny loves toasty in comfort and style with these baby blankies may be an ode to their winter restfulness


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(Top to bottom) Cashmere collection with mocha trim by SWADDLEDESIGNS ($240, eswaddle.com); Petite cashmere throw in ivory by KUMI KOOKOON ($388, kumikookoon.com); Super Woobee in turquoise/pewter velvet stroller blanket by WOOBEE KIDS ($115, woobeekids.com); Python stroller blanket (with liner, not shown) by TIVOLI COUTURE ($140, tivolicouture.com); Stroller blanket in fuzzy pastel blue with brown mod circles by SWADDLEDESIGNS ($48, eswaddle.com); Rococo in licorice by COCALO COUTURE ($27.99, cocalo.com); Puretec toddler blanket in chocolate by CARIBOO ($159.95, cariboostore.com); Eyelet nursing & stroller cover by LOVEE COVEE ($42, loveecovee.com).

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:07:25 AM

designer profile

nay’s babies “Best Designer, Children’s Category” nominee, Nay Khoubnazar, lets us in on the value of style, comfort, and that giddy feeling of receiving fan email Photos from Lucky Butter Productions


What was your first design job? It all started a long time ago with Fine Table Linens [with coordinating napkin rings], which sold at high-end department stores, such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, Nordstrom, Geary’s Beverly Hills, as well as specialty boutiques. At what point in your career did you decide to go into kids’ fashion? Have you always aspired to go in that direction? Kids’ fashion wasn’t really my plan. It all started with clients requesting special nursery and christening gowns made with the fine fabrics I was already working with [for the table linens]. High quality silks, Dupioni, Charmeuse, Organdy— it all led to very special couture crib and bassinette sets. The designs evolved and expanded to include a more affordable line. It was the start of a new beginning! What would you say are the major factors that a designer should consider when designing for children, as opposed to adults? I always consider the innocence of a child. Kids should be kids, not grown ups. When designing a collection, I am always looking at all the different aspects— prints, colors, body styles, comfort, and trend. Things have changed in the kids’ fashion world over the years. We use more washes, looks, finishes, [which were] previously only seen in the teen and adult market. The challenge is to take that adult sophistication, which appeals to the parent, and apply it to a garment


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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which is comfortable and fun for a child. You’ve done such amazing work in children’s fashion. What motivates you as an artist to continue making innovative designs? My customers and fans! I receive wonderful emails from fans across the country, with photos of their kids wearing my designs. What could be better than being recognized in such a way? What is the most important element you consider when designing? Comfort! Growing up, I was a well-dressed child. However, during those days, the clothing was mostly made from woven fabric [like poplin, twill, lawn, corduroy], which doesn’t allow much room to move and play. So to bring the comfort to a beautiful corduroy dress, I incorporate a knit sleeve, and tastefully achieve both style and comfort. Can you tell us anything about your upcoming collections for 2009? I am very excited and happy with my Spring 2009 collection, first deliveries of which are due to hit stores in December and January. The prints are fun and bright, and we are introducing several new bodies, as well as new takes on old favorites—like our swing sets. Fall 2009 Collection is still in the works. My design team and I are working with a selection of contemporary and vintage


12/4/08 7:07:35 AM

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designer profile

The Khoubnazar family, at home

prints in very soft corduroy, satin and poplin, alongside our knit cotton and modal blend. Colors are bolder for fall.

might be designing at night while in bed, or on my drive to the office. I keep a pencil handy for those times when an idea crosses my mind.

What makes Baby Nay, Da Lil Guys, and The Big Citizen unique from one another? “Baby Nay” is a classic, print-driven collection, and although it’s growing and adapting to the current trends, it will always keep that simple, classy look. “The Big Citizen” is made entirely in Los Angeles, and is the more contemporary, edgy version of Baby Nay. The line is developing a style of its own. It incorporates a unique fabric printing and garment-dye process which leaves the finished garment extremely soft and yummy to wear. “Da Lil Guys” has an urban, well-detailed look that gives ‘little guys’ a style that daddy may wear. We use a lot of combinations of screens, patched screens, and embroidery to achieve what, I felt, was missing from the boys’ market.

Do you have any tips for mothers-to-be on when they should start looking for baby clothes? I would suggest…as soon as they find out they are pregnant! What’s more fun than that? But always look for quality materials, style and comfort. Whether its classic, trendy and hip, or cool and casual, I feel that Baby Nay, The Big Citizen, and Da Lil Guys offer it all.

Who are your biggest style heroes? Now that is a difficult question to answer! I feel my heroes and inspirations change as time goes by. But if I had to pick one outstanding person, I would pick Coco Chanel. Her vision, talent, determination, are all qualities that I greatly admire and look up to. As fashion changes through time, do you have a personal style that you try and maintain? Fashion may change, but you could always be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Where does your inspiration come from? I have a very talented design team. I am also constantly looking at what is in the market currently. We draw inspiration from European print and trend studios, music, magazines, as well as skate and bike venues, like the X Games for boys. I try to travel at least once a year and bring new ideas from around the world. For example, this 2009, India is my inspiration. What is the typical amount of time you put into creating an entire collection? We have about 6 months to complete a collection and develop prints— sometimes a year ahead. I cannot say that my work day is from 9 to 5, but I


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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Children’s fashion is a rapidly growing field. How do you stay ahead of the curve? With a great design team, you can always stay ahead of the market. How does it feel when you’re out in public and you see a child wearing your clothes? It’s such a flattering feeling! I get so excited, as if I’ve never seen that garment before. It’s an honor, really, to see that the work we put into our designs is appreciated. Do you have a moment or milestone in your career that you are most proud of? Yes. I was recently nominated for the, “Best Designer Children’s Category” of the Dallas Fashion Awards. I also feel pride everytime I receive an email from a customer or fan, as well as my sales team, complimenting our collections. If you could give parents one tip on dressing their children, what would it be? Have fun! Be creative! Be bold! Mix and match everything. But most importantly, allow your child to make their own decisions and express their personality. Choose comfy, quality pieces that will withstand the wear and tear, but are fun for everyday and every occasion. We all know that a favorite dress or tee will be worn and washed a thousand times over. Baby Nay, Da Lil Guys, and The Big Citizen are available at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, achildscloset.com, forgetmenotkids.com. Visit nayetal.com for other stores.


12/4/08 7:07:55 AM

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bc report


MTV Movie Awards Goes Caribbean

tarbucks and Secret Room Events, organized by Rita Branch and Amy Boatwright, put together an exclusive event on a poolside Caribbean style setting at a hotel in West Hollywood—showing off some of the coolest children’s brands. Tokens for celebrity parents and guests include BabyLegs, L’ovedbaby, Baby Chix, My Rockstar Baby, Sassy Baby, Malibu Children’s Dental gift certificates, Benefit Cosmetics, Chipotle gift certificates, among others. (Top: Debbie Gibson and Jason Priestley. Bottom, L to R: Jimmy JeanLouis; Efren Ramirez; Ernie Hudson; Nick Verreos; Jai Rodriguez).


Nothing but the Best

est & Co., known for their luxurious, classic children’s apparel founded over 100 years ago, held a luncheon last October at the Bel-Air Hotel to show off their latest collection. Guests included Marcia Cross, Ali Landry, Julie Bowen, Kathy Hilton, Kimberly Bini, Liane Weintraub, Angela Janklow, and the stylish executives from the company who flew in from NYC, who all reveled in the warm California fall weather (bestandcompany.com). (L to R: Catherine Moellering; Marcia Cross, with her mom, Janet; Ali Landry).



babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:08:20 AM

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bc report

NYC Booms By Tina Barry


ayneoni Moore, the fashion diva and catalyst behind the “Boom Boom Room,” hosted her first New York City event, with the theme: “New York Hollywood Baby Shower.” Spotted amongst the crowd was father of three, “The Sopranos’” Robert Funaro; “SNL” alum Molly Shannon; Constance Zimmer of “Entourage” whose boyfriend, commercial director Russ Lamoureaux, carried their infant Colette Zoe in a sling. Plus-size model Emme worked the room; soon-to-be glamorous grandmother “Housewives of New York’s” Jill Zarin, shopped for her stepdaughter who was giving birth that day; and “Law & Order’s” Milena Govich was gathering goods for nieces and nephews. Sponsors such as, Regal Lager, L’ovedbaby, Jenerations Baby, Zooni Hats, Karen Neuburger, Girlie Gear, Bratt Décor, The Shower Hug, Paper Shouts, Chic Tots, Elodie Details, Trace Designs, and Vintage Kids, were on hand to greet the talent, and ensure that each guest left fully-loaded. (L to R: Constance Zimmer; Molly Shannon; Jill Zarin; Maggie Rodriguez).


