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February 9th, 2011 • Issue 46-10

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2 Editorial

BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23

Love, actually? Our favorite four-letter word all comes down to science Brenna Temple Editor


alentines Day has become an increasingly celebrated day around the world although it’s expressed in many different ways. In French, there isn’t actually a word that literally translates to the English version of love. There’s ‘amour’ or ‘adore,’ but that’s sort of different. People tend to use ‘aime’ for love and ex-

pect the other person to interpret it as love in special moments and just sort of get it. We’ve all heard of the Eskimo kiss too, which is based on the Inuit greeting known as the Kunik. In our Western culture we often use it to be silly, but to them, it’s a way of showing love by pressing your nose against the other person’s face. And then there’s the Irish. They occasionally give each other Claddagh rings to show love. Men traditionally give them to the women but now it can go either way. Not only are the cultural methods of showing love changing, but the traditional ways of using them are also transforming. It’s no wonder given these different interpretations of “love” that we often feel annoyed with Valentines Day. How are we supposed to understand what it is

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ing the first stage of love known as “lust.” It’s what makes you nervous around the guy or gal you like, making your heart rate increase along with your sweat glands. Next comes dopamine during the second stage called attraction, which makes you completely crazy about the other person. You’ll probably feel large amounts of pleasure and extreme happiness. In fact, some scientists claim it gives you the same feeling you’d get under the influence of cocaine. It’s that can’t eat, sleep, or think sort of feeling. Then comes serotonin during the third stage of the cycle called attachment. It’s to blame for making your lover pop into your thoughts repeatedly. Oxytocin is also released which causes couples to bond—so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that

Campus Query How much do you buy into Valentines Day?

it’s also released in new mothers to help them bond with their infant. It doesn’t stop at oxytocin though. Vasopressin is also released after you do the deed while you’re in the long-term stages. According to scientists, it’s probably released to make you want to stay with that other person for the purpose of reproducing. You’re probably a little confused with all this science stuff or just wondering where it all plays in. As far as I’m concerned, if science plays a role in love then there’s no point in complaining about one day of the year. Why not celebrate something that we were meant to do? Why not blow it all out of proportion? Let’s face it—if it’s not good enough for you, then it will be good enough for someone else. Have a happy Valentines Day!

Eric Lin AST

I’ve celebrated it every year but this year. I’m single. I’ve never been single on Valentine’s Day.

Chad Klassen | Assistant Editor

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when everyone seems to have a different opinion? It’s not like anyone ever wrote a rule book for dating etiquette, proper Valentine’s Day greetings or methods of showing love (if you find a rule book then please notify me.) As much as it’s easy to get mad at the whole meaning of love, or even the day, we should probably just blame the way our brains are wired. For example, some psychologists say that when we fall in love, it’s determined by three factors. Apparently 55% of it is determined by the other person’s body language, 38% by the tone and speed of their voice, and the remaining 7% from what they say. As you can imagine, chemicals play a role in love too, and they time with different phases of the whole process. Adrenaline kicks off the entire process dur-


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It’s good for couples. Boosts the economy in the doldrums of February. Produces horrible romantic comedies. It’s good, though.

It’s a little overrated. A lot of it has to do with businesses wanting to make money. I don’t think there needs to be a specific day.

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It’s just another marketing scam. I don’t think there should be a specific day you pay more attention to your loved one. You should every day.

It’s something special if you have someone you’re really committed to in a serious way and you love them. But it’s not something I think about now because I don’t have anyone. As a member of Canadian University Press (CUP), The Link adheres to the CUP code of ethics and will not publish any material deemed by the editors to be sexist, racist, homo/ hetero phobic or in poor taste.

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News in brief

BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23

Brenna Temple Editor

Ford Reps Teach BCIT Auto Students About Building Green Cars


ord representatives stepped out of their cars and into a BCIT automotive classroom on January 19th to teach students how Ford are making cars greener. According to the BCIT website, the presentation showed students how Ford makes environmentally-friendly cars. “The display included wheat straw-filled console and storage bins; polylactide fabric (100 per cent corn-based plastic); a Ford Fiesta seat prototype containing soy foam and outfitted with corn-based fabric; containers of corn kernels, soy beans and soy flour; soy foam blocks; cotton made from recycled blue jeans, and more.”

BCIT Students Receive Scholarships from the GVHBA


ix BCIT Carpentry Framing and Forming Foundation Program students received scholarships on Jan. 12th. The scholarships, for $1000 each, were given to the students by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA) for showing exceptional work according to the BCIT website. “Award recipients are selected by the BCIT Carpentry instructional staff,” says the website. The GVBHA has distributed scholarships to BCIT students since 1998.


BCITMA Wins Spot in New Orleans Competition


he BCIT Marketing Association has qualified for the finals of the American Marketing Association Collegiate (AMA) Case Competition. “The AMA Case Competition is a yearlong event that brings the top marketing students together to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization,” says the AMA website. The finals will occur in New Orleans on March 24.

HST best thing province could hope for: policy official Controversial tax still facing unrest in B.C., experts say good will come Danielle Pope CUP Western Bureau Chief VICTORIA (CUP) — B.C.’s HST could be the best thing that’s happened to the province, according to some policy officials, but that doesn’t mean the feel-good sentiment is an easy sell to residents. Jack Mintz, director of the School of Public Policy out of the University of Calgary, recently released a paper that ranks the ability of Canadian provinces to attract business. The paper analyzed the tax regimes of the federal and provincial governments, and determined their relative attractiveness to business and investment. He found that, due to taxing adjustments made by HST, B.C. is finally looking more competitive to potential employers. “The HST may not be popular in B.C., but it has drastically lowered the overall cost of doing business, thereby making B.C. one of the most attractive business environments in Canada. Eliminating the HST might be good politics, but it’s bad policy,” Mintz told media. Mintz says the most competitive provincial jurisdictions in Canada now include Alberta, B.C. and New Brunswick. Turns out Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are now the least competitive. In fact, he says HST will make B.C. even more competitive than Alberta in the coming months and years, in something that’s being termed “the new B.C. advantage.” But Mintz says corporate tax cuts must continue as planned to keep B.C., and Canada, competitive. “Governments around the world are waking up to the reality of global competitive-

