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BCIT Student Association

COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Monday, January 24, 2011


Jordan Harris, President Rachael Radford, VP Finance & Administration Dan Smith, VP Campus Life Nicola Gardner, VP of Student Affairs Ciara Hamagishi, VP Public Relations & Marketing Michal Harrison, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Alisa Dalhuisen, Business Chair Jim Moore, Health Sciences Chair Andrew Io, Energy Chair Dom Audette, ATC Chair Brian Harvey, Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair


Alexander Osipov

Mat Brownell

Christian Mundhenk

Jessie Abraham

David Rohrer

Daniel Ng

John McCarthy

Lizhi Chen (Hughes)

Morgan Remfry

David Gordon

Daniel Khatkar

Kathryn Cleven

Jill Hidalgo

Jason Dhaliwal

Jennifer Ji

Sven Okicki

George Ko

Chris Wood

Tara Johnson


Caroline Gagnon, Director


Kevin Pitura

Negar Razaz Rahmati

Khashayar Torabi

Alex Rines

Ian Morton


Alicia Agarrabeitia


Meeting Called to Order

The Chairperson, Jordan Harris called the meeting to order at 5:45m (28 voting members). 11.2.

Acceptance of the Agenda

It was moved that the following agenda be accepted as distributed: Guest Speaker – Legacy Club Proposal 11.8.2

Games Development Club


Legacy Club Sanctioning


Lounge Selection

Moved by: Jordan Harris 28/0/0 11.3.

Seconded by: Michal Harrison

Carried Acceptance of the Minutes

Be it resolved that the minutes from January 10, 2011 be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Jordan Harris 28/0/0


Seconded by: Andy Io


Guest Speakers

Jill Hidalgo and Kathleen Bird introduce the BCIT Legacy Club. The goal of the club is to beautify the campus. Students go over the details of the proposed club (mission, membership, board governance, and budget). See attached document. Questions:      

Have you talked to BCIT? Yes they have, and they will work with SA to help them navigate the process. When would be the first meeting? Some councilors are interested in participating. Jordan states that the BOG is interesting in this issue of beautifying this campus. What would the fees be? It would be left to the club executives to decide. What are the ideas for fundraising? Ideas similar to Toon-In campaign, Carwash, Pub night. Would you be seeking corporate donation? Working with BCIT staff to help them gather some ideas


Executive Progress Report

As presented for each Executive, for the exception of: Ciara:  

Toon-In campaign first meeting is scheduled tonight. Will also be meeting with BCIT Foundation Reviewing her existing job description. Draft will be presented to Council when completed.

Dom:   

Goal of organizing field trip has been moved to the Maximum Altitude Club. Has been promoting the Pool Table tournament to the ATC students Working on the Wrights Brother event

Dan: 

Looking at revitalizing the Toast Masters Club

Jordan: 

U-pass update: 41% of eligible voters voted and 85% voted yes


Councillor Forum

Eh-Pod washroom still needs to be cleaned. The schedule is not adequate.

ATC Councillor is circulating a petition to increase the frequency of the buses at ATC. Presently buses are every 20 minutes and students find that it is not meeting the students’ needs. Jordan will

help ATC students bring the petition to Translink. It is expected that changes will occur, especially since the U-pass was voted in. 

Photocopiers are no longer able to do duplex.

Motion: Be it resolved that the Student Association enables duplex photocopying in the Library. Moved by: Matt Brownell 23/0/5

Seconded by: Dan Smith


11.7. Question Period  There have been issues with MyBCIT. BCIT is presently working on rectifying the problem 11.8.

Unfinished Business



Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA ratifies the U-pass Referendum process. Moved by: Jordan Harris 28/0/0 11.8.2

Seconded by: Nicola Gardner

Carried Games Development Club Sanctioning

Following the tabling of last week sanctioning of the Games Development Club, Jordan informs that our lawyers stated that there is no issue with the Student Association acquiring any kind of intellectual property right, especially if we do not ask for it. However there is a slim possibility that students working on the same project and then have a subsequent falling out could start legal action and could bring the Student Association as part of the legal action. It could easily be avoided by having all gaming club members sign an indemnity waiver vis-à-vis the Student Association. Motion (tabled January 11, 2011): Be it resolved that the Games Development Club be sanctioned. Moved by: Dan Smith 26/0/2


Seconded by: Jennifer Ji

Amendment to the motion: On the condition that club members sign an indemnity waiver vis-à-vis the Student Association Moved by: Dom Audette 27/0/1

Seconded by: Bryan Harvey


Question: 

This process of signing a waiver could be done yearly during the Club Executives’ transfer.


New Business


Latex Luau

Caroline introduces Ian Morton, Events and Program Manager. The Latex Luan which is scheduled before spring break. The event has been successful in the past, but has seen a decrease in participation; therefore we are looking for students’ feedback. 11.9.2

Student Agenda

Alicia Agarrabeitia, Publications Manager, is looking for feedback for the Student Agenda. These are some of the comments: 

Include an up to date map, more space to write with lines, too big, different coil, flap break easily, front /back page stronger as they fall part, additional maps (i.e. Lower Mainland, food on campus), to add a movable ruler, list of clubs

Alicia explains that there will be a contest inviting students to submit their creation to be included on the front page. 11.9.3

Legacy Club

Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA sanctions the Legacy Club Moved by: Dan Smith 27/0/1


11.9.4 Lounge Selection

Seconded by: Nicola Gardner

Nicola presents the Lounge Committee’s recommendation to select NE1, NE 8, SW9, SE2, and SW3 – second floor for renovations. By choosing these spaces, all Schools will benefit from this initiative.

