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B. C. L A N D S C A P E & N U R S E R Y A S S O C I A T I O N P U B L I C A T I O N • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 8

BCLNA Meets New Minister BCLNA board representatives Ruth Olde,

Sandy Mathies, Tim Loewen, Bill Hardy, and staff Hedy Dyck (Nursery Industry Development) and Werner Knittel (Executive Director), met with Honourable Minister Stan Hagan last month. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the new minister of Agriculture & Lands to the provincial priorities affecting the ornamental nursery sector and its allied landscape and garden retail commodities.

delegation also voiced BCLNA’s support of several BC government initiatives, including the Environmental Farm Plan Program, which has seen the participation of more than 135 nurseries, and the Industry Training Authority’s work to produce more skilled workers in this province. The team further pointed out the opportunity that exists for BCLNA to work with the provincial government in its environmental initiatives—particularly its “Plant a Million Trees” program.

Hon. Minister Hagan, who took the post in late June following a cabinet shuffle, welcomed the briefing meeting, which addressed a multitude of challenges such as the rising cost of exporting, invasive alien species management, and our industry’s difficulty in establishing a pot and poly recycling program. The

Key “asks” were also made of the government on behalf of BCLNA members. These issues are important for the industry as well as the residents and government of BC. Environmental initiatives are especially critical to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and work towards short continued on page 4


BCLNA Board Highlights


BCLNA News Bulletins

5 Grower Updates 8 Landscape Clippings 11 Industry Bits 13 Back to School

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Growers and their seasonal staff teams got together for a barbecue and soccer tournament this summer. The outreach tourney provided a welcome connection for Mexican migrant workers to an extended community while away from their homes and families. The fourth annual event was organized by Rod Heppell of Sardis Fellowship Baptist Church, in conjunction with several other Chilliwack-area Ministries in support of the Mexican workers and local farms.


Message from the President

Certification, AGM Bring Opportunities for Fall The kids have headed back to school, a busy season has begun to taper off, and most of us will leave the CanWest Show and IGCA Congress with some great product fi nds and excellent new ideas for our businesses. This is the perfect time to start a list of ways to hone company operations in preparation for next spring while things are fresh in our minds. If you’ve been procrastinating about completing your CHT, CLD, or CLP, plan Katos 9/2/08 12:42 PM Page 1 to take the test this October. Preparing for Certification is an excellent way to remind yourself of those skills and that knowledge that makes you a landscape or

garden centre professional, and achieving your Certification gives you one more way to highlight your company to an increasingly better-informed customer market. Don’t forget to use Certification as incentive for your team of employees: the accomplishment boosts moral and creates greater confidence in both you and your staff member; many employers also use Certification as a tangible reason to reward and recognize staff.

those volunteers and members who have made a difference in the industry this past year, and those companies that have produced outstanding landscapes. In this issue’s Extras, you’ll find a nominations form for the BCLNA Awards program. Please help us recognize deserving candidates by taking a few moments to submit a slate of nominees. And watch for more details about the AGM in next month’s HortWest.

While you are making those businessimprovement plans, mark your calendar to attend the BCLNA Annual General Meeting on November 13 and 14 in Whistler. The AGM always features a seminar session designed to assist BCLNA members with their professional development. It’s also where we recognize

Trusting each of you had a profitable summer,

Fred Giesbrecht, President,

B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association

HortWest SEPTEMBER 2008 MANAGING EDITOR Renata Triveri ADVERTISING Barb Nelson Phone: (604) 574-7772 Fax: (604) 574-7773

HortWest is the Newsletter of the B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association for the horticultural trade in Western Canada. For further information, contact us at: Suite 102, 5783 – 176A Street Surrey, B.C., Canada V3S 6S6 Telephone (604) 574-7772 Fax (604) 574-7773 HortWest is owned by the B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association, and is published 10 times a year. Views expressed inside do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of the Association but are those of the writer concerned. Material may not be reprinted from this magazine without the consent of the publisher. All advertising and editorial material are to be received one month in advance of mail out date. HortWest is mailed under Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement N. 0288608 This magazine is printed in Canada by Globe Printers.


