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COUNCIL C MEETING M M MINUTES Monday, November N 1 15, 2010

Executiv ves:

Jordan Harrris, President Dan Smith, VP V Campus Life L Nicola Gard dner, VP of Stu udent Affairss Ciara Hamagishi, VP Pub blic Relationss & Marketin ng uting & Acadeemic Studies Chair Michal Harrrison, Compu Dillon Zolniierczyk, Busin ness Chair Jim Moore, Health H Sciencces Chair Andrew Io, Energy E Chairr Dom Audettte, Chair of AT TC Brian Harveyy, Transportaation, Construuction & the Environment Chair

Councilo ors:

Sharon Loh

Dan Collins

O Alexander Osipov

Daniel Ng

Daniel Khatkar

Lizhi Chen ((Hughes)

Kevin Pituraa

David Gordoon

Jill Hidalgo

Alex Rines

Jennifer Ji

Kathryn Cleeven

George Ko

Alisa Dalhuiisen

Tara Johnson

Jason Dhaliw wal

3700 Willingdon W Avenue, Burnaby y BC, V5G 3H2 | Bus: 604.4332.8600 Fax: 6604.434.3809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation     Staff:

Caroline Gaagnon, Directoor

ee: Absente

Sean Dwyer

Jessie Abrah ham

T Khashayar Torabi

Negar Razazz Rahmati

Chris Wood d

Jarrett Rainiier

Mat Browneell

Rachael Rad dford



Dan Close

Meeting M Callled to Orde er

The Chairrperson, Jordaan Harris callled the meetin ng to order att 6:30pm. (26 voting memb bers). 8.2.

Acceptance A e of the Age enda

It was mo oved that the following f ageenda be accep pted as distribbuted: 8.8.2


Moved by: Dan Smith 25/0/0


Seconded by: Briann Harvey


Acceptance A e of the Min nutes

Be it resollved that the minutes m from m November 1, 2010 be acceepted as distrributed. Moved by: Dan D Smith 24/0/2

Secondedd by: Dillon Zollnierczyk


37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation     8.4

Guest G Speak kers

No guest speakers


Ex xecutive Prrogress Rep port

As presen nted. Dillon:  Will W be workiing with the Dean D to estab blish process tto deal with iissues that aroose from the Set Rep R meeting. 8.6. Councillor C Fo orum Facilitiess Update:  Wateer fountains not n working in n NE1 and SE E2 - completeed  SW9 Main Entran nce recycling - completed.  Paperr Towel dispeensers, SW3 for f Student Loounges 2nd, 3rrd, and 4th flooors and also SSW9, men’s washrroom/change room –in proocess  SW9 front entrancce- in progresss (3 weeks)  Electrrical Outlets, The Rix- Stilll in Progress  Eh-Po od, (No Smok king) – Still in n Progress  With h regards to teemperature in n SW3 , 3000 this is not a rroom numberr – the room iss in SW1  The to ouch less faceets for SE2 – missing m inform mation  Wind dows SW3, 20 005 & 2009 these t room nu umber do not exist.  Movin ng the recycliing bins to th he 24 hour secction Eh-Pod - completed Question ns:  Whatt is happeningg with requessting the Impark contract?? BCIT made a mistake and d forgot to officiaally start the request. r We are a sending an nother requesst this week.  Eh po od washroom not clean prooperly. It is a very v high trafffic, thereforee should be doone more than n others. owave missing in SE 16. Stiill at the shop p for repairs.  Micro  Some student fees complained that t they pay the SA fee tw wice. It should d not be, we w will investigaate once we w receive mo ore information. 8.7. Question Q Period  Will the t request fo or the Impark k contract include ATC? Yees.  Whatt are we lookiing for by ask king for the Im mpark contracct? We are looking at undeerstanding th he proceess so that wee can propose changes and use a lobbyinng tool.  The isssue of parkin ng is beyond ATC A and Burn naby. Studennts also have iissues at GNW W. There is a sectio on that was feenced out resu ulting in veryy limited availlability.

37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation     8.8.

