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Council Meeting October 4, 2004 Executives:

Erin Smith, President Ashley Steier, VP Finances & Administration Susie da Silva, VP Student Affairs Sarah Ellis, VP Campus Life Karen Leung, VP Public Relations & Marketing Fred Haiderzada, Electrical / Electronics & CST Chair Jeanneth Jacome, Health Chair Navdeep Manchanda, Man., Mech., & Process Energy & Natural Res. Chair Owen Fu, Business Chair Misaki Kobayashi, Transportation and Construction Chair


Johanthan Vanderheyden Katharine Scotton Amy McLaughlin Peter Kapela Margareta Swaczynska James Webster Brad Barrett Julia Johnston Jennifer Leaman

Raj Dhillon Ian Sanderson Megan Chambers Kayla Read Shannon Roberts Paolo Alonzo Sahil Saini Tara Perret


Damien Dilbert Charles Cote John Pickersgill Robert Yeun Lindsey White

Chris Pattullo Dennis Donovan Jesse Buhler Rob Bellini


Caroline Gagnon, Director Robert Scales Heather Thompson

Geoff Gauthier, Link Alastair Thurley Lee-Ann Banfield


Meeting Called to Order The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Erin Smith, at 6:58 pm. (24 voting members)


Acceptance of the Agenda The agenda of October 4, 2004 was accepted as presented.


Acceptance of the Minutes from September 13, 2004 It was moved by Misaki Kobayashi and seconded by Owen Fu that the minutes of October 4, 2004 be accepted as distributed. 21/0/3 Carried

4.4. Guest Speakers No guest speaker.


General Reports Executive & Director

Ashley Steier, VP Finances & Administration • Ashley informs Councillors about payroll procedures. Navdeep Manchanda, Man., Mech., & Process Energy & Natural Res. Chair • The accreditation team came to BCIT today. Navdeep’s program was accredited in the United States. Misaki Kobayashi, Transportation and Construction Chair • As per progress report. Jeanneth Jacome, Health Chair • As per progress report. Fred Haiderzada, Electrical / Electronics & CST Chair • As per progress report. Susie da Silva, VP Student Affairs • As per progress report. Owen Fu, Business Chair • As per progress report. Karen Leung, VP Public Relations & Marketing • As per progress report. Sarah Ellis, VP Campus Life • Turkey shoot is scheduled for Thursday October 7 at 5:30 pm - recreation services • The pub will be the host of the laughs @ lunch. Events scheduled October 12 and 26 from 1:30 to 2:10pm. • Michael Van Lane, SA programming and events coordinator, is looking for volunteers to sell 4x4 passes in the great Hall. If interested please contact Michael directly. Erin Smith, President • Erin reminds everyone that postering around the school, must be approved by SA. • Affinity program w/ BCIT INT. • Reminder about the Laurie Jack Award. Deadline is October 7, 2004. • Calendar of events is now available on the SA website. 4.6 Progress Report See attached. 4.7. ƒ

Questions Period (5 min.) Katharine inquires about the number of tech. reps per technology per year. Erin informs that one rep is necessary per technology. Katharine would also like to know when the

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

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results from Amazing Race will be available. Karen states that due to last minute cancellations, we still do not have the results. Jamie wants to know why are the comedians during the day. Sarah informs that it is a different ways to get larger crowds. Erin states that scheduling is always a problem. Kayla states that she will be in class the entire Alcohol Awareness Week. Susie states that most students have a break. It is possible to extend the event if there are enough students attending. Navdeep would like to know Shinerama goals. Karen confirms that it was $30,000. Sarah confirms the availability for 4x4 pass. Margareta inquires about the gym schedule. Erin informs that she should be contacting Recreation Services directly. Paolo has a list of 10/14 set reps for the Financial Management Dept. has set reps. The list was emailed to Jo-Ann Johnston. They are still looking for the other 4. Leanne would like to know, how do we get friends to sign up for Alcohol Awareness Week. Susie invites everyone to email her the names and she can send them more information. Karen would like to know if the postering rules apply to the entire campus. Erin confirms that yes. Jeanneth inquires about the age limit to purchase for 4x4 passes. Sarah confirms that students need to be under 26 years old and also bring their unofficial transcripts, for proof of students. Jeanneth would like to know the reason behind age limit. Sarah is unsure at that time. She will find out. Jeanneth would like to know when the extra prizes from Shinerama will be distributed. Karen mentioned that no time have been determined at this point. Jennifer states her concerns about the lack of vegetarian meals for Shinerama. Karen states that they ran out of veggie burgers.

4.8. Unfinished Business No unfinished business. 4.9. New Business 4.9.1. New Club Request to be Sanctioned CIPS-BCIT Susie gives the background for CIPS. Presentation from CIPS representatives.- As per attached. Motion: Be it resolved that the BCITSA gives sanction the club BCIT-Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) Moved by: Susie da Silva Seconded by: Jeanneth Jacome



Questions: ƒ Raj inquires about membership fees. CIPS confirms that the cost is $32.10/years. The cost could possibly be $10 more. However, students can attend the meetings with out being a member. ƒ Fred wants to know if a survey was done to confirm students’ interest. CIPS confirms that there are already similar groups existing. They want to merge with them and create a broader group. They currently have 35 members with lots more interest. ƒ Councillors inquire about various topics about their groups surrounding the financial support from the SA, the job placement rate of CSC students, number of students in the

program, the amount of meetings per month, other campuses involvement, external organization networking, and other student group linkages.

4.9.2. Sanctioned Club Funding Susie presents to Council the background information surrounding her recommendations for club funding. Erin confirms that $9,000 has been budgeted club funding. Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA endorses the recommended funding amounts for Sanctioned Clubs as proposed in the SANCTIONED CLUB FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS report of the VP of Student Affairs. Moved by: Susie da Silva Seconded by: Misaki Kobayashi



Questions: ƒ Councillors inquire about the dates of the handout, about why MA’s budget is running at a deficit, other funding opportunities throughout the year, club representation on campus vs. amount received. ƒ Some Councillors have issues surrounding the amounts that have been asked vs the amount that they have been recommended to receive. The chair invites amendment to the motion be made. However no seconder is found. ƒ It is recommended that presentation be made in the future. 4.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for October 25 at 5:45pm. The AGM will be scheduled to start at 5:45pm. A regular Council Meeting will follow the AGM. 4.11. Meeting Adjourned It was moved by Sarah Ellis and seconded by Misaki Kobayashi that the meeting be adjourned. (8:00 pm). 26/0/0 Carried

3 Minutes Oct 04 04