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Student Initiative Fund SUMMARY You have chosen BCIT for its excellent reputation and connections with industry. There is also a great deal of opportunity that occurs outside the classroom that can have an extraordinary impact on your student experience. The Student Association of BCIT (BCITSA), in partnership with BCIT, is proud to offer you, a BCIT student, access to funding for initiatives which will further your professional development and give you the competitive edge you need.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA As a BCIT student you must be:  Enrolled as a part time or full time student  Pursuing your funded initiative within your attending year(s)  In good standing with a minimum grade point average as defined by your program  Able to demonstrate proof that all your fees have been paid Funding is available for initiatives that focus on professional development such as, but not limited to:  Public speaking  Leadership training  Industry best practices  Sustainability practices  Communication skills  Time management  Diversity issues  Effective team work  Managing volunteers  First aid (as it pertains to industry standards) Funding is NOT available for the following requests:  Membership fees  Competitions  Groups, clubs, associations and accreditations  Courses for credit toward diploma/certification  Co-ops or internships

HOW TO APPLY Please fill out the following forms to the best of your ability. Application forms are accepted at the Uconnect Resource Centre in SE2 on the main campus or by email at If you have any questions throughout the application process, you are welcome to contact the Student Services Manager at

FUNDING INFORMATION BCITSA and BCIT have set aside $15,000 for this fund. The maximum amount of funding available to an individual student is $500.00 per school year. The funding is meant as a supplement to the full amount of the initiative, and does not cover more than 75% of the costs. The submission deadlines are: October 14

January 16

April 13

Applications for initiatives completed prior to application intake date will not be considered. All funding requests will receive notification of approval or refusal. Upon approval for funding students will be asked to submit a brief report detailing their experience with their chosen initiative within two weeks’ time of attending. The SIF Committee may later utilize this information in materials to promote the SIF Fund. Students will be reimbursed upon receipt of their final report with presentation of receipts and BCITSA Expense Form(s) up to the approved amount.

STUDENT DETAILS Student: First Name: Last Name:

Other Funds In addition to SIF funds, are you receiving external funds from other sources for your initiative: Please circle

Student Number: Phone Number: Email:

Yes No If yes, please briefly describe funding source (BCIT; my program/ school, etc).


INITIATIVE DETAILS Name of Initiative: Date(s): Briefly describe your chosen initiative. For example, what is it about, who is the target audience, where will it take place?

Please also include a website address and/or attach information that includes information about your chosen initiative.

PERSONAL STATEMENTS There is value in writing down your goals, sharing them, and referring to them often. Please take a moment to answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Brief hand written statements in the spaces provided are preferred.

1. Explain how this initiative is connected to your professional development goals. For example, how will you benefit professionally from this initiative? Is this initiative related to something you are currently pursuing or would like to pursue in the near future?

2. Identify how this initiative will impact your skill sets. For example, will you build a new skill set or enhance an existing one? How will this skill set be valuable to you in your professional development?

3. Does this initiative enable professional development that might otherwise not be available? For example, does this initiative offer something that can only be gained outside your program area? Does this initiative offer you something that compliments or is in addition to your learning in a program area?

PERSONAL STATEMENTS 4. Explain how this initiative is directly applicable to your role as a BCIT student. For example, will it assist your involvement in a group or committee you are currently participating in? Is there opportunity for you to share your learning with the wider campus community (i.e. presentation, article writing, awareness raising etc.)?

4. Please take a moment to write a summary statement telling us what you hope to gain from this opportunity. Explain why this particular initiative interests you.

INITIATIVE COSTS Please detail all applicable costs to the best of your ability: Initiative Fee (i.e. Conference or Registration Fee):




Other: (excluding accommodation and meal expenses)


DISCLAIMER By signing this form, I authorize BCIT to release details of my academic history, current enrolment and financial standing for the purpose of the Student Initiative Fund. Signature


Student Association British Columbia Institute of Technology T: 604.451.7087

F: 604.434.3809