First Candle

egal Lager Inc., distributor of nursery and children’s products, was honored at the recent Windflower Ball, a fundraiser for First Candle, held last October 16, 2008 at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York. The event drew almost 300 attendees, and the organization raised an estimated $70,000, which will benefit First Candle’s mission to save babies’ lives and eradicate SIDS. Bengt and Luanne Whiting-Lager were given the award for their unwavering support of these First Candle efforts. (L to R: Luanne and Bengt Lager, with their daughters; Regal Lager’s Elisabeth Bergoo).

18 BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 18

babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009



12/4/08 7:08:36 AM


Available at select retail locations nationwide.


Experience Life with Baby on the Go.

Get Going™ The Micralite® Toro™ is available at micralitestore.com and other select retailers across the country.

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© 2008 Scandinavian Child LLC

12/4/08 7:08:41 AM

bc report

stroller spotlight


Micralite toro ($524.95) scichild.com or letsgostrolling.com

teutonia (price upon request) teutoniausa.com

With the fusion of form (being one of the most headturning strollers in the market today) and function (one of the most lighweight, easiest to fold) of Micralite strollers, the Toro retains many of Micralite’s features, particularly the fast-fold—making it perfect for on-the-go parents, like us all. The Toro’s sliding seat unit allows a full recline for baby’s comfort, or upright seating for your older child, plus it has a larger hood for better sun or wind protection. We also love the “bull horns” look of its adjustable handles, which gives it that cool, unique look, and that it has a huge compartment. Most importantly, the Toro, which covers all terrains, is a compact unit, and stands alone when folded. Hard to beat that.

For a stroller that’s inimitably yours, Teutonia gives you the freehand to virtually put your pram together. Choose from the stroller chassis, wheels, fabrics, down to the final accessory— all to fit your lifestyle and needs. Our pick: the t-100 chassis, explore 50 wheels, the violet floral and Prussian blue fashions, and a moonstone navy seat insert. Teutonia is truly a luxurious, individualized experience for every mom who deserves that freedom to style. The prints are eye-catching, and gives you that feeling that you want to get them all.

babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:08:55 AM




©2008 Lascal, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Visit www.lascal.se

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12/4/08 7:08:55 AM

70 100 A

100 60

Available in six colors

The Lascal ’s unique, integrated back support keeps baby’s developing spine straight at all times, while a truly ergonomic lumbar support distributes baby’s weight to relieve stress on your own back. The multi-adjustable front piece is made of 3D, breathable fabrics and easily accommodates babies from 8 to 30 lb. The removable, interchangeable, soft bamboo Top Covers (sold separately) make cleaning easy and add even more versatility with the new All Black Carrier (shown). Designed in Sweden.


100 60



ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2007


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40 100

40 100

40 70 40

70 40 40

40 70 40

40 70 40

70 40 40





The Lascal – the perfect way to hang out with Dad!

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12/4/08 7:08:59 AM

Splash News

Madonna and David After her recent divorce from husband, Guy Ritchie, the material girl is currently on her “Hard Candy” tour. Although work is probably keeping her mind off personal concerns, what keeps her in high spirits are her children, Lourdes, Rocco, and her youngest son, David. It’s been a highlycontroversial union for the two, because Madonna was criticized for reportedly bypassing some Malawi laws of adoption. But since David’s own father reportedly preferred adoption over the financial support Madonna was initially offering, it seems the duo are meant to be together. The Michelangelo couldn’t have seen his two masterpieces coming together in this form.

copy that iF you liKE wHaT THEsE CElEBriTy KiDs arE wEariNG, HErE’s How To FasHioN THEir ouTFiTs For your owN TruE sTars

GEt DAvID’S Look: Boys’ retro sporty track jacket by Sean John (seanjohn.com or macys.com); Classic slip-ons 7290076 by vans (vans.com).


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HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:09:07 AM

baby couture shopping bag

BEco BABY cArrIEr Beco baby carriers offers the perfect balance of ergonomics, comfort, and style. with top quality styles (butterfly, obi, Beco mini—an ultra-cute toy doll carrier) and eye-catching prints, there is literally a Beco for your moods (becobabycarrier.com or 1.888.9.GET.BECo).

hULA StAr AnD GoSSIP GIrL For attractive swim, resort and beach wear for children, Hula star and Gossip Girl are first in mind. Known for its, “sugar and spice personality,” Hula star is sparkles, ruffles and bows. Gossip Girl is more “bubbly, flirty, and fashion savvy” and has a signature surf glam (gossipgirlswim.com or 212.244.2664). cELEBrItY chItt Celebrity Chitt, the entertainment marketing gurus, provides exclusive individual, corporate, and co-op opportunities for celebrity gifting and marketing. Clients include: B Baby Bling, Baby Banz, Baby Bee Bags, Heart Mommy (shown here), Pink axle, your Couture Kid, Miatom, wear Clean underwear (the book), scooterbees, and more (celebritychitt.com). I BookEr’S GUIDE Founded by Gemma Booker, the network site offers the children’s market many venues for advertising and trade show co-ops, gifting, Pr assistance, among other services. Check out profiles of Kitson Kids, Tivoli Couture, sidity Clothing Co., everythingbuttheprincess.com, and many others (ibookersguide.com).

LEt’S Go StroLLInG For the best buggies, diaper bags, carriers, blankets, etc., find the perfect mobility product for your child here. They offer trusted brands, such as Phil and Ted’s (vibe, shown here), Baby Jogger, Micralite, Baby Fabulous, etc., and also provide valuable, “strolling Consultation” advice (letsgostrolling.com). PoSh BABY Posh Baby, the lifestyle boutique, exclusively introduces you to the ultimate pre-cycling machine from New zealand: the wishbone Bike. with its “3-bikes-in-1” feature, it grows with your child from a tricycle into to a full-blown bike (poshbaby.com). nUrtUrED BY nAtUrE This elegant, double-lined essential winter piece to keep your baby dressed fashionably and warm is made from the finest, non-irritating New zealand Merino wool (Doublebreasted cornflower blue jacket, nurturedbynature.co.nz or 646.269.5164).

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 24

12/4/08 7:09:15 AM

Unique European Toys and Gifts toll free 888.825.4109 | www.oompa.com

The ULTIMATE play kitchen. Made in Europe.

modern furniture, gear, toys

toll free 866.206.9897 | www.atomicbaby.com

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12/4/08 7:09:17 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 26

12/4/08 7:09:20 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe We’ve made our list, and checked it twice. Here are the choicest ideas for the most special people in your life (that includes you).

Photos from Lucky Butter Productions


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 27

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:09:48 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe LIqUID BLUE MonokInI wIth SIDE rInGS (for woMEn). stylish swimsuit line for adults. (malibuswim.com).

JEnnA cLAIrE BottoMS UP! DIAPEr AnD wIPES cLUtch. Paisley-print clutch that can stash a few diapers and set of wipes ($24, jennaclaire.com).

SIGIkID IBEDoo GEStrE toY. an iPod inspired pocket-sized plush toy ($29.99, oompa. com).

LoLA PLUSh toY. a 16-inch dressable, talking “lola” ($29.99, charlieandlola.com).

Gr8x hoLDALL DIAPEr BAG (in black and natural stripe with red trim). spacious bag that can be used for baby’s things, or as an overnighter ($139.95, regallager.com).

LIL trEE 2-PIEcE. a leather-like vinyl sectional couch for kids, madeto-order ($1100, liltree. com).