Unfinished Business


U-Pass U BC Pro ogram

Motion: Be it resollved that BCITSA brings th he following referendum qquestion to elligible studen nts: Are you in n favour of au uthorizing thee BCIT Studen nt Associatioon to collect a fee of $30 peer month of sttudy for studen nts eligible forr the U-Pass BC B program? Yes No Secondedd by: Nicola Garrdner Moved by: Jordan Harris 19/4/3


Jordan staates that BCIT TSA received d a contract laast week that we feel is givving a good prrogram to students. Therefore, we w feel comforttable bringingg the referenddum to students at this pooint although the contract has h not been signed. s The question q is onlly giving studdents the righ ht to vote und der referendum m. It is not to agree/disagree a e to the U-passs. Eligibilityy of students still s pending and we will work w on deterrmining eligib ble student th his week. Issu ues around diistribution are still being worked w on. Mitigating M frauud is a significcant issue to cconsider. Question n:   

   

Whatt is the withd drawing timelline? Four (4)) weeks to recceive some of the tuition feees back. Will the t pass cover three (3) zoones? Yes and the sky trainn to the airporrt and the seaa bus are inclu uded. Studeents have issu ues around thee mechanics of o the pass itsself and if the contract willl be available to studeents before thee vote. It is un nknown at th his moment, iff the entire coontract will b be available foor everyo one to see. Byy agreeing to the t question, it removes thhe bargainingg power of thee SA to negotiiate. The ro ole of the SA is to lobby on n behalf of all students. At this point, w we feel that th he contract is beneffiting all partiies, but Jordan n will ask signing parities to see the poossibility of m making the con ntract publicc. The final co ontract review w will be don ne this week. Otherrs state that as a long as stud dents are awaare of what w will influence tthem directlyy, the view of the contract prior to th he vote is nott necessary. During D the refferendum, it iis the duty of the BCITSA tto m students off all the relevaant informatioon so they cann make an infformed decisiion. inform FAQ and a answers will be availaable on the weeb starting toomorrow. If the contract is not available too students, coould Council view it? Jord dan will ask. Will these t monthlyy pass be recyyclable? Theyy should be. Whatt will be the exact e cost of the t U-pass? $30 until Marcch 2013. The p program willl change again n 2013. The propose program is foor only two (2 2) years. The iincrease has n not been deteermined.

37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation     

Two (2) ( Student Associations A have h already passed p a referrendum VCC and Emily Caarr. Douglas Collegge will go to a vote this next meeting. Itt is anticipateed that Kwan ntlen will run their vote at the end of January. b negotiatee for the beneefit of all studdents. It has allready been n negotiated, The contract has been ues back to thhe larger group p. thereffore making it challengingg to bring issu

Motion: Call the Question Q Moved by: Michal Harrison Carrieed

21/0/5 8.8.2

Seconded by: Jiim Moore

Lounge L

Motion: Be it resollved that BCITSA reallocatte $150,000 frrom the Healtth Care accou unt to the lou unge improvem ment project. Moved by: Nicola Gardneer 25/0/1

Secondedd by: Dan Smithh


Nicola exp plains that ex xtra money coollected throu ugh the Healtth Care fund w would be goin ng back to students directly, d in ad ddition to thee Capital Levyy. It was decidded not take tthe full reservve as this is ou ur first year and other Council might want w to do something else with the fund ds. Question ns:   

Is thiss the continuiity from last year’s y converssation? It is foor sure contin nuity of the loounge projectt, but not diirectly linked d to any conveersation that may m have occcurred in the p previous yearr. Is thee money goingg to focus on specific s loungges? No, the ggoal of addingg this money iis to be able to renovvate more loun nges. More doollars to go too more spacess. Nicola expresses th he impact of the t money. Soome councilloors are concerrned about hoow the moneyy will be useed. Nicola staates that althoough the levy helps the onggoing processs, the addition nal funds wou uld help kick k start the program. Tw wo years ago, the t Student A Association in nvested $90,0 000 of the Heaalth Care account a to crreate a scholarrship fund. Is thee committee obligated o to sp pend the entire money? W Why $150,000?? The committtee does not h have a speccific budget to o work with, but before th he project starrts, expenses will be brougght in front oof Coun ncil for final ap pproval.

