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The Vancouver Sun Garden Show Avid gardeners braved torrential rains at the Vancouver Sun Garden Show. Numerous BCLNA members participated, including Keefer Farms & Greenhouses (below, left). A new display category catered to patio gardeners; this “Urban Deck” was installed by the ceramics company, Giardini di Sole (below, right).

3 BCLNA Board Highlights 4 HortEdBC 5 BCLNA News Bulletins

BCLNA at Pacific Economic Summit Jane Stock, Executive Director, BCLNA I was privileged to attend the May 31st Pacific Economic Summit, hosted by the BC Business Council. This event brought together the province’s business leaders with a special focus on the BC-California trading relationship. Over 300 people attended, representing a diversity of industries; many were the CEOs, presidents or executives of their organizations. The media loved the event. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave them great headlines and photo ops, and the day’s program was dynamic, thought-provoking and encouraging. Twenty-one speakers from BC, Canada and California showed how

the desire for a healthy environment is strongly supported by the economic rewards of finding innovative solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. The marketplace wants ‘clean’ products.

7 CanWest Hort Show Preview

The presidents of both University of British Columbia and University of California said that there is unprecedented excitement on campus as faculty, alumni and students recognize the opportunities ahead. Presenters made it clear that the brainpower and investment dollars are in place; the results won’t occur overnight, but they will happen.

13 Safety Check

Panel themes included: • Taking Action: responses to climate change continued on page 5

11 Industry Bits

14 BCMAL Report



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Message from the President

Perseverance Pays Off for BCLNA Members The value of BCLNA membership is often difficult to calculate, but today it’s easy. The Government of Canada Treasury has approved $16 million in compensation for BC growers, retailers, landscapers and homeowners who were placed under P. ramorum regulatory control. Achieving compensation is the direct result of four years of arduous work by BCLNA, CNLA, and their staff and members. We persevered through many disappointments, encouraging cooperation and partnership with all levels of government. BC Minister of Agriculture, Pat Bell, and the federal Minister of Agriculture, Chuck Strahl, provided support.

Managing P. ramorum has shown how quickly and effectively our industry can work when faced with a potential disaster—and how, with forward thinking and strategic planning, a disaster can become an opportunity to move the industry ahead. While everyone would prefer that P. ramorum hadn’t come to BC, certification kept growers in business and many have reported that the new ‘systems approach’ to running their nursery has improved their operation. The industry could not have afforded the program on its own. The BCLNA Industry Development Council, BC Investment Agriculture Foundation, BC Ministry of Agriculture and the Canadian

Food Inspection Agency each supported development of the Certification program by providing at least $400,000 in resources. I would like to thank the members, staff, consultants and government officials who worked on the P. ramorum issue for these many years. I hope the reality of compensation makes growers, retailers and landscapers feel less threatened by the possibility of the disease. In this instance, the synergies and perseverance of BCLNA, CNLA, and their members really did pay off. Go to for details.

Fred Giesbrecht, President, B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association

HortWest JULY/AUGUST 2007 MANAGING EDITOR Renata Triveri ADVERTISING Barb Nelson Phone: (604) 574-7772 Fax: (604) 574-7773

HortWest is the Newsletter of the B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association for the horticultural trade in Western Canada. For further information, contact us at: Suite 102, 5783 – 176A Street Surrey, B.C., Canada V3S 6S6 Telephone (604) 574-7772 Fax (604) 574-7773 HortWest is owned by the B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association, and is published 10 times a year. Views expressed inside do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of the Association but are those of the writer concerned. Material may not be reprinted from this magazine without the consent of the publisher. All advertising and editorial material are to be received one month in advance of mail out date. HortWest is mailed under Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement N. 0288608 This magazine is printed in Canada by Globe Printers.