ness. To create jobs and attract investment, corporate taxes must be kept in check,” he said. “Further, Canada needs to work to make sure its tax burden is neutral, otherwise we're sapping productivity.” While the popular opinion in B.C. is “down with HST,” Mintz worries about the call to revoke the tax. He believes calling for an increase in corporate taxation is “irresponsible policy” as far as the overall economy is concerned. Michael Hayes, organizer of the antiHST recall campaign against Victoria MLA Ida Chong, says that proponents of the tax are feeding citizens distorted lines.

should be seeing some positive effects now. “We shouldn’t have to wait for five or 10 years to see how the HST actually works,” he said. “All you have to do is look at the restaurant closures in this region to see how it’s hurting people today. And the people are tired of being ignored.” Mintz’s views may not be the popular refrain throughout a province that’s seeing petitions and protests, mom-and-pop restaurant closures and a general sense of distrust in the B.C. Liberal Party, who implemented the tax in 2010 after promising it would not appear. Yet many are agreeing with the sentiment

“The HST may not be popular in B.C., but it has drastically lowered the overall cost of doing business, thereby making B.C. one of the most attractive business environments in Canada. Eliminating the HST might be good politics, but it’s bad policy.” “The HST is good for people who don’t have to pay for it. The people who benefit from this tax have consistently told us, ‘Don’t worry — there will be jobs coming down the pike lines.’ But that theory has been discredited for years,” said Hayes. “The idea of a trickle-down effect is just not true, and we can see this in examples from Canada to Europe.” Hayes admits that part of the upset around HST is the way in which the tax was implemented, but he also disagrees with the theory that it’s all going to pay off in the end. If it was that good, Hayes says, we

that HST can do a province some good. Elisabeth Gugl, economics professor at the University of Victoria, says the reason HST is such an effective tactic for generating business is because it reorganizes how tax is collected and reduces inefficient taxing methods. “What we’re seeing here is a savings of ‘wasted fees,’ in a way,” Gugl said. “Taxes can hurt people in more ways than when they just pay the final tax.” Gugl explains that, while the ins and outs of HST can be hard to break down, the basic principal is that people will readjust

their spending habits when faced with extra costs, tax included. Removing those costs, she says, encourages greater spending. Gugl’s theory is easy to understand: The average student who realizes they have to pay dollars more for a lunch is less likely to eat out. Equally so, she says, the businesses that have to pay more to operate are less likely to do so. The idea that many economic theorists are hanging onto, which some skeptics are doubting, is that businesses who save money will pass those savings onto consumers by eventually offering more jobs, cheaper goods, or a combination of the two. “Of course this tax will affect people, but we have to remember that there are people on all ends of the spectrum — whether your role is as a consumer, worker or owner,” said Gugl. “What can hurt us in one way, say by making a haircut more expensive, can help us in a more holistic way, say by lowering the unemployment rate in B.C.” In a brief history lesson, Gugl speaks to how legislation in the ’90s was passed to see all provinces follow suit with HST implementation. However, Quebec was the only province to jump on board initially, followed in 1997 by the Atlantic Provinces. In 2010, Ontario and then B.C. joined up, now leaving only a handful of provinces HSTfree. “People have a tendency to get used to whatever they are facing, and so whenever you change something it’s going to upset some people,” she said. “Changes might not show up right away, but in the long run we can forecast some incredible effects. The important thing to realize is that change is never as bad as it seems, and good will come of it.”

4 News

BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23

Water For Life

BCIT sponsors major public outreach concert Joe Enns The Link


his spring, BCIT will mark one of its largest public outreach events. On the evening of April 7th, at the Michael J. Fox Theater in Burnaby, BCIT along with its Rivers Institute and other sponsors will be putting on a major “Water for Life” benefit concert. The benefit will be a celebration of water, rivers ,and the natural world and is consistent with other major BCIT events such as World Rivers Day. The concert will feature internationally renowned river conservationist and speaker, Mark Angelo, who also Chairs the Rivers Institute at BCIT. It will also incorporate a mix of live music, images, stories and film clips from BC and around the world and will center on the importance of water and the need to be good water stewards wherever we may live. “Globally, close to a billion people currently do not have access to safe drinking water,” says Mark Angelo, “By 2025, close to 3 billion people are expected to face issues around water stress or scarcity." Mark first envisioned organizing the Water for Life event following an extensive visit to Ethiopia last summer. Chris Gailus, well known to British Columbians as the evening news anchor for Global BC, will be the MC for the event. Live music will be performed by Holly Arntzen, Kevin Wright and the Dream Band, who will bring their blend of folk pop and rock with a natural world theme. They will also be accompanied by a youth choir made up of 160 students from Burnaby’s Brentwood Park Elementary School. The inspiring event will also be the subject of an hour-long television feature that will air on Global TV on the evening of June 25. Sponsors for the benefit concert include the North Growth Foundation (platinum sponsor), BCIT, the BCIT Rivers Institute, HSBC, Mountain Equipment Coop and the Blue Planet Links Foundation. Proceeds for the concert will benefit two organizations, WaterCan and the Nature Trust of BC. WaterCan is a Canadian wa-