BILLY-BoB’S Jr.’S 1St GrILLz PAcIfIEr. For the little playah in the making ($11, psychobabyonline.com). 3 SProUtS orGAnIc MonkEY towEL. a hooded towel friend made from 100% organic cotton ($39, artebebe.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 28

MAGIcIAn’S APPrEntIcE coIn trIckS UnroLLED. Make coins disappear, change in size, and reappear, with this apprentice set that will be a hit from ages 8, and above ($49.99, melissaanddoug.com).


12/4/08 7:10:00 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 29

12/4/08 7:10:05 AM

Photo - Erica Hill

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 30

12/4/08 7:10:13 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe thE BErtIE Box BY MoD MoM fUrnItUrE. a storage box with wheels, topped with an intricate, bird-shaped lid ($299, modmomfurniture.etsy.com).

YELLow LABEL knIt cItY fooD SEt. Donut, pretzel and pizza—your favored junk food diet. ($27.99, yellowlabelkids.com).

PLAn toYS LIvInG rooM—nEo. Modern dining room set to furnish a contemporary dollhouse. ($14.99, oompa.com).

cLEk oLLI BooStEr cAr SEAt. secure booster seat that boasts of its laTCH function, comfort cube, and lightweight portability (with optional changeable seat covers—shown here in Treehouse Camo) ($89.99, magnaclek.com or amazon.com).

SUGAr BooGEr BY orE’ orIGInALS LUnch SAck “YoU rock” BoY. Non-toxic and lead-free laminated cotton canvas with full insulation ($15, oreoriginals.com).

trEBIMBI cUtLErY SEtS. stylish and functional italian utensils for kids, the set shown also makes nice, jingling sounds ($20-25, niniandloli.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 31

LAScAL M1 cArrIEr. ventilated carrier with head and lumbar support, with optional colored M1 bamboo top covers ($129.95,regallager.com).

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:10:26 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe

It’S chrIStMAS BY tInA BUrkE; EMILY GoES wILD BY BEttY LoU PhILLIPS; thE wIckIt chronIcLES, fEn GoLD BY JoAn LEnnon. Books are always a timeless present ($14.95,kanemiller.com; $16.95, bn.com; $5.95 for paperback, kanemiller.com).

ALEx LIttLE hAnDS wAckY BowLInG SEt. set of 2 balls, and 6 pins with mix and match heads. ($35, fao.com). SoUnDS for SILEncE BABY SEttLInG ProGrAM. Baby sleep aid, and helps calm fussiness (soundsforsilence. com). rItzY BABY ShoPPInG cArt AnD hIGh chAIr covEr (Shown foLDED). stylish cart cover that protects kids from dirt and germs ($68, ritzybaby.com).

hABA corSArIo. soft pencil case with a playful design ($24.99, oompa.com).

SIGG hAPPY cArS 0.3 LItEr ALUMInUM BottLE. Earthfriendly, printed drink bottles (mysigg.com).

PLAIn MArY “BABE” BIB SEt. adorable gift set includes bib, burp cloth and shirt, packaged in this classy case. ($64, plainmary.com). kIDS PrEfErrED SMArt E-BEAr. Huggable bear with software for an interactive and educational play experience ($89.95, sensationalbeginnings.com).

fIShEr-PrIcE kID-toUGh DIGItAL cAMErA. waterproof digital camera for kids built to survive almost all wear and tear ($50, fisher-price.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 32


12/4/08 7:10:41 AM

Vincent – Fashionable Footwear for Cool Kids 1-877-816-2368



Vincent is available at quality children’s boutiques and shoe stores nationwide. Retailer inquiries welcomed.

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 33

12/4/08 7:10:41 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 34

12/4/08 7:10:45 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe BEco BABY cArrIEr. a multi-faceted carrier with a removable infant insert and head rest (in andrew print, from the Butterfly ii winter collection) ($140, becobabycarrier.com).

BrAtz DESIGnED JEtSEt PLAYSEt wIth kAtIA DoLL.Travel case folds out to reveal a fashion runway, closet, juice bar, and stylish jet cabin ($29.99, bratz.com).

LIttLE tIkES GIDDYUP n’ Go PonY. a ride-on pony that gallops as the child bounces up and down; whinnies and snorts, too! ($199.99, littletikes.com). AUtoMoBLox MInI’S BLUE t9 trUck. wooden vehicles that fit in the palm of your hand. automoblox boasts of its “future-retro” design ($10, loulouscorner.com).

L’ovEDBABY 4-In-1 nUrSInG ShAwL.The buttery soft garment makes it a comfortable nursing experience for both mom and baby. ($29.95, lovedbaby.com).

DADDY hoLStEr. The sherpa suede bottle cozy easily attaches onto any belt, bag, back pack or strap ($9.95, daddyholster.com).

AMY coE zoo BABY 3-PIEcE StorAGE BoxES. Boxes decorated with colorful, adorable animals ($16.99, babiesrus.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 35

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:11:03 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe

hABA EMILIA ALArM cLock. waking up can be fun with this retro alarm clock ($19.99, maukilo.com).

fLEUrvILLE LExIE totE khAkI BErrY oGo. luxurious, spacous, and environmentally-friendly tote ($165, fleurville.com).

zUtAno AqUA vELoUr chEEkY MonkEY. a velvety zutano plush toy. ($18, zutano.com). AEroMAx Jr. ArMED forcES PILot. “Top Gun” baby body suit and sleeper ($29.95, aeromaxtoys.com).

kAthE krUSE ShowtIME! a 5-finger puppet theater to re-enact your favorite stories. ($65.99, oompa.com).

nAnA StAr MoonMAn LovEY PLUSh toY AnD MUSIcAL nIGhtLIGht. Doll that glows when you cuddle it, and sings a “luvaby” when you hug its tummy ($19.99, nanastar.com). GoDELEInE DE roSAMEL GrhEn07. adorable pillow from a French designer and illustrator (gderosamel.com).

MILo & GABBY chLoE thE BUnnY PILLow PUrSE. a plush carry-along that doubles as a pillow ($30, bunnychicboutique.com).

fIShEr-PrIcE LAUGh & LEArn SMArt BoUncE AnD SPIn PonY. active learning with music and sounds that you can plug into the Tv ($70, fisherprice.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 36


12/4/08 7:11:14 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 37

12/4/08 7:11:16 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 38

12/4/08 7:11:20 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe

BLAUEn “chEckEr AnD honEYcoMB” MUSIcAL PILLow. Made with fine venetian lace, it plays melodic lullabies to soothe babies ($130, blauenltd.com).

AhnA hoLDEr StockInG StYLE Sk AnD SM. unique stockings, with photo inserts for a personal touch ($45, artebebe. com).

BABY BAnz In rockIn’ rED. wrap-around shades for yearround eye protection against harmful uv rays ($15, babybanz. com). BABY BEE BAGS In rED StAr. Microfiber Eglan bag that can be worn as a backpack, over-theshoulder, or messenger style ($129.99, babybeebags.com). SMALL PAUL’S JULIUS MAtchInG GAME. a 72-card memory game that teaches kids to be smart, and be a good sport ($14.95, loulouscorner.com). fIShEr-PrIcE SESAME StrEEt SInGInG ELMo’S rEStAUrAnt. a child-size restaurant with Elmo and Grover as talking chefs! ($103, fisher-price.com).

kAMArA DESIGnS BALLEt ShoES. These shoes add a spring in your ballerina’s steps (everythingbuttheprincess.com or britchinpost.com). LILLEBABY EvErYwEAr convErtIBLE BABY AnD chILD cArrIEr. all-around carrier with an ergonomic design and, “suspension feel” that can be used facing, inward, on your hip or back ($100, scichild.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 39

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:11:49 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe MELISSA AnD DoUG IcE crEAM PArLor SEt. Four colorful and magnetic ice cream scoops, two cones, and two scoopers in a playful “freezer” case ($29, melissaanddoug.com).

knItwIt SPLItwIt. Fun toys from littleMissMatched made from real socks ($25, littlemissmatched.com).

fIShEr-PrIcE kID-toUGh DvD PLAYEr (In PInk). Extremely durable and easy to use DvD player that kids can bring anywhere ($150, fisher-price.com).