37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation      

Whatt type of renovations will be b done in theese lounges? M Mainly furnitture and modeernization of the spacee. Targeet lounge are SW9, S SW3 2 floor, NE1, NE8, N SE1.


New N Businesss


Su ustainability y Committee

Nicola meentions that she s is unable to t attend the Sustainabilitty Committeee because of scheduling con nflict, and ask fo or a replacemeent. Alexandeer Osipov willl take the possition.


Next N Meeting

Next meeeting is schedu uled for Mond day Novembeer 29 at 5:30p pm in the Cou uncil Chambeer.


Meeting M adjjourned

It was mo oved by Andy Io and secon nded by Kathrryn Cleven thhat the meetin ng be adjourned at 7:30pm.. Carried

37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

BC CIT Stude ent Asso ociation    

Coun ncil Meetiing Agenda A Mo onday No ovemberr 15, 2010 0 5:30 0-8:30pm m 8.1

Meeting M ca alled to ord der


Acceptanc A ce of the Agenda A


Acceptanc A ce of the Minutes M


Guest G Spea akers


Progress P Re eports: Executives


Councilor C Forum F


Question Q Pe eriod


Unfinished U Business B 8.8.1 U-Passs BC Progra am


New N Busine ess


Next N Meeting


Meeting M Ad djourned

37000 Willingdon n Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G G 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 F ax: 604.434.38809 |

Progress Report R – Dan n Smith – VP P Campus Liffe Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue To T increase Club membership m by 25% %, on-campus preseence, and potency To increasse weight room hou urs To increase EhPod d Services; specificaally install a microwave, a watter fountain, and im mprove the vending macchine nutritional ch hoices Moveember Campaign

Statuss Atttended Marketingg Association eventt Friday Novemberr 5th – solid tu urnout – event a suuccess N Nothing to report Met with Mei Youngg (BCIT Library Seervices - Operation M ns Manager) on n Tuesday and walk lked through EhPod. A cost request h has been sent too BCIT Facilities too estimate the pricee associated with th he in nstallation of these items. W Website live, posterr campaign still in p progress, Movembeer Canada BC CIT Team page acttive ( Ass of Thursday, Novvember 11th – facial hair looking quite formidable.

Progress Reeport – Mich hal Harrison – Chair, Com mputing & Accademic Stud dies Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue

September 20110

En nhance social and outreach o aspects off the School of Computin ng & Academic Stud dies

September 20110 September 20110

Statuss   

Men ntorship Program Set rigid standards for feedback

 

A LAN parrty was held on Noovember 5 and was attended by over 100 sttudents. Another LA AN party is being p planned for next teerm. Conductedd telephone interviiews of potential m mentors and selected sixx. Have threee protégés, presentlly seeking three moore. Investigatiing the viability of having feedback sttandards set at a departtmental level.

3700 Willinggdon Avenue, Burn naby BC, V5G 3H2 2 | Bus: 604.432.86 600 Fax: 604.434.3809 |

BCIT B Student Associa ation    

Progress P Repo ort – Jim Moore – Chair of o Health Scieences Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue


October 4th 20 010

Men ntorship program

 

Mentor reccruitment complette Recruitingg students/protégé’’s

November 25th 2010 2

Next Set Rep Meeting

Organizingg guest speakers

November 1st 20 010


Moustachee still growing

Progress Report – Briian Harvey – Chair, Schoo ol of Transpo ortation, Con nstruction & Environment Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue

M Monday, October 18, 2010

Mark keting Committee

November 1, 20 010

Better communicaate to school reps at a Burnaby, BMC and Greatt Northern Way Campuses

November 1, 20 010

Promote P more sociaal activity amongstt the schools.