Motion: Be it BCIT Student Association approves the following lounge spaces for renovations (NE1, NE 8, SW9, SE2, and SW3 – second floor) Moved by: Nicola Gardner 28/0/0

Seconded by: David Rohrer


11.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for Monday February 7, 2011 at 5:30pm in the Council Chamber.

11.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved by seconded by Rachael Radford that the meeting be adjourned at 6:58pm. Carried

Council Meeting Agenda Monday January 24, 2011 5:30-7:30pm 11.1

Meeting called to order


Acceptance of the Agenda


Acceptance of the Minutes


Guest Speakers


Progress Reports: Executives


Councilor Forum


Question Period


Unfinished Business 11.8.1



New Business 11.9.1 Latex Luau 11.9.2 Student Agenda

11.10 Next Meeting 11.11 Meeting Adjourned

Progress Report – Jordan Harris – President No Report

Progress Report – Rachael Radford – VP Finance and Administration Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction January 7, 2011 October 18, 2010

Action or Outstanding Issue


U-Pass Presentations

Presentations in lectures throughout the campaign

Policy Committee

First meeting held in January.

By Law Committee

Monthly Financial Reports to Council

First meeting held in January. Bylaw sections have been assigned to committee members. 75% of Sections reviewed and discussed. Monthly

Transition Document

Currently on schedule

2011 Election  Ensure no positions run unopposed next year  Increase voter ship to at least 500

To begin March 2011

October 18, 2010




Progress Report – Ciara Hamagishi – VP PR and Marketing No Report

Progress Report – Nicola Gardner – VP Student Affairs Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


Student Complaint Policy


Student Lounge Renovations/Improvements


Improve Recycling on Campus

September,20 , 2010

September,20 , 2010

September,20 , 2010

Status I proposed the policy to Don Wright last Wednesday and he seemed in support of it. Christina (SA Advocate) and I are in the early development stages (researching other schools for similar policies, defining what will be included, showing BCIT executives proof of reoccurring complaints and issues. Contract signed, We are currently interviewing students for the position of interior designer and are set to begin construction over spring break. Lounge selection to be presented at Council The issue of the lack of recycling bins was raised by me again at the executive meeting last Wednesday and I am told the BCIT executives are looking into it. I will be following up at next month’s meeting

Progress Report – Dan Smith – VP Campus Life No Report

Progress Report – Dom Audette – ATC Chair No Report

Progress Report – Michal Harrison – Chair, Computing & Academic Studies Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

September 2010

Enhance social and outreach aspects of the School of Computing & Academic Studies

September 2010

Mentorship Program

September 2010

Set rigid standards for feedback

January 2011

Improve the quality of labs in SE12

Status    

A LAN party is scheduled for March 25 A computing career talk is happening on January 26 Continuing to check in with the protégés The initial feedback has been very positive

Not feasible

Discussing which labs need attention with the School of Computing Chairs in several labs will be replaced over spring break

Progress Report – Andrew Io – Chair of School of Energy Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



24/7 lab access

Awaiting for faculty input


Social events

Speaker was not available Rescheduling


Disability access to SW9

Automatic door should be installed in 2-3 weeks


Installing paper towel dispenser at SW3 nd rd th common areas (2 , 3 and 4 floor)

Facilities has not paper towel dispenser in stock


Facility Status of SW9

Set Reps are coming up with suggestion

Progress Report – Jim Moore – Chair of Health Sciences Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



Mentorship program

 

Protégé’s feedback is very positive so far Making plan to expand program next year


Set Rep Meeting

Outstanding issues being dealt with


Food Committee meeting

Gave input from students perspective to members


Meeting with Mike Savage, MP federal liberals

Discussion of Post-secondary issues

January 19 , 2011 January 19 , 2011 January 19 , 2011 January 18 , 2011

Progress Report – Alisa Dalhuisen – Chair School of Business Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction Monday January 10, 2011

Action or Outstanding Issue Updating and creating a complete school of business set-rep list

Status In process of still receiving e-mail replies back from program heads with updated set rep contact information.

Progress Report – Brian Harvey – Chair, School of Transportation, Construction & Environment Last updated: January 19, 2011 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

Monday, October 18, 2010

Marketing Committee

Monday, November 1, 2010

Better communicate to school reps at Burnaby, BMC and Great Northern Way Campuses

Monday, November 1, 2010

Promote more social activity amongst the schools.

New Initiative

Connect with industry professionals and involve them with BCIT students

New Initiative

Met with Liberal MP Michael Savage

Status Next meeting postponed due to scheduling issues. Tentatively Jan. 27.  Obtained names of all program heads in SoC,E and have contacted Civil Eng. Set Reps and will be meeting with other program heads.  Held Jan. Set Rep meeting, attendance was about the same as last meeting. Pool Tournament planned and ready for Friday, February 4.  

Met with Dan Close talking about ASTT wanting to get more involved with BCIT students, ongoing. Also was approached by Mazda Canada Inc. about their involvement with the automotive department.

Discussed post-secondary education issues and requirements.

9 Council Minutes January 24, 2011  

Dan Smith, VP Campus Life Mat Brownell George Ko Lizhi Chen (Hughes) Kathryn Cleven Andrew Io, Energy Chair David Rohrer Tara Johnson Jessie...

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