JIShAkU. a portable, strategy game with magnetic stones that create an element of surprise ($19.95, playjishaku.com).

ALEx LIttLE hAnDS LEArn to DrESS MonkEY. aids in child’s development of motor skills, while learning to dress up ($33, fao.com).

SPA SIStEr DUckY BUBBLInG BAth confEttI. Duck-shaped confetti for adults that dissolve into warm water for a soothing bubble bath ($9, bathaccessories. com).

BABY’S fIrSt BIBLE. Thomas Nelson New King James version, with unique artwork ($15.99, nelsonministryservices.com).

GrEEn to Grow BABY BottLES. Feeding bottles free of phthalates and bisphenol-a ($10.99 for a 10 oz. bottle, greentogrow.com).

hABA PLAY fooD BIofIno vEGEtABLE crAtE. included are: wooden crate, 1 leek, 2 carrots, 1 banana, 2 tomatoes ($27.99, maukilo.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 40


12/4/08 7:12:00 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 41

12/4/08 7:12:01 AM

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 42

12/4/08 7:12:10 AM

hOLiDaY GifT gUiDe PIAS thILDE DoLL BY ArrAY. For kids who love playing with laundry tags ($38, huset-shop.com).

MUtSY Grow UP DInInG BooStEr SEAt In APPLE GrEEn. allows the child to sit comfortably and safely on adult chairs ($69, barebabies.com).

DJEco DAISY’S tEA PArtY SEt. Have tea for two (and cake for more) with this daisy-themed wooden tea set ($45.99, oompa.com).

BEABA 4-In-1 StEAM cookEr AnD BLEnDEr. a baby-food maker to prepare healthy meals in less than 15 minutes ($149.95, williams-sonoma.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 43

DPoPPEn towEL AnD BAckPAck. a collage of artwork by popular Dutch artist, Ditteke Ederveen, on a beach towel and backpack in one (dpoppen. com or 305.856.1728).

hABA MoSAIc ArrAnGInG GAME. wooden tiles that create many different shapes ($39.99, oompa.com).

UGLYDoLL cLASSIc-SIzE PoE PLUSh toY. an “ugly” dragon ($20, uglydolls.com).

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:12:19 AM

Kristen: Dress by Diesel (diesel.com); Hopewell necklace by Prismera (prismeradesign.com) Chantebelle rubber boots by Aigle (aigleboots.com); Leather punk cuff, stylist’s own. Bailey: Foliage gypsie dress by Baby Nay (babynay.com or zappos.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 44

Meet the www.ibabycouture.com

12/4/08 7:13:00 AM

Bellamys www.ibabycouture.com

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 45

tExt AnD StYLInG BY kArIz fAvIS PhotoS BY MEEno PELUcE hAIr BY SonnY D. crEEr MAkE-UP BY SAMUEL PAUL HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:13:48 AM

FaNs oF THE CHarisMaTiC CoMEDiaN (and smokin’ actor-slash-dad), Bill Bellamy, know him for appearing on films such as, “Any Given Sunday” by Oliver Stone, for hosting several MTV programs, and for his recent stint as a host for, “Last Comic Standing,” which features up and coming entertainers from different countries. We can also credit him for coining one of the most used terms for some clandestine, “late night” action.

Together with his equally-striking wife, Kristen, who is also an actress (and obviously, a model), the couple are proud parents to gorgeous 5-year old Bailey, who just started Kindergarten, and to handsome (and tall) 2-year old Baron, who was allowed a trip to the park, pre-shoot, to unleash some excess “energy,” before he takes his midday nap. You can sense that theirs is a loving and managed household, as Kristen makes sure that both kids are given the exact same lunch during the photo shoot (which meant that they got away with a Happy Meal), while their svelte mom munched on salad. And after we wrapped up, Bill gobbled on a Quarter Pounder that was carelessly left lying around on the kitchen table—but what he doesn’t know to this day is that the burger actually belongs to this writer, who needs to shed some lbs anyway. Bill had just come in exhausted from a long flight out of New York the night before, but as expected, he brought his A-game to the photo shoot. Come to think of it, that’s not really hard when you already look as good as this family does. Having just moved in to their new residence in California, which underwent some renovations, the house is already homey and chic. It always helps when the kids are in an environment that is familiar to them for pictorials, and they obviously liked being home for this, as is evident in how great the photos turned out. This is a house that seems meant to host family and friends over, and one that lets you appreciate its interior’s colorful aesthetics—yet still makes you feel like you can just plop down on one of the comfy couches. This is precisely how their family is: looking like they all just jumped out of a catalog, but are also the warmest, most down-to-earth people. Come say hello.


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 46


12/4/08 7:14:28 AM

Bailey: Children’s straw cowboy hat by Goorin (poshbaby. com); Drinny lavender dress with pocket on waist and embroidery by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Mimi tights by Room Seven (room7usa.com); TT Cassandra plum mary janes by Stride Rite (striderite.com). Kristen: Dress by Diesel (diesel.com for stores).

“The answers are within each and every one of us, we just need help tapping into them.” www.ibabycouture.com

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 47

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:15:09 AM

“No, I am a superhero –with jokes and a teaspoon of goofy.”

Baron: Reversible long-sleeved shirt by Right Bank Babies (rightbankbabies.com); Mullet vs. Mohawk destroyed vintage white shirt by Baby Rock Apparel (babyrockapparel.com); Brady Sport casual shoes in black by Smartfit from Payless (payless.com). Bill: Gray shirt by Diesel (diesel.com); Vest by Ralph Lauren (polo.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 48


12/4/08 7:15:49 AM

(On the cover) Baron: Red star hero shirt with cape by Little Capers (littlecapers.com); Jeans by Lit’l Earnie from Earnest Sewn (earnestsewn.com); Brady sport casual shoes in black by Smartfit from Payless (payless.com). Kristen: Bronze Titanopsis necklace and Sedum Cuff bracelet by Prismera (prismeradesign.com); Drayton knit dress in garnet by Ben Sherman (bensherman.com). Bailey: Wool cashfeel jumper dress with ruffle neck in barn by Kico Kids (kicokids.com); Knit scarf, and Bluebird cotton mix tights by Pumpkin Patch (pumpkinpatchusa.com); Dakota suede slouch boots with buckle by Stride Rite (striderite.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 49

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:16:11 AM

“Bailey is a Leo with definite opinions about everything, especially her wardrobe. She’s just come out of a, ‘skirt only’ phase...” Ruffle dress by ChaBelle for Right Bank Babies (rightbankbabies.com); (On the floor) Reversible kimono top in pink and green by Right Bank Babies (rightbankbabies.com); Susan shoe with metallic heart appliques by Vincent (vincentshoestore.us).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 50


12/4/08 7:16:39 AM

Bill: Cashmere pullover by Ralph Lauren (polo.com). Kristen: Blouson wool blend jersey dress by Ports 1961 (ports1961. com); Blue Spruce necklace by Prismera (prismeradesign.com); Gray low boots with wedge heel by H&M (hm.com). Bailey: Striped turtleneck dress, and star cape by Eva & Oli (tinyginger.com or allisonshowroom.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 51

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:16:51 AM

Bailey: Little girl apple quilted bomber jacket in solid gold with faux-fur trim hood by Apple Bottoms (applebottoms.com or macys. com); Sequined dress by Flowers by Zoe (bestdressedkids.com). Bill: Jertiu 0014E gray jacket with techno fabric, and Tanikio 00RFL shirt from the Black Gold collection by Diesel (diesel.com). Baron: Ghost diamond shirt by Georgie World (shopgeorgieworld.com); Soft cargo pants by Da Lil Guys (dalilguys.com); Vincent fisherman’s rain boots with laces in red by Vincent (vincentshoestore.us).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 52


12/4/08 7:17:02 AM


Bc: whAt’S UP wIth thE BELLAMYS? krIStEn: Bill just finished two shows, “Last Comic Standing” and, “Bill

Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?” I am in the process of developing a lifestyle show. It’s a slice of life with a spiritual twist—kind of a, “beauty from the inside-out” approach. With everything that’s going on in the world, people are suffering—spiritually, financially, and emotionally. We need something to hold on to. The answers are within each and every one of us, we just need help tapping into them. I must say though, with Bill on his comedy tour, and me home alone with a 5 and a 2-year old, this is a slow process at best, but it’s moving along.