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BCLNA Board Highlights

Monday, June 18, 2007 The June board meeting was combined with its annual retreat, and was held at the Langley Golf Centre. The BCLNA Industry Development Council joined the meetings for much of the day to receive background on issues and potential projects. Treasurer’s Report: BCLNA expects to end the fiscal year in a surplus position. The 2007-2008 budget was reviewed and accepted, subject to adjustments pending the outcome of various funding proposals. The budget is balanced with revenues and expenses estimated at about $1,900,000. Safety / WorkSafeBC: FARSHA will be charging fees for their materials, although they will be available to borrow, free of

charge. A FARSHA person will be available on a 50% time basis for nursery and greenhouse needs; this is an increase in available service. Planning Discussions: The board and IDC reviewed all projects that are being funded in part by the IDC. These include: • Export marketing strategy • Lure trapping research of root weevils • CanWest seminar for landscape commodity • Black spot on roses • Western agriculture labour organization • Rose Midge research (two projects) • Measuring public attitude toward BC’s landscape/nursery industry • Bug garden research • Development of a BC show strategy

• Annual IDC communication • Communities in Bloom • Export marketing strategy • Labour retention and recruitment marketing strategy • Grower industry development coordinator • BC Landscape Standard revision • Extensive Green Roof development • Nursery Worker Skills training program • Pest Management Accreditation program • IPM Landscape Training modules • Redevelopment of GardenWise Directory and website. IDC will consider more projects throughout the year, with a number expected to arise during development of the BCLNA’s environment strategic plan. ■



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Take the Challenge HortEducationBC has had an exciting couple of months. Much progress has been made with the completion of program outlines to be approved by the Industry Training Authority, and the development of a challenge exam bank, both of which will lead to better defined and streamlined systems for apprentices. The organization has also taken on more responsibilities around the assessment of apprentices’ equivalency packages and challenge exams. In addition, HortEducationBC has succeeded in having the challenge exam fee of $120 waived until May 28, 2008. Anyone wishing to write the challenge exam is encouraged to start the process now. To apply, fill out the form found at (Apprenticeship Quicklinks page). You will then be assigned an exam date. If you are presently a sponsor and you do not have your Trade papers, you will need to apply for “Equivalent” status. This will provide you with an ITA number, which will allow you to approve your apprentices’ final “Recommendation for Certification”. This is a very simple document to fill out and can be found at, or follow the links from (apprenticeship section). ■

Did You Know? If you are a sponsor of an apprentice, you are eligible for a tax credit of up to $2000! Visit this site to apply for the credit: ttc_employer_chart.htm.

For assistance with access to or completion of the above forms, contact Anne Kadwell at HortEducationBC; (604) 575-3239 or



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BCLNA News Bulletins continued from cover • Embracing the Environment • Accelerating Innovation: from mind to market success • Driving Growth: clean energy solutions to fuel your business. Brief references were made to the role of agriculture and horticulture in addressing climate change. In addition, an agreement was made between the BCLNA and the Ministry of Agriculture to partner in the development of a landscape/nursery environment strategic plan. Another conversation resulted in the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services, which is responsible for government properties and has a climate change activity mandate, contacting BCLNA to discuss the role of Landscape Standards, green roofs and other green industry opportunities. BCLNA was fortunate to be included in the Pacific Economic Summit and it appears that the invested time will pay good dividends.

Landscape Pest Management Accreditation to be Launched The cumulative impact of regulated pesticides (old generation chemicals) on human and environmental health has become a social concern. In response, BCLNA has initiated an accreditation program, designed to foster and support the use of environmentally sound pest management practices while substantially reducing reliance on pesticides. Simultaneously, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) continuing education program is being developed to ensure that appropriate and timely training is readily available throughout BC for lawn care, landscape maintenance, arboriculture, turf and golf course organizations.

