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Set/Rep Meeting Minutes Friday, May 27th, 2011 Chair:

Dom Audette & Keith Miller, Chair of Aerospace Technology Campus*

Set/Tech Reps:

Hayden* J.R. Raisi* Jeff Yoell* Garth Cox Daniel Bae Sven Okicki* Josh Harris Raphael Belanger*

Chris Hone Brian Chao* Mario Schietroma* Momoko Alex Rotaru* Dan Camilleri* Michael Warren* Charlie Chu* Ricky Tse* *=attended

Genevieve Gobeil, Outreach Coordinator*

Staff: 13.1.

Meeting Called to Order

The Chairperson, Keith Miller, calls the meeting to order at 11:25am. 13.2.   13.3.   13.4.

Set Rep Meetings Q: Fridays or Wednesdays work best for Set Rep meetings? A: Wednesdays at 11:20 work best Equipment New Frisbee available Pool Cues need to be fixed. Students can fix with supplies. Issues

New Saudi Program getting preferential Treatment  Only one complaint  Set Reps determined that there is no preferential treatment they have heard of. High Food Prices & lack of choice  Not allowed outside food on campus  Suggested to bring in food vendor in parking lot for competition to bring down price and provide choice. Class Clash Indoor Soccer Tournament  M Program is wondering about access to EASA availability after graduation?  ACTION: Keith to find out answer regarding EASA access

3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC, V5G 3H2 | Bus: 604.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 |


  

Wheelchair Accessible shower clip broken Middle shower dribbles with little waterflow ACTION: Keith contact facilities

Balance of practical course work versus theory  Rep asked if others have issues with weight of mark and course work.  Action: Student To gather support from classmates and contact Christina Batstone, BCITSA Advocate. Air Ops Course told to purchase several books that were never or little used  Action: Student to contact Christina Batstone, BCITSA Advocate and speak to their instructor about being clearer regarding textbooks needed.  Action: Keith Contact Library to get Air Ops books ordered for library 13.5.

ATC Daily News  

All Set Reps should receive ATC Daily news and relay relevant information to their class. ACTION: Keith send new list of set reps to Lenalda and/or Susan to add them to list for Daily News Distribution.


Maximum Altitude  PR Position Available with Maximum Altitude, contact them if interested.  ATC YVR Tower Tour Full. Next Tour of YVR baggage and security at end of June, register now.


Events 

Games Day at ATC 11:30-12:30 May 30th in the HUB. Free summer games and prizes for students.


Next Meeting  Next Set Rep Tentatively set for Wednesday June 22 at 11:20. You will receive an email reminder.


Meeting Adjourned The Chairperson, Keith Miller, calls the meeting adjourned at 11:55am.

3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC, V5G 3H2 | Bus: 604.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 |