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Council Meeting Monday, March 20, 2006 Minutes Executives:

Ashley Steier, President Craig Hall, VP Finances & Administration Jennifer Leaman, VP of Student Affairs Grace Budiono, VP Campus Life Todd Embley, Business Chair Michael Louie, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Process Chair Tara Perret, Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair


Lee-Ann Banfield Megan Chambers Jeff Piper Jolene Versteeg Monica Pearson Tim Erickson Julie Ho

Fred Haiderzada Phil Stringer Greg Hodson Adam King Marlina Kinnersley Christina Bell Darren Vonic


Andrea Charlton, VP Public Relations & Marketing Tunde Gal, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Vanessa Ouellette Robert Yuen Heather Thompson

Matthew Chong Brenda Corbett Bre Ogawa Armit Dhaliwal Giancarlos Escalante Ly Pham


Caroline Gagnon, Director Geoff Gauthier, Link Editor


Michael Garson Krista Nordstrong

14.1. Meeting Called to Order The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Ashley Steier, at 5:50 pm. (18 voting members). 14.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the agenda be accepted as distributed. Carried 14.3. Acceptance of the Minutes from February 20, 2006 It was moved by Todd Embley and seconded by Grace Budiono that the minutes of February 20, 2006 be accepted as distributed. 15/0/3 Carried

14.4. Guest Speakers – Edco Student Rep Jennifer Leaman informs Council that she had brought forward three (3) issues during the last Education Committee meeting: Web space to promote Edco, CST program in China, and Policy 5002. ƒ The Web space issue was well receive and should be available soon. ƒ Jennifer states that she had some concerns about BCIT expending their BCIT diploma, CST specialization, to China. This expansion is not meeting the BCIT mission which is to be the Premier Polytechnic in Canada. Edco responded by disagreeing with her statement and that these programs were bringing additional funding for BCIT. After the meeting, other members agreed with her but did not want to openly express their opinion. ƒ As for the 5002 policy, Jennifer has some concerns about the lack of accountability that instructors are required vis-à-vis their students. Policy 5002 explains well what students should be doing however nothing is written about what is expected from Instructors. After talking with instructors and union representatives, it was decided that better communication is required to eliminate any misunderstanding between students and instructors. Edco is presently looking at two more programs going to China, and also at grandfathering policies 5002 and 5003. Nomination for Edco student representatives are now available and can be picked up at the SA office. BOG and Edco elections will be on line. This is a great way for students to affect change on campus. If you have any questions go to the web. 14.5 General Reports Executives See attached. 14.6 Progress Report See attached. 14.7. ƒ


Questions Period (5 min.) Monica would like some clarification about the mentorship program. Ashley informs that the first intake of students is scheduled for April. Youth will be coming on campus for their first visit, and if they are still interested, will be match to a BCIT student shortly after for a day of shadowing. Monica has also issues with the price of tea doubling. Ashley will get back to her.

14.8. Unfinished Business No unfinished business 14.9

New Business

14.9.1 Club Funding Request Jen informs Council that she has received two proposals for funding. She informs that $7950 was spent in the fall, and that $1050 was kept behind in case of new clubs being sanctioned. Since no new clubs have come forward, it was decided to distribute the left over money as follow.

Motion: Be it resolved that the $1050 be released from Club funding as follows: ƒ $800 AIM, ACE & AMA for an industry mingler ƒ $250 CIPS for profs and pizza Moved by: Jennifer Leaman Seconded by: Todd Embley 16/1/3 Carried Discussion: ƒ Christina would like to know if IEEE had applied for funding. Jennifer informs that IEEE receives funding from their own School. ƒ Councillors would like to know if all the other clubs knew about the available funding. Jennifer confirms that she had contacted all the clubs. In addition, Ashley states that all clubs are made aware about the funding and are notified in the September. The information is also part of our constitution. ƒ Is the $800 necessary for the industry mingler project given that these clubs got the venue for free and are charging $5 for non members? Jennifer confirms that the money will go toward the cost of food, beverage, and set up. ƒ Jennifer informs that CIPS had requested more funding, but it was not felt necessary. ƒ Some would like to know why could we not roll the money forward for next year. Ashley informs Council that money is part of a budget and that this budget is set up for this fiscal year only. ƒ Councillors would like to know if the money is spent because it was part of the budget, or the money was truly needed. Jennifer reminds Council that in the fall, it was decided that $1050 would be left for new clubs. Given that no new clubs came forward, she felt that they money should be distributed to the clubs. 14.9.2 Health & Dental proposals Ashley informs Council about how the Health and Dental fees and its service structure. Last year, it was decided to reduce the fee from $203 to $160 following the rate usage by students. After reviewing this year usage, it was noticed that the invoicing is still lower to the usage. So as a result, there are 3 possibilities: 1) let the surplus grow 2) decrease the rate 3) add services to the plan (i.e: vision care & tuition insurance) Discussion: ƒ Jennifer would like to know about the coverage for certain medicine not being covered under the existing plan; and what would vision care cover. Ashley will investigate these two issues. ƒ What about possible over usage of tuition insurance. Ashley confirms that claims are handled by Insurance companies, so well regulated. ƒ Monica agrees that added services, such as vision care, would be a good idea. Vision care might be used by more students. ƒ After a show of hands, students demonstrated an overwhelming support for additional services. Ashley will look into this, and will get back to Council.