Bc: how DID YoU MEEt? k: We actually met in acting class. It sounds kind of like a screenplay, but

it’s true. It was my first [class], so I was just sitting in the back observing, and in walks Bill—this ball of energy in a red fleece jacket—all fiery and handsome. Bc: who’S BILL BEhInD thE ShowBIz PErSonA? k: With Bill, what you see is what you get. He is one of the kindest,

happiest, most upbeat people you could ever meet. He just glows wherever he is. Bc: BILL, thE fILMS thAt YoU APPEArED In, SUch AS, “LovE JonES,” AnD, “how to BE A PLAYEr,” GIvE YoU An IMAGE of, wELL, A PLAYEr. Do PEoPLE SEE YoU AS thE chArActErS YoU PortrAY In YoUr MovIES? BILL: Yes, people pretty much think you are what they see on the screen,

which is okay with me. The young men see me as a player, so I guess I’ve done my job well. Bc: whEn coMInG UP wIth YoUr StAnD-UP GIG, Do YoU conSIDEr thAt YoUr chILDrEn MIGht cAtch It on tv or thE IntErnEt SoMEDAY, or Do YoU JUSt focUS SoLELY on thE crAft? B: With stand-up, I solely focus on the craft. Bc: how IS BEInG A coMEDIAn hELPInG YoU In rEArInG YoUr chILDrEn? B: It gets you through the rough spots. Bc: hAvE thEY EvEr ASkED ABoUt, “BootY cALL” In YoUr PrESEncE? B: Thank God, no! They’re too young. Bc: kIDS SEE thEIr fAthErS AS A conStAnt towEr of StrEnGth, or AS A SUPErhEro. IS thErE PrESSUrE In LIvInG UP to thIS PErcEPtIon? B: No, I am a superhero—with jokes and a teaspoon of goofy. Bc: how ArE YoUr own PArEntS LIkE? B: They’re very traditional with old school values. They have been

married for 43 years now. Bc: how DID thEY InfLUEncE thE wAY YoU BrInG UP thE kIDS? B: The strong discipline comes from them, mixed with love. Bc: how cLoSE ArE YoU AnD YoUr coUSIn ShAqUILLE o’nEAL? AnY PLAYDAtES?


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 53

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:17:21 AM

“We teach them to be loving, compassionate, and kind to everyone.”

B: We haven’t seen him lately, since he got traded.

B: Ask my wife. k: I’m sure we do have influences, but right now they have

Bc: YoU oncE MEntIonED thAt BAron, YoUr SEconD chILD, woULD BE YoUr LASt. hAS thIS chAnGED? K: No, we feel very blessed to have the 2 we have, but let’s

just say our plate is full. (Smiles)

Bc: whAt’S BAILEY’S fAShIon SEnSE LIkE, If ShE ALrEADY hAS onE? k: Bailey is a Leo with definite opinions about everything,

Bc: who IS thE DIScIPLInArIAn AnD thE InDULGEnt onE? k: Well, that’s funny because Bill would tell you that I

especially her wardrobe. She’s just come out of a, “skirt only” phase, and she rarely will wear pants and she loves to layer. It’s so funny how they have their own style so young.

indulge, and he disciplines— but I have to do both when I’m alone with the kids. Bc: fAvorItE fAMILY PAStIME? k: Karaoke would be one of them. Bc: how Do YoU Both StAY So fIt AnD GooD-LookInG? k: Bill works out and plays basketball almost every day


a mind of their own.

Bc: whAt ArE YoUr fAvorItE cLothInG, ShoES, AnD ProDUctS for thE kIDS? k: For the hair, definitely Mixed Chicks. Robeez, for

shoes and slippers. Phat Farm and Baby Phat for boys and girls’ clothing. Flowers by Zoe dresses. Splendid, and Lucky Brand for both kids.

he’s home. I, on the other hand, have been leaning on genetics, but have just recently started doing Cardio Barre two days a week. It’s a combo of ballet and heavy cardiotype aerobics. I love it.

Bc: YoU Both workED hArD to GEt whErE YoU ArE now, how DoES It fEEL to BE thIS SUccESSfUL, AnD how woULD YoU LIkE YoUr chILDrEn to LEArn froM YoUr JoUrnEY? k: It’s all about loving what you’re doing and where you’re

Bc: BILL, YoU’rE A wELL-known ShArP DrESSEr. hAS thIS InfLUEncED thE wAY YoU, or krIStEn, DrESS UP YoUr kIDS?

at. We teach them to be loving, compassionate, and kind to everyone, and most of all, to have a great appreciation for life and self.

babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 54



12/4/08 7:17:41 AM

Bailey: Bolero white furry cape by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); A-line long-sleeve dress in blue pucci by Girlfriends by Anita G. (anitag.com); White knit warmers by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks.com); Silver glitter ballet flat by Naturino (naturino.com). Kristen: Kiltie Italian fine cotton sateen dress with pleats by Ports 1961 (ports1961. com). Bill: Lecapo 00RRD pure leather jacket with multipockets from the Black Gold collection by Diesel (diesel.com); Light blue long-sleeved shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren (polo.com); Sneakers by Creative Recreation (cr8tiverecreation. com). Baron: Cashmere scarf and woolskin vest by Bonpoint (bonpoint. com); Monkey cozy pullover by Zutano (zutano.com or babycenter.com); Charlie loafers in brown from the Flex collection by Pediped (pediped.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 55

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:17:53 AM

The Naughty and Nice List we got some straight answers from what these adorable pre-schoolers want from santa...and yes, they’ve been good all year Photos by Lucky Butter Productions styling, hair, and grooming by kariz favis


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 56


12/4/08 7:18:00 AM

(Opposite page, left): Campus blue varmot hoodie, and T-shirt by Quiksilver (upandriding.com or quiksilver.com). (Right): Striped skull cap by San Diego Hat Co. (sandiegohat.com); Black “Sleepy� moose pajama top by Hatley (hatleynature.com); Gray track jacket by Nike (haddad.com). (This page, left): Velour passion cardigan by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (agatharuizdelaprada.com); White birthday cap sleeve with pink rosettes tee by Oopsy Daisy Baby (everythingbuttheprincess.com or britchinpost.com); Tulle mini-skirt by Lemon Loves Lime (everythingbuttheprincess.com or britchinpost.com). (Right): Sarong by Dpoppen (dpoppen.com); Grey button coat by GMS (gimoskidswear.com). www.ibabycouture.com

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 57

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:18:11 AM

(This page, left): Torre dress by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Bluebird knit cap by Pumpkin Patch (pumpkinpatchusa.com); Paisley scarf by Oilily (oilily-world.com). (Boy): Pherson ski hat by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing.com); Robot zip-up letterman by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (agatharuizdelaprada.com); Billy tee by Stinky Kids (stinkykids.com). (Center): Denim asymmetrical zip-up jacket by Old Navy (oldnavy.com); Floral corduroy peasant top and pants by Hula Mula (hulamula.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 58


12/4/08 7:18:26 AM

(This page): Plaid pub hat by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing.com); Navy thermal zip-up hoodie by Da Lil Guys (dalilguys.com); “Gandhi” tee by Tiny Revolutionary (tinyrevolutionary.com). (Right): Camp plaid flannel shirt by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing.com); Grey pullover V-neck by Gap (gap.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 59

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:18:41 AM

(Boy): Wool broadcloth duffle coat with rabbit fur hood by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Boom boom long-sleeved tee, Colorblock zip-up jacket, and striped beanie, all by Zutano (zutano.com). (Girl): Long -sleeve cotton heart tee, and denim skirt with stars by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (agatharuizdelaprada.com); White flower belt by Myself Belts (myselfbelts.com); Pink and red striped leg warmers by BabyLegs (babylegs. com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 60


12/4/08 7:18:52 AM

(Boy): Long-sleeved tee by Kingsley (kingsleyclothing.com); Rugby pullover v-neck by Canterbury of New Zealand (canterburynz.com). (Girl): Reversible jumper dress with bird print and pompoms, and Harvest orange wool coat for girls by Beau Beaux (beaubeaux.com); Red elf hat by Kathe Kruse (oompa.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 61