ter charity dedicated to providing clean drinking water to the world’s poorest people. Specifically, WaterCan has projects in East Africa, a region prone to food shortages and drought. Mark has visited this part of Africa extensively over the last few decades. The Omo River Valley region in Ethiopia is one of Africa’s “most intact cultural landscapes.” During his most recent trip, Mark spent time with the indigenous Hamer people and was struck by their struggle to get drinking water. During the dry season, some of the daily journeys were as long as 15 km one-way. The trek to fetch water is usually undertaken by women and young girls exposing them to huge risk. "To have experienced something like this forever changes how one looks at water," says Mark who, during his visit, traveled with a group of villagers to get water, leaving at 6 AM and returning seven hours later. “The fact that in Canada, we can simply go to a tap to get a drink is something we should never take for granted.” Freshwater shortages also hit closer to home. While on the coast of BC it seems that the rain is never-ending, BC is not without its own freshwater struggles especially in regions such as the Okanagan. The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC puts out a Top 10 list of endangered rivers in BC each year. In 2010, three of the top ten rivers were listed with “excessive water extraction” as one of the main reasons. The Nature Trust of BC, the other beneficiary of the event, is a BC land conservancy organization. Proceeds that go to the Nature Trust will be used for the “Heart of the Fraser” initiative, which strives to protect the stretch of Fraser River between Mission and Hope. This gravel-rich reach of the Fraser is known to be one of the most productive stretches of river in the world. In BC, as well as everywhere else, fresh water shortages can lead to expansion of water related infrastructure. These develop-

ments include huge public expenditures and can have a great impact on surrounding ecosystems. BCIT has been a leader in promoting environmental sustainability through programs such as the Ecological Restoration Degree Program and the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program. "BCIT is well-placed as an advocate for international water stewardship," says Mark Angelo. While educational perspectives are important and grads from BCIT environmental programs have gone on to influence environmental programs internationally, the benefit concert takes water stewardship one step further; from the educational perspective to public outreach. The lead-up to both the live event and the TV show will include a host of promotional activities ranging from full page ads to a series of TV commercials, all of which will include some key, water-related messages. “We must stress the need to be good water stewards regardless of where we live,” says Mark Angelo, “We are all citizens of the planet.” Recognizing that water shortage goes hand-in-hand with poverty and international conflict, it is easy to see that the management of what little fresh water we have will become increasingly important in the future. Educational packages such as DVDs will be made available after the concert and, hopefully, will be downloadable on ShawVideo On Demand. Other products sold at the concert will be made available through the BCIT Student Association store after the concert and the proceeds will go to the beneficiaries. Tickets are $35 (plus fees) and go on sale through Ticketmaster on Feb 1. They can be bought through the Ticketmaster website ( or ordered by phone, toll-free at 1-855-9855000. More information on the Water For Life Benefit Concert, as well as, sponsors and beneficiaries can be found online at

Cover photo and photo above by Mark Angelo






Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2011. Visit to learn more.

BCITSA Info & News Crash Course Cooking: Feb 15th Cooking classes at BCIT! Sign up at the Uconnect in SE2 Yam Fries With Basil Aioli

4) Place French fries in a shallow dish and add oil, salt, and pepper. Evenly coat all fries. 5) Place fries in a single layer on baking sheets. Bake for 15 minutes, flip with a spatula, and then bake for another 10- 15 minutes or until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Cooking time may be longer depending on your oven. 6) As fries are baking make the aioli. Mix mayonnaise, basil, salt, and minced garlic in a small bowl. Chill until ready to use. 7) Eat, dip, and enjoy!

Ingredients: Yam Fries 12 medium yams (or can use sweet potatoes) ¼ cup grapeseed oil 1 ½ tsp salt 2 tsp pepper Basil Aioli: 1 cup mayonnaise 1/3 cup chopped fresh basil ¼ tsp salt 2 cloves garlic, minced

Health Tip!

Directions: 1) Preheat oven to 425°. 2) Wash yams under running water making sure that any dirt is removed. 3) Slice yams into French fry shapes, taking caution to have similar sized pieces so that all pieces will cook at the same rate.

Courtesy of the BC Cancer Agency Not only do yams have much more vitamin A and C then white potatoes, but they are an excellent source fibre (1 cup of yams = 5grams of fibre). Most North Americans consume half of the recommended 25-30grams of fibre per day. Increased fibre intake is associated with decreased development of some cancers such as colon cancer. A healthy diet is important for cancer prevention. Visit our website to find out more.

BCITSA Street Team Uses Unique Approach to Deliver Serious Message T

he BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) has come up with a memorable way to raise awareness of cervical cancer screening in BC. Students at BCIT campuses may have to pinch themselves when they see street teams accompanied by a 5ft vagina. Taking place during the midst of a larger Sexual Health event series, February 7th14th, the BCITSA has created a multiday street team, delivering a message to students to be proactive with their sexual health. The BC Cancer Agency’s Cervical Cancer Screening Program is supporting the BCITSA’s effort to encourage female students to learn more about their cervical health; the benefits of regular Pap tests, and if eligible, where to get a Pap on the BCIT campus. However the message is not just for females - the street team will encourage male students to also learn the facts and tell a friend or girlfriend who is eligible, to take charge of their own health. Two interactive games – “Naughty Bingo” and “Risky Business” will also be offered to the students. Risky Business (a Family-feud style game that integrates questions on screening) is a collabora-

Executive Weigh In Message from your School of Computing and Academic Studies: Michal Harrison


CIT is known for having intensive, gruelling programs that push students to the point of exhaustion. The hard work we put in during our time here is meant to prepare us for our chosen career paths, but if all you do is attend classes, complete assignments, and write tests, you are missing out on a lot of other opportunities to enrich your education. Though it may seem difficult to find the time amidst your studies, I encourage every student to get involved in at least one extra way. There are clubs to join, intramural sport leagues to play in, and all sorts of free programs that cater to myriad interests. These things do not take up much time, but pay dividends when it comes to meeting people, developing extra skills, and simply blowing off some steam and having fun. Whether you are here for one year or four years, there is something you can do to make that time more fun and more worthwhile, so take advantage of it. After you escape this place, the moments that are going to stand out as being the most memorable are not those spent in the classroom, but the ones spent participating in all of the extra things that too many students overlook.

