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BCIT Student Association Council Meeting Minutes Monday, February 23, 2009 Executives:

Peter Orlandi, President Christine Johnson, VP Finance & Administration Pulkit Jain, VP Student Affairs Hui Hang, VP Campus Life Christopher Peacock, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Processes Chair Peter Kemp, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Doug Holdgate, Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair Merima Kostecki, Health Sciences Chair Billy Moore, School of Business Chair

Councillors: Angela Meyer Serina Khangura Daniel Chan Aman Khangura Josh Nelson Joseph Prophet Charles Wice Joshua Smith Staff:

Caroline Gagnon, Director


Jamie Bentien Stacy Lowe Alec Lee


Amanda Spears Angelo Muro

Mathew Brownell Erika Diaz Kevin Preston Stephan Tschurtschenthaler Arun Randhawa Vik Binning Greg Frisque

Upkar Rai Peter Petkov

12.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Peter Orlandi, calls the meeting to order at 5:45 pm. (23 voting members). 12.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the following agenda be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Kevin Preston Seconded by: Peter Kemp 23/0/0 Carried 12.3. Acceptance of the Minutes from February 9, 2009 Be it resolved that the minutes from February 9, 2009 be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Angela Meyer Seconded by: Joseph Prophet 23/0/0 Carried 12.4 Guest Speaker – Amanda Spears, BCITSA Resource Centre Manager Amanda invites all students to participate in the Latex Luau scheduled this Friday, February 27, 2009 in the Great Hall between the hours of 11am and 3:00pm. The event

is presenting different aspects of the SA harm reduction strategy. Students comment on the poster and their effectiveness. Amanda invites students/faculty/staff to nominate students for the Award Laurie Jack students. These 2 awards of $500 go to students that have been involved in student life at BCIT. The deadline is April 30th. Applications can be found on the BCITSA website, under bursary and awards. 12.5 Progress Reports: Executives Christine Johnson: • She might step down as CRO to eliminate potential conflict. If anyone has questions about the election they can email • The by-laws draft should be ready this week. Christopher Peacock • Angela and Christopher will be meeting with BCIT this Friday to set up the new Endowment Fund. The process should take approximately 2 or 3 weeks 12.6 Councillors’ Open Forum • Charles mentions that live music at Professor Mugs Pub would be a great addition to campus life. Christopher has discussed this issue with management, and it will be organized for next year. 12.7. Question Period • Billy introduces a new Councilor, Serina Khangura, She is a first year from the School of Business. • Merima announces that students from the School of Health collected over $300 and 600Kg of food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Students from 9 programs participated from 20 sets. 12.8. • 12.9.

Unfinished Business No unfinished business New Business

12.9.1 Christine Ramage Given that Christine is sick today, Peter informs council that the Provincial Government is looking at building a 750 bed male pre-trial prison on the corner of Willingdon and Canada Way. This facility would replace the existing youth detention facility. Numerous issues have been raised against the proposed facility. Peter invites council for comments: • •

The youth detention centre has been there for years. Therefore Charles feels that it is not an issue. Greg mentions that some youth, whom have been released from the centre, have been found in residence. Peter echoes this sentiment, as some youth were found breaking into student lockers in plain day light.

• • • • • • • • •

Billy - People released should be innocent, therefore should not be a danger to students. Angela - discussed the safety issues surrounding the people visiting inmates. Peter stated that the City of Burnaby is not pleased with the process that the Province took. There was a lack of public consultation. Councilors ask about police response time if something would happen. No one knows exactly. Merima – Would traffic increase having such facility in the neighborhood? Mat - When is the government planning to open the facility? No exact timeline have been set. What is the status of the project? According to the letter, it looks like the project is going ahead. Peter has received a petition from the larger community that he will distribute via email. Billy mentioned that the issue may be a political issue for the government. Peter K. - What about the High School being so close? Peter O. has not received any statement from the High School regarding this issue.

Motion: Be it that BCITSA writes a letter to the Provincial Government and other affiliated parties, to express their protest against the prison project. Moved by: Kevin Preston Seconded by: Angela Meyer 19/0/0 Carried

12.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2009 at 5:45pm in the Council Chamber. 12.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved Angela Meyer and seconded by Joseph Prophet that the meeting be adjourned at 6:25pm. Carried

Council Meeting Agenda Monday February 23rd 2009 5:30-7:30pm 12.1 Meeting called to order 12.2 Acceptance of the Agenda 12.3 Acceptance of the Minutes from February 9th 2009 12.4 Guest Speakers -Amanda Spears: Latex Luau and scholarship opportunities 12.5 Progress Reports: Executives 12.6 Councilor Forum 12.7 Question Period 12.8 Unfinished Business 12.9 New Business 12.9.1 Christine Ramage 12.10 Next meeting March 16th 2009 12.12 Meeting Adjourned

BCIT Student Association PROGRESS REPORT FOR – PETER ORLANDI Last updated: February 2, 2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

Status • •

SA Events/related events

January 2009


Alumni Meeting (Feb 18 ) Attended Edco (Jan 28th ) o Interested in student input regarding 5104 Spring Break Latex Luau (Feb 27th at 12am Great Hall) o Try to wear something tropical

January 2009

Library Committee

Interested in any ideas about the library (dis/likes, improvements…)

February 2009

Prison Across Willingdon

Working with Christine Ramage on letter / course of action

February 13th 2009


Merima and I spoke with a representative regarding environmental concepts on campus in relation to the Compass Group

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Christine Johnson Last updated: February 17, 2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

Status •

February 2009


I may potentially be stepping down as CRO during the elections because I’m thinking about running in this year’s upcoming elections. This would be to avoid potential conflict of interest. To address questions regarding the upcoming elections please contact

By Laws

February 2009

• •

Putting together proposed by law changes Reviewed appropriate time line needed to send out documents, completing the changes for this school year

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Christopher Peacock Last updated: Feb 17nd 2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue

Sep 2008

Set/Tech rep

January 2009

Endowment Committee

January 2009

Set and Tech Rep folder for next executives

Status Set and Tech rep meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month until May. Except March due to school work load before spring break. Held 2 meetings, presented to council, and passed the motion to give $90,000 to endowment. Will be meeting with BCIT to finalize details soon. Will be starting to put together a folder for next Executives to use. Will be working with Bill and Merima.

PROGRESS REPORT FOR - Hui Hang Last updated: February 17, 2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



Clubs Committee Meeting

Next one on March 19th at 5:30pm in SA Council Chambers


Reviewing Bylaws and Policies

In Progress

13 Minutes Council February 23, 2009  

12.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Peter Orlandi, calls the meeting to order at 5:45 pm. (23 voting members). Mathew Brownell Er...

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