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:19:04 AM

(Boy): White hat by San Diego Hat Co. (bonpoint.com); Sock Monkey embroidered shirt in black by Beau Beaux (beaubeaux.com); Pablo hooded cardigan in multi-blue by Blabla (blablakids.com). (Boy, middle) Long-sleeve thermal by Monster Republic (izzyandash.com); Teal and white button-down by Wonder Boy (wonderboyclothing.com). (Center, girl): Electric guitar print long-sleeve dress by Zutano (zutano.com); Ivy heirloom jacket by Eden’s Bouquet (edensbouquet.com); Silk flower sequined headband by Screaming Beauty (everythingbuttheprincess.com or britchinpost.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 62


12/4/08 7:19:18 AM

(This page, girl): Victoria gown, and black hat by Eden’s Bouquet (edensbouquet.com). (Boy): “Hendrix” long-sleeved tee by Rowdy Sprout (rowdysprout.com); Navy overcoat with rabbit fur hood by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 63

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:19:32 AM

(Left): Sage dress by Fable & Lore (myprincesscloset.com); Black crocheted cap by Screaming Beauty (everythingbuttheprincess.com or britchinpost.com). (Right): Polkadot carnaby jacket by Edenstar (edenstar.com); Navy and grey gingham tunic by IKKS (westvillagekids. com); Purple denim jeans by Levi’s (haddad.com). (Center): “Punk’s Not Dead” child mohawk hat with earflap by Knit-Head (knit-head. com); Jusyk denim jacket by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Floral print long sleeve blouse by Tralala (tralalainc.com); Denim pants by Hula Mula (hulamula.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 64


12/4/08 7:19:53 AM

(Boy): “Jeep” tee by Georgie World (shopgeorgieworld.com); Olive corduroy overalls by Lit’l Earnie by Earnest Sewn (earnestsewn.com). (Girl): Military green herringbone jacket, and jeweled frog prince headband by Posh Baby (poshbaby.com); Jeweled purple geometric print dress by Flowers by Zoe (sandboxcouture.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 65

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:20:10 AM


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 66


12/4/08 7:20:21 AM

(Opposite page, boy): “Christmas Rocks!� tee (comes in record album packaging) and blue cardigan, all by Georgie World (shopgeorgieworld.com). (Girl): Felt flower headband by Lou and Lee (louandlee.etsy.com); Blondie soft dress by Rowdy Sprout (rowdysprout.com); Multicolor velvet jumper by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (agatharuizdelaprada.com). (This page, left): Jette jacket by Room Seven (room7usa.com); Coquette la Cocott tee and skirt by Deux Par Deux (loulouscorner.com). (Right): Green dexi dress by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Sequined gray tee and lightning bolt knit vest by Old Navy (oldnavy.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 67

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:20:30 AM

The SweeT

Life Text and styling by kariz favis Photos by Anne Marie fox additional photos by Martin favis Make-up by klexius kolby for karleeartist.com Hair by ofer Brami for karleeartist.com


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 68


12/4/08 7:21:52 AM

it’s difficult to separate Jodie Sweetin from her character as the former lovable Stephanie Tanner from “Full House,” as she played the role for most of her childhood and pre-teen days. Seeing the fresh-faced blonde in person for the first time, thoughts of the wholesome comedy show (that included the Olsen twins as toddlers, and the heartthrob that was John Stamos), hark me back to the smart and snazzy middle child, acted by the same headturner of a mom you’re seeing in these spreads. Sweetin also recently gained quite the notoriety for coming out as a, “recovering meth addict to mom,” in a People Magazine cover. While that headline surely made heads turn (and some, shake), you gotta admit it takes guts to expose yourself to the world about a matter so delicate and private. Sweetin, who’s now 26, emits a quiet certainty— one that seems as long as she has her unbelievably adorable daughter, Zoie Laurel May, and her loving, cool husband, Cody Herpin, by her side, what anyone says will hardly matter. Herpin—who is a transportation coordinator and set designer by profession—manages a quick, expert diaper change while his wife retouched her make-up. He isn’t the man you quite expect, gazing upon those wildly tattooed arms. Herpin is pleasant, gentle, and so obviously in-love with his girls. Probably one of the most laid-back couples we’ve photographed, we teased Cody that with how beautiful Jodie looked that day, and the way he beamed at her during the shoot, another baby might be in the works sooner than they had planned. (Jodie): Chino color leather Lila Marstow jacket by Burberry (burberry.com); Flat peat tunic in dune color (Spring 09 collection), and Tao tank by Song (songresort.com). (Zoie): White cropped jacket by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Pink “Rockstar” onesie by Cutie and Patootie (cutieandpatootie. com); Glitzy baby booties by Baby Bella Maya (babybellamaya.com). (Accessories) Toro stroller by Micralite (scichild.com or letsgostrolling.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 69

Zoie, on the other hand, came prepared for the shoot—full and gratified after downing a baby bottle on the way over, and more relaxed the entire time than most babies I’ve known. She is easy to change into the outfits prepared for her—except for a bit of a struggle when she tries to nibble on the sleeves, and curls her fists into tiny balls so you can’t quite get her hands out of them. She also purses her lips in a way that highlights the cutest apple-cheeks and chubby thighs that you just want to bite with your lips. A happy baby means content parents, so all looks well in the Herpin household—judging especially from the way Zoie lights up at the sight of the singing Elmo puppet, which her folks brought for some amusement, and with how she is just on cloud nine when they pick up and carry her. A self-proclaimed homebody, we asked Jodie days before the shoot what they like to do for fun, and she states that they are, “really boring, we just stay home.” This certainly works out all the better for cuddly little Zoie, as she is growing up in the hands-on arms of both her parents. Sweetin’s said comeback movie project called, “Port City,” which is due out in 2009, will harness her acting chops once again. They have also begun production on their reality series, which will follow the couple’s new parenthood, and Sweetin’s return to the entertainment industry. Bet you can “pin a rose on your nose” that this will be another interesting ride for the threesome.

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12/4/08 7:22:15 AM

i’m lucky because i have a great mom who’s always there for me, even if i call in the middle of the night and need to talk. BC: How did you meet? Jodie: We actually met while we were both staying at a

friend’s house in Las Vegas for a Memorial Day Weekend vacation. We instantly hit it off and spent the rest of the weekend together. From that time on, we have been inseparable. Neither of us was looking for a relationship at that time, but once we met, we knew it just, “clicked!” BC: Who is Jodie Sweetin behind the showbiz persona? J: The “real” Jodie is very much a homebody, especially now

that we have Zoie. I’m very normal. And while it’s fun to get all glammed-up for different events, I spend most days just hanging out around the house in my comfy clothes. BC: How was it like working with such a talented cast at

“Full House”? Do you all still keep in touch? J: We do! Our cast was incredibly close and spent a lot of time with each other off set as well. Amazingly, we’ve all remained close through the years, and are truly like a family—there for each others’ ups and downs. BC: How have you changed as a person, from the innocent middle child? Do people still see you as the characters you portrayed? J: I don’t know if Steph was ever really the innocent one! But she was a really fun character to portray—she definitely

had a lot of spunk and personality. It is funny though how people really feel as though they’ve grown up with me. I guess after being in people’s living rooms for so many years on TV, you become part of their family, in a way. BC: How has growing up as “Stephanie Tanner” helped you in rearing your own baby? J: I don’t know if Stephanie has helped me in rearing my daughter at all, but I know that my parents have, for sure. They were always there for me, and incredibly supportive of me. I know they love me no matter what, and that is something that I hope Zoie will always know. BC: Being adopted, has that influenced the way you bring up your daughter? J: I think it’s just made me realize that when you have a child, no matter what, you love them with all your heart. BC: Recently, you came out about a former meth addiction. How does this affect your decisions when raising Zoie? And how are you going to tell her about it when she grows up? J: If she ever asks, I won’t lie about it. I think it’s really important to be honest with your kids. BC: Do you see yourselves having more children?