BCLNA Board Highlights

Summer Meetings CNLA / Governance The CNLA Summer meetings took place in Ontario this past August with the first ever Landscape Summit convening at the same time. The summit included 50 representatives from across the country, who discussed the issues and concerns affecting landscape professionals. The CNLA is researching more competitive benefits programs. Landscape Ontario is spearheading a system to gauge environmental stewardship practices in a “report card” program for their members. This is to ensure that companies promoting their businesses as green, truly are. The check-off system will be available across Canada. LO is also working on a plastic recycling pilot



program, and is looking at ways to make it work on a continual basis. Education & Certification July testing resulted in seven new CHTs; one new candidate accomplished all tasks on the first try. The first Vancouver Island test, scheduled for October, will be postponed until next season. Safety / WorkSafe BC The recent accidental death of a 21 year old man operating a crane, with only 90 minutes of training, brings to light the need for vigilant safety awareness in our nursery, garden centre and landscape businesses. Industry Development Council Andrew Flokstra is the new Chair of the IDC. Legislation / Political Action The BCLNA Executive met with the Honourable Stan

Hagan, BC’s new Minister of Agriculture, for an information meeting. Grower Commodity Group The

P. ramorum host plant list now regulates

five high-risk plants by genus, while all the low-risk host plants will be regulated by species. This effectively removes 80% of the plants previously on the list, thus making it easier to organize nursery production areas and resulting in less destruction when a positive is found.

Awards of Excellence The highest number of entries ever was received for the BC Landscape Awards of Excellence. Changing the judging process from site visits to photo judging has increased participation from companies outside the Lower Mainland and throughout the province.


4:14:58 PM


BCLNA News Bulletins continued from cover and long term solutions to the climate change issue: • Develop the Trees for Tomorrow program and move the carbon offsets initiatives ahead as quickly as possible. • Provide BCMAL support to help the industry and recyclers to work together to develop solutions to the important pot and poly recycling issue, in a public-private partnership arrangement. • Integrate landscape inspections with building inspections before occupancy permits are set. Ensuring that landscape standards are met would increase the success of the Trees for Tomorrow program and a healthier greener environment. • Consider province-wide adoption of PlantHealthBC as a way to minimize regulation and maximize effective and safe pest management services to landscapes of commercial, residential and strata owners. • Bring the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs (formerly CAIS) home to BC. • Provide continued support from the Ministry for the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program. • Provide continued support through BCMAL staff, who have been invaluable to the BCLNA’s members, and review staffi ng levels to address areas of concern. The meeting was quite positive, and the group will meet with the minister’s senior staff again in September to look at how the private and public sector can move together to on some of these initiatives.

BCLNA Stars Require Nominations Each year, BCLNA recognizes just a few of the tireless volunteers who have served the association in an outstanding fashion throughout the season. The nominees for Member, Young Member,

Communicator, Educator, and Supplier of the Year are taken from a panel of staff suggestions, and from you—BCLNA’s members—who bring into focus those people whose service has proven to significantly contribute to the well-being of our local industry. Help us to highlight these volunteers and corporate citizens at the annual President’s Banquet by taking a few moments to complete the nomination form found in this issue’s Extras. Also pay special attention to the Environmental Stewardship Award (see below) and the Corporate Award, which is back this season after a few years’ hiatus. The Corporate Award is designed to highlight a business that has gone the extra mile to enhance its landscape and public environment, and invested in a quality landscape. If you know of a company that is worthy of recognition, please bring it to the attention of the awards committee by submitting a nomination. For more information on the awards program, visit and click on “Awards” or contact BCLNA: (604) 574-7772 or Nominations

close on October 10, 2008. The AGM, President’s Banquet, and awards ceremony will take place at Four Seasons Resort in Whistler on November 13 and 14, 2008.