Social media: BCITSA

tion with the local organization YouthCo, whose mission is “Canada’s first youthdriven organization leading the HIV and HepC movement through peer education, support, and shared leadership”. Christina Batstone, the BCITSA’s Advocacy spokeswoman, said, “We are ex-

cited to use this approach as a unique and humorous way to draw attention to a serious issue. Sexual health is not often talked about in the public sphere; there’s nothing discreet about a 5 ft. vagina, which we hope will help us break down barriers to address an important issue.”

* The BCITSA Info & News Page is designed for the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) to showcase the Association’s projects or events. The advertising on this page does not necessarily reflect the views of the Link or its staff.

6 Feature

BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23

In Da Club Honest club reviews for serious partiers Brenna Temple Editor

The Roxy

Post Modern


The Cambie

967 Granville St. Wear: Something bedazzled and short. Men: Ed Hardy? Imagine yourself surrounded by a plethora of what looks like 16-year-old girls wearing clothing so sparkly you’ll be blinded. Imagine men so douchey and deceitful they punch each other for no reason. Welcome to Caprice… land of the minors! One thing this place can guarantee above all the others is top 40 music and a larger than average bar space. However, you probably won’t care because you’ll be distracted trying to avoid that dirt bag beside you.

300 Cambie St. Wear: Anything...everyone will be too drunk to notice There are a lot of beards at this place. Finding a different person puking in the stall next to you each time you use the bathroom is generally expected too. The weird part is, that as much as this bar can be totally gross, it’s pretty fun. It’s also a great for student bank accounts because the beer is pretty cheap. You’re guaranteed to meet people from all over the world since they stay in the hostel above the pub. A worldly, cheap, and laid back experience all in one!

Canvas Lounge


99 Powell St. Wear: Pants with a nice top and nice shoes Lights. Cameras. Action. Wait… men here probably won’t be getting a lot of that last one if they act as pushy as they usually do at this place. Who knows if it’s the hip hop that’s making them angry or if it’s just bad mannerisms in general. This place can be an okay time if you have friends nearby, but heed warning to clingers who get upset if you’re just out for a good time on your girls’ night out. The layout is nice; there are two different floors to party on with a dramatic checkered floor. Don’t feel like you have to tip the bathroom attendant though… you already paid $15 for cover!

1022 Davie Wear: Breathable clothing—this place gets hot! The only day this lively place isn’t open is Monday and the music is hot on all of them! Looking to get your groove on? You can expect everything from pop to house to electronic. And although it’s known as a gay club, it’s an incredibly open and friendly place, so don’t worry— it doesn’t matter what your orientation is! Drink prices aren’t too bad, and sit around $6. If you’re going out on a Saturday then beware of the large lineup because you probably won’t get in if you don’t show up before 11 p.m. All the staff minus the bouncers are nice.


Lotus Lounge

932 Granville St. Wear: Anything but your cocktail dress/tux Out with the minors, in with the cool people! By this I mean that you won’t have to worry about sleazy underage kids bumping and grinding against you. The Roxy is always a crowd pleaser for those who want to have an incredible time. It hosts a variety of cover bands instead of playing the Beat’s playlist. Think that’s lame? It’s generally not, and even if it turns out to be then you’ll still have a great time dancing like a lunatic. Check it out on Fridays for cheap $7 cover, Tuesdays for CAN-CON (Canadian content) night, or Sundays for Country night.

92 Water St. Wear: Go casual or dress it up. Just don’t wear anything white, this place can get messy! This place has something for everyone. Don’t like to dance? You can sit and order your beer from the table. Like to dance? You can do so. Scared you won’t like the music? Expect anything from 90’s to top 40. Hungry? The food is great. The only downside of this place is it gets really hot on crowded weekend nights and the bathroom isn’t big enough, so girls generally end up being crammed up around the restroom doors. Also, the service can be a little slow so make sure you have a lot of patience.

7 Alexander St. Wear: Opt for a hipster or glamazon look This dance club is based in Gastown, and like its name suggests, it tries hard to be trendy. Electro music blares out of the speakers while a DJ tries to mix in newer songs— the only problem is that it’s difficult to find the beat with Ke$ha’s voice ripped up all over the place. The restroom is set up in an interesting manner, i.e. it’s shared between men and women. Not so great when you’re trying to avoid the annoying people. You can have fun, but it will never be the noteworthy night of your month.

455 Abbott St. Wear: Nothing too dressy This place is big on dancing and it’s easy to do it if you’re a little uncomfortable with your moves since it’s anything but elitist or pretentious.With a massive dance floor and an excellent sound system you can let loose while listening to lots of house, trance, and techno music. The events aren’t limited to only this genre though, so don’t worry! Friday’s are called mod night and include a popular array of 60’s and 70’s music. Grab doubles for about $7.50 and don’t worry about waiting in line for coat check—the staff is efficient!


BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23


BCIT broadcasters have their day on the air Sportsnet visits BCIT to help aspiring sportscasters on their way Justin Morissette The Link


chool on a Saturday? It’s an unwelcome proposition for most, but for BCIT’s broadcast students, the eighth annual Sportsnet seminar on February 5 offered a rare look inside the world of sports broadcasting. More than that, it was a chance for a handful of lucky students to see how they stack up against the pros. The event was organized by Dave Rashford, Sportsnet’s Director of Communications, and journalism instructor Bill Amos. But the main attractions were former grads who now star on Sportsnet Pacific and Canucks TV. Panel discussions covered most of the sports media, from game presentation with John Shorthouse, John Garrett, Dan Murphy and Kristen Reid, to the behind-the-scenes technical aspects with Canucks game producer

Greg Shannon. Nearly 40 students had the opportunity to read a highlight package in front of the man himself, Don Taylor, who offered professional critiques alongside Craig MacEwen and Kristen Reid. Amos says Sportsnet Day is a great occasion for students to hear about the industry, how it really works, and how they can break in to it themselves. And that sports highlight read, he says, is one of the most important aspects of the business. But it was Garrett who stole the show with surprisingly candid answers. He covered everything from his working relationships with his 33 play-by-play partners to frustration over his daughter’s Stanley Cup ring she received as a Tampa Bay Lightning intern in 2004. Rashford, who spent his lunch hour talk-

Don Taylor with Zameer Karim

ing all things sports with students, says the seminar isn’t just a chance for prospective journalists to rub elbows with the pros. It’s also an opportunity for him to keep his finger on the pulse. This lunch hour involved an in-depth dis-

cussion about the Sedin twins, who Rashford feels are under-appreciated talents back East – even after Henrik’s Hart Trophy victory. A successful venture for all involved. Here’s hoping the eighth edition won’t be the last.

Packers bring Lombardi back to Titletown Green Bay rides 21 points off turnovers to Super Bowl XLV title Chad Klassen Assistant Editor


he Lombardi Trophy is back where it The game’s MVP threw for over 300 all started, but Super Bowl XLV was far yards and three touchdowns, two of which from a work of art. came off the Steelers’ giveaways. Three Pittsburgh turnovers opened the The biggest came at the start of the door for the Packers to become the second fourth quarter, a costly mistake resulting sixth seed to recapture the championship in the game’s turning point. With the Steelthat started in Green Bay. ers roaring back down only 21-17, Rashard The franchise dominated to win the first Mendenhall coughed up the ball at the two titles in the 1960s and captured only Packers’ 33. one championship in the next four decades. At a point when the momentum had But after a 14 long years, but the Super completely shifted and pressure was mountBowl – named after ing on Green Bay’s former Packers leg- The second youngest team sideline, Rodgers took endary coach Vince played like a group that the fumble and shoved Lombardi – has finally had been there before and it right down the Steel returned to Lambeau knew they belonged on the Curtain. Field. Greg Jennings’ Green Bay en- big stage. eight-yard catch put tered the postseason as the most dangerous the Green and Yellow back ahead by 11 (28team in the conference. And they showed it 17), calming any young nerves that may through their run to the Super Bowl and in have otherwise got the best of Green Bay. the big game on Sunday. For his part, Rodgers stepped up like the The second youngest team played like a legendary quarterbacks of the past with the group that had been there before and knew most crucial drive of his young career. they belonged on the big stage. On the other side, the Steelers, who Aaron Rodgers, coupled with a huge were the first No. 6 wild card team to win boost from his fifth-ranked defence, was a the championship back in Super Bowl XL, surgeon again against the league’s top unit ironically looked like the inexperience in Pittsburgh. bunch.

Ben Roethlisberger put forth another awful Super Bowl performance in the first half – the other coming in that Super Bowl XL win over Seattle. The two-time champion tossed two picks, one of which gave Green Bay a whopping 14-0 lead in the opening quarter. He looked flustered early, and the gross disparity between the quarterback was ultimately the difference in the end in the Packers’ fourth Super Bowl. Even when Pittsburgh were in a position

to win the game in the final two minutes, down 31-25, the Steelers’ offense looked shockingly out of sync on all four downs, which failed. Many were anticipating a possible repeat of Super Bowl XLIII, when Roethlisberger drove Pittsburgh down and hit Santonio Holmes for the game-winning TD. But two years later, it wasn’t meant to be. Instead the Packers’ defense said ‘no’ to Roethlisberger and left him ring-less for the first time.

8 Culture

BCIT Link • Feb 9 to Feb 23

August: Osage County Theatre Review Julia Montague The Link


hink your family’s dysfunctional? Prepare to be upstaged. Osage County, Oklahoma may be far from the cold of Canada, but it’s themes and family dynamics transcend any border. The play tells the story of a family brought back together by the suicide of their father. The matriarch of the family chooses to cope with the incident in the only way she’s known in the recent past. Pills...and lots of them. The rest of the family certainly offers no other shining examples, despite their appearance of normalcy. The three daughters are hiding a failed

marriage, newly engaged to a pervert, and hiding a secret love affair with a cousin, respectively. That being said, the characters show reality. While this may contain few or no elements of a personal reality, it’s still relatable in the familial flaws that drive people apart and bring them closer together. The ensemble cast works seamlessly together and presents a very believable unified performance. Tops of the list are Susinn McFarlan as Mattie Fae, sister to the pill-popping matriarch, and Andrew Wheeler as Bill, husband to the eldest daughter. McFarlan plays her character’s abusive neurosis laced with gentility, leaving the audience feeling both fear

and pity for the abrasive Mattie Fae. Wheeler’s portrayal of Bill and his supposed weakness comes across in the end as one of the strongest characters in the bunch. He seems to be the only person who has found a way to extricate himself from the family unit, while conveying to us his feelings of regret for what his relationship with his ex-wife has been wittled down to. The set is unchanging throughout, leaving all of the focus on the action unfolding within the walls of the family house. Through their set and lighting design, Ted Roberts and Marsha Sibthorpe have managed to capture the feeling of a now stagnant and dark family home, where once there was youth and life. The best show the Arts Club has put on

this season so far. This show will make the viewer laugh out loud and break their heart in the same moment. Go see it. Playing until February 27 at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage. Student tickets start at just $20.