Trigab long-sleeved turquoise and grey stripe polo, and jeans all by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Crawling Shoe 4708DTF by Designer’s Touch by Trimfoot (trimfootco.com); Baby headband with pink ribbon and white polkadots by No Slippy Hair Clippy (hairclippy.com). (Toys) Giant Bubbles, Giant Mermaid, and Boogaloo, all by Blabla (blablakids.com); “Hada Pink Hippo” from the Safari collection (converts to a pillow or blanket) by Zoobie Pets (myprincesscloset.com). (On the floor) Brown Kensington baby playmat by Plain Mary (plainmary.com); Luxury swaddle blankets with mocha and ivory trim from the cashmere collection by SwaddleDesigns (eswaddle.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:22:26 AM


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HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:22:57 AM


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:23:29 AM

if she ever asks, i won’t lie about it. i think it’ss really important to be honest with your kids.

(On the cover and opposite page, Jodie): Blue satin dress by Burberry (burberry.com); Tights and shoes, all by H&M (hm.com). (Zoie): Dlonib turquoise hoodie tunic Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); Beaded wool necklace by Oeuf (artebebe. com); Mini Sabina prewalker shoe by Vincent (vincentshoestore.us); White bloomers by RuffleButts (rufflebutts.com). (Cody): Small Paul Log Rocker by 10 Grain (oompa.com).(This page, Jodie): Cowl back coat by Ports 1961 (ports1961. com). (Furniture): Hot pink nursing chair by Monarch (scichild.com or monarchnursery.com); Zoo baby lamp by Amy Coe (babiesrus.com).


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HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:23:53 AM

(This page, Zoie): Leopard-print coat by DKNY (dkny.com); Long-sleeved top by Tea Collection (teacollection.com); Goticab denim mini skirt by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Crawling Shoe 4708DTF by Designer’s Touch by Trimfoot (trimfootco.com). (Cody) Light gray hooded zip sweater by Diesel (diesel.com). (Opposite page): Dress by Baby Nay (babynay.com); Soft shoes by Moschino (zappos.com); Baby bouncer in vanilla and watermelon by Svan of Sweden (svanusa.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:24:37 AM

i have a feeling mom will be the spoiler—ii hate to see that little lip and those tears!

Cody: Yeah, but we’ll probably wait a couple of years, until Zoie is about 4, or so. It’s enough with one right now! BC: Is Zoie already sleeping through the night? And you two...? C: Oh, yeah! From the time she was about 3-4 weeks, she was sleeping about 6-7 hours straight through the night. Now she goes down at about 8 PM, and sleeps ‘til 8 AM, at least. She’s such a great baby! BC: Between you both, who is the disciplinarian and who is the spoiler? J: Right now, it’s hard to say because we don’t really have to discipline her. She’s only about 7 months, so she doesn’t get into too much trouble. But I have a feeling mom will be the spoiler—I hate to see that little lip and those tears! BC: Who wears the pants? C: I’d say we try and split it pretty equally. BC: What do you all do for fun? J: Well, we just got a Nintendo Wii. It’s so much fun!


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 75

While Zoie is napping, that’s our fun. We love this silly Boom Blox game, and even keep track of how many wins each of us gets. We’re pretty competitive when it comes to that kind of stuff. We watch a lot of movies too. Our DVD collection has grown even more since we’ve had the baby, [since] we are home a lot more. BC: Kids see their mothers as the nurturer and the shoulder to cry on. Is this perception true in your family? J: Oh, definitely! I know even now, when I’m sick or things are falling apart, I just want my mommy. I’m lucky because I have a great mom who’s always there for me, even if I call in the middle of the night and need to talk. She’s there. BC: What are Zoie’s most adorable and funniest moments? J: Well, she is currently finding her voice and is learning to squeal, so when she gets really excited about something, or when Cody or I walk into the room, she gets the biggest smile on her face and just lets out this super high-pitched squeal. But it’s the cutest thing, because she’s so happy. She also just had her

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:24:55 AM

i think it’s just made me realize that when you have a child, no matter what, you love them with all your heart.

first Halloween, and was dressed as a pink poodle—it was ridiculously cute!

often as I used to. It’s hard to carry a baby with those things on.

BC: Jodie, we heard that you were working on a film called, “Port City.” How did you balance being both mother and performer? J: I finished working on that this past August, and it shot in North Carolina. It was actually a fun family trip! Cody drove back, since he’s never flown, and Zoie and I flew cross-country. We were in a little studio rental house for about 2 1/2 weeks, and while I was working, Cody took care of Zoie. I’m really lucky that he’s so supportive that way.

BC: Have your styles influenced the way you both dress Zoie? J: Zoie dresses pretty cool! She’s got some cute little girlie things, and then some funky stuff as well. Like her baby Vans, and skull and crossbones onesies!

BC: Cody, we see all those tattoos. Do you have one in there for, or about, your girls? C: Not yet, but I’m going to get the other side of my neck done with Zoie’s name. BC: How did you drop the baby weight? J: I did Nutrisystem! It worked great, and has been really

easy. Cody did it with me as well, and we both lost a ton of weight. I actually lost about 50 pounds, and so did he. It’s amazing how we both gained weight with the pregnancy. I also had a trainer that I worked with for a while, and getting more active definitely helped. BC: Has becoming parents affected you both in the way you dress? J: I definitely dress for comfort now—jeans, a T-shirt, and some Vans. Cody has always dressed like that, so I don’t think it really changed for him. I don’t wear heels nearly as


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 76

BC: How much time, if any, do you spend dressing your daughter? J: I guess it depends on what we’re doing for the day. If we’re just hanging out at home, it doesn’t take long to pick out a little footie sleeper or onesie, and some pants. But if we’re taking her somewhere, it’s a longer process—then we go through a couple of outfit changes. But she seems to love putting on clothes—she always has a big smile on her face when we change her! BC: Do you have favorite clothing and shoe brands, and products for Zoie that you use regularly? J: Baby Gap is great! They have really cute things, and you can mix and match so much. We also use the Rock-ABye Baby CDs, which are lullaby versions of rock bands like Led Zeppelin and the Ramones. She seems to be particularly fond of the Bob Marley one. BC: How would you like Zoie to remember you both? J: I hope she remembers us as always there for her, loving

her, and having fun with her. She’s the most important thing in our lives, and as long as she knows that, we’ll be happy! bc


12/4/08 7:25:00 AM

Cotton cashmere kimono set (bottom not shown) by Angel Dear (myprincesscloset.com); Fuchsia bloomer or underwear cover by RufeButts (rufebutts.com); Striped pink and brown warmers by BabyLegs (babylegs.com). (Toys) Magnetic Stacking Stacrobats by Kushies (kushies.com); Minnie fashion bag by Sitting Bull (sittingbullusa.com).


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HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:25:13 AM

(Cody): Necktie by Burberry (burberry.com). (Zoie): Floral dress (used as a top) by Room Seven (room7usa.com); Red pettiskirt by Kaiya Eve (kaiyaeve.com); Natasha black patent shoe by Pediped (pediped.com). (Jodie): Gray dress with piping by Ben Sherman (bensherman.com); Striped tights and shoes by H&M (hm.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 78


12/4/08 7:25:43 AM

She also just had her first halloween and was dressed as a pink poodle.


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 79

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:25:59 AM


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 80


12/4/08 7:26:09 AM



Holiday fashions so cool, you don’t mind seeing the writing on the wall PHoTos aND CoNCEPT By hEIDI ALLEtzhAUSEr sTyliNG By kArIz fAvIS PosT ProDuCTioN By LUckY BUttEr

(Boy) Puffer jacket by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing.com); Pullover by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Justin jean by Karmel & Alden (poshbaby. com); Hopskotch slip-ons by Sanuk (sanuk.com). (Girl) Dimod hooded shirt dress by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); Black moon and stars boots by Camper (camper.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 81

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:26:25 AM

White long-sleeved shirt and navy Sisje dress with tulle overlay and velvet bows by Jottum (C&C Children’s Wear, 212.564.3031); Red tulle skirt with pompoms (worn underneath) by Prissy Poofs (prissypoofs.com); T-Strap oxford mary jane shoes in white by Smartfit from Payless (payless.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 82


12/4/08 7:26:44 AM

Black dress by Hula Mula (hulamula. com); Red glitter tights by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks.com); Martina black and red shoes by Vincent (vincentshoestore.us).

