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The latest addition to our online services is a calendar to which the public can add events. Our goal is to become the definitive source for this information. In order to do so we need to make sure that we create the most comprehensive collection of things to do and calendar of events in your region stretching beyond what we provide in print to provide a wider selection of content online where we have virtually unlimited space.

All events will publish within 24 hours of submission unless it contains any one of the 500 bad words in our list, or you may review and reject it as being too controversial for your readership, or if 3 readers mark it as Unacceptable Content. In the case of the last two items, they will never publish online without an editor’s intervention. And to cut through the clutter, you’ll be able to provide editorial direction to your readers with Editor Picks.

Login or Add an Event Navigate to your website - if you have a daily in your market either calendar will work for this – We recommend Firefox for reliability Login here If you are adding events to your calendar personally, login first to save a step Login in using your email and the password sent to you when you entered your first calendar item. If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Your Password and have a fresh one emailed to you. If you have more than one person in your office using this login, it will change it for everyone.

Options after Log In

Where you can review just the events that you’ve put into the Calendar

Change your name, password, email

Dashboard- where you’ll accept, edit, refuse, cancel events and/or make them Editor’s Pick. Also where you’ll download events

Report system Logout errors here of the Note: This is system not for help desk queries.

Troubleshooting Tip: Not seeing this Dashboard after you login? Contact the Online Editorial Team ( to make sure you have been upgraded to Editor.

your caL community

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Approve, Reject, Edit - including Editor Pick - an event

Click on Event Queue.

This is the list of events that will auto approve in the next 24 hours. To immediately upload click approve.

To confirm all have been approved or rejected, simply refresh screen.

Edit or change an item Permanently Indicates an issue Click here to immediately put an event with the event or assign Editor Pick. remove a online or remove an event from online Note: only an editor calendar item - either reader Note: (number) refers to the number of papers complaint or bad can edit. Readers may that this will affect typically only seen in markets word list hit only add Addendums with overlapping boundaries or a Daily.

To edit an event that has already been approved, while in your Dashboard, type a key word from the event into the Search box. Search. Click Edit below the Event you want to change.

Click on Edit to make any change required for accuracy or spelling. Click on Editor’s Choice under Description to mark this item as one of the key events in your community. Don’t forget you must click Save Changes at the bottom of the page for any editing changes to take effect.


Reverse publishing items from the online calendar to your paper (aka say goodbye to cut and paste and retyping faxes) Navigate to We recommend Firefox for reliability Login as per usual.

Check or uncheck categories (sports, visual arts, etc.) to review a singular or multiple categories.


Select the date range you’d like, then hit GO. You’ll then see a selection of events for the whole province - that’s ok - the system knows which paper you represent. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of events and click the orange XML button. This will bring up a page of code that will look like one of these samples depending on whether you used Safari or Firefox. Don’t worry all you need to do is Save Page as.

Firefox save as format will read Web Page, complete.

Safari format will read Page Source.

Both should produce an XML file. Rename the file, making sure the file is saved as .xml Save the file to your desktop as: CalendarJul15-30.xml


Reverse publishing items from the online calendar to your paper (cont...) Navigate to – We recommend Firefox for reliability Select XML file you just saved to your desktop – Firefox click Browse/Safari click Choose File Choose how you’d like the calendar organized for the print edition. Section is Category such as Arts, Sports, etc. NOTE: Be precise in doing date range. You must enter the date exactly as: 2008-07-14 (year-month-day) and you must enter an end date to end up with a successful file. Click Generate Indesign file and save to desktop.


Look for this file - probably on your desktop – and drag and drop into Indesign on your dock.

Depending on the speed of your machine and the number of calendar items, the time this takes will vary.

This should bring up a 6 col. page (tabloid size) of calendar items organized and ready for you to edit for the unique needs of your print edition.

Each item has a distinct Character or Paragraph Style applied. All you need to do is edit those to make this calendar your own. Just change 4 settings and this will be set in your fonts and styles. No need to style each calendar item, one by one. You can edit freely in this calendar and it will not impact the online calendar.

Working in InDesign Now lets customize size and fonts for your paper. With the calendar file open, click on the Window menu, select Type & Tables then choose Paragraph Styles When the Palette pops up, select the format you want to change and right click for this menu. If you don’t have a right click on your mouse, click on the arrow on the top right for the menu. Then select Style Options. Click on Basic Character formats then change each style to the font and size you currently use in your paper, click OK. Below is a full list of Paragraph style names and what content each affects.

Once again click on the Window menu, select Type & Tables then choose Character Styles

Cal_Event Body is the description of the event

When the Palette pops up. Choose EventBody_bold (this is the title of the event). Right click or click on the arrow for the menu and select Style Options.

Cal_Event Date is date range of the event Cal_Event Large is the big header, either day of the week or category depending on how you sort Cal_Event Medium is only displayed if you sort by both the day of the week and category. Medium is always the second one you sort by.

Just like in the picture above, select Basic Character Formats then alter the font and size based on the styles currently used by your paper. Click ok. Begin to edit the content for your print edition.


Click on Event Queue. This is the list of events that will auto approve in the next 24 hours. To immediately upload click approve. To confir...