Black History Month The forgotten month of remembrance

Sarah Massah Culture Editor


tudents have lots to do in February, including finding the perfect Valentine’s gift. What many seem to forget, is that February is also Black History Month. Parker Johnson, an Advisor at the Equal Employment Opportunity Program in Vancouver, says that the reason Black History Month is overlooked is partially due to lack of social awareness about the contributions to Canada by people of African descent. “We still need greater involvement in

Black History Month by media outlets, businesses and government, including K-12 education,” said Johnson. “It is always good to see greater efforts during Black History Month and integrating awareness throughout the year would be even better.” Increasing social awareness about Black History month and the contributions by people of African descent and other historically marginalized groups is a responsibility we all share, says Johnson who has helped organize events in and around Vancouver as part of an informal Black History Month Committee.

“Black history month reminds that Black history in Canada is Canadian history,” said Johnson. “It is far too easy to forget the legacy of struggle of Black Canadians and other visible minorities.” Of course, Black History isn’t something that needs to be restricted to the month of February, but it is a good place to start. The month provides a catalyst for discussions about the past and Johnson encourages students to explore current events and

historical issues locally and globally. There is no end to the events or resources that are available to students. To learn more about Black History in Canada visit http://

Artist Spotlight: Yeasayer Jessica Rivers The Link


y happiest surprise in music in a long time has been this band. It’s one of those bands that have such a good single that you don’t even want to listen to the rest of their music because you’re too scared it will be a disappointment. I was wrong. I heard “Ambling Alp” (from 2010’s Odd Blood) and immediately knew this band was weird and awesome. Singer Chris Keating has a voice that belongs in an 80’s synth-pop band, high and warbling. It works incredibly well with their psychedelic pop and Middle Eastern sound influences. Yeasayer came about in 2007 when they released the universally praised All Hour Cymbals, a wildly original and creative effort rich with glorious synthesizers. They gained a following after playing what seems to be the name-maker of festivals, SXSW in Austin, Texas. Odd Blood turns down the weird but not much. It’s ambitious yet listenable, and sounds like a trip around the world. Sounds are borrowed from all genres and cultures, and blended into something that doesn’t sound like it’s being strange just for the sake of being strange. From the first to last track, there is not one song on this album that isn’t good, and that can’t be said very often. They layer sounds with thoughtful lyrics and well-put together melodies to make what could be a jumbled mess sound like a cohesive harmony. This album, and this band, should really not be missed. Do yourself a favor and at the very least, watch a YouTube video. You’ll love it.


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Blue Valentine Movie Review

Caley Ramsay The Link


lue Valentine is a dramatic tale of love and loss. Not all marriages end successfully and this is a heart-wrenching demonstration of that. Cindy (Michelle Williams) is a nurse and the mother of a young girl Frankie (Faith Wladyka). Dean (Ryan Gosling) is Cindy’s husband who has not lived up to Cindy’s her expectations of the hero he seemed to be when they met. Only minutes into the film you it is evident can see this is an unhappy, somewhat loveless marriage. Director Derek Cianfrance takes us the viewer on a journey back and forth through time, in a now and then scenario. Young love and the building of a relationship is juxtaposed with the effort and struggle nearing the demise of a marriage. Cindy has dreams, while Dean seems to have none, simply getting through the days influenced by alcohol. With great love for Cindy and Frankie, Dean has forgotten about himself, and has in turn become unlovable to Cindy. The “now” of the film shows the couple taking an evening to themselves to see if they can in fact save their marriage. The evening is a mix of arguing and awkward silences. The forced sexual connection be-

tween the two is heartbreaking. There isn’t anything keeping the couple together anymore. The “then” of the film is a blossoming of young love. After meeting at a retirement centre where Cindy’s grandmother is staying, the relationship begins to grow. The courtship is old fashioned, with Dean coming to Cindy’s rescue when an ex-boyfriend is anything but supportive through a tough time. Cindy intrigued me more as the film went onbecomes more intriguing as the film develops. It’s hard not to continue thinking about her character, even when the movie is done. couldn’t stop thinking of her well into the evening. William’s character isShe selfish, thinking of only herself as the marriage falls apart, tired of having to work everyday for a marriage that was over long ago. Dean has personally fallen apart. Yet with the constant nagging and judgment from Cindy, it makes him somewhat pitiable. He loves Cindy and Frankie with every ounce of his being but, sometimes love just isn’t enough. Williams acting has earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress in a leading role, and rightly so. Her portrayal of a woman drained from years of making up for her husband’s downfall is touching.

Gosling deserves to have the same honour. His portrayal of a tired, beaten down man is moving. His acting takes the viewer me right into Dean’s life of hollow self-worth and lack of motivation. Overall this is a respectable show of

emotion, but the acting is better than the story line itself. The pair exposes what can sometimes be hidden in a marriage. It does give a nice alternative to the classic happy ending. I recommend Blue Valentine, just perhaps not for a Valentine’s Day date.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Mountains Website Review Evolving 20 - February 5th, 2011 1. The Decemberists - Down by the Water 2. The Dears - Omega Dog 3. Karkwa - L’Acouphene 4. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 5. David Vertesi - Mountainside 6. Belle & Sebastien - I Want The World To Stop 7. of Montreal - Coquet Coquette 8. Hollerado - Americanarama 9. Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love 10. Rubik - Wasteland 11. Henry & The Nightcrawlers - Amberly 12. Sufjan Stevens - I Walked 13. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald - Brand New Spaces 14. Aidan Knight - Friendly Fires 15. Steph Macpherson - Listen 16. Jonsi - Go Do 17. Free Energy - Bang Pop 18. Mother Mother - The Stand 19. Jeremy Fisher - Alison 20. Destroyer - Chinatown

Julia Montague The Link


ired of the bar or Plenty of Fish? Pick up a hitchhiker! Hitch a ride and get hitched! Ok, maybe a stretch. Not quite as much of a stretch as you might think though. Patrick Davey, founder of, says a couple who shared a ride through his site are now married. More likely, it’s a way to meet someone cool to ride with for the day. At the very least, you’ll save some money. Davey’s service is just one of a number of online ride sharing services that are gaining popularity among skiers and boarders. first launched and grew in popularity in New Zealand, and recently expanded to Canada

and the US. Davey, a snowboarder himself, says he “was tired of seeing singlecar drivers pull into ski field car parks, while students and people without four-wheel-drive vehicles struggled to find an affordable way up the mountain.” Its recent expansion is proof that Davey is meeting his goals. Users reduce their costs and environmental impact, and most importantly, get up the mountain more often. Flo Devellennes, a French skier who recently settled in Vancouver, offers a more local connection. He started just three months ago. The site now has more than 650 users.