Hermary Releases Second Book Gaia College founder, Heide Hermary, released her second book this summer, just in time for some back-to-school reading. The Essence of Organic Gardening takes an in-depth look at how the lives of plants are interwoven with the organisms in their environment. Recognizing the balance of a healthy garden ecosystem, Hermary points out the relationships and natural processes within a garden, so that home and professional gardeners become more aware of their role as managers in an organic landscape. The Essence of Organic Gardening is available for purchase online from

Put Your Green Side Up The BCLNA is again accepting entries for the Environmental Stewardship Award. This award is granted to that company or organization which demonstrates environmental leadership, and a commitment to maintaining or promoting a healthy, sustainable, environment. The Environmental Stewardship Award is open to all landscape companies, nurseries, and municipalities that have implemented horticultural practices such as, but not limited to the use of native plants in public areas, integrated pest management, management of riparian areas and wetlands, and special events in support of environmental stewardship. For more information is the ESA, to view last year’s winning projects, or to download the entry package, visit and click on “Awards”. See this issue’s Extras for the entry form, and contact Annika Ingram for more information: (604) 574-7772 or The deadline to submit nominations is October 10, 2008.

BCLNA OFFICE: 604-574-7772; 800-421-7963



and programs

September 17-18 CanWest Hort Show Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre 999 Canada Place, Vancouver

September 21-23 GLEE Birmingham, United Kingdom

October 3-4 CHT, CLD, CLP Exam Day Kwantlen Polytechnic University Langely Campus > Professional Development

October 8-9 Canadian Greenhouse Conference Toronto International Centre Toronto, ON

October 9 BCLNA Landscape Commodity Meeting Specimen Trees Wholesale Nursery 18598 Advent Road, Pitt Meadows

October 18-19 UBC Apple Festival 6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver

October 21-22 Garden Expo Toronto Congress Centre Toronto, ON

November 13-14 BCLNA Annual General Meeting & President’s Banquet Four Seasons Hotel, Whistler

November 19-20 Integrated Vegetation Management Association Conference Location TBA, Richmond

November 21-22 Green Industry Show Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton, AB


Grower Updates

P. ramorum Directive Revised Directive D-01-01 “Phytosanitary Requirements to Prevent the Entry and Spread of Phytophthora ramorum” has been revised to reflect changes to the

host list and to adjust the phytosanitary import requirements of plants imported from the United States in accordance with U.S. certification programs. The

Photo: USDA Horticultural Crops Laboratory


Grower Updates requirements for the import to Canada of plants under a Pest Free Place of Production certification program has also been amended. This change means that no longer are entire genera listed, except in the case of Camellia, Kalmia, Pieris, Rhododendron, and Viburnum spp., greatly reducing the number of recognized host plants, and alleviating some of the exportimport complications associated with the directive.

scorch virus strains BC 01 and BC 02. The declaration is an addition to the existing Phytosanitary Certification system in place and recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the USDA . For the CFIA to certify the plants in this regard, the exporter must show proof that the plants were sampled and tested for blueberry scorch under a program that meets the U.S. requirements. Currently, the only company that has an acceptable testing program is E.S. Cropconsult.

Blueberry scorch virus ( BlScV ) is an aphid-borne Carlavirus that causes a serious disease of highbush blueberry in North America and Europe. Symptoms of BlScV infection on highbush blueberry range from symptomless to chlorosis, to necrosis of leaves and flowers depending on For more information on having your virus strain and blueberry cultivar. In crops declared free of blueberry scorch ornamental Vaccinium and cranberry virus, please contact Hedy Dyck at ( Vaccinium macrocarpon), the virus : (604) 574-7772 or hdyck@ may produce no symptoms yet the plants BCLNA Enviro Farm 1/20/06 8:46 AM PageBCLNA 1 West Creek Farms 10/11/07 10:29 AM Page Effective September 1, all growers To download the complete could be carriers of virus. Pictured here shipping Vaccinium plants to the United backgrounder and protocol files go to are flower and tip necrosis symptoms on States must be declared free of blueberry Vaccinium ‘Berkley’.

