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Council Meeting Minutes Monday, April 26, 2010 Executives:

Christina Ramage, President Peter Smith, VP Campus Life Amanda Eyolfson, VP Public Relations & Marketing Aman Khangura, VP Student Affairs Robby Basi, Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair Upkar Rai, Chair Computing & Academic Studies Tim DeVolder, ATC Chair


Michal Harrison Jill Hidalgo Marc Edgett Josh Nelson Christopher Peacock Nicola Gardner Lei Mo Karly Hepditch


Caroline Gagnon, Director


Dillon Zolnierczyk Jeff Chen Mathew Brownell Bill Moore

Kathryn Cleven Gurnoor Grewal Manny Sangha Scott Larson-Zutter


Amanda Spear, SA Student Services Manager

Christina Batstone, SA Advocate

Sean Owen Clayton Sayer Patrick Switzer Jim Moore Shayne Laye Jamie Bentien Serina Khangura Aaron Kool

15.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Christine Ramage, called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. (20 voting members). 15.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the following agenda be accepted with the following addition 15.9.2 Sanctioning New Clubs Moved by: Mark Edgett Seconded by: Upkar Rai 19/0/01 Carried 15.3. Acceptance of the Minutes from April 12, 2010 Be it resolved that the minutes from April 12, 2010 be accepted with the following addition under Election Results: Jordan Harris Rachel Radford Nicola Gardner Ciara Hamagishi

President VP Administration & Finance VP Student Affairs VP Public Relations & Marketing

Dan Smith Robby Basi Dillon Zolnierczyk Jim Moore Dom Audette Su Chong Io (Andy) Michal Harrison

VP Campus Life Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair School of Business Chair of School of Health Science Chair of Aerospace Technology Campus Chair of School of Manufacturing, Electronics & Industrial Processes Chair of School of Computing and Academic Studies

Moved by: Nicola Gardner 20/0/1 Carried

Seconded by: Mark Edgett

15.4 Guest Speaker 15.4.1 Amanda Spear & Christina Batstone Amanda and Christina presented to Council the concepts behind the new Respect Campaign scheduled to start this Fall. This new program should become one of the key programs that the Uconnect is offering. After conducting a survey, they found that students are still subject to disrespectful behaviours/comments. This program will sensitise students to the issue and educate them about their rights and responsibilities as a member of the BCIT community. They invite students to be involved in the development of program. If interested or have questions about the specifics, please contact Amanda or Christina directly. 15.4.2 Patrick Switzer – BCIT Skate Club Patrick requests from Council that a long board club be sanctioned under the SA. This club has been operating for the last year, but have to explain to BCIT why they are on campus. By sanctioning the club, it provides an official way of practicing their sport and secure longevity. Patrick introduces the details of the proposal (see attached).

BCIT Skate Constitution.docx

Questions: • Will the equipment be left with BCIT Recreation Services? Yes. Some long boards were donated by different sponsors and are now available to rent by students. 9 full sets of equipment are available for students. • Sean – What would the liability issues of having such a club be? Christine will look into this, by contacting our insurance company. • Chris stated that BCIT rents kayak, which is also a high risk activity. 15.4.3 Cole Sayer – Computer Club Cole presented to Council the details of creating a new computer club. He states that since the closing of CIPS, students do not have a club providing activities for them. Cole goes over the details of the proposal (see attached).

zero_one-Proposal.d ocx

Questions: • Chris – Who would be eligible to join the club? Students from the School of computing, Alumni and other students who have the same interest could join the club. • Sean – Do you have a faculty sponsor? Yes, Erin Ferguson. He is a BCIT lab instructor. • Sean - When would the club be operational? They would like to start recruiting now, but activities would start in September. • Josh – Why do you have a $325 cost to develop the website. Should student volunteers be responsible for it? Christine reminds Council that we are not approving the budget but just sanctioning. The VP Campus Life regulates the budget.

15.4.4 Geomatics Club Students explain that the goal of this club is to establish network opportunities for students in the field. They presented the details of their proposal (See attached).


Questions: • Josh – The Constitution states that your club is open to all students. Yes, the club does not want to restrict any students from attending their clubs event, but anticipate that only people with interest would do. 15.5.

