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BCIT Student Association Council Meeting Minutes Monday, December 1, 2008 Executives:

Peter Orlandi, President Christine Johnson, VP Finance & Administration Christine Rampage, VP Public Relations & Marketing Pulkit Jain, VP of Student Affairs Christopher Peacock, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Processes Chair Merima Kostecki, Health Sciences Chair Billy Moore, Business Chair Peter Kemp, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Doug Holdgate, Transportation, Construction & The Environment Chair

Councillors: Angela Meyer Jamie Bentien Manny Alamwala Upkar Rai Greg Frisque Aman Khangura Joshua Smith Neil Dorais


Caroline Gagnon, Director


Hui Hang Joseph Prophet Charles Wice

Kevin Preston Alec Lee Mathew Brownell Erika Diaz Amrrish S Mani Daniel Chan Stacy Lowe

Hardeep Dhillon Peter Petkov

8.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Peter Orlandi, called the meeting to order at 5:45 pm. (24 voting members). 8.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the following agenda be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Peter Kemp Seconded by: Kevin Preston 22/0/0 Carried 8.3. Acceptance of the Minutes 8.3.1 from AGM November 17th, 2008 Be it resolved that the minutes from the AGM on November 17th, 2008 be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Peter Kemp Seconded by: Christopher Peacock 23/0/0 Carried

8.3.2 from November 17th, 2008 Be it resolved that the minutes from Council on November 17th, 2008 be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Christine Ramage Seconded by: Merima Kostecki 23/0/0 Carried 8.4 Guest Speaker No guest speaker 8.5. Executive Progress Report Peter Kemp: • LAN party went very well. Another party is planned for January/February. Billy: • • •

New bus route Patterson Skytrain station to BCIT A meeting between BCIT, Translink, and BCITSA to discuss the U-pass is scheduled in the new year The next set & tech meeting scheduled for January

Doug: • Set and Tech rep meeting is scheduled for January Peter Orlandi: • White Rose campaign on December 5 at 11:30 in the Great Hall Hui (via Peter O.): • HRA elections were conducted and process was accepted Merima: • Had 3rd set and tech rep meeting. 17 students attended. Financial Awards made a presentation on Scholarship and Bursary. Students are not taking advantage of these Bursaries. For further information, students can contact the office directly or go on the website. • There are still issues with the taste of water in SW1 and SW3. Christine J. • Looking for 3 Councillors to sit on the Business Committee, which looks at the SA businesses. • Working on the electronic election • Has received the October Financial Statements Business Committee Members: Alec, Neil, Billy Christopher: • Set & Tech was postponed to the New Year due to school workload.

8.6 Councillors’ Open Forum • Mathew asked about the link of the awards. Merima confirms that most information is on the website or students can go to Financial Aid office. • Erika mentions that the lounge committee is now identifying best locations on the campus. 8.7. Question Period • Christine R. mentioned that students have complained about accessing the ehpod at the library. Students have to go out and then back in at closing time. Is there a way scanners could be moved to the door? Alternatively, look at changing the process? Christopher confirms that BCIT needs to know how many people are in the room for safety issue. Erika mentions that the scanners are not working. Peter Kemp states that the ehpod only opens at 7:30 during the holiday, which is problematic for students. • Students mentions the lack of electric outlets on the second floor of the library and SW1 – 1205, which should have been updated to support computers. • Students complained that there is nowhere to eat on campus on Sunday. Caroline mentions that Tim Hortons was designed to stay open. She will look into this. 8.8.

Unfinished Business

8.8.1 SE 40 Motion: Be it resolved that the motion of November 7, 2007 addressing the $50,000 donation towards SE40 be cancelled. Moved by: Christine Johnson Seconded by Peter Kemp 23/0/0 Carried Questions: • Kevin asked for clarification on the issue. Has any money been spent on this project by BCITSA to date? No. • Can the funds be relocated to other initiatives? Yes, the funds came from the Capital Funds, which could be used for other projects. • Joshua inquired if BCITSA could fund the project on their own. Doug confirmed that with that amount of funds, limited renovation could be made. 8.9. New Business 8.9.1 BCITSA Endowment Peter Orlandi presented to Council the possibility of creating a BCITSA endowment fund. He distributed a handout with general information about such a fund. The money could come from the Health and Dental excess funds. Discussion: • Peter Kemp – Would this fund be a new one? Yes. • Mathew - Can we use the $50,000? • Pulkit – Could money from the toonie campaign go to this fund? Yes, the funds were going to be distributed amongst 2 or 3 initiatives. • Billy – Who would invest and distribute the funds? BCIT would.

• • •

Neil has some concern about using moneys from the Extended Health and Dental funds. He proposes that money from that fund be giving back to students for better coverage. Angela - can the money go to students with medical needs and Financial Aid would still do the distribution? What amount are we talking about? $100,000 to start?

Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA takes $100,000 out of the Health and Dental surplus and create an endowment fund. Moved by: Angela Meyer Seconded by Kevin Preston Questions: • Erika - How would the fund be promoted? Through the BCIT website • Billy indicated that we need a guarantee that the money will be distributed according to what Council decided, and that 100% of the funds go to the students, we should start small. Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA creates an ad hoc committee to deal with the creation of an endowment fund. Moved by: Christine Johnson Seconded by: Peter Kemp 18/4/1 Carried Volunteers: Joshua, Kevin, Angela (co-chair), Daniel, Neil, Christopher Peacock (cochair) Call the question Moved by: Alec Lee 21/2/0 Carried

Seconded by: Upkar Rai

8.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 12, 2009 at 5:45pm in the Council Chamber. 8.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved Angela Meyer and seconded by Greg Frisque that the meeting be adjourned at 6:35pm. Carried

BCIT Student Association Council Meeting Agenda Monday December 1st, 2008 5:30-7:30pm 8.1 Meeting called to order 8.2 Acceptance of the Agenda 8.3 Acceptance of the Minutes 8.3.1 from AGM November 17th, 2008 8.3.2 from November 17th, 2008 8.4 Guest Speakers 8.5 Progress Reports: Executives 8.6 Councilor Forum 8.7 Question Period 8.8 Unfinished Business 8.8.1 SE40 8.9 New Business 8.9.1 BCITSA Endowment 8.10 Next meeting January 12th, 2009 8.11 Meeting Adjourned

PROGRESS REPORT FOR - Hui Hang Last updated: November 25, 2008 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



Clubs Space (permanent office space for clubs to share on campus)

In progress


Tooned in Campaign

In progress (volunteer recruitment soon) November 27th at 5:30pm in SA Council Chambers Will be discussing roles of SA, VPCL, and Subsidiary Organizations (Clubs) and re-explanation of bylaws and policies & procedures - HRA will not be hosting party nor will their executives be affiliated with it. - AIM is satisfied with existence of party provided HRA is not involved nor benefitted from it. - they will be voting this week , the minutes will be provided to me and our accounting department should the signing authorities change


Clubs Committee Meeting


Conflicting bar parties between AIM and HRA


Concerns about HRA’s governance


Spirit Week

Campaign material finished, will be launched next week


Division of Clubs’ Bar Parties Rights

Toonie Fundraiser Campaign will take Shinerama’s role in deciding which club gets “first pick” of the preset 6 bar party dates/occasions

PROGRESS REPORT FOR Merima Kostecki Last updated: Date of Introduction November 26, 2008

Action or Outstanding Issue School of Health Set/Tech Rep Meeting

Status TBA at the Student Council Meeting

PROGRESS REPORT FOR Christine Johnson Last updated: November 18th 2008 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


Business Committee


Link Article


Online Voting


October comparative income statement

Status -looking for three councillors to sit on business committee -Hold first meeting - The focus of this committee is how to enhance SA businesses -Submitted article to school newspaper explaining how and why we want to change the online voting process -Promote SA awareness -Working with our director to make online voting a simple and easy process -Working with our controller to establish how our stores are performing - A new financial report will be presented to councillors in the new year

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Christopher Peacock Last updated: November 25th 2008 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


Sep 2008

Set/Tech rep

Due to exams and last week of school, meetings will be held off till the new year.

Sep 2008

Councillor package

Feedback collected, will be going over in the new year.


Last updated: 26-Nov-08 Date of Introduction September

Action or Outstanding Issue



COMPLETE: Report Submitted




Algorithms competition

3rd Meeting complete Creating survey to see interest for March competition.

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Billy Moore Last updated: DATE HERE Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


Nov. 2008


In effect, January 1, 2009

Sept. 2008

U-Pass Update

Sept. 2008

Set Reps

In negotiations. Three party meeting in new year. Third meeting on Dec 3, 2008..attednance very high

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – DOUG HOLDGATE – Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction and the Environment

Last updated: November 25, 2008 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

November 2008


December 2008

Set/Tech Reps

October 2008

24hr Access Program

Status I have 2 councillors, but I still need 3 more. If anyone knows anyone in my school who would be interested please let me know or ask them to send me an email. Set/Tech rep meeting will be held in the second week back from school in January 2009. Looking into better ways to advertise and make students aware of this program.

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – PETER ORLANDI Last updated: November 25, 2008 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

Status •

September 2008

Set and Tech Rep system

September 2008

Education without Borders

November 2008

The Link Newspaper

November 2008

SA Events

• • • • •

Had a meeting with School of Transportation regarding Set& Tech Reps, overall a pleasant meeting Still available to help any Chair should they require assistance in promoting the Set and Tech Rep system. Recruiting o o Paper abstract is due end of Nov Wrote one announcements for campus newspaper Planning to write more for the SA Page Next day of recognizance is the White Rose Campaign Dec 5th @ 11:30 in the great hall

8 Minutes Council December 1, 2008  
8 Minutes Council December 1, 2008  

Executives: Peter Orlandi, President Christine Johnson, VP Finance & Administration Christine Rampage, VP Public Relations & Marketi...