Statuss A Awaiting next meetting M with school Deeans Met  Discussed options to get stud dents more involveed. V Visited Great Northhern Way campus  Toured cam mpus. T Talked with Jeff Ottto prior to Big Infoo.  Discussed issues at BMC.  Jeff suggessted possible events at BMC campus Prreparing for next SSet Rep meeting  Set Rep Lisst is growing almosst daily. P Promoting Movembber Campaign L Looking to get a firm m date planned forr the Pool Tournam ment (Feb 4th teentatively).

3700 Willingdon Aven nue, Burnaby BC, V5G V 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 6 | ww

BCIT B Student Associa ation    

Progress P Rep port – Nicola Gardner – VP Student Afffairs Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue

September,20th, 2010 2

Improve Student Association Electiion Process

September,20th, 2010 2

Student Lounge Renovations/Imprrovements

September,20th, 2010 2

Improve Recycling R on Camp pus

Statuss N until March N/A Council Too be presented at C Do to scheduling coonflicts I have to give up my seat on th D he su ustainability comm mittee, but will con ntinue to receive m meeting m minutes and work w with them.

Prrogress Report – Ciara Haamagishi – VP P PR & Mark keting Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue

Statuss 

August 2010

August 2010

Reeview of the VP PR R and Marketing rooles and responsibilities Fu undraising campaiggn (To successfullyy implement a fundraising campaiggn and or event thatt will raise money for students and a exceed the funds raised in prrevious years. )

   

Weekly me meetings with Danieel Close are continu uing to help integrate th the position with B BCITSA marketing department projects. his week the LinkedIn ppage for BCITSA iss being updated. Th project outtline was created. Movemberr has already raised d over $4000. The votingg web page is live. This upcom ming Monday will be the mid-way ch heck-in point for the conntest.

3700 Willingdon Aven nue, Burnaby BC, V5G V 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 6 | ww

BCIT B Student Associa ation    

Progresss Report – Jo ordan Harris – President Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue

September,20th, 2010 2

To help negotiaate the U-Pass for students s

September,20th, 2010 2

Lobbying BCIT foor the third Floor an nd Daycare

September,20th, 2010 2

To build strongger relationships with w other campu uses & institutions

September,20th, 2010 2

To T re-build the VP Marketing & Publlic Relations

Statuss Have final contract waiting for counciil to approve and th H hen move foorward with refereendum dates. A Aiming to present a newly formed prooposal to the Board d of Governors in n November. Waitting for BCIT’s dayy care consultant too finish report too bring the Day isssue forward at the N November Board off Governors m meeting. W have somethinng for council to vieew next meeting att the end of Will th he month. R Revaluating the struucture of this posittion in January 20111.

Progresss Report – Do om Audette – Chair, ATC C Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue


Septem mber 14 2010

In nitiate at least 2 fielld trips

C CAMC participatioon , on track

Septem mber 14 2010

In ncrease ATC Studen nt awareness and attendance a at SA A Events

M Made all reps awaree of upcoming even nts /ongoing progreess

3700 Willingdon Aven nue, Burnaby BC, V5G V 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 6 | ww

BCIT B Student Associa ation    

Progresss Report – Diillon Zolniercczyk – Chair of the Schoool of Businesss Date of Introducction

Action or Outstanding Isssue


Seet Rep Meeting

H set rep meetingg and gained valuab Held ble feedback from SoB set reps

Cllub Collaboration

Consulted with the media club on theiir future ventures w with SIFE and th he MA Seet up meeting withh Robin to discuss iissues that arose w within our m meetings

Seet Rep meeting issu ues

Progresss Report – Raachael Radfo ord – VP Finaance and Adm ministration No Report Progress Reeport – Andy Io – Chair, School S of Eneergy No Report

3700 Willingdon Aven nue, Burnaby BC, V5G V 3H2 | Bus: 60 04.432.8600 Fax: 604.434.3809 6 | ww

6 Council Minutes November 15 2010  

Energy Chair Nicola Gard Andrew Io, E Brian Harvey Jordan Harr Daniel Ng Tara Johnso Daniel Khat Health Scienc Alex Rines Dan Collins emic S...

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