Black polyester dress with pink satin ruffle trim dress, and motorcycle jacket by Alice + Olivia (aliceandolivia.com); Polkadot tights by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Black toddler Millie mary jane by Smartfit from Payless (payless.com). www.ibabycouture.com

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 83

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:27:03 AM

Bernie wool dress by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Glitter shoes by PePe (pepechildrenshoes.it).

Long-sleeved onesie with Vespa print by Lollopard (exclusively at huset-shop.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 84


12/4/08 7:27:15 AM

(This page) Carreo shirt (worn open on top) by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Fleur de Lis shirt by Da Lil Guys (dalilguys.com); Black shorts by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing.com); Striped socks by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks.com); Xodus LC shoes by Saucony (zappos.com). (Center) Dress by Burberry (burberry.com); Wool cardigan by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Tights by Country Kids (jefferiessocks.com); Emilia glitter black dress shoes by Vincent (vincentshoestore.us).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 85

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:27:23 AM

(Girl) Bubble hem dress by DKNY (dkny.com); Pink toddler Millie mary jane shoes by Smartfit from Payless (payless.com). (Boy) White knit scarf, and Clush K jean by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Topstitch guitar print shirt by Zutano (zutano.com); Superball IV H&L graphite by Stride Rite (striderite.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 86


12/4/08 7:27:29 AM

“Love and Peace” T-shirt and silver skull beanie by Cutie and Patootie (cutieandpatootie.com); Trench coat by Room Seven (room7usa.com); Bootcut sweatpants by Nike (haddad.com); TT Nicolette dress mary janes by Stride Rite (striderite.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 87

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:27:41 AM

Tulipan party shirt with sequins (worn on top of pullover) by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); White cashmere pullover by Bonpoint (bonpoint.com); Luigi skirt by Baby Phat (macys.com); Striped tights by Country Kids (jefferiessocks.com); Flats by Naturino (naturino.com).


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 88


12/4/08 7:27:58 AM

Velvet dress with Victorian collar by Marie Chantal (mariechantal.com); Striped knee-high socks (not a set) by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks.com); Leve black leather girls’ shoes by Jessica Simpson (striderite. com or zappos.com).

(Center, boy) Polyester quilted trench with plaid lining by Burberry (burberry.com); Classic navy Talbot sweater by Ben Sherman (bensherman.com); Safado K dark denim jeans by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com). (Girl) Stanley grey velvet boys jacket by Marie Chantal (mariechantal.com); White long-sleeved shirt with denim halter vest by Levi’s (haddad.com); Matic J Party jeans by Diesel Kids (dieselkids.com); Darcy black/charcoal shoes by Stride Rite (striderite.com).


BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 89

HOLIDAY 2008-2009 babycouture


12/4/08 7:28:17 AM

baby couture shopping bag

cLEAn ShoPPEr AnD DInEr Go grocery-shopping with your baby, or dine in your favorite restaurant together without forfeiting style, ease, and most importantly, keep him germ-free, with Babe Ease’s Clean shopper and Clean Diner shopping cart and highchair lead-free covers. with eye-catching prints, they are innovatively designed to keep disease-causing bacteria away from our precious tykes-on-the-go (luxe Minky super-soft Clean shopper, $64.99, cleanshopper.com or babeease.com).

UP&rIDInG say “aloha” to Hawaii-born store, up & riding, which carries the best action sport lines for the younger set (including skate, snow, wake, motocross, among others), with a swell variety of choices from Quiksilver, Billabong, reef, roxy Girl, Dakine, small Paul, volcom, o’Neill, rip Curl, and Element—all approved by the rad store’s awesome founders (upandriding.com or 1-888-riDE-450). JUBI Because founder alison Hui’s son suffered with asthma as an infant, she made a superb line of Europeaninfluenced allergy-free baby goodies called Jubi. Made with water-based bleaching and special, safe dyes—making them soft, snuggly and appealing to health and style conscious parents (jubi.us.com or call 646.269.5164).

MYSELf BELtS Myself Belts are great tools for instilling self-confidence and independence in growing children. Co-founders Talia Goldfarb and Danielle Eason introduced the brilliant, “snap, slide, and secure” steps when fastening belts, which children ages 2 to 5 can learn easily. with cool, kid-friendly designs for both boys and girls, it is perfect for the active and inquisitive toddlers and preschoolers, and some styles may also be embroidered on to personalize the belt to your child’s name (myselfbelts.com).

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12/4/08 7:28:21 AM

For inquiries on advertising in Baby Couture shoppers, please e-mail advertising@ibabycouture.com or call 212.561.5796.

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

“i modeled for baby couture!�

www.ibabycouture.com/ register


By Peek-A-Boo Baby, Inc.

eco-friendly baby blankets nursing covers little lovee blankets stroller covers 843.377.8773 www.loveecovee.com

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12/4/08 7:28:29 AM

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 92

For inquiries on advertising in Baby Couture shoppers, please e-mail advertising@ibabycouture.com or call 212.561.5796.

12/4/08 7:28:34 AM

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

For inquiries on advertising in Baby Couture shoppers, please e-mail advertising@ibabycouture.com or call 212.561.5796.


Baby Coutuer ad final 2.indd 1

9/9/08 8:30:01 AM



Make your baby a L’ovedbaby


818.992.9911 lovedbaby.com




Clean Shopper


Ideal for moms who love to pamper their little ones!

Unbelievably soft and super plush





BabyAD2.indd 1 BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 93

9/4/08 5:30:25 PM 12/4/08 7:28:42 AM

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

BC_Holiday2008_virtual.indd 94

For inquiries on advertising in Baby Couture shoppers, please e-mail advertising@ibabycouture.com or call 212.561.5796.

12/4/08 7:28:46 AM

Engagement City:

Ad Size: 3.75'' x

Los Angeles CA


Media: Insertion Date(s):

For inquiries on advertising in Baby Couture shoppers, please e-mail advertising@ibabycouture.com or call 212.561.5796.

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers






DEC. 19 11:00 AM

DEC. 20 12 NOON 3:30 PM 7:30 PM

DEC. 21 12 NOON 3:30 PM 7:30 PM

7:30 PM

*(Excludes VIP and Front Row seats. No double discounts.)

DEC. 23 - 28 Heirloom-quality children’s furniture, personalized and built With your baby In mind

www.liltree.com 520.744.0550

Tue. DEC. 23 H 7:30 PM







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*(Excludes VIP and Front Row seats. No double discounts.)

JAN. 2 - 4 Fri. JAN. 2 H 7:30 PM




JAN. 3 12 NOON 3:30 PM 7:30 PM

JAN. 4 12 NOON 3:30 PM 7:30 PM

*(Excludes VIP and Front Row seats. No double discounts.)

Buy tickets at www.ticketmaster.com, Retail Locations, Arena Box Offices or call (213) 480-3232 or (714) 740-2000 TICKET PRICES: $16 - $20 - $25 - $40 VIP - $65 Front Row (Service charges, facility and handling fees may apply.)


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bc moment

baby, one more time Splash News

Britney spears is making a huge comeback to her boys, sean Preston and Jayden James


lthough most of her fans claim that now is Britney’s one last shot for a career return, the pop icon seems more intent in making up for lost time with her boys, even after purportedly agreeing to give ex-husband Kevin Federline legal and physical custody of both Sean and Jayden last July. Lately, Spears is reported to be more hands-on as a mom, taking her darlings to the pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills last Halloween, and as she is seen here, picking them up from their pre-school in California. She also reportedly vacationed with her babies at her hometown, Louisiana, for thanksgiving. We all know that parenting is a series of hits and misses, so from the lady who said in a Dateline interview in 2006 that, “Right now, my baby is my religion”—we are hopeful that Ms. Spears is sticking to that credo stronger this time around.


babycouture HOLIDAY 2008-2009

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12/4/08 7:29:00 AM


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11/21/08 1:46:11 PM

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