Executive Progress Report

Peter: • Toon-in event went well. $903 was raised for the endowment fund. Eleven volunteers helped out, which Serina won the $300 volunteer voucher going towards her tuition. Peter is working on recommendations for next year. • Next club meeting scheduled for May 17 • Sponsorship committee is wrapping-up. Peter will be working with Scott and Matt on the new sponsorship framework. Tim: • Glider event was a success; 35 participants, 9 teams, 12 media (CTV, Global). • Working with Geoff on organizing a party for September. Other activities to promote healthier lifestyle are also being worked on. Amanda: • Working with Ciara on transition. Upkar: • Working on the transition with new Chair. Robby: • An event is scheduled for Friday May 14 at the pub with a DJ, Pool Tournament and more. Tickets are available for $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Aman:

She is working on the Zen Campaign. She will be hiring a street team to promote health awareness.

Christine on behalf of Bill: • Bill would like to inform students that the 125 bus route has been extended until the 24th of May long weekend Christine: • Kristina Gao, Chair of School of Health has resigned from her position due to personal reason. • Transition period has started. 15.6. Councillor Forum • Sean noticed that one of SA sign had a pot leaf it. Caroline will look into this. • Josh inquired about the possibility of the Premier attending a Council meeting. Christine mentions that she has no news as of yet, 15.7. Question Period No question

15.8. Unfinished Business 15.8.1 Election results re: voting options During the last Council, a question was raised about students being able to vote for two Chair positions. After investigating, Christine informs Council that students could be able to vote for more than one Chair if they have classes that are offered in two different Schools. Therefore there were no irregularities with the voting processes. 15.8.2 3rd Floor Update The proposal will be presented to the Leadership Committee on Tuesday morning. It is expected that BCIT will get back to us shortly. 15.9 New Business 15.9.1 Strategic Plan and Budget Caroline introduced the three (3) documents. Students are invited to make themselves familiar with them. If they have questions, they can contact herself or Roland, SA Controller. 15.9.2 Sanctioning New Clubs Motion: Be it resolved that Council sanctions the Zero-one Union Student Club pending membership to include all BCIT students. Moved by: Peter Smith Seconded by: Nicola Gardner 18/1/1 Carried Questions: • Josh has issues with the membership only for students with computer interest. He understands that the majority of students joining clubs has the common interest of the club, but does not want to see a restriction on members. • Aman states that the SA bylaws mention that all students have the right to join any clubs. • Christine mentioned that the club should make appropriate change to reflect this inclusion of all students (friendly amendment is made) Motion:

Be it resolved that Council sanctions the BCIT Skate Club. Moved by: Peter Smith Seconded by: Aman Khangura

Questions: • Jaime has concerns with the liability attached with the sport. • Christine explains that by sanctioning the club, it would allow the club to operate on campus and secure their future activities. • Josh has also issues with liability. Motion: Be it resolved that BCITSA tables this motion until next meeting to review liability Moved by: Josh Nelson Seconded by: Sean Owen 12/6/1 Carried (Tabled)

Motion: Be it resolved that Council sanctions the Geomatics Student Society Moved by: Peter Smith Seconded by: Upkar Rai 20/0/1 Carried Motion: Call the question Moved by Upkar Rai 19/0/1 Carried

Seconded by: Clayton Sayer

15.9.3 Health Sciences Replacement Motion: Be it resolved that Council accepts Jim Moore to begin his role as Chair of School of Health Sciences as of April 26. Moved by: Peter Smith Seconded by: Tim DeVolder 20/0/1 Carried Question: • When would in-coming executives start their mandate normally? June 1 until May 31 • Jill – Who would train the new executive? Christine will support Jim. He has been attending Set Rep meetings. 15.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for Monday May 10, 2010 at 5:45pm in the Council Chamber. 15.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved by Upkar Rai and seconded by Nicola Gardner that the meeting be adjourned at 6:55 pm. 21/0/0 Carried

Council Meeting Agenda Monday April 26, 2010 5:30-7:30pm 15.1 Meeting called to order 15.2 Acceptance of the Agenda 15.3 Acceptance of the Minutes from April 12th, 2010 15.4 Guest Speakers 15.4.1- Amanda Spear/ Christina Batstone 15.4.2 – Patrick Switzer – BCIT skate club 15.4.3 – Cole Sayer – Computer Club 15.5 Progress Reports: Executives 15.6 Councilor Forum 15.7 Question Period 15.8 Unfinished Business 15.8.1 – election results re: voting options 15.8.2 - 3rd Floor update 15.9 New Business 15.9.1- Strategic Plan and Budget 15.10 Next Meeting May 10th, 2010 15.11 Meeting Adjourned

15 Minutes_Council_April_26_2010  

15.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Christine Ramage, called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. (20 voting members). 15.2. Acceptanc...

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