The program will provide the public with a simple, reliable method for identifying organizations that use ecologically responsible pest management practices. Accreditation will be granted to those companies that have proven knowledge of insects, diseases and weeds, and how to manage them using alternate management tools (natural enemies for example) as part of the overall process for maintaining a healthy landscape. Primary program components are: • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice • IPM specialist training and examination • Continuing education credits • Annual third-party desk audit to ensure program guidelines and standards are achieved • On-site audit every three years • Annual improvement plan. Those who apply regulated pesticides must also comply with Ministry of Environment requirements. Initial industry consultations were held in Kelowna, Nanaimo, Kamloops, the Lower Mainland and Victoria. Program drafts were developed using their input, and an industry working committee, which included other stakeholder representatives, met to provide critical review and direction. A unique but essential characteristic of accreditation is that it is being developed through partnerships, each of which has important responsibilities, including: • Provincial government: providing a leadership role by endorsing and promoting the program • Municipalities: promoting the program and encouraging local service providers to be accredited • Industry: leadership in drafting the program and ongoing promotion • Public and industry educators: incorporating IPM training into their existing curriculums • Community groups: supporting and promoting accreditation.

Pest management accreditation is a voluntary program. As a result, the program must become ‘market driven’ through a sufficient number of the public buying services from accredited companies to economically reward them for participating—while simultaneously encouraging other companies to join. The program will soon get its “official” name which, along with a logo and other public relations materials, will increase its public marketability. Program marketing is so important that a significant portion of the three-year budget is dedicated to it. Official project funding announcements will be made in the near future. Accreditation will be launched this summer through a pilot project that will conclude in December 2010, by which time it will be ready for full implementation throughout British Columbia. The goal is to begin with a limited number of service providers and municipalities in 2007, with additional participants joining as the administrators are able to manage them. The BCLNA has played a leadership role in initiating pest management accreditation development and is responsible for project funding. To ensure that the final program is open, transparent, and meets British Columbia’s needs, Dr. Kent Mullinix of the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH), has been engaged as a third party Project Manager. ISH will run the program beginning with the initial pilot companies and municipalities; part of Kwantlen University College, ISH is affiliated with the Kwantlen School of Horticulture. Dr. Mullinix may be contacted at or 604-612-1252. Go to: and click on Accreditation for details. Comments are welcomed.



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BuyersGuide Updates Please note the following revisions to the 2007 Buyers’ Guide: Amanda’s Garden Consulting Company 10354 Main Street, Delta, BC V4C 2P4 Phone: 604-719-5954 Bear Mountain Nursery Email: BNC Ornamentals Phone: 604-796-3261 Camson Creek Cedars Email: Fossil Project Services Ltd. Website: Frost Nursery Email:

Heike Designs Fax: 604-932-5667 JRT Farm & Nursery 2396 – 272nd Street Aldergrove, BC V4W 2R1 Phone: 604-495-6816 Fax: 604-495-6362 Mailing address: PO Box 1117, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2V1 Kamloops Landscape Centre Inc. Name change: Lyons Landscaping Ltd. Contact: Colin Lyons Morgan Creek Tropical Plants Ltd. Postal Code: V3S 0L2 P.W. Garden Care Inc. Email: Pickett’s Nurseries Ltd. Email:


BCLNA News Bulletins

2007 BC Landscape Awards of Excellence Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your landscape services and skills to potential clients! Enter your landscape projects in this year’s Landscape Awards of Excellence and you will also gain recognition and exposure in BC’s horticultural industry. For more information on the Landscape Awards of Excellence or to request entry packages, contact Annika Kristensen: Remember, entries will be accepted no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, August 15. ■

Government and industry worked collaboratively to approve a compensation package for business losses due to P. ramorum. Pictured here are just a few of the team members involved: Rod Nataros, N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd.; Katrine Gradowski, Piroche Plants Inc.; Tim Loewen, BCLNA grower commodity chair; Hon. Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture and Agriculture-Foods; Hedy Dyck, BCLNA growers’ staff, and Hon. Pat Bell, BC Minister of Agriculture and Lands. Photo courtesy of David Schmidt, Country Life in BC.




