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Set Rep Meeting Minutes of School of Computing & Academic Studies Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Chair Michal Harisson, Chair of School of Computing &Academic Studies

Set/Tech Reps: Donghua (Tony) Han

Chris Wood

Alex McGilvray

Tyler Allison

Ramin Nikzat

Jacob Kwitkoski

Jonathon Echols BTECH Upkar Rai Staff: Olesea Zadoinova Guest Speakers: Bill Klug, Acting Program Head of Computer Systems Technology Christina Batstone, Advocacy Coordinator 3.1 Meeting called to order The Chair Person, Michal Harisson, called meeting to order at 7:30am 3.2 Guest Speakers Bill Klug 

The guest speaker Bill Klug explained to the Set Reps the procedure and the circumstances of late withdrawals. Only those students who are absent for the serious medical reasons or have unavoidable cause of absence, can apply for the late withdrawal. They must communicate as soon as possible with his/her instructor, program head or chief of the instructor indicating the reason of the absence. In addition, the Set Reps were advised to speak to the instructor first before making the decision regarding the course withdrawal.

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More information about policies and procedures can be found at BCIT website Question: When the Labs will be provided by the chairs? It is expected after the spring break. Christina Batstone

Guest speaker Christina Batstone explained to the Set Reps that BCIT has started a review of the Non-Academic Misconduct (Code of Conduct) policy which deals with things like fighting, theft, vandalism, threatening or disruptive behaviour, harassment and bullying etc. Christina shared that a key part of the review is gathering student feedback, which Christina hopes to discuss on the April’s Set Reps meeting. Christina asked the following questions

 How well non-academic Code of Conduct is known by the students?  How much control should BCIT have over students’ electronic use in class and on campus (i.e. Using Facebook in class etc.)? For any further information or for feedback regarding Code of Conduct please contact Christina Batstone at at 604-456-1161. 3.3 Old business 

LAN PartyMichael showed the tickets for the LAN Party, which was scheduled on April 1st, 2011 in SE6, room 233. Students can buy the tickets in the Stand Central Store. The 4 major games were chosen for the Lan Party. The Chair of Computing looked for additional volunteers for the LAN Party. Some Set Reps agreed to support Michael. Michael proposed to email him any question Set Rep may have regarding the LAN Party. Questions:  How many stations will be available? Michael will investigate.  Will the games and programs be installed? No.  Will you have shaky video? Yes, we will try to take the photo of participants in the most unexpected situations to make them more interesting.

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 From what time the room will be available for the students? The room is booked from 5:30 pm that day. 

Locks in the Gym Michal communicated information about absence of half of the locks in the Gym. For the present moment Michal is waiting for feedback from BCIT regarding fixing it.

Chairs It was investigated that the problematic chairs in Option Labs are supposed to be replaced by the end of March or maximum after the spring break.

BTECH rooms BTech rooms are locked and reserved for the Games Development Program. Only students from the Games Development Program have access to these rooms. The other rooms are essentially unavailable for the reason of classes in these spaces.

Phone issues in the Tech Labs It was explained to the Set Reps that installation of the phones is not a responsibility of BCIT. Sometimes it is installed to benefit the students; however BCIT is not obliged to install it in every Tech Lab.

3.4 New business: Jacob Kwitkoski, Comp 4b Set Rep, asked opinions of the other set reps about student’s potential interest in the “Developer Tools” workshop. Some of the Set Reps supported this idea. Jacob will investigate further detailed information. For any additional questions please contact, Jacob Kwitkoski, at 3.5 Set rep Forum What jobs does BCIT provide to IT students in the summer? And what are the requirements to apply for such a job? Set Reps shared their experience regarding applying and choosing the most relevant job for their speciality. One of the most important conditions to be eligible to apply is to remain full time students after the summer, to provide letter of reference etc. The more detailed information regarding summer job can be found online at

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3.6 Next meeting The next meeting needs to be determined. Michal will investigate and inform other Set. Reps. 3.7 Meeting adjourned at 8:30am The Chairperson Michal Harisson adjourned the meeting at 8:30am.

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School of Computing & Academic Studies Set Rep Meeting Agenda Thursday, March 10, 2011 7:30 am – 8:30 am 3.1

Meeting Called to Order  Bill Klug  Christina Batstone


Guest Speakers


Old Business  LAN Party  Locks in the gym  Chairs  Btech rooms  Phone issues


New Business


Set Rep Forum


Next Meeting: To be determined


Meeting Adjourned

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Chair Michal Harisson, Chair of School of Computing &Academic Studies Chris Wood Donghua (Tony) Han Ramin Nikzat Alex McGilvray Upkar Ra...