New Blueberry Scorch Protocol

Environmental Farm Planning • Protect the Environment - Protect your Business • Workshops tailored to specialty horticulture • Access funding for P. ramorum initiatives Contact the BCLNA office for workshop details Phone: 604-574-7772 Fax: 604-574-7773 E-mail:

For program information go to



Landscape Clippings

Landscape Summit Identifies summit last month, with the key objective Common Needs of identifying the priorities for Canada’s

Iotron Technologies


7:57 AM

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association hosted a national landscape

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landscape sector, in order for the CNLA to make the best use of its limited resources.

Sanitize with certainty Sanitization can be very costly if not done effectively. • Iotron takes sanitization to a new level, offering Nursery Growers unparalleled results. • Iotron utilizes irradiation technology to eliminate Pathogens, fungi and molds on pots, trays, and styroblocks. • Iotron's sanitization method fully penetrates materials like an X-ray, effectively sterilizing the material.

Field trials have proven that the sanitization level of pots prior to planting can affect plant yields.

Money does grow on trees! Be confident that your pots, trays or styroblocks are the cleanest they can be from the start. A disease free environment creates disease free plants.

Benefits • Re-use old pots, trays & styroblock • Increase plant yields • Reduce maintenance on plants • Environmentally friendly process • No more need for harsh chemicals, steam or hot water

If your sanitization method leaves you uncertain, then it's definitely time to make a change. For For more more information information please please contact contact Iotron Iotron Technologies Technologies Corp. Corp. 1425 1425 Kebet Kebet Way, Way, Port Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, BC BC V3C V3C 6L3 6L3 Ph. Ph. (604)945-8838 (604)945-8838 Fax. Fax. (604)945-8827 (604)945-8827 Website Website Email: Email:

Following a round table discussion of more than 40 issues and opportunities facing the sector, and having tackled the mammoth task of prioritizing them, delegates identified the following as today’s most pressing challenges: 1. The industry’s internal and public image, and perception of prospective employees. 2. The severe shortage of skilled labour, whether CHT certified or equivalent. 3. Homeowners’ lack of recognition between professional and “black market” landscapers, and “good” landscapes versus “bad” ones. 4. The opportunity to align the industry with the environmental movement. 5. The related issues surrounding perception that work in our industry is not a “real career,” the lack of new people attracted to this industry, and the inconsistent training and career development paths available across the country. The delegation then created a priority needs assignment for the CNLA based on the above issues: 1. Labour Shortage Address the shortage of skilled and unskilled labour entering the funnel. Help develop a national alignment of horticultural education. Help potential employees see the landscape industry as a viable career. Continue to pursue Red Seal Certification to have the trade nationally recognized. 2. Public Image Improve the image of the industry with the public. Help educate the public on the value of a skilled professional, what a good landscape is, and the value of green. 3. Professional Development Continue to develop the knowledge, experience, professionalism and profitability of the industry. Focus on higher utilization of existing ­programs. 4. Environmental Importance Promote the environmental importance of what we do and continue to work


on this sector’s sustainability and environmental-friendliness. 5. Government Support Promote government recognition of our industry, our standards, and our programs. Help increase consistency of application across the country. Address issues with employment insurance and foreign workers. 6. Membership Ensure that we have adequate standards and compliance within our membership, and increase size of membership. These priorities in hand, the CNLA board and staff will survey the existing initiatives to refocus their activities in light of current market needs.

New Awards Format Expands Reach BCLNA’s Landscape Awards of Excellence

program received a record number of entries this summer, which some attribute to its new photo-only judging system. The new system levels the playing field for landscape project entries from the entire province; in previous years, judges visited those projects located within a reasonable radius of the BCLNA office, but were forced to adjudicate distant projects based on photo merit alone. “As a result,” noted Annika Ingram, the program’s coordinator, “we received seven entries from the Whistler corridor, four from the Okanagan-Kootenay region, and one each from Vancouver Island and the Interior. Nearly all entries arrived at the very last minute, and we were excited and surprised to receive 33 submissions.” Because the Landscape Awards of Excellence are marked on a points system, this year’s outstanding slate produced 19 winning projects, which will be unveiled at the CanWest Hort Show. The awards presentations will take place >>

Everything to Make Your Garden Work! w w w. g a r d e n w o r k s . c a


Landscape Clippings at BCLNA’s President’s Banquet on November 14 at Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, following the Annual General Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend both the Annual General Meeting and the banquet. Look for your registration form in the October issue of HortWest.

on Winter Damage to Plant Material and Related Issues, along with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM). The general layout and format has been updated to allow for easier reading and referencing.