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CanWest Hort Show Preview Drawing is About Attitude Excerpts from Mike Lin’s Graphic Workshop, Tips on Attitude • • Great drawings come

Don’t miss from experiences of Mike Lin’s making mistakes. So Graphic & Design don’t procrastinate Workshop! September 11-12 at and just draw so the the CanWest Hort Show mistakes will take Register today! you to the next level Call 604 574-7772

of confidence. • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t draw, because you can! Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. The more time you spend on a drawing, the more chance you risk of ruining it. • There is no such thing called “perfect drawing”, therefore, don’t try too hard to draw. After all, you are a designer and not a draftsperson. Relax and be loose or you will lose it. • A drawing or a sketch is only a process, not a product like artwork. So you don’t need to draw well as long as you can utilize it to communicate well with clients. • To be talented in drawing, one must work hard, learn graphic tricks and copy other people’s good drawings. • When you teach somebody else, you practice twice. A sharing attitude is the right attitude. You will not lose what you share, but you will gain what people share with you.

• If you didn’t do well on a drawing, simply tell yourself: “I am not done yet” or, “I am a designer”. • You must like what you draw, if someone laughs at your drawings, just simply say: May I see yours or can you show me how to do it? This will get them off your back. • A great designer is the one who has the ability to imitate (get inspired by) other people’s work, and nobody can tell where it came from. So travel extensively to obtain design ideas.

I Love Deadlines I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. — Douglas Adams Lorna McLaren, McLaren Formula Training • Have you ever been in Get motivated! a work environment Catch Lorna’s where employees seminars at CanWest: were passionate, Brilliant Customer Service & Pop the Garlic enthusiastic, and September 12 & 13 proud of their conwww.CanWesttributions at work?

Have you ever heard of people getting too much of a good thing? Well, that seems to be the case these days: too much work. The average North American is working a 50-55 hour week. I think Thomas L. Friedman summed it up best when he said, “These days, we have to run

faster to stay in place.” It’s prevalent in our society. People are feeling overworked while trying to manage multiple projects, objectives and deadlines. When overworked, people become anxious, error-prone, and stressed. And who wouldn’t be when you feel you are getting less and less done in more and more time? There are ways of prioritizing, organizing and getting things done and it doesn’t have to be hard. You’re already busy enough. There are simple yet powerful systems to get more done in less time and (if you like that sort of thing) have a life outside of work. In essence, it’s the difference between peeling and popping the skin off a clove of garlic. Here’s what I mean by that… While at a dinner party, the host asked my help in preparing the entrée by taking the skin off about 20 cloves of garlic. Now, I try to avoid cooking. My forte is being an excellent recipient of food, yet I took my job seriously and diligently set out upon my task. I found the skin to be quite piddley and frustrating to peel, especially when it got stuck on my fingernails. Anyways, when the host stopped by to check up on my progress, she was surprised to see how few I had completed. Although I had done a good job, she knew of a different way to do the job that took a fraction of the time and energy. By taking the clove of garlic and applying pressure to it, the skin just ‘pops’ off! Both systems are effective but

Volunteers Needed FarWest Show August 23 – 25

CanWest Hort Show September 12 – 13

Planning to attend the FarWest Show in Portland? The BCLNA is looking for sales/marketing savvy individuals to help us out at the booth for two-hour shifts (or more). Your role is to help promote BC nursery stock and the CanWest Hort Show. This is a great opportunity for you to see the show and assess the Pacific Northwest market, while helping out your association.

As CanWest continues to expand so does our need for volunteers. A wide variety of skills and talents are required for various tasks. We welcome anyone working or studying in the green industry who is passionate about horticulture. Be part of the team dedicated to making CanWest a world-class show!