“It’s super simple. You log in, you offer a trip or you request a trip, and then you wait. If someone wants to pick you up you get an email from hitchwhistler, then you get in touch by email or phone,” explains Devellennes. “It’s perfect for the student community, people who don’t have too much money and want to have a good time.” Proof that it works? Devellennes uses the service himself. “I go to Whistler all the time to ski, so I take people from my own website. It’s so easy, it’s an hour and 45 from my door, I pick up a couple people, it pays for the gas, for them it’s cheaper, fills up the car, everyone wins.”

Bristh Colombia, Vancouver, BCIT épreuve à

“If our communications go down, lives could be at stake. My job is to inspect and maintain my team’s communications equipment. Keeping them in touch and keeping them safe.” Corporal HAEBE BAGUIDY

« Des lignes de transmission rompues, ça peut vouloir dire des vies en danger. Mon travail consiste à inspecter et à réparer le matériel de communication de mon équipe. Je fais en sorte que tous restent en contact pour que tous restent en sécurité. » Caporal HAEBE BAGUIDY

client : Forces canadiennes date/modif. rédaction


dossier : CAF-10102






CAF10102_10_LCIS_BE_01_05.indd 1

11-01-31 10:49


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ITCHY ANSWERS Answers to all your burning Sex and Relationship questions Drake Winters & Olivia Starling The Link I stumbled upon my Dad’s sex toys when I went home to visit over the holidays, and now I’m totally grossed out. How d¬o I get the image of my dad and dildos, whips, and handcuffs out of my head? Help!! When you say stumble, do you mean you were looking somewhere you shouldn’t have been? Trying to see how many presents he bought you? I’m sure you never in your wildest dreams thought you would find these sorts of things in connection with your Dad. That’s great that your Dad has sex toys! There’s nothing gross about it. It says to us that he is open-minded, a fact about him to put in your back pocket for later. Now pretend to be your Dad and he just found your sex toys. Whoops! That’s embarrassing, isn’t it? You would hope your Dad would be cool and never speak of it again. Or maybe you could share a laugh over this in twenty years? You know, say “Hey Dad, remember 20 years ago over the holidays… I stumbled across toys while I was looking for presents like a greedy little kid... baha, I got more than I bargained for!” For right now, we recommend you keep it on the DL. Bringing it up would only burn the image deeper into your brain. You can’t forget the things you’ve seen as your brain records everything! You can,

I Don’t Throwing a fake bachelorette party to understand why people get married Brenna Temple Editor


t all started happening when I graduated from high school. While I was starting my freshmen year at university, my old friends had started marriages and families instead. I wanted to be happy for them but the overexposed pictures popping up all over my Facebook only managed to make me feel sad. Seeing that my friends had seemingly settled didn’t make me feel happy at all. A virtual marriage apocalypse had begun online in front of my eyes. As I clicked through the pictures with horror, my own specialized rendition of Sally’s Pigeons by Cyndi Lauper began to accompany each album. I’ve always wondered why people in their late teens and early adulthood get married. I’m not denying that some of them must be in love, but what about the others? I worried that they were simply lost after high school, perhaps not

however, choose to see it in a different light. Instead of being grossed out, chalk it up to the fact that your dad having sex toys is part of a positive healthy sexual life that we should all hope to have when we “grow up”! And don’t forget, parents have sex too… which is good, otherwise how would you have gotten here? I dated this guy for a few months in the fall, but out of the blue, he ended it. The catch is that we have continued to sleep together. I really like him and we have fun together, but he doesn’t want any “strings.” I know I should end it, but I don’t know if I’m ready to give him up yet. What should I do? I had this band-aid on the other day and it felt nice to have it on because I knew my vulnerable cut was safe, however, I knew I would have to take it off eventually. Well, the next day rolled around and I was staring at it knowing deep down in my gut that I had to let it go in order to fully heal. So I counted to three and ripped it off my body in one clean swoop! It hurt at first, but then as time passed my body made a full recovery. If you look close you can almost see the scar, but I’m ok with that. Actually, my

knowing where to turn, feeling dejected with no where to turn to with a crinkled high school diploma in their hand. Yet, I’ve always been told throughout life to not judge people and to trying walk in their shoes for a mile. I guess that’s where my fake bachelorette came in—I had to do it, because no one else had. To be honest, planning my bachelorette was easy. In fact, the most difficult part of it involved imagining myself donned in penis related attire and a neon T-shirt. Sometimes I feel like the individuals who actually practice these things are so far gone they don’t even realize they should be embarrassed. Look, I guess we should get something straight before I get into the details. It’s not that I’m against marriage, ok? It’s just that I’m against people acting stupid because they’re getting married. I had to investigate. The first part of this project that surprised me was that my friends happily volunteered to participate in this activity. In fact, the number of girls who showed up probably outnumbered the amount that would ever show up to my birthday. I still can’t figure out what it is that draws people to this sort of event. My only guess is that people like the attention it tends to draw. But wait a second; let’s take a step back. Consider the fact that pretty much everybody in my life actually believed the bachelorette was genuine. You can impart blame on me for this, based on the fact that I posted all the

So your dad’s into kinky big deal.

body is full of little scars and you know what? I’m proud of each and every one of them! They symbolize the ups and downs of my life… my journey on this crazy rollercoaster ride of a life. They remind me that no matter what life dishes out… “This too shall pass.”