Revised Reference Book Hones Standards

The purpose of the BC Landscape Standard is to outline guidelines and recommendations for acceptable landscape construction and maintenance practices for the province of British Columbia. These guidelines have been carefully considered and agreed upon by the BCLA , BCLNA , government authorities, and related industry associations. It is intended that landscape architects, parks departments, and all associated trades in the province will refer to this Standard as the basis for their specifications. Acceptance of the BC Landscape Standard has grown with each edition allowing for more uniform enforcement of performance levels, and users are encouraged to reproduce any part of the BC Landscape Standard in contracts and tender documents; reference to the 7th edition of the BC Landscape Standard must be made.

A joint committee of the BC Landscape Architects (BCLA) and the BC Landscape & Nursery Association (BCLNA) completed the long awaited revisions and additions to the BC Landscape Standard, which was released this past June. The 6th edition was published in January of 2001, so an in-depth review was conducted to update the document to reflect current wisdom. This new edition includes two new sections, Sumas Gro-Media 2/8/08 9:41 AM Page Interior Plantscapes, and Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care. Two new appendices add vital information


Another publication by the BCLA and BCLNA is the BC Standard for Extensive

Green Roofs, which was released in June of 2007. The Green Roof Standard is to be used in tandem with the latest edition of the BC Landscape Standard to complete an invaluable set of reference documents. The BCLA and BCLNA thank all members who contributed to the 7th edition of the BC Landscape Standard. To purchase a copy of either publication, download the Publications Order Form from www. (click on “Publications”) or call the office at 604-574-7772.

Don’t Leaf it Behind! BCLNA member landscapers are reminded to avoid raking or blowing leaves onto the street. Doing so in the city of Vancouver is a violation under the Street and Traffic By-Law and you or your client may be fined up to $2,000; most other municipalities have similar regulations in place, designed to alleviate the blocking of street drains and hazards to motorists and cyclists. Be sure to collect your waste leaves and dispose of them at a proper composting facility.

Sumas Gro–Media Ltd.

• Raw materials purchased in advance helps to ensure product consistency and availability.

The Next Generation in Soil Mixing Our Mixes are Double Screened

• Multiple computers control the dosing equipment, increasing accuracy and speed. This makes it easier to offer competitively priced products.

Sumas Gro–Media specializes in the production of specialty crop mixes for the nursery, bedding plants, perennial and blueberry crops. We also have seedling and propagation soils.

• Non-invasive mixing equipment protects the structure and consistency of the media. Premium raw ingredients produce a consistent end product every time.

• Fast, reliable delivery.

42481 Industrial Way, Chilliwack, B.C.


Left to right: Donald Hill, Bruce Macdonald, Joanne Schwartz, and Chris Cagnon, gather at the newly renovated roof garden at St. Paul’s Hospital.


Industry Bits

BCLNA Growers Aid ICU Garden Reno A bleak hospital rooftop received a much-needed facelift, thanks to the vision of Rev. Don Hill of the Pastoral Care department at St. Paul’s Hospital, and a volunteer team of enthusiastic nursing and operations staff. Bruce Macdonald, former director of UBC Botanical Garden, shared his horticultural expertise and assisted in sourcing donations of more than 350 plants from Clearview Horticultural Products Inc., Kato’s Nursery Ltd., and Valleybrook Gardens Ltd. UBC’s Friends of the Garden also contributed to the worthwhile project. Volunteers assembled for a weekend of hard garden work—some of whom had no previous gardening experience—but with Macdonald’s guidance, they were delighted to see the garden come alive. On July 2, the new garden was officially opened by St. Paul’s CEO, Dianne Doyle. Patients and families have commented on what a difference it makes to look out at such a peaceful and colourful garden, and it is hoped that more features will be added to make the space accessible to patients and others. The garden compliments the addition of a family room in the intensive care unit, and furthers the goal of respectful patient care at St. Paul’s.