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, see the CanWest Volunteer Form included in this issue or contact Karen at the BCLNA office: 604 574-7772;



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CanWest Hort Show Preview I can ‘pop’ the skin off five cloves of garlic in the same amount of time it takes to peel one! So, how do you ‘pop the garlic’ at work? By sharing instant systems to get control of your day, quickly prioritize your objectives, effectively handle multiple projects and benefit from better planning. Recognizing and eliminating time wasters alone will increase your energy, productivity and sense of purpose. Feel that passion, enthusiasm and pride of a job well done with fast track training in prioritizing, organizing and getting things done.

Cut Through the Clutter Excerpt from Robert Hendrickson’s article, “Cut Through the Clutter” •

Take every marketing message Attend Robert’s your company seminar: The New has proMarketing Peril, September 13 and tour duced in the Seattle’s Best Garden last year… Centres with Robert as newspaper your guide, September 14 ads, radio www.CanWestHortscripts, site homepage, direct mail pieces and even the slogan on your trucks. Pin these examples on the wall in a quiet room and stand back. Now, gather your key staff, your family, a few part time employees, some customers and for sure anyone responsible for your advertising message. One at a time, have them carefully read all of the pinned up examples and count how many times your ad messages talked about you, your stuff or the customer.

There are really only three choices when it comes to advertising. You can talk about yourself and how wonderful you think you are, your inventory made up of more items than anyone actually needs, or you can focus on the customer and explain how all aspects of gardening can be used as a form of self-expression. Until the public understands what’s in it for them, chances are that no message is getting through. Boring facts with names and prices or esoteric cuteness with no reason to buy won’t excite any generation of potential customers. Tell them a story… give them a reason… but remember… it’s about their needs, not your need for attention. ■



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Yes! We Accept Clean Yard Waste

North Shore



BCLNA Members

June 18, 2007 Board Meeting Final Approval The BCLNA welcomes the following new members:




Pitt Meadows


CR Landscaping, James Summers-Gill, Kelowna, Active Landscaper (Interim) Exterus Landscape Design Group Inc., Nicole McIlveen & Hazel Yeo, Brentwood Bay, Active Landscaper (Interim) Gardens By Linda, Linda Shulman, Vancouver, Active Landscaper GSU Landscaping, Jamie Lamont, Surrey, Active Landscaper (Interim)

Sanitize with certainty

Ivanov Nursery Ltd., Danny Ivanov, Aldergrove, Active Grower

Sanitization can be very costly if not done effectively.

Lawnboy Enterprises Ltd., Billy Hu, Vancouver, Active Retailer

• Iotron takes sanitization to a new level, offering Nursery Growers unparalleled results. • Iotron utilizes irradiation technology to eliminate Pathogens, fungi and molds on pots, trays, and styroblocks. • Iotron's sanitization method fully penetrates materials like an X-ray, effectively sterilizing the material.

Field trials have proven that the sanitization level of pots prior to planting can affect plant yields.

Money does grow on trees! Be confident that your pots, trays or styroblocks are the cleanest they can be from the start. A disease free environment creates disease free plants.

Benefits • Re-use old pots, trays & styroblock • Increase plant yields • Reduce maintenance on plants • Environmentally friendly process • No more need for harsh chemicals, steam or hot water

If your sanitization method leaves you uncertain, then it's definitely time to make a change. For For more more information information please please contact contact Iotron Iotron Technologies Technologies Corp. Corp. 1425 1425 Kebet Kebet Way, Way, Port Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, BC BC V3C V3C 6L3 6L3 Ph. Ph. (604)945-8838 (604)945-8838 Fax. Fax. (604)945-8827 (604)945-8827 Website Website Email: Email:

Shangri-La Landscaping, Tim Rust, West Vancouver, Active Landscaper Swicks Organic Landscaping Ltd., Ron Swick, Richmond, Active Landscaper Trillium Landscaping Inc., Daniel May, Vancouver, Active Landscaper (Interim) Woodward Tree Nursery Ltd., John & Debbie Woodward, Kamloops, Active Grower Karen E. Purdy, Burnaby, Student Tentative Approval The following companies will become BCLNA members at the next board meeting unless a member provides a valid reason for not accepting the application: Acacia Landscape, Stephen McLeish, Victoria, Active Landscaper Accent Landscaping, Peter Thomas, North Vancouver, Active Landscaper Greendale Farm & Nursery Ltd., Kulwinder Thind, Chilliwack, Active Grower (Interim) Nor-Wes Landscape & Design Ltd., Ryan Donohoe, Burnaby, Active Landscaper (Interim) Rolling Hills Nursery, John Claus, Langley, Active Grower (Interim)




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Industry Bits

Les Clay, Senior of the Year Les Clay, a Langley resident since the 1960’s, was recognized with the ‘Senior of the Year’ Award during that city’s Senior’s Week activities. The former owner of Clay Nurseries, BCLNA member, and long-time Rotarian, was celebrated for his dedicated community service. Navnit Shah, who nominated

him on behalf of the Langley Rotary Club, described Clay as a “voracious volunteer” at the awards ceremony held last month. Many of Clay’s efforts have centered on his expertise in horticulture, and he has grown and donated plants to Langley City and Township, W.C. Blair Pool, Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, and England’s Windsor Great Park. In addition, the 75 year old continues to volunteer his time to prune and maintain the grounds at Langley’s

Dale Wins Environment Award Catherine Dale received the City of Burnaby’s Environmental Award in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the Chemical-Free Lawns and Gardens category. Dale avidly encourages environmental practices to landscapers and home gardeners, which she communicates through her instruction of


several Burnaby School District Adult Education programs. She currently teaches elements of the district’s Ecological Landscape Design and Organic Master Gardener programs. She also instructs the Residential Landscape Technician program, developed in cooperation with the BCLNA to encourage chemi-

In 1943 Henry officially joined the company and it became H.M. Eddie & Sons Ltd.; and he took ownership a decade later with his father’s passing. That year, he introduced the ‘Miss Canada’ rose (Canadian Centennial Rose, 1967) and he began laying the foundations for a Nurserymen’s association in BC.

Sources: Langley Advance, Langley Times

cal-free techniques. Employed by the Land Conservancy of B.C. as Head Gardener, Lower Mainland Region, she brings her philosophy of environmental stewardship to the Land Conservancy and to its employees and volunteers.

In Memoriam

J. Henry Eddie passed away peacefully at Peace Arch Hospital in his 99th year. Henry was born in Ballantrae, Scotland but was raised in the Lower Mainland, his family having immigrated to Canada in 1910. Henry’s father was a respected nurseryman who worked for Royal Nurseries in South Vancouver. In 1919, he established the Eddie Nursery Co., which supplied fruit trees to Okanagan orchards, grew some 400,000 roses for the Canadian market at peak production, and through which he and J. Henry bred many notable plants.

Michaud House, Langley United Church, McLeod Athletic Park, and Centennial Park. He has served as director and president on a number of boards including the Langley Township Parks and Recreation, VanDusen Botanical Garden, American Rhododendron Society, Fraser South Rhodo Society, Peace Arch Rhodo Society and International Plant Propagators Society, and is also the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship, Rotary’s highest honour.

J. Henry Eddie March 14, 1909 – May 30, 2007

Henry was elected President of that first group of nurserymen. An active participant in regional and national industry initiatives, he also chaired the Plant Patents Committee. In 1961, he brought the group of nurserymen together with the landscaper’s association, and they formed BCLNA’s precursor, the Horticultural Trades Association of BC. Henry was again honoured with the position of President. Soon after, he was elected Vice President of the Canadian Association of Nurserymen, and in 1962 was the first National President of that organization.

In 1974, Henry dissolved his company to retire, but he continued to play an active role in the industry: he was recognized with the Pacific Coast Nurseryman Outstanding Service Award in 1985; in 1986, ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ dogwood was selected to be Vancouver’s Centennial Tree; in 1988, he and John Mathies (Cannor Nurseries) established the H.M. Eddie Plant Foundation at UBC; and in 1994, he donated the original ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ dogwood to VanDusen Botanical Garden. J. Henry Eddie is predeceased by his wife and business partner Myrtle. He is survived by his daughter Rosemary Eddie (Bruce Emmons), sister Mary Hayles, and many grandchildren, nieces and nephews. At Henry’s request, no service was held. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Salvation Army, VanDusen Garden or a charity of your choice would be greatly appreciated.



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Help Wanted Call us for all your native and ornamental plant needs

Assistant Retail Manager Required for full time year round Garden Centre position. Skill requirements include horticulturalist certification, bobcat and forklift operation, and day to day operations of a retail garden centre. Mail your resume to Deluxe Landscaping, PO Box 1341, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0.

Customer Service Horticultural distributor in Delta, BC is expanding and has an opening for an experienced, professional customer service and product support person.

LINNAEA NURSERIES LTD. Tel: 604-533-8281 Fax: 604-533-8246 1-888-327-7705 email: 3666 - 224th Street, Langley, BC V2Z 2G7 Canada


8168 River Way, Delta, B.C. V4G 1K5 Tel: 604-946-5641 Fax: 604-946-0234 Toll Free: 1-800-498-7403

the classifieds For Sale Herons Rest Nursery Inventory

Shade Cloth

We are selling off all inventory. We have Acer Bloodgood, Waterfall, Inabe Shidare, Vine Maples etc. Also hostas, dwarf conifers and nursery pots. Contact Leigh @ 604 535-4041.

Used 78% woven polypropylene shade cloth, 4.6 oz/sq yd, UV stabilized. Suitable for use as shade cloth, landscape fabric, geotextile. Chai-Na-Ta Farms, Kamloops, BC. Ph. 250 372-9500. Email

The ideal candidate should have a background in the horticulture industry and previous experience in customer service. Must be dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Job includes inside sales, data / order entry. Must be fluent in English and have computer experience with MS Office. An excellent telephone manner and the ability to take on a varied workload are required. If you have the desire to succeed in an excellent work environment and are capable of working independently and making a positive contribution to a progressive company, please reply in confidence to: Crofton Grower Services Ltd/JVK, 8168 River Way, Delta, BC V4G 1K5 Fax: 604 946-0234 Email: Full Time Irrigation Technician Required Minimum 4 years experience in irrigation installation and troubleshooting, including residential and commercial installations. Mail your resume detailing experience to Deluxe Landscaping, PO Box 1341, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0.

Instructors Needed To teach in the Residential Landscape Program in Surrey and Burnaby. This fast-paced 18 week program is held weeknights and Saturday mornings in the fall and spring. Requirements: • Working knowledge of all aspects of horticulture including Botany and Plant ID, IPM, Design, Maintenance, Irrigation, Plant Installation, Soils, Turf, Grading and Drainage, Irrigation, Arboriculture and Business Fundamentals. • Must be a self managed individual • Provincial Instructor Diploma and/or previous teaching experience is an asset, but not required. Please send a cover letter and resume: Attention: Evelyn Douglas College Surrey Training Centre 10060 King George Hwy. Surrey, BC V3T 2W4



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sponsored by

Safety Check Terri Holizki, WorkSafeBC Industry & Labour Services Manager for Small Business

Get Ready for Young and New Worker Legislation BC’s 350,000 young workers make up almost 17 percent of the provincial labour force, hundreds of whom are employed in the landscaping industry. More than half of work-related incidents occur during a young worker’s first six months on the job with almost 20 percent occurring during the first month. In 2005, more than 9000 young workers were injured on the job. Regardless of their age, all new workers have five to seven times the risk of sustaining a workplace injury during their first month on the job. Effective July 26, 2007, all employers must ensure that a young or new worker is given health and safety orientation and training about safe work procedures and how to recognize hazards on the job before the young or new worker begins work. Young workers are those under the age of

Advertise in Marketplace by calling Barb Nelson at BCLNA (604) 574-7772

25, and new workers are those who are new on the job, returning to a workplace where the hazards have changed during the worker’s absence, or relocating to a new workplace with different hazards. As an employer, you must document all their orientation and training. The new sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (sections 3.22 to 3.25) describe 13 topics that must be included in the orientation and training. Additional training must be provided if the employer observes that a young or new worker is not able to perform work tasks or work processes safely, or if a young or new worker requests additional training. The aim of these new regulations is to reduce the injury rate for young and new workers. You can read more about the legislation by going to the Young Worker page on (look under Safety at Work/Topics on the home page), or by attending a free seminar offered by the Employers’ Advisers Office (see for details).

10 Reasons to Train WorkSafeBC now offers 10 new videos to view online free, or download for a small fee. These high quality downloads can be viewed from your computer or iPod, and are useful additions to your training sessions. Topics include ladder safety, forklift field of vision, and making WHIMIS work. For more, visit and click on ‘Publications’ or search for them on YouTube.



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BCMAL Report

Light-brown Apple Moth Detected in California The first detection in the mainland U.S. of the light-brown apple moth was confirmed on March 16, 2007. The moth is native to Australia, where it is a serious pest of many horticultural crops. To date, it has been detected in nine counties in California (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and San Mateo). The U.S. has established a quarantine to prevent the dissemination of the moth to other areas. In Australia, the moth generally has three generations per year. Twenty to 50 eggs are deposited in masses on the upper surface of leaves. The emerging yellowishgreen larvae feed at leaf margins or around the main veins on the underside of young leaves. The larvae grow to about 20 mm in length. Mature larvae pupate in “leaf rolls”. They over-winter at the larval stage.

Department of Agriculture website ( is an excellent source for additional information and photos of the light-brown apple moth.

New Insecticide/Miticide Registration Forbid™ 240 SC (spiromesifen) was recently registered to control two-spotted spider mites and broad mites, plus whiteflies in greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals. The label permits use in many situations, including landscapes, interior plantscapes, campgrounds, golf courses, athletic fields, parks, gardens, right-of-ways and other easements, and around residential, institutional, public, commercial, and industrial buildings. The label does not recommend the treatment of some ornamental crops if under drought stress or if temperatures are high. TM

The light-brown apple moth feeds on over 250 plant species, including a number of ornamental crops, such as Camellia, Ceanothus, Euonymus japonica, Rhododendron, and Skimmia japonica. Nursery growers should closely monitor product originating from California for this actionable pest. The California

Forbid is active by contact against the egg and nymphal stages of whiteflies and mites. It will not knock down adult whitefly populations. For best results, treatment should be made when pest populations begin to build and before a damaging population becomes established. Forbid has translaminar movement throughout the leaf surface, but to assure optimum effectiveness, the product TM

should be applied to wet both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf canopy.

Pesticide Label Revisions Banner MAXX - Several years ago, Syngenta replaced Banner 130 EC with a new formulation, Banner MAXX (14.3% propiconazole). The ornamental uses were not initially added to the Banner MAXX label. On May 11, this situation was corrected and Banner MAXX is now registered to control anthracnose on dogwood and maple, apple scab on crabapple, non-bearing apple and pyracantha, powdery mildew on roses, azalea, and rhododendrons, and black spot of roses. Please refer to the label for use directions. Sevin XLR PLUS and Sevin T&O The Sevin XLR PLUS and Sevin T&O labels have been revised to permit use on turf (lawns and recreational areas) to control leatherjackets, which are larvae of crane flies (Tipula paludosa and T. oleracea). Subdue MAXX – The current temporary registration of Subdue MAXX to control Phytophthora ramorum on ornamental plants grown in nurseries and landscapes has been extended to December 31, 2008 through a conditional minor use. No other changes were made to the label. ■



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