We love hearing from you. Email us your scratchy questions at:

details up on Facebook. It didn’t take long for me to receive a slew of angry messages from relatives and friends after posting a picture of the engagement ring I’ll probably never have by copying and pasting a Tiffany’s picture on my wall. “I’m getting married!” I wrote on my wall afterwards. “Let’s throw it downnn,” I continued. Don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either, unless if you’re referring to my dignity. As you can imagine, my friends and I were having quite a laugh as we stared at each other in our matching shirts with fake tattoos all over our arms. We hit the town, and in sing-song voices, we started storming Vancouver. And it really was a storm—everyone around us was overwhelmed by the plethora of our frantic voices surrounding them. People laughed, clapped, honked their car horns and cheered as we ran down Granville, my friends screaming “Brenna’s getting married!” Meanwhile, my exes changed their Facebook statuses to “SO HAPPY I’M SINGLE,” while another phoned me in panic with a great, big “really?” Trust me, if you ever want to know what your past boyfriends really think of you, then a fake bachelorette is definitely the way to go. The truth of this all is that real personalities come out during events like this. One invitee stole my free cover, after which I realized I wasn’t entitled to it anyways because it wasn’t my real bachelorette. Others took advantage of the whole thing by flirting with men us-

ing the line, “my friend’s getting married!” as a ploy to get free drinks. Some of us pulled crazy dance moves to the 80’s music. Men hit on me with little shame as sweat poured down my body, full well mistakenly thinking that I was getting married in just a month’s time. I had no idea what I was going to write. It was positively crazy. I soon noticed a guy dancing just metres away from me, his shirt reading “bachelor” only to realize that Library Square was prepping a legitimate marriage. He was positively wasted, unable to stand straight… and oh, wait, making out with a girl who was definitely not his bride. I guess that after this event my real questions about marriage, love and bachelorettes still remain the same: if you’re really excited about getting married then why do you need to buy a tacky tiara and have a risqué night out? If it’s really love, then what is it that you have to prove to the rest of us single people? They’re questions I still can’t answer after walking home in my bare feet, which have done their best to walk a mile in a soon-tobe-married women’s shoes. My tiara was left sitting alone at the club on top of a toilet seat, perhaps waiting for a bridezilla to snatch it up. I was exhausted. You know, I’m lucky. As far as I know, none of my friends are getting married anytime soon. Which is great, because they’re the best relationships I see myself having for a long time yet.

12 Fun

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12 Marcy Playground @ Biltmore Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames


Chromeo @ Commodore

11 Naughty Bingo (Great Hall - SE2)


10 Risky Business (Great Hall - SE2)


Vancouver Canucks vs Anaheim Ducks





9 Link 46-10 on stands!



14 Valentine’s Day Lovefest Week in Great Hall (SE2)


16 Vancouver Giants vs Kelowna Rockets


18 Deadline to submit content for Link 46-11 Plants & Animals @ Commodore

19 Benny Benassi @ Commodore



21 Student Council Meeting @530pm Council Chambers

22 Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadians

23 Link 46-11 on stands!

24 Vancouver Canucks vs St Louis Blues

25 Eric Clapton @ Rogers Arena

27 26 Vancouver Heart @ QE Theatre Canuck Superskills

Biffy Clyro Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins @ Venue

Vancouver Giants vs Tri-City Americans



1 The Conretes @ Biltmore

Vancouver Canucks vs Columbus Blue Jackets


2 Goo Goo Dolls @Commodore

3 Morcheeba @ Commodore

Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators

4 Deadline to submit content for Link 46-12 David Gray @ the Center

5 The Dears @ Venue Vancouver Giants vs Portland Winter Hawks


Puzzles provided by ( Used with permission Across 1- Ad word; 5- Cloak; 9- Combustible matter; 13- Actor Baldwin; 14- Continuously; 16- Greek peak; 17- Ark builder; 18- Slender freshwater fish; 19- Gather, harvest; 20- He loved Lucy; 21Banned insecticide; 22- Womb; 24- Broad valley; 26- Play thing; 27- Amphetamine tablet; 29How to dress for a ball; 33- Pond scum; 34- Colombian city; 35- Trickery; 36- Highly respectful way of addressing a man; 37- Jackie's predecessor; 38- Able to; 39- Child support?; 41- Iowa city; 42- Profits; 44- Located; 46- Cost; 47- Clock face; 48- Member of the Conservative Party; 49Watched; 52- Mac; 53- Small children; 57- Prissy; 58- Toothbrush brand; 60- Langston Hughes poem; 61- Capital of Norway; 62- Monetary unit of the former Soviet Union; 63- Calf-length skirt; 64- Collar type; 65- Not e'en once; 66- Earth Day subj.; Down 1- Quartz grains; 2- Burn soother; 3- Meadows; 4- Spiny anteater; 5- Icily; 6- Battery terminal; 7- Heating fuel; 8- SASE, e.g.; 9- The paw of a foreleg; 10- Consumer; 11- Biblical birthright seller; 12- Drinks (as a cat); 15- Nonpile cotton rug of India; 23- Male cat; 25- Hydrocarbon suffix; 26- Ancient Greek city-state; 27- Small yeast-raised pancake; 28- Everglades bird; 29- Noted; 30- Lawful; 31- Grassy plain; 32- Cravings; 33- Inquires; 34- Humped ruminant; 37- Bullfighter; 40- Good spirit; 42- Needlefish; 43- Whenever; 45- Afflict; 46- Person who robs; 48- Silk fabric; 49- Lodge letters; 50- Formerly, formerly; 51- Hawaiian city; 52- Small child; 54- Auricular; 55Commotion; 56- Earth; 59- Flee;


ITCHY ANSWERS Black History Month found your parent’s sex toys... • pg 11 • pg 8