PROFIT Magazine Looks to Horizon Horizon Landscape Contractors Inc. made PROFIT magazine’s annual top 100 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, this summer. The diversified Metro Vancouver company reported a 425% increase in 2007 over 2002 figures; its revenues, in excess of $6.3 million for 2007, are projected to approach $9 million

as 2008 draws to a close. Says General Manager, Brian Dougherty, “It’s not bad for a company that started off in 1991 with a beat up Mazda pick-up, a couple of wheelbarrows, and a lawnmower borrowed from my father.” His brother, Michael Dougherty began the seed company with a focus on maintenance and installation work in the residential landscaping market. In 2000, their father Ron became a partner, and the pair turned their attention toward commercial landscape installation, street and parking areas, LEEDS projects, green roofs, care facilities, and townhouse and condo complexes. Just three years later, they acquired Lower Mainland Nurseries to grow and broker plant material frequently specified in their landscape ­contracts. By 2005, Brian had joined the team in a partnership role. The Langley natives are thrilled with their ranking, which comes as they near completion of a prestigious Olympic landscape installation at the UBC Winter Sports Arena.

Eddi’s Wholesale Turns 40 Eddi’s Wholesale Garden Supplies Ltd., a company that began with one van, five product lines, and the sweat-ethic of founders Ed & Diane Les, celebrates its ruby anniversary this season. The owners credit their loyal customer base for the company’s enviable success, but its customers and BCLNA members have much for which to thank the couple. As long as the company has existed, Ed and Diane have generously supported the industry. Ed served on the board of directors and was its president from 1989-1990 and his contributions netted him the Outstanding Service Award in 1996. The couple are frequent BCLNA sponsors and never

miss participating in the CanWest Hort Show. Says Diane, “We feel very lucky to have our family working with us to grow Eddi’s.” The Les’ son-in -law, Joe Cassetta, daughter Lori, and sons Ted and Tim, are all on staff but the founders are far from retirement. The couple’s latest project is the building of a new 150,000 square foot warehouse in Langley scheduled to open in the summer of 2009. This will replace the existing location. In the meantime, the Eddi’s team will celebrate their 40-year milestone on October 22 at the company’s annual tradeshow; the show will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with a cake-cutting at 8:00 p.m. To register, call Eddi’s at (604) 888-2443.

Minter First Chancellor of UFV Reprinted in part from the Abbotsford Times, August 15, 2008. Industry icon, Brian Minter, was named chancellor of University of the Fraser Valley on September 1, following community consultation and the official transitioning of UCFV to full university status. Minter has a long history with the institution, having taught night school courses in horticulture, and as past chair of its board. He is also a donor and founding member of the UFV Foundation. In 2001, Minter received an honourary Doctorate of Technology for his contributions. The role of chancellor is a voluntary one. “Brian represents all that is good about the Fraser Valley,” said Rod Thomson, UFV’s current chair. “His tireless dedication and ongoing personal commitment to the growth of our communities set a tremendous example for the rest of us.”

the classifieds Help Wanted

Over The Top Sales & Marketing. Two-man sales team specializing in sales and service to independent garden centers, regional chains, and growers in the Western USA. Seeking to represent a high quality grower, or manufacturer in our marketplace. “Let us bring our customers to you.” Call Mark at (503) 930-4549.

Dinesen Nurseries Ltd., Aldergrove has an opening for F/T or P/T sales assistant and office assistant. Duties would include: sales, purchasing and working with shipping and production crews. Previous experience in a wholesale nursery preferred. We offer competitive wages ($15 - $20/hour). Please fax or mail resume to Dinesen Nursery Ltd., 2110 – 272 Street, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2R1 or Fax: (604) 856-2243

Pan American MP Qualitree




12:53 PM

3:34 PM


3:34 PM

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4:19 PM

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Call us for all your native and ornamental plant needs


8168 River Way, Delta, B.C. V4G 1K5 Tel: 604-946-5641 Fax: 604-946-0234 Toll Free: 1-800-498-7403

LINNAEA NURSERIES LTD. Tel: 604-533-8281 Fax: 604-533-8246 1-888-327-7705 email: 3666 - 224th Street, Langley, BC V2Z 2G7 Canada

Experienced grower required. Inline Nurseries, Inc, a fast-paced and dynamic wholesale nursery in Chilliwack, BC, is seeking experienced Grower for a wide range of ornamental plants. Responsibilities include (but not limited to): - Water management of all crops. - Plant health monitoring and Pest control. - Crop Scheduling - Pruning management - Plant Quality Successful candidate must be energetic, self motivated and a team player with a minimum of 5 years of ornamental growing experience. Full benefit package and competitive wage, based on experience, available. Please submit resume to No phone calls please. 2 Positions: Professional certified landscape maintenance supervisor and experienced gardener. We are a growing commercial landscape maintenance firm based in central Burnaby and work through out the Lower Mainland. We have 2 positions available and are looking to hire certified professional gardeners that have experience maintaining stratas and town home complexes. Job description – Supervisor: - A team leader that sets the example and tone for the crew by their professionalism, positive energy, hard work and reliability. Must have a “landscaper’s eye” and be able to look at a large site and prioritize so that sites are well maintained in the most efficient manner at all times. - Must be able delegate work to the crew as well as take direction from management. The right applicant will be able to interface with customers when required on behalf of the company and answer questions related to their landscape, manage time sheets and work requests. We are looking to attract highly professional trades people who can work with minimal supervision and who love horticulture… Requirements: - Certification in horticulture and experience in strata maintenance or min 3 years previous experience in commercial maintenance as a crew leader (references required) - Driver’s license and able to drive truck and trailer - Strong Plant ID knowledge - Very experienced at pruning: hedges, shrubs, trees - Excellent at weeding, cultivating and maintaining garden and shrub beds - Physically fit, enthusiastic and able to work in all weather conditions. Assets: any design or planting experience. We have a generous pay structure, negotiable depending on experience. Extended medical and dental, paid vacations and bonus/incentive programs. Our professional shop is close to Skytrain station for convenience! Contact Terra Firma Lawn And Garden Services today through our website under ‘CAREERS’ section.


Back to School: Certification & Apprenticeship

New CHT Test a Success Thanks to six months of dialogue with our American counterpart at PLANET, a devoted BC region committee, and a conscientious crew of volunteers, the re-vamped CHT test was a great success. The 35 judges were positive about the changes and adapted readily. Their response, overall, was that the changes improved certification, and the examination process has by no means been “dummied down”: the fact remains that well-prepared candidates do well. “The new scoring system removes a lot of subjectivity from the process,” believes Certification Chair, Cable Baker. “Plus, the added pressure on nervous candidates to do on-the-spot math calculations has been alleviated by testing that knowledge in written format.” Sixteen of the 31 candidates are now within three stations of achieving their designations, and BCLNA is pleased to congratulate the following individuals who earned CHT status: CHT Retail

Michelle Boyce, Sunshine Coast Nursery Donna Johnson, GardenWorks™ Suzanne Perrin, GardenWorks™ Suzanne Wilson, GardenWorks™

CHT Ornamental Maintenance

Raegen Colby, The Silent Gardener

CHT Ornamental & Turf Maintenance

Victoria Dore, Contour Landscaping

Arborist Apprenticeship Reaching Heights

the knowledge, and to have the letters behind my name backing up that knowledge.” Colby’s employer and BCLNA member Sheldon Ridout, The Silent Gardener said “I am very excited to hear that Raegen passed the first time through, but not surprised. Although The Silent Gardener Ltd. does not use power equipment, and does not believe in the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers, I believe that certifications like the CHT help show customers that we employ qualified staff. That is why I have maintained my own CHT over the years. Way to go Raegen!”

Special thanks to all 40 volunteers whose camaraderie and cooperation make this program something to be proud of, and to our generous sponsors whose support is integral:

British Columbia’s Industry Training Authority (ITA) has approved the proposed program in principle, and HortEducationBC has confirmed funding from Service Canada to begin its development. While the program’s funding is contingent on the green industry illustrating sufficient interest, the organization’s chances of seeing the climbing arborists’ program through are promising. A strong steering committee has been formed, and its participants—professionals from varying facets of the green industry, each with a commitment to the development of horticultural trades—will research and assemble a curriculum for apprenticeship. A research team has been retained to conduct a survey of the industry to determine the level of need and ability to sustain such a program; the team’s results will help guide the steering committee’s efforts.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University • Cedar Rim Nursery • GardenWorks™ • Fraser Valley Equipment Ltd. • Western Turf Farms Ltd.

Grass-roots contributions are integral to the development and success of all apprenticeship programs. BCLNA members and industry affiliates are encouraged to voice their opinions through the survey to assist in this important process, or to contact Anne Kadwell at HortEducationBC to provide input: contact Anne at (604) 575-3239 or email akadwell@

Registrations are now being accepted for the October 3 - 4 test at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, in Langley. See Extras for more details.

CHT Hardscape & Softscape Installation

Matt Legroulx, Contour Landscaping Raegen Colby (photo back right) impressed everyone by passing the entire Ornamental Maintenance module her first time through. Of her accomplishment Raegen said “I wanted to prove to myself that I have

HortEducationBC is moving forward on an apprenticeship program for BC’s climbing arborists, an effort that has been in the works since 2007 when more than 50 arboriculture professionals gathered to express a need for improved training and better qualifications of individuals entering the specialized and often dangerous trade.

It’s Show Time Don’t miss this year’s exciting booths, new products and plant introductions, stellar seminar series, and outstanding tours!


September 17-18

Register online today at For more information, contact Karen at the BCLNA: 604 574-17772 or


BCLNA Members Summer Board Meeting Final Approval

BCLNA welcomes the following new members: Big Trees Today, Inc., Terry Hickman, Hillsboro, Out of Province Dunvegan Gardens, Jim & Glenda Friesen, Fort St. John, Active Retailer Flower Power Garden Design, Char Power, Vancouver, Active Landscaper Greater Valley Nursery, Hardev Singh Khosa, Abbotsford, Active Grower The Green Man Landscape Services, Jeff Sakari, Maple Ridge, Active Landscaper (Interim) HydroLawn Inc., Tracy Parent & David Moore, Pitt Meadows, Active Landscaper (Interim) Kitimat Landscaping & Contracting Ltd., Stan Pucelj, Kitimat, Active Landscaper Zerra Landscaping Ltd., Mike Valiant, Kelowna, Active Landscaper City of Surrey, Greg Ward, Surrey, Individual Darren Reed, Langford, Student

Tentative Approval

The following companies will be approved BCLNA members at the October 6 board meeting unless a member provides a valid reason for not accepting the application: Green Valley Nursery Ltd., Lena Sterkenburg, Chilliwack, Active Grower Janzen & Co. Landscaping, Vincent Janzen, Maple Ridge, Active Landscaper Lasting Impressions Garden Care, Jaqueline Hohmann, Surrey, Active Landscaper (Interim) Mountain Ash Estate Farm Ltd., Roger & Debbie Duyvesteyn, Maple Ridge, Active Grower (Interim) Parker Pacific, Mike Ladd and Alistair Yule, Langley, Associate Steelhead Machinery Inc., Michael Rodrigues, Arlington, Out of Province


D o n ’t D o n ’t e s t ! e s t ! Exhibition Centre 8 8 BCLNA board representatives Ruth Olde, Sandy Mathies, Tim Loewen, Bill Hardy, and st...


D o n ’t D o n ’t e s t ! e s t ! Exhibition Centre 8 8 BCLNA board representatives Ruth Olde, Sandy Mathies, Tim Loewen, Bill Hardy, and st...