14.9.3 Proposal to purchase existing photocopier Craig informs Council that the lease for the photocopier in the front office is ending in March. So it is proposed to purchase the equipment for $2195.49. The monthly payments are $283.00. Motion: Be it resolved that the BCITSA purchases the existing photocopier in the front office for $2195.49. Moved by: Craig Hall Seconded by: Jennifer Leaman 20/0/0 Carried Discussion: Councillors would like to know if it would be possible to use the Image Centre. Caroline states that some information (i.e. HR) is confidential and it would not be proper to do so. 14.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled on Monday, April 3, 2006 Council Chamber at 5:45pm. 14.11. Meeting Adjourned It was moved Grace Budiono and seconded by Michael Louie that the meeting be adjourned. (6:53 pm) Carried

COUNCIL MEETING Monday March 20, 2006 AGENDA


Meeting called to order


Acceptance of the Agenda


Acceptance of the Minutes from February 20, 2006


Guest Speakers 14.4.1 Edco Student Rep


General Reports: Executive


Progress Reports


Question Period (5 min.)


Unfinished Business 14.8.1. 14.8.2. 14.8.3.


New Business 14.9.1. Club Funding Request 14.9.2. Health & Dental proposals 14.9.3. Proposal to purchase existing photocopier

14.10. Next Meeting – Monday April 3, 2006

14.11. Meeting adjourned


Craig Hall -

JHR will be having a presenter in on April 3 – Scared Sacred. More details to follow. IEEE is looking to have a X-Box tournament sometime in April, once again more details to follow. AIM, MA and ACE are looking to have a mingler –details to follow. Elections mingler was a success. Deadline for nominations is this Wednesday at 1:00pm. There are still a couple of positions that nobody is running for, so any help getting people to run would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for volunteers to run the polling stations in the week of April 3. SA EXECUTIVE PROGRESS REPORTS FOR March 20, 2006


Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



October 3rd, 2005


Trying to co-ordinate meeting times with Scott Blythe.


March 2006

Cut for the Cure

Presentations in front of class.


March 2006

Bridging Mentorship Opportunity

Presentations, trying to get people to sign up.


March 2006

SA Elections

Presentations, meetings with people, SA Mingler.


November, 2005

Poster Contest


March, 2006

Smoking Cessation project

Awarded all 3 winners with a $300 cheque. Also gave all other contestants a $10 Student Association gift certificate as an appreciation for their efforts. Began working on a report for future chairs to continue this event and continue to bring awareness to quite smoking...... Also will meet with the committee that began this project in early April



Jan.30, 2006

Cut for the Cure

Scheduled date: Wednesday, March 22 at 11:30 in the Great Hall. To make donations to the BC Cancer Foundation, contact


January 5, 2006

Amazing Race T-Shirts

Done. Sold around 100 t-shirts.


December 6, 2006

Marketing Committee

Next meeting to be scheduled soon.


January 4, 2006

Orientation Planning

Gone through governing document and report. Process of upgrading volunteer training package.


October 21st, 2005

Business Committee

Looking forward to the next meeting.


September 10tth, 2005

International Student Handbook



Business Operations



SA Elections

Had the Elections Mingler. Talking to possible candidates. Have a booth in the Great Hall.


Jan 30

Credit Fraud

Scott and I will be meeting to discuss dates and times.


Jan 9/05

Healthy Snack Options


Jan 26

Marketing Committee


March 20

Wine Tasting Information Session


September 12, 2005


In Progress – Waiting for next meeting and volunteers. Working with Caroline on restructuring the SA business operations to ensure that quality of service improves and that they are sustainable on their own.

Discussing distribution responsibilities and costs No change Talking with Laurie Grant, instructor in the International Trade program about collaborating her efforts to bring an industry knowledge and wine tasting tips session to BCIT with the SA Reviewing a submission for a Christian Club. Also reviewing proposals from some clubs in regards to get additional funding.


Report finished. Made some recommendations for the next VP Student Affairs. Ongoing, have been in frequent contact and in meetings with various students. Meeting with admin and I’m hoping to have a focus group to talk about what the space should look like. Talked to Noel Baldwin about how the access bursaries are going. If anybody knows of someone who was awarded one of these bursaries but has had troubles picking them up, please let me know. Have been in talks with faculty from School of Business in regards to the two missed Fridays during Term B. They have asked to have make-up classes during that Wednesday break. Ashley and I talked this over and have agreed but with some stipulations.


September 12, 2005

Alcohol Awareness Week


September 12, 2005

Student Concerns


October 24, 2005

Prayer Space on Campus


March 14, 2006

Millennium Scholarships


March 14, 2006

Scheduling of classes during Wednesday break


January 10, 2006

Reviewing BCITSA/BCIT contracts

Meeting scheduled for late March to review contracts


February 16, 2006

Health & Dental

Will discuss in new Business


February 1, 2006

Student Initiative Fund

Processing 61 applications and preparing cheques.


January 30, 2006

BCIT Open House


March 13. 2006

ATC Elections


March 5, 2006

BCITSA Elections


March 8, 2006

Mentorship Program

Finalizing the role of the BCITSA and the Executives, for the event Working with ATC Executives to revamp elections process, scheduled for late April. Fulfilling role as Deputy CRO and recruiting candidates. Working on a plan to fill ‘Mentor Gaps’


12 MinutesCouncilMeeting - March 20, 06  

Executives: Ashley Steier, President Craig Hall, VP Finances & Administration Jennifer Leaman, VP of Student Affairs